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Brownout Serendipity

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I opened my apartment door and slipped off my shoes and wiggled my tired toes in the deep pile of the carpet. A brownout at school had let us out two hours early and I just wanted to relax now. As I moved down the hall, I heard the water running in the bath. The bathroom door was open as Beth, my roommate didn’t expect me home at this hour As I got almost to the door, I heard a low moan. I stopped short. I heard it again. That was a moan of pleasure, not pain.

I put my books on the floor and moved cautiously to the door and peeped around the corner. My eyes went wide. Beth lay gloriously nude in the bathtub. Her eyes were closed and her thighs spread wide. Her feet were on either side of the tub and a warm stream of water was running from the faucet down directly onto her spread pussy. Her full breasts jiggled delightfully as she twisted a little. One hand pulled at her nipples, alternating from one to the other. They were erect and jutting up, engorged. Her other hand held her pussy lips wide letting the water flow magically onto her clit. Her hips moved from side to side slightly as the water flowed over and caressed her clit. I had heard of this, but had never used this method. I liked vibrators and my fingers. Beth certainly seemed to be enjoying the flowing water hitting her clit. I knew she masturbated, as I had heard her soft moans late at night when she thought I was asleep. Our rooms are across the hall from each other and we seldom close the doors. She might have heard me too. Now I watched fascinated as her passions rose higher and higher. Her moans became more urgent.

My own pussy tingled, and I could almost feel my clit swell as I watched the erotic vision before me. God, her body was lovely. Her long legs stretched and twisted, her beautiful rounded belly moved up and down. As she moved, I noted she had shaved almost all the pubic hair off except for a small triangle of short brown hair pointing down. Her fingers held herself open to the water that was exciting her exposed clit. From time to time I caught a glimpse of the pink turgid member peeping out. With out thinking my hand moved down under my skirt, and into my panties. Not surprising, my own pussy was wet. I slid a finger between the lips and up into my drenched opening. I suppressed a moan. My now wet finger slid upward to lightly stroke my clit. I almost jumped it was so sensitive.

As I watched Beth, I ran my finger around and around my aching swollen clit. I stripped my panties down, my skirt held up with my other hand. I had wondered what it would be like to make love to another woman. When I was very young, a playmate and I looked and briefly touched each others privates. As I grew older, I wondered what it would be like to make love with someone who would know how a woman wanted to be caressed and kissed. My fingers moved faster and faster as Beth’s climax seemed nearer and nearer. Her breathing came fast, her body writhed as she reached for the elusive climax. Her moans echoed in the room. Her eyes were closed tightly, an intense look on her face. My climax came suddenly and intensely, so suddenly I could not stifle a loud sob of ecstasy. There I stood in the hall, legs spread, skirt up, my fingers buried in my pussy, fingers a blur of motion.

Beth’s eyes popped open, her head turned and took in my body. Her eyes went from my face to my pussy, my blurred fingers stroking my clit. With a loud cry of passion she too came, her eyes never leaving my exposed sex. Amazingly I had a second and more powerful climax right on the heels of the first. I almost fainted from the intense passion and intensity of it. I sank to the floor, legs wide, spent and panting. Beth sat up in the tub. She was blushing prettily. I imagined I was flushed also. “Well, we certainly had a climax, didn’t we.”

She laughed, recovering quickly. “Talk about caught en flegrante delecto! I wasn’t expecting you for another couple of hours – obviously. Well, I take it watching me excited you?”

“I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to spy. It was just so unexpected, and well, frankly so erotic. Seeing you really getting off made me really hot too.” I said still sitting on the floor. I realized she could see my bare pussy, still wet and probably gaping from my excitement.

Her eyes moved down. “You have a very lovely pussy.” Beth said softly.

“Yours is lovely too. I didn’t realize you shaved it so closely .” I said my voice thick with, what? Passion? Here I sat, exposed, telling her how lovely her pussy was. I relaxed and let my thighs spread a little wider.

“Have you ever made love to a woman?” Beth asked, her eyes moving up from my spread pussy.

I shook my head. “You?” I asked, expecting – what answer?

“Several times. I like it. It’s so different from a man. It’s so soft, and usually there’s no hurry.” She said softly, rising out of the tub. Her body gleamed wetly, a goddess. So erotic. “Would you like to try it with me? You don’t have to if you don’t want to. It won’t change our friendship either way. We can still be good friends.” She reached over and took a towel and began drying her body. I was disappointed as the towel hid parts of her body. Beth laughed. “You’re peeping. Here, you dry me of.” Then very softly, “Please?” She handed the towel to me. I stood up and took it. Slowly I toweled her lovely body off. She turned toward me, lifted one leg onto the tub and nodded for me to dry her pubic area.

I reached out and patted her pussy, then rubbed the towel up and down softly, slowly. Her hips thrust forward sensually meeting my hand. She turned and bent forward, I stooped and dried between the globes of her lovely ass. I saw the slight brown of her anus, and lower, the beautiful slit of her pussy, so clean, so neat. She turned again. She took the towel from my hand and dropped it to the floor and stepped close. Her body smelled of soap, lightly scented. She pulled me up to her, and her hot body burned through my clothes. We kissed, softly and so tenderly my heart melted. Her tongue slid out and my lips parted to let it inside. My knees went so weak, I almost fell.

Her arms tightened, holding me close and keeping me from falling to the floor. She chuckled softly. “Lets go into the bedroom. I think you need to lay down. We’ll be more comfortable than standing in the john.” Beth led me down the hall. I looked back, and my books were still piled in the hall, my panties a pool of pastel. We went into her room, smelling faintly of her perfume. We stopped by the bed and she caught my blouse and pulled it over my head in one motion. My hands went to my skirt and unfastened it, letting it drop to the floor. I stood naked except for my bra. She pulled me close, kissed me softly again, and her nimble fingers unfastened my bra.

My breasts settled slightly. They felt full and heavy. I glanced down and my nipples were erect, thrusting out. We moved together, breasts flattening together, nipples poking soft flesh. Our bellies pressed warm against each other. It felt so wonderful. Her thigh pressed against my pussy, insinuating itself between my legs. I rotated my hip against her hot flesh, pressing my pussy against her. We kissed long and deep, tongues flicking, probing, teeth nipping gently. I pulled back slightly. I almost couldn’t breathe I was so hot with passion. “God, I never felt anything like it. I’m on fire.” Beth chuckled softly.

“Slowly, slowly. My Love. There’s all the time in the world. There’s no need to hurry. It’s better that way.” I took a deep breath and smiled at her. I willed my body to slow down. She sat on the bed and pulled me down to her. She gently pressed me back onto the cool crisp sheets. “Let me make love to you first. We have plenty of time, then I will teach you how to make love to me. It’s so simple, you are a woman, and know what you like, and how you like to be caressed and kissed. That’s all you need to know for now.”

Beth leaned over me and began to make love to me. I had never known such erotic kisses, so exciting a touch. She instinctively knew every erotic, exciting nerve in my body, and many I never knew existed. Her lips and tongue sucked and aroused my breasts, till I thought they would explode as they swelled. Her hands kneaded my swollen mounds, her fingers pulled my nipples. They seemed to have a direct link with my aching pussy. Eons later, she moved down and nestled between my spread thighs. She kissed my thighs, the juncture of my thigh and body, so super sensitive to her kisses.

When she finally put a finger on each side and opened my outer lips apart, I cried out as I felt her hot breath on my dripping core. A scream leapt from my body as her tongue, spread and flat, licked from the bottom to top of my pussy, flicking over my swollen clitoris. She did this over and over. Then I gasped as her tongue speared down into my pussy. Her tongue is long and she used it expertly as she drove me to a climax such as I had never known. Her lips covered my pussy and she used her tongue to probe, then flick upward to my clit, up and down, again and again. I lost track of the climaxes she brought me to. Finally I pushed her head away before I fainted from pleasure and physical exhaustion. She moved up and pulled me close to her.

When I had calmed down, we kissed. I tasted my pussy juices on her face and licked them off like a big cat. We kissed and I could tell she was very sexually excited. I wanted to give her the same pleasure she’d given me. She told me I didn’t have to but I really wanted to. I moved over her and began to make love to my very first woman. It was so exciting, so erotic for me. I kissed her lips while I cupped and caressed her velvet skinned, firm breasts. I stroked and kneaded them, pulled her nipples and rolled them between my fingers the way I sometimes did to myself when I masturbated. Beth moaned her approval. I kissed her neck and licked her neck then down to her breasts. I spent a long while licking and sucking her nipples and under breasts, till she was arching her chest upwards toward my lips.

Her aureoles crinkled and her nipples jutted up. Her skin tasted delicious and she smelled so good. I licked my way downward slowly, teasing her. She spread her thighs and I settled between them, feeling her hot pussy lips wide against my skin. I left a wet trail of kisses and licks down her belly and her spread wet pussy left a wet trail up my body. Finally I was down between her thighs, my face inches from her spread pussy. I looked down at the deep pink of her wet, gleaming intimate flesh. I could smell the delicious odor of her clean, hot, open sex. My mouth watered. I took in the shading, the pink of her swollen clitoris at the top of her neat pussy. Her inner lips didn’t protrude out at all. Her skin was smooth to my touch. I caressed her thighs and kissed her inner thighs.

Her hips pushed upward toward my mouth, but I held back. I placed a finger on each side of her pussy and spread her wider. Her center was like a beautiful rose and at the center, a tiny pool of her juices lay, wet and waiting for my tongue. I watched fascinated as her pussy muscles stitched slightly and a drop of her pussy juice ran downward and slid down her tiny brown anus. I bent forward, no longer able to wait, and lapped her pussy juices up with my tongue. She tasted slightly salty and delicious. She moaned and thrust her hips upward. I let my tongue spear downward and entered her soft smooth, wet flesh. My lips came downward on her pussy and I sucked softly. Her delicious pussy juice flooded my mouth and this time I moaned.

God, she tasted so wonderful. Now I knew why men and women loved cunnilingus so much. Her hands went to the back of my head pressing me down softly. I let my tongue explore her softness, and sucked her sweet juices. I pressed my face against her, reveling in the intimate contact, and knowing that I was giving her pleasure. I wished my tongue were as long as hers. I pulled back a little and lapped from the bottom of her wet pussy to the top. Beth cried out as my tongue slid over her pink clitoris, now swollen and firm, jutting out from it’s sheath. I looked down at it and put my thumbs on either side at the top and pulled out and upward as I had done many times to my own clit exposing it. It slid further out of its sheath, longer than mine, slightly pointed and as large around as a pencil eraser. I have always been able to roll my tongue into a tube, and did it almost without thinking. I slid my tongue around her clit and pressed it in and out, making a tube to fuck her clit with.

She later told me that no one had ever done that to her and the sensation was incredible. The taste buds just rough enough to excite her to an instant orgasm. She said it felt like an almost electric shock. She came again and again, I had to hold onto her hard to keep my mouth and tongue in contact with her threshing body. I barely managed and she had a series of orgasm that had her screaming her joy. Finally she could not stand the ecstasy any longer and pushed my head aside. I moved up to hold her and kiss her cheek till she recovered. Finally Beth calmed down. She turned to me and her expression was one of wonder. “God, woman, where did you ever learn that! Someone had to have shown you that. I never even heard of it.” She grinned. “This is not your first time with a woman is it? No way! Come clean. Miss Innocence, sure! You are just too good, not that I’m complaining, you understand.”

She said smiling and kissing me over and over. It took a long while to convince her that this was truly my first time. I reminded her that she had said that another woman knows how a woman wants to be made love to. The tongue tube was something I was able to do, and did on the spur of the moment. She tried to imitate it but failed. I told her it was an inherited trait. She could curl her tongue backward and when I tried I couldn’t. We lay laughing and cuddling. Before we knew it, we were kissing again, and exploring each other. It didn’t take long before we were excited again. This time we turned in the classic 69 and worked our way down.

There is no other experience like it, giving and receiving sexual pleasure at the same time. Our fingers slid into soft flesh as our lips and tongues excited. Soft flesh pressed together, and our bodies melted together as if we had been doing this for years. For the first time I let my tongue play over her small neat anus and hers found mine. I didn’t realize how sensitive it was to her touch. Our orgasms were not quite so intense, but long and very satisfying. We spent the whole afternoon in bed making love. When we stopped we were amazed at how late it was. We slipped into the shower and bathed together, slick soapy fingers sliding into crevices playfully.

We each had one more climax in the shower, before we got out exhausted. We went into the kitchen famished. Gleefully we cooked dinner gloriously nude, playfully teasing each other. We ate like we were starved. That day of the brownout we call our day of serendipity. Since then we have become ardent lovers, and make love every spare moment. Beth brought one of her lovers over, and the first time made love to her while I watched. When I could stand it no longer, I lay masturbating watching, while they made love. There was no jealousy. After they had both had a climax, they pulled me between them and made love to me.

The experience was incredible, two soft bodies, knowing every sensitive, erotic nerve in my body, kissing, caressing and loving me. I lost count of the climaxes I had that day. We plan on doing it often. So that is the story of how a brownout brought me to a fantastic love adventure with my beautiful room mate. An experience that I might never have sought on my own, or would I? I shall never know.

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