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The Blindfold

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Gary and Ange walk down the hall of the hotel, their luggage following behind them. Ange’s heart is racing in her chest as she opens the door to their room. She knows her instructions, yet she keeps replaying them through her mind. Go in, set luggage aside, go get ice, then return for whatever Gary has in store for me.

I wonder what it is… As He follows her in, her eyes scan the room noting the lay out of the room, where the bed is in relation to everything else. She nods as it is committed to memory and she pauses to put her luggage out of the path of traffic. Ange takes the ice bucket and says, “Be right back, Master,” kisses Him on the cheek and slips out of the room to go get the ice.

She walks down then long hallway and fills the bucket, listening to the clatter of the cubes as they accumulate in the small bucket. As she returns down the hallways, her mind turns to the afternoon ahead, of things that may happen. He’s been horribly quiet so far. I’m not sure I like that. I hope I’ll be able to do all that He asks of me and see that proud look in His eyes. He’s been so mysterious too. Well, whatever it is I’m sure I’ll be able to handle it.

And with that thought, she opens the door with the key and slips back into the room. At once, she feels the change in the air. The room is dimly lit and the air is a bit cooler but not too cold. She sets the chilly bucket on it’s tray then turns around to see Him sitting in the corner chair, dark eyes watching her every movement. Ange’s heart flutters in her chest, a feeling of anticipation filling her, as she looks to the Man she adores with every fiber of her being. Gary smiles at her and asks her to strip for Him. She purrs softly and says, “As You wish Master.”

Ange takes two steps away from the table, knowing she’ll need a bit of room for this. She slowly turns around in a circle, knowing He likes to appraise His treasure both with clothes on and without. Ange loves the outfit she has on, knowing the dark green, form fitting blouse and black skirt with fishnet stockings and heels makes her look like the woman she is… sexy, smart, and fun loving. She shivers as she feels Gary’s gaze hungrily looking her over.

Having gone in a complete circle, she stops and faces Him once more, and sees the hunger in His eyes. Ange then slowly starts to unbutton her blouse, with each button undone, she exposes more and more of her creamy flesh to Him. Slowly opening the blouse and sliding it off her shoulders, she sees the hunger deepen in His gaze as His eyes devour her breasts that are barely held in by a black lace bra. Ange purrs again and runs her fingertips over the mounds of flesh, knowing that He loves to watch her touching herself. Winking, she turns to face away from Gary and slowly undoes the zipper of her skirt and slowly slides it down her legs, bending at the waist.

Carefully, she steps from the skirt and slides her hands up her legs as she straightens up. She stands for a moment in her bra, the garter and fishnet stockings and heels, slowly turning around again so He can see everything. Her hands slide down her tummy and around to the back of her as she unhooks her bra and lets that fall to the floor as well. Stepping out of her heels, she undoes the garter belt and slides it and the stockings off her legs one at a time. Righting herself once more, she slowly turns in another circle showing Him His breasts, His pussy, His ass before stopping and standing with her arms behind her back and feet spread at shoulder width.

Gary watches Ange for a few moments, knowing that she needs a few minutes to get into her submissive mindset. He finally rises and steps to her and circles her. His fingertip trail over the flesh that He’s claimed as His own. A faint smile crosses His lips as He feels her shudder, feels her slipping into that zone He loves her to be in. Gary leans in, close to her ear and whispers, “Hello bitch. Are you ready for Me?”

Ange’s whimper is His only reply but He knows by that alone that she’s more than ready. He whispers in her ear again, “I asked you a question. Do not force Me to repeat myself.” Ange shudders with delight as His breath tickles her ear and sets fires all over her body. She licks her lips and says softly, “I am ready Master… I’m ready to be pushed as only You can.”

Gary gives her a growl of satisfaction and tells her to go fetch the leather cuffs. She moves quickly but knows He is watching and feels His gaze upon her naked flesh. She grabs the leather cuffs for both ankles and wrists and steps back to Him and offers them to Him. He takes one of the ankle cuffs and secures it around her leg and then the other, checking to be sure that the circulation will not be cut off. Then Gary takes one of the wrist ones and looks her in the eyes. His brown eyes search hers of blue for a few moments, as if looking for something. Seeing it, He lifts one of her wrists to His lips and gently kisses it before securing the cuff of leather to first one wrist and then the other.

Gary then swats her on the ass and tells her to climb onto the bed. Ange grins at the swat then steps to the bed and settles there, watching Him as He moves to the bag He brought along. She licks her lips as she sees the rope being brought out but her eyes widen as the blindfold follows. Her heart skips a beat then resumes at a racing speed. Gary walks to her and tells her to lay on her back. She lays down and offers a wrist to Him. He takes it and secures it to one of the bed posts, giving a tug to ensure that the knots are tight. She looks to Him and asks Him, “Half clove hitch?” Gary gives her a surprised look and she just shrugs and says “Girl Scouts… we had to learn all sorts of knots.”

He laughs and affirms that the knot is indeed the one she said it was as He moves to the other side of the bed and repeats the knots there, once again tugging to make sure it is secure. He gives her a long look full of hunger and Ange feels her breath stop for a few seconds. She knows that His eyes are mirroring the hunger in her eyes. She knows that her submission only feeds His domination. Gary leans in and gives her a passionate kiss, then slips the blindfold over her eyes. She feels a tremor of emotion running through her and she’s not sure if it’s fear or anticipation or something entirely different. She hears His voice then, “Don’t go anywhere, love. I’ve forgotten something in the car. I should be back soon.”

She murmurs her assent and listens as His footsteps move farther from her and then the opening of the door, and then the click of the door as it shuts and locks itself. She hopes He remembered the key but tries to remain calm. As she lays there, she tries her best to control herself… to slow her racing heart, to make her breathing even but the longer He is gone, the worse it is. The familiar What If game starts in her head. What if He did forget the key? The front desk will let Him back in then… Well, what if He doesn’t come back? Will the cleaning crew find me? And what if they don’t? Will I be stuck here forever? What do I do if I have to pee? Will He be back before then? And then the biggest What If hits her: What if I can’t do what He asks of me? What if I fail? Just as her mind reaches a panic point and her body starts reacting by tugging at the cuffs, she hears the click of the key in the door. Ange takes a deep breath to steady herself. He is back now, thank heavens. She hears the door closing and then footsteps drawing closer to her. I wish I could see Him she thinks.

Just then, Ange feels a hand upon her leg just above the leather cuff and she takes another deep breath as she is reassured that someone is indeed there. The hand trails up her leg and another joins in, soft little touches and then she feels something that shouldn’t be there… fingernails dragging down her thigh! It’s not HIM! It’s a woman! Where IS He?! She tries to look through the blindfold, knowing she won’t be able to see but she feels she must try. Try as she might, she wasn’t able to see anything but darkness. Ange whimpers softly as the hands move over her body, giving in to the pleasure that the hands give to her. Then, out of the blue another set of hands join in and Ange moans as these hands move in familiar ways. She feels the pinch of her nipples and her body recognizes the touch of her Master. Her body arches to Him and to her. She gasps as one mouth kisses a trail up her thigh and the other nibbles at her ear. Ange wonders which mouth is which but then doesn’t really care as sensations run over her. The mouth at her ear licks and teases which makes her shudder with delight, her toes curl as the shudders of pleasure race down her spine. Her ear has always been a sensitive spot and she knows that He knows that as well.

Ange gasps as the other mouth slides up her thigh and settles at her bare sex. She wriggles as the lips hover just over her labia, loving that anticipation. She groans softly as the tip of a tongue slides over her lips and to her clit. Ange tries to resist the temptation of wrapping her legs around the head but tilts her hips upwards and gets rewarded by having her clit slurped into a mouth and sucked. She groans again and shift her hips towards the person there. Somewhere in her hazy mind, it registers that the other set of hands and mouth has stopped but then she dismisses it and sinks into the sensations that are running over her. She shivers and groans as a finger teases at her entrance then slides into her wet folds. Ange feels the nails gently teasing at her thigh and knows now that it is the woman that is devouring her.

The finger curls up and presses firmly to her g-spot and had Ange’s eyes been shut, they would have flown open as the shock of pleasure shot through her. Instead, she lifts her hips and moans, her hands curling and uncurling as she tries in vain to grab a hold of something other than air. Another finger is added to her wet folds and Ange calls out as another shock of pleasure races over her. Her toes curl and her head falls to the side, her cheek resting on her arm, heart beat racing, panting to get air. Her ears strain to hear anything but the only sounds in the room are her moans of pleasure, the air conditioner and the sound of the fingers sliding in and out of her.

Suddenly, the fingers slip from her and Ange mewls her frustration but then gasps as she feels a hand slapping her sex. She wriggles, trying to get closer to the hand. A few more blows land and she shudders with pleasure. The hand finds her clit and rubs it hard for a bit and Ange feels the waves of pleasure building and threatening to crash down. The hand stops the rubbing and slaps her sex a few more times, making Ange growl. Then the fingers slide back into her wet and needy pussy and Ange fucks them back, knowing that she will cum very soon.

The touch of the mouth on her clit sends her over the edge and waves of pleasure crash down over Ange. Her body convulses with pleasure she never knew existed before now. She feels the shifting of the bed then, knowing that either someone has left or someone has joined them on the bed. She feels her arms being slowly released from the bonds and softly sighs as they’re draped over her limp body. She feels a kiss to each of her wrists and then blinks as the blindfold is removed.

Ange smiles up at Gary as he comes into focus. He smiles back, kisses her long and deep and whispers words of praise to her. Ange just smiles and looks to the right and sees one of the most beautiful women she’s ever laid eyes on and looks back to Gary. He sees the question in her eyes and he grins wickedly and says, “Ange, I’d like you to meet Jade.”

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