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I used to visit my grandmother at the nursing home until she passed away. During the final weeks, I used to sometimes visit with another resident names Lois. After my grandmother passed away, I continued to visit Lois and we began an affair that has lasted to this day.

Lois joked once that she knew several other woman that would appreciate a “visit” from me.

When she first made the comment, I laughed it off. She said it a second time a few weeks later and I told her, “Give me their names.”

I didn’t think much of it after that. To my surprise, after my last visit with Lois, she mentioned that Hazel in 415 has a private room, and she is also very lonely. I told Lois that I would make a trip to see Hazel.

I came back the following day and instead of going down 5-hall to see Lois, I went to 4-hall and walked down to room 415. The door was open, as most of them are, and there was Hazel, sitting in a comfortable chair watching the TV, with the volume a little loud.

I knocked on the door, called “Hazel?” and knocked again, a little harder. She looked up and smiled, then got a quizzical look on her face. I walked in and introduced myself. I explained about having visited my grandmother often and that now I still visit Lois. Then I said that Lois thought she might enjoy a visit once in a while from someone new.

She smiled and her eyes twinkled. “I don’t get many visitors anymore” she said. She went onto explain her only son was across the country and hasn’t visited in years. I held her hand as she spoke of her family and of the last few years.

Her hands were thin and covered with liver spots. Her arms were slender, with the veins showing. There was the usual sagging of the upper arms as they disappeared into her dress. The dress was a print, with a zipper down the front and extended to her knees. Below the knees were thin legs with the thin transparent skin of the aged. She wore slippers, but no socks or hose. Hazel’s face was pleasant, though covered with wrinkles. I glanced down out of habit, and noticed there was only a small swelling in the chest area.

After talking for a while I told Hazel that I must be going, and asked if I could see her again. She got the biggest smile of the day and said “I would like that very much, Joey.”

“How about next Tuesday, around the same time as today?”

“That would be wonderful. I look forward to seeing you again” she said.

As I stood, she held on to my hand and I helped her out of the chair. She looked at me with imploring eyes, so I leaned down and kissed her cheek. She put her arms around me and hugged me. I gave her another peck on the cheek, but she didn’t let go, so I moved my lips to hers and we kissed.

“I’ll be back Tuesday at 2:00. Count on it.”

“I’ll be here, Joey”, she replied with a smile.

The week was a long one, waiting to see Hazel again. Tuesday finally arrived and I was there promptly at 2:00. I walked down to her room and saw her in the same chair, watching TV. But I noticed this week, her hair was done.

I knocked and said “Hazel?”

She turned and smiled. “Oh Joey, I was afraid last week was a dream and that you wouldn’t be here today.”

“I never miss an opportunity to be with a pretty lady”, I said. She smiled and lowered her head a bit.

I picked up her chin, and looking into her eyes said, “Hey, no blushing. You ARE a pretty lady and I wouldn’t want to be anywhere else right now, than here with you.”

With that, she lifted her arms around my neck and I leaned down and we kissed again. We broke and I looked into her eyes and then closed mine and kissed her again, pulling her against me. She held tightly to my neck. I rubbed her back and she moaned into my mouth.

“I think we’d had better sit down”, I said.

I started to allow her to sit back into her easy chair, but she moved to my left.

“Why don’t we both sit on the bed? We can be closer that way.”

I led her to the bed and held her hand as she sat. I moved to her side and before I could sit she said, “Close the door. Those nosey old women don’t need to be looking in here.”

I closed the door and sat next to her on the bed. Unintentionally, when I sat, my weight being much more than hers, bounced her toward me and she ended up with her arms around me as she tried to regain her balance.

“I’m so sorry,” she said. “I didn’t mean to fall on you.”

“I’m sorry I made you lose your balance, but I kind of like the outcome.”

I put my arms around her and she moved her left arm up to my face. I leaned over and kissed her. She held the back of my head, so I knew she wasn’t fighting my kissing her.

I rubbed her back with my right hand and then moved it to her side. I stroked her from her waist to her armpit and back down again. I then returned my hand to her back and squeezed her tighter to me. She was stroking the back of my head. I opened my mouth and our tongues met. Hazel was old, wrinkled and frail, but she was hot.

I wasn’t sure if she would want to continue as I moved my face back from hers, but she rubbed my cheek and then moved her hand down my chest and stomach. She stopped her progress at my belt, but took a look at my growing erection and then moved her hand to stroke it.

“Did I do that?”

“It is all yours”, I replied.

“Well, we may just have to have more of this.”

She continued rubbing my hard-on and looked up to me again. We moved our faces together and as we kissed, she opened her mouth and thrust her tongue into my mouth.

I enjoyed our little tongue games for a few minutes and then, with a gentle push, eased her back onto the bed. She moved her arms up and held them over her head. I kissed her again, leaning slightly on to her right breast. My right hand moved up to her chest and I rubbed my palm over her small breast.

“Oh Joey,” she said, “that feels so good.”

I moved my hand up to her face and stroked her cheek. Then I rubbed her neck and brought my hand to the top of her dress and grabbed hold of the zipper pull. I tugged it once to see if I would be rebuked, but she continued kissing me. So I eased the zipper on down.

I managed to get the zipper to her waist and then with a slight change of position, I was able to continue and make it all the way to the hem. With a little flick, the zipper came apart.

I moved my hand to her partially exposed thigh and rubbed her leg along the outside and brought my hand up. I could feel the wrinkles on her thigh and I could feel her cotton panties. The wrinkles continued as I felt her abdomen and then I felt her cotton bra. As I squeezed her small breast, I moved it up another couple of inches.

At this point I wanted to see what I was holding, so I moved my kisses down her chin and then her neck. I opened my eyes and saw her wrinkled chest. As I pushed up on her breast, the skin would smooth out on the top of the breast and when it connected with her chest. I moved her breast down and the lines became visible again. I started kissing the top of her breast and down the center of her chest. She began making what I would call happy noises. I wouldn’t call it moaning and it wasn’t quite humming, but it sounded like she was very happy. I pulled my head up and cupped her breast again and just watched as I moved it in a circular motion. When I would get to the top of the circle, it felt large and looked smooth and inviting. At the bottom, it was a small ball in my hand with stretched wrinkled skin showing up her chest. I found it sexy and intoxicating.

I wanted to see more and released the bra and grabbed her shoulder strap and slid it down her arm. She pulled her arm out of the strap. The cup was still over her breast and I reached in and pulled her breast out of the cup. The nipple was almost the same color as her skin and so at first I could not discern the full size of her nipple. I was about the size of a half-dollar and I pointed it straight out and covered it with my mouth. I was squeezing it in the middle as I sucked on the end. She was clearly enjoying this, as she started to rock back and forth. I reached behind her and found the clasp for the bra and with only minor fumbling, undid the hooks.

At this point, the tension was off the bra and it loosened completely from her left tit, which was in my mouth. Her right tit drifted to her side, still enclosed in the bra. I grabbed the center of the bra and moved it up over her head. Her hands naturally followed and this had the result of allowing me to admire her chest in full and open view. I suppose this is as good as her breast could look, but they sagged both down toward her stomach and off to the sides. The nipples were both standing up, but my sucking made the left nipple tighter and more erect.

I was about to resume my suckling on Hazel when she pushed my head back and said “Just a moment. I need to get fully on the bed.” She wiggled up and got her legs fully on the bed.

“There, now what was it you were about to do?”

“Enjoy the bounty of a beautiful sexy woman”, I replied and cupped her left breast with my right hand and with my left hand, I gathered up her right breast and put my mouth to it. I glanced up to see her smiling, eyes closed and enjoying my sucking as much as I was.

I sucked her right breast and then rubbed it on my cheek and sucked it again. Still holding it, I trailed my kisses from her right breast, along her chest, with its visible ribs, and then onto the left breast. By this time, she was moaning audibly.

I continued sucking the left boob but allowed my right hand to let go. I kept the nipple on the top of her chest with my sucking. My right hand, now free, rubbed her along her side and down to her hips. I rubbed the outside of her thigh and brought my hand to her hip and followed her panty to the center of her abdomen. I slid it down and she parted her legs slightly. With her thin legs open slightly, I was able to press my hand between her legs and push my palm against her pussy. The panties were damp, which came as a pleasant surprise. “There’s a lot of life left in this old broad”, I thought.

I kept my hand on her old pussy and raised my head up to kiss her on the lips again. She appreciated the attention. I was still rubbing her pussy while our tongues played tag. I put my left hand and the bed and raised myself up to a sitting position. Yup, the panties were white.

I continued rubbing her as I moved to the end of the bed. I got off and grabbed the sides of her panties. I pulled them down and Hazel raised her hips to assist me. I slid them down her thin veiny legs and dropped then on the floor. Now I could see her pussy. I looked up her wrinkled legs and saw it. The hair was long but very sparse. The ones closest to her slit had a shine of moisture on them. Her lips were reddish and slightly swollen. I was as hard as a steel rod looking at this old woman showing me everything like a cheap slut. I was hoping I could hold off long enough to enjoy every bit of her.

I picked up her left leg and began to kiss the inside of her ankle. I moved my kisses up her calf and lowered her lag and my face as I got to her knee. I spread her legs with both hands as my kisses and my head moved up her thigh. I pushed on her ankles and she moved her feet back, raising her knees and opening them to allow me better access to her.

As I felt her pussy hairs tickling my cheek, I turned and put the fingertips of both hands on her pussy lips and drew them back. When I saw her moist pink inner lips, I blew gently on them. She sighed and moved her hips. She was enjoying this.

I moved in and began to kiss the inside of her lips and then extended my tongue and licked her pussy from the bottom to the top. When I felt the clit under my tongue, I leaned in and began to suck it.

“Oh yes, suck my clit, eat my pussy.”

I thought I was hearing things. This sweet wrinkled skinny old woman was taunting me like a cheap whore. I began to suck her harder.

“Oh my God, Joey, on my God! Suck it. That’s right, suck it right there. Oh yes. Oh God yes. Keep sucking Joey, keep sucking. A little more. A little more.”

“Yeesss, that’s good. Yeesss, yeesssss, Yeeeesssssssssss!”

There was no hiding her lust and her juices flowed into my waiting mouth. I couldn’t believe it! I just made an 80-some year old woman cum by eating her pussy.

I pulled back and eased off the bed. I knew she would want a moment to catch her breath and I wanted to have her now. I stood up and stripped my clothes in record time.

She finally opened her eyes and looking to the bottom of the bed, saw me as I was finishing removing my clothes. She held her arms outstretched to me.

“Come here Lover. I need you inside me.”

I knew we were thinking alike because I wanted nothing the world right then except to be inside her. I climbed onto the bed, my knees between her legs and put my hands beside her head. I lowered my face to hers and we kissed. As we did, I lowered my hips and felt the tip of my dick on the hairs of her pussy. I moved my hips up and down to feel my dick all along her sweet wrinkled pussy. After a couple of times, I pushed slightly and found the entrance to paradise. I started to put some pressure behind it, and the tip slipped in nicely. I was debating how much to put in and how soon, when she made a movement with her hips that drove me in the full length.

“Oh God, Joey. I am so filled. Fuck me now, Joey, fuck me.”

I was like a crazy man when she spoke like that. I had hoped to take it slow and gentle, but this old bitch was driving me crazy. I started pounding into her. I was slamming my dick into her and I could feel my balls slapping her ass.

“Ooohhh, Joey, harder. Make me cum, Joey, make me cum.”

This skinny old bitch was driving me over the edge. I was pounding her like a fright train and she was asking for more.

I could feel my balls contracting and I knew I was going to explode. I put my arms beside her and propped myself up to look at her. She had her eyes closed and her moth was open. There were deep moans coming from deep inside her. I looked down to see her tiny transparent nipples standing up on her flattened breasts. I leaned to the left and with my right hand I reached down and began to pinch her left nipple.

“That’s it Joey, pinch my nipple and make me come.”

Hearing her say that was all I needed and I pushed hard into her and felt my balls tighten for the last time. I pinched and turned her nipple. I exploded into her.

I’ve had sex with older women before, but I have never seen the passion and lust that Hazel exhibited. As I was pressing into her, I felt her tighten her virgina muscles around my cock and milk me.

She clasped her legs around me and pulled me in tighter to her. I felt her juices flowing around my now thinning member. She squeezed her legs tight one more time and relaxed.

I let go of her nipple that I had been squeezing. I started to ease down on to her, but stopped, and kissed her lightly on her lips and then pushed myself up and over, to her side.

“I want to be near you, Hazel, but I’m worried that my weight my hurt you.”

“You weren’t so worried 5 minutes ago”, she laughed, “but you are sweet to think about me.”

I moved on to my side and laid my arm over her chest. I snuggled in closer and when she murmured “That’s nice”, I moved my hand back a little to cup her saggy breast.

We stayed like that for about 10 more minutes and I said “Hazel, that was wonderful. I would love to spend the rest of the day here, but I have other commitments.”

“I don’t mind, Joey. That WAS wonderful. But you must promise me two things.”

“Anything, Hazel”

“You must promise me that you will never tell a soul about this afternoon, and you must promise you will be back to do this again.”

“Hazel, our secret is safe, and wild horses couldn’t keep me away from you.”

“Thank you, Joey. You know, it’s not often an 82 year old woman gets herself a young stud. But I plan to make the most of it.”

I was with her every week for the next year.

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