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The Beginning

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“And then the blonde sighs, and says, ‘Please, not another breathalyzer test!'”

I laughed along with the other girls once Julie finished her joke. Julie was blonde and thought that all blonde jokes were hilarious. She knew them all, and with the slightest encouragement, didn’t hesitate to show her prowess. She was on a roll tonight.

I sighed to myself, and tried to think of an excuse to leave. My work day had been particularly long and difficult. I was tired, and just wanted to go home, take a bath, and curl up with a good book. I don’t know why I let the girls from the office convince me to go with them for dinner and drinks, but I did. I was regretting the decision now that my exhaustion was catching up to me.

I listened with half an ear as Julie continued to chatter, and glanced around the room while I waited for the waitress to come back to our table. The restaurant was a local favorite in the summer because of the outdoor Tiki bar. It was a gorgeous evening, and the Tiki bar was packed, which meant a long wait, so we opted to eat inside. There were only four other occupied tables, so we had been seated immediately.

I took a sip of my Long Island Ice Tea and discreetly checked out the other diners. Seated to our left was a young family. Their three kids looked to be under the age of five. One parent was paying the bill, while the other collected the various toys that had made their way on to the table and the floor, so I knew they’d be leaving shortly.

An older couple was seated on the other side of the room. They both concentrated on eating instead of on each other. It made me wonder if they were fighting or if they had just run out of things to say.

Three thirty-something guys sat at the table next to ours. I noticed that they were busy flirting with one of the girls at my table.

The last occupied table was tucked into the back corner of the restaurant. A man and woman who looked to be business associates were seated there. I started to direct my attention back to the flirt-a-thon going on next to me, when something caught my eye.

The woman, dressed in a white shirt and dark skirt, started to unbutton her blouse. She was seated at an angle from me, but I clearly saw her open first one, then two and finally three buttons. Her hand moved toward her lap, but stopped in mid-air and hovered when the man spoke. I swear that I saw her hand shake as it moved back toward the buttons. I was fascinated, and suddenly didn’t feel quite so tired. I wished that I was closer to their table, so I could hear the conversation. The woman’s next move, however, made my jaw drop.

Instead of moving her hand to button her blouse, she slid it inside the opening and began to play with her breast. It looked like her hand was massaging it, and maybe pulling and pinching her nipple. I looked around at the other diners, but they were all focused on their own little worlds, and totally oblivious to what was happening right in front of them.

My eyes snapped back to the woman in the corner right when she changed hands and began playing with her other breast. I wondered what her companion thought of her actions, so I shifted my attention to him, only to find him staring directly at me. He’d caught me staring! It felt as if the air was suddenly sucked from the room.

I gasped, embarrassed to be caught, and bent my head to concentrate on my drink. I took a couple of sips and wished that I had the nerve to hold the cool glass against my heated cheeks.

Our server arrived to deliver fresh drinks. I could hear the voices of the man and woman rising above the chaos of the clinking glasses and the noisy exit of the family. Using the server as a shield, I peeked under my lashes at the back table. The woman was buttoning her blouse in between making large gestures with her hands. Then she got up and walked out of the restaurant. The server chose that moment to walk away with her load of glasses, and I was once again captured by the gaze of the man at the table. He knowingly quirked an eyebrow at me.

“Earth to Clare. Come in, Clare.”

My head snapped around upon hearing my name, and I looked questioningly at Karen, who was seated next to me.

“Didn’t you hear me ask you to scoot your chair? We’re going to make room for the guys.” She pointed to the thirty-somethings who were busy moving from their table to ours.

“Sorry,” I said. “I spaced out there for a minute. I must be more tired than I thought.”

I stood up to move my chair, and chanced a look at the back table. The man was gone. Just like that, the evening went flat, and my exhaustion hit me like a brick. I didn’t allow myself the time to examine why that was the case. I moved the chair, pulled some money from my wallet, and set it on the table.

“Karen, I’m going to head home. Would you make sure the server gets this for my drink?”

“What? Clare you can’t leave. The fun’s just starting.” She smiled and canted her head toward the guys.

“Don’t worry about me.” I eyed the evenly matched girls and guys. “Besides,” I said with a laugh, “seven’s a crowd.”

They all made half-hearted objections, but didn’t really put up a fuss as I said my goodbyes and left the restaurant.

The sun was low in the sky, but still bright enough for me to need my shades. I pulled them on, and started toward my car, but stopped short when I saw a man – THE MAN – walking toward me. I was a little nervous at first, but remembered all the people circulating around the Tiki bar, and relaxed slightly.

It only took seconds, but it felt like hours passed as he approached me. I noticed that the suit jacket and tie were gone, and that he’d rolled up his shirt sleeves. I also couldn’t help but notice his toned physique. He stopped in front of me and I was both disappointed and relieved that his eyes were also covered by sunglasses.

“You surprised me. I had to wait longer than I expected.”

“I’m not sure I understand what you mean,” I said.

“Don’t you? You were watching me. I knew you’d follow me out when I left.”

I couldn’t believe what I was hearing. “Of all the conceited, egotistical and presumptuous things to say!” I wanted to add in a few more adjectives, but I was embarrassed and on a roll. “I was not watching you at all, and I certainly didn’t follow you out here like some sort of faithful puppy. Why would you even think that I’d have anything to do with a man whose date practically undresses, then walks out on him?”

Dammit! I went too far. I just admitted to the very thing I was protesting.

“I thought you said that you weren’t watching.” He smiled, took off his sunglasses and stuck them into his shirt pocket. “You’ve got a lot of spirit. I like that.”

He took a step closer and looked down at me with the sexiest blue eyes I’d ever seen. I totally forgot that I was pseudo-mad at him. I was drawn to his gaze and didn’t even look away when he reached up to pull off my sunglasses.

“You have a very expressive face, and those beautiful, brown eyes give you away every time.” A finger slid along my jaw. “I would like to get to know you better.” He reached into his shirt pocket, pulled out a business card and held it out to me.

“How do you know that I’m even available?”

“We wouldn’t still be standing here if you weren’t. I’m pretty sure you would have set me straight when you were giving me hell a minute ago.”

I felt my face heat.

“And she blushes, too!” he said teasingly.

I reached up to take the card, and felt a tingle when he wrapped his hand around mine.

“My business info is on the front, and my personal info is on the back. I don’t want you to feel threatened. Check me out, and then call me when you’re ready.” I nodded. “Good girl.” He kissed my fingers and released my hand. “I look forward to our next encounter.”

“Still presumptuous, I see.” I couldn’t resist the poke.

He smiled, bent his head next to mine and whispered in my ear. “Call me, Clare.” Something in his tone made me shiver despite the summer heat.

“Whatever you say,” I paused, “Clare.”

He gave a bark of laughter and gently set my sunglasses back over my eyes.

“You and I will get along just fine, my dear. ” He turned away and started to walk to his car.

“Wait!” I yelled. “How did you know my name was Clare?”

He turned toward me, but continued to walk backward. “Call me, and I’ll tell you. I’ll talk to you soon, sweetheart.” With a final wave, he got into his car and drove out of the parking lot.

My heartbeat eventually slowed, and the surrounding sounds came back into focus. I looked around and realized that I was standing alone in the middle of the parking lot. I quickly walked to my car and got inside. My drive home was done almost on autopilot as the events of the evening raced through my mind.

It was while standing in my bedroom after taking off my work clothes that I realized how aroused I was. My nipples were hard and sensitive. I took off my bra and pinched them. Mmmmm…that felt good, but maybe – yes, harder. The woman at his table was pinching and pulling her nipples like this in the middle of a restaurant. Why? And how, I wondered, did she manage to do it without moaning aloud? I couldn’t.

What was it like to have him watch her? I stepped over to my nightstand and picked up his card. Gabriel. I liked the way his name sounded on my lips. I slid a hand down the front of my panties, and didn’t need to go any farther to know that my bare pussy was already slippery with my juices. I suddenly needed to come very badly.

I shucked the panties and grabbed my dildo before lying down on the bed. The card was still in my hand, so I brought it to my nose. There really wasn’t any sort of scent. I wondered if he wore aftershave or cologne. I wanted to be close enough to him again to find out the answer.

I started to put the card back on the night stand but instead, flicked the short end across one nipple. I felt the resulting zing flow directly to my pussy, so I did it again and again, alternating between nipples. Back and forth. I experimented with short flicks and slow, dragging motions. My nipples ached through all of it. I put the card down and used both hands to tug on them. I found that rolling them between a thumb and finger, before pinching hard and holding them, gave me the best sensation. It was almost a little painful, but it also felt good.

I picked up the dildo and slid it along my pussy, top to bottom, getting it wet, before pushing the tip inside. I made myself wait to be filled, and just held the tip in place. I imagined that it was Gabriel poised above me, waiting for me to beg for his cock. My hips twitched and I couldn’t wait another minute. I began to firmly thrust and pull the dildo in and out repeatedly. The tip of it started bumping that spot deep inside me with satisfying results. I gave a few more rough thrusts, and came hard with a yell.

I waited two weeks to call him. I was able to find out a lot about him during the first week. A friend’s fiancé was in the same business and knew him well, so I felt comfortable moving forward. I waited an extra week though, because I didn’t want to appear to be too eager, but also because I knew he expected me to call right away, and he needed to know I don’t always do what’s expected.

We were in each other’s company a lot during the next month. We went out, talked on the phone and spent time in each of our homes getting to know one another. Our conversations were eclectic. The topics ranged from the very serious to the wildly crazy. Nothing was off limits. Sex and all its aspects were discussed. That’s how I found out that Gabriel was Dominant (which explained his presumptuousness). Our D/s talks also helped me comprehend my need to be sexually submissive.

Our time together was intimate without being sexual. Though we spoke very frankly when discussing sex, we never engaged in anything more than a chaste kiss on the cheek. On one hand, it was a refreshing change of pace, but on the other, it was ridiculously vexing. Talking with him, hearing his voice and imagining myself in the situations he described, excited me. I was aroused whenever we were together. Hell, I was aroused even when we weren’t, and I let that arousal build. I didn’t masturbate once during that month. Looking back now makes me think that he’d planned it that way all along. I was already attuned to obey him. We have an official start date for our D/s relationship, but I realize now that he’d become my Dom the moment our eyes met in that restaurant.

We were going out tonight to celebrate our first month of being together. I was really excited to see him. I agonized over what to wear, and spent an equal amount of time chastising myself for worrying so much. I finally decided to go with a flirty, black skirt, a deep red silk tee and heels. It was dressy enough or casual enough to be appropriate wherever we went to dinner.

The doorbell rang, and forgetting my resolve to stay calm, I quickly ran to open the door. He was wearing black slacks and a blue dress shirt that did amazing things to his eyes. He was so damn sexy that I wanted to throw myself at him then and there. I managed to stop myself – barely.

I grabbed my purse and we walked out to the car. He leaned over to open the door, but grasped my arm lightly as I started to get inside. Before I knew what was happening, his free hand cupped my face, and his mouth took mine in a scorching kiss. My gasp allowed his tongue entry, and I eagerly met it with my own. I poured a month of pent-up desire into that kiss. We were barely touching, but the front of my body felt burned from the heat of his. His tongue slid against mine in a seductive dance of give and take that left me asking for more. It was over all too soon, and he slowly pulled away, nipping my bottom lip as he did so.

“I think I may have melted into the pavement,” I said, in a voice husky with arousal.

“I’ve wanted to do that since I first heard your smart mouth in that parking lot. I decided that I wasn’t going to wait any longer, and that I was going to have to taste you when I saw you tonight.”

He looked directly into my eyes as he said that, and I felt my pussy flood. I wanted him to go to his knees and taste me “down there”, as well. The thought made my temperature rise.

“I can’t wait to find out what’s causing that blush.”

I lowered my eyes as he helped me into his car, but didn’t respond. Gabriel closed the door, walked around the front of the car and climbed inside. The interior was quiet for a moment as he fit the key into the ignition.

“It’s alright, Clare. You don’t have to tell me your thoughts right now. Let’s go to dinner and relax. You’ll be happy to tell me what I want to know as our evening progresses.”

“I don’t think I’ll ever be able to confess.”

Gabriel just smiled.

The conversation was benign during the drive to the restaurant and through dinner. I can’t even really remember what we talked about because my mind was so focused on what he meant about our evening progressing. Gabriel carried on his side of the conversation as if we were friends who got together each week for dinner. It seemed as if the sensual heat that had built between us when we kissed no longer existed for him.

I found out otherwise during the drive home.

The interior of the car was dark; lit only by the muted light of the navigation system. The radio was playing softly in the background. We had just pulled out of the parking lot when Gabriel spoke.

“Pull your skirt up, and let me see your panties.”

I looked over at him, certain that I had misheard. Gabriel kept his eyes on the road.

“I’m waiting.”

I heard the order, but couldn’t believe that he expected me to do it in the car.

“Are you trying to be funny? We’re out in public.”

“I wasn’t joking. Pull your skirt up and show me your panties.”

The command in his voice was much stronger the second time. I put my hands at the hem of my skirt without thinking, but I still hesitated.

“I don’t want to punish you the first time we’re together, Clare, but I will if I have to say it a third time.”

The tone of his voice was different. The command was still there, but it was harsher, and I didn’t want to hear it anymore. I pulled my skirt up to the tops of my thighs.


“Yes, Sir.”

I gasped, and my hand shot up to cover my mouth. “I’m sorry. That just slipped out.”

We were stopped at a traffic light, and he finally turned to look at me. His features were tight.

“Don’t be sorry. You responded correctly. That’s how I expect you to address me unless I tell you otherwise.”

“Yes, Sir.”

He smiled. “Good girl. Now pull that skirt up to your waist, so I can see your panties.” He accelerated away from the light as I did so.

“Good. Now reach down and recline the seat until I tell you to stop.”

He had one last instruction for me once I had the seat positioned where he wanted.

“Put both of your hands down the front of your panties, and play with your cunt until I give you permission to come. I expect you to play with your clit and fuck yourself with at least two fingers, but don’t you dare come until I tell you to.”

I sat up straight and stared at him, willing him to turn, smile and tell me that he was kidding, but he continued to look ahead and calmly drive the car.

“I didn’t hear what you said.”

“I didn’t say any…Oh.” I realized what he meant.

He turned and gave me a quick look, and I heard myself saying, “Yes, Sir.”

I leaned back into the seat, closed my eyes and took a moment to be thankful that it was dark, before I slid both hands down the front of my panties. My fingers were immediately met with moisture. I used three fingers to circle and rub my clit. It was plump and sensitive, and I knew that it wouldn’t take me long to orgasm.

“You’re supposed to be using both hands, and I expect to hear your pleasure. You don’t expect me to let you come if I can’t hear that you’re ready, do you?”

“No, Sir.”

I increased the pressure and the speed on my clit. The last month had left me aroused and unfulfilled, so I moaned deeply from the quick burst of pleasure. I slid a finger from my free hand shallowly in and out of the opening of my pussy. My need hit me hard. I gave in and pushed two fingers in fast and deep, and groaned as I felt my pussy clench around my fingers. I spread my legs wider to allow deeper access, and increased the thrusts. My juices were flowing profusely, wetting my hand and soaking my panties. I was panting with each thrust, and my hips were pumping, squirming, thrusting. My orgasm was rising up; the feeling centered in my clit, only needing a few more thrusts and a little extra pressure to release the wave over my senses.

I was moaning and helplessly crying out my need to come. Panting and begging repeatedly.

“Please what, Clare?” His voice was so calm.

“Oh, God, please let me come, Sir. It’s been so long.” My voice was anything but calm.

“How long?”

I paused what I was doing and glanced at him. “A month.”

“I didn’t tell you to stop. Keep fucking your cunt.”

“Yes, Sir, but I’m so close.” I went back to my previous rhythm, whimpering as I tried to keep myself from going over the edge.

“I know you are, so you’d better help me finish this conversation, so I can let you have your release.”

“Yes, Sir.”

“So tell me again, how long?”

“One month, Sir.”

“You haven’t masturbated at all in the last month?”

“No, Sir.”


My breathing was hard and fast, so speech was becoming harder now.

“It…didn’t…seem right. You were so chaste whenever…we were…together. I thought I…should wait”

“Interesting. Do you think that perhaps subconsciously you were waiting to be told to masturbate because you didn’t have my permission? That, even then, you needed to obey?”

“Yes, Sir. Maybe.”

“And do you want to obey me now, Clare?”

“Yes, Sir,” I cried.

“One last thing, then.”

I involuntarily gave a low groan. I was balanced on a knife’s edge, sure that I was going to lose the battle raging inside me, and come. Without permission.

“Why were you blushing earlier?”

“I was wet after our kiss…wanted you to…taste my…pussy. Oh, God! Please, Sir! Please let me come. I can’t hold back any longer. ” I was yelling now.

“Clare…” he paused.

I was going to have to stop my hands. I could feel my orgasm right there. I couldn’t hold on any longer.

“Come for me, NOW!”

The command was emphatic and powerful. I let out a long wail and my back arched, as my release washed over me. My fingers were thrust as deep as I could push them, and the feeling of my pussy clenching around them only increased my pleasure.

The first, almost painful, wave of bliss mellowed into smaller tremors, and my body eased back into the seat. My breathing also started to calm, and I finally felt able to speak. I turned my head toward Gabriel and opened my eyes.

“Thank you, Si…” I stopped.

The first thing I noticed was that we were parked in Gabriel’s garage. Wow! I had been so out of it that I hadn’t even realized that the car had stopped. That had never happened to me. Then I saw that the driver’s seat was pushed all the way back, and Gabriel was turned toward me. His expression was fierce, and his eyes glittered as they stared at me. What gave me pause, though, was seeing his hand wrapped around his cock, stroking it up and down, in a slow, measured pace. I let out a silent exclamation of air as arousal once again punched through me, and started rubbing slow circles against my clit.

“Pull your fingers out of your cunt, and show me your hand, but keep rubbing your clit.”

I pulled out my hand and held it up to him. It was covered in a sheen of moisture. Gabriel grasped my wrist, bent forward and began sucking the juices from my fingers. He sucked each digit into his mouth before running his tongue up and down and around it. He finished by licking the back of my hand and palm clean. Every stroke of his tongue zinged its way to my clit, and I was more than ready to come again by the time he was finished.

“Delicious. I needed a sample to hold me over until I’m able to taste the real thing.”

Even after all I’d done during the last twenty minutes I blushed again when he reminded me of why I blushed the first time.

He let go of my hand and tucked his cock back into his pants.

“Take your hand out of your panties, and I want you to push the fabric against your cunt until it’s nice and soaked.”

“Yes, Sir.” I reached down and quickly found out that my panties were already soaked through. I was a little embarrassed at how wet they were when I was done.

“Now take them off and give them to me.”

I swallowed hard, but obeyed. I felt very exposed sitting there with my skirt hiked up to my waist. Gabriel took the panties and held them up to his nose, then with a smile, rubbed them behind my ears and down each side of my neck.

“I want to be able to smell your desire while I’m fucking you.”

With that parting shot, we got out of the car. Once we were inside, he pulled me to him and gave me a quick kiss.

“Are you ready to continue?” I nodded. “Good. I don’t plan to push you too hard tonight since it’s our first time, but I still want you to have a safe word. We talked about what word we’d use, do you remember?”

“Yes, Sir.” I said the word.

“Good girl.”

He led me deeper into the house and into what would normally be a den. Gabriel’s den, though, had been modified into a play room. The room wasn’t unfamiliar to me. We’d been here many times when discussing D/s. I was still a little nervous though, when he shut the door. This would be the first time that I’d do more than “look” while I was here.

“Why don’t you go into the bathroom and take some time for yourself. When you’re ready, meet me out here.”

“Yes, Sir.”

This bathroom had a shower and I longed to make use of it, but knew that Gabriel didn’t expect me to take that much time. I glanced in the mirror and almost screamed. My makeup was a mess, and I had huge mascara circles under my eyes. So not attractive. I took the time to wash my face and brush my teeth, thankful for the basket of toiletries Gabriel had provided. Stalling wasn’t going to help my nerves, so I took a deep breath, opened the door and walked out into the playroom.

The lights had been dimmed. It wasn’t dark, but it wasn’t glaring either. There was music playing almost too softly to hear, but it was enough to keep the room from being distractingly silent. To one side of the bathroom sat an oversized couch, chair and coffee table. To the right was a small bar area.

Directly across from the seating area was a huge, four poster bed. There were eye bolts at the top and bottom of the posts, as well as on the head and foot boards. Straps and cuffs could be attached to any of the eye bolts. Each of the posts at the end of the bed also had sturdy, screw-like appendages attached to them. The appendages were adjustable and could be folded into a recessed area of the post when not in use. Gabriel had dildos that attached to the arms. I wasn’t sure I totally understood how they were used, but he assured me that I’d find out sooner rather than later.

The room also had a whipping bench and there was a large armoire on the wall next to the playroom door, which held all of Gabriel’s “toys”. It was filled with whips, paddles, dildos, cuffs, straps and a motley assortment of other types of sex toys. I remembered being quite overwhelmed when I saw it for the first time. There was a large fireplace lit, on the wall between the seating area and the bed, giving what could have come across as a cold and sterile room, a warm, cozy feeling.

I pulled the door closed behind me and looked into the room. Gabriel was sitting in a chair close to the fireplace. He was sprawled in the chair in that easy way men have; legs spread, his cock, even fully covered, front and center, commanding attention. He was still completely dressed, but had rolled up his sleeves.

“Come here, and stand in front of me, Clare.” I took the few steps needed to do so.

“Take off your shirt and bra. ”

I hesitated a moment before obeying, still feeling nerves deep in my stomach.

“We don’t have to do this. You can stop it with one word.”

“No. I want to do this. I’m excited to do this. I’m just a little nervous, but I’ll get past that, and I will obey.”

“Good girl.” He quirked an eyebrow.

“Yes, Sir,” I said, and took off my shirt and bra. It was difficult to stand there with my arms at my sides. I wanted nothing more than to cross them over my breasts. I felt my nipples harden. I wanted to blame the cooler air, but I suspected that it had more to do with having his eyes on me.

“Now your skirt and heels.”

I tried not to hesitate before removing those last barriers. Gabriel stood up from the chair once I stood nude before him. He walked slowly around me. I felt a hand skim across my ass cheeks as he walked behind me. Once he completed the circle, he reached up and palmed my breasts, as if he were testing their weight. Then, he began pinching and pulling on my nipples, slowly increasing the pressure. A small moan escaped my lips as one of his hands slid down my stomach. Within seconds, a finger was pushing past my clit to the opening of my vagina.

“You’re very wet.”

“Yes, Sir.”

The finger pushed up into the opening and I moaned louder.

“Your body knows what you need, doesn’t it Clare?”

“Yes, Sir.”

“Spread your legs.”

The finger began pulsing in and out of my pussy, his palm nudging my clit with every stroke, making me even wetter. He pulled away and turned back to the chair.

“Turn around and put your hands behind your back.” I did as he asked and felt a silky cord being wrapped around my wrists, binding them together.

“Okay. You can turn back around now.” He reached out and fingered a nipple. “These are so pretty thrust out toward me.” He smiled. “I can see nipple rings of some sort in your future.”

His hands moved to his pants, the belt, the button, and then the zipper.

“Get on your knees and suck my cock.”

“Yes, Sir.”

I maneuvered myself to the floor in front of him, and reached for his cock, only to be brought up short and almost fall when I couldn’t move my arms. I glanced up when I heard a soft chuckle, but Gabriel’s facial expression didn’t betray his mirth.

I gathered myself together, leaned forward, and slowly began to run my tongue up and down the length of his cock, taking time to circle the sensitive tip, before sliding it back down to lap at his bare balls. I made sure that the entire length was nice and wet so my mouth would slip over it easily. I continued licking until his cock was glistening, and then I gently took the tip between my lips and sucked, letting the end of my tongue flutter and taste the salty wetness at the opening. I wanted to continue teasing him with the light suction, but was quickly reminded to get back to business when I felt a hand at the back of my head.

I opened my lips and slid my mouth down his cock, trying to relax my tongue so he’d go deeper. I felt my gag reflex, and immediately backed up and then slid back down, but not quite as far.

“You can take me deeper than that.” Gabriel’s hand applied a slight pressure to my head on the next plunge down his shaft. I felt his cock touch the back of my tongue, and then the back of my throat. I started to gag.

“Relax.” He pulled back slightly, and then pushed forward once more. “You can take me and it’ll please me a great deal when you do. Try to let go of the tension in your throat.” He pushed deeper and I realized how aroused I was getting. My mouth was stretched wide from his cock, and my throat felt full as well. I liked how the pressure of his hands felt against my head. I wanted to suck and lick and succumb to the authority of his hands, his voice, and yes, even his cock. I wanted, no I needed, to obey him. I pushed forward as he pushed deeper, and felt his cock slide slightly farther into my mouth. I was breathing roughly out of my nose, totally absorbed in swallowing him deeper into my throat.

“That’s enough for now.” He pulled away and tucked himself back into his pants, and then helped me stand. “I’ll be right back.”

He went to the armoire and rummaged inside, then came up behind me. I heard the clank of something being set on the floor, and then felt him untie the cord that bound my wrists. He eased my arms to my side, rubbing my shoulders for a minute. Then he picked up the stuff from the floor.

“I’m going to put cuffs on your wrists and ankles. That way, I’ll be able to easily arrange and bind you.”

Once all the cuffs were buckled into place, he secured my ankles, and then my wrists to straps that were tethered to the two posts at the end of the bed. I was essentially standing in a spread eagle position.

He came up and pressed against me once I was secured to his satisfaction. His arms went around me and he pulled me back tight against the front of his body. One arm went up across my breast, and his fingers played with a nipple. His other arm brushed across my waist, and then slid down between my legs. His hard cock nudged itself against my ass. The feeling of his clothed body surrounding me and rubbing against my sensitive, nude body only increased my feelings of submissiveness.

His lips and tongue brushed my ear. “Damn, your cunt is soaking wet.” His fingers started working my clit and my body tightened, but I was trapped by his body and the restraints, and couldn’t move. “It pleases me that you’re so excited.” His fingers were pinching and rubbing, matching the rhythm of the fingers playing with my nipples. My body was becoming tighter and tighter. I was moaning aloud now, unable to control my response to the pleasure he was giving me.

“Please, Sir. I’m going to come.”

“No, you’re not. I haven’t given you permission to come.” His fingers continued their assault.

I gasped as my orgasm inched closer. “Please, you have to stop, or I’m going to come!”

The tone in his voice became stronger. “Perhaps you didn’t hear me. You don’t have permission to come, Clare.”

It was that dominating tone that did it. I heard the sexiest sound on earth, and tumbled over the edge. My body began to spasm, and I went up onto my toes, arching back against Gabriel, as I cried out my pleasure. He never stopped rubbing my clit, and my pelvis began pumping hard against his hand.

“Does that feel good?”

“Oh, God, yes, Sir!” I had to pant out my answer as the waves tore through me.

“Then come again right now,” he said, and thrust two fingers deep into my pussy and began pumping them fast and hard.

I came again in seconds. Screaming as my body froze in place. Gabriel’s thrusting fingers the only movement.

Just as quickly, my body sagged. Gabriel pulled his hand away from my pussy and up my stomach, leaving a trail of wetness. I was working on getting my breathing under control, when he stepped back and stood to the side of the bed.

“Look at me, Clare.” His tone was hard. I turned my head. “You disobeyed me and came without permission, so you’ll have to be punished.”

His hands went to his waist where he unhooked his belt and slowly pulled it through the loops of his pants. The slithery sound it made gave me goose bumps.

“I’m going to give you five swats from the belt. They won’t be light slaps meant to arouse you, but they also won’t bruise you either. They will be hard enough that you’ll know it’s a punishment, though. Do you understand, Clare?”

I swallowed hard, immediately sorry that I lost my control and displeased him. I really didn’t know what to expect, but I answered the only way I could. “Yes, Sir.”

He nodded. “Good. I want you to hold this belt in your mouth while I move you into position. Don’t drop it, and I’d better not see any teeth marks in the leather.” He slipped the belt between my lips and moved to release my wrists.

I barely noticed that he placed a pillow roll in front of me before bending me forward over it. My full concentration was on taking care of the leather in my mouth. I wanted to earn back his praise, not cause more displeasure. My arms were stretched forward above my head and secured to straps that were attached to the front two bed posts.

Gabriel took the belt back and inspected it as he walked to the bottom of the bed. I tensed as I waited to find out if more punishment was headed my way. I relaxed when I heard his quiet “Good girl”, and then yelled out in surprise and discomfort when I felt the first lash of the strap across my ass.

“Count them, Clare.”

“Yes, Sir. One.”

The sting was just starting to dissipate when the next lash came.

“Ow!” I cried. “Two.” I wanted to rub my ass so badly, but I could barely move. The best I could do was push up on my toes and wiggle my hips a bit.

The third slap came faster, and I groaned out the number three as fire began to spread across my cheeks. I moved my ass side to side, trying to cool the heat.

Another lash came down, and the fire burned hotter. I felt tears spring to my eyes. “Four,” I croaked on a gasping breath.

I braced myself for the last lash. What was taking so long? Why didn’t he just do it? I said as much out loud.

“What’s that? You want an extra lash?”

“No! That’s not what I said!”

“Oh, you want seven now? Is that what you’re telling me?” The belt licked heatedly across my ass. I whimpered and barely remembered to give the count.

“No, Sir. I’m sorry, Sir. Five.”

I really hoped that Gabriel had been kidding about a sixth one, but he’d always been truthful with me, so I knew to expect one more.

SMACK! I was expecting it, but it was still a surprise nonetheless. I cried out as the heat on my ass burned hotter. “Six,” I whispered as a tear spilled down my cheek.

Gabriel ran a hand over my red-hot flesh. “The color blossoms beautifully on your bottom. I think I’m going to want to see it pink whenever we have a session”

“Yes, Sir.”

He walked over and sat on the bed next to me. “Are you okay to continue?”

“Yes, Sir.”

“Good girl.”

Gabriel stood, stepped back from the bed and began to undress. I couldn’t help but stare as his body was revealed to me. My eyes lingered on his thick cock, and I found myself wanting to feel it filling my mouth, my pussy, and even my ass. He wrapped his hand around it and started to stroke himself as I watched.

“You’re getting aroused again, aren’t you? Do you want my cock, Clare?”

“Yes, Sir.”

“Where do you want it?”

“Wherever you want to put it, Sir.”

“Good girl. Do you want me to fuck your cunt?”

“Yes, Sir.”

“Tell me.”

“I want you to fuck me, Sir.”

“Tell me specifically where you want me to fuck you.”

“I want you to fuck my pussy, Sir.”

“Where, Clare?”

I knew what he wanted me to say. We had discussed the word. He liked to use it when he played, and knew that I had trouble saying it. I had a strong feeling that I would be using that word quite often.

I took a deep breath, and said it quickly. “My cunt, Sir.”

“A complete sentence, Clare.”

“Yes, Sir. I want you to fuck my cunt, Sir.” I could feel my face heating.

“Good girl.” He walked behind me and once more ran a hand over my ass cheeks, then smacked them.

“Ow! I don’t think I like that,” I yelled.

Two fingers plunged into my pussy – my wet pussy – as his hand once again landed on my ass.

“Your cunt tells me otherwise.” He continued fucking with his fingers and slapping my ass. “You like that little bite of pain, don’t you Clare? It increases your pleasure.”

“Yes, Sir.”

I couldn’t help but moan in disappointment as he stopped his plundering. Just as quickly, though, I was impaled on his cock. I cried out as he thrust slow and deep, my inner walls gripping the flesh that was stretching me. His hand smacked my bottom as his tempo increased, and grunting soon replaced my moans when I tried to unsuccessfully to push back into his thrusts. I cursed the restraints and cried out in frustration.

“Please, Sir!”

“You want to come again, don’t you?”

“Yes, Sir. Please!”

“I’m not sure I should allow you to come again after you disobeyed me.”

“Please, Sir,” I begged. “I promise to always obey you.”

My body became tighter with each hard thrust, the tingle of pleasure-pain becoming more and more overwhelming. I lost the ability for coherent speech and could only pant out, “please, please, please.”

“Come for me, Clare. I want to feel your cunt squeeze my cock when I come.”

Without warning, Gabriel slid his thumb across the tight hole of my anus, and then pushed it slightly inside. I screamed out as my orgasm crashed through me. Gabriel continued to plunge hard and deep, and with one final thrust, groaned loudly as he came in hot pulses inside me. With one last grunt, he collapsed forward, bracing himself with his arms on either side of me. Our heavy breathing almost synchronized.

After a few minutes, he lifted himself up and carefully slid his cock out of me. He made quick work of getting me out of the restraints, gently lifted me up into a more comfortable position on the bed, and then joined me. He pulled me up against his body and began to gently rub my wrists.

“How are you doing, sweetheart?”

“I’m alright. A little stiff from being restrained and my bottom is sore, but otherwise, I’m okay.”

“Good. I’m proud of the way you handled your punishment, by the way. I’m glad that you didn’t use the safe word.”

“I didn’t even think about using it,” I admitted. “I liked that you pushed me, even if I didn’t think so at the time.”

Gabriel chuckled and pulled the comforter over our cooling bodies. “So, does that mean you’re going to start saying cunt instead of pussy?”

I laughed and snuggled closer to him. “No way. That’s one word I’ll never use voluntarily.”

As I drifted off to sleep I swore I heard him whisper, “I wouldn’t bet on that, sweetheart.”

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