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The Beginning

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Carly Adams walked her two children to the end of the cul-de-sac to catch the school bus. Her two young daughters, aged 10 and 12, had the good fortune of inheriting their mother’s striking good looks. Having recently turned 37, the slim and sexy soccer mom was constantly mistaken for a much younger woman. Very petite, barely topping 5 feet tall, her jet black hair was styled in a classic concaved bob cut, parted on the side, long side bangs flowing down to curl erotically just under her jaw line.

Her almond shaped, piercing brown eyes and dark complexion gave her an alluring Asian caste, her breasts pert and firm, her ass tiny and tight.

Kissing her children goodbye, she watched the bus pull away before heading back up the tree-lined street. Carly lived in one of the newer subdivisions in Middleton, and although her house was only a few years old and had been a prominent entry in last year’s home show, she had convinced her husband to seriously upgrade the the bathroom in the master suite. A sizeable cash outlay would cover the mosaic tiling, marble sinktops, a large shower stall with body spray and rain head fixtures and a two person multi-jet tub.

Her husband was becoming frustrated with the pace of the project but the contractor was expected out later in the day to see to the finishing touches.

“So you’re sure he’ll finish up today?” he asked as he finished his coffee, grabbing his briefcase.

“That’s what I understand.” Carly replied. “Sweetie . . . it hasn’t been that bad, I mean we have four other bathrooms to use . . . and you have to admit . . . it looks fantastic!”

“Yeah . . . you’re right. I had my concerns when he started . . . It seemed like there were stretches that nothing was getting done . . . plus the fact Jesse’s not the most experienced guy, what is he 24 . . .25?”

“But he’s the best . . .” Carly interjected. “Now you get to work . . . you’re going to be late . . . maybe we can try out the tub after the kids go to bed!” she added with a sexy smile.

Carly’s husband gave her a quick kiss on the lips, his hand reaching down to squeeze her shapely butt. “I like the way you think . . . Love you.” he said heading out the door.

Carly was known as one of the best dressed women in Middleton, and she took several shopping trips a year to cities like Chicago and New York to update her vast wardrobe. Pulling off her green Victoria’s Secret zippered hoodie, she undid the the drawstring on her matching velour pants and padded naked into the large walk-in closet filled with her designer clothes and more shoes then you would find in most retail stores.

Dragging her forefinger along the long row of blouses and tops, Carly frowned in concentration, not finding exactly what she had in mind for the day. As she approached the line of demarcation between her clothes and her husband’s, an idea quickly sprang to mind. She reached for the garment, smiling with satisfaction at her choice.



Carly was talking to Sue Karns, one of the other mothers at her daughter’s soccer game who mentioned that she was going to Easton on a shopping trip with a few of her friends. When Carly heard that one of the usual quartet couldn’t make the trip, probably looking more forward than intended, Carly asked if she might tag along, having some things to return to Nordstrom’s. Although initially caught off-guard by the request, Sue realized that she couldn’t very well say no, given the fact Carly was such a sweet lady, and assured her she was more than welcome. Carly knew one of the other ladies, Michelle Hall, from various school functions and while she had never formally met the last girl in their group, she did know of her, seeing her at Mass most every Sunday.

Carly was going through last minute instructions with her husband as she waited for her ride to show.

“I’ve got all the meals marked in the freezer and don’t forget that Laura’s got a soccer game at noon on Saturday . . .”

“Babe . . . you’re only going to be gone two nights . . . I think I can manage.” her husband interrupted with a smile. “I think I saw a car pull in . . . Go . . . Have fun!”

Carly smiled back and gave him a quick peck, grabbing her bag and heading out to the driveway. She saw a black BMW X-5 and as she approached, the driver, a stunningly beautiful petite blonde, climbed out of the SUV opening the back hatch.

“Hi Carly . . .” she said smiling brightly, deep blue eyes set beautifully against dark smoky eyeshadow. “I’m Randi Boehmon!”


Michelle and Sue were in the back, so during the drive, Carly fell into an easy conversation with her new shopping buddy. Randi, already in her forties, was maybe a shade taller than Carly, with long blonde highlighted hair. Very slim and fit, her slender legs extended beneath a smart looking denim skirt. Not busty by any measure, Randi’s breasts were perky and firm.

Carly found that the two of them had much in common. Both were married with two children, although Randi’s were older, her son already in college. Each shared a passion for good wine and sexy shoes. Their husbands were quite successful, and while Carly was a stay at home mom, Randi held an executive position at a local electronics firm.

Glancing over at Carly, Randi commented “I just adore your hair! . . . “, referring to her sexy bob cut,”It looks so cute on you!”

“Thank you . . . My girl does a fantastic job, doesn’t she? . . . You know . . . your hair has the same texture as mine . . . I’m sure she’d love to give you a new look if you like.”

Randi nodded her head in agreement. “I’m honestly giving that some thought . . . I’m due for something new . . . I was even thinking about going even a little more blonde . . . maybe even a platinum shade.” Carly assured Randi that she would look incredible with such a change.

After arriving at the open air shopping complex, the girls hit it hard, burning up their plastic. After a quick stop for lunch, Carly found herself at Nordstrom’s looking at shoes with Randi. Carly was trying on a pair of Jimmy Choo’s, the peeptoe platform slingback had a leopard print suede and a 5 inch stiletto heel.

As she was modeling them in front of the small floor level mirror, Carly heard Randi comment “Darling . . . those look incredible on you . . . You certainly have the legs for a heel that size.”

Carly felt herself blushing at the compliment, “Oh . . . I don’t know . . . Don’t you think they look a little . . . you know . . . slutty?”

With a serious look on her face, Randi responded “You say that like it’s a bad thing.”

Carly picked out four other pair of shoes and as they were checking out, was suprised to notice that Randi was buying the shoes she had modeled earlier. “Here . . . ” she said handing the bag to Carly ” . . . These are for you.”

“Oh . . . Randi . . . I can’t accept these . . . Did you see how much they were?” Carly was stunned by her generosity, remembering the shoes were very expensive.

“Look . . . We wear the same size . . . if you decide you don’t love them . . . and I mean LOVE them!” she emphasized in a comic tone, “You can give them back to me . . . and I’m not the least bit concerned about their cost.”


Randi had told Carly earlier that they would be sharing a room and she had been impressed with the size of the suite when they checked in. Two king-sized beds with a large sitting area, plush leather furniture with a good-sized wet bar and marble countertops.

Carly had just poured herself a Chardonnay when Randi came into the room. She looked fantastic in a midnight blue polo halter dress, her tanned and toned shoulders on glorious display. She had used a flat-iron on her long, blonde hair, and her lips glistened in a deep, red shade. Her slender legs were accented by a pair of gold platform slides with a 4 inch heel.

Carly poured Randi a glass of wine and commented “Randi . . . you look fabulous! That dress fits you like a second skin!!”

“I know it’s a little short . . . but what the hell!” Randi grinned, looking at herself over her shoulder in the large mirror in the front room of the suite. “Love your blouse, by the way.”

Carly was wearing a tight pair of cropped jeans with a rolled cuff, sitting low on her hips, a pair of ankle-strap sandals, and a black corset top with cap sleeves and lace details, a thin strip of her taut tummy peeking out beneath. They were meeting Michelle and Sue for a light dinner at Smith & Wollensky’s.

Randi sipped her wine. “Now when Andrea comes with us . . . ” referring to the missing member of their group “. . . . she and I usually split a filet, but if you are not that hungry . . . they’ve got a nice shrimp cocktail.”

“That sounds good” Carly responded. “I don’t eat alot of red meat anymore . . . Why couldn’t Andrea make it?”

Carly thought she detected a sly grin tug at the corner of Randi’s glossy lips before she answered. “Andrea? . . . Oh . . . she had the chance to go to Florida with a . . . friend . . . of hers. She’s looking at vacation property. Are you ready to go?”

Randi was right, Carly loved the shrimp cocktail, the horseradish was freshly ground providing a sharp, clean bite. She and Randi were finishing off the third bottle of wine the table had ordered and Carly was becoming unsettled by the odd vibe she had picked up between Sue and Michelle. At first she attributed this to the healthy buzz the wine had given her.

Sue had used a wet-looking gel on her short brown hair, pushing it back from her face in a Euro-trash fashion. She wore very little make-up and her wonderful figure was nearly unrecognizable in a blouse that was at least a size to large and a pair of loose fitting jeans. Michelle looked fantastic, her luxurious black mane in a tight ponytail causing her high, sharp cheekbones and alluring green eyes to be on erotic display. She was showing a serious amount of cleavage, the hem of her skirt falling just below the sexy curve of her ass.

Carly caught them whispering to each other in low tones, smiling as if they were sharing some intimate secret. When they excused themselves shortly after finishing their meal, saying they were ready to call it a night, Carly looked at Randi with a questioning look in her eye as they left the table, Sue shadowing Michelle in a possessive manner.

Randi smiled and took a long pull from her wineglass. Shrugging her shoulders dismissively, she joked “What happens in Vegas . . .!”

They sexy soccer moms finished their wine and Randi took care of the check over Carly’s strong objection. As they started to walk back to their room, Randi advised “I’m a bit of night owl . . . If you want . . . you can go on back to the room . . . I don’t mind.”

“No . . . It’s a gorgeous night . . . I feel great . . . ”

Randi breathed deeply, then exhaled slowly causing Carly to think she may have been imposing on her new friend, but then Randi smiled brightly and said “Good . . . I’m meeting some friends at Bar Louie’s . . . I’m sure they would love to meet you!”


They got a seat at a small table outside and ordered a couple of pomegranate cosmopolitans. As the waiter left, Randi pulled a pack of Virginia Slims Menthol 120s out of her purse. Cracking the top of the hard box, she looked at Carly and asked “Do you mind? . . . Sometimes I like to have cigarette when I drink.”

“No . . . not at all.” Carly assured her. “I think I lived on cigarettes and expresso one summer I spent in Italy. I never smoked in front of my mom or dad, though.” she added.

“I never smoke in front of my husband either . . . ” Randi confided, before placing the long cigarette between her wetly shining lips, sparking an expensive looking gold lighter. Dragging deeply and releasing a thin stream up into the night air, she propped her elbow on the side of the table and smiled, her sultry blue eyes glinting with mischief, “A girl’s got to have a some secrets . . . Don’t you think?”

Later, as they were considering ordering a second round, Randi’s beautiful face lit up in recognition and Carly turned around on her bar stool to where Randi’s attention was being directed. A big, powerfully built young man was returning Randi’s smile as he worked his way towards them. Over six feet tall, the strapping youth had broad, muscular shoulders tapering in a “V” to lean hips. His light brown hair was worn long, below his bull neck, his jawline firm and smooth.

Randi squealed happily and jumped up to greet him, throwing her arms over his shoulders as he bent over to take the petite MILF in his arms. She gave him a quick peck on the lips, and a long hug, beaming up at him when he finally released her.

Turning to Carly, she said “Jordan . . . I’d like you to meet my friend Carly . . . Carly . . . this is Jordan. He and my son Jake worked the same football camp last summer and became good friends. He plays for Penn State.”

Jordan offered Carly his hand, giving her a sexy smile in greeting. Leaning down to Randi’s ear, he lowered his voice but Carly overheard his conversation, even over the din of the crowded bar.

“I’m sorry . . . I thought you were coming by yourself this time . . . I brought a buddy like you suggested . . . you know, so the three of us could . . . ”

Randi interrupted him “No . . . it’s okay . . . really . . . it’s okay.” Turning back to Carly smiling broadly, she asked “Jordan’s family lives here and he has a friend from school visiting. You don’t mind if he joins us, do you Sweetie?!”

Carly quickly shook her head. “No . . . not at all!” having to physically pull her eyes away from the gorgeous young man, realizing that she had probably had way too much to drink.

Jordan raised his hand, motioning to another young man who was standing near the bar. Slightly shorter than Jordan, he was thicker across the chest and shoulders, his muscular thighs tight against the distressed demin of his jeans, his biceps bulging in a brown Tap-out t-shirt.

Jordan introduced his friend Bryan to the lovely MILFs, telling them that he was a standout on the Nittany Lions rugby squad. Carly sensed a calm confidence about the young man that she found very attractive and he fell into an engaging conversation with the dark haired wife and mother.

The waiter brought drinks for everyone, and Carly became aware of the fact that Randi and Jordan had withdrawn into their own little world as they stood next to one another by the little table. Randi’s face was flushed, her conversation animated, her lips inches from the young man, her blue eyes intense. When she reached for another cigarette, he quickly grabbed her lighter, her hand resting lightly on top of his as she leaned slightly forward, bringing the tip of her cigarette to the flame he had struck.

Carly excused herself to use the ladies room, and as she made her way back to their table, she was caught by suprise to find Jordan with his hand up the back of Randi’s short dress, squeezing one of her tight little ass cheeks, her friend gazing up at her young stud, her eyes heavy with lust.

They spotted Carly as she approached and Jordan quickly slid his hand out from under her skirt. “There she is . . .!” Randi called out. “I just invited the boys back to our room for a quick nightcap . . . Is that okay with you?” she added with a questioning, but hopeful look on her face.

“Ahh . . . Sure . . . I don’t mind” Carly managed to sputter, not wanting to disappoint her roomate, but very uncomfortable with eroticism that surrounded her.

Feeling like she was being pulled along by a rushing river, she and Bryan made small talk as they followed Randi and Jordan back to the hotel. Randi had her arm looped tightly through Jordan’s, her head sometimes resting against his rounded shoulder, her shapely ass wiggling as she strutted on her high heels.

Jordan leaned down to whisper something in Randi’s ear causing the petite blonde to throw her head back, releasing a loud laugh, before pulling herself even closer against the young man, her small, firm breasts digging into his side.


Back at the hotel suite, Randi tossed her purse on the couch and made her way to the bar to begin mixing some gin and tonics. Carly sat on one of the bar stools while Bryan sat next to her. After pushing a couple of glasses across the marble top to her friend, Randi picked up the two remaining tumblers and walked slowly and seductively to where Jordan was standing. The sexy cougar stopped just in front of him, her already stiff nipples pushing out of her dress, brushing tantalizingly against his shirt.

Jordan gazed down at her with a knowing smile on his lips, and as Carly looked on, dropped his jaw, extending just the tip of his tongue invitingly. Randi arched her eyebrows playfully, threw her head back and raised up on her toes to cover his mouth with hers, sucking his tongue into her mouth, still holding the two glasses in her hands. They kissed deeply and tenderly, their lips smacking, a soft moan slipping from Randi’s mouth.

Randi broke from their hot embrace to quickly set the glasses on the coffe table, before hungrily pulling Jordan back to her, both her hands on the side of his face as their kisses became much more passionate, tongues searching. Jordan slowly brought one of his big mitts up to cup Randi’s breast, running a thumb over her nipple. He pushed her long, blonde hair back over her shoulder, brushing his lips along the side of her face, planting a trail of kisses down her lithe neck. Randi arched her a head back releasing a long, low growl, as Jordan began to suck the soft skin of her shoulder causing her pussy to tingle.

Carly was captivated by her friend’s wanton behavior, looking on in stunned silence as Jordan slid his hand under Randi’s dress and between her legs. Carly had completely forgotten about Bryan until she was startled by the touch of his hands softly gliding up her arms.

When she tried to lean away from him, she felt his strong hands begin to massage the tense area between her neck and shoulders, becoming frightened by how good he felt.

She felt her body begin to respond to his knowing touch, becoming light-headed as waves of tension flew from her body, replaced with a sense of contentment tinged with erotic excitement.

“Just relax . . . ” he whispered, his breath warmly caressing her ear. “Relax . . . We’re not going to do anything you don’t want to do!” he assured her in a soft, sexy tone. “I promise.”

Closing her eyes, Carly’s body shuddered in surrender, his hands moving lower down her back seemingly pinpointing every spot of discomfort on her body like they had been long time lovers.

Time seemed to stand still and when she dreamily opened her eyes she found that Jordan was sitting on the couch, completely naked, with Randi kneeling between his legs, gazing longingly at the incredibly long cock she was firmly stroking, the diamonds in her wedding band glittering from the light flung by the table side lamp.

Randi leaned forward and slowly drug the tip of her tongue up his engorged shaft, from his balls to the sensitive underside of his crown-shaped head,sucking at the “V”, pleased at his excited response. She slowly licked him over and over, clearly teasing the young man. Being driven crazy by the slutty blonde, Jordan grabbed her head with both his hands, pulling her lovely face over his straining cock, groaning as she took him into her mouth and deep into her throat. Her head began to bob in a steady, practiced rhythm, using her mouth, lips and tongue expertly as she slurped his young, thick cock, moaning with lust as if she was savoring a decadent dessert.

Randi pulled her lips away with an audible pop, sucking wetly at the saliva that had built up in her mouth as she vigorously stroked her young stud.

“Mmmmmmm . . . Baby . . . I missed your big cock so much . . . so did my pussy!!!!!” she whispered breathlessly. “I can’t wait to have you back inside me!!!!”

She cupped his heavy, smooth ball sack in one hand, pulling his cock up with the other so she could suck one of his egg-sized balls into her mouth. She snorted and snuffled as she worked his balls before taking his thick shaft back into her mouth, both hands now working in unision with her lips.

Carly was completely mesmerized as she watched Randi blow her son’s friend, as impressed wtih her obvious oral skills as she was stunned by her slutty actions.

Carly felt herself tense up briefly when she felt Bryan’s lips on the side of her neck, his hands still gently massaging her back.

“No . . . Please . . . Don’t do that . . . I’m married and . . . ” she started to tell him as she turned her head around only to find herself returning his hot kisses as he pressed his lips against hers.

Carly threw her arms over his broad shoulders, her tongue thrust deeply into his mouth, spreading her legs as she felt his hand begin to slide up her thighs towards her aching pussy.

She turned her face to allow him to tenderly kiss her cheek and opened her eyes to watch as Randi’s hands disappeared up under her dress to peel away her tiny thong, tossing it aside as she straddled Jordan’s lap, reaching back with her right hand to guide his swollen cock to her hungry pussy as she steadied herself with her other hand on his shoulder.

Randi inhaled sharply through her nose as he slid his cock deep inside her sugar walls, her eyes shut, a contented sneer on her wetly shining lips as she began to fuck him, bouncing up and down on his lap, both of Jordan’s hands up to squeeze her lovely tits.

Randi tilted his face upwards with her hands on the side of his face, lowering her lips to his, “completing the circuit” as their tongues touched with a spark, her tight, tiny ass rolling on top of his muscular thighs.

Carly felt her heart pounding in her chest as Bryan tenderly sucked on her neck, one hand on her breast, the other between her legs. When he moved to unsnap her jeans, Carly pulled away, her eyes open wide as she tried to catch her breath and regain control. Looking deeply into the handsome young man’s eyes, she saw a hunger and passion that she knew was reflected by her own.

“Not here . . . ” she said, standing and taking him by the hand. “I can’t do this here . . . ” she told him as she lead him into the bedroom.


At the doorway, Bryan pulled her back into his arms, kissing her deeply, his hands around her slim waist. Carly returned his kisses with an almost animalistic intensity, her hands reaching for his belt.

Naked on the bed, Carly stared up at the hotel ceiling, her body trembling from Bryan’s knowing touch, her pussy soaking wet with anticipation. Bryan was softly suckling a stiff nipple, his hand gently stroking the inside of her luscious thigh. He ran his tongue in a circle around her brown aureole, before shifting lower on the bed so he could lick and kiss the underside of her breast where it met her ribcage.

He smiled as Carly released a long, low moan, her hands on the back of his head, pulling him hard against her sexy form. He used the tip of his tongue on her cute little “innie”, before sucking the soft skin of her navel into his mouth, his fingers now pushing past her swollen labia, the pad of his hand lying across the closely trimmed triangle of her pubic bush.

Bryan knelt on the side of the bed and Carly eagerly scooted her ass to the edge of the mattress as he lifted one leg over his head. She felt like she was going to explode as he teased her, running his tongue up the inside of her thigh as his fingertips worked the inside of her slick pussy walls. When he finally covered her with his mouth, his tongue searching for her swollen clit, Carly’s body shook uncontrollably, her fingers playing with her hard nipples, as she ground her hips against his face.

“Ahhh . . . God . . . Ohhhh . . . God!!!!” Carly groaned as he licked her pussy , her pulse racing, eyes screwed shut, her cute little ass squirming. “Aaaahhh . . . Shit . . . That feels . . . so . . .GAWDD!!!” her voice rising, one hand on the back of his head as she felt her pussy spark.

Bryan sucked her clit hard, his fingers plunging rapidly into her sloppy slit and he felt her thighs sqeeze against the side of his head, her sexy body now in spasms.

“Oh God . . . OH . . . OH . . . OH!!!!” Carly screamed as she rode the crest of her orgasm, not remembering when she had ever cum this hard, her body clenched up in a ball, then relaxing, her thighs quivering with excitement.

Carly was still trying to catch her breath when she felt Bryan moving from between her legs. When she opened her eyes she saw that he was now standing, stroking his long, hard cock as he lifted one of her legs to his shoulder. He slid the fat crown of his dick into her still pulsing pussy, and lifted her other leg, leaning forward as he pushed into her, his forearms braced behind the back of her knees.

In this position, with his knees spread apart, Carly’s pussy was slanted upward to allow Bryan to pump his cock down hard into her married womb, her hands grasping the back of his thick thighs. Carly raised her head to watch as he fucked her, his shaft wetly glistening with her juices. She fell back on the bed and smiled, loving the feeling of being dominated as her young lover slowly began to fuck her, her labia stretching to accommodate his massive girth.

Bryan pressed his lips to hers and she eagerly sucked his tongue into her mouth, her moans softly muffled as they kissed.

He fucked her with abandon as she clung to his straining buttocks, grinding her hips lustily against him.

“Give it to me . . . .!!” she whispered. “Yes . . . God . . . Yes!!!!!”

Bryan picked up the pace of his thrusts and Carly could hear him grunting as he slammed into her, her pussy squeezing him, feeling that he was close.

“That’s it . . . That’s it, Baby . . . Give it to me . . . Give it to me . . . I wanna feel you!!!” she pleaded with him, her voice thick with passion. “I wanna feel you cum inside me!!!”

Bryan sat back on his knees, removing his arms from behind Carly’s legs and laid on top of her, feeling her breasts press against his deep chest. Carly pulled her knees up, resting her tiny feet on the back of his thighs as he began to roughly fuck her, her juices running in a stream down between her ass cheeks.

She could hear the young man breathing rapidly through his nose, and she felt his cock stiffen inside her. With a loud groan, he covered her mouth with his, driving his tongue into her mouth, her ankles now locked around his waist, her hands grasping the back of his broad shoulders. She felt a hot sticky rope of jizz splash into her pussy, Carly rolling her hips as he came, pulling every drop of his seed out of his cock as it jerked reflexively between her legs.

His kisses became more tender as his orgasm waned, their lips smacking as their tongues dueled, Bryan looking deeply into the eyes of the beautiful soccer mommy.

When he pushed himself up onto his elbows, they noticed for the first time that Randi and Jordan where standing next to the bed, both of them stark naked. Jordan was behind and to the side of the tiny, sexy blonde as she slowly stroked his insanely long cock with an underhand grip, aiming it at Carly like a loaded gun.

As Carly looked up at her friend, she started to speak but Randi put her index finger against her lips. “I had a suspicion about you . . . All you needed was a little push . . . someone to show you the way! Trust me . . . This is just the beginning!!!”

She smiled warmly at Carly, slowly lowering her lips to hers. The two cougars kissed softly, the tip of Randi’s tongue darting into her mouth. After a few moments, she raised her head, pulling Jordan’s cock towards Carly as Bryan slid off her. Carly quickly rolled over on her stomach, raising herself on her elbows as Jordan knelt on the side of the mattress. She took him into her mouth, her cheeks hollowing as she sucked on the offered treat, his shaft between her outstretched palms as if she was in prayer.

Randi sat next to Bryan on the bed taking his now stirring cock into her hand. Lowering her head, speaking directly to plum sized crown, she joked in a seductive tone “I don’t think we’ve met!!!”


Randi was helping Carly put the finishing touches on her eye make-up, her long lashes and smoky eye shadow dramatically highlighting her gorgeous face in a terribly sexy manner. Randi looked deliciously slutty in a black camisole top and tight jeans, teetering on a pair of T-strap sandals with 4 1/2 inch heels. Her long blonde, highlighted hair was pulled back in a tight ponytail, her blue eyes piercing, her pouty lips glistening in cinnamon shade.

As she checked her work on Carly’s eyes with the critical eye of a professional, she grinned.

“I checked on the girls earlier. Michelle was passed out . . . naked of course . . . on the bed and I heard Sue in the shower. I saw a double headed dildo and a strap-on on the floor.” She continued “The dildo . . . I’ve tried a time or two . . . but the strap-on . . . ” Randi shook her head and sighed dreamily. “I like boys way too much . . . the way they taste . . . and feel . . .!” her voice trailing off.

Carly laughed in response and grabbed her tiny handbag. She was wearing a tight, shiny metallic silver mini-dress with shoulder straps, complimented by a close fitting faded denim jacket, cut high at her waist. She was wearing the leopard print platform Jimmy Choo’s Randi had bought for her, and her stiletto heels clicked across the tiled floor as she followed Randi out the door.

As they waited for the elevator, Randi reached over to brush Carly’s shoulder length side bangs away from her face, remarking again “I really do love your hair . . .!”

As the doors shut, she added, “You know . . . I know a lot of boys back in Middleton that would love meet you . . .!!!”

Back at the bar, Randi ordered two glasses of white wine and pulled the distinctive green and white hard pack containing her cigarettes from her Coach purse extending her hand towards her new fuck buddy. Carly slid the offered cigarette out of the box, flippng it between her fingers, then leaned into the flame Randi had struck for her. She took a long, slow drag, holding the smoke in her lungs before releasing a thin stream up into the air.

The two MILFs chatted as they smoked, sipping their wine from long stemmed glasses, both aware of the attention they were getting from the young men around the bar. Randi took a long drag and exhaled slowly as she tapped an ash, before getting to her feet saying:

“You’re on your own, Darling! I’m sure I’ll see you back at the room!!!”



Carly was lying on her bed beside Jesse, the young contractor, her knees pulled up, legs splayed wide to allow him to push his fingers deep into her soaking wet snatch as she slowly stroked his thick, hard cock. She was drinking long, deep kisses from his wonderful lips, her tongue gliding over over his as her tiny ass began to squirm in response to his touch.

She had met him at the door wearing only one of her husband’s long-sleeved dress shirts and her slutty stiletto heels. Now naked, but for her sexy shoes, Carly kissed her way down his lean, muscular frame, getting to her knees as she lifted his shaft to her wetly shining lips, sliding him into the warm wetness of her mouth. He put one hand on the back of her head as she blew him, her cheeks hollowing, her head bobbing.

Carly swung one slender leg over him, reaching behind her butt to grab the base of his straining dick, bringing it between her legs. As she felt him push into her married pussy, she arched the small of her back, rubbing her swollen clit against her young lover’s pubic bone, gasping as bolts of pleasure shot through her body.

She rode him hard, her breasts bouncing, her breathing becoming fast and shallow. Carly fell onto his smooth chest, their arms outstretched above their head, her fingers interlaced with his as she covered his mouth with hers, his tongue pushing hotly past her lips. He reached and grabbed the twin globes of her ass and squeezed them hard against his thick pole, fucking her as they kissed, sensuous moans escaping from Carly.

Later, he positioned her on all fours on the side of the bed, allowing him to stand and fuck her doggy style.

“Aaaaahhh . . . Shit, Baby . . . . Your cock feels so fucking great!!!! . . . Fuck me, Baby . . . Fuck me!!!!!!”

“You’re my little cum slut . . . aren’t you Bitch!! . . . My rich little whore!!!! he told her, his voice thick through gritted teeth.

“Yes, Baby . . . I’m your slut . . . All yours . . . Just keep . . . fucking me like . . . . FUCK!!!!!” Carly felt the first pulse of her orgasm push through her body. Jesse drove his cock ruthlessly into the married mother of two, his muscular thighs slapping against her tight ass.

“Ahhh . . . Fuck . . . Carly . . .!!!!!” he stammered pulling out of her steaming, wet pussy, moving quickly to the side of the bed.

Still on all fours, Carly felt her young lover reach to the back of her head, turning her face back around at a sharp angle. She took the bulbous crown of his cock between her lips, sucking hard as she could, as he exploded with a force nearly causing her to choke. She siphoned rope after sticky rope of his load, swallowing greedily, as his cock jerked in her mouth.

Looking up at Jesse, his shaft still in her mouth, Carly was pleased to see the young man with his head arched backward,eyes screwed shut, his fingers digging into the back of her pretty little head.

She slurped the last of his cum, her tongue now running circles around his cock causing him to shudder. Carly lustily smacked her lips, using her ring finger to push a small globule of jizz from the corner of her lips into her mouth.

“Mmmmmm . . . Baby . . . You taste so wonderful!!!” she cooed in a little girl’s voice. “Mommy loves what her little boy does for her!!!”


Carly sat up against the headboard and ran the thin applicator brush over her luscious lips, coating them in a thick cover of sparkling, shiny gloss. She pulled a pack of Capri 120s out of her bedside drawer and lit one, exhaling a large plume up towards the vaulted ceiling in the expensively decorated master suite she shared with her husband . . . and a rapidly expanding list of younger lovers.

She heard Jesse pissing in the toilet he had been paid to install and took another long, slow drag of her cigarette as she heard her Blackberry tone indicating that she had received a text.

Scrolling through, her wetly shining lips formed into a pleased smile, seeing a message from one of the boys Randi had introduced to her upon their return to Middleton. He was a heavily muscled young man with beautiful dark skin that had played football with Randi’s son in high school. She sighed happily as her memory recreated the threesome they had shared the first night she met him. After smoking a joint, something she hadn’t done since college, Carly laid back as her body was played like a fine musical instrument, her pussy pulled into long, intense orgasms by either Randi’s lips or the young man’s thick black cock.

As she returned his text, agreeing to meet with him this weekend, she was startled when Jesse asked “Who is that?”

“Oh . . . just a friend. ” Carly responded smiling at the knowing look on his face, realizing she had been caught in a little white lie. But he knew, given how quickly she had made it clear that she was available to him, that he wasn’t her first, or only lover for that matter.

Having grown up in Middleton, he had learned early on to spot the signs of a married woman on the make. In fact,it was becoming increasingly rare for him not to be fucking the wives of one of his clients in this affluent, and sex crazy, suburb.

“Well . . . ” he said sliding into bed next to her. “If I know you . . . he won’t be just a friend for long.”

Carly laughed and slid an arm under his hard, lean frame, kissing him softly on the lips before kissing her way down his neck to his smooth chest, taking a nipple into her mouth.

He inhaled sharply as she began to slowly stroke his stirring cock with the hand holding her long cigarette between two extended fingers. “Since I’m done with your bathroom, did you want to try out the tub or shower before I go?”

Carly raised her head, shaking her sexy side bangs away from her beautiful face before putting her chin on his chest, looking up towards the ceiling, her brow wrinkled in thought. Her decision made, she kissed him quickly but deeply and rolled out of bed, teetering slightly on her stiletto heels as she strutted through the large bedroom, her young lover’s eyes captivated by the inviting sway of her great ass. Turning to look at him over her shoulder, she told him “It’s a lot easier to fuck in the shower.”

“I like the way you think!” he replied, quickly following the sexy MILF into the bathroom he had been working on for over two months.


Carly threw on a pair of tight jeans and a baby-doll top after being ravaged by the young contractor in her brand new shower stall. She fixed her make-up as he gathered his tools and walked him to the door where she fell into his arms. Their lips smacked softly, their tongues danced, her arms flung over his shoulders as he cupped her ass in his strong hands, her perky breasts pressed between them.

He had only been gone a few minutes, when Carly, upstairs stripping the bed, heard her doorbell ring. She exhaled loudly, her shoulders slumping, a tired looking grin forming as she laughed to herself.

Jesse was notorious for returning after he left, begging for one last juicy blow job or a quickie with Carly bent over the $4,000 couch in her living room. She almost always gave in, unable to say no to the young man’s incredible cock.

Opening the door, Carly started to voice an objection “Baby . . . My kids will be home soon . . . ” she said into the eyes of a confused young man wearing a Meyer’s Landscaping shirt. He couldn’t have been more than 21 or 22 and his big muscular frame stressed the buttons on his shirt and the sleeves covering his swollen biceps. He had short blonde hair and deep green eyes, his teeth flashing white as he smiled. “Mrs. Adams . . . I’m Taylor Jennings. We had an appointment for 3:00?”

Carly couldn’t help but give the luscious young man a quick once over, pleased to discover a fat bulge in the crotch of his jeans.

“Oh . . . Yes . . . I’m sorry. I almost forgot. Please . . . Call me Carly.” she managed to sputter, offering her hand, her pussy tingling as he took it in his big paw. “Let me show you what I was hoping to have done.”

One Week Later:

Carly was kneeling by the side of her bed, her head bobbing back and forth in a slow, steady rhythm, slobbering over the thick cock of the young landscaper, his pants pooled at his ankles. She had one hand cupping a rock hard ass cheek as her other hand worked his wetly shining shaft in unision with her loving mouth. Her eyes closed in concentration, a deep moan rising to his ears.

She pulled her lips away with a loud pop, pointing his cock upward so she get to his heavy ball sack, sucking one into her mouth.

After spending several delicious moments licking and sucking his nuts, she drug her tongue up the length of his shaft taking him back into her mouth, now working him with both her hands as he drove his shaft past her pouty lips.

“”AAAAhhh . . . Fuck . . . Mrs. Adams . . . uh . . . Carly!!!! I’m gonna . . . you’re making me . . . FUCK!!!” she heard him gasp and she pulled away, rapidly fisting his thick shaft, her mouth open, tongue extending, inviting him to cum in her mouth, her beautiful eyes flashing behind smoky eye shadow, silently urging him on.

The first jet ripped past her lips and she took just the head of his dick back into her mouth, sucking hard as she continued to furiously stroke him. She heard the young stud groan as a second load filled her mouth with hot cum, her eyes suddenly popping open in alarming suprise at a tiny voice coming from downstairs.

“Mommy . . . Where are you? . . . You weren’t at the bus stop . . . Are you okay?”

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