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The Bachelor Auction

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I lay in the bathtub, watching steam rise from the warm water. I should have felt relaxed, but I did not. I waited apprehensively. Nothing could calm my nerves. Not the dozen candles that lit the bathroom. Not even the New Age CD that filled the room with the comforting sound of the ocean washing against the shore.

The door opened and Mrs. Hanson, my 4th grade teacher, walked into the bathroom. A rose blush on her neck spread slowly up to her cheeks. Neither of us could look the other in the eye. You could cut the tension in the room with a knife. How ironic that it should be her of all people, I thought. Is this really happening?

It was definitely not what I had in mind when I had agreed to be in the Bachelor Auction. They hold one every year at the local Elks Club, all proceeds to benefit the Chanute Regional Hospital. I happened to be back in Chanute by chance, in fact, helping my parents move Grandma Stella into town after the death of Grandpa Earl.

My father Tom was a longtime member of the Elks lodge. He had talked me into volunteering to be one of the bachelors. What would he say now, I wondered, as I looked at Mrs. Hanson in her bathrobe. One part of the Elks mission is to serve the people. Is this what I’m doing?

The robe she was clutching was pale blue in color. With a deep sigh, she undid the ties and let it fall open. I drew in my breath. It wasn’t so much her full pendulous breasts as the fact that the woman was entirely devoid of body hair.

Glancing down at herself, Mrs. Hanson said in a nervous voice, “I shaved it off myself, for tonight. Isn’t that the way you young fellas like it now?”

“Usually. But most of us can’t be choosy.” She had full puffy labia, the largest I had ever seen. Not that I have seen very many, to tell the truth.

For some reason I thought back to the auction. I recalled standing before the audience, feeling clothed and yet naked at the same time. All those women, their eyes roaming lasciviously over me. It was unnerving to say the least.

“Okay, ladies,” Paul Weintraub had said, “We’re offerin’ for bids David Kenner here, good-lookin’ fella if I may say so, ‘n a college boy at that. Ain’t a finer specimen in Chanute. Now, who’ll start the bidding at $75?”

“$75!” yelled Darcy Schultz, a twenty-something divorcee. Most participants, myself included, assumed that I would end up with Darcy. It was about the best I could hope for.

“A hundred!” cried Carlene Jacobson.

“Now, Carlene,” Mr. Weintraub had grinned, “you’re not allowed to bid, on account o’ you bein’ a married woman. Gotta follow the rules here, ladies.”

“I’d be too much woman for him anyway!” cackled Mrs. Jacobson. That got the biggest laugh of the night.

Darcy and Pam Moyer, a local realtor, got into a brisk bidding war that drove the price of me up to $175. Both women seemed reluctant to bid more. Then came a voice from near the side of the room.

“I’ll bid $200.” It was Mrs. Hanson.

Everyone looked to see who had spoken. There was a wave of laughter and catcalls at this unexpected bidder. But she only smiled as if it were all part of the game.

Mr. Weintraub held his hand over his eyes to see who had bid, then chuckled. “Well now, Mrs. Hanson, you’ve got a few years on this young fella, but I suppose that ain’t no reason why you can’t join in. $200 it is!”

With renewed determination, Darcy bid $225. But when Mrs. Hanson quietly said $250 almost immediately, Darcy made no reply. Just like that, I belonged to the older woman. There was another titter of nervous laughter then. But a part of me was relieved. With a nice proper matron like Mrs. Hanson, our “date” would be over by nine o’clock. Or so I thought. Mrs. Hanson now approached the bathtub. Still struggling to breathe, she murmured “Oh Jeez!” and let the robe fall to the floor. Now naked, she adroitly stepped into the tub, sinking down into the water. As her legs slid past mine, we both caught our breath at the feel of our bodies touching. Neither of us was in control any more. Events had been set into motion. Now we were at the point of no return, helpless to avert the inevitable.

It had been the option of the winning bidder to take her bachelor on a date if she chose. Our date had started innocently enough. Being a good sport, I dressed in a blazer and tie and met Mrs. Hanson for dinner at Buffalo Station, which passes for a fancy restaurant out here in the prairie boondocks. We reminisced about school days. I was now a senior at the University of Kansas, majoring in math education. We talked about the philosophy of teaching; the rewards and frustrations of that calling.

It was fun. Both of us were perfectly relaxed, as if she were a doting aunt, I her favorite nephew. But that changed as we shared a slice of strawberry cheesecake for dessert. Now suddenly nervous, Mrs. Hanson looked at me intently. Taking a deep breath, she said, “David, I don’t want our little date to be over after I pay the check here.”


“No. The latch on the gate in my privacy fence will be open tonight, and so will my patio door.”

I looked questioningly at her; then, my eyes widened in comprehension.

There was a long silence. “Yes,” she said quietly.

“But, Mrs. Hanson..”

There was only one word that could have persuaded me, and she spoke it. “Please?”

When the teacher asks you to do something, you must mind her. I was always taught that.

By the time I had stepped through the patio door into her living room, Mrs. Hanson had already undressed and was wearing the blue robe. Even more nervous than I, she handed me another robe, saying, “I’ve got the bathtub ready. You can change into this robe in the guest bedroom, and then I want you to get into the tub.”

“Yes Ma’m.”

“David, for heaven’s sake, it’s been ten years since I was your teacher. And besides I have a Christian name that you can use.”

“What is it?” I honestly didn’t know.


So now we sat in the tub, Donna and me. She slid forward, lathered her hands with herbal soap, and began to rub my arms and shoulders and chest. For the first time a sort of ironic grin came to her face.

“Do you know why you’re here?”

“I have a pretty good hunch.”

Donna looked away at the candles, then back to me. “My youngest, LeAnne moved out last fall, she’s a freshman at K-State, you know. And Brandi’s been in college for two years. Tim had that awful stroke, ‘n passed away a year ago. So now for the first time in my life I’m by myself.”

“Yes, Ma’m.”

“David, will you please quit saying that!”

“Sorry, uh …. Donna. Go ahead, I’m listening.”

“All my life’s been devoted to others. To the kids, to Tim, to the church ‘n school. And now all of a sudden the only person I have to look after is me.” She paused, her cheeks flushed again. “David, did you know that in my 23 years of marriage to Tim, I had a …. a sexual climax exactly eight times.”

“No, I didn’t know that.”

I saw that Donna’s hazel eyes were flecked with warm brown, and were now quite full and expressive. Her curly reddish-brown hair framed her face most charmingly. Yes, I thought, the woman is just as pretty as I remember.

“All the time I was married to Tim, we did it once a week, on Saturday, and just one way, the, whatcha call it, missionary position. He was usually in and out of me so quick, it’d be over before I could even get warmed up. And I always wondered what I was missing.” Now she paused, literally struggling for breath. “So tonight I want to find out.”

Rising up on her knees and moving her face closer to mine, she said, “You’re a good-looking guy, ‘n have been with lots of girls, haven’t you?”

“Well, yeah. My share, I guess.”

“David, I want to do everything tonight. There’s no part of my body I won’t give you, nothing I won’t try if you ask me. You can’t imagine how hard it is for a woman like me to say that. But, I guess it’s now or never.”

Looking at me fondly, she went on. “You were always such a sweet little boy in class. You’d do anything I wanted you to. Now it’s the other way around. Tonight I’m asking you to be the teacher, and let me be your obedient student.”

An hour ago the idea of kissing this woman would have been ludicrous. Now it was the most natural thing in the world. I took her shoulders and drew her to me, joining our lips, tasting her for the first time. Once we had settled into a comfortable smooch, I gently eased my tongue into her mouth, finding her own tongue.

I felt as much as heard her moan as the kiss became more intense. Then I slid my hands down to cup her full breasts. Her nipples were long and firm. So this is how nipples feel, I thought idly, after children have suckled there. Squeezing her breasts, I noted that they were more soft and pliable than those I was accustomed to fondling, but pleasing nonetheless.

After a moment Donna murmured, “Oh lord, David, that’s the sweetest kiss I’ve had in years! Give me more, honey, more!” I would hear that request quite a few times in the hours to come.

For the next few moments we savored the taste of each other, our passion now melting away the tension in the room. Soon Donna was in my lap, pressing against me as close as she could get.

“Am I mashing your ….. your thing down there?” she whispered, a playful smile on her lips.

“Yes,” I said matter-of-factly, “but there’s somewhere we can put it so that it will be real comfy.”

Donna looked at me questioningly, then understood. She moved back, rose up slightly; then, used her hand to guide my stiff cock to her entrance. As she slid down upon me she gasped in shock, then moaned, “Oh my that’s heaven! Oh, yesss!”

I could not disagree. I held her broad hips as she rode up and down my manhood. In seconds she was kissing me more passionately than ever; I gave as good as I got.

“Oh this is wonderful!” the woman cried softly, “just like I hoped it would be!”

The candles burned down a bit; the ocean waves continued to crash against some unseen shore. Finally Donna shuddered, saying, “David! David, I think it’s happening!”

“Yes! Yes, do it! I’m coming too!” I said fiercely, savoring my own bliss. From my cock surged a wave of cum that washed onto the shores of Donna’s pussy. My words sent her over the edge in a powerful ecstasy of moans and oh yeses. For a full minute she held me like a vise, the heat of her body warming the room far beyond that of the candles.

There is something a man should know. Bring a woman to climax and you are going to earn kisses and adoring looks from her. But if that woman is mid-fortyish, and she last climaxed during the Clinton administration, you are going to be literally smothered in kisses. You will receive worshipful looks to the point where you imagine yourself a demigod.

So it was with me. For long minutes Donna kissed my face, my lips, my chest, any part of me that her lips could reach. Her eyes glistening with tears, she said, “Oh honey, sweet angel, you don’t know what that meant to me! You just don’t know!”

“Was I worth $250?” I asked with a wry smile.

“Yes! Ten times that! Jeez I’m still tingling! You’re still a sweet boy, you know that?”

“Do I get an A?” I grinned, fondling her breasts again.

“Yes! And a gold star for achievement!”


Now blushing again, Mrs. Hanson had a glass of merlot in one hand and my cock in the other. She softly stroked me. We had rinsed and dried off, and were now lying on her queen-sized bed.

“I never dreamed I’d be doing this,” she said nervously, “but here goes.” With that the lady who had once taught me fractions and decimals leaned down and began to kiss my hard cock.

“Now lick it like a popsicle,” I whispered. The student obeyed. “Suck it gently here,” I went on, pointing to the sensitive spot just below the head. Donna followed my instruction. Then, closing her eyes and wetting her lips, she placed them on my cock head and took me into her mouth.

“All the way,” I said quietly. “As much as you can take.” Her lips slid down my shaft until she had engulfed over half of it. She withdrew and looked at me. “Do I have to take it all?”

“No, that’s fine. Now just ride the cock with your mouth.” She began to do so. “Slower, slower,” I coached her. “Mm, that’s the way, just keep doing that!”

After a few moments I began to feel that delicious shiver through my cock. “Donna,” I whispered, “I’m going to cum in your mouth, and you must take it all.”

She paused and looked up at me. “Do I have to?”

“Yes. It’s required for a passing grade.”

With a wry grin she returned to the cock. A moment later came my second surge, as delicious and intense as the first. I softly caressed Donna’s hair until her mouth had accepted the last drop from me.

She then rose up and took a damp washcloth, releasing most of my cum into it. Then I taught her to milk the cock several times, taking the cum and mixing it with her saliva and swallowing it.

With a slight mow on her face she murmured, “I don’t think that stuff’ll ever take the place of chocolate syrup, if you know what I mean.”

Suddenly the woman paused, a look of surprise on her face. “David!” she said, touching her labia, “I’m soaking wet down there! My goodness, that really turned me on and I didn’t even know it!”

“Well, we need to do something about it,” I smiled. “Lie on your back.”

Donna did so, then realized my intent. But she held her thighs together, saying, “David good grief! I can’t let a man look right at me down there! Oh this is so embarrassing!”

“I can close my eyes if you like.”

“Would you please, honey? Promise me you won’t look! I can’t stand the idea of you just staring straight into my… well, you know!”

Donna continued to struggle against me as I force myself between her legs. “Oh jeez!” she protested, “I don’t think I want you to ….” Then my mouth reached her labia and I began to kiss and lick her there.

“Oh my good lord!” she gasped in mazement. “That is pure heaven! Oh, oh, honey, don’t stop!” At once her thighs collapsed like a fallen soufflé.

Needless to say, when my tongue reached her clitoris and began to caress it, Donna quickly reached a state of pure sexual rapture rarely seen in Neosho County. “Oh go slow, slow, honey, make it last! I don’t want to cum! Just keep doing that to me! My lord, who could have dreamed anything could feel this good?”

The woman was still, in a part of my mind, Mrs. Hanson my 4th grade teacher. I wanted to please her, to do the assignment just as she asked. Time seemed to stand still as I brought her to the brink, then backed away, and yet again licked her back to the pinnacle. When she finally climaxed, moaning and thrashing about uncontrollably, it was a only a brief respite. Not yet time for recess.

“More, honey, more!” she demanded. It was hard to believe later on, looking back on it, but my tongue brought the woman to climax three times before she finally collapsed in utter exhaustion.

But even then class was not over. I rose up and straddled her torso so that she could see my cock once again standing tall. “Guess what,” I grinned.

“Anywhere you want it, angel, anywhere,” she said with a weary, satisfied smile. I leaned forward so that she could plant kisses on it, then moved down and wedged it between her ripe labia.

“Oh, easy, David, easy!” Donna sighed. “I’m real sensitive right now. But don’t stop!”

I slowly entered the woman and began to enjoy the warm soaking wet feel of her. After a few thrusts I whispered, “Squeeze your muscles around the cock. As hard as you can.”

Like any good student she caught on quickly. I began to feel her pussy tighten around my cock, then release, then tighten again. “Like that?” she asked.

“Just perfect,” I murmured. “You can go to the head of the class.”


“Sure you don’t want some more potato salad?”

“No,” I replied, “I’m stuffed.” I reclined on the blanket, looking at Donna Hanson. It had been three months since the bachelor auction and the epic night that followed. Afterwards I had lingered for a few days in Chanute, making up one flimsy excuse after another for my parents. And each night sneaking through Donna’s patio door for a few hours.

But school beckoned, and I had returned to Lawrence to finish the semester. Now it was mid-May. School was out, but I was still spending time with the teacher. Donna had made a picnic lunch of barbeque sandwiches, potato salad, and brownies. We drove in separate cars west of Chanute to the Flint Hills prairie and Deer Creek, along which grew oaks, hackberries, and junipers.

We had parked our cars out of sight of the road and stolen away into the middle of a patch of junipers, hidden from the world. The sun shone down and meadowlarks sang. It was a glorious spring day.

“What are you thinking?” she smiled.

“I’d like for you to strip naked.”

“Out here? David!” she said, her eyes wide in alarm, “someone might still come along and see us!”

“That’s part of the fun of it. I’ve been thinking about you naked for weeks, Donna. Please?”

Eyeing me with a nervous smile, the woman removed her shoes and socks and then stood. Off came her blouse, down came the jeans. Now blushing, she unhooked her bra and let her pendulous breasts hang free as it fell away. The last to go were the large matronly panties that I knew she would be wearing. She had recently shaved herself again.

I rose and embraced her. We kissed passionately; I fondled her wide soft buttocks, cellulite and all. She helped me undress. Then I said quietly, “Suck me.”

Donna at once dropped to her knees and with a skillful mouth took my cock. She slowly moved back and forth on me at just the right pace. Now familiar with the art, she would pause just before I came, kiss me gently, and then bring me again to the brink. I was soon begging her for release. And when it came the feeling was sublime. The woman had a talent, no doubt about it. And she swallowed all that my cock gave her.

Then I laid her down on the blanket, kissed and licked her pussy, and rose up and entered her. Her climax was long and intense. I could sense in her an ease and confidence that comes when a woman opens her thighs for a special man. When she does not have to wonder if he will satisfy her completely. She knows.

Afterwards we sat quietly on the blanket, sipping some Riesling that I had brought. I had my legs spread partly open; she sat facing me, her legs draped over mine, just as in the bathtub. I fondled her breasts, she my manhood and testicles. Just two lovers at ease. I noticed that she could not take her eyes off me.

I eyed her questioningly. “What?”

“I was just thinking about when you were my pupil in the 4th grade.”

She looked away, then turned back and continued. “You never knew, but you made quite an impression on me then. I thought so much about you. In a way I think I loved you.

“Are you serious?”

“Yes, but then you were just a little boy, David, a child. It wasn’t a sexual thing at all. You were so smart, and so sweet to me. Always well groomed, such a little gentleman! Tim and I wanted a son, and I’d think that if I had a boy, I’d want him to be like you. I sometimes wished that I could take you home with me. I’d almost forgotten about it, but when I heard that you were going to be in that silly auction, it all came back.”

“I’d been wanting to get to know other men,” she went on, “ever since Tim passed away. And then I saw you that night. You, the little boy that I had loved, now grown into a handsome man. I just knew I had to have you. I would have bid a thousand dollars if that’s what it took.”

“And that night, what can I say? It was like a dream come true. I was so afraid you’d laugh at me or find me repulsive. I just knew I was making a complete fool of myself. But you made everything so great, just like all the times since then.”

She took a deep breath. “Does any of this make sense?”

“It ought to. Because I felt the same way about you when I was your student.”


“Uh huh. I mean, I thought you were the best teacher in school, the prettiest and most elegant woman in Chanute.”

“That’s not saying much.”

“I know, but still. And it wasn’t sexual with me either; heck I was only ten years old. But sometimes I’d lie in bed at night when there’d be a big storm coming, tornado watch and all that. And I’d imagine what it would be like to have you as my mom. You’d come into the room and sit on my bed and tell me I was safe and everything would be okay.”

“Then you’d kiss me on the cheek like a mother does, and get up and turn off the light as you left. And I’d lie there thinking that’s my mom, so beautiful and poised, and she’ll always take care of me.”

The woman’s eyes were damp now. “David,” she smiled, “that’s so sweet. Is it really true? You thought that?”

“Swear to God. I mean, I had crushes on other women teachers, most little boys do, but never like you.”

A bit of prairie wind had found its way through the junipers, and now ruffled the woman’s curls. We gazed at each other, enjoying the relaxed silence for a few moments. After a while she said, “David, we still haven’t done some of the things I thought you might want. Is there anything you’d like to do with me? Just ask and I’m yours.”

“Well, there is one thing, a bit kinky. I’ve wanted to ask you, so maybe now’s a good time.”

“What is it, honey?”

I paused. “There’s a part of me that’s still the little ten-year-old boy. And he wants to call you Mrs. Hanson just like back then, and say Yes Ma’m to you, to show his respect.”

“That’s it? You want to call me Mrs. Hanson?”

“Not all the time, just now and then.”

She gave me an amused look. “Okay, I guess.”

By now my cock was hard again. Donna looked at me in a certain way and I nodded slightly. Words were not needed between us.

She rose and impaled herself on my cock, sighing with contentment. I was pleased but not surprised that she was again soaking wet. We began to move our bodies together in an easy rhythm, in no hurry this time.

“Does that feel good, young man?”

“Yes Ma’am.”

“Well, just remember, my boy, you must do it the way the teacher wants,” she giggled.

“I’ll do my very best, Mrs. Hanson,” I said sincerely. “My very best.”

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