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The Arrival

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I wore a form fitting black leather ‘coat style’ dress, many shiny black buttons lay in line from breast to thigh, waist nipped in tight with belt and silver buckle. The hem cut to just above the knee, the intention was to disguise what lay beneath. Black ‘ultra’ shine, tight thigh high boots.

To the initiated the heel was a giveaway though. Far too high to be fashionable, far too high to carry me at a reasonable pace. Just a glimpse and they screamed “SEX WALKING!”

Platinum blonde hair straightened within an inch of its life falls loosely forward around my face, down my back. I had dusted my eyes with grey charcoal giving me that already half way to oblivion look…

It’s been almost 30 years since we last laid eyes on each other, and I had only known you for a moment.

Looking to the timepiece on my wrist confirms the arrival of your flight.

A trembling hand is quickly shoved it into my pocket and I clench my fist tightly trying to fight the fear and anticipation.

20 minutes since you landed on the same ground these boots are treading.

And there you are, just as suddenly as you disappeared all those years ago, moving without any doubt toward me.

I am aware of the stares I have been getting from lonely business men waiting for their next connection and their disapproving wives who have been mocking my poor attempt at disguise. It only serves to heighten my desire, my thirst as you begin to close the gap.

The power you hold over me, the spell you placed on me, pulls me to you like earth to moon.

I try desperately to keep my eyes downcast, the first and most basic rule but I can’t take them off you. You are everything to me at this moment, and my flesh is yours, to use as you wish.

As if in stop motion I reach my hand into the décolletage of my outfit and pull out the lead I have attached to the collar you own. I can hear the gasps and sense the outrage of the onlookers in my peripheral vision as the true nature of my neckwear is revealed.

I don’t care and feel absolute pleasure and purpose as I place the end into your powerful outstretched hand.

I feel the air around us hanging thick with envy, envy directed toward you as those businessmen hiding in the pretence of outrage wish they were you. God they want what you have, but have no notion of how to find it. Futile glances expose their frustration as there is simply no opportunity to ask.

Without a spoken word you roll the excess lead around the palm of your hand and walk on past me pulling me along behind you, my steps short, quick, dangerous considering the height those boots have elevated me to.

Down the travelator, a brief reprieve. You pull me along faster none the less and turn sharply diverting us into the men’s room.

“What the fuck are you thinking?” as you propel me toward the basin. You stare into me with hard Northern European eyes. I look pleadingly into them searching for an answer, chest heaving up and down with fear and lust and then I realise dropping my gaze. I’m double guessing myself have I made a mistake? Have I misunderstood our commitment, you my Master, me your whore. Was this a false move on my part? I must keep my eyes off you.

“Get your fucking legs spread slut! NOW!!” you kick my heels apart and grab at the belt and buckle of the dress pulling it hard and fast through the loops then throwing it to the floor. Your cruel hands grasp either side of the fabric opening around my knees and with an almighty yank you tear upward causing the buttons to fly off in every direction, bouncing across the floor, pinging into the basins, rolling under cubicle doors. My eyes divert quickly to the last button as it rolls painfully, slowy to a stop.


And there I am.

Naked but for those tight thigh high ultra shine black boots, collar and lead……just made for cumming.

I quickly drop into first position onto my knees legs apart by 30 cm, palms outwardly showing resting on my thighs, eyes downcast.


The silence is broken by “Second slut!!”

Moving my hips forward, hands and fingers are laced behind my neck which exposes my body fully to you, and to who ever may walk into the men’s room. My breasts, my ass, and my quivering pussy out on parade. I am panting now with a potent mixture of fear and complete and utter lust and desire.

You take a deep breath while staring me down and then chuckle to yourself. “Let me look at that landing strip you have there pet, you know the one! We’ve discussed this before on chat. I am going to have to make certain you’ve followed my requests.”

Oh God! I brace myself as hands and fingers just brushing the cold porcelain basin keep me focussed. The space around me caves in, legs spread in obedience, as your face descends.

“The shape is true to what I asked for pet and I can see that you have reduced the length by one third.” You dust the tip of your forefinger against the grain. 1 cm just as you asked, soft yet neat.

I feel a small stream of wetness slowly slip down the inside of my thigh. You miss nothing and quickly your finger catches it. You look up at me with a beautiful smile and say “Happy Pet?’ I nod, as I fall fast into sub space, floating along now on zero atmosphere until I focus quickly on your face again which is now an inch away from mine. I come rushing back to the here and now dropping my eyes downward as you push your finger roughly into my mouth.

“Taste yourself pet, I know you love that.”

I suck on your finger tasting a little salt mixed with a lot of sex.

It feels so good to have you there, your breath on my face, your eyes seeking answers, demanding actions.

“Third position NOW!” You bark and I feel the cold floor press to my cheek, nipples hard at the shock of the cold tile beneath them and cunt stretching as my hands pull my ass apart just as you demand.

” You do know how fucking sexy you are right now My whore don’t you? You want my cock so deep in you now taking you harder and harder, fucking your hole so fast you squeal!! But that is not what I have in mind for you my slut pet. Not now any way. Up you get fucktoy.”

I release my cheeks and scramble to standing position eyes downcast, an opportunity to catch a glimpse of your hard cock outline in your pants. That is all I want and need. To know that my Master is pleased with what he see’s.

I stamp my heel down hard on the ground as the chemicals in my brain start to seduce me. The noise reverberates inside the empty shell of the men’s room.

You grab me roughly by the shoulders swinging me around so that you are now leaning with your back to the basin. “Settle pet! Well my slut you are a good girl and very lucky. Master approves of your little runway and will be coming in for a landing. Why don’t you open those knees as wide as you can for me and bend your legs whore, get your face into the cockpit. NOW!!” and I want to see you playing with your clit whore, you need to cum hard when i say so……….You know the words”

I drop and desperately pull your belt and buckle loose, zip down, your handsome hard on bounces out to greet me.

“Fucking Hell, you’ve gotta come check this out!!!” Spit flys from his mouth, hand slamming down on the desk.

” You will not fucking believe what’s going on in the men’s!” His voice rises to a crescendo with the merriment of it. The other two guards rush to the monitors.

“She’s squatting, knees spread wide you see? Fuck me those boots are made for fucking. Oh my God!!! She’s taking his cock down deep into her throat and look, just look at her playing with herself, can you see that?!!!”

Jesus fucking horny Christ! Check him out not blinking a fucking eye, it’s as though he’s out for fucking lunch, too busy feeding his whore to worry about what’s on his own plate…lucky, lucky fucking guy!!!!” They all laugh and pat each other on the back as they gather around to witness the action.

My head is there, mouth around your cock, knees spread and hands playing fitfully with my clit as I do so.

I have dreamed about this for hours, days even! and now I’m here feeling the heat of your shaft rubbing up and down against the insides of my cheeks. My mouth watering at the delectable taste forcing me to swallow hard around it, forehead and nose pressed hard into your belly as I take you deeper. I moan softly knowing that you can feel a vibe through your cock when I do, but also because I can’t help myself. As you get harder in my mouth, I get wetter, my snatch dripping now with extreme pleasure. I pull harder using tight suction and my lips to create a seal, up and down and can feel your buttocks clench as you begin to exercise the need to control. I slide off the end of your cock and pause as I see the first droplet appear and look, tightly focussing on it, slowly poking my tongue out meaning to collect it from the tip.

I hold it out almost touching the drop so you can see the taste buds quiver with expectation, but not close enough to break the sphere…water droplets of saliva collecting at the back of my throat,

I hold,



and then you realise that I have gone. I am out on the precipice about to fall, the synapses in my brain darting backward and forward confused as to which physical reaction needs to be obeyed first, tongue or clit. You pull my hair, then bring me back sharply with fingernails of thumb and index finger like pincers on my right nipple. I blink in confusion, pausing for half a second and begin to dart my tongue around the head of your cock collecting the droplet that warns of the torrent to come. You pull away pushing my head to one side, twirling the blonde hair around your finger and rest your cock over my shoulder with two hard tugs you spill, emitting large spurts of glowing hot cum down my back.

The security guards mesmerised by the events, slowly turn to look at each other in disbelief mouths hanging open and their own cocks turning hard while watching your ass clench tightly as you cum.

Breathing hard, you trace your finger through the sticky stream and drag it down my spine leaving a glistening trail behind it. Lower and lower slowly disappearing into my crack and forcing your fingers deeply and harshly into my cunt. ” Now My Pet.”

With that I shudder with huge force as you allow me to fall fast into the abyss of an earth shattering orgasm. I scream much louder than my lungs will allow….a silent scream.

Panting hard now and butt on the floor, legs splayed out in those boots at odd angles you lift me like a rag doll, hands under my arms to the basin, turn me around to face the mirror and tell me that the plane is about to arrive. Slam!!! I feel your cock, which has not quite finished its business park itself inside me letting go of the cargo it hadn’t yet unloaded. I hear you growl from a place deep inside as you flow, your teeth grabbing hold of the skin on my neck.

You look at me in the mirror panting under the weight of you witnessing our first true fuck in thirty years. “look at me Pet” you say and I lift my eyes to finally see your face. A smile so beautiful, so satisfied.

“What the fuck were you thinking wearing those whore boots to meet me slut? Do you see what they made Me do?” as you pick up a button from the basin and roll it around between your fingers”

You bend down and pick up the belt sliding it through the loops of my coat dress, buckling it up pulling the leather across my exposed flesh. Pulling your pants up you grab your own belt and feed it through the loops of your trousers. It doesn’t go unnoticed by you that I can’t keep my eyes off it.

Taking a firm hold of the leash you walk me out into the sunshine. Master and his slutpet whore proceed to the waiting car.

You settle into the driver seat, I slide into the passenger seat. “Push the seat back pet, take off that belt and get that left heel up onto the dashboard where I can see it. Do not wear heels like that around your Master unless he can use them. Ok pet, do you understand?” I nod and obey lifting my left heel to the dash exposing my pussy to you as we move. Heading out to the exit the boom is raised at the pay booth despite the fact that we haven’t paid. It’s a little strange so you slow to ask “why the free park?” Bending his head down and out of the glass window that is his ‘office’ he catches a glimpse of me with my heel up high and dress laying open, he simply replies, ” Security says you’re a man who obviously gets what he wants, would you like a free pass today sir?” You nod smiling and accelerate out.

Turning toward me you say “where next Pet? 30 years of catch up awaits us.”

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