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The Army Goes Rolling Along

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The word was whispered quietly beside her and Ellen quickly looked at her friend and co-worker. Sonia was staring down the aisle of the plane, her cheeks slightly flushed. Ellen followed Sonia’s gaze and understood her friend’s dismay immediately. Four soldiers were walking toward seats in Sonia’s section of the plane. Their white shirts were crisp, glistening with various insignia that Ellen knew Sonia would understand.

Their blue trousers were creased perfectly. Ellen and Sonia watched as the four men tossed their duffel bags effortlessly into the bins above their seats. They wore the familiar smiles of people headed home after a long time away. “What are we doing with Air Force riders?” Ellen mused, shifting her eyes back to the pre-flight list in her hands.

“Army,” Sonia corrected without taking her eyes from the men.

“I thought the Army wore green uniforms.”

“The blues are new,” Sonia said as the men settled into their seats. She finally pulled her attention back to the task at hand. Ellen could see the excitement dancing in her friend’s eyes.

“Do you need me to take that side?” Ellen quizzed, though she knew the answer. It would not have mattered where in the plane for the four warriors were sitting. Sonia would have found them.

In answer, Sonia waved her friend silent and began striding down the aisle. She greeted passengers and tucked bags into overhead bins. When she reached the seats of the four soldiers, she turned on her most dazzling smile. “Hello, fellas,” she greeted, hoping she didn’t sound as breathless as she felt. Her eyes quickly swept over the four faces and their uniforms, her mind filing away information automatically: one commissioned, a major, probably married, the other three enlisted, one a private, still green, probably not even twenty yet, a corporal and a sergeant. “Headed for home?” They all responded in the affirmative. “Well, just sit back and relax. We’ll have you stateside before you know it. If I can do anything for you, I’m Sonia.”

Sitting in the jump seat during take-off, Sonia found herself able to study the four men closer. The major’s hair was mostly gray, but thick. He was reading a book and barely looked up as the plane took off from the Munich airport. The corporal was a black man. His white shirt seemed to glow against his midnight skin. He had a deep voice. Even though she could not make out his words, she could hear its resonance. The sergeant’s hair was blond and he had blue eyes that sparkled when he looked her direction. He caught her looking and winked playfully. She felt her cheeks blaze and looked away for a moment, but her eyes were drawn back to them. The private had not even earned his first class stripe yet. He had black hair that was just starting to grow back from his most recent buzz cut. She knew it would feel like velvet against her hand.

The pilot turned off the lights and she and the other stewardesses rose to service the passengers. She and Ellen served drinks and snacks and collected trash before she could think about the soldiers again. They were seated next to the windows, the major and corporal side-by-side and the sergeant and private in front of them. She leaned casually against the seat in front of the private and flashed her smile again. Three pairs of eyes went to her immediately, the three younger men sitting up to take notice of the brunette. The major’s green eyes moved a little slower to her and she felt his scrutiny. “Have you been in Iraq?” she asked casually.

“That’s right,” the corporal said. “We’ve been breathing sand so long that when we land at Newark, I’m going to go outside and take in a nice gulp of smog before I head on home.”

By his accent, she thought she knew the answer, but she asked anyway. “Where is home, Corporal?”

She saw them all react at her recognizing his rank, but the corporal recovered quickly. “Georgia.”

“What about the rest of you?”

The sergeant said he was from Kansas and the private from New Mexico. She shifted her eyes to the major and waited for his answer. “Tennessee. Near Nashville.”

“Fort Campbell?” He nodded once. “My dad was a Screaming Eagle,” she explained. “He died in Operation Desert Storm.”

Fortunately, they didn’t have an opportunity to express sympathy. “Excuse me,” a voice interrupted. “My son would like to say something.”

They all looked at the young boy standing with his father. “Thank you,” the boy said.

Sonia didn’t pay attention to their response. She slipped down the aisle and returned to the galley where Ellen was making a new pot of coffee. Ellen smiled knowingly. “How’s it going?”

“My nipples are hard as rocks,” Sonia answered without missing a beat in her work. Ellen laughed and headed down the aisle with the service cart. Sonia began arranging items for the next service, not paying attention to the passengers until a clearing voice caught her attention. “Oh, Major. What can I do for you?”

The major was over six feet tall, so Sonia had to tilt her head back to see him. “Can I get some water?” he rumbled deeply. She turned to grab a bottle without thinking about why he didn’t wait for Ellen. “I’m sorry about your father.”

“So am I, Major,” she answered. “I was only eight, so I don’t remember much about him. Do you have children?”

“Three,” he answered. “I’m looking forward to seeing them.”

“I’m sure you are, and they will be excited, too. As will your wife. She’s very lucky.”

“She didn’t think so. She decided shortly after the birth of our third child and my fourth deployment that she wasn’t so lucky. She thought a banker was far more lucky. She stayed close to Fort Campbell, though, so I still get to see the boys.”

Unconsciously, Sonia took a step closer to the Major. “That’s too bad. It must get lonely for you.”

The Major was looking down at her, watching as she wet her lips and allowed them to part slightly. He bent his head down, then took a sudden step backwards. “It does. But that is no reason for me not to be a gentleman. Thank you for the water.” He turned on his heel and walked away.

Unaware that she had been holding her breath in anticipation, she exhaled, allowing all the tension to flow from her body. She closed her eyes and leaned her forehead against the cabinet, calculating how much longer she would be trapped in the air. “That was quick,” Ellen said, rolling the cart back into the galley.

Sonia opened her eyes and began helping her friend resupply the cart. “Nothing happened,” she insisted. Ellen raised a questioning eyebrow and then laughed at the look of frustration on Sonia’s face.

The pilot dimmed the lights for those who wanted to sleep and as Sonia walked down the aisle, she noticed all but the sergeant was dozing. He had switched places with the private and was leaning into the aisle. “Can’t rest, Sergeant?” she asked softly so not to disturb the others.

“No, and you can call me Dean.”

“Anything I can do to help you relax?” she questioned. “I see you have a pillow and a blanket. Maybe a drink? A magazine?”

He pulled the blanket from his legs with a deliberate motion and she looked into his lap. She could see the material of his blue trousers stretched into a point. “I noticed you staring at me earlier,” he said softly. She glanced around the plane, then toward the rear area. She focused there for a moment, then dropped her eyes to Dean’s lap again. Her pink tongue wet her suddenly dry lips as her eyes flitted to his face. Certain she had his undivided attention, she looked from him, to the galley, and back to him. He gave her a confident smile and she walked away without a word. Dean waited about five minutes before following. When he reached the back of the plane, he pulled the curtain that offered the stewardesses some privacy and closed the small distance to where Sonia waited. He put his arms around her and lowered his head to kiss her mouth. She opened for him immediately and his tongue slipped inside.

Sonia dragged her palms down his shirt as her tongue met his. Her hands went to his fly, caressing his hard rock through his trousers. She imagined she could feel the heat through the layers. He groaned softly into her mouth. Her deft fingers lowered the zipper on his pants and reached inside to pull his cock free. It sprang into her waiting palm and she curled her fingers around it. She placed her other hand behind his head, quickening the kiss as her hand started moving up and down on the shaft. He pulled her shirt free and slid his hands to her breasts, squeezing them softly and rolling the nipples between his fingers. “Careful,” he whispered, “There isn’t much besides your own hand for release in Baghdad.”

She smiled and slipped from his grasp, going to her knees in front of him. He groaned softly, placing his hands against the cabinet for support as her lips replaced her hand. They slipped over the swollen head, her tongue swirling as she guided him to her throat. She sucked softly, her hand still curled around the base, squeezing gently.

Dean dropped one hand to cup the back of her neck. He began rocking his hips, sliding his cock back and forth against her lips. She struggled to hold on, her head bobbing in time with his hips, increasing the friction against his hardness. He was breathing harder and Sonia could tell he was struggling to hold back. She quickened her pace, wondering if Ellen saw him follow her into the galley. Her tongue rubbed up and down the throbbing vein in his thick cock, swirling around the head, and dipping into the opening at the tip to taste the cum starting to gather there.

He was panting now, his hips moving in time with her mouth, his fingers knotted in her hair. She quickened her mouth, pulling harder on him with her lips, and heard a guttural sound escape his throat as he could hold back no longer. She struggled to swallow everything squirting from him, trying to reward him for his sacrifice and service to freedom, but she could feel it trickling down her chin when he slipped from her lips. He leaned against the counter as he attempted to catch his breath and regain his balance. She quietly wiped her chin and tucked her blouse back into her skirt, giving him a sly smile. “Think you can relax now?” she asked, smoothing her hair back into place using the shiny surface of the cabinets.

He laughed softly. “Got a cigarette on you and it’ll be complete?” He reached out and caressed her cheek softly, and then brushed his lips against hers in a gesture of tenderness she could hardly stand. “Thank you,” he whispered and walked down the aisle back to his seat.

Sonia took out a mirror in order to do a more thorough examination of her appearance. He cheeks had the high color in them that indicated arousal, but she knew that color had been there ever since she saw the soldiers come aboard. She supposed a psychiatrist would say that her separation from her father at an early age created a longing in her that triggered her reaction to men in uniform. Growing up in a military town, her first lover had been a soldier. She didn’t encounter many that she did not end up fucking in some form or fashion, whether it was a hand job at a bar in Texas or a midnight tryst in a hotel in Paris; she couldn’t resist them. Satisfied she had removed any traces of her encounter with the sergeant, she returned to work.

They were about three-fourths of the way in their flight when she spotted the corporal heading her direction. He was taller than the major and had an easy going smile on his face. He paused at the bathroom, waiting on it to become unoccupied. “Enjoying your flight, Corporal Willis?” she questioned, taking in his uniform again to make a correct identification.

“Airplanes are not made for men my size. Luckily, commercial is almost better than military.” He placed one large hand against the compartment over her head, pinning her in place as he spoke. “Better entertainment, least ways. Better view. Better service.”

Sonia heard her voice catch as she responded and knew that the flush had returned to her cheeks. “And what view do you most enjoy, Corporal?”

“The one I have right now.” The door to the lavatory opened and a small man wiggled his way by them. Corporal Willis stepped back, smiling at her until the man was out of earshot. He moved his hand to the accordion door. “Want to join me for some entertainment?”

Sonia only hesitated for a moment before slipping under his arm and stepping into the small space. He followed and before she could rationalize how he would fit, he had his hands on her ass, lifting her up to perch on the edge of the sink. His mouth was on hers, attacking it viciously with his teeth and lips and tongue and she knew she would emerge with bruises on her lips. She wrapped her arms around his neck, holding him in place. Her legs wrapped around his hips and she could feel the thick bulge of his manhood pressing against her.

Willis did not waste time trying to arouse her, sensing that the job was already done. Perhaps Dean had shared his earlier experience and Willis knew she would be willing. Perhaps Ellen had spilled the beans. Sonia heard his fly open as she clung to his mouth and shoulders. He reached down, pushed aside her panties, and drove his long shaft into her. She cried out into his mouth, feeling it hit deep inside her. He quickly found a rhythm and was soon rocking her against the mirror. She dug her fingernails into his shoulders as his hips pushed forward. His hands, still gripping her ass, pulled her in to meet his thrust. She was powerless as he plummeted into her again and again and again.

It only took a moment for Sonia to feel the cresting wave begin. She tightened her thighs around his hips but his powerful movements kept his long shaft moving in and out. Their hips slapped together as he pulled her against him with each forward motion. She threw her head back, groaning soft encouragements in his ear as he split her over and over. Stars burst before her eyes and the room went dark. She bit his shoulder in an attempt to muffle her scream. Willis did not relent. He slammed deeper and deeper, pulling her fully against him. With a harsh bark, he exploded inside of her. She felt the hot liquid shooting into her and this time she did not react in time to muffle her cry of pleasure. She sagged against him, her feet sinking to the floor.

He pulled back with a smirk of satisfaction, but in the small space, the length of their bodies remained in contact. “Definitely better than flying military,” he teased. “Much more entertaining than sitting on a plane with forty guys.”

“Service with a smile,” she laughed.

He cupped her chin before leaning down to gently kiss her lips, tenderly easing the burn he had put there. Knowing any more words would be awkward, she placed her hand on his chest. She did not look at him as they made the difficult maneuver to get out of the cramped space. Even though she did not look up, she knew that there were passengers who looked away as she made her way into the prep area. Elle smirked over her shoulder. “That sounded satisfying,” she teased.

“You have no idea,” Sonia answered, her voice breathless. “I may not be able to walk right for a week.” She checked the status of their fight on the computer monitor. “How much longer?”

“Actually, the captain is about to deliver some bad news. There’s an ice storm on the east coast. He’s re-routing us to Miami.” Sonia cursed under her breath. “I agree,” Ellen laughed. “At least you got to have a little fun first.”

The rest of the flight, Ellen and Sonia and the other attendants attempted to soothe disgruntled guests. She didn’t have a moment to think about the soldiers until the passengers were disembarking. Dean gave her a crooked smile and playful wink. “Pleasure flying with you.” She blushed and laughed softly. “All mine, Sergeant.”

As Corporal Willis passed, she gazed into his deep brown eyes. “Welcome home, Corporal.”

“Thank you,” he rumbled, pressing her hand with his. “And thank you for the welcome home gift.”

The major was one of the last men off the plane. He shouldered his duffel bag and walked slowly up the aisle, his forest green eyes watching her. She turned her attention to him, stepping away from Ellen. “What will you do, Major?”

“I suppose we will see if any military flights are leaving Miami for bases closer to home. Now that we are stateside, I may rent a car and drive home.”

“Your children are very lucky, Major. For the record, I think your ex-wife was a fool.”

He gave her a long look, his green eyes piercing deep into her soul. She looked away first and he brushed past her without saying good-bye. She watched his back retreat until he made the turn on the gangplank and disappeared into the terminal. She turned on her heel and headed back into the plane to begin her post flight responsibilities. Ellen and the other attendants joined her and they quickly finished their jobs. When they finished, she and Ellen walked down to concourse together. “I can’t say I am entirely disappointed by this alternate landing. Sunny Miami sounds a lot better than icy New York. What do you say we go buy a couple of bikinis and find the nearest stretch of beach.”

“Now, that sounds like a promising view,” a deep voice rumbled behind them. They turned to look into the face of Corporal Willis. Dean and the private were with him. Sonia looked for the Major but did not see him. “But how about we buy you ladies some dinner and take you dancing first?”

“It’s the least we can do after you gave us such excellent service on the flight over,” Dean replied with a sly smile. He slipped one arm around Sonia’s waist. “And all service with a smile.”

The Corporal put his arm across Ellen’s shoulders and the private fell into step with them. Sonia and Ellen exchanged a glance that spoke the words only best friends can exchange in silence. Ellen gave a slight nod and Sonia looked into the Corporal’s chocolate brown eyes. “I don’t see how we can refuse that offer.”

Dinner was charged with sexual chemistry and innuendo. Beside Sonia, Dean’s hands roamed underneath the table. Her skirt slid up as he stroked her knee and thigh. She opened her legs to him and allowed him to tease her. He took her hand and placed it over the hard rock bulging against his fly. She squeezed and massaged and they both attempted to concentrate on the conversation. Sonia’s eyes were searching for a potentially private spot when the bill arrived and Willis suggested they head to the dance club.

Dancing was foreplay. Dancing with Dean, her hips never left his. Together, they thrust and rocked to the throbbing rhythm of the music. Willis was smoother, his body part of the music as they swayed together. His large, black hands roamed over her stomach, her hips, and her breasts as he rocked against her ass. The private almost trembled as he danced with her, his touch much more awkward and uneasy. She tried to smile and assure him, pressing her body along his. His breathing was rapid in her ears. Later, she danced with Willis and Dean simultaneously, sandwiched between the two men until Dean growled low. “We’ve got to get out of here.”

She nodded her agreement. The trio fell into the backseat of the cab, unsure how they would survive the trip back to a hotel near the airport. Dean captured her mouth with his, his tongue tasting her lips and dancing behind her teeth. Willis’s lips moved against the back of her neck, so she turned her attention to him. His lips were fuller than Dean’s, the kiss entirely different. Sonia thought she could never tire of the two different sensations as Dean’s hands lifted her shirt. Her bra disappeared as her fingers unzipped Willis’s trousers and snaked inside to caress his heated member. She turned back to Dean as his hands cupped her breasts. She sucked on his lower lip, biting it between her teeth as his fingers stroked lightly. Willis worked his hand up her skirt, stroking the inside of her thighs and teasing against her slit. His cock was out of his pants now, standing up straight and begging for her attention. She hungrily obliged, bending over his lap to lick the fat head. Dean pulled his cock free and she could feel it probing beneath her skirt.

The cab driver nearly wrecked pulling into the hotel parking lot. In their distracted state, both men paid him. Sonia pulled herself together enough to arrange for the room, knowing that the airline would reimburse her for the unexpected overnight stay. By the time the elevator reached their floor, her shirt had been unbuttoned, though she was unsure how it happened. Willis removed his jacket as they walked down the hall and had his shirt off by the time they were inside the room. He took the key and her purse from her as soon as they entered the room and threw them into a chair. She faced the tall, black officer and trailed her fingers over his muscled chest and abdomen. He pushed her blouse off her shoulders and ran the fingertips of his large, dark hands over her pale globes. Her nipples puckered and she moaned as his thumbs massaged them.

Dean was behind her, his hands on her hips, his mouth on her shoulders and neck and cheek. When she leaned back and moaned, opening her mouth, his lips covered hers. His fingers inched her skirt to her waist, she heard a rip, and it was gone. She turned in the circle of arms, Willis’s hands staying on her breasts, and began undoing the buttons of Dean’s uniform with trembling fingers. Willis’s hands glided down, his fingers probing at her slick opening as she managed to remove Dean’s shirt. She unbuttoned Dean’s fly and then hungrily turned back to Willis, her body driven by the four hands caressing every inch of her flesh. She sank to her knees and then she had Willis in her mouth, her lips stretched around the thick flesh, her fist around the base. He gripped her head between his hands and began thrusting his hips, driving his cock deeper into her throat. Dean stood within her line of vision, his palm loosely curled around his shaft, stroking it while he watched Willis push deeper.

She moaned against Willis’s member, her eyes hypnotized by Dean’s motions. She longed to take him in her mouth, but Willis was thrusting faster, his fingers tangled in her hair as the head of his long cock slipped along her throat. His balls slapped against her chin as he quickened his pace. She reached for Dean’s cock with her hand and he teasingly stepped out of range. She moaned again and then Willis was cumming, filling her mouth with liquid heat. He grunted as he spurted down her throat. She swallowed, but could feel some running down her chin. He pulled out, but before she could recover, Dean hand her on her feet.

The sergeant did not take her to the bed in the room. He turned her to face the wall and she placed her hand against the cold mirror as he pushed her legs apart and thrust his stiff rod into her from behind. She met his eyes in the mirror. His hands gripped her breasts, his fingertips digging into her supple flesh. He bit her neck where it met her shoulder and sucked as he rocked in and out of her. She lowered her eyes and could see his long cock curving as it stretched her pussy lips. She watched him sliding in and out of her and watching intensified her pleasure. Every muscle in her body quivered. He released his hold on her neck so he could gasp for breath. She could hear him grunting in her ear as each thrust lifted her from the ground. In the background, she could see Willis on the phone, but before that fact could register, the world was breaking into a million sparkling lights.

Dean’s hands caught her, preventing her from collapsing. He laid her on her back on the bed. Willis hung up the phone as Dean climbed onto the bed. Dean straddled Sonia’s stomach, his hard cock laying against her heaving chest. He took her breasts in his hands, squeezing and massaging them. He pinched her nipples, tugging on them and twisting until her she moaned and her body writhed. He squeezed the globes together, folding them around his hot shaft. There was a soft knock on the door and Willis opened it for the young private to join them. There was some quiet conversation that Sonia was unable to focus on. Willis walked around the bed and parted her legs with his knee. He leaned forward and plunged deep into her wet pussy. She arched and opened her mouth in a low moan as Willis and Dean moved in tandem on her body. The private took advantage of her incapacity to drive his cock into her open mouth.

The triple sensations were maddening. Dean’s rod was dragging against her sensitive nipples as her glided back and forth between her breasts. Willis was taking his time as he pushed deep into her. He arched as he pulled out, his long, thick cock brushing her tender clit. The private was trembling but he was not moving. His lack of experience and control compared to his traveling companions was quickly evident as she sucked between her moans and gasps. He started spurting first, stiffening as he emptied into her mouth. Almost as soon as the private pulled away, Dean grunted and shot a thick stream into her face. Even when Dean rolled off of her chest, she still struggled to catch her breath as Willis continued his maddeningly slow pace.

“Please, please, please,” she whispered over and over. Instead of satisfying her, Willis rolled them without breaking contact. Her thighs straddled his hips and he thrust upward sharply. She moaned low and long as Willis’s big hands covered her firm ass, pulling her open. She felt a thumb massaging her opening and then a cock probing. She cried out as Dean popped inside of her and worked his way deep. Both men grew still, allowing Sonia to adjust to the feeling of the two thick shafts throbbing inside of her. The breathing of all three participants synchronized and Sonia had almost regained control of her raging body and erratic mind when Willis drove his hips upward again. Dean felt the cue. As Willis pulled back, Dean pushed in. They moved like a machine, two pistons working in rhythm. All three of them were grunting, and groaning, and moaning. Dean grunted with each forward thrust and Willis was practically growling as he bucked upward like a bronco. Sonia was screaming, her cries echoing off the walls as she crested higher. She was never empty. Willis would fill her pussy, driving as deep as he could. As he pulled back, Dean thrust forward, his balls slapping against her ass. She could feel the friction they created. She was aware of Willis cumming just a moment before she peaked again. The light exploded into a million stars and she collapsed into darkness.

When she woke, she was still between Willis and Dean. Both men were also asleep, making her wonder how long she had been out. Willis had one possessive hand gripping her breast. One of Dean’s legs was across her thigh as he shared her pillow. Moving slowly, trying not to disturb either, she inched free of the prison of bodies. She stood beside the bed and stretched, her body tender. The private was in the second bed and when she opened her eyes, she could see the white’s of his in the darkness, watching her carefully. She smiled softly at him, her eyes sweeping across him. The sheet was pulled to his waist and she could see that the cool cotton was tented around an erection. She motioned and he scooted across the bed, lifting the sheet so she could join him. “What’s your name?” she asked softly, still trying not to wake his companions.

“Bobby,” he answered, laying on his side so he could look at her.

“How old are you, Bobby?”


Sonia rubbed her hand over his soft hair, her fingertips dancing along his cheek, and then making light circles on his chest. “Have you . . . do you have much experience with women, Bobby?”

“This is my first time with a . . . I mean, with multiple participants, but I’m not a virgin.” He took a deep breath as her hand stroked his flat stomach. “Not much,” he finally admitted.

She took his hand in hers and guided it to her breast. He could feel her nipple pressing against his palm as he held steady. “A girlfriend or a hooker?” she inquired.

He shifted his hand and began rubbing his thumb back and forth across her nipple, his eyes fascinated by it’s immediate response, “A girl I met in a bar just after basic.”

He wet his lips and she rolled to her back, her hand sliding up his arm and cupping his cheek. “Take your time,” she encouraged. He bent his head and licked her nipple before closing his lips around her breast, suckling softly. She sighed, her fingers massaging the back of his head as he tenderly coaxed her nipple to full hardness. “Mmmm,” she murmured, her eyes closed. “That’s nice.”

He surprised her by moving his lips to her mouth, his kiss tentative as he tasted her and coaxed her lips open with his tongue. She met his exploring tongue, rubbing it with her own and then invading the inside of his mouth. Their tongues dueled as they glided behind teeth and along the roofs of each other’s mouth. He returned his hand to her breast, teasing her nipple as he continued the deep kiss. She could feel his erection pressing against her thigh, but she was in no hurry to encourage him to use it. The gentleness of his kiss and the timidness of his touch was as erotic as the force and ferocity that she had experienced with Willis and Dean.

She thought she could spend the rest of the night kissing him and struggled not to be disappointed when he left her mouth to nibble his way down her throat as he moved back to her breast. He squeezed just the nipple between his lips, still massaging the other breast with his hand. He closed his teeth around it, tugging it gently. She moaned his name softly in encouragement. Her hand roamed his back and she could feel his trembling, tense muscles as he attempted to maintain control. He shifted his body till he was stretched between her legs and guided his cock into her waiting pussy. She saw panic in his eyes as her wet heat enfolded him. “Shhh,” she whispered. “Easy. Think of something else.” He nodded and looked up, keeping his body still, his shaft still buried inside her. She saw a calm come over his face, his focus change, and then he began moving. His hips moved slowly, lacking the rhythm and power of Willis or the enthusiasm of Dean, but still wonderful as he became more certain of himself. His mouth found hers as he rocked slowly in and out of her. He quickened slightly and after a few moments, she was aware of him trying to regain control.

He slid his hand between them, working his fingers into the folds of her wet pussy to find her hard clit. He began rubbing it in circles. “I…I want you…to cum with me,” he gasped. She relaxed, trying to match his intensity. She released a moan, her thighs gripping his hips as he slapped harder and faster into her, plunging forward with youthful exuberance. His fingers worked faster, trying to push her to the top before he plunged into oblivion. She whispered soft encouragements, her hips rising to meet his eager thrusts. When he couldn’t hold back any longer, he let loose with a rush of air, every muscle in his body quivering. She could feel him shaking beneath her hands as she soothed him. He collapsed next to her, still struggling to breath, a fine film of sweat on his body.

She laid her hand on his chest, her fingers dancing lightly, feeling his rapidly beating heart. He covered her hand with his own as his heart rate slowed and his breathing evened out. She thought he might have fallen asleep when he suddenly spoke. “You didn’t finish.”

“It’s all right,” she assured, her fingers making circles around his nipples.

He raised up, looking at her in the dark room, and then pushed her back again. He smiled silently as he inched down her body, kissing each of her nipples and leaving a wet trail down her stomach. Bobby slid his arms beneath her thighs, lifting and spreading them. He bowed his head and danced his tongue along her tender pussy lips. She inhaled sharply as he glided it deeper, tasting her depths. When he touched her clit, her hips came off the bed. He grabbed her ass and held her to him as he dragged his tongue along her throbbing button. He curled his tongue and slid it into her canal, thrusting it in and out in a rapid imitation of his cock. She moaned loudly, her fists gripping the be dsheets, her head tilted back, as his tongue moved faster, switching between her clit and her canal. Like his lovemaking, he was awkward, but made up for it with his eagerness to please her. Focused solely on her, instead of struggling for his own control, he was able to take his time. A quick learner, he would pull back and slow down just when she thought she was going to go over the top. He pushed her to the edge again and again, but would change tactics each time she got close. Soon, she was writhing in his hands, pleading with him to stop the relentless teasing.

She was so lost in the sensations radiating in wild circles from wherever Bobby’s tongue touched her that she wasn’t aware of the weight on the bed shifting. There was a weight on her chest, and then her mouth was full of cock. Bobby’s tongue was still dancing, and she opened her eyes to see Dean smiling down at her. He lifted and began rocking his hips, sliding in and out of her mouth just as Bobby finally released her, allowing her to plummet over the edge and into the great abyss. She cried out as she lost control, but the noise was muffled by the throbbing cock in her throat.

Bobby wasted no time. He shifted around, lifted her legs to his shoulders, and plunged inside her. Dean’s hips were barely moving as he nudged the head of his cock in and out of her throat, but Bobby was thrashing. He slammed into her fiercely, no longer caring about her pleasure, only his own. He had played her enough with his mouth, though, that she crested again before he did. Screaming around Dean’s cock sent him over the edge, and he grunted as her mouth filled with his cum. Bobby was still thrusting as Dean returned to the other bed. He placed his hands on either side of her head to give himself complete leverage. He pistoned himself into her pussy, driving his cock deep, until he emptied inside of her with a primal cry.

He collapsed beside her, pleased with his performance. They were both gasping, chests rising and falling, her breasts heaving. “That was the most amazing thing I have ever experienced,” he exclaimed once he had caught his breath.

She rolled into him, resting her head on his shoulder, her eyes begin to droop in exhaustion. She glided her hand down his sweat-slick stomach to grip and squeeze his flaccid cock. “Now you can say you have had experience.”

When she woke again, Bobby was snoring beside her. She rolled to her back and stretched, moaning softly as she did. “Sore?” A voice asked in the darkness, startling her. Her eyes flew across the room, attempting to find the source of the noise. Finally, she saw a smile and two white eyes and the glowing end of a cigarette in the corner and realized Willis was sitting in one of the chairs in the corner.

“A little,” she answered as she rolled toward him. She stepped out of the bed and crossed the cool room toward him, reaching above her head to stretch her lithe body. He ground out the cigarette and placed his hands on her hips, sliding them over her ribcage lightly. He traced under her breasts, then around her puckered nipples. He placed the pads of his thumbs on them, rotating them as he cupped her soft, supple globes. She closed her eyes and sighed, tilting her head back to enjoy the attention. His fingers raked down her stomach and he nudged her legs apart. She opened to him, shuddering a little as he playfully danced his fingertips along her slit. She slipped his fingers between her lips and found her clit. He rubbed his fingers against it until she moaned softly.

“Sore, but not finished,” he chuckled softly. He pulled her forward, guiding her knees to either side of him. She straddled him on the chair and he helped her find his hard cock in the darkness, guiding it into her slick canal. She settled onto him, burying his rock deep inside of her body till she felt she would burst. She placed her hands on his shoulders as he adjusted his hips in the chair. His hands came back to her breasts, cupping and squeezing them before bending his head to them. He took one soft breast in his mouth, sucking on it, licking the nipple, then tugging it with his teeth as his fingertips teased the other. She began moving up and down, lifting her hips slightly and gliding back down, pushing him deeper.

Willis moved his hands to her waist to guide her, leaning his head back as they quickened their pace. She leaned forward and kissed his open lips, slipping her tongue into his mouth. They moved faster, attempting to hold onto each other’s mouth as they slammed up and down. When she tore her mouth free to catch her breath, his licked his way down her throat and attempted to capture her bouncing breasts. He threw his head back and growled at the ceiling as he lifted his hips, thrusting into her as she slammed against him. She felt herself peaking way too soon but could do nothing to control it. She bucked violently against him as she felt the world explode around her again.

She slumped against him, panting against his shoulder. He stood, still buried deep inside her, and she wrapped her legs around his waist. He carried her to the bathroom. Somehow, he managed to get them in the shower and turn on the hot water. She lowered one foot to the ground but kept the other hooked over his hip. He smiled at her as he began slowly thrusting in and out, the movements steady. Each forward thrust was accompanied by a sharp jerk upward as a punctuation. By the end, she was begging him to stop and simultaneously afraid he would. “Cum with me,” he growled in her ear, slapping his hand against her ass as he released inside her. She followed.

She wasn’t sure how she got back in bed, but she woke before all three of the soldiers. She quietly gathered her stuff and dressed. She paused at the door, smiling at the naked men sleeping soundly, before slipping out to catch a cab to the airport. She met up with Ellen inside the main terminal outside their airline offices. Ellen raised her eyebrows with a teasing smile. “How are you this morning?”

“Exhausted,” Sonia answered. “I hope we get a jump seat back to New York and don’t have to work a flight.” She faltered a step when she looked up to see the major making his way toward her. She stilled and waited until he looked up. When their eyes made contact, she smiled warmly. He nodded back but continued walking past her without speaking. Her eyes followed him until he was out of sight. When she returned her attention to Ellen, her friend was smirking. Sonia shrugged. “I’m hopeless.”

“Nah, you’re just a sucker for a man in uniform.”

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