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Rachel Realises Our Fantasy

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I was hooked on a couple of chat rooms. Hours seemed to pass as I enjoyed the conversation of people from around the world. Of course there was also plenty of sex talk which made them even more addictive. Over a period of 2 or 3 months I was spending an increasing amount of time chatting with one girl in particular.

Rachel was from another state, so we never really chatted about meeting up, we just enjoyed cyber sex and chatting in general. After a while we exchanged photographs, and lets just say I was not disappointed. Rachel was stunning and just oozed sex. I am 31 years old, slim to medium build, 5’8, dark hair which is receding a little. Overall I would say I am not a bad looking guy. Rachel was 20, 6 foot, slim body, small breasts, which she liked to push up and flaunt by the looks of her photo and short dark brown hair.

Suddenly after all this time chatting and no talk of meeting Rachel said she was coming to town for the weekend. She said she could not stand the sexual tension any longer and just had to have sex with me. What can a guy say to that, except ‘excellent’. She had a condition though – that she be left in charge of everything. All she would say was that she wanted to liberate me in keeping with a discussion we had had.

Well now I was left to wonder. We had discussed many fantasies over many discussions – what was he referring to. For the most part our fantasies involved settings which turned us on – you know like a beach or in the woods.

Rachel called me on Friday night to tell me she had just checked into the hotel. She was ready for our meeting and I was to come over immediately.

I was nervous when I knocked her door. I was nervous because I was meeting this girl I had spent so much time chatting to and because I had no idea what was install for me. I was also nervous because I knew more than likely I was about to have the best sex of my life.

When the door opened I was not disappointed and I could feel an immediate stirring below. She was every bit as beautiful as her picture showed. She was wearing black see-through negligee. Underneath she had a black lace bra and g-string. We kissed almost politely at first – but then more passionately. I was so horny right now I thought I would burst right out of my pants.

After a few minutes Rachel broke off the kiss and started to make some small talk about how good it was to finally see each other face to face. She said she had been thinking about us meeting for a while but had decided she wanted to make it special and memorable. She said she wanted to do something to liberate me and explore my fantasies and hers at the same time. I asked for a clue as to what she had in mind, but she insisted on me just going with the flow and agreeing to trust her and do as she asked. In the face of such a gorgeous woman, how could I do anything other than agree.

Rachel knew I had not had time to shower before coming over so she through me a towel and pointed to the bathroom. After I had been in the shower for a couple of minutes I came to the realization that my first guess was wrong – she was not going to join me in the shower. When she heard the water go off, Rachel yelled out to me to just put on the robe behind the door. When I opened the door to the bedroom I was greeted by a darkened room with a few candles now providing the only light. The sheets had been changed and replaced with a silk set and Rachel had removed her bra and panties form underneath her negligee and was now lying on the bed. I had only taken a couple of steps towards when she asked me to close my eyes. I heard some movement and then I felt her hands around my eyes – she then tied a piece of material on to blindfold me. Then there was some more movement before Rachel said it was time for me to disrobe. I could feel her eyes on me as she studied my every inch – 7 of which was standing to attention.

“Mmmmm you have some body there. I have dreamed for so long about this – this night will be more perfect than you could have imagined I promise. Do you trust me?” she asked. To which I nodded.

Then I felt her hands stroke my face and work their way down my chest and over my legs, then back up through my public hairs, She pushed my hands back so I was now supporting myself against the bed head. She teased my cock for a moment with the backs of her fingers. My cock pulsed as I felt the warmth and wetness of a mouth on me. Very quickly we were into a rhythm as I thrust forward into the mouth. It was like heaven and there was no question that I was in the mouth of an expert. I began to moan as I edged close to releasing my first load of the evening. Then all of a sudden the sensation stopped. Rachel said “I’m not ready for you to cum just yet.”

She led me onto the bed and let me run my hands over her body. I felt her shiver as I touched her mound. I could tell there was only a small trace of a line of hair making her even more sensitive to my touch. She was very and every bit as horny as me. I sucked on her nipples and breasts through her negligee and then pressed my hardness against her thigh as we kissed. Rachel then rolled me over so she was on top. She whispered in my ear that it was time to continue to make our fantasies come true. With her knees on either side of my chest she leaned forward and undid the blindfold. As I looked into her eyes I caught a glimpse of a shadow which caught me on edge. Rachel kissed me and then moved off me. “This is Sean.” There he was alright a 6’1 well toned naked man, with not a trace of hair on his body other than his head, standing right before me. I nodded at him and he smiled.

“We never fantasied about 3-somes together Rachel.” I queried.

“No we didn’t and this is not about a threesome – I bought him for you.” She said.

I was taken off guard. I was thinking about once or twice when we talked about being watched – but it was never by a naked man. It was only ever by mysterious eyes who we could never quite make out.

Rachel continued, “We only talked about this once, but I knew from that point that I wanted to make it happen for you. I never told you then, but it has always been a fantasy of mine to watch a straight man with a gay guy for the first time. To watch him suck his first cock, taste his juices and feel his hardness grow inside you.”

I was stunned, because it all suddenly came to back to me. In a moment of weakness I had said in one of our chats that it would be interesting to see what it was like to be with a guy, but only if I had my lover with me – that it would be about the sexual experience. Until now I had forgotten that conversation. It was in the early days of our chatting and foolishly I had said this – thinking we would never meet and probably hoping that it would lead to conversations about her and another woman – which it never did. Now here I was with this gorgeous woman waiting to watch me with this guy. The truth was I had thought a few times about what it would be like to be with a guy. But I have also thought about jumping out of a plain – I had no intention of doing either. I was confused now, but excited at the same time. In that instant I also realised I did not have too much choice here. I reasoned that if I was ever going to experiment it was best with someone who did not know any of my friends or family.

Sean moved toward me now. He licked his lips and told me my cock had tasted nice. Rachel giggled cheekily. It was Sean who had been sucking my cock and not her. He then kissed my lips lightly and then pushed my head down his chest and toward his nipples. His body was so hard. It seemed strange to be kissing a chest with no breasts. I could feel every muscle in his body as I licked and kissed my way down. He pushed me down onto my knees now. Rachel meanwhile was right behind me, encouraging me to fulfill my fantasy. I could tell she was getting extremely turned on as her pussy was glistening in the candlelight.

I touched Sean’s cock with the outside of my fingers and then did the same to his balls. I watched for his reaction and encouragement. Unlike me, he was paying not attention to Rachel at all. “I like straight guys – I like you becoming my slut for your women. It’s time you tasted a cock. How can you expect her to taste yours if you don’t know the pleasures yourself.” Said Sean.

With that he thrust his growing cock at my lips. I tasted some precum as I focused in on the meat in front of me. It suddenly occurred to me how gorgeous Sean was. He could have been a male stripper with the body he has. It was turning me on seeing his cock – especially with not a trace of hair in site. I opened my mouth and let him push his thick shaft in. I closed my lips around it and tasted cock for the first time. I was in heaven. It tasted better than I could have imagined. I was getting more focused now, and I had almost forgotten Rachel was there until I heard her encouraging me.

I sucked hard now on Sean as he started to really fuck my face. I almost had to pinch myself to believe this was happening. I was on my knees with a cock in my mouth and loving it. Sean built up a real rhythm now.

“C’mon – you want to taste your first load of cum don’t you? I’m gonna give it to you now so don’t stop” said Sean And with that he started to groan loudly and I felt his cock start to pulse in my mouth. I opened wide and sucked hard, taking almost all of his cock in. That did it and I felt his load hit the back of my throat and quickly fill my mouth. I swallowed some as he pulled it out and jerked his cock, aiming the cum all over my face. The taste was sweet and salty at the same time. It was hornier than I could have imagined. As I was licking the cum up I saw Rachel explode in orgasm. She was on the chair with her fingers buried deep inside her pussy. Seeing her and realizing what I had just done made me harder than ever.

Sean lifted me up and kissed passionately, tasting his own juices from tongue and licking some off my face. I was dizzy with excitement as I heard Rachel explode again. Sean then pinned me down on the bed and pushed his hard body against mine. Our cocks were rubbing together. I could not believe that he was getting hard again so quickly. He whispered in my ear “it’s time for you to feel what a real man is like. It’s time for my straight boy to take his first cock in his virgin ass. You want it bad don’t you?” I looked at Rachel, who had paused for a moment to nod some encouragement.

Sean rolled me over, placing a pillow under my cock so my ass was in the air. He lay on top me, so I could feel his entire weight on my body. His cock pressed against my leg. He kissed his down to my ass and then buried his face in it. His tongue opened up my hole. I could see Rachel in the mirror above the bed. “Enjoy your first rimming. Then you will be ready for what I know you have always wanted – as have I – to see you being fucked for the first time.”

I wanted to reassess what I was doing now, but there was no time. Sean hit a spot with his tongue that almost made me cum without a finger being laid on my cock. I was experiencing too much pleasure now to think. Then Sean’s tongue moved out. The cold on the wetness made my hole feel empty. He then said “you want it now don’t you straight boy?” I don’t think he waited for my answer or really cared at this point. I felt the tip of his cock on my hole and then I felt it push in. My cries of pain were clocked out by the pillow under my face. It did not hurt as much as I thought, because Sean had done a good job rimming me and opening me up. His cock started to push in more with each of his thrusts. I was so focused that I could barely make out Rachel’s muffled screams as she orgasmed again and again while Sean was telling me I was his slut and that I was so nice and tight. I did not care that he was telling me I was now officially bi and that my ass would always belong to his cock. All I cared about was this cock in me and how good it felt. Sean fucked for at least 15 minutes in that position. Then without warning he pulled out.

“I want to see your face when I cum inside you slut boy,” he said

He then flipped me over and pulled my legs over his shoulders, sliding his cock deep inside me. I looked at Rachel and smiled. She was drenched in sweat. She was definitely enjoying the show as much as I was enjoying being a part of it. Sean began to fuck me again, harder and faster than before. After a few minutes, I felt his cock stiffen and twitch inside me, then he exploded in orgasm. He was moaning loudly as he continued to thrust, ordering me to clinch my ass and drain every last drop from his cock.

When he pulled his cock from me, it felt like something was missing. My ass was sore, but I did not care.

Sean looked at Rachel now for direction. She disappeared for a moment and then returned with money in her hands. “Thank you for everything,” she said. Sean quickly dressed.

“You were a great fuck. You better call me soon slut boy, I’ll need to work some more on that body of yours.” Sean then smiled at me, pulled out one of his business cards and left it next to my clothes.

As the door shut behind Sean, Rachel came over and kissed me. “You have no idea how hot that was. You made me so horny. I must have cum a dozen times. I know you enjoyed it too. I bet now you are thinking – am I gay? Well don’t think about it now, because I bet by this time tomorrow, you’ll know that you are still a gorgeous straight boy, who sometimes like to experience sex with a man.”

Rachel had obviously thought about what she would say at that point. She was right, I knew that already. I loved being with Sean and the experience, but I would never love a guy. I would also never lust a guy in quite the same way that I was now focused on lusting and making love to Rachel. Although I think I might call Sean again sometime just to be sure.

We jumped in the shower, and for the first time I got to soak in Rachel’s naked body. I ate her pussy out while the water streamed over our heads and bodies. We then made it into bed and I fucked her like I had never fucked anyone before. We made love and fucked for hours. It truly was all my fantasies come true that night.

I hope you enjoyed the story – love to get some feedback form you and correspond if you like. I take requests also for story ideas.

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