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That Time Again

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I opened Jen’s bedroom door and stood on the threshold for a moment. Jen was curled on her bed, her knees drawn up to her chest and her arms wrapped around her legs. She rocked, slowly and gently, her breath hissing. I could see the muscles at the base of her spine knotting tightly and I guessed that she was wracked by cramps. It was after noon on a bright fall Saturday and she was still in bed naked, except for an old pair of white cotton panties. Her breath hissed again and she groaned as another cramp tightened her belly.

A packet of painkillers lay, opened, on the nightstand next to a glass of water. On the floor, a hot water bottle, cool now, lay where it had fallen off the bed. Jen’s face tightened as the cramp gripped her belly like a vice. I moved across the room and gently massaged her back, digging my fingers into the knotted muscle and slowly coaxing her to straighten her legs and lie on her back.

Sitting on the edge of her bed, I began to stroke Jen’s smooth skin, massaging and caressing the taut muscles, forcing them to relax. I kneaded the taut muscles with my fingertips, slowly easing the knots out of them. Jen sighed as her tensions ebbed away. She closed her eyes and relaxed under my hands, as I caressed her, slowly and gently.

Gliding my hand over the silky skin of her belly, I ran my fingertips along the waistband of her panties and then onto the triangle of soft cotton. My hand slid over the mound of her pussy, pressing gently. Jen looked away, blushing, as my fingers found a bulge in her panties. Her face shone crimson as I moved my hand over the tops of her thighs.

“I started my period this morning,” she whispered, “and I hadn’t got any tampons, so I had to use a pad instead”

I leaned forward and slowly kissed her lips, feeling her mouth open and the caress of her tongue as she sucked mine gently into her mouth. Her tender breasts were taut and swollen, the points of her nipples hard and erect. My fingers curled around the firm globe of her breast, the tips of my fingers trapping her throbbing nipple. Jen whimpered into my mouth as I squeezed her nipple, gently.

“That’s not fair,” she squeaked, “you know how horny I get on my period and how I get hot when you play with my nipples.”

I smiled and kissed the tip of her nipple, slipping the swollen bud between my lips and sucking slowly, running my tongue across the tip and around the base, lapping gently at the puffy, crinkled, island at the base of her nipple. Jen sobbed and pulled me closer to her. I sucked harder, drawing her nipple into my mouth and tasting the salt on her skin. Jen moaned loudly and squirmed, arching her back to push her nipple against my mouth.

My hand was pressing firmly against the pad in her panties, squeezing it against the tender mound of her pussy. I could feel her tilting her hips so that the pressure was concentrated on her clit and I knew that, in a few moments, her lust would overcome the pain of her cramps and she would want, no need, me to fuck her.

I slid off the side of the bed and padded through to the bathroom, leaving Jen gasping on the bed, a long wail of frustration slipping from between her clenched teeth. I filled a bowl with warm water, splashed a drop of bath foam into it and carried it, with a towel and a washcloth, back into the bedroom. I put the bowl by the bed and hooked my fingers in the elastic of Jen’s panties, then pulled them slowly down her long legs. The pad inside her panties clung to her sticky pussy and I had to slowly peel it away from her skin, leaving brown streaks of clotted blood. Dipping the cloth into the water, I gently wiped her bare pussy clean, slowly moving the warm, damp cloth over her tender mound. Jen closed her eyes and sighed, moaning softly when my fingers moved the cloth across the tip of her clit.

Jen opened her eyes and looked straight into my face. I could see that, from her expression, her raging hormones were plunging her into a torment of arousal. Her nipples were swollen and erect, like hard pellets, while her pussy oozed bloodstained nectar down the cleft between her buttocks and onto the sheets. Slowly she slid her hand down her belly and dipped her finger between the lips of her pussy. With a long, sighing, moan Jen pressed her finger deep inside herself. A tiny shiver rippled through her body, her eyes clouding, and then she eased her finger out again, covered in a bright sheen of blood. Jen lifted her finger to her mouth and slipped her finger into her mouth, then used the tip to paint the curve of her lips bright scarlet.

Jen puckered her reddened lips into a pout and I leaned forward, kissing her mouth slowly. Her lips were hot and I tasted the hot metal of her blood, smeared across them. Jen moaned again, louder this time, and I ran my fingertips over the top of her thigh, sliding them across the damp skin of her mound. I could feel the muscles beneath her skin fluttering like trapped butterflies and the smooth plain of her belly harden as her stomach tightened. My fingers slid closer to her pussy, gliding over her silky skin until I could nudge my fingertips between the tender lips and touch the hard pearl of her clit. Jen spread her legs a little wider and sucked on my tongue, reaching between us with her hand to press my fingers more firmly against her clit. I could feel warm slippery blood oozing from between the lips of her pussy and my fingers were slick with it as I stroked them along her pussy.

I moved my fingers away from her pussy and unbuttoned my pants, guiding her hand inside to touch my cock through the cloth of my briefs. Jen gasped as her fingers brushed against my hot, swollen cock and she turned her head to whisper into my ear.

“Your cock seems ready for you to fuck me, darling,” she sighed, “Will you fuck me. Please”

“Turn over on your hands and knees.” I ordered her.

Jen rolled onto her belly and lifted her tight ass in the air. A thin trickle of blood seeped from between her pussy lips and rolled down the inside of her thigh. Slowly, she lowered her head to the pillow and moved her knees a little further apart, spreading her wet pussy. I pushed my briefs down and shrugged out of my shirt, so that we were both naked. Her ass cheeks were smooth and silky as I rested my hands on them to slide my fingers to the lips of her pussy and open her for my cock. Her pussy was tight and wet with her blood and my fingers were quickly stained as I worked the tips along her slit, dipping them inside her and slowly stretching her, ready for my cock.

Jen wriggled a little and rocked backwards, trying to draw my fingers deeper into her pussy. She lowered her head further, so that her ass drew tighter and the puffy, swollen lips of her pussy showed pinkly between her thighs. A drop of blood fell from her pussy onto the white linen of the sheets as she moved. Jen groaned, pleading without words for me to plunge my cock or my fingers deep inside her. I rested my hand on the base of her spine and held her still, while I pressed my finger slowly into her pussy, pushing and turning my wrist to torment her a little more. Her belly cramped as her pussy rippled gently against my finger and she whimpered softly. My fingertip brushed against her hard clit making her lift her head and cry out.

“You are a dirty little girl,” I laughed, “wanting my cock in your greedy cunt. Is that what you want? Tell me and you might get what you ask for.”

“Yes,” she sobbed, “I want to feel your cock in my pussy, I want to be fucked hard and deep in my bleeding cunt. Please fuck me, darling.”

Taking hold of the base of my cock, I slowly guided the swollen head between the lips of her pussy, nuzzling it along the length of her crack and smearing it with her blood. Jen shivered as my cock slid along her sensitive lips and a tiny gush of blood and nectar moistened the head of my cock. As slowly and gently as I could, I pressed the head of my cock against the opening to her pussy, feeling it stretch as I eased the swollen knob inside her.

Jen turned her head to look at me over her shoulder and I watched her eyes widen and her mouth make an ‘O’ as I thrust my cock slowly into her womb. I watched her face, looking down the curve of her back and seeing the fan of her hair spread over the pillow, as I gripped her hips and pulled her back against my loins. The slap of my heavy balls against the backs of her thighs was almost as loud as the deep groan she let slip past her parted lips. I could feel the tensing of her muscles as my cock filled her pussy. Jen let her head fall back onto the pillow and she raised her ass higher, letting the tip of my cock press harder against the opening to her womb.

Gradually, I moved my cock back and forth, rocking Jen on her knees. Easing my cock out of her pussy, until only the tip stayed between the lips, I held her still, blood oozing over my cock and the tops of her thighs and then, taking a deep breath, rammed the length of my cock, as hard as I could, into her hot, dripping pussy. Jen screamed and shuddered, as though an electric current was ripping along her nerves. I could feel the spasms, deep in her pussy, rippling along the shaft of my cock, caressing it like a thousand silken fingers.

Jen’s back shone with sweat and the smell of her pussy, hot and metallic, like a coin in the sunlight, filled the room. Her hair was matted to her forehead as she twisted around to look at me, then back so that she could look past her tender breasts at my cock, embedded in her bleeding pussy. She was incredibly wet, this period being heavier than usual, and her blood was smeared over the shaven mound of her sex and the tops of her thighs. Her legs were trembling and she could barely support herself, as I worked my cock in and out of her pussy, thrusting sharply, then pausing to slide in and out exquisitely slowly. Every thrust was followed by a grunt, then a sob, as my cock drove the air out of her lungs. Her groans were almost continuous and she had her hands bunched, gripping the bedclothes in tight fists.

Easing my cock about halfway out of her pussy, I gently gripped her buttocks, pulling the cheeks apart with my fingertips to reveal the dark, puckered ring of her asshole. Slowly I rocked back and forth, a fraction of an inch at a time and captured a little of her blood and nectar from the entrance to her pussy on the tip of my thumb. Then, before she could protest, I pressed my thumb against her asshole, sinking it all the way inside, up to my palm. Jen bucked and squealed, moving her pussy on my cock and then pushed back, taking my cock into her pussy and my thumb back into her ass. Her pussy convulsed, gripping my cock like iron and her belly cramped, bringing a scream of pain and pleasure mingled together. Her pussy tightened and I could feel her ass gripping my thumb as she began to cum on my cock. Blood gushed out of her pussy and covered my cock and balls as she came and came again.

Gradually her cries became quieter and quieter, mixed with gasps and sighs as I slid my hard, thick cock easily in and out of her pussy. Her thighs were smeared with hot blood and cum from her pussy, leaving reddish streaks against her smooth, pale skin. Jen relaxed a little, her belly tightening, then softening again as her pussy convulsed, gently this time. Her pussy gripped my cock like an oiled silk glove and I could feel the powerful muscles rippling against the shaft of my cock. Moving back a little further than before, I eased my cock out of her pussy with a soft ‘plop’, a thin ribbon of blood from her slit dripping from the tip.

I turned her, gently, onto her back, with the pillows beneath her shoulders, so that she could look down her belly at the bloody mound of her pussy. She smiled dirtily at the sight of her blood spattered thighs and the tender lips of her pussy gaping, ready for my cock. Jen’s mouth opened in a sexy pout as she watched me taking hold of the base of my cock and guiding the swollen head along her tight slit. Her pussy was slippery and warm as my cock nestled between the swollen lips. Her breath sighed from her mouth as I thrust slowly into her dripping slit. Jen arched her back to meet me, tilting her pussy so that my cock slid as deep inside her as it could. Curling my arms behind her knees, I pushed them back onto her chest and pinned her to the bed. Her pussy squelched and slurped as I pounded my cock forcefully into her, the bed creaking beneath us. I felt my throbbing cock swell even further and I arched my back to drive it hard into her pussy. Jen cried out as the tip of my cock brushed her womb and she felt the stiffening of my cock. My balls tightened and I could feel the cum bubbling deep inside. I leaned forward further, until my mouth was by her ear.

“I’m going to cum inside you,” I whispered, “right inside your cunt.”

“God, yess,” she moaned, “fuck me hard, cum in my bloody cunt.”

Her hair was plastered to her head with sweat, as she thrashed on the pillows, begging for my cum inside her. I kissed her mouth, thrusting my tongue past her lips as my cock began to spurt in her pussy, flinging a steam of creamy cum into her pussy. My cock squeezed thick gouts of cum into her pussy, until the slimy mixture of blood and cum oozed down the cleft of her ass.

As my cock subsided and slowly shrank, I could feel it sliding out of her pussy, until it slipped from between the lips with a soft slurping sound. Our tongues were still twined together and Jen was panting into my mouth. Slowly we rolled apart, and she stretched out on the sheets, feeling the sticky patch beneath her ass where her juices and blood had pooled.

“Now you can have your dessert.” I murmured into her ear.

Jen raised an eyebrow and shook her head, “God no, Andrew, my pussy is sore from the hard fuck you’ve given me.” she whimpered.

I laughed and kneeled by her head, my filthy cock inches from her lips. Jen’s eyes widened in understanding and she opened her mouth, sliding the head of my cock gently between her lips. Her hot tongue flickered over the sensitive surface, capturing the last drops of cum from the eye of my cock. Lovingly she lapped at the head and shaft with her tongue, cleaning my cock of our mingled fluids. When she was satisfied she had licked away every last drop and smear, she moved her head to my shaven balls and slowly slipped them, one at a time, into her mouth, sucking them clean.

When she had finished licking every trace of blood and cum from my cock and balls, she slowly sat up and headed for the bathroom. A moment later, I heard the sound of water cascading into the bath and she poked her head around the door frame with a cheeky grin.

“I loved that darling,” she cooed, now you can wash my back and then take me for a proper dinner.”

I smiled and climbed off the bed, thinking that dinner could be even more delayed.

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