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That Photo!

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Daniel sat stunned! He just simply could not believe his own reaction to that photograph. Ok, so it was an erotic, perhaps even obscene, photograph, but he had seen erotic photography before without such an immediate and extreme reaction. But here he was, turned on like never before!

Daniel had an obsession. He loved to have his partner tied to the bed, legs and arms spread starfish fashion, and it gave him the greatest thrill to tease and torment them until they almost begged for release into orgasm. He would then tease some more before granting their wish and then, and only then, making love in the more accepted sense. Now, while willing partners were not impossible to come by, this was not everyone’s cup of tea, and since his last ladylove had walked out on him, calling him a ‘weirdo’, ‘control freak’ and worse, he had been unable to fully satisfy his very particular desires.

It was to end this fetish famine that Daniel had joined an online adult contact site, where he expected to find more likeminded souls. All he had to do was to type in the word “bondage” and click search and his wishes would be granted, – he believed. It didn’t turn out to be quite as simple as that. Certainly there were quite a few members who were into bondage, but most were also into S & M, which Daniel wasn’t, and most also just wished to be trussed like the proverbial chicken and left, rather than just immobilised and teased. However, there were some that fitted the bill, though by the time he had taken out those that lived too far away or were way outside of his preferred age range, ten years either side of his own forty-one, he was left with the grand total of five “possibles”, and it was while sorting through these five that he had come across “that” photograph.

So, just what was so very special about that picture? Well the simple fact of the matter was that it was of a very erect male organ, long, thick, circumcised, and obviously very aroused, with a little bead of love juice on the tip. But Daniel was a straight guy, always had been and always expected to be. He had never considered himself as even slightly bisexual, let alone gay! Yet here he was looking longingly at this penis and sporting the biggest erection he had had for years! He couldn’t understand it – but he couldn’t help it, either! Was he turning? He hoped not!

Daniel read the member’s details and found that the penis belonged to a thirty-seven year old married but bicurious man named Mike who shared Daniel’s fetish, but from the opposite point of view. Mike’s kick was to be made “helpless and available” (his words) and to be teased until he climaxed. He had, he said, never had sex of any kind with a man, but wanted to try being sucked, wanked and teased by a man while until he came, and then fucked up his arse, all the time made helpless to resist! Daniel wasn’t sure about the fucking bit, but he found his straightness was easily bending enough to make him want to try the wanking and teasing bit, and possibly the sucking bit too. He just had to contact this man.


That was three weeks ago, and now Daniel sat waiting nervously for Mike to arrive. In that time the two men had got in touch, e-mailed each other, talked on the ‘phone, and each had come to appreciate where the other was coming from. Mike understood Daniel’s reticence, as a straight man, when it came to the fucking bit and simply said it was optional but he would like to try it if the mood was right. Daniel, on the other hand, understood Mike’s slight reluctance to allow himself to be rendered helpless in a strange man’s bedroom without some safeguard and had agreed to Mike’s wife, Sinead, accompanying him, though preferably not right into the bedroom as Daniel felt that this would inhibit him. Both, to each of their profound reliefs, had voiced a reluctance to kiss a member of the same sex, and that was ruled out by mutual consent. Now, with the scene set, bed restraints in place, blindfold ready, tissues, KY, and condoms (just in case he felt extra adventurous) to hand, Daniel waited anxiously to meet the owner of that beautiful penis!

The doorbell rang and Daniel jumped up, only to stand uncertainly for a few seconds before going to answer, as his nerve almost failing him. Mike was a tall blond man, slightly yet athletically built, wearing glasses and a very nervous grin. Sinead had the gorgeous dark Irish look that her name suggested and an open dimpled smile. She was almost as tall as Mike, maybe 5’9″ to his 5’11”, with a beautiful slim figure enclosed in an elegant terracotta trouser suit. For a moment Daniel wondered if he could maybe suggest a threesome, but then common sense intervened and told him not to spoil his chances with Mike’s cock.

“Come in both of you”

The couple followed Daniel into the living room and sat quietly while he made coffees. When he returned Sinead broke the silence before it could become awkward.

“Mike and I have talked a lot about this, this, this fantasy he has”. She was finding it difficult to vocalise. “And we want you to be sure that I’m in full agreement – but I’m just a little concerned for his safety, I’m sure you understand?” There was a very slight Irish lilt to her voice.

“No problem” replied Daniel, “I’d be the same”.

“So we’ve agreed….,” She continued, still with difficulty. “That I should be with him while you restrain him, tie him up, er down, – whichever! – and then I’ll go into another room. But I won’t come back in unless either of you calls me by name, or I have reason to think Mike is in trouble, is that ok with you?”

“Again – not a problem” said Daniel. “That’ll suit me fine”

From then until coffees were finished the conversation wandered from subject to subject, but always returning tentatively to the mechanics of the evening. It seemed that by some unspoken agreement the coffees were made to last until all three were happy with the arrangements. But eventually the time came when the cups were empty and the trio made their way into the main bedroom of Daniel’s bungalow.

Mike immediately began to undress, it having been agreed that Daniel would remain clothed while Sinead was present. While Mike disrobed, tossing his clothes onto a bedside chair, Daniel could see Sinead passing a puzzled look over the straps attached to the bed.

“Why are there three pairs” She asked suddenly. “I mean, I can see that one pair are for wrists and another for ankles, but what about the other pair halfway along the bed?”

For a moment Daniel froze in embarrassment. “They are for holding Mike’s legs back – in case…” He said eventually!

“Oh yes. That makes sense.” Sinead obviously didn’t share Daniel’s embarrassment, for the words seemed to come easily and she appeared content with the explanation. By this time Mike was naked and climbing onto the bed ready for his fantasy to be made reality. Daniel looked the man over – the only man he had ever wanted to touch sexually – and was relieved to see he was smooth skinned. A hirsute body would not have helped his fledgling bi-sexuality. But he was not so happy to see that Mike’s penis was flaccid, for in his version of the fantasy it was always in an erect state and he wasn’t keen on having to stimulate a man to arousal.

Mike laid himself out on the bed, stretched his arms out and spread his legs wide, making himself ready for his fetters, that sight ensuring that Daniel, at least, had a hard on! Sinead then went to one side of the bed and Daniel to the other, and began fastening the straps around Mike’s wrists and ankles. The effect on Mike was immediate. To Daniels relief and delight the soft penis stirred and became jerkily erect, until it looked just as it had in that photograph! Daniel lost any misgivings he might have had and was now very ready to begin.

Sinead bent over her husband, fitted the blindfold in place and kissed him lightly on the lips before she turned to Daniel. “Give him a good time,” she said. “I know how much he’s wanted this”. With that she turned and walked past the end of the bed to the door, pausing there to ask “You don’t mind if I watch TV, do you? I don’t want the sound of you two playing to get to me!”

Daniel again momentarily contemplated a threesome and again dismissed it as fantasy, before nodding his assent and watching her leave. He did notice, however, that she purposely left the door part way open, presumably to hear if she were called.

He turned back to the bed and the erect object of his lust, just standing and staring at it for what seemed like an age. Mike was very clearly extremely turned on. His cock was rock hard and reddened, he was moving his hips ever so slightly in an unconscious encouragement to Daniel, his mouth was just a little open and his breathing rapid.

“This is it” thought Daniel and knelt by the bed, reaching out towards “that” cock. The first touch was very tentative, just a forefinger gently stroking the underside from base to tip, but it had an instantaneous effect. Mike gasped and tensed and his cock jerked in a little spasm of its own. Daniel did it again, with the same result, and then again, repeating the stroke perhaps a dozen times with that single finger before putting thumb and forefinger around Mike’s shaft to gently grip and stroke him up and down. Mike groaned with pleasure and Daniel grinned with excitement, any problem with Mike’s gender already forgotten! He loosened his grip on Mike’s shaft so that he was merely caressing it’s length, his finger and thumb just skating over Mike’s skin from the base of the shaft to the tip where his thumb gently rubbing the glans before beginning the return journey to the base.

For a few minutes Daniel alternated this stroking with the firmer finger and thumb grip, but then remembering that he was supposed to be teasing Mike, he suddenly stopped and withdrew his hand. For a long minute or so Daniel knelt and gazed at Mike’s body whist he waited, taking in the difference in line and texture of a man’s body to that of the more familiar female body and realising he found both attractive in their different ways. He contemplated this thought for a little while, wondering just how deep his ‘bi’ side went. Had it always been there, hiding among his prejudices, or was it even really there at all and the present arousal – genuine though that certainly was – just caused by the novelty and daring of sex with a man. Daniel didn’t know, and nor really did he care, but he was wondering again to himself just how far he would dare take the encounter and his own cock was telling him loudly that it would demand some form of release before the end of the day! Maybe fucking a man’s arse was on the cards after all!

Mike wasn’t concerned by this gap in proceedings, he was, after all, expecting to be teased, but he still let out an “Mmm” of pleasure and satisfaction when Daniels hand returned to his penis. This time, though, Daniel was not wanking him, he was instead running his palm and fingers over and around Mike’s shaft, caressing and fondling it from tip to base, allowing his palm to rub against the head while his finger tips explored past the base and onto Mike’s scrotum. Daniel continued with this for some minutes, each time allowing his finger tips to reach a little further down and around Mike’s balls, until the focus eventually shifted there altogether and Daniel was simply fondling and gently squeezing Mike’s sac, feeling the enclosed testicles roll around against his fingers. Mike was obviously loving this attention, he was moaning quietly and trying to open his legs as far as his bonds would let him to give Daniel better access.

Taking advantage of the slightly widened thighs Daniel reached under as far as he could to stroke right beneath Mike’s scrotum and feel his balls nestling neatly in his palm. Then, by hooking his fingers Daniel brought his fingernails into contact with the underside of Mike’s sac and drew them over his testicles and along the underneath of his shaft, finishing at the head. This light scratching brought gasps from Mike who twisted in his tethers, trying both to escape the touch and prolong the contact all at the same time. To thwart this wriggling Daniel took Mike’s cock head in his right hand and continued the gentle scraping with his left. Mike writhed in agony and ecstasy, still desperate to escape the torment, but still desperate for it to continue.

Daniel suddenly noticed that a small bead of pre-cum had appeared on the tip of Mike’s penis, just like it had in the original photo, the sight sending an unexpected surge of delight and lust right through him. Without even thinking of what he was doing he stopped his torment by fingernail, leaned forward across Mike’s stomach and licked away the bead with the tip of his tongue. Mike groaned from the unexpected pleasure, and Daniel, equally surprised and somewhat shocked at his own audacity, pulled back and returned his attentions to Mike’s balls. Daniels big surprise was to find that he actually quite liked the taste, similar to his own but – well, different!

Reaching forward again with his free hand Daniel gripped Mike’s shaft and, still playing with his balls, began a firm up and down stroke, trying to milk more love juice from Mike’s cock. It was not long before another drop appeared and Daniel, this time deliberately, bent over and licked it away. Once more thrilled by his actions Daniel savoured the taste and licked again, even though nothing was visible.

Not finding what he wanted Daniel shrugged his mental shoulders and leaned right over, parted his lips, and took the head of Mike’s cock into his mouth, determined to taste the next drop as soon as it might appear. Daniel was astonished by the feel of Mike’s cock in his mouth, it seemed to fill it completely and yet this was only the head. What would the rest be like? Swirling his tongue around the head of Mike’s cock, and tentatively taking it further into his mouth, Daniel began giving Mike a blowjob, suddenly wanting to taste Mike’s cum pumping into his mouth.

Daniels heart was thumping from the adrenalin released by his arousal, his breathing was rapid and his need had completely taken over. Sucking determinedly on Mike’s cock he took it further and further into his mouth until his lips were way down the shaft. Mike, who by now was gasping with pleasure, responded by thrusting gently against Daniels mouth, increasing the oral penetration to the point until Daniel could feel Mike’s pubic hairs against his lips and the head of his penis nudging the back of his throat.

Realising how much he had succeeded in taking only served to heighten Daniels urge and he began a longer up and down movement with his mouth, speeding up and tonguing Mike’s shaft ever more urgently as he did so. For some minutes the two men continued moving against each other but soon the time came when Mike surrendered to the assault of Daniels tongue and just lay back to enjoy it, unable to keep his movements under control any more. Daniel continued his onslaught, licking and sucking at Mike’s cock, his head bobbing up and down, and all the time moulding and squeezing Mike’s balls, the same balls that he could feel were rapidly filling with the cum that he wanted – needed – to feel shooting deep into his mouth.

“Not yet, slow down!”

Mike’s words penetrated the lust filled haze that had enveloped Daniels brain and he suddenly stopped and pulled away, realising that he was about to spoil what was supposed to be first and foremost a teasing session. Plenty of time to taste Mike’s cum later. Daniel also remembered that the two men had agreed to be silent unless absolutely necessary, believing this would add to the eroticism of the atmosphere, so Mike plainly wanted things to last a lot longer yet.

For a couple of minutes Daniel remained kneeling beside the bed, allowing his breathing, and Mike’s, to return to near normal before rising and moving to the foot of the bed where he gazed up the length of Mike’s body. Though he found the sight arousing this wasn’t what he had gone there for, and for the next few minutes he busied himself with the straps holding Mike’s ankles, lengthening them so that, although still restricted, Mike could now pull his feet back almost level with his knees, giving Daniel much greater access to his balls and beyond. Mike immediately realised what Daniel had done and raised his knees and spread his legs, allowing Daniel a better view of beneath his balls and – almost – of his anus. Daniel then moved to each side of the bed in turn, having suddenly thought of an unintended use for the third set of straps. Fastening them around Mike’s legs, just above the knee, he made it impossible for Mike to close his legs and took away the freedom granted by the lengthened foot restraints. Having Mike in such an exposed and vulnerable state heightened Daniel’s arousal even more, and a low guttural sound at the back of Mike’s throat showed that he too welcomed the helplessness of his new position.

This time Daniel sat beside Mike facing the foot of the bed, instinctively realising that this would make it more difficult for an lust fuelled blow job to happen again before they were both ready. Determined now to take things more steadily, Daniel leaned over Mike, supported his weight with his left hand beside Mike’s left hip and reached between the man’s legs with his right. He went immediately to Mike’s balls, weighing them again in his palm and finding them heavier than ever.

He then moved his hand lower, beyond the balls and onto Mike’s crack, his index finger tracing the path to Mike’s anus while to other fingers caressed the sides of his crease. Mike’s anus wasn’t quite exposed and Daniel had to burrow a little between his buttocks to find it, but find it he did, pausing at the very entrance before retreating back onto the scrotum. Back and forth he went, each time probing just a little further into Mike’s entrance, but the unlubricated hole was putting up resistance and preventing more than token penetration. Even so Mike was in heaven and his cock was once more beading with precum, as indeed was Daniels.

Seeing this Daniel used the tip of his forefinger to collect some of the sticky fluid from each cock and take it to lubricate Mike’s waiting arse. Now his finger slid fairly easily in as far as the first knuckle, with Mike gasping with pleasure at the sensation. By pushing harder he succeeded in penetrating as far as his second knuckle, but he could see that this wasn’t comfortable for Mike, who winced, and he pulled out again, looking around for the tube of KY jelly he’d put ready.

Taking the tube from the bedside table Daniel went back to Mike and, squeezing a large blob onto his first two fingers, he set about lubricating Mike properly. Using both fingers he applied the gel all around Mike’s entrance, making the entire area slippery before sliding his gel covered middle finger past the sphincter muscle and deep into Mike’s arse. This time there was no difficulty at all in pushing the full length of his finger into Mike and so he withdrew it almost completely before wriggling his index finger in alongside its neighbour and pushing both right into Mike’s arse.

Mike reacted to the stretching of his sphincter and invasion of his anus by pushing against it, seemingly wanting even more inside him, panting and grunting with desire as he did so. Daniel abruptly realised that he was getting Mike ready to be fucked. Just when he’d made the decision to do it he didn’t know, but he most surely had and he was now very impatient to feel his cock buried as deep inside the man’s body as his fingers now were.

Before actually fucking Mike, Daniel wanted first to bring Mike to orgasm, either to watch the spunk spurt from his cock or to feel it jet into his mouth, preferably the latter. But the tightness of Mike’s sphincter ring around the two fingers he was now pumping in and out of his anus made him wonder how Mike was going to cope with his cock. He knew that anal sex was reasonably easily accomplished, he’s enjoyed doing it to a number of women, but after sucking at Mike’s cock and feeling its size in his mouth, he could now guess just how much of an intrusion it was inside an anus. How would he cope with Mike’s cock in his own arse? Could he take it? Would he enjoy it? Would it hurt as much as he’d been led to believe it did? What would it feel like when Mike came?

The idea had abruptly become very appealing, he was suddenly and very unexpectedly aroused by the thought of taking as well as giving. It was, after all, ‘that’ cock in the photo that had awakened his ‘bi’ potential in the first place. Little wonder then that out of the blue he wanted it in him! He wanted very much to feel ‘that’ cock push through his own sphincter and way up inside his arse, and he wanted very, very, much to feel Mike’s spunk inside him – definitely no condom! He could suck him off another time, but this time he was going to feel what it was like to be fucked!

Daniel was in turns appalled and excited by his turn of thought, but he knew he was going to try it anyway, regardless of risk and potential pain. After all, Mike could hardly argue while tied to the bed, could he? And in any case, it had been agreed that he, Daniel, should be in control.

His decision made, his breath coming in quick pants, his heart drumming in anticipation, Daniel withdrew his fingers from Mike’s arse and leaned around to pick up the KY once more. Taking another large blob on his fingers and without stopping to think, he applied it to Mike’s cock, spreading it over the head and down the length of the shaft and making the entire length a hot, hard, slippery and beautiful object of Daniels desires. Mike tensed with the sudden cold of the gel on his cock and made a small questioning sound at the unexpected feeling.

What Mike thought he was doing Daniel didn’t know, or care, but because he wasn’t sure just how much he could take of Mike inside him and because he desperately wanted to feel Mike cum, he began wanking the slippery cock to bring Mike close to orgasm before he tried penetrating himself with it. This action probably calmed any queries Mike had, for he relaxed into the pleasure of Daniels hand, moaning softly from arousal and once again thrusting slightly with his hips.

Daniel continued to masturbate Mike, watching him carefully so as not to take him past that point of no return, and at the same time thought about the thing he was about to do. Was it really such a good idea? Could he face himself after having homosexual sex? Would he really enjoy it? Would he regret not doing it if he backed out? Daniels emphatic ‘yes’ to all these questions coincided with Mike making noises heralding approaching climax and so he immediately stopped wanking him and instead reached again for the lubricating gel. Mike, of course, assumed that this was another tease and a soft “oohh” of frustration escaped his lips.

Daniel two fingers acquired their third blob of gel and after putting the tube back on the bedside cabinet they vary carefully and deliberately smeared it around his own anus. Then, first one finger and then the other, they found their way inside to both lubricate the way and to give Daniel some idea of what to expect. This was, surprisingly, the first time anything had gone in that way and Daniel was amazed how easily they penetrated and how nice it felt. That did it. Any lingering doubts gone, Daniel climbed onto the bed and straddled Mike so that he was kneeling facing towards his head. He then reached around to take Mike’s cock and guide it towards his descending anus. As the tip met the crack between Daniels cheeks Mike suddenly realised his intentions and went absolutely rigid. “You sure?” he asked, breaking their pact of silence a second time.

“Yes, very.” replied Daniel. “But stay very still, let me do it!”

“Condom?” asked Mike

“No, shoot up me!” Daniel was committed!

“Oh, yes please!”

Lining Mike’s cock up with it’s target, Daniel allowed himself to sink lower until the tip now lay just touching the entrance, and he then stopped, hesitating just for a moment. Gathering his courage and giving himself up to his hunger, Daniel lowered himself further. For just a moment his sphincter muscle resisted, but with the combined lubrication of both penis and anus, it gave way and the head of Mike’s cock was abruptly inside Daniels arse! Both men groaned aloud. Mike from this unexpected pleasure and Daniel from the fact that the pain he expected did not come, except as the merest twinge.

Both men now remained still for a long couple of minutes, each taking pleasure from the moment of their first gay sex and assembling the courage to continue. For his part Daniel was content to relish the current sensations and contemplate those to come, while Mike hoped to have his turn to enjoy them! He had expected, and really only wanted, to be on the receiving end. He was, after all, the passive partner! But he was quite prepared to try giving as well. Just so long as it was ‘as well’.

After a minute or so simply savouring the exquisitely full feeling in his arse Daniel began to lower himself, slowly but surely impaling himself on Mike’s cock until he was sitting fully on Mike, his rectum filled with hot hard cock. He then began slowly and tentatively raising and lowering himself on Mike’s shaft, just enjoying the alien sensations of having a cock in his arse! With Mike’s knees held raised and open Daniel found that he couldn’t sit squarely upon Mike, but was pushed slightly forward by the extended thighs as he lowered himself. This had the effect of making Mike’s cock rub against Daniel’s anal entrance and against the opposite wall of his rectum, multiplying the apparent size of the invading member and the pleasure it gave him. Daniel was in ecstasy.

Having now assured himself of the capacity of his anus to cope with Mike’s cock, and of his own capacity to cope with the idea of gay sex, Daniel gave himself to lust and began rising and falling faster and faster, at each lunge pushing himself hard down upon Mike to get the deepest possible penetration. Quicker and quicker Mike’s cock pistoned in and out of Daniel, both men uttering little moans and groans of pleasure over their panting breath. Daniel was almost literally bouncing up and down on Mike, who was unable to resist making counter thrusts of his own, pushing himself up to meet Daniels descent so that their bodies slammed together, Daniel’s own rock hard cock slapping against Mike’s stomach each time.

Red faced and sweating, totally engrossed in their fucking, both men missed the involuntary little feminine cry of heat that would have told them that Sinead was well aware of their activity and responding in kind. In fact both men also missed the accidental swinging open of the door behind them that momentarily revealed Sinead standing in the doorway with her right hand deep inside her opened trousers. Almost instantly her left hand grabbed at the door edge and returned it to its partly open position, but there was obviously no fear of her watching television!

Oblivious to Sinead, Daniel was looking down at Mike as they fucked, gaining even greater arousal from the obvious pleasure on his partner’s face, seeing Mike’s mouth open and close, the veins begin to stand out on his neck and forehead and his hands pulling against his bonds as he responded to his lust. It seemed that Mike was enjoying the sensation of having his cock inside the tightness of Daniel’s arse as much as Daniel was enjoying it being there! All he needed was Mike’s cum jetting into him to make the pleasure complete, and with a thrill of realisation Daniel suddenly became aware that the moment was not very far away. Mike was almost there, his mouth had stopped moving, his jaws were now clenched, as were his fists, and his entire body had taken on coiled spring tension, just waiting for the moment of release.

It was not long in coming! With a groan deep from in his throat Mike pushed urgently upwards to meet Daniels downward stroke, his back raised from the bed in his desire to find greater depth inside Daniel, who, in turn, pushed down hard onto Mike so that when the explosion came it was as deep as possible inside his rectum. A second groan, longer and louder than before, came from Mike’s throat and his cock twitched and jerked inside Daniel, abruptly spurting his cum into the depths of the man’s arse. Daniel felt the twitch and felt the first gout of hot spunk explode into him. The sensation was tremendous, he had never felt such a thrill in his life as the feeling of that first spurt of a man’s hot cum entering his body and he wanted more. More came, three more great jets of spunk flooded into him, each one accompanied by a deep groan from Mike and a beautiful spasm from his cock, and each one making him wonder how much closer he could get to his own climax without bursting onto Mike’s stomach, and each one making him wonder why he had waited so long in his life to experience this sensation.

After releasing the first four great gouts of spunk into Daniel’s arse Mike fell back the inch or so onto the bed and began to thrust jerkily into him, each time sending a decreasing spurt of cum into his partner, until finally spent, he relaxed back onto the bed, panting and shuddering as his climax passed over. Daniel wanted the fabulous sensation in his stretched anus to continue, but the feel of Mike’s cock softening within him told him it couldn’t last, and with his own urgent need for release demanding attention, he lifted himself from Mike’s body, feeling the now flaccid penis slip from his very wet and gaping hole. Turned on even more by the feel of Mike’s cum dribbling from his arse he quickly released Mike’s straps.

“Kneel down” he commanded.

Mike quickly obliged, even forestalling Daniels next request by leaning forward, laying his cheek on the bed and stretching his arms out to either side ready to be retied. Once more attaching the straps to Mike’s wrists and knees so that Mike’s arse was raised into the air and fully exposed Daniel positioned himself behind him. Another blob of the ever useful KY applied to the tip of his own cock and massaged along its length and he was ready to give Mike a fucking to end all fuckings. Daniel was being carried away on a wave of lust, his partner’s feelings almost forgotten as he introduced the head of his cock to Mike’s anus and immediately pushed his way in. Mike yelped with pain, the sound causing Daniel to regret his action and immediately pulled back out.

“I’m sorry, are you ok?” He asked.

“Yes, go back in, do it again, don’t be gentle, it was good like that, you just surprised me, that’s all.” Mike’s words came in gasps, partly from need, partly from pain.

Daniel needed no second bidding. Placing his cock tip at Mike’s entrance he pushed hard, sliding his cock full length into Mike in one thrust. Mike moaned and pushed back.

“God, that’s good, fuck me hard” Mike wanted Daniels cock rammed into him without mercy.

Daniel did just that. Knowing this was a man instead of a woman he was fucking turned him on mightily, the forbidden fruit syndrome he supposed vaguely. Besides that, Mike’s arse was tight around his cock, intensifying the sensations, and his movements made his own dripping arse slurp, reminding him of the pleasure he’s just had and which he was about to give to Mike. He knew his cock was rock hard, bigger and harder than he’s ever known it. He knew too that his climax could not be far away after the stimulation of the thrill packed hour just passed. All this knowledge and the sight of Mike helpless before him spurred him on. He gripped Mike’s hips and fucked him. In and out drove Daniel slamming himself up against Mike’s buttocks in an attempt to delve deeper. Harder and harder, faster and faster, Daniel fucked Mike brutally. Mike moaned, whether from pain or pleasure, or both, Daniel neither knew nor particularly cared. Mike would say if he didn’t like it, wouldn’t he? And in any case, Daniel was pretty sure that he did.

Daniel was right too. The vicious reaming that Mike was receiving was hurting badly, it seemed to him as if his arse was being split apart and the pain was relentless. He felt sure that at least some of the lubrication must be his own blood! His face was being pushed roughly into the bed with each thrust and his hips were bruising from Daniels grip, but he didn’t care. The very intensity of the pain and his own helplessness and inability to do anything about it were making it the most stimulating experience of his life. Mike didn’t want it to stop, but he knew that Daniel would soon orgasm. If only he could carry on after he had cum! Or if only there was someone else to take over when Daniel finished!

And Daniel was close to finishing. He could feel the accumulation of pressure in his balls, the intensity of feeling building at the base of his cock, the shortness of his breathing and the loss of muscular control in his legs, all the signs of one almighty orgasm were there. And then so was the orgasm. His body took complete control, his back arched, his cock spasmed, and the heaviest load of spunk he had ever delivered was flooding into Mike’s arse. From his mouth came a long keening sound while from Mike’s came the words, “Yes, yes, yes!” shouted for the world to hear. Daniel was at the mercy of his climax. There was no way in which he could withdraw and thrust in again, he just had to pull on Mike’s hips and press harder with his own pelvis as he tried in vain to sow his seed deeper into Mike’s body. While he held Mike clamped to himself spurt after spurt of his spunk shot deep into Mike’s arse, each seemingly greater than the last. He groaned again at each one, until with the last he collapsed forward onto Mike’s back, panting and spent, his balls as empty as his arse was full.


The two men showered in turn, cleaning away sweat, spunk and lubricant while examining their bodies for damage and their consciences for regret. Neither man found regret, though each found a few bruises they couldn’t account for and Mike did indeed find a trace of blood in his anus, though nothing like what he had feared. Now both were sat in the living room wrapped in towelling robes while Sinead was making them coffee.

“I’m sorry if the teasing didn’t happen quite as I thought it would, we didn’t do half what I had in mind” said Daniel, “But then I didn’t expect to be climbing on top of you and sitting on your cock.” He paused. “And I hope I haven’t hurt you, I know I got a bit carried away fucking you!”

“Thank God you did!” replied Mike, “It’s taught me some things about myself that I didn’t know”

“How do you mean?” asked Daniel.

Mike paused, embarrassed and not sure how, or even if, to continue. “Well, I knew I fancied trying it in the arse, and I knew I like being teased, but I didn’t know I like being forced, sort of ‘used’ I suppose. I also didn’t know that I liked it to hurt!”

Daniel looked at Mike. “And I didn’t know I could be so sadistic and so uncaring about another’s pleasure, I’m not sure if I’m happy about that.” He paused for a moment looking thoughtful, then smiled and said “But it seems we suit one another, so shall we meet again?”

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