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Smile for the Camera

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Myra pulled the cruiser into the parking lot of the Southside precinct at ten minutes after midnight. Julie unlocked the shotgun rack, removed the weapon and unloaded it. They entered the building and reported to the duty officer to return the shotgun and sign out. Sergeant Dave Rossetti was at the desk.

“Well if it isn’t the Hick and the Slick. Did you ladies catch any bad guys tonight?

Myra took no shit from anyone. “As a matter of fact Rossetti, we happened to drive by your house and saw the mailman tiptoeing out your back door pulling up his zipper. I didn’t know they delivered mail at night did you Julie?”

Julie laughed. Cops did this to each other all the time. No one got offended, no one took it seriously. They signed out and headed for the locker room.

Rossetti called after them “you ladies have a good evening, I unfortunately am stuck here for a double shift as that cocksucker Johnson called in sick.”

Julie turned and smiled at him. “Aw poor baby, we’ll make sure we have a beer for you at McGuire’s.”

The ladies locker room at Southside was small. Fortunately there were only six female officers assigned there and four of them were on the day shift. Julie and Myra were on the four to twelve shift. The locker room consisted of a room with ten lockers and some benches, a shower room with three shower heads, and a single use bathroom with a toilet and a sink. They stripped off their uniforms, Kevlar vests, and undergarments.

Julie grabbed a towel and headed naked to the shower room. Myra called to her “I’ll join you in a few minutes Jules, I have to use the bathroom.”

“Okay Slick, I’ll try to save you some hot water.” Julie turned on the light in the shower room. Little did she know the light switch activated a small video camera hidden in the exhaust vent. She turned the water on and stood under the stream. It felt so relaxing as she soaped up her breasts. For some reason her breasts were always the first thing she washed.

Wearing a towel around her Myra headed for the small bathroom. She hit the light switch, removed her towel tossing it on the sink, and sat down on the toilet. Like Julie, she was also unaware of the camera that started rolling when she turned on the light. This one was hidden in the air freshener that was mounted on the wall across from the toilet.

She had way too much coffee tonight she thought. Damn did she have to pee. A small trickle sprinkled out followed by a strong steady stream that lasted for almost a minute and was loud and turbulent as is splashed in the toilet. “Whew” she sighed, “that’s a load off my mind.” She wiped herself, flushed, and headed for the shower.

Julie was washing her hair and had soap in her eyes. Myra took the opportunity to snap her towel on Julie’s ass. She screamed and cursed and yelled something about revenge as Myra turned her shower head on. Myra looked over at Julie. She did have a fine body. Shoulder length black hair, perfect tits, small waist, curvaceous hips, and an ass to die for. Myra was good looking herself and in great physical shape. She worked out every chance she got. She was shorter than Julie but also nicely proportioned.

They had gotten to know each other a little more intimately on their recent camping trip and it was something Myra wanted to discuss with her tonight over a beer. Julie turned the water off and headed back to the locker room. She dressed in her jeans and a tee shirt that said AC/DC on it. Myra walked back in with her towel around her and started to get dressed.

They took separate cars to McGuire’s. Julie was single and sometimes liked to stay out later especially if a good looking guy was hitting on her. Myra was married and although her husband was asleep anyway, she felt guilty staying out late without him.

McGuire’s was a cop hangout. It was owned by Jimmy McGuire, a big ruddy faced Irishman with a beautiful brogue. He liked his police officers and took care of them like a father. Julie and Myra swung through the front door. A bunch of cops from the Broadway precinct were sitting at a large table with several pitchers of beer in front of them. When they saw Julie and Myra they started with the catcalls and whistles.

“Hey Julie” one of them called out “when are you and me going to make the beast with two backs?” She gave him the finger and they all howled with laughter.

Myra walked over to the table. “You want to know something? Not one of you numb nuts could get laid in a woman’s prison with a fist full of fifty dollar bills.” Once again they all roared with laughter. She smiled sweetly and walked away.

Julie was approaching the bar as Jimmy McGuire was placing two pints of Sam Adams lager on a tray. “First one’s one me darling.” He was such a big teddy bear.

“Jimmy you are too sweet, thank you.” Julie took the beers and headed to the table Myra selected. She noticed it was far away from the rest of the customers. “Are we trying to be incognito” she asked?

Myra took a sip of her beer. “I wanted to talk to you about something. I had a great time on the camping trip and getting it on with you was a lot of fun but I don’t want it to be a regular thing. I love you and love having you for a partner and I don’t want to ruin that. Do you understand that?”

Julie took a large gulp of beer, set her glass down and looked over at Myra. “Honey, I had a great time too. I was amazed when you peed right on that guy’s chest. And what happened in the tent afterwards, that was pretty amazing too. You have a very talented tongue. But want to hear something funny? I was worried you would want to make it a regular thing and I didn’t know how I was going to tell you I couldn’t do it for all the same reason you just told me.”

Myra took a deep breath. “Well that’s a fucking relief. I mean don’t get me wrong. If by chance we should find ourselves in a delicate situation, I’m not going run away. You have a pretty talented tongue too by the way”

“Okay now that that’s settled, let’s eat, drink and be merry. “Jimmy,” Julie called over to him “two bacon cheese burgers with fries and onion rings and bring us another round.”

As the night wore on they eventually ended up over at the Broadway cops’ table and had several more beers. Rather than drive, they decided to walk home. They both lived only a few blocks away. They had the next two days off and they could come back and get their cars tomorrow. When they got to Myra’s block, she reached over and took Julie’s hand. “Goodnight Julie. I meant what I said before. I do love you.” She kissed her lightly on the lips.

Julie hugged her and whispered to her. “Remember what we said before about not having a regular thing? What do you say that rule starts tomorrow? Stay over my place tonight. I’m horny and I’m lonely.”

Myra called her husband and left him a voice mail message saying she was staying at Julie’s. When they got in the door to Julie’s place, clothes started flying, tongues intertwined; breasts were fondled as they made their way to Julie’s bed. Myra’s tongue found Julie’s shaved slit while Julies tongue savored Myra’s hairy little twat. They both had loud, powerful orgasms before falling asleep in each others arms.

They slept till noon; Julie got up first and made coffee. She found her pack of Marlboro’s and lit one to have with her coffee. She booted up her computer and decided to check her work email. Most of it was junk, promising her a bigger dick, a cure for baldness, Viagra, and hot wet bitches that will do anything. She deleted them and was about to delete the last and most recent one when she stopped. The subject line said “Please read this Julie, it’s important.” It was probably some bullshit but she opened it anyway. She read the text. There was also a link.

The message said the sender was a friend but wanted to remain anonymous. He or she had accidentally come across something that Julie needed to see. She was instructed to click on the link and use the user name and password that was provided and then view the new entries. The link took her to a voyeur site. It promised hidden spy cams in bathrooms etc. Upon entering the password she was admitted to the site. She hit the new entries button and there she was. She clicked on the clip and saw a movie of her from last night in the shower at work. The next clip was of Myra peeing in the bathroom.

She went to the bedroom and pulled the blankets off a naked Myra and slapped her on the ass. “Wake up slick, we’ve got a problem.”

It took two cups of coffee before Myra understood what was going on. “So what do we do about this? If we report it, the story will be all over the place and every cop in the city will be looking at us naked. We could find the cameras and remove them but then we won’t know who planted them. We need to figure out a way to catch this pervert.”

They looked at each other and both said at the same time “Stizz!”

Julie pulled her Toyota Land Cruiser in front of a dilapidated TV repair shop. A group of young thugs were drinking 40’s of Olde English and playing rap music on the sidewalk outside the store. Julie and Myra got out and walked toward the store. One of the punks approached her. “Hey baby don’t you know this is a bad neighborhood? Tell you what? You give me five bucks and we’ll watch you car for you.”

Julie reached behind her and pulled her Glock from her waistband. She pulled the slide and chambered a round and put the gun up to the punk’s temple. “Tell you what junior, how about you watch my car for free. And if there is so much as a speck of dust on it, I’ll kick your ass.” He turned to look for his friends but they were already halfway down the block. She gave him a shove and told him to get lost. They heard a man laugh behind them.

“Well if it isn’t the hick and the slick. To what do I owe the pleasure?” Stizz was standing in the doorway to his shop. He was a retired cop who now ran a TV repair shop. He looked like a middle aged hippie. Julie and Myra both hugged him. He had been their instructor in the police academy and had given them their nicknames; hick for Julie as she was from the mountains and slick for city girl Myra.

“We need your help Stizz. Let’s go inside and talk.”

They went inside. What a dump Myra thought. There were old TV’s and VCR’s piled everywhere. “Don’t mind the mess” laughed Stizz, “maid’s day off. So what can I do for my two favorite lady cops?”

Stizz’s real business was selling high tech surveillance equipment over the internet. TV repair was a hobby that he never seemed to have time for. Julie explained the email and the website. “Step into my office ladies.” He took what looked like a garage door opener from his pocket and hit a button. The wall behind them slid open. The room was nothing like the front of the shop. It was spotless and had a long work table that was covered with gadgets, some ordinary looking and some not. He went over to a computer console and turned it on.

“Give me the website address and the user name and password. I have to see if I can pinpoint where the cameras are and what type they are.” Julie hesitated. “Come on baby, I can’t help you if I don’t see the movies. I promise I won’t look at either of you.”

Julie gave him the info and he typed it in. The clip of Julie in the shower came on full screen. “Damn baby, you’ve got one fine ass!” Julie smacked him on the arm. “Come on Stizz be serious. This isn’t funny”

“OK sorry. It looks like the camera is slightly above you. It’s probably in the vent and it’s probably a lipstick camera like this one.” He showed them one he had on the table. “Most likely the light switch activates it but it probably also has a motion detector to shut it off if there’s no movement for a few minutes.” Let’s look at the other clip.” Myra cringed.

When the clip of Myra peeing on the toilet ended, Stizz looked at her with raised eyebrows. “Give me a break” pleaded Myra, “I had four friggen cups of coffee that night.”

“OK that one is directly across from the toilet. “What’s on the wall across from it? He asked.

“Just an air freshener that someone kindly donated” replied Myra.

Stizz reached for a box on the shelf and pulled out an air freshener. “Does it look like this?” He opened the unit and showed them the tiny camera inside. “The air freshener part actually works. Who would ever suspect one in a bathroom? Camera’s can be hidden anywhere. Another popular spot is in a smoke alarm. Hotels use them in rooms supposedly to monitor the maids but I don’t by that at all.”

Julie looked alarmed. “That’s great Stizz, now I am never staying in a hotel again. Have you sold anything like this air freshener to anyone around here recently?”

“You realize my records are confidential? He laughed and hit some keys on his computer and a list came up. “No one from around here, but lots of people sell these things. What you ladies need to do is find the receiver. It has to be in the building. The transmitter in the camera only has a range of a few hundred feet”

“How do we find the receiver” asked Myra?

Stizz pulled another box off the shelf and took out what looked like a hand held video game. “Not only do I sell to people who want to spy on people, I also sell to people who don’t want to be spied on. This little device here can detect both the cameras and the receiver. Since we have a pretty good idea where the cameras are, all you have to do is locate the receiver. Most likely it’s in an office as it needs to be connected to a power supply and a VCR.”

He showed them how to use it. It was pretty simple. It emitted a series of beeps and had a display with a directional arrow. When you got within ten feet the beep changed to a steady tone. “What do we owe you handsome?’ asked Julie.

“Just bring it back in one piece baby, that little gizmo is expensive.” Stizz gave them a hug and wished them luck and told them to call if they needed anything else.

They drove to the precinct and Julie told Myra to wait in the car. There was no sense both of them walking around attracting attention. She waived to the desk sergeant as she headed towards the locker room. She didn’t enter the locker room but continued down the hall. She took out the device, inserted the ear piece in her ear and turned it on. She got a beep indicating it was picking up a signal. The arrow pointed up meaning the signal was coming from the second floor. The detective squad was up there as well as some administrative offices.

She climbed the stairs and the beep got louder. The arrow pointed her down the hall past the detective squad. The tone became steady and the arrow began to flash. She looked up at the door in front of her. Her jaw dropped as she looked at the name on the door. It said “Captain Walter Edwards, Commanding Officer, Southside Precinct. She pulled the earpiece from her ear and shoved the device in her pocket. The door to the office opened and she froze.

“Julie? Is there something I can do for you?” Edwards was standing in front of her. He was a real little worm who some said got to where he was because he was married to the Police Commissioner’s daughter. He was short and skinny and had a ridiculous looking comb over to cover his balding head. He smelled like stale cigarettes and bad coffee.

“Uh no Captain, I was on my way to the detective squad to see one of the detectives. I guess I was daydreaming and walked right by them.”

“Hmm well OK then.” He turned away and then turned back and called her. “You know Julie, you and I should have a chat about career advancement. I could do a lot for you, you know.”

“Yes sir, I’ll keep that in mind. Nice seeing you.” She thought her knees were going to buckle as she made her way down the stairs. The thought of that little weasel spying on them made her sick to her stomach. And then it made her mad. She exited the building got in the car and told Myra to drive.

“So what happened” Myra asked? “You look like you saw a ghost.”

“Not a ghost, an asshole.” She told Myra what happened. “What do we do now? If we confront him he’ll deny it, get rid of the evidence, and make our lives miserable.”

“You’re right” agreed Myra. “We need a plan. Let’s go back to your place.”

They picked up some food and beer and headed to Julie’s place. Myra was pacing deep in thought. Finally she said “I’ve got an idea. It you don’t want to do it I’ll understand.” She outlined her plan to Julie.

Julie shrugged and said “I’ll do it. I won’t like it but the end result will be worth it. Go home honey; get a good night’s sleep. I’ll pick you up at two tomorrow.” At two fifteen O’clock the next day, Julie picked up the phone in the Southside precinct’s ladies locker room and dialed the Captain’s extension. He answered on the first ring. “Captain Edwards speaking, how may I help you?”

“Captain, its Julie Williams. I was thinking about what you were saying yesterday and I’d like to talk to you if you’re not busy.”

“Julie!” His voice perked up. “Of course I’m not too busy. Come right up.”

“Uh I was wondering if you could come to the ladies locker room. I’m waiting for a call from an informant and he is going to call me here in a few minutes. If I miss it I’ll never get a hold of him again.”

He hesitated for a second and then said he would be right down. She took her cell phone out and dialed Myra’s cell phone. Myra was in the coffee room on the second floor across from the Captain’s office. “He’s on his way” was all she said.

Myra watched him leave and walked across the hall to his office. He had locked the door but this wasn’t a problem. The janitor had a master key to every lock in the building. He conveniently left the key on a nail in his janitor’s closet so he wouldn’t lose it, so much for security. She slipped in his office without being seen.

Julie pretended to be on the phone when the Captain knocked on the door. “Are you decent?” He laughed. He walked in as she was hanging up the phone.

“Thanks for coming down Captain. I’m glad I didn’t miss that call. How are you doing today? You look nice. Is that a new suit? She wanted to puke.

“I’m fine Julie. How are you? And might I say you look lovelier that ever.”

She moved closer to him and played with his lapels. “Did you really mean you could do a lot for me, in my career I mean?” She let her hands graze down below his belt. She felt him take a deep breath and felt a stirring in his pants.

“Yes Julie, you see it’s a mutual thing. You do stuff for me and I do stuff for you.”

“What kind of stuff Captain?” She continued to rub his crotch, feeling a small bulge developing.

“Call me Walt, Julie OK.” He was breathing heavy now. She could see it in his eyes she had him where she wanted.

“Walt, I was just going to take a shower, how about if I wash your back and you wash mine? That’s doing stuff for each other.”

“Yes, I mean no, uh I don’t know.” He would be on camera he thought. Oh what the fuck he reasoned. He could always erase the tape or keep it for his private collection. He looked at Julie and she was already naked heading for the shower carrying several towels. He stripped off his suit and followed her into the shower room.

Back in the Captain’s office, Myra found the receiver and VCR in a drawer in his credenza. A small TV on top of the credenza was connected to the VCR. She saw the VCR come to life indicating Julie had turned the light on in the shower. Myra switched on the TV and there was Julie naked in the shower with the Captain entering right after her.

Myra almost died when she saw the Captain naked. He was butt ugly, hairy, and had one of the smallest dicks she had ever seen. It was barely over four inches and about as thick as a thumb. It was sticking straight out from a tangle of dark pubic hair. Poor Julie she thought.

Julie took the soap and washed the Captain paying special attention to his small penis. If she was going to have to take it in her mouth, she wanted it at least to be clean. He was pawing at her, grabbing her tits, trying to get a feel of her shaved pussy. When they were rinsed off she turned off the shower. She looked at him and said “So did you really mean it Walt that if I did stuff for you, you would get me a promotion?

“Of Course I meant it Julie.” He was so worked up he forgot he was being recorded. She took a large towel and laid it on the floor of the shower room.

“Lay down here Walt; I have something special for you.” He got down on the floor and she straddled him in a sixty nine position. Her knees were pinned against his shoulders and her pussy and ass were six inches from his face. He tried to tongue her pussy but he couldn’t reach. “Not yet Walt, first I get my dessert then you get yours.” She took his little cock in her mouth and started sucking him off.

She knew he wasn’t going to last long. She was an expert cocksucker. She didn’t want him to come in her mouth and in fact hadn’t planned on making him come at all. She was just going to bring him to the edge and then stop. She felt his balls suck in and knew it was time. She pulled her mouth away.

“Don’t stop I was just about to come” he cried. She watched as he grabbed his little pecker in his fist and stroked it furiously. When he came he didn’t spurt. Thick white gobs oozed out of the head of his cock and slid down his shaft and onto his hand and pubic hair.

While he was still in a daze, Julie grabbed his wrists and held them tight to the ground. She arched her back so that her pussy was just inches from his face. “Are you ready for your surprise Captain?” With that her pussy lips parted and a thick stream of golden pee sprayed all over his face. He tried to protest but that only made things worse as he got a big mouthful of her salty pee. She heard him gagging, spitting, and choking as she continued to let loose on him. She drank a few quarts of water to prepare for this. He struggled to get her off but she was too strong for him. When her bladder finally was empty she got off him.

“Are you crazy? What the fuck did you do that for Julie? Are you some kind of freak?” He was furious.

Julie grabbed his piss soaked head and turned it up to the vent. “Smile for the camera Captain.” A look of horror came over his face.

Julie got up and wrapped a towel around herself and left the shower room.

“I’ll get you for this Julie. You won’t have a fucking job when I’m finished with you.”

She got dressed quickly. She heard him running the shower trying to clean the urine out of his hair, eyes, nose, and mouth. He was cursing and swearing and telling Julie what he was going to do to her. Myra came in and held up the tape and the receiver. “We got it all Jules.”

Edwards came in with a towel around him. Myra showed him the tape. “Oh my Captain, I was shocked watching this. I had no idea you had such a little pecker. Did you enjoy your golden shower?”

“Give me that Myra” he tried to rush her and grab the tape. Julie stepped between them grabbed his arm and twisted it up behind him in a classis arm lock they teach every cop at the academy. He was no match for her. She had handled a lot bigger guys than him.

“Go wait in the car Myra while the Captain and I have a little chat. Myra left and Julie pushed him down to the floor. OK Captain, here’s the deal. I am only going to offer it once. First of all go in and remove the cameras and give them to me. Second get our pictures off that fucking perverted website. And last but not least, you will request immediate retirement from the police department.

“And what if I don’t” he sneered. “You’re on that tape too. You’d lose you job along with me.”

“You’re wrong there Captain. I am just an innocent victim of sexual harassment by a superior officer. We have you on tape naked saying you would promote me if I did stuff for you. I would sue you and the city if this got out. I’d make enough money I’d never have to work again. So Walt it’s up to you. If you don’t agree I will send a copy of the tape to the Commissioner, your wife, and the local TV station too just for laughs.”

“That’s blackmail.” He was clearly defeated.

“So arrest me Captain” she laughed. “You have to be fucking kidding me.”

He got up and went and removed the cameras and handed then to her. He asked for the tape back once his retirement papers were submitted and processed.

“No conditions Captain. I’ll hold on to the tape for safe keeping.” She leaned over and whispered in his ear. “You can trust me Walt, cant you?”

She looked at her watch. It was 3:45 PM. “Captain, if I were you I’d get dressed and get out of here. The ladies on the day shift will be in here in a few minutes and you wouldn’t want to explain what you’re doing in here naked. Bye Walt.” She blew him a kiss.

Myra was waiting in the car. She told her how it went. “Well I’m glad that’s over but one thing still puzzles me. Who sent you the email that tipped us off?”

“I already have that information. In addition to selling high tech gadgets, Stizz is a first class hacker. He called me this morning. He hacked into the voyeur site and searched their customer database and got the billing details for the user name he gave us. You’ll never guess who it is.”

“Who Julie, I’m dying here don’t tease me. Tell me.”

“Remember Ricky from the camping trip? It was him. I have no idea how he got my email address. Only thing I can think of he saw the parking sticker on my car telling him where we work. My photo and email address are on the official department web site. They asked me if they could use me on the recruiting page to answer questions from prospective job seekers and I said yes.”

“You know what Julie; I think we owe Ricky a big one. Maybe someday we can find a way to repay him. Let’s go get a beer and something to eat, all this work has made me hungry.”

“Work! I did all the work. You had the easy part slick. So therefore you are buying. Off to McGuire’s and step on it.”

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