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Taking Turns

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This is the story of the first and only man I’ve been with sexually. I had reached early middle age and found myself horny all the time and up late jacking off to internet porn. I especially found myself watching a lot of blow job scenes. I don’t get enough or very good head from the wife, and I would occasionally cruise craigslist thinking jeez it would be easy to get a guy to give me an NSA blowjob.

Doing that also gets me thinking a little naughtier, like well maybe I’d return the favor even. Sometimes watching blowjob scenes I’d imagine I was the giver as well as the receiver. After months of thinking this way I finally get of the nerve to contact a guy who, like me, is married, and needs total discretion. We were both in our early 40s and getting antsy about getting older and not getting enough sex, curious about trying something new, and just wanting to get off more than our wives are interested in. It was my first time trying anything sexual with a man, and it started off as hey let’s just jack off together and see if we like that, neither of us having done anything like it before. His name was James and he is an in-shape average white guy, like myself. Our first meeting, at his house while his wife was out, we had a beer, watched some porn and jacked off sitting beside each other on the couch, kind of self consciously giving each other a hand by the end of the session. It was odd, but not awkward enough that we didn’t meet again. I was intrigued by holding his stiff cock in my hand. I could describe that meeting in more detail, but I want to get to the good bits here!

At our next meeting we got to jacking each other earlier, using lube and getting much more into the hand jobs than watching the porno. I ended up getting off the couch and between his legs on my knees to access his cock better and really give it a good stroking with both hands. He has a nice cock, I’m thinking to myself, it’s cut and similar to mine, but a bit longer. I push down around the base of his cock with a ring made by the index finger and thumb of my left hand, while I stroke him up and down with a rotating motion with my right hand. He wiggled his butt to the edge of the couch, laid back and moaned away. I got lost in the moment, dedicated to the task at hand. I shifted one hand to cup and tug at his ballsack which was hanging off the edge of the couch. Pretty soon he was reaching his climax and when he did he lifted himself off the couch a bit straining towards me while his cock erupted, shooting a heavy load onto his belly and over my hands. I found myself pleased and turned on to see that he is a big cummer; the first spurt went several feet up in the air. Between his labored breaths he thanked me and told me that was the best hand job he’d ever had. I was very stiff and stood up so he could see my erection bobbing before him. He sat up and stroked me with rapid hand motions; I wanted that release and with a loud groan soon let go, shooting my semen all over his chest and lap. After some embarrassed chuckling, and chit chat, I left his place with a naughty little smile on my face.

On our third meeting he knelt between my legs and stroked me, and when I got close he surprised me by taking me in his mouth without asking and sucking slow and hard on my straining erection. God it felt really great, and I soon groaned “I’m going to cum.” He pulled me out and stroked me off onto his face, his mouth open to catch some of my cum. God that was naughty and I couldn’t stop thinking about for a week.

Now at our next session, I say “Hey I have a fantasy, want to try it?”

“Sure” he says. I knew there would be no hesitation, we were just a couple of horny guys wanting to get off.

“OK here it is, we get naked and set an alarm to ring every two minutes. We alternate turns stroking and sucking each other. The goal is to try to hold off cumming when you’re being treated, and to try to get the other guy to cum when it’s his turn.” I figured this has the purpose of prolonging the fun and also really getting into doing a good job with the other guy so you win. He eagerly consents and we go to the bedroom this time, strip down and flip a coin to see who starts. My heart is just pounding. I win the toss and tell him to sit down on the edge of the bed.

With a grin on his face he says “You won the toss, don’t you want me to start?”

“Nice try buddy, but I aim to win” is my reply. I set my phone to chime every two minutes and then I get down on my knees between his legs and with one hand start massaging his balls while gently stroking him hard with the other. He had a partial to start with so it didn’t take long. I bend down and kiss his throbbing red cockhead. “I’m glad we met James because I’m looking forward to sucking my first cock ever tonight and you have a really nice one” I tell him.

“Oh god, me too” he says roughly, all trace of frivolity gone. I start swirling my tongue around his cockhead as I stroke him and I tip his cock up to the vertical and deliberately slobber all over it, letting my saliva run down and coat the upper part of his shaft. His cockhead is spongy and soft and feels nice in my mouth. After doing this for a while, I open my mouth wide and sink my head down on him as far as I can go. His cock fills my mouth and tickles the back of my throat making me gag a little. It feels very hot and hard in my mouth, I can’t believe I’m doing this. I hold myself on him and cough and dribble more saliva onto his cock. Then I pull off slowly, squeezing my lips around him as I do until he pops out of my mouth audibly. “Damn….” he moans. I then start sucking him more vigorously, taking him as far as I comfortably can, about half way. I’m pulling on the base of his shaft with my hand as I do this and I can tell he’s already holding back when the alarm rings.

I don’t stop sucking and he says “ok ok my turn,” and he gets up off the bed and turns around. I follow him around on my knees, keeping my face in his crotch and sucking away on his big beautiful cock. “Hey no cheating” he says, pushing me off him and sitting me down on the bed. When he gets between my legs there’s a raging hard on waiting for him. I’m so horny I don’t know how I’m going to last through two minutes of him working my cock.

He can swallow me much deeper, because my cock is a little shorter than his, and he’s better at deepthroating. He just goes to town swallowing me deep, a couple times all the way to the base of my shaft, shaking his head back and forth with my cock straining in his hot wet mouth. It’s like being fucked by an amazingly talented pussy. Then he comes up for air, breathing heavily while stroking me with his hand and rubbing my cockhead over his lips. The last time he does this before the alarm rings I’m consciously straining and willing myself to hold back from erupting on his face.

I just slide out of his mouth and off the bed onto my knees in front of him, my body touching his and our cocks bouncing off each other. I have a brief urge to hold him to me and press my cock against him, but I have work to do. So placing my hands on his sides, I push him upwards and he gets the message and stands up so his crotch is in front of my face. I get busy worshipping his cock again, sucking it and stroking it while licking his balls, gripping his ass when I’m pulling him into my mouth. I’m determined to bring him to orgasm. I hear myself moaning while I do it, I lick his shaft from bottom to top, from both sides and underneath, then I open wide and bob my head up and down on his cock stopping on the downstroke to squeeze my tongue up against it and wiggle it around in my mouth. I’m trying to win, but I’m also really getting into having this stiff cock in my mouth and enjoying the taste and feel of it. I truly feels hot, not warm, against my tongue. When I guess my time is almost up, I take his cock out of my mouth, turn my head sideways and start nibbling on his shaft from underneath. “I want you to cum for me James, do it” I say looking up at his face. He is looking down at me glassily, eyelids drooping and mouth parted. Tugging on his balls, I close my eyes and kiss him firmly at the base of his shaft, my other hand stroking him. I look back up at him, catch his eyes and moan breathily “give me your load James.”

“Oh god, oh oh” and with a sudden rush he surprises me, his balls contracting and the underside of his shaft pulsing in my lips as he orgasms; the first spurt goes right over my head onto the bed but I get the rest on my face as I quickly run my tongue up the bottom of his shaft, his cock pulsing along the side of my nose and on my lips as I kiss the underside of his head. I feel his hot cum spray on my forehead, cheek and around my lips. The alarm rings and we both ignore it as I continue to lick his cock as it throbs down, tasting semen for the first time as it runs down my face and drips off my chin. “That was incredible dude” he compliments me.

After cleaning him up for bit I stand up, my cock springingly hard, and he gets right down on his knees and takes me deep into his mouth. He sucks away vigorously and since I’ve already won I don’t hold back at all and within probably 20 seconds I’m groaning loudly, emptying my load down his throat as I rock my hips back and forth, gently fucking his face. It feels like I’m cumming for a long time, just pouring it into him. He sucks it all down hungrily and doesn’t stop until my cock starts softening. I’m quivering and humming softly, licking my lips to taste the cum collecting there. I feel like I’m about to faint and I collapse back onto the bed. He says “congratulations cocksucker you won, but I’ll be looking for a rematch.” I chuckle and tell him anytime.

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