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Life Begins

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Dan was alone. After many years of a very happy marriage he lost his beloved wife Mary to cancer. He had taken early retirement in order to look after in the last few months and now he missed her dreadfully.

Eighteen months had passed since the funeral and Dan had completed just about every bit of decorating and repair outstanding around the house, including the replacement of the shed and the building of a new summerhouse.

Now he was bored. He had acquaintances, but no real friends so he hadn’t really been out of the house in a year. That was why he was determined to find a way of escaping his prison.


It was a messy divorce, as these things usually are. After 28 years Amy finally snapped and ordered her husband out. His drinking, philandering and ultimately his violence had made her mind up. Alas, his attempt to assault his wife backfired. Having taken a swing at her and missed, she promptly applied the pointed toe of her high heels to the sensitive organs between his legs. Subsequently, it took him a full thirty minutes to get up off of the floor, by which time Amy had called the police.

Jack contested the divorce, but lost. Amy got the house, but nothing else as they had no children. That was of little concern later as her father had left her comfortably well off when he passed away.

The exhilaration that came of the freedom from a loveless marriage soon faded. She hadn’t been alone for thirty years. A Dating Agency was a desperate last step to find somebody new.

Two outings later, Amy wasn’t sure she had made the right decision. She was neither attracted to, nor interested in the men that she had been introduced to. One was an accountant and talked of nothing but his work. The other had never managed to hold down a steady job for more than a few years. In fact, when they went for a meal at a cheap restaurant she ended up paying because he claimed to have left his wallet at home.

Both of her dates expected sex. She didn’t.

It seems that a single woman in her early fifties was considered an easy target and probably ‘gagging’ for it. She wasn’t. Oh, she enjoyed sex in a way, but was never fully satisfied by it. Her husband was not particularly skilled — even though he had had a string of affairs. He had never brought her to orgasm. He liked oral sex as long as it was Amy doing it to him. Only once did he attempt to repay the compliment and that was when he was drunk. Within seconds he was asleep with his nose whistling through her pubic hair.

Amy figured she would try just one more time and then would give the Agency up as a bad job.


Dan was scanning through the local free paper when the Dating Agency advertisement caught his eye. The idea of using one made him cringe, but he could think of no good reason not to try it. Within days a meeting had been agreed at a local restaurant. It wasn’t a particularly expensive one, but it provided good food and a pleasant ambience. He figured that if she didn’t turn up he’d at least get a good meal.

Looking through the menu, Dan was aware of a movement out of the corner of his eye and looked up to see the waiter escorting Amy to his table. He stood up to welcome her.

Dan vaguely recognised Amy having seen her around town. She was dressed elegantly in a simple black dress, cut to just above knee length, with a jacket to cover the thin straps. Her black patent stilettos brought her height to within a foot of him. They shook hands and he helped her to sit down.

Amy was immediately impressed. She knew that Dan was nearly ten years older than her, but he looked about the same age. He was tall, handsome, looked fit and had a lovely smile and a twinkle in his eye. His voice was soft, yet authoritative and his manners seemed impeccable. She was surprised to realise that she fancied him. Feeling a little flirtatious, she slipped her jacket from her shoulders and hung it over the back of the chair.

On the outside Dan appeared unflustered, but inside he felt like fireworks were going off. He had to concentrate on Amy’s face to stop himself looking at her breasts. With the jacket on, the dress looked good, but with it off the broad ‘v’ shape revealed an eye-catching amount of cleavage. He only got a glimpse when she was removing the jacket, but she was clearly wearing it without a bra. He was glad that he was seated and with a serviette across his lap.

It occurred to Amy that Dan might be gay, as he showed no response at all to her still firm bosom. But she knew that it couldn’t be the case, or the agency wouldn’t have paired them up. Maybe he simply didn’t fancy her?

Their initial conversation was polite and cramped, as you would expect from two total strangers. But before long Dan had steered Amy into talking about her life. He was attentive and interested and asked lots of questions. He laughed at her jokes and gently complimented her when the opportunity arose.

The waiter came and went. They ate their meal and drank their wine and then ordered another bottle. Finally, Amy managed to turn the conversation round to Dan. His life was fascinating; having left school at sixteen, he worked his way up through a company until he eventually became the Managing Director. When the company was taken over he not only got a premium price for the shares he owned, but was also given the opportunity to retire on a very generous pension.

He had always looked for challenges and found a wife who had been of a like mind. He didn’t speak for long about Mary, but Amy was aware of the deep love that he had felt for her. Dan himself steered the topic back towards happier things, soon making her giggle like a schoolgirl.

When Dan asked Amy if she had been with the Agency for very long she told the truth about the previous two liaisons.

“The accountant almost bored me to sleep. When it came to paying the bill, he worked out our shares to the nearest penny, including the tip! I couldn’t wait to get out of there. But then he insisted on escorting me home. We got to the doorstep and he asked if he could kiss me goodnight. I was expecting a peck on the cheek, but he went for my lips. I was so shocked that I opened my mouth to protest and he stuck his tongue in!

“And his hands! They were all over the place! It was pretty obvious that he was expecting to bed me. I put him straight, shoved him down the steps and slammed the door behind me.

“And as for Job Centre Man, well he didn’t he even ask. We left the restaurant and he just grabbed me. I slapped his face and walked away. I mean, sex is OK, but not on a first date!”

She reddened as she realised that the wine had loosened her inhibitions to the point where she had admitted to a stranger that she liked sex. That little voice in her head piped up and asked what would be wrong about having sex with Dan. She flushed even more. She tried to explain.

“Look, I’m not really very experienced sexually. I only had one partner before my husband. Besides, those men must have been desperate. I mean, who would find a woman of my age sexually attractive?”

Dan smiled pleasantly and said, “Age has nothing whatsoever to do with sexual attraction. For a woman, it’s more a case of how she carries herself. And I must say that you do it very well indeed. Can I ask you something?”

“Sure,” she replied.

“Are you wearing stockings? It’s just that combined with high heels they tend to make a woman stand, walk and act more confidently, more attractively.”

Dan already knew the answer to his question having noticed the telltale signs of the suspender clasps as he helped Amy into her seat.

Amy was maintaining a healthy pink glow now. “Um, yes I am,” she said. His comments were having a positive effect upon her; she was feeling attractive. She was enjoying his attention and the comments he was making. Maybe he was trying to seduce her. Frankly she didn’t really care; she had yearned for so long for a man to pay such attention to her.

“I have to admit, I’ve always had a thing about women in stockings. They’re so much sexier than tights. They tend to make me feel horny when I see a beautiful woman wearing them.”

It dawned on Amy that the almost alien feelings that she was experiencing were those of being turned on. As she shifted in her seat she could already feel the wetness in her panties — something she hadn’t encountered for a very long time.

“Dan!” she said in mock shock. She leaned forwards and asked, “Does that mean that I’m making you horny?”

“From the moment you arrived,” he said simply.

Amy’s mouth went dry. She drained her glass. Her nipples were straining at the thin material of her dress, betraying the way that she felt about him.

“It’s getting late. Perhaps we should be going now.” Remembering what she had told him about the accountant, he asked, “Would you like me to escort you home?”

She smiled, and just a bit more quickly than she intended said, “Yes, please.”

Dan paid the bill and refused Amy’s offer to go Dutch. He held her jacket as she donned it, taking the opportunity to gaze down the front of her dress. He had fastened his jacket as he had stood and it was just long enough to mask his raging hard-on. He watched her walk ahead of him and couldn’t take his eyes off of the way her cheeks moved so seductively.

It was dark outside, with a clear sky. Yet the temperature was mild. There were very few people around, this being a weekday. Dan held out his arm and Amy took it. She thrilled at the feel of his strong, muscular arms beneath the jacket. During the evening he had explained that he loved to run, cycle, swim and walk. No wonder he had kept himself looking so fit. She found herself wondering if the old saying about having big hands and feet was true. Was he well endowed in the trouser department? She tried to push such thoughts out of her mind.

The shortest route to Amy’s house was through a dark alleyway — not a place she would normally walk alone at night, but she had never heard of any problems there so she was happy to lead Dan that way. Away from the main road and out of sight of the few people around, he stopped and turned towards her.

“Amy, may I kiss you?”

She nodded in reply and stretched up on tiptoe to meet the mouth descending towards hers. They kissed. Neither wanted to break off, their tongues were performing a swirling dance. Amy’s hands had reached up to fold around Dan’s neck, while his had naturally slipped inside her open jacket to hold her hips. He wasn’t sure how she would react if he moved his hands further, but she hadn’t pushed him away, so he allowed them to wander up and down, feeling the outline of her suspender straps with his fingertips.

Dan wrapped his arms around behind Amy, pulling her closer to him. He knew that she would be able to feel his erection, but she didn’t object. If anything she pressed her stomach harder against the solid bulge.

It was true! His hands and feet were big and so was his dick! Amy was beside herself with lust and it was only made worse as Dan’s hands roamed over her back and down to her bum, caressing her skin through the dress.

Dan fingers registered the suspender belt, but couldn’t make out any panty outline. His hand moved lower and he perceived lace edging. He finally broke the kiss and drew her deeper into the shadows of the corner of a building. They resume their kissing and his hands move up her sides to rest next to her breasts.

Amy’s nipples were aching to be touched. She ground herself against Dan, trying to encourage him. Finally, his thumbs slipped across her still firm breasts and grazed the sensitive points. She gasped and opened her eyes. For a moment common sense raised its head and she tried to stop herself reacting.

But then Dan whispered, “I want to make you come. I really want to give you that pleasure.”

Amy misunderstood and assumed that he wanted to take her to bed. She was more than ready for sex with this man.

Dan’s left hand had wandered down past her hip again and was now on the stocking and drawing the skirt of the dress up. She loved the feel of his hand on her flesh above the thicker nylon band. The cooling air on her bare skin momentarily brought her back to her senses.

“Not here Dan, someone might come.”

His other hand was now helping to pull up her hem, exposing the lace-edged French knickers.

“Yes, I want that someone to be you Amy. I want you to come. Right here, right now. You really need it and I want to give it to you.” He squatted down in front of Amy and gently kissed the front of her knickers.

Pulling the silken gusset to one side with one hand, he used the other to gently push two fingers up into her pussy. She opened her legs to make it easier and the digits slid all of the way in. Somehow, he turned them and suddenly she found herself almost unable to stand. She gripped his shoulders to maintain her balance, but when Dan’s tongue flicked out across her clitoris she slumped against the wall and reached a thunderous orgasm. She had to put her fist in her mouth to keep quiet.

Dan waited until she had finished before pulling the soft silk and lace down to her ankles. He asked her to step out of them.

“After all, they’re sopping wet and besides, I want you to feel your arousal when I walk you home”. He slipped them into his pocket.

Standing back up, Dan wrapped his arms around her again and tasted her soft lips once more. Amy was vaguely aware that she could taste her own pussy on him.

When she had finally recovered her composure, Amy had lost any inhibitions she may have had and was determined to give Dan similar pleasure. She rotated him until his back was against the wall. Moving back a fraction, she reached down to the front of his trousers and unzipped his flies. When she reached her hand inside, she immediately felt the heat that his shaft was giving off. In the dark she couldn’t see what he was wearing, but they clearly weren’t boxers and she couldn’t find an opening. In desperation she reached up through the gap in his flies, past his shirt tails and pulled out the wide waistband of his underpants. Her other hand pulled the thick dick out into the open. She forced the waistband further down to reveal more of the shaft, but before squatting down in front of him she unfastened his belt and the clasp at the top of his trousers. They dropped around his ankles.

Amy dropped down until her face was level with Dan’s cock. She could now see that his underpants were thong-like. She pulled them all the way down his legs and marvelled at the magnificent thing that was nodding powerfully as the blood pumped into it. The head was pointing somewhere above her, she clasped a hand on it — her fingers couldn’t reach all the way round — and pulled it down towards her mouth.

Dan had experienced plenty of blowjobs in his life, but never one like this. Out in the street where anybody might see them. After a couple of hours of almost constant erection, his cock was already near to explosion. He warned Amy so that she could withdraw.

Amy’s husband had preferred blowjobs to actually fucking (it was less work for him). More often than not he would hold her head as he came in order to make sure she took all of his come. That was all the warning he had ever given her. The times when he didn’t come in her mouth, he withdrew, grabbed her hair and finished off with his hand, spraying his semen across her face. This time, she needed no encouragement to take the copious flood of liquid shooting across her tongue.

Licking her lips, Amy pulled Dan’s underpants back up and carefully enclosed his deflating member. She pulled up his trousers but let him fasten them. When he had finished, he kissed her again.

“I think we had had better go home now, don’t you?”

“Yes,” she said. “You know, I’ve never done anything like that before in my life.”

“Me neither,” he replied. “But it was an experience I wouldn’t have missed for the world.”

“By the way,” she whispered. “You were right. I can feel my juices running down the insides of my thighs. It feels deliciously sexy.”


When they arrived at Amy’s house she teased Dan, “I’d like to ask you in for a cup of coffee, but I’m afraid that…” she paused for effect. “I’d much prefer you to fuck me instead.”

“Why don’t we do both. After all, I’m not a young man any more. I might not be able to get it up again that quickly.”

In fact, he wouldn’t have any trouble at all. Even in his sixties he was usually able to rise to the occasion again within thirty minutes. In his youth it was only five. He was already hard again by the time he stepped through the door.

Amy was fidgeting and squirming in her seat throughout the coffee. She hadn’t been so keen to get into bed with a man for a long, long time. When Dan finally put his cup down, she jumped up and grabbed him by the hand, pulled him to his feet and led him straight upstairs to her bedroom. She threw her jacket onto the chair by the dressing table and turned back to face him, her chest rising and falling rapidly with her breathing.

Dan stepped closer and gazed down into her eyes as his hands slipped round her back and unzipped the dress. He pulled the thin straps from her shoulders and lowered the garment to the floor, where she stepped out of it. To Amy’s surprise, he then turned round, walked over to the wardrobe and hung the dress on a hangar. He turned back and stood looking at her. All she was wearing was black stockings, suspenders and high heels. Her body was in remarkably good shape for her age. Sure, she had a little excess here and there, but that was to be expected. Her bush was thick and matted where his tongue had been busy earlier.

“You look absolutely gorgeous,” he said.

Amy walked to the bed, kicked off her shoes and climbed on top of the bedcovers. She left her stockings on, remembering how Dan had professed to find them sexy.

Dan took his time undressing, leaving his underpants until last. Now, under an electric light she could see that he was wearing a stylish thong made by Brass Monkeys. His bum cheeks were firm — in fact he didn’t seem to display an ounce of fat, other than the thickness of the pole that was straining to escape from the pouch. He finally pulled them down and she giggled at how his dick bounced up and down.

As he approached the bed, Amy opened her legs and brought her knees up. She had no fears about accommodating such a large phallus, indeed she couldn’t wait to be filled by it. Dan knelt on the bed and then lay down between her legs. He knew she was already well lubricated and prepared, so he presented the tip to her gaping vagina lips. He had to apply steady pressure in order to gradually ease it into the narrow passage.

Amy already felt completely filled up, but looking down she could see there was still more to come. She never saw herself fully impaled, as just before that moment she was hit by her second orgasm of the evening.

It was incredibly erotic to be laying on her bed with Dan’s penis fully embedded in her and her lover supporting all of his weight on his extended arms (her husband had almost crushed her each time). He waited until her body had calmed before he began to move again, almost imperceptibly at first, but then taking longer and longer strokes as he built up speed. She reached her hand down and felt him pounding into her pussy, marvelling at the slick wetness and solidity of him. Then she moved her hand and found her clitoris. She began to rub it quickly. She had already had two climaxes this evening and was heading towards a third.

From Dan’s perspective, he watched fascinated as Amy’s breasts moved when his cock slapped home. He could see she was rubbing her clit and was determined to fill her as she came again. He felt his semen surging up from his testicles and too late realised that she still hadn’t arrived yet. But the hot milky fluid shooting into her passage pushed her over the edge. This time she had no need to stop her herself yelling out. It was even better than the one she had in the alleyway.

They were both tired and fell asleep in each others arms. In the morning they made love again, but then Dan said that he had to go back home as he had to take his car in for a service. He assured Amy that he wanted to see her again. They had both gone further than they had intended on their first date and agreed they should both cool off. They exchanged phone numbers and then spoke each day — for quite long periods — before meeting up again. They had arranged to go out for the day on the following Sunday.


Dan hadn’t even switched off the engine when Amy came running out to meet him. She walked swiftly round to the passenger seat of his Mercedes SL55. It was a very fast and powerful car. She opened the door and jumped in, her skirt riding up and giving a flash of lace-topped stockings.

Sensible of Amy’s — possibly – nosy neighbours, he merely kissed her cheek and then put the car into Drive. He waited until they were out of town and then pulled into a convenient lay-by. He turned in his seat, leaned across and kissed her properly.

“Wow!” she said. “I’d almost forgotten how good a kisser you are.

“You know, when you pulled into the lay-by I thought that you were planning to do something naughty!” Her voice was husky and her smile had faded a little.

“Would you like me to do something naughty then?”

She licked her dry lips and nodded. Dan leaned across and kissed her again, but at the same time slid his hand up her skirt. Amy opened her legs as wide as she could in the confined space of the sports car. His fingertips rubbed along her labia through the cotton of her panties. He rubbed her clitoris, which he could feel was already swollen.

“Now that is naughty!” she declared when their lips parted. “Mind you, if you do it for much longer you’re likely to make me come.”

Dan continued rubbing, increasing both speed and pressure.

“You dirty sod. You are going to make me come aren’t you? You’re going to make me come in my panties!” She started breathing heavily through her nostrils as the fire began to spread throughout her groin. Her head rolled from side to side as she reached her peak.

Afterwards, Dan re-started the car and drove on.

“Of course,” she said. “You realise that I’m duty bound to get my own back on you before long.”

He glanced at her face and saw the lust that remained in her eyes. She reached across and placed her hand on the front of his trousers.

“As I thought, as stiff as a… as a… really stiff thing,” she finished lamely. Dan laughed.


Brangham Hall was one of the many stately homes that had been taken over by the National Trust. They maintained the house and gardens and supplemented the estate’s income by making the grounds available to the general public during the summer months. Dan and Amy had taken their time getting there, having stopped en route for a leisurely lunch and an exploration of the surrounding countryside.

The tour of the house was the last of the day, finishing at about 4.30pm. It allowed them just enough time to walk out to the castle-like folly in the grounds before closing time.

As they strolled up the slope, they could see some people behind the crenelated battlements, but when they approached the fake drawbridge, the young family departed towards the house. They entered the folly and found they were on their own. As there was only one path leading up to the structure, they could see if anybody else was approaching. They weren’t. Amy seized her chance.

“Come here big boy.” She took his hand and led him up the steps to the ramparts. She leaned against the wall and pulled him closer. Leaving him looking out at the scenery, she dropped down in front of Dan, pulling her skirt up to her hips for ease of movement. Looking down, he could see that at some stage during the day Amy had removed her panties. He didn’t get very long to observe as the determined woman unfastened and yanked his trousers and underpants down. She was so close that his cock slapped her in the face as it sprung free.

Amy took her time, deliberately teasing Dan and prolonging his pleasure. She licked and sucked on his balls before trailing the tip of her tongue up the length of underside of the shaft. She moved around the head and then back down again. For fully five minutes she drove him wild like this.

“Somebody’s coming!” he choked.

She looked up, winked and said, “I know!”

With that, Amy managed to take almost half of Dan’s penis into her mouth. She bobbed and rubbed rapidly, determined to make him shoot his load before they were disturbed. She could hear voices just before he grunted and his hips thrust forwards. She swallowed as much as she could, but felt a trickle run down her chin to drip onto her blue scooped necked jumper.

Amy stood back up and wiped her face with the back of her hand, while Dan struggled to dress himself. They stepped back down the stairs as a young couple walked through the entrance. They smiled and nodded at each other. As they walked away, Amy looked down and noticed the gob of come on her jumper. She pointed to it and asked if Dan thought they had noticed.

“I doubt it,” he answered. “They’re probably fucking each other senseless by now.”

Amy stopped and looked at him to see if he was joking.

“I looked back as we stepped outside. His hand was already fondling her bum as she was going up the steps. And if you look up there,” he indicated the battlements. “There’s no sign of them anywhere.”

Amy pouted and said, “So why didn’t you fuck me then?”

He smiled. “Because you wanted you’re revenge. Don’t worry, I won’t let you down.”

They drove away from the car park and headed off in whatever direction took their fancy. Eventually they came to an extensive area of woodland. They parked the car, but before they got out, Dan stopped her.

He leaned across, nibbled her ear and murmured, “And just how wet are you right now, little lady?”

The word “Very” came out in a hoarse whisper.

“Show me.”

Amy lifted off the seat and pulled her skirt up. She had obviously trimmed her pubic hair since Wednesday and the red pussy lips were clearly visible now. She opened her legs and put her right hand between them. She rubbed up and down the slit and then pushed two fingers inside. Her thumb began to rub her clitoris as her fingers slid in and out.

Dan placed his hand on Amy’s and stilled her movements.

“I want you to show me how you wank sometime, but not now.”

Amy looked at him questioningly.

“Just now I want to take you into the woods and bend you over.”

She was so turned on that she was almost unable to walk, having to hold onto Dan’s arm for support. He led her along a path and then veered off onto a smaller, more overgrown track. It was enclosed by bushes but not overhung by trees. As they turned a corner, it was almost as if the fallen tree trunk had been ordered to be placed there.

Dan led Amy over to the recently dead tree and gently pushed her forwards over it. She didn’t even have to bend her legs, it was the perfect height. She spread her legs and waited. She felt her skirt pushed up to her waist and then Dan’s hands on her ass cheeks. He eased them apart and then she felt his hot breath on her pussy. His tongue invaded the soft tissue and teased her beyond her ability to stand it any longer.

“Please, Dan. Please, I need to be fucked now.”

Within seconds he had pulled his cock out and placed the head at her entrance. Remembering how he had had to ease it in through the tightness last time, he pushed a little harder. To his surprise – and Amy’s pleasure — he slid straight in. He started to build a rhythm, but Amy was impatient for release.

“Harder,” she begged.

Dan put his hands on her shoulders and gripped them as he slammed his dick into Amy. He knew when she had orgasmed, but continued pounding into her until she begged him to stop. He stepped back, pulled her up off of the log and turned her around. She looked down and could see that he was still as hard as a rock and that he hadn’t climaxed yet.

“I’m sorry,” she said wistfully. “But my pussy hasn’t seen this much action for a long time. I’m just not used to it and I’m afraid you’ll make me sore. Let me bring you off another way.”

Dan was fully aroused. It had been a struggle to stop when she had asked him to. His cock was almost painful now.

“Undress for me?” he begged.

Amy was about to say No, but looked around and realised that they couldn’t be seen. She crossed her arms and reached down to pull the jumper up over her head. She placed it on the tree trunk and then reached behind to unclasp her bra. It too was laid on the tree. Just as quickly she unfastened her skirt and stepped out of it. She stood there naked but for the not-so-high heels. Dan marvelled at her beauty.

She knelt down in front of Dan and wrapped both hands around his shaft.

“Oh, you poor thing!” she cried. “It feels like its going to burst, it’s so hard!”

She brought her mouth to it, noticing the wetness and then realising it was her own come and pussy juices she was about to taste. She sucked on him greedily, using one hand while fingering herself with the other. She stopped fellating him in order to rub his dick for a while and noticed how red his face was. She understood that he needed to orgasm and quickly. She wanted to do something to bring that about. She stopped playing with her pussy so that she could fondle his balls.

Suddenly, Amy recalled hearing something about men being very sensitive around the perineum, the line of skin that led from the testes to the anus. She sucked and rubbed and experimentally explored with her middle finger. Dan arched his back as she stroked along the sensitive ridge. He seemed to react more the closer she got to his hole. Only because she was so turned on herself, did she consider her next action; she probed Dan’s asshole with the tip of her finger. It was enough to bring him to climax.

Amy thought he had finished when she withdrew her mouth, but two more spurts hit her on the cheek and neck. She stood up and held his head in her hands and reached up to kiss him. She wasn’t concerned about his dick pressing against her naked stomach, now that he had been satisfied. Although she became aware that it hadn’t really softened very much.

She took a handful of grass and wiped the sticky fluid from her face and body. When she put her skirt and jumper on, she left her bra off, stuffing it in her handbag along with her wet panties.

They went back to the car and made their way home. They spent the night at Dan’s house. She was still a little tender, so she masturbated him again in order to relieve his continuing sexual tension. He went down on Amy to relieve hers.


The couple agreed that they should wait for another week before meeting again, in order to allow their bodies and minds to recover and recharge.

In reality, neither of them could think about anything else. Amy found herself masturbating every evening. She didn’t want to — and had hardly ever done it before — but felt a deep need for the relief it brought. Dan managed to resist the desire – but only just.

The following Saturday they had agreed to go down to the Bluebell Railway — a preserved steam line in East Sussex. Dan had told Amy that he would arrange everything. What he hadn’t told her was that he had booked a hotel room for the night. He was aware that she didn’t have a change of clothes, so he had purchased everything that he thought she might need – right down to a toothbrush and a pure silk nightdress (not that he intended to give her the opportunity to use it).

They drove down quite early and arrived at Horsted Keynes in time for the first train. They had All Line tickets that allowed them unlimited travel for the day. They rode down to Sheffield Park first and paid a visit to the gardens there, then travelled back up the line.

The Bluebell Railway has a number of different engines and a range of carriages — including some Victorian ones that have individual compartments with seats on each side. By chance they got into one of these and were lucky that nobody got in with them. It meant that they could have a bit of fun, particularly when Amy leaned her head out of the window for a look. She was wearing trousers today, but he enjoyed running his hand over ass anyway and could tell that she was wearing a thong.

Back at Horsted Keynes, because Amy was still leaning out of the window, nobody tried to enter their compartment. It was a clever trick and when the train moved out of the station again Dan showed his appreciation by allowing his hands to roam a little further. He stroked down the inside of her leg and then ran his hand back up to her crotch. He felt for the telltale puffy lips, indicating that she was aroused and rubbed her there.

Amy looked back at him over her shoulder and said, “You know, I considered not wearing any panties today, but I figured that a sopping wet crotch to my trousers would be a bit of a giveaway. Mind you, I’m not sure that my thong is going to soak it all up if you carry on like this.”

Just then, the train entered a long tunnel leading to Kingscote Station. She turned away from the window and knelt astride him on the deep seat. Dan knew that this was quite a long tunnel and shocked her by unfastening her trousers. He didn’t pull them down, but he was now able pull her brief thong down to reveal her pussy. He immediately began to tongue her, ignoring her protests and warnings that they might get caught.

He slipped his fingers inside her and worked frantically to bring her off before it was too late. She climaxed just as the train emerged from the tunnel and had to turn away from the windows to fasten her trousers so that people on the platform wouldn’t see.

Dan tried the trick this time and stayed leaning out of the window while the train de-coupled and moved back along to the other end of the carriages. It was lunchtime; so many people were stopping for a picnic. As the two of them had stopped for a breakfast on the way down they weren’t particularly hungry yet.

Amy was dying to make a grab for Dan, but she contented herself with stroking his backside – until the train set off again. Even before the train entered the tunnel she grabbed at the front of his trousers and started undoing them. With his cock free, she unfastened her own trousers and pulled them down, leaping onto all fours on the seat.

“Come on,” she begged. “I want you inside me.”

It was a lot more difficult to have sex in this position in a moving carriage than she had imagined, but the movement merely served to add to the eroticism. The train emerged from the tunnel but the couple were too far gone to care. Dan was very close and Amy wasn’t far behind. How it was that nobody saw them is inexplicable, but they just managed to finish dressing as they pulled into Horsted again. They couldn’t be certain if they had been seen or not, so decided that it was probably best if they left right away. But before they could depart Amy had to pay a visit to the Ladies. She explained afterwards how long she had had to sit on the toilet waiting for “gallons” of his semen to drip out of her pussy. She didn’t tell him that she felt the need to masturbate again while it did so.

Dan drove them on down to Eastbourne and stopped at the Grand Hotel, situated on the seafront. He explained to Amy that he had booked them in for the night.

“But I haven’t got anything to wear. I mean, I can’t go into their restaurant dressed like this, can I?”

“Well I suggest that we get to the shops quickly then.”

They first went up to their suite and checked that everything was in order, then they then went shopping; they had two hours until closing time. The first priority was a dress for dinner in the restaurant – with matching high heeled sandals. Amazingly, they found them almost straight away. An ankle length blue dress with thin straps attached to the bodice seemed to jump off of the rail at her. She quickly went into the changing room to try it on and then came out to show Dan. It was a perfect fit and showed off her bra-less breasts to perfection. He noticed as she walked back to the changing room that there was no hint of a thong.

The next item on the list was underwear. Not for that evening, as Dan had told Amy that he approved of her choice to go naked beneath the blue dress. He wanted her dressed in a skirt and blouse for the next day — which she decided meant that she needed suspenders and stockings as well. These too were pretty easy to find. The skirt was black and pleated and flounced nicely when she walked up and down. The blouse was white cotton. She chose a matching white lace bra, panty and suspender belt to go underneath and black seamed stockings to cover her legs.

Finally, Dan pulled her in the direction of swimwear. The hotel had a pool and sauna and he fully intended to make use of them. Amy refused point blank to consider a bikini, but agreed to try on his choice of one piece swimsuit. It had a plunging neckline and high legs. She went to try it on while Dan stood just outside. As it was late in the day there weren’t many other people around, so when Amy pulled the curtain back a little and whispered that there was a problem, Dan was able to step up and look for himself.

Amy looked a knock-out and provided Dan with an immediate erection. But, as she suggested, there was a problem; the edges of the suit around her crotch failed to cover the mass of hair poking out from either side.

Dan almost leant in to see what it felt like, but then remembered that there would be security cameras around and they would be seen.

“Not a problem,” he said. “We can get that sorted.”

Loaded with her shopping bags they made their way back down the street, heading for the hotel. He sent Amy back up to their suite while he made enquiries. When he had researched and booked the rooms on-line he had noticed some of the services that were available — including waxing (including bikini). He was directed to the woman who carried out the treatments and was told that she only worked until 7pm and was fully booked. Dan used the most persuasive argument he could think of — money. She agreed to give Amy whatever she needed.

Amy wasn’t too sure about it, but she was going to look pretty silly if she didn’t do something about her pubic hair, so she made her way down to the Salon. She told Dan that she would meet him in the bar, once she had returned to the room and changed.

It was just gone 8.15pm when Amy glided into the bar, causing quite a few heads to turn. She was surprised to find that Dan had changed into a dinner jacket. She had no idea that he had brought one. In fact, he had pre-arranged delivery to the hotel. He watched her walk across the room and smiled as she sashayed. She knew she was being watched — and thoroughly loved it! Her relatively short hair had been wound on a tight bun at the back of her head. Her face looked fresh and young, with her long neck focussing attention downwards towards her smoothly curving cleavage.

Dan asked Amy if she would like a drink before eating, but she said that she was starving and couldn’t wait, so they made their way into the restaurant. They were shown to a secluded table where they chose to sit next to each other rather than opposite. They talked as they waited for the wine and their order.

“So, how do you feel?” he asked.

“Sexy,” she replied.

“You look it. When you walked into the bar earlier, you had almost every man’s tongue hanging out. Actually there were a couple of women who couldn’t take their eyes off of you as well.”

They enjoyed their meal, which was accompanied by a fine wine. When Dan asked if she wanted anything else, she replied that there was only one thing she wanted for dessert. He got the message immediately and, having signed for the bill and left a tip, escorted her upstairs.

The doors of the lift hadn’t even closed when she jumped into his arms and began to kiss him. His hands roamed over her body, marvelling at the feel of the thin material covering her skin. A hand slipped inside the top and caressed her breast. They were on the top floor and the lift was taking its time, so Dan leaned down as his hand eased the tit out and teased the nipple with his teeth.

When they got inside the room, Amy pushed Dan away and told him that nothing was going to happen until he had stripped for her. Without taking his eyes from hers, he pulled of his clothes and threw them to one side. When he was naked, she crooked her finger and indicated that he should kneel in front of her. She was shaking, not from cold, but from excitement as she reached behind and unfastened the zip. She held the bodice while slipping the straps from her shoulders and then gradually lowered the garment. Her breasts came fully into view, the nipples dark and hard. Then her ribcage was revealed, followed by her stomach and hips. She paused for a moment before allowing the silky material to fall to the ground, leaving her naked.

Right in front of Dan’s eyes laid Amy’s naked pussy. It was hairless. He reached out to touch her pubic region and felt how silky smooth she was.

“I figured that a bikini wax would look silly, so I asked her about doing it all. She told me that it was very common now — particularly with older women.”

“Didn’t it hurt?”

“Of course it did, silly. But don’t you think it was worth it?”

“Mmmm,” he said as he gently kissed the soft flesh. She let him use his tongue for a while, but then stopped him explaining that she had an idea she would like to try. She told him to lie down on the bed, while she removed her shoes.

As Dan lay there, Amy crawled up his body to his dick. She gave it her full attention making sure that it was fully wetted, before sitting astride him.

“I’ve been wondering if I can do this,” she said and began to lower her pussy down onto his shaft.

Dan had a clear view as the labia were forced apart and his cock slowly disappeared. When fully impaled, Amy sat upright and ran her hands over her breasts. As she rose and fell she gave her body a little twist, the sensation for Dan was amazing. He reached up and took hold of her boobs, allowing her to run her hands through her hair. Her face, neck and upper chest were flushed and perspiration formed and trickled down her cleavage. She came with a loan groan.

Amy looked down at Dan and said, “That was for me. This is for you.” She began making more extended movements up and down his penis and speeded up considerably. She leant forwards and put her hands on his shoulders and fucked him wildly. When he came she could feel his hips bucking beneath her. The orgasm went on and on until he finally lay still beneath her.

As she looked down, Amy could see that Dan had deposited another substantial amount in her bank. She lifted up, gradually allowing his dick to slide out, the semen flowed with it. And she was still very horny.

She looked straight at Dan and said, “We’ve made such a mess! I’d better clean you cleaned up.”

Amy moved off of Dan and then lowered her head to his groin, where she proceeded to lick his dick clean and suck up their mixed come.

If she thought that she had done something that would shock and arouse him again, it was his turn to shock her when he pushed her down onto the bed and began to lick her pussy clean. He kept at until she had reached yet another orgasm.


The next morning, they agreed not to indulge in sex at least until after breakfast. But before eating they would go swimming. They changed into their costumes and donned their white cotton bathrobes. Dan wanted to put his hand between her legs to make sure that the bikini wax had worked, but Amy laughed and told him to behave. They made their way to the lift and travelled down to the pool.

They were early; there was only one other person in the pool, but nobody in the sauna. They removed their bathrobes and stepped inside. Sitting down opposite each other, they openly looked at each other’s bodies.

“I’d ask what you’re thinking,” she said. “But I reckon that it’s pretty obvious.” She indicated the potentially embarrassing bulge in Dan’s costume that left little to the imagination.

He leaned across to her and said, “Stones and glasshouses. Don’t think I haven’t noticed these.” His forefinger and thumb on each hand clamped on Amy’s erect nipples. She gasped and quickly glanced through the cabin door to make sure that nobody could see.

Brushing Dan’s hands aside, she made a grab for his dick and began rubbing the shaft in long, easy strokes.

“I wonder what kind of mess it would make if I made you come right now?”

Dan sorely wished that he had persuaded her to buy a bikini. By now he would have had the bottoms down and his cock embedded in her pussy. He decided that he would have to strip her whole costume off instead and made a grab for the shoulder straps. Amy was ready and leapt back from his lunge, then jumped out of the door. She dived straight into the pool and swam to the other end. Dan was impressed by her ability in the water.

He checked carefully that the coast was clear before following her out into the pool. He swam gently down the length towards her.

“I think you left something behind. Something that needs finishing,” he said archly.

“I’ll tell you what, if you can catch me, then maybe I’ll oblige you.”

With that she took off. Dan considered himself to be no slouch in the water, but Amy was fast! He figured that he would corner her at the other end, but as he neared her, she suddenly ducked beneath the surface and swam underneath his grasp.

Dan knew he had met his match and remained where he was, waiting for Amy to tire of the game and return. She did eventually.

“OK,” he said. “You win.”

“So do you. Untie the cord on your trunks.”

Dan untucked the tied cord and pulled the bow undone. Amy smiled at him, took a deep breath and slipped beneath the surface. He felt the front of his costume pulled down and his cock released into the buoyant water. Almost immediately he felt her lips close around the head.

There were cameras in the pool — for safety reasons — but Amy had noticed that they were at the deep end and would not be able to see what she was doing beneath the edge. She stayed down sucking Dan for almost two minutes, before returning to the surface. She was breathing heavily, but didn’t appear distressed.

“Do you have any idea how close I was?” he asked.

“Oh yes,” she replied. “You get even harder and your thigh muscles and buttocks go rigid. I just thought that I had better check with you if you wanted to come yet?”

Her hand was still stroking him as they talked. When Dan nodded his assent she ducked back under and resumed her sucking. Sure enough, he came within another thirty seconds.

When Amy resurfaced he kissed her passionately, but then apologised saying, “I’d love to do the same to you, but I don’t have the lung power.”

“Perhaps we’d better call a halt and go back upstairs then?” she asked in a breathlessly husky voice.


Dan insisted on peeling Amy’s costume off for her. He took his time, removing one strap at a time and kissing the soft, damp skin beneath. He slipped them down her arms, gradually revealing her breasts. The nipples were already standing proud and as they came into view he couldn’t resist bending down to suckle on them.

Amy released her arms from the straps and stroked Dan’s greying hair with affection. It dawned on her that besides having the greatest sex that she had ever experienced, she now had very deep feelings for this man who had changed her life in so many ways. She was in love and the realisation hit her like a hammer blow.

Dan sensed something and took his lips from Amy’s breasts. He looked into her face and saw the tears forming in the corners of her eyes — but she was smiling at him. He stood back up and the beautiful eyes followed him. All he could see was her face; nothing else in the world was relevant to him.

“Will you marry me?” he said quietly.

“Wh… what?”

“Um, marry me?”

“Yes! Yes! Do you really mean it? Yes!”

“I’ve never meant anything more in my life.”

Dan smiled and pulled Amy’s costume down to the floor. He swiftly removed his own and embraced her. Their naked bodies pressed against one another. Still, the height difference meant that Amy had to stand on tiptoe.

Placing his hands under Amy’s armpits, Dan lifted her off the floor until her face was level with his. She wrapped her legs around his waist and her arms around his neck and kissed his face rapidly, all over. She stopped as he gradually lowered her down and the tip of his cock mad contact with her. It was hard and rigidly pointing upwards, but at the moment was nudging the wrong hole. For the first time ever in her life she contemplated the idea of anal sex — but not just yet. She shifted her hips slightly and the head of his penis slipped inside her pussy.

Dan shifted his hands to her buttocks as she allowed herself to slide down onto his shaft. After Amy’s display in the pool, it was his turn to show his prowess in the bedroom; he started to gently lift her up and down, fucking her while standing up. He walked one step at a time to the wall, where he pressed her body against it.

“I love you,” she gasped.

“Will you love me when I can longer perform like this?” he asked.

“Of course, but just you make sure you take care of me while you still can.” She smiled as he picked up pace. He was lasting a lot longer having orgasmed earlier, but it meant that he was able to bring Amy to two more climaxes before he ejaculated.

They stayed at the hotel for another three days and then returned home to plan the rest of their lives together.

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