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Tabby & Lana at the River

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The two girls were home for their first summer break since leaving the small town for College. They had parted company for College as they had been accepted into schools in different States. Now was the first opportunity they had had to exchange stories about their new experiences. Tabby had rung Lana the night she got into town. They had talked for hours but now they were going to meet. It had been agreed that each girl would bike to a secluded spot they shared near the river. Many a lazy summer afternoon had been spent on the grass there exchanging secrets.

Tabby arrived first. She waited on the road, near to a row of large trees that sheltered their hidden spot from the road. It wasn’t long before the familiar sight of the long legged Lana could be seen peddling toward her. Tabby waved out as her friend approached. As Lana got closer Tabby laid her bike down and started to walk toward the oncoming cyclist.

“Hey. Hi there,” Tabby greeted her long lost friend. Lana staggered to a stop and the girls embraced.

A few moments later they had wheeled their bikes across the flat grass, between the trees and over the little mound into their own private clearing. Below them the river sped past, its water glistening in the bright sunlight. Tabby removed her little brown backpack and took out the neatly folded rug.

Soon both girls were sitting enjoying the sun and a good talk. Both had brought a small lunch box of food with them that they shared as the talk of boys and schools continued.

Lana was the blond. She was shorter than Tabby, most girls were, but she was still very attractive in her little tight fitting tank top that exposed her tanned belly and the short denim skirt. Tabby had long dark hair that framed her face. Her tall thin frame was covered in a white t-shirt and pair of khaki shorts.

“I’m real lucky having my own room at the dorm,” Tabby said. “It’s much more private.”

“I don’t mind sharing,” Lana said in her own defence. “My room mate is cool, we get on really well. She has been really good for me. I don’t think I would have survived those first months without Carla.”

This comment came as bit of a shock to Tabby. Lana and her had been special friends for a long time now. The last year had been the longest they had been separated. The tall brunette hung her head for a moment, worried that someone was imposing on that special friendship.

“Hey Tabby, what’s up?” Lana said moving a little closer to her friend. “You don’t need to worry, Carla will never replace you.” She stretched an arm out.

“I know it’s just that I really missed you. I wish we had gone to the same school,” Tabby looked suddenly gloomy. Lana put her arm around her friend.

“It’s OK Tabby. We can have fun this summer,” she whispered.

The young blond brought both her arms up to hug Tabby tight. Tabby rested her head against Lana’s shoulder, smelling the sweet fragrance of her friend’s soft golden hair. Lana looked down on Tabby and ran a gentle hand across her face. Tabby looked up into Lana’s eyes, her face still sad.

Lana cupped Tabby’s face in her hand. “Now, now,” she cooed. “We don’t want any tears do we?” Gently she kissed Tabby on the forehead. It was a long lingering kiss. A light tingle went through Tabby’s body as Lana pulled her lips away. The hand stayed against her cheek, and then trailed off down Tabby’s neck.

Not a word was exchanged as Tabby lent closer to Lana and their lips met. Lana held Tabby close as their tongues searched each other’s mouth. Tabby reached up to caress Lana’s cheek with the back of her fingers. She brushed across her cheek, clipping her ear and letting her hand drift off down Lana’s neck.

The kiss was intense, both girls exploring the others mouth. Their hands moved freely about their bodies, touching and feeling each other’s bodies through the thin summer tops. Smelling the sweet fragrances of each other’s perfume and feeling the soft unmarked skin.

Slowly they fell back to the rug, their lips still firmly locked. Lana’s hand found Tabby’s breast, she caressed the soft mound through the t-shirt, judging its weight, discovering its shape. Her finger passed over the top of Tabby’s nipple that was growing taut under the thin cotton garment. The kiss slowly broke away as Lana started to lift the white t-shirt. Tabby smiled at her.

As Lana lifted the t-shirt over the brunette’s hair, causing her long dark locks to tumble though the top Cliff stumbled on the scene. He had taken the opportunity of a weekday off work to take a walk along the river bank. He lived nearby and didn’t get many chances to do this.

Now as he climbed the small bank out of the trees towards the clearing he glimpsed the sun reflecting from the mirror of one of the bikes. Beyond them two people lay embracing on a rug. As he got closer he could see they were two girls and one was removing the top of the other. They hadn’t seen him. Quietly he ducked in behind a fallen tree that allowed him to watch unobserved.

Lana was kissing Tabby again. Their mouths were twisted into one another; their tongues deeply embedded in each other’s mouths. Her hands were playing with Tabby’s breasts, feeling them touching them, still encased in a lace bra. Tabby held Lana at the waist with one hand; the other was exploring her body, touching her nipples through the red tank top. Judging by the sharp points that appeared in the material she wore no bra.

From where Cliff crouched he could see all this clearly. He was only 20 meters away. He could even hear the gentle moans of each girl as their bodies were felt in this tender display. His eyes focused on the blond. The angle at which she lay allowed Cliff to gaze directly up her leg and under her skirt to the tantalising triangle of white lace that covered her mound. Just looking at that sight made him want to moan. Tabby reached down to Lana’s skirt, slowly unzipping it as she lay there. Lana moved her body slightly to let the brunette tug it free. They giggled as Lana kicked it off her feet, then lent into each other to kiss once more. Tabby’s long fingers found the top of her friend’s panties and sunk inside. Lana moaned as Tabby’s finger passed across her trimmed pussy hair to her opening.

Cliff could barely contain himself. His cock had grown hard as he watched. His hand rubbed the front of his trousers. Now as he watched this sexy girl fingering her friend he unzipped them and let his cock spring out. As Lana removed the white lace bra he began to stroke his hard cock.

With her breasts fully exposed Tabby lent back to let the blond lick at her hard nipples, flicking them with her tongue before closing her mouth over the little hard rock. Tabby let out along moan as Lana sucked on her nipple, letting it pull into her mouth and flicking it lightly with her tongue.

Tabby hugged her friend close, letting her suck on her breast, and as she did Tabby removed the red tank top. Lana’s nipples wee also hard and very visible from where Cliff watched. His hard cock was now swollen to full size and he was stroking it softly as he took in every movement before him.

As Lana at back up Tabby cupped her friends face in her hands and they kissed again. This time Lana’s fingers did the unzipping and Tabby adjusted her butt to allow her shorts to be pulled off. Now naked except their panties the two girls lay down once more.

Their bodies pressed together, Lana on top of Tabby, with one of Lana’s legs firmly planted between Tabby’s. As they kissed again Lana moved her knee to rub Tabby’s crotch. Tabby moaned gently as she felt her pussy react. They continued to kiss as their hand roamed over each other’s tanned bodies, stopping to squeeze a breast or tweak a nipple.

Cliff sat down to pull his trousers and shorts right off. He needed better access to get full enjoyment. As he sat up he could see they had swapped positions and Tabby was now kneeling over Lana, Tabby’s finger worming its way into Lana’s panties once more. He began working his cock once more.

Lana moaned as her friend’s finger passed across her mound, finding her soft pussy lips. Tabby expertly guided her finger to Lana’s clit and rubbed the hardening organ gently. Lana moaned again and again as Tabby rubbed. Then Tabby inserted her finger, feeling her friend’s moist warm pussy. Tabby began to rock the finger backwards and forwards.

In his hidden position Cliff could see the brunette’s hand working backwards and forwards inside the white lace, stretching it as she moved. All the time both girls were kissing and moaning with each other.

Then Tabby pulled the finger out, her thumb grasping the side of the little lace panties. Lana arched her back as Tabby stripped the panties off, letting them fall at Lana’s ankles. As the delicate white material fell from Tabby’s hands Lana parted her legs. Tabby was now kneeling at Lana’s ankles and she lent forward, caressing the blonds legs, kissing them, as she worked her way toward Lana’s wet, dripping pussy.

Lana let out a loud moan as Tabby licked her clit for the first time. Then she licked the blond’s pussy, letting her tongue drag between her pussy lips. Lana shuddered. Then Tabby moved one hand from Lana’s thigh to start fingering her again. The brunette’s head bobbed up and down as she licked at Lana’s soft pussy, her hand adding extra pleasure.

Cliff’s jaw dropped as he watched the performance before him. He had dreamed of this, fantasised about young girls sucking each other while he watched. Now it was happening. His cock was so hard; his balls ached as Tabby moved her body to get her pussy over Lana’s head. Lana pulled the little white panties down Tabby’s thighs, exposing a dark trimmed bush and already swollen pink pussy lips.

It was Tabby’s turn to moan as Lana licked her clit. Then the blond locked her mouth on Tabby’s pussy and began to suck. Tabby could feel her clit being raped by her friends tongue as she sucked the brunette. Still Tabby kept up on her friend, licking and playing with her.

The pressure was getting too much for Cliff as he watched. He wanted to fuck them. He wanted to fuck both of them. They were too beautiful, teasing him with their display. There was nothing he could do, he couldn’t hold back. He had to have them.

Quickly he leapt to his feet and dashed out from behind the fallen tree, his cock waving in front of him. Both girls stopped and looked across at the sudden movement. At first he thought his chance was gone, that they were going to bolt and run. He stopped dead in his tracks about three meters from the rug.

“Hello,” Lana greeted him as both girls sat up.

“Hi,” Tabby chipped in.

Both girls were smiling at the half naked figure standing before them. Neither girl moved or attempted to cover up, it was as if they were totally comfortable with this stranger.

“Looks like you need some help there,” Tabby smiled.

“Come on over and let us help you,” Lana added.

He edged forward, a little concerned now.

“Don’t be nervous,” Lana reassured holding out a hand.

He crouched and then sat on the rug as Tabby put an arm around his shoulder. Her skin was soft and warm against his. Cliff turned his head to look at her face, her lips were close to his, and he could feel her breath on his throat. She lent closer until her red lips met his and they kissed. They kissed softly at first and then with more vigour, his tongue searching her mouth.

As their kiss lingered he felt a hand touch his hard cock. Lana had reached out and was stroking it gently, letting the hard rod slip through her hand. After a few strokes she lowered her head to the huge hard cock, taking the head in her mouth. She sucked down the shaft, licking it as she went. Cliff broke the kiss to moan softly. Tabby transferred her mouth to his chest, finding a nipple to suck at. This caused another moan from Cliff.

He reached out for Tabby, finding her pussy with his hand. She sat close to him with her legs spread to let him play as they kissed again. His finger found the opening, wet and hot. He began to finger her, slipping it in her tight moist pussy. His thumb pressed the hard clit, rubbing it as he finger fucked her.

Lana continued to suck at him, her butt high in the air, her long blond hair cascading over her shoulders. Her head bobbed up and down the shaft. Cliff moaned again. Then Lana sat up, letting his cock spring out of her mouth. The hard red shaft glistened in the sunlight as she smiled at him, her lips wet.

Tabby moved herself as well letting Cliff’s finger pop out of her hot pussy. He looked at the wet finger as Tabby bent over to lick it clean, her shapely butt stuck up in the air.

Leaving Cliff sitting on the rug Tabby crawled back to her friend. Lana was now leaning back in a sitting position with her legs wide apart. Tabby crawled straight up between them and began licking at her wet pussy. Her tongue worked its magic on the blond’s clit as she was soon moaning, flinging her hair back and closing her eyes.

Cliff watched as the brunette continued her work, her butt on glorious display in the air. It was too much for him. He got up and positioned himself at her exposed pussy. Tabby gave a little groan as he pushed in.

“Oh, God, you are so tight,” he exclaimed as he felt her pussy grip his hard cock. “God that feels so good.”

“Fuck her mister,” Lana called. “Fuck her hard.”

“Oh yes,” Tabby exclaimed, taking her mouth from Lana for a moment. “Oh, please fuck me.”

Cliff began working backwards and forwards pushing his hard cock into her. Tabby returned to eating Lana’s pussy. Soon all three were moaning softly as they bobbed in and out of each other.

Lana sat back, playing with her own breasts, tweaking the nipples as Tabby licked at her opening. Cliff was pumping into Tabby faster and faster now. Each stroke seemed to plunge deeper into the thin brunette’s body. He could feel his cock on fire in her wet pussy. Her butt was so smooth and perfect as he looked down across her back, holding her hips.

“Oh God, oh yes,” Lana began to shudder. “Oh my God, Tabby, oh yes, please, oh.”

Tabby pumped a second finger into her friend as she continued to fuck her with her hand, licking around her pussy, flicking her clit. Lana had grasped her breasts hard as she began to moan and quiver.

“Oh, yes, I’m going to cum,” she announced. “Oh God yes, yes, oh.”

Tabby felt her friend tighten on her fingers, felt the wave of pleasure sweep her as she flooded her pussy and her hips bucked. In his kneeling position Cliff looked down on the scene as continued to fuck Tabby. He watched as Tabby licked and sucked at Lana, taking her juice.

His big cock was pumping quickly now. Its full length was buried deep in the young girl. His balls slapped her butt with each stroke. Once her orgasm had subsided Lana moved herself to lie under Tabby. Now her tongue flicked at Tabby’s exposed clit, sometimes licking along Cliff’s shaft as he pulled back to stroke into Tabby. Her hand found his balls and gently massaged them.

“Oh yes, oh yes,” Tabby began to shudder now. “Oh please fuck me, please. Do it harder, harder.”

Cliff grunted as he pushed into her harder and harder. Lana licked more quickly as Tabby came to a shattering climax. Almost immediately Cliff shot his load. He buried his cock deep in her pussy as a shot of cum spurted out into her. Wave after wave of the sticky hot cum filled her as he held her hips.

Slowly his cock relaxed and he pulled back from Tabby letting her collapse on the ground. As it slipped from her Lana lent forward to take it in her mouth, licking it clean, sucking out the remains of his cum, leaving a sticky trail on her young face.

All three lay naked side by side on the rug in the brilliant sunlight. No one spoke for a long time. Tabby could feel the sticky cum drying against her leg, her friend’s juices on her face. Lana too could feel Tabby’s cum on her, mixed with that of Cliff’s.

“Would you like to come back to my place to get cleaned up?” Cliff asked.

The two girls looked at each other and smiled.

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