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Alice in Cumland

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“Hello?” I answered the phone after a couple of rings. I had been upstairs reading.

“Raynne, it’s Steve. I need your help.” Steve was a friend of mine who I frequently had sex with, most times including his room mate. He sounded urgent.

“What’s up?” I asked, hoping I wouldn’t have to leave the comfort of my home on my day off.

“Well, I have a date with this girl tonight who I thought was really cool when I met her last week, but I just talked to an ex of hers and he said she is crazy…”

“So cancel the date,” I interjected.

“I tried to. I called her and said I changed my mind because I have a girlfriend and I don’t want to cheat. She knew I was lying, I think, so she asked me to bring my girlfriend along for casual drinks. I said no but she insisted and told me when to meet her and then just hung up,” he explained.

“So just don’t go,” I told him. This didn’t make sense.

“I would just stand her up but her ex told me that if I did she would show up at my house and break my windows and all that stuff. She sounds like a psycho. So I came up with this plan. And I need your help…” Steve sort of trailed off.

“What sort of plan?” I laughed.

“Well, I want you to come with me and pretend you’re my girlfriend. Then, this girl, Alice, will think she has no chance.”

“Doesn’t she already think that? Why does she want you to bring your girlfriend to meet her?” I was confused.

“She said she didn’t believe I had one and that if I didn’t prove it she’d be disappointed.”

“She said that?”


We talked for a while longer and finally I agreed to Steve’s stupid plan. If I were him I would have just not shown up and called the cops on the psycho if she tried anything (or just kicked her ass) but Steve insisted his plan would work. He said all I would have to do is pretend to be his girlfriend and to try and intimidate Alice a little so she’d back off. I suggested he bring Tom, his room mate, instead, and have him dress up like a woman to make Alice think he preferred men or queens but he said she knew he didn’t so it’d never work. After enough back and forth I just agreed. I would have to meet him later in the evening.

“Wear something hot,” Steve told me before we hung up.

In the spirit of helping a friend, I got dressed up later. I chose a really short camoflauge skirt and tight, calf-length boots with a low cut black top and lots of bracelets. I looked like the hooker version of GI Jane. My hair was big and I wore lipstick. This should do the trick, I thought.

When I arrived at the bar I spotted Steve. We had agreed to meet a little early so we’d get there before Alice.

“Alright!” Steve leered at me as did other bar customers. We sat and ordered drinks. I had a Kamikaze and he had a Jack and Coke. Then I had another Kamikaze.

“Here she comes,” he whispered to me, putting his arms around me.

“Hi Steve,” Alice said as she approached our table. She was a short girl with long red hair and she dressed in white. She didn’t look like the type of girl Steve would go for at all.

“Hi, Alice, this is Raynne,” he made introductions and I smiled, leaning in for a handshake and accentuating my cleavage.

“Nice to meet you, Raynne.” She flashed a smile back. She sat next to Steve on the other side and ordered a Cosmopolitan. I almost smirked but I held back. The girl was cute but she seemed prissy.

“You’re probably wondering why I asked you both to come,” she started hesitantly, then continued, “well, I wanted to make a proposition.”

Both of our heads perked up and we looked confused. Steve was the first to speak.

“What sort of ‘proposition’?” He inquired in a whisper.

“Well,” Alice leaned in close, “I want to get back at my ex-boyfriend for spreading false rumors about me. He tells people I am crazy because he can’t stand the fact that I broke up with him.”

Steve’s face held an expression of shock. I smiled about the situation. Steve had been tricked by the info he got from the ex and now he probably wished he hadn’t brought me.

“I want to get back at him by having a threesome, video-taping it, and sending it to him. It would make him so mad and embarrassed that he’d leave me alone. I know it,” Alice told us. She was not the girl I thought she was, I guess!

“Shit!” Steve almost choked on his drink.

“With us?” I asked.

“If you guys are into it,” She replied.

“When?” I asked. Steve was still speechless.

“Tonight!” She downed her drink and ordered another.

We all talked a little more and Alice explained her logic more clearly. Her ex, Greg, had been the jealous type and he was also prudish. He had bought Alice most of her new clothes, hence the get-up, she explained. He wouldn’t want her back if he found out she was “slutty” because he was a sexist asshole. She had only dated him briefly, anyway. She also told us that we could bring Tom, Steve’s room mate, or anyone else we wanted.

“Well, if we’re going to do it tonight, we can bring Tom, I doubt we will find anyone else we know this late in the evening on a Saturday,” Steve explained.

“That’s fine,” Alice sipped her drink as she spoke.

We all agreed to do it at Steve and Tom’s place and we called Tom on the way over, explaining the situation. Needless to say, he was excited. So was I. I think we all were. Alice had a video camera in hand as we walked down the street to the apartment complex.

“Oh fuck yeah,” Tom greeted us with his approval when he saw us. Alice was cute, but I couldn’t get past her dorky clothes. Oh well, I thought, those will come off later.

We all discussed the situation a little more and then set up the camera. Alice wanted to add an extra touch of naughtiness so we lit up a joint after hitting record. The camera was positioned on a tripod in front of the couch, where we planned to get it on. I was the first to light and smoke, then I passed it to Alice, telling her to get really high because we had plans for her.

“What kind of plans?” She asked innocently. (This was all semi-rehearsed, of course).

“Well,” Steve told her, “We all want to fuck you.” And he took the joint from her and smoked, passing it back afterward.

“All of you?” Alice asked, again in mocked innocence.

“Yes, all three of us. And we’re taping it, see?” He pointed to the camera and Alice faked a surprised look.

“What do you think of that?” I asked her.

“I think it might be really fun!” And she laughed hard for a while.

The sex started when me and Steve got naked and started rubbing each other. Tom had his hand on Alice’s leg and she started rubbing his back. Steve and I were practically jacking each other off in front of them.

Then Steve took one of his hands and unbuttoned Alice’s white dress. She had on a white thong and a white lace bra with white stockings and a white garter. It was kind of the slutty nurse look. All the while, he was rubbing my nipple and licking my neck. I rubbed his cock and it was hard by then, dripping a little. I bent down and took him in my mouth as he pushed Alice’s thong aside to lick her hot little clit.

Tom unzipped his pants and let out his throbbing dick. Alice bent right over and started pumping it into her mouth while she held his hips.

“You’re so hot, Alice,” Tom told her. I think he really liked her. He sighed and held her hair, very cliche but still hot. She sucked him loudly and used her hands, moaning as best as she could when Steve’s tongue darted in and out of her slit. I was having a good time on his dick, too, but I wanted a little more pleasure.

I spit out Steve’s cock and turned so he could fuck me instead. I crawled under him so that my head was next to him, getting a close-up view of Alice’s dripping cunt getting sucked on. He slid his huge cock into my wet hole and started fucking. I moaned and reached my hands up to fondle Alice’s little tits while she sucked on Tom.

Alice was a pro at sucking cock. Her lips and tongue worked his knob while her hand wrapped around his shaft and pumped. Her other hand massaged his balls and hips. Every now and then she’d let go for a while and suck his dick far down her throat. Tom loved it, guiding her head with his hand in her red hair. And yes, she had a little red bush. I could see it, with Steve’s tongue and fingers in her holes, both pussy and ass. I hoped the camera had a good shot of that!

I started cumming as Steve fucked me really hard from his position over me. He must feel great with a pussy in his face and a pussy around his cock. I moaned and squeezed Alice’s pert little breasts. The nipples got really hard and she hummed on Tom’s cock. He came next, and for effect, as we had discussed earlier, he pulled out of her mouth just before he came. He shot cream all over her tits and my hands, and her stomach, just barely missing Steve’s head. I rubbed it all over her with my hands as I felt Steve tense up. Steve pulled out of my dripping hole and moved his head away from Alice’s crotch. She had already climaxed a few times. He positioned his cock at Alice’s mouth and she sucked it it, kneeling in front of him on the couch. He pumped it only three times before pulling out and shooting his load all over her stomach and hips. Most of it dripped into her bush.

I leaned forward and started licking the cum off of her body while she laid on her back on the couch. The guys stood aside and watched, still in the camera’s view but not blocking it’s shot of us. I had my hands on either side of her and my tongue worked her nipples first, then her stomach, licking off the white cream. I got to her red bush and started to lick off the cum there, too. Then I spread her legs and started to lick her slit. She was so wet and hot.

“This girl needs to be fucked!” I looked at both men whose dicks were returning to life after the display they witnessed. Steve was the first to approach her, while I stood up and aside. He laid down on the couch and she sat on his cock, rubbing it between her legs and butt, making it all slick and hard. She rubbed Steve’s stomach and hips and then her own tits as she sat on him. Then his cock slammed into her cunt and she screamed.

“Oh it feels so good…mmmm…” She moaned and started riding him, leaning forward to press her tits against his chest. He held her hips and closed his eyes as she did all the work, moaning and bouncing. Then Tom approached her with a bottle of lube and started rubbing it into her ass and all over her cheeks. He put a finger in her asshole and she started cumming on top of Steve. She screamed and moaned and closed her eyes, but continued to ride. Tom got closer and positioned his cock at her butt.

“I’m gonna fuck your ass you little slut,” He told her. She had told him to say that earlier, when she told Steve and Tom to make sure that one of them fucked her in the ass at least once during the tape. Tom was the lucky winner in an earlier coin toss.

I watched as Tom pressed his swollen dickhead against Alice’s tight little asshole. She leaned forward all the way, so I could also see Steve’s dick going in and out of her cunt. I started to touch myself. Tom kneeled behind her and pushed his cock up her asshole, hard. He pumped until his massive cock was buried in her ass. Steve was still inside her pussy but they remained still, waiting for Tom to set the rhythm. They were used to this, as they had double fucked me many times before.

“What about me?” I asked when they got into a slow rhythm of fucking Alice up her ass and up her cunt. She moaned continuously and squeezed with each breath as they rammed her with their fat cocks. Tom held her cheeks apart lewdly and Steve groped her ass, too.

“It feels…so…good…fuck me…harder!” Alice managed to say, ignoring my question. Then I thought of something. I approached the couch arm where Steve and Alice had their heads. They weren’t kissing or anything, so I sat on the edge and they both started licking my pussy after I spread my legs far apart. It felt so good to have two tongues down there! I had never had that experience before.

Alice expertly sucked my clit and Steve rubbed a finger into my slit and his tongue slid over my holes. I started cumming after only a couple of minutes. Then Tom started moaning.

“I’m gonna cum in your ass!” He announced as he pumped his cock into Alice’s asshole.

“And I’m gonna come in your hot little pussy!” Steve announce as well. They thrusted into her hard and I watched while Steve kept licking me. Alice had stopped because she was bouncing hard and couldn’t keep it up. They fucked her like a ragdoll and she loved it. They both splashed their cum into her holes and pulled their cocks out in unison. She was still writhing on the couch when they got up.

I bent down once again and knelt on the floor next to the couch where Alice was splayed out. I gripped her hips and licked her holes clean. Both were dripping with cum from Steve and Tom and I couldn’t get enough of it. While I sucked her out I felt a hand rubbing my slit from behind. I turned around and saw Steve. His dick wasn’t hard but it was wet from Alice’s pussy. I would have to lick that clean after Alice, I thought. I looked at Tom’s cock, fresh out of Alice’s ass. I had an idea then, and spoke up.

“Lick his cock, Alice,” I told her, motioning at Tom. She would surely get a bad reaction from her ex if he saw her lick a cock that had been in her asshole. Steve moved so his cock was in her face and she took it in her mouth as she stayed lying down. He sat still as she licked his dick and I licked her pussy. She was moaning and sucking when I felt her start cumming. Her breathing was hard and her hips were crashing into my face.

Miraculously, Tom was hard again in Alice’s mouth. But he pulled out and approached me. I was on all fours on the floor in front of the couch, just finishing up on Alice’s clit when he got behind me. He pushed his cock against my ass cheeks and rubbed me with it. It was still wet. Steve just watched, exhausted.

I felt my pussy dripping and Tom’s cock just continued to rub me. I felt his hands grab my tits and I moaned. Alice got up and stood next to Steve. They watched as Tom pushed his dick up my hole and started fucking me from behind. After about 3 or 4 minutes of this, he pulled his cock out and pushed it’s tip against my asshole. I had been so wet that he was thoroughly lubed and it slipped right in. I moaned deeply and he pushed harder. I squealed when he got it all the way in. His cock was thick and it felt so good. He started fucking my ass like it was a pussy and I came, soaking my crotch even more. He pulled his dick all the way out then rammed it all the way back in. I screamed every time. Then he started alternating between slamming his dick into my pussy and slamming it into my ass. I couldn’t believe how good it felt and how horny we were. He squeezed my tits or my cheeks the whole time and just grunted or whispered in my ear.

“How does it feel?” He whispered slowly as he pushed his cock up a hole and then switched. I gripped the floor with my hands and my knees hurt but I replied,

“It feels so good, so good, ah. Fuck me harder, yes.”

Steve and Alice were just watching, wide-eyed, as Tom’s fat cock filled me repeatedly. I was in constant orgasm, moaning and squealing, pushing my ass into his hips. Finally, he came all over my ass cheeks and back while I was still on all fours on the floor.

We got up and stopped the tape.

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