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Swinging with Grandma

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There are three things I can’t resist: a cold beer on a hot day; a good business deal; and a pair of sexy legs. Here’s a story about all three.

I was planning to meet my family for a quick weekend reunion at my grandmother’s farm in mid-July. At the last minute, a very good business opportunity knocked on my door. It took me two days to finalize things and I drove south to grandma’s farm early Sunday morning. I arrived at about 10 a.m. to be greeted by my parents, my grandmother, my brothers, their wives, and hordes of nephews and nieces.

To be honest, I was almost too bushed to enjoy things, but I hung in there. Around 2 in the afternoon, my parents announced that they had to get going. Quickly, one by one, my brothers packed their families into SUV’s and station wagons to head off the farm. I started thinking about leaving too, but the combination of fatigue and beer made me a little reticent.

“Darling,” my grandmother said to me, stroking my forearm, “why don’t you just take a nap here and I’ll make you some dinner when you wake up and then you can head home?”

Let me tell you a little about my grandmother. She’s been a widow for about ten years. She’s sweet, of course. But, to be honest, she’s also pretty hot looking. After grandpa died, she started really taking care of herself. She joined a gym, started jogging and swimming. She also invested in some plastic surgery – – or at least that’s the only way my family can explain the fantastic shape of her breasts and her very firm ass. Grandma also has the most luminous green eyes you’ve ever seen and these bee-sting lips. Since grandpa died, she likes to wear her silver hair very short and she likes to wear clothes that accentuate her healthy lifestyle and toned body.

I accepted her offer and trudged upstairs to the guest bedroom. I woke up a couple of hours later feeling very refreshed. After showering, I headed downstairs to be greeted by the smell of a delicious meal. Grandma was reading a magazine in the living room. We had dinner together, laughing and joking around. We also had a fair amount of red wine. At the end of the meal, I helped grandma do the dishes.

Standing close to her at the sink, I had a chance to really appreciate her beauty. She had on a short, summer skirt and a nice, tight blouse, and as I dried dishes, I ran my eyes up and down her body, taking in the curve of her ass, and her beautiful, big breasts. Her legs were perfect – – with slender calves and nice, full thighs. Our soapy hands kept making contact and as they did, I could feel myself getting hard. Grandma just smiled and chatted. At one point, I made some joke and grandma swatted me playfully on the ass. “Hey,” I told her playfully. “Watch where you’re putting those hands.” Grandma laughed too and swatted me again.

We finished the dishes and grandma said she wanted to freshen up. I grabbed a bottle of ice cold beer and headed out into the back yard. There was an old swing there, a wide plank suspended by rope from the branches of a huge old oak tree. I sat on the swing and enjoyed my beer while a hot muggy night settled down around the farm.

About fifteen minutes later, I heard the back screendoor slam shut and saw grandma making her way down to the swing. She came down and stood next to the swing, holding onto one of the ropes. I offered her my beer, and she took a big swig.

“Gosh, Paul,” she said with a sigh. “I remember when you kids used to love this swing. And, I used to love swinging with you. You’d sit on my lap and we’d just swing back and forth for hours. It was so relaxing.”

I too remembered those wonderful days at grandma’s house. But, right now, I was enjoying the sight of my grandmother’s toned, trim body leaning against the swing’s rope.

“Hey,” I answered. “Now that I’m big, why don’t I swing you?”

Grandma laughed. “No. Come on, Paul. Don’t be silly.”

I took another gulp of beer and put the bottle on the ground. Then I patted my lap.

“Come on, Gran,” I said. “It will be relaxing.”

Grandma laughed again. I put my hand around her wrist and gently tugged her toward me.

“Oh, Paul,” she said, giggling. “You’re such a joker.”

But, with that, she plopped down on my lap with her back to me. Her firm but expansive ass smothered my crotch and, as she reached up to grab the swing’s ropes, I pushed off with my feet. As I pumped my legs back and forth, her ass pressed itself against my crotch. It felt incredible. As we swung, I heard grandma sigh. I laughed.

“See,” I said as the air rushed past us. “It’s relaxing isn’t it?”

Grandma agreed.

“Lean back,” I said, putting one arm around her waist. “And relax.”

With a sigh, grandma leaned back into me. She threw her head back, and I breathed in the smell of her hair and skin. I watched her massive tits rising and falling with each of her deep breaths. It was just too much, and by now my cock was starting to get harder and harder.

This didn’t seem to bother grandma. In fact, she gently began rubbing her ass against my crotch. Unable to resist, I leaned my head down and nuzzled her cheek and neck. Grandma sighed again and leaned her head away from me, giving me full access to the soft, supple skin of her neck. I kissed her there and then nibbled my way up to her earlobe. As I sucked her earlobe into my mouth, I heard her gasp.

I couldn’t move my arms or we would tumble out of the swing. But, my kissing was driving my grandmother wild. She was gasping and sighing and began swinging her head back and forth against my lips. I ran my mouth along her cheek, and with a sudden moan, she turned her head to me. Our lips met in a crushing kiss, and then our tongues met, hot and wet and wild to be together. As we swung, we French-kissed madly. I too began moaning, crazy with the passion of our tonguing. My cock felt like it was going to explode out of my pants.

Mumbling, I dragged my feet on the ground to stop the swing, and soon it had slowed to a stop. Grandma stood up and turned to me. Her breasts were heaving and she was gasping for breath. I circled my arms around her body and pulled her close to me, sinking my face into her massive, blouse-covered tits. Grandma fairly shrieked in pleasure, pushing my face deeper and deeper into her tits.

Within seconds I had ripped off her blouse and was sucking and squeezing her tits. As grandma moaned in pleasure, we stood up and clawed each others’ clothing off. Grandma wrapped her hand around my cock and, still sucking on each others’ tongues, we sank to the ground. Granny guided my dick into her hot, wet pussy and soon I was pumping into her furiously. Her giant tits quivered and shook with each of my thrusts. Moaning and groaning in pleasure granny reached up to grab my hair and mash my face into her tits. I groaned in pleasure. As I pumped harder, grandma raised her hips to meet my every thrust.

“Oh baby,” grandma screeched, “Paul . . . that feels so good . . .fuck me honey.”

After ten minutes of fucking like animals in heat, I felt my climax boiling up from my balls.

“Grandma,” I grunted. “I’m going to come.”

Grandma moaned. “Yes, baby. Come on. Come. Give it to me . . .give it to me.”

With that, my cock exploded like a cannon and granny squeezed my ass in her hands and pulled my hips tight against her. Waves of pleasure swept through my groin and I felt my cock jerking wildly in grandma’s pussy. I groaned and moaned and yelped. Grandma sighed and moaned. I emptied myself into her and then rolled off her onto the grass, panting and sweating. I turned my head and granny too was panting, sweating, and sighing. Her enormous tits welled up and down like mountains in an earthquake.

Later, after we’d come down from our wonderful climax, grandma leaned over and, with her tits squashed against my chest, she gave me a long, sweet kiss. A little while later, she stood with a sigh, brushed her self off, grabbed her clothes and headed inside. I lay there on the grass under the tree, feeling totally relaxed, watching the stars wheel across the sky above.

A while later, I heard grandma calling me from her bedroom window.

“Paul,” she said. “Come inside. You can’t sleep out there.”

I got up and walked into the house, feeling the warm, humid air surround my crotch. Instead of heading upstairs to the guest room, I made my way down the hall to granny’s room. I opened the door and there she lay, in all her splendor on the bed. She had propped herself up against the headboard and had her arms raised above her head pushing her massive tits outward and upward.

“Hey baby,” she whispered as I came into her room. “Come on over here.”

I climbed onto her bed and crawled over to her, running my tongue up her calves and her thighs, across her soft belly, over her mountainous tits, and then up to her lips. We kissed long and deeply, our tongues dancing slowly together and I felt grandma’s small, smooth hand close around my cock.

“Hmmmm, honey,” grandma said as she pulled her tongue out of my mouth. “Let’s do it again.”

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Customessaywriting wrote

Hey Tammy, I know the same feelings. I raised my kids and was looking forward to being a grandma. And then I started again. With Kaleigh calling me “Mama many people think that I am, but I do quickly set them straight. I had to get used to changing from Grandma to parent again (and sometimes I do fall back into Grandma mode). I am a little more easygoing with Kaleigh then with her mom or the others, though. I also am doing some things I did with my kids, movie night, game night (and not video). I have some grey hairs, and I”m sure i”ll have even more when Kaleigh gets older. But she”s worth every one of them!

Ken Cool wrote

I love storys about grandsons and grannys

Steve wrote

very nice story I had a dream that I fucked my grandmother

Steve wrote

very nice story