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Two Hands, Three Holes

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We’d been going at it for more than a year, me, Peggy, and her boyfriend Tim. It started off one night when I was dateless and went with the two of them to a party at one of the college dorms. Peggy had been my roommate when I was a freshman, but even after she joined a sorority and I stayed in the dorms, we kept on being good friends. And another thing is, back when we were freshmen roommates, we liked to fool around with each other.

So you could say we were pretty ‘special’ friends. Oh yeah, we got pretty wild back then in our dorm room. Not just our tongues and our fingers, but we’d get these nice fat toys, dildos, including a strap-on. And we didn’t just stick to cuddling and cunnilingus and fucking. No, we had this special thing for backdoor play. We loved the ass, we loved anal play!

Peggy was this gorgeous, slender, strawberry blonde from Colorado, really fit and sleek, a skier, huge green eyes. She turned on everyone. I wasn’t too bad myself, a cute foxy Italian brunette from Boston. A little on the skinny side – a runt they used to call me when I was a kid – but I did have a great ass! We made quite a pair. Pretty soon we both had regular boyfriends. But about a year ago I broke up with mine, while Peggy had been going pretty steady with Tim, this real cute guy from a fraternity down the street. They made quite a pair.

And that’s how I wound up going to that party with them, the night I found I was dateless and they asked me to tag along. By now Tim had moved into an apartment with a roommate. And that roommate of his always seemed to be over at his girlfriend’s place. So after the party Peggy suggested that I come back to Tim’s place with the two of them and hang out a while longer. To make a long story short, after a few more glasses of wine and some lewd banter, the three of us wound up in bed together. Peggy had told Tim that she and me used to fool around when we were freshmen. And Tim, being a typical guy, loved hearing that. So when Peggy suggested that maybe the three of us should slip into bed together, no one was complaining.

We went pretty wild that night. Just use your imagination. Anyway, since then, for almost a year now I’ve been joining the two of them a couple of times a month for a night of wild three-way sex. Of course Tim appreciated how anal we both were, and we sure didn’t disappoint in that department, taking it up the ass from Tim, and from each other. And Tim, that cute stud, had a pretty hot ass of his own. Which Peggy and me definitely did not neglect! Tongues, fingers and a couple of nice, stiff dildos found their way up there!

So here we were going at it again. One thing Peggy just loved more than anything was having two stiff cocks in her at once, one in her pussy and the other one buried up her ass. Now since Peggy and Tim never arranged threesomes with another guy (you know guys, they’re always happy to have a second babe join them and their girlfriend, but they balk and start getting all funny about the idea of another guy joining them), it was up to me to be that ‘second cock.’ That’s where me and my trusty strap-on came into play. Peggy picked it out herself when we went downtown to a sex toy store together one time; she wanted just the right one, stiff, and thick and looking exactly like the real deal. In fact, on the box it said it was molded from a genuine erect cock, a pretty perfect one, I might add. And it’s not that only I used it on Peggy; she strapped it on herself and used on me, teaming up with Tim and his real one. Peggy wasn’t the only one who liked the old d.p. trick! Plus, as I had said, once in a while Peggy or me would strap it on and ‘do’ Tim’s ass with it, really do it up nice and hard and deep. Hell, if we were gonna get our asses fucked; then he was going to get his fucked too. That was our philosophy! Fair play for everyone. What’s good for the goose is good for the gander.

Anyway, we’d been going at it for a while. Tim was on his back, his big, steel-hard cock sticking straight up. Peggy, cute as a button, big, sexy smile on her face, squatted over Tim’s cock, facing me, her back to him. She reached down to take hold of the shaft and deftly worked it into her ass with a very satisfied moan, as happy as a well-fed kitten. I always loved that sight and knew there’d be something for me to do. Because there, staring me in the face, was her perfect little glistening pussy, wet and creamy and so deliciously aroused, the clit vivid and engorged, like a little sentinel of carnal desire.

I had already savored that pussy plenty tonight with my slippery tongue, so now I was ready to reach for the dildo, strap it on to myself, and fuck that beautiful pussy of Peggy’s while Tim pummeled her ass. But she waved her hand as I reached for it.

“Carol? Don’t fuck me. I want something else tonight; something we’ve been talking about, remember? I want your fist tonight. I want you to work your fist into my cunt as Tim fucks my ass, okay?”

True, we sure had talked about that, more than once, especially after me and Peggy watched this vid someone in her sorority had given her, where a roomful of sluts fisted each other, pussy and ass. But I wasn’t quite expecting Peggy’s request to come this night. Though the minute she made it I was game, more than game! I was fucking eager!

So I got down there, between her open legs, looking down to see Tim slamming his cock up her ass, getting the whole shaft inside her, his big, full balls slapping against her cheeks as he fucked her ass, her asshole clenching that thick log of Tim’s.

“Think you’ll need some lube?” I asked.

“Nah,” she said, I don’t think. “I’m so fuckin’ turned on. I’m as wet as a dishrag down there!”

I’d had my fingers up Peggy’s cunt plenty of times, even all five of them. But that’s about it. Getting my whole hand, my fist, inside her was something new. I’d never been fisted myself and, I knew, neither had Peggy. But now I slid my hand between her open legs and right away worked four fingers inside her. Then I slipped in my thumb along with them.

“Aw shit, that feels good!” Peggy groaned as I twisted all five fingers around inside her, Tim hammering his cock up her ass in a nice, steady rhythm. Her cunt was tight, but wet and yielding and so I just kept pushing those fingers into her vagina, deeper and deeper, looking down. I felt a little resistance and saw her bite her lower lip and wince a little as I forced the widest past of my finger into her pussy. Then, suddenly, I could see, I could feel, that my full hand was now inside Peggy’s vagina. I was fisting her, I was fisting her cunt! Fisting her cunt as her ass was getting fucked!

It felt so warm and snug in there, having my full hand inside her, and the way Peggy gazed into my eyes, her own big green eyes charged with raw lust and desire, only urged me on. Now, with my fingers deep inside her, I bunched them up into a fist and she could feel me do that too, groaning, little beads of sweat breaking out on her forehead.

“Oh yeah, fist me, fucking fist me! Fist my cunt!” she begged as I worked my fist into her. When we fucked her together, me and Tim, one fucking Peggy’s pussy and the other her ass, Peggy would say how amazing it felt, to feel both filled at once, the two cocks so close together, separated from each other only by that thin wall that divided vagina from rectum. And I felt the same when I was fucked like that. And Tim would talk about how he could feel my rubber cock gliding along his, stimulating him as it stimulated Peggy as we fucked her together. But with the cock I was using made of rubber, I couldn’t feel the same thing. Now though, with my fist inside Peggy, I could feel Tim’s cock pumping in and out of her ass, just millimeters from where my hand was filling and stretching her vagina. From the look on his face I could see how good that extra bit of stimulation felt to him, and it felt so good for me too, feeling his cock slamming into her as my fist did the same.

Slowly I worked my hand deep inside her until, finally, my fist hit the barrier of her cervix, my whole hand inside her cunt, her labia wrapped around my wrist.

“Pull you hand out a minute, Carol, let’s change position?” Peggy asked, as I pulled out and she and Tim, with his cock still buried in her ass, flipped around so she was now and elbows and knees and he was behind her, still working his cock up her ass.

“Now put it back inside?” Peggy said, turning her head to look at me, her eyes smoldering. And so that’s what I did, sliding my hand back inside her cunt, this time just below where Tim was penetrating her ass, not above, fisting her again. And I had a helluva view while I fisted Peggy like this, a view of Tim slamming it into her, his smooth, muscled ass pumping away as he thrust in, hard and deep. With each stroke into her, Tim’s asshole was exposed to my view, just inches away. I knew that hole well, having licked, fingered and fucked it many times. And now, though my hand was nice and busy, my tongue wasn’t. So I dug that tongue between those perfect buttocks of Tim’s and rimmed him while he fucked and I fisted Peggy.

“Are you licking Tim’s ass?” Peggy asked, correctly guessing just what I was doing.

“Uh huh,” I said, pulling away a moment to see Peggy craning her neck and looking straight at me, her eyes dazzling, that smile on her face wicked, gleaming with the kind of joyful lewdness that always made Peggy so attractive to me.

“Why don’t you fist him? Why don’t you fist Tim’s ass while you fist my pussy?” Peggy said, pure glee in her voice. I was taken aback for a moment, but just for a moment. We’d both fucked Tim with some pretty thick rubber babies. Maybe he was ready for a fist, a fist up his nice sexy male ass!

“What about it, Tim?” I said, as he looked back at me.

“Hell man, worst thing that can happen is I ask you to pull it out.”

The lube that Tim had used to grease his girlfriend was laying right there. So I picked it up and squeezed out a big dab right on his asshole, a really big dab. My right hand was buried deep inside Peggy. So now I lifted my left and slid three fingers into Tim’s greased asshole. Then a fourth. And finally the thumb. I twisted the five fingers around inside, reaming him. Until today I’d never fisted anyone. Now it looked like I might be fisting a girl’s cunt and a guy’s ass. At the same time, no less!

Cunt and ass, ass and cunt. It was a contrast. Two hot holes, both very different. Slowly I corkscrewed my hand into his ass, Tim groaning, breathing hard, the fisting easier and more pleasurable to endure, no doubt, since at the very same time he had his cock up his girlfriend’s ass and could feel my hand pressing against that cock as I fisted Peggy’s cunt.

And then with one hard push inward, my whole hand just popped inside him. Suddenly I was looking at Tim’s stretched asshole wrapped around my wrist like a rubber band. I was fisting him, I was fisting Tim’s ass, my hand buried inside that hot man-cunt of his. And just as I had with Peggy, I bunched up my fingers into a fist inside him and started pumping away, pumping away at the two of them with a nice one-two rhythm, one hand buried up Peggy’s pussy, the other buried up her boyfriend’s ass.

With all this stimulation, it didn’t take the two of them much longer to cum. First it was Peggy. She began to moan and groan and her vagina suddenly felt wetter as I twisted my fist around in her cunt. And then, as she came, I could feel that vagina contracting and pulsating as she reached a spectacular orgasm. A few moments later I felt something else, the rubber band-like grip of Tim’s asshole wrapped around my wrist starting to throb, and I knew Tim was blasting a big load inside his girlfriend’s ass just as I was giving the depths of his hot ass a hand massage he’d never forget.

Guys, no matter how horny and virile they are, right after they cum they’re ready to sleep or do something else, as long as it isn’t more fucking. And so now Tim pulled his cock out of his girlfriend’s ass and suggested that he’d get dressed and drive down to the market to get us a couple of six-packs. Peggy and I, naked and languid, with me slowly pulling my hand out of her cunt, bid him adieu and told him we’d be right here when he got back, just the way we were.

Now girls, unlike guys, give us a few seconds to catch our breath, and we may just be ready for more, more stimulation, another sweet orgasm, or two. And from that sexy, charged-up look on Peggy’s face, I could see that’s just what she was in the mood for. More. More. More.

“Carol? Would you do something? It felt so good the way you worked your fist up my cunt, would you do the same to my ass now? Would you fist my ass, the way you just fisted Tim’s?”

“Why of course!” I said, giggling, giving her a nice big kiss on the lips, “why don’t you get back up on all fours, the way you just were, and I’ll fist that cute, sexy ass of yours all you want,” I told her as she eagerly assumed the position.

Her asshole was nice and open and had that ‘well-fucked’ look you’d expect after it had been thoroughly reamed by a cock as thick as Tim’s. But a cock was not a fist, so now I slapped even more of the clear jelly between those trim, silken cheeks of hers to get her ready.

“Oh god, I want a fist up my ass so bad! That’ll really give me and Tim something to talk about tomorrow, how we both took your fists up the ass today,” she purred happily, looking back at me as I greased and got her ready. Right away I slid four fingers into her already well-used ass, then added the thumb. Now, as I had with Tim, I twisted those five fingers around, reaming and stretching her anus, literally ‘screwing’ it.

“Oh yeah, stick it in!” Peggy howled, crazed with anal fist lust now, reaching back with an arm and taking hold of mine, urging me to push forward into her ass, which I did. She held on to my forearm as I dug in relentlessly until my whole hand popped into her ass, sooner than it had when I fisted Tim’s. I marveled at the sight of her obscenely stretched asshole now wrapped around my wrist, my fist, my hand buried inside her ass, Peggy gasping and groaning, pure, raw passion in those gasps and groans.

“Yes, yes, it’s inside! Fist it! Fist my ass!” Peggy beseeched me, reaching between her own legs to soothe that re-aroused pussy of hers. And fist her ass I did, just as I had her boyfriend’s. There was just something about having my fist buried inside Peggy’s ass that really was doing it for me. I loved fisting her boyfriend, but somehow fisting Peggy’s ass was different. Peggy was a little thing, slight and slender, barely one hundred pounds, and with a trim, almost girlish ass. So my arm digging into it, her asshole wrapped around it, looked especially shocking as I pushed forward.

“Deeper!” she begged, almost commanded, still reaching back and taking hold of my arm, urging me to keep working my fist inside her, sliding it in further as she herself pushed her ass back against my probing hand to force it in even deeper. I could feel Tim’s big sticky load of semen splattered against her rectal walls as now, with my fingers, I started to give that hot, humid rectal cavern of hers a deep and sensual massage.

“Mmmmmmh, damn! That feels go fucking good,” she purred happily as I sensually probed deeper and deeper into her rectum. And she just pushed back as I probed and dug, her asshole now wrapped around my forearm, halfway between my wrist and my elbow, way deeper than I’d gotten my hand when I shoved it up her boyfriend’s ass. I was amazed, astounded by what I was doing, and Peggy, breaking out in a sweat now, moaning and flailing her head side to side was transported by this stunning but obviously very welcome intrusion.

Then I heard the key in the lock and knew Tim had come home with the beers. A minute later he was back in the bedroom looking down at what I was doing to his girlfriend’s ass.

“Holy shit!” he gasped, astounded by the sight, most of my forearm now buried inside Peggy’s ass, her anus shockingly dilated, wrapped around my forearm. Tim quickly unbuckled his belt, unzipped and pulled out his cock, fully erect again. As I said, for the few minutes after they cum, guys may not want to think about any more fucking. But give a virile stud just a little more time than that, like the half hour it took Tim to get beer and return home, and they’re hard as hell again and ready for another round. And Tim, definitely, was ready.

He was as ready as me. As I fisted Peggy, I knew that my bare ass and pussy were sticking out, provocatively exposed to Tim’s gaze. I looked back at him, wanting his cock inside me as much as he wanted to find a home for it.

“Skip my cunt today, just fuck my ass,” I told him as he slapped in some lube, and then just slid it right in. Now I savored the pure raw, bliss of Tim hammering his stunningly thick nine-inch cock up my ass while I looked down at Peggy’s asshole, shockingly stretched and wrapped around my forearm, just a few inches below my elbow, my fist buried deep, deep inside her hot, flaming guts!

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