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Swinging Date with the In-laws

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It all started on Saturday night when my wife (Patricia) and myself ( Ray) went out for supper and a few drinks with her sister Silenia and her husband Joesph. We went to this new BBQ type restaurant located not far from our place. We arrived a few minutes early at the restaurant and decided to grab a quick drink in the lounge before Silenia and Joesph arrived. We sit down and ordered our drinks. I look at wife and admired what she’s wearing, a v-neck type blouse that’s open enough to show some cleavage.

I look up at her ” I like that shirt on you, it shows off a lot of your boobs.” I’ve always liked her tits. Their a great size for her body type. A nice full 34b with large size aureoles and fat nipples not quite perky but still with some lift. Her tits are great for titty fucking. I love seeing my fat cock thrusting in between her tits and the look on her face when seeing my dick hot dogged in then.

“How did I know you were gonna saw that. Maybe later you can some fun with them.” she says and opens her blouse a bit and shows me more cleavage. We get our drinks and I’m sure that the waitress saw what she did. We continue to talk for a few minutes before seeing Joesph and Silenia arrive. I lay down a $20 for the drinks and we head over to see the two of them.

We say hi to each other and wait for our table. I notice that Silenia is wearing a short jean jacket and mid thigh high cord skirt and some flesh color stockings. The skirt and stocking compliment here legs really well. She then unbuttons her jacket to reveal a white low button v- neck top that fits tight to her body. Silenia has a different body then Patricia has. Where Patricia is shorter, she is taller and both are skinny for their height. You can see a bit of her boobs the open part of her top. I’m in awe at how nice her tits look in that shirt and wonder what they are like. I get my wits about me just as the hostess arrives to take us to our table.

Once we get to the table we order our drinks. As we wait we begin the usually idle chit chat about work, the family and general nonsense. Our drink arrives and we continue to talk and go over the menu. I continue to set there and catch glimpses of Silenia boobs through her shirt and my dick responds accordingly. I feel my underwear get tighter as my dick gets harder. I feel like I’m gonna blow my load right there at the mere thought of seeing her naked body. Once again I get interrupted by the waitress arriving at the table to order our food.

I order the 8 oz New York Sirloin, Patricia get Thai stir fry, Joesph orders up a ¼lb burger and Silenia orders a wrap. We continue talking amongst ourselves and order a couple more drinks. Since I’m hungry I’m starting to get a bit of a buzz going, as I’m talking to everyone I notice that we are all getting a little red faced. I can tell that this is going to be an enjoyable night, between the buzz of the drink, the good food and the boob presentation of my wife and Silenia. Our food finally arrives. I was pretty quiet while we were eating. I look over at Silenia a few times and watched her as she wraps her mouth around her wrap. She looked pretty hot shoving it in her mouth and pulling it back out and the way her lips came off the end of it was driving me nuts. I kept on thinking this must be what she looks like when she’s giving head. I couldn’t believe that someone eating some food was getting me worked up. Between seeing her boobs and watching her eating the wrap I thought I was going to blow my load. I figured that I better stop watching her eat and concentrate on my food and beer.

I was able to finish supper without anymore distractions. We each order any round and decided against any dessert, as we figured we’d just have some back at Joesph and Silenia’s. We get the bill and finish our drinks and then leave. Patricia and I head to our car and tell Joesph and Silenia that we’ll meet them at their place.

” Did you keep looking down Silenia’s shirt?” Patricia Turns to me and asks.

” You know me I’m a pig. I can’t help it if she flashes them around like that.” I tell her. ” Besides, I’m sure hers aren’t as nice as yours.”

“Good.” she tells me. “But I bet you can’t wait to get home and play with mine?” She grabs my hand and places it on her boob and then reaches over and starts to rub my cock over my jeans. Once she gets it nice and hard she grabs it a good hold of it and tells me she’ll see it later. Now that she has me all worked up we begin to make our way over to their house.

We pull up to there house and Patricia leans over to me and says ” Let’s not stay too long. I think we should have some fun tonight.” I pretty much agreed with her. We head into Joesph and Silenia’s house and sit down on the couch. We all end up getting another drink and start to think about dessert.

“I have some ice cream, some leftover cake and some pudding that I can mix up as well. That’ll take just a few minutes.” Silenia says. Joesph and I agree on pudding and Patricia and Silenia decided on ice cream. We all stand at the island in the kitchen and start to watch Silenia get the pudding ready. Joesph pulls out the ice cream and the bowls for the girls and starts dishing it out. As Patricia and I watch Joesph gets the ice cream ready when we hear Silenia start yelling.

“Oh my god!” She screams. We all look over and see the chocolate has splattered all over her white top. Most of it landing near the chest area.

“Quick, take off your shirt.” Patricia tells Silenia. ” We can rinse it right away before it sets.” Silenia begin to quickly unbutton her shirt forgetting that I’m standing right there. I look at her and see these 2 beautiful pair of petite boobs in a lacy bra. They are push up just enough to give the appearance of lots of cleavage. Silenia doesn’t look as big as her sister but they look just as good in a bra.

“Hey no peeking.” She says as she quickly turns her back to me and Joesph. I give the thumbs up to Joesph to let him know that they look great. Joesph just smiles and nods his head. Patricia begins to scrub away at the shirt, as Silenia wipes off the chocolate on her chest. Joesph walks over to the sink and grabs Silenia turns her around.

“Joesph, what are you doing?” She says in shock and quickly covers herself up. She stands there with water running down her chest . The water has gotten her bra wet and a little bit of her nipples can be seen. Of course I have a big smile on my face.

“Just thought it would give Ray a quick look.” Joesph says and laughs. Patricia has also turned around to see what was going. She see me standing there staring at Silenia in her bra. I look over at Patricia.

“Wow, that was unexpected. But I think that if I get to see Silenia like this it’s only fair that Joesph gets to see you as well.” I say jokingly. I had always told her that I would like to she her sisters body and I pretty much had an idea of what it may look like from the stuff Patricia has told me.

“I guess so.” she says. ” But just this once.” I was only joking when I said it and was surprised she agreed. ” But Joesph has to show me what he looks like in his underwear.” Now that is what caught me off guard. Both Silenia and I look over at Joesph in surprise wandering what he would say.

“That won’t be a problem” he says. ” But you first.” Joesph is a bit off a joker and I wasn’t surprised when he said yes.

“Joesph!” Silenia says, “What are you doing?”

“I think Ray has seen enough of you that I should see some of Patricia.” He tells her.

“Alright then. Then I want to see Ray in his underwear then.” Here we were at a crossroads of who was actually gonna go first. Maybe it was the alcohol in our system that brought use to this point, but I could tell this might be a fun night.

I look over at Patricia and make sure that she is serious about showing herself to Joesph. She nods yes. I walk over to her and begin to unbutton her top. I pull open her shirt to reveal her black push up bra. I then turn to Joesph.

” How do you like that view Joesph?” I ask him as I begin to play with her boobs.

” They look pretty good.” He replies. I can tell that he must like what he sees since he can’t take his off eyes my wife’s boobs. ” I guess it’s only fair that if you did it that I should as well.” Joesph reaches down and undoes his belt and unzips his pants. I take a quick glance at Patricia and see that she is intrigued to see what he has. Joesph then pulls down his pants and shows the boxer that he is wearing. His shirt covers up most of the top of his boxers, but you can tell that he has a bit on an erection judging from the bulge on the right side of his boxers. Patricia get a smile on her face because she knows that Joesph must of like what he seen of her.

“How’s that.” he ask Patricia

” Very nice Joesph.” Patricia replies. Everybody then turns and looks at me.

“I guess I’m the last one then.” I say. I look over at Patricia and we both smile and give a slight chuckle. We both know that they are both in for a surprise. I reach down and undo my belt and unzip myself. I let my pants fall down to the ground. Joesph and Silenia are both are amazed at what I’m wearing underneath my pants. It’s a black leather G-string thong for men. I was wearing it cause Patricia didn’t think that I would have the balls to wear something like that out in public. After seeing all those boobs and my wife’s curiosity over Joesph gave me a bit of a hard on . It clearly showed as the bulge of my dick stretched out the thong. I even turned around to show Silenia and Joesph my ass.

“How’s that for ya, Silenia?” I ask her. ” You like it?” Silenia uncovers her breast and walks over to me with a curious look on her face.

“I never would have thought you were the type to wear those.” she says. Silenia reaches towards the g-string and begin to rub the bulge of my cock. ” I think you need to get on of those Joesph.” and points it out to him.

“Well, if you get to touch Silenia, then I should as well.” says Patricia and reaches over and grabs a hold of Joesph’s boxers and starts to rub him. Both girls are watching each other rub there mans cock. Silenia gets me even harder and the tip of my cock begin to push at the top of the g-string. Silenia grabs the top of the thong and pulls it down. The tip of my cock catches the top of the thong and it slaps against my stomach. She quickly grabs a hold of it and pulls the rest of the thong under my balls. She looks over at Joesph and points out that I’m cut.

“Oh my, you are quite thick and long, And look at that you keep yourself pretty trim.” she exclaims . She begins to run her hands over the stubble of pubes and down to my balls and cups them. ” I think that we need to get you out of this thing.” She reaches to the side and unclasp the g-string and it drops to the floor. We both look at each other and smile.

During this time Patricia is still rubbing Joesph and getting him harder. She then sees that Silenia has me out of my g-string.

” Since Silenia has Ray’s dick out Joesph, I guess we need to see yours to.” She undoes the button on his boxer and reaches in and pulls out his cock. She lets go of it and admires it standing there at full attention. Patricia puts his dick back into his boxers and then bends down to pull them down to the floor. On her way up she gets hit in the face by his dick from it pointing out so much.

“You have quite the bush there Joesph.” She tells him as she runs her hands through his thick pubes. Joesph looks at her and chuckles.

“I guess your use to what Ray has there.” he says and grabs Patricia’s hand and gets her to stroke him some more.

“He’s got a nice dick, hey Patricia?” Silenia ask her with a smirk on her face.

“Ya, Joesph does has a nice dick. I’ve never seen one uncut.” Patricia says playing with the tip of it. “So, what do you think of Ray’s cock?”

“Ray’s looks pretty fine as well. He’s pretty thick.” As she wraps her hand around my cock. “But, I think we need to see them together.” Silenia pulls me over to Joesph and they both stand in front of us. My cock is average in length (6 in) but above average in thickness (2.5 in). Joesph appears to be about 6 ½ to 7 in in length but looks to be thinner then me. I have very little for pubic hair, just mainly stubble. Joesph has the treasure trail going but looks like he trims himself a bit. We both stand there and watch as the girls admire our stiff cocks. It doesn’t take long before we start to go soft from the lack of attention.

“Enough of you girls having the fun, I think it’s time that you girls show use something.” I say to the girls pointing at their tits.

“Ill take care of Patricia’s bra then Ray.” Joesph says. He grabs Patricia and turns her around. He reaches in front and pulls down the cups of her bra and being to play with her nipples. Patricia moan with pleasure at Joesph’s hand rubbing her. Silenia and I both look down at Joesph’s cock and see that he is getting hard again. He grabs the back of Patricia’s bra and undoes the clasp and pulls the bra off her. She turns and grabs his hands and place them on her tits. He begins to play with them, rubbing and pushing them together. Patricia reaches down and begins to stroke his cock again. He moves her hand away from his cock and bends over and start to suck on her tits.

“Looks like Joesph knows what he’s doing.” I tell Silenia.

” So what are you waiting for then?” She asks. ” Don’t you want to get them out?” she says with a smile. Silenia walks towards me and I reach for the front of her bra and undo the front clasp. I hold one clasp in place to keep one of her breasts still concealed and I open the other up. Out comes the most beautiful boob that I’ve seen. They are small but are nice and round and quite perky. She has medium size brown aureoles and nice petite nipples. I uncover her other boob completely and expose them both. I look in awe at her tits. Her small boobs extenuate her small waist and firm stomach perfectly. I lean forward and begin to suck and bite on her nipples. Silenia begins to moan at the touch of my tongue twirling around her nipples. She places her hands on the side of my face and begins to run her fingers through my hair and pulls me closer into her breasts. I continue to lick her nipples and the rest of her boobs. She pushes me back and looks down and at my cock.

” What’s the matter, I thought that they would get you completely hard.” She asks as she grabs a hold of me.

” I guess we need to see the rest of you to get me harder.” I reach forward and undo the button on her skirt and watch them fall to the floor. Silenia is wearing a white lacy thong that matches her bra. They are low cut with a tight mesh fabric in the front, sheer enough to show the outline of her pubes. The thong hugs tight against her pussy giving her a slight camel toe. I turn her around to see her ass. The back of the thong is very thin and lined with a little bit of lace that hugs her ass perfectly. Silenia gives her ass a little wiggle as I reach for it. I grab a hold of it and give it a good massaging. I squeeze her ass cheeks together and then spread them apart to see her thong run down her ass to her pussy. She turns back around and faces me.

“You like what you see now?” She asks and grabs a hold of my now stiff cock. ” Oh, I guess you do.”

” That thong is hot on you. I like how they hugs your pussy. I think we need to get you out of those and see that sweet pussy of yours.” I tell her. I grab a hold of the side of her thongs and pull them up so they ride up her pussy. I run my finger down to the front of her thongs and rub my finger against her pussy. Silenia is already wet and moans as I run my finger over the fabric simulating her. ” How does that feel?” I ask her.

” Um, I like that. You want to see what the rest of me looks like?” She asks. I pull down the rest of her thong to reveal her pussy. She has a thin landing strip but is very thick with hair. The strips is just in the front and the bottom of her lips are smooth. I step back and admire her naked body. Just the mere sight of Silenia’s naked body sent a pulse through my cock.

” Hey Joesph, Silenia has a smoking body, your a lucky guy.” I tell him, but he is to busy to hear what I’m saying as I see my wife is naked and showing herself off to Joesph. Patricia shows Joesph her landing that she has, hers is a little large then Silenia and she doesn’t have smooth pussy lips. Patricia suddenly drops to her knee.

“I think I need to see how you really feel Joesph.” She grabs his cock and places it in her mouth.

“Patricia, that feels damn good.” Joesph tells her. Silenia and I watch as Patricia start to suck on Joesph’s meat.

“Patricia looks like shes pretty good.” Silenia says as she watches Joesph’s stiff cock go in and out of Patricia’s mouth. She reaches down and grabs my cock and begins to stroke it. Her hand begin to mimic Patricia’s action on Joesph’s cock. When Patricia is really into it she can suck a really mean cock and make your toes curl and leaving you wanting more.

“So Silenia, you as good as your sister?” I ask. ” Cause it looks like Joesph is really enjoying himself.

” Is that a challenge?” She inquires ” Cause if it is then, just wait and see what I have for you.” Silenia gets to her knees and grabs a hold of my cock. She first starts by working on my sack, running her tongue along it and sucking on it. I fell her next slowly kissing my sack and then surprises me by taking my entire sack into her mouth. I look and see her mouth is full with my sack and my cock resting on her face. She slowly lets my sack out of her mouth and licks it some more. She looks up at me and continues to move further up my groin. My dick gets harder and rubs against the side of her face leaving a little bit of cum on her cheek. Silenia slowly begins to move up the shaft using her tongue and lips to get it all wet. She works both sides of it making sure she as the entire shaft all wet. I feel the smoothness of her tongue as moves up and down it. I even give a little thrust so her tongue goes all the away to the base. She begin to make her way to the head by giving my shaft little kisses. Once she gets to the head she runs her tongue along the bottom of it, even flicking it with her tongue. She grabs a hold of my cock and runs the head over her tongue getting it nice and wet. She tease me next with her lips by rubbing them against the tip, even twirling her tongue around it. I let a moan of excitement as I watch her play with my cock.

“You like that huh? I guess you’ll like the rest of of this then.” She opens her mouth and takes my cock all the way down to the base. Silenia gags a bit before it fits comfortably in her mouth. I’m in awe at the sight of her deepthroating me. She slowly begins to pull back, keeping her lips tight against the shaft. She does this a couple of more times getting my cock wetter each time, I see the saliva dripping off it and down her chin. Silenia lets her lips run softly over the tip before putting my cock back in her mouth. I watch her mouth go up and down on it. At times she gives me a few strokes as it is in her mouth. Sometimes spinning her entire mouth and tongue around the shaft or just licks it or runs her lips up and down my cock. She even shows how much of a dirty girl see can be by slapping my dick against her tongue.

After watching Silenia for a bit I look over at Joesph and Patricia and see she is still going crazy on his cock. She works his cock over really well using her lips on his shaft, even deepthroating him as well. It doesn’t take him long before he gets that look on his face.

“Oh fuck Patricia I’m gonna cum.” She begins to start going harder on him, throwing a few extra strokes in for good measure. He suddenly pulls out of her mouth and blast his load all over her, landing on her face and hair. Patricia grabs his cock and puts it near her nipple and strokes out the last few drops of cum. With his dick beginning to limp, she take the tip into her mouth and sucks out the rest causing Joesph to jerk back. Patricia has always looked great when she gives head and after watching her give it to Joesph, she couldn’t have looked better. All this time I don’t think that Silenia has noticed that Joesph has cummed already.

“Looks like Joesph has cummed Silenia.” I tell her. She looks over at him while she still has my cock in her mouth.

” I guess I’ll just have to make you go to then.” She says as she strokes me. Silenia starts to work my cock over harder, giving it faster, tighter strokes and tickling it with her tongue. It doesn’t take very long before I feel her effects on me. I pullout of Silenia’s mouth and start to stroke myself.

“Push your tits together.” I tell her “I wanna cum on them.” She pushes them together and they make a small gap for me to aim for.

“I wanna feel you cum in my mouth first.” She tells me and opens her mouth and sticks out her tongue. I put the end of my cock on her tongue and start stroking faster. I let out a big moan as I feel my cum blast out of me. I blow part of my load into her mouth and on her tongue and quickly pull back and let the rest of it spew onto her tits and nipples. Silenia lets go of her boobs and looks up at me.

” How was that for you?” She asks. I look at her and see the cum running down her chin and tits.

” Awesome,” I tell her. “You are just as good as Patricia. We’ll have to do this again.” as I rub my limping cock on her lips one more time so she can lick the rest of the cum off me. Joesph and Patricia look over in time to see Silenia cleaning me off. We all smile at each other not believing that we are all naked and Joesph and I have just been pleasured by the girls and them covered in our cum.

We help the girls off the floor and they start to clean themselves up. Joesph and I put our underwear back on and grab the girls stuff. We hand it to them and while they get dressed we clean up the mess from before. Once we are finished cleaning up and the girls are dressed we realized what has happened and come to the conclusion that this swapping thing is kinda fun. We decide that we must do it again. Patricia and I hang out for a little while longer before we head home. As we say our goodbyes each one of us gets in a last minute grope of each other. It was a quick ride home for us, and once we got home we had the best sex that we ever had. We both agreed that that we would have to have another night out like that with Joesph and Silenia.

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