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Swimming Pool Maintenance

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New Business

My uncle Silas had been employed in numerous occupations during his working years and the job he took on before retiring was doing swimming pool maintenance. This mainly involved cleaning out leaves, grass and dirt from private swimming pools and testing water for chlorine levels and adding chemicals to restore the water to acceptable levels to discourage algae and other contaminants from affecting the water.

I was between jobs after I graduated from High school and Uncle Silas suggested I might like to come on his rounds and help him with loading and unloading the tools and chemicals from his van. He would be happy to show me the ropes and maybe I could earn some extra pocket money for myself during the holidays.

I took him up on his offer and was very appreciative of his help. He told me of the generosity some people display offering him treats of cookies and drinks etc.

‘There are all kinds of people in any domestic jobs you get involved in and all you need to do is be sure you do a thorough job and leave the place at least as clean and tidy is it was when you get there.’ he told me. ‘Where possible, try and add something personal to your client’s side of the agreement.’

A year later when he finally retired, I was eighteen, and ready to handle most jobs on my own. Uncle Silas was more than willing to help me solve any unusual problems.

‘Call me any time Young Jimmy,’ he said. ‘I’m here to help.’

During the summer of the first year I was building up the business and doing pool maintenance on my own. I usually called the client to either check if anyone would be home to let me in or tell me where to get a key to open the back gate.

One owner, Mr Bentley, told me to go straight through the front door if it was open or get the key from his hiding place, behind one of the pot plants along the front of the house.

It was a hot day that afternoon. I called and the front door was locked so I retrieved the key and let myself in, then opened the back gate and carried the tools and chemicals from the van to the swimming pool. I removed my shirt and began netting some leaves out of the pool.

When it was clean Mr Bentley appeared at the back door and said, ‘I’m having a paddle when you’re finished Jimmy. How is it going?’

‘The levels are absolutely correct so any time you like Mr Bentley.’

Mrs Bentley was doing some sort of charity work and the younger of their two grown up daughters was a teacher. Her older sister was a Veterinary Nurse and married and living interstate, getting ready to start a family.

When I had taken my tools back out to the van, I returned to sweep up the leaves from around the pool and Mr Bentley was swimming laps of his pool. He walked up the steps leading out of the pool and I was shocked to see he was naked.

He seemed young to be almost a grandfather and didn’t look like he was carrying any excess weight.

I was shocked to see a client nude. I figured he was in his own private property, but I still felt self-conscious. I’m not sure why that is because I’m wearing clothes. If anyone is self conscious it should be Mr Bentley, but he seemed to be completely at ease without his clothes on. He must swim naked often so for him, it would be the customary thing to do.

‘Feel free to have a swim if you like Jimmy,’ he said.

If anything, I thought he was fairly slim, but with powerful legs and upper arms and shoulders. Naturally I couldn’t help looking at his cock. It hung down about 4 inches with the large circumcised head.

He had two large beach towels lying on his lawn and occupied one of them, lying on his stomach in the warm afternoon sun.

I said, ‘Thanks for the offer Mr Bentley, but I don’t have my swimmers with me.’

‘Just take your clothes off and have a splash around. You can dry yourself when you finish,’ he said with a friendly smile.

I had never been naked with a man outside in the open air before. But Mr Bentley was lying on his stomach not even looking at me at that moment. It seemed he was suggesting it as if it was the most natural thing to do. I felt if I just did what he suggested as if it was in no way unusual, it would seem natural to him because that’s what he does.

I felt as if I was stepping into a foreign state of social interaction as I removed my shorts, dropped them by the pool with my shirt and jumped in the pool. After a few laps of the pool, I swam to the edge of the pool.

I looked at the vacant towel next to him and asked, ‘Is that for me to use Mr Bentley?’

‘Yes Jimmy. It’s a hot sun. come and let me apply some sun protection on you.’

I stood at the edge of the pool wondering what to do next. I was petrified at the thought of stepping out of the pool in his full view. I felt that he was getting far too familiar expecting me to not only lie next to him with no clothes on, but he wanted to touch me as well. Once again I rationalized that it seemed to be natural to him to take these liberties with me, and for me to object would sound like rejection of a purely friendly gesture

I was unsure what to do, so I said, ‘Thanks Mr Bentley. I’ll be there in a minute.’

I was putting off stepping out of the pool in his full view. My anxiety was making my heart race. To make it even worse, I was beginning to become aroused and my treacherous cock was growing alarmingly. I decided to wait in the pool until Mr Bentley wasn’t looking or until my cock shriveled up again.

I swam two more laps and the swirling water only hardened my erection even further. I knew I had to leave the pool, so I quietly walked up the steps and quickly took my place no my stomach on the towel beside Mr Bentley while his eyes were closed

The sun was beginning to disappear behind the leaves of the tall fern tree growing next door and throwing shadows on the towels. We would soon be in the shade.

As he opened his eyes, Mr Bentley must have been thinking the same thing and he said, ‘The shade means we wont really need any of this sun protection. I’ve got a better idea.’

He walked into the house and emerged, this time wearing shorts and a T-shirt, and carrying a different bottle of oil.

He said. ‘You’ve done a great job here today Jimmy. Would you mind doing me one more favor and let me give you a short massage. I’ve done a course in this and I need to stay in practice. That’s if you don’t mind of course.’

Now it’s a massage. It seems the more assumptions he makes about me, the more obliged I feel to go along with all his suggestions. It’s only a massage and we’re both boys, so there was nothing to be suspicious about as far I as could see. I was a little doubtful but in the end, it’s only a massage, and he has dressed after all. He has made it seem like I would be doing him a favor by letting him practice on me.

‘What do you want me to do Mr Bentley?’

‘Lie on your stomach and help me move your arms and legs occasionally to give me access to your muscles and joints, I’ll do the rest.’

Mr Bentley moved his towel on to the top of mine and positioned them in the shade on his manicured back lawn. When I took up my position, it felt very soft and comfortable, but it felt like I was leaving my body naked and vulnerable for his use.

He knelt near my head and said, ‘Here we go.’

I heard the massage oil bubble into his hand and he immediately applied a liberal amount between my shoulders and spread it down along my back, around to the sides and some along my upper arms.

It seemed like he was really practicing all of his massage skills because spent considerable time applying different techniques along my arms and down my back as far as the muscles at the top of my buttocks.

Then he stood up and re-positioned himself with his knees straddling my feet. Once again, he smeared a very liberal amount of massage oil on the back of both legs left, then right. He began to massage my feet in thorough detail and I felt as if I was in heaven. I’ve always found my feet to be one of the sensitive parts of my body, and I almost began dozing from Mr Bentley’s skillful methods.

Then he moved my feet apart about 20 centimeters and began working slowly up from my ankles and calf muscles to the section behind my knees. The backs and sides of both lower legs were attended to in detail and he proceeded to my thighs. He gently lifted my left leg further away then my right, so that my feet were a little over 3 feet apart.

He moved forward kneeling between my knees. As he began working on my upper left leg, I could occasionally feel his legs touch mine, and passed it off as accidental. He worked diligently on my leg and as he neared my left buttock, he stopped and began on my right.

He paid similar attention to my right, and I was about to thank him and prepare to leave, but he wasn’t finished yet. He lightly laid both hands on my buttocks. He massaged both of my ass cheeks very lightly in opposite directions alternatively and I thought my penis was beginning to expand under my stomach.

Then he stopped and picked up the bottle of massage oil again and poured some between my buttocks and spread my ass cheeks wide apart. I think that the last thing you would ever want to see or look at would be someone’s anus. I was very self-conscious and embarrassed to know he could see my anus like that.

I could feel the oil trickling down towards my anus. With my cheeks spread wide apart, he must have watched its progress. My cock was trying to expand but it was restricted under my weight.

Mr Bentley then did something completely by surprise. Without saying a word, he rolled me from side to side, freeing my tortured cock, allowing it to quickly fill with blood and straighten up into a full erection under my stomach.

He said out loud, ‘Ooh! That feels better,’ echoing my thoughts exactly.

Still kneeling between my knees, he placed the heels of his hands on my ass and pushed my cheeks wide apart and his fingers were placed lightly in the cleavage between my cheeks. He played with my ass rubbing his fingers lightly up and down the valley between my round cheeks moving gradually closer to my anus. I was relieved he stopped short. I would be so embarrassed if someone touched my ass hole. It would be much worse if it was another man.

Then the most shocking thing I could ever imagine happened. He ran his fingers right down over my oversensitive anus, and then back up again. I began gasping. I was shocked and maybe traumatized a little, but the most disturbing thing of all was how turned on I was.

I had never in my life let anybody touch me there. He had felt my ass in full view using all his fingers. He massaged my perineum for a few seconds arousing me even further,

Then he abruptly stopped and instructed me, ‘It’s time to do the front now Jimmy. Just roll over onto your back.’

What could I do? I had this throbbing swollen hard cock and he would see it if I turned over. I was petrified and remained still.

MR Bentley said, ‘Over you go Jimmy,’ and gently but very firmly rolled me onto my back exposing my swollen cock.

I watched his face as he noticed my pulsing penis. I smile grew onto his face. He gazed at my hardened cock as if mesmerized for a long moment.

‘Very Nice Jimmy. Lucky boy,’ he said, with a friendly smile on his face.

But I have never been so embarrassed. An older man who owes me money for maintaining his back yard swimming pool has seen every part of me, and now had clear close-up view of me with an erection. I wished I could reduce to the size of a speck of dust and just blow away.

But there was no escape. Here I was in full view of a mature man, fully erect, uncontrollably aroused and nowhere to hide.

He made no further comment about that and just quietly took up his position straddling one arm while he massaged my hand and arm.

I must have dozed with the relaxation of the gentle massage as he changed to the other arm. His next position was with his knees planted straddling my head while he began massaging my chest.

It was then I noticed he had shed his clothes again. As he leaned over me to reach my chest and abdomen, I noticed his chest was bare. This made me take notice and as he reached further, I could see his cock lengthening, and this appendage was within inches of my face.

Mr Bentley’s cock grew to about seven inches and thickened about three and a half inches circumference

Moving his fingers in light circles on my stomach, he moved lower gradually until his fingers lightly brushed my pubic hair. He crawled forward with his hardened cock moving closer to where mine was throbbing and hovering above my stomach.

I had a close up view of his ass with his large egg shaped testicles tight up against the base of his cock.

He held my cock lightly in his hand and reached the fingers of his other hand behind my balls and pumped a few times, causing me to squirt pre-cum into the hand holding my cock. By then, I was beyond shock and Mr Bentley had moved his cock head next to mine. He rubbed my pre-cum over his cock and began to revolve the heads of our cocks around and around each other.

I completely lost control of myself and cried out, ‘Mr Bentley, you have to stop doing that. I’m going to squirt my cum. Please stop. I cant stop my self.’

It was too late. Intense feelings coursed through my lower body and pleasure held my helpless cock captive as I squirted 5 long streams of cum into Mr Bentley’s hand, which he held in a pool at the top of my swollen cock. Then he bent down and swallowed my cum, and taking the first two inches of my six inch long penis into his mouth, sucked the last drops out and he licked around the head making sure I was clean again.

He said, ‘Jimmy, would you mind using your hand on me to make me come? I’m so close I thought we were going to ejaculate at the same time.’

‘Sorry Mr Bentley. I couldn’t do that. This is the first time I’ve been with another man and I couldn’t do that with you watching. I nearly died when you first saw me nude.’

‘I need release Jimmy. I’m feeling a bit desperate right now. How about if I cover my face and you can just lick the end of my cock and I’ll tell you if I start coming.’

Somehow, this seemed possible for me to do, as long as his come didn’t go into my mouth.

He laid down on the towel as I stood up and it was clear he expected me to make him come.

‘I have something here that might make it a little easier for you Jimmy.’

He reached into his pocket of his shorts lying nearby and took out a small sachet of honey that café’s serve with toast in breakfast menus.

‘All you need to do is dip your finger in the honey and smear it over the head of my cock, then slowly lick it off. As a distraction, I’ll lick it off your finger. How does that sound?’

‘OK, I guess.’

I scraped a generous load of honey from the sachet onto my finger and grasped his rigid cock with my left hand. Having a man’s cock in my hand was the oddest sensation I could imagine. His shaft was hard and at the same time his skin was soft.

I smeared the sticky honey over the rubbery dark pink helmet shape, and covered about two inches at the end of his cock.

‘All you do now is lick it and suck my cock until it’s all gone. Try and copy what I’m doing to your finger.’

He held my hand by the wrist and began sucking my finger. I felt disgusted letting a man suck my finger.

Of course his cock is a lot thicker than my finger but I held the shaft in my hand and let the end of his cock hover in my mouth and closed over it and began sucking. I could taste the honey and swallowed its sweet taste.

He said, ‘Now lick like this.’

I could feel his tongue licking the pad of my finger. It was the most exciting arousing sensation I ever felt. Straight away my cock began hardening again, only within minutes of coming in Mr Bentley’s hand.

It was all I could do to concentrate on the task of licking his cock the same way he was licking my finger, but I was soon able to just enjoy the taste of honey smeared over his cock. I bent his cock in all directions to get all the honey off it and licked it all over the head, then left his hard cock in my mouth swirling my tongue all around the end of it. I could taste his pre-cum mixed with the taste of the honey.

It hardened even further in my hand and I could feel him shoot his semen four or five times into my mouth. I gagged a couple of times, then in fear of doing the wrong thing, I kept his semen in my mouth

‘Swallow my cum. Keep sucking and keep eating my jizm Jimmy,’ he commanded me with menace in his voice.

By now I was so turned on that I couldn’t stop sucking him off. I began to swallow what was in my mouth, and it started to feel OK. The taste of honey became stronger as his cum disappeared down my throat.

I released his cock and turned away from him. His cock softened and Mr Bentley stood up and dressed. I did the same in complete silence.

He said, ‘Thanks Jimmy. You’ve done a good job with the pool.’

He handed me the money for my work.

I packed my tools and chemicals in the back of my van, and drove away. My mind was in a state of guilt and confusion. I resolved never to let anything like that happen ever again.

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