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To Heel

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“To heel, wench.”

“Yes, my lord.”

Such small words, but they hold such power over me. I enter the room quickly, kneeling gracefully behind you, awaiting your whim. I’ve prepared myself as you commanded, cleansing myself thoroughly, oiling my skin and brushing my hair to a silky sheen.

It hangs down my back, teasing me with its feather-light caresses. My eyes are downcast, shoulders back, knees together, hands clasped behind my back; submissive without being wanton. I’ve practiced each of the kneeling positions that you taught me, and secretly I hope that you’ll comment on my perfect form.

As you turn to face me I watch your feet, longing to kiss the arches of them, caress them, to hold my ass up in the air as I bend down to them, knowing how much you enjoy my attentions. Before meeting you I’d never touched a man’s feet other than to rub soreness from them, but you’ve taught me well, instructing me in the art of letting go of my inhibitions and losing myself in pleasing you.

You stroke the top of my head, touching me as if I were a beloved pet.

“Shall we begin? Let’s see if you’re prepared for me.”

You wrap my hair around your hand and pull me to a standing position, and I struggle to rise with my hands behind my back. I’m nervous, worried that I won’t pass the first test of the evening. You reach behind me and pull my hands around, placing them on the back of my neck. I spread my legs and bend forward at the waist as you slide your hand down my back, pulling the cheeks of my ass apart. You bend down and inspect me closely, sniffing and poking at me, testing my wetness.

“You’re wet, wench, did you touch yourself?”

“No, my lord, I only cleansed myself for your pleasure.”

You continue your perusal, pulling my labia apart, stretching them. I struggle to remain still as my pussy awakens, the near-burn of my stretched skin causing me to grit my teeth. After a sharp pinch you release them and rise.


You cross in front of me to the doorway, and I assume my position three steps behind you, staring at your ass. I wonder if I’ll pleasure you there tonight…

We enter the bedroom and you stop, pointing to the kneeling chair beside the bed. As I place my knees and ass against the pads, I risk a glance at the side table, curious what’s in store. I’m caught up in my excitement, heart racing, skin flushed…


My head snaps forward as you smack the back of it, reminding me where my eyes should be. My excitement quickly becomes fear as I realize what I’ve done, angering you so early in our scene.

“Bad girl!”

Your hand in the middle of my back forces me to bend forward at the waist as you step behind me.

“You want to be nosy? Are you a nosy little bitch?”

I cringe as you strike me, spanking me with a leather paddle. My pussy weeps as I feel completely helpless, held down as you castigate me.

“Answer me!”

Three swats, hard and fast, have me breathing shallowly to keep from crying out.

“No, my lord, I’m not a nosy bitch.” I struggle to answer.

You stroke my ass, running your hands over the marks left by the paddle. Normally you start gently, swatting me with your hand, then graduating to more and more harsh implements, so I have no idea what to expect next. But that’s the point, isn’t it? Good girls don’t think about what’s next, they only think about what pleases their master.

Your hand strokes up my back, fisting in my hair and pulling me back, upright. You lean over and kiss me passionately, stroking your tongue over my lips and sucking my bottom lip gently. I remain motionless.

“Mmmm, what a pretty little mouth…”

You step around in front of me, pulling my head to your stomach. Your cock is full and firm, and my mouth waters at the prospect of tasting it.

“Would you like this?”

“Oh yes, my lord, if it pleases you.”

You pull my hair until I’m looking up into your eyes.

“How does a good slut ask for the privilege of touching my cock?”

I look into your beautiful eyes, praying that I can convey how desperately I want to pleasure you.

“Please, my lord, may I lick your cock?”

You release my hair, putting your hands behind you on the edge of the dresser. I lean forward eagerly, gently licking the head of your cock, closing my eyes as I taste your precum. I flatten my tongue and stroke it over your cockhead in broad, sweeping strokes. You grab my hands and put them on your hips. I tentatively move one down, pausing to look up at you for permission. You nod subtly, so I use my hand to hold your cock to this side or that, until I’ve licked its entire surface, making sure to wet my tongue frequently. Your cock glistens with my saliva, and I pull back, awaiting instructions.

“Mmmm, good girl, very thorough…”

My heart warms at your praise.

“Please, my lord, may I worship your cock?”

“Do you think you’ve earned the right?”

I hesitate, wanting so badly to fall on your cock, but knowing that the correct answer will delay my service.

“No, sir.” I reply miserably.

“So what must you do?”

“Whatever you desire, my lord.” I answer quickly.

“Very good…”

You step away from me, out of my downcast line of sight, and I tense, wondering what your desire will be.

My hands are clasped behind my neck, pulling my breasts apart, as you’ve taught me. My body is hypersensitive, my skin almost tingling with the anticipation of your use of me. I can hear you behind me, but know better than to try to see what you’re doing. My ass still burns from my earlier infraction.

You step before me, grabbing my chin and pulling my head up, giving me silent permission to look at you. I adore you so much, the warmth in your eyes, the tenderness of your touch, the almost surreal way that you know what I crave…


As I do so you take my arm, leading me to the side of the bed. I’m looking directly into your eyes like a good girl, so have no idea what you’ve set out.


I drop to my knees, cast my eyes downward, knees spread, hands instantly going behind my neck.

“In order to earn the privilege of worshiping my cock you’re going to have to prove how badly you want it.”

I’m almost shaking with anticipation, breathing softly so that I hear every word of what you say.

“Turn around…”

I work my way around on my knees. Your cock is at eye level, and I mewl with my desire to worship it. You press your middle finger against my lips. I struggle to remain still, composed, in my eagerness to take your finger inside. You stroke my bottom lip very softly, almost tickling me.

“Lick my finger as you would my cock.”

I do so, closing my eyes as you run your finger across my tongue. I know it’s wrong, but I want to suck it into my mouth so badly that my breathing becomes erratic. You stop, and I realize that you’ve caught me. I open my eyes slowly, trying to pretend they weren’t closed.

You pull your hand back and sigh.

“I see that you’re still worrying about what you want…”

You wrap your hand in my hair and jerk my head back.

“Whose pleasure matters, wench?”

“Yours, my lord.”

You step behind me and press your knee into my back forcefully, pushing me down to the floor. I’m terrified, ecstatic, my nipples and pussy pulsing with my heartbeat. You press your knee into my back for a moment, making it clear who’s in charge, then step over to the side table. My head is turned toward you, but I dare not watch what you do, so I concentrate on a spot on the carpet a couple of inches in front of my face.

You step up to my head and I hear the swishing of your lash as you stroke it through your open hand. I whimper, unable to help myself.


You lash me lightly, twelve narrow leather straps caressing my skin, and I call out, “1.” I can feel the stripes from my previous punishment, and I’m scared that you’re going to hurt me; but I breathe through it, knowing that your pleasure is what matters.

You lash me to the count of twenty, steadily increasing the strength of your stroke, until I’m writhing and whimpering incoherently, having barely been able to call out the last five lashes.

“Shall we try again?”

I lie obediently, getting my breathing under control, mind tranquil as I lose myself in the sensation of complete subservience. You return the lash to the table, then pull me back up to a kneeling position. My entire being is focused on your cock, but I’m a good girl and wait for your instructions.

“You’ve displeased me twice. Once more will spoil my mood…”

I gasp, shuddering at the thought of you turning from me, finding another to meet your needs. I want so badly to beg, to plead, but I know that you don’t want to hear about my needs and desires. You press your finger to my lips again, and I hold very still, concentrating completely on compliance.


I open my mouth and you stroke my tongue, pushing your finger to the back of my throat. I close my lips slightly, rubbing my tongue against the underside of your finger.

“Look at me.”

I raise my eyes, round and dilated, searching for some indication that I may suck your finger. You smile slightly, pulling your finger back to stroke my tongue again.

“So soft and warm… now suck it.”

I close my lips eagerly as you push your finger back into my mouth, curling my tongue around it as I suck gently. I pull my head back, causing a gentle suction, increasing the force as I repeat the motion. You hold your hand still, making me do the work, watching my lips closely as I become lost in my task.

“Mmmm, I think that will do.”

You pull your finger from my mouth and turn away from me. I’m fascinated by the movement of your muscled thighs, so strong and gorgeous. You bend forward before me and my pussy weeps at the thought of your next command. You back toward me, stopping inches from my face as I breathe deeply, savoring your musky scent.


I lean forward, tongue extended, and press it firmly against your anus. My tongue moves in circles along the ridge of your sphincter, alternately licking and pressing firmly, then sinking my tongue into you as far as I can reach. I know well how to please you, and continue to do so until you pull away from me.

I’m eager for your cock, hoping that I’ve earned the right to worship it. You turn and present it to me, holding its base as you rub it against my lips.

“You may suck it, wench.”

I purse my lips and press them to the head of your cock, rolling them back over my teeth as I take in your length, laving it with my tongue very lightly. I can taste the evidence of your pleasure with my ministrations and pull back to press my tongue against your slit. My hands are behind my neck, as they should be, and I long to take control of your cock and suck it as I want to, but I’ve been a bad girl and know better than to misbehave again.

You step toward me, urging me to crawl backwards toward the bed as I continue to savor your cock. I feel something cold and wet press against the back of my thigh and stop, looking up at you for instruction as I increase the pressure of my tongue, rubbing it back and forth in broader strokes, more firmly.

“Is there a problem?”

You frown sternly, and I quickly look down and shake my head no, careful not to affect my ministrations in any way.

“Then what are you waiting for?”

I back up further, wiggling slightly to position the head of the invading object at my pussy. This is the most difficult test of all for me, maintaining my cock sucking while I fuck myself, and you make me practice often. As I press backward my pussy strains to open wide enough. You’ve used a large dildo, so big that it burns as it stretches my passage, and I breathe deeply, desperately clinging to my desire to serve you.

“You’d better not fail me, wench, or no cum for you.”

I whimper softly as I redouble my efforts to sink all the way onto the dildo and maintain an even pace and pressure on your cock. I’m sucking strongly as I pull back, squeezing with my lips as I burrow into your groin, swallowing your cock as it enters my throat. No matter how many times I swallow your cock it still hurts unless I’m at the perfect angle, which is not kneeling before you but lying beneath you, my neck straight. My eyes water at the pain, but I don’t react, I’m too lost in the fact that you’re making little sounds in the back of your throat, thrusting into my mouth with increasing force.

“You want my cum, don’t you wench?”

I shake my head yes, making affirmative sounds around your cock. I’m slobbering profusely, drool running down my chin as I back onto the final inch of the dildo. I’m relieved that I’m finally able to pull away from it so that I can concentrate more fully on bringing you to orgasm. You grab my head roughly, pulling it up and forward as you thrust. I revel in your use of me, craving your release, longing to swallow all of it. As your thrusts reach fever pitch you jerk my head back away from you and I freeze, dildo buried halfway inside of me.

“Not yet, wench.”

You pull me forward by the hair, pushing me onto the floor.

“On your back.”

I lay down quickly, hands beneath my hips, legs widespread. You straddle me and sit on my stomach, nestling your cock between my breasts. Leaning to one side, you reach over to the side table and retrieve the lubricant, drizzling it over me sparingly, then return it to the table.

“Press them together.”

I push my hands against the sides of my breasts, pressing my flesh against you as you begin to thrust. I bend my neck so that I can position my mouth, knowing that you’ll expect me to lick your cock with each stroke. I can feel my saliva drying on my chin but I don’t care, I bask in the fact that you’re holding me down, crushing my ribs as you fuck my breasts. Your thrusts are slow and steady and I watch raptly, stroking my tongue over your cock each time it emerges. The sweet, salty taste of cum teases my taste buds, and my heart warms at the fact that you desire me so much that you’re leaking.

“Mmmm, that’s my sexy wench…”

Your thrusts become more vigorous as I press myself more closely around your cock, my ribs aching from the weight of you as you grind your pelvis back and forth. Your hands join mine, fingers digging into my soft flesh as you crush my breasts around you. Suddenly you stop, and I mewl my disappointment at not being covered in your ejaculate. You chuckle low in your throat as you rise.

“So eager to please…”

You reach down and wrap your hand in my hair, pulling me upright, urging me to the edge of the bed, pushing me down on my stomach. I put my hands beneath my face, arching my back, hoping to entice you.

You yank my hair sharply.

“Careful, wench, you forget yourself.”

I freeze, breathing shallowly, hoping that you’ll overlook my indiscretion. Your hand runs firmly down my back until you reach my ass, hands pulling my cheeks apart as you lower your face to inspect my state of arousal.

“Mmmm, wet and swollen, just as you should be.”

You chuckle again as you see my pussy clench, running your finger down my cleft to press firmly across my clit. I tense, desperately trying not to beg you to bring me to orgasm, wanting nothing more than to grind my pussy against your finger. You rub your finger around my labia, pressing almost hard enough to hurt, pressing the thumb of your other hand against my anus. I whimper piteously.

You lean forward and spit on my anus, using your saliva to ease your entrance as you press your thumb into me. I struggle to remain still and silent, but you take your other hand away from my pussy and press that thumb into me too, pulling them apart. I bury my face in my hands, face burning at the knowledge that you’re intently watching the stretching of me; short, moaning gasps smothered in the bedspread that I’ve forced between my teeth. Just as I’m about to cry out, you stop, pulling your fingers from me slowly.

“Good girl…”

You push my feet apart with your foot, kneeling behind me. My mind is swimming with images of you kneeling there and I wonder what you’ll do to me, but I know that it doesn’t matter, because I’m a well-trained pet. Again you reach over and retrieve the lubricant, and I know that I’ve pleased you when you insert the tip of the bottle in my ass and squeeze, since when I’m a bad girl you use only saliva to ease your way. As you remove the tip of the bottle and put it back on the side table I shiver in anticipation, eager to feel your weight hold me down as you use my ass for your pleasure.

“Hands behind your back.”

I clasp my hands at the small of my back as you press forward, the head of your cock pushing against me. As you wrap your hands around mine you lean forward to whisper in my ear.

“I noticed your perfect posture, wench.”

Using my hands for leverage, you push yourself inside of me, slowly, inextricably deeper. I breathe deeply, marveling at the feeling of fullness, at the gentleness that you use with me, and know that you cherish me above all things. My head swims with the satisfaction of having pleased you, and I’m suffused in bliss as you press your weight against my back, thrusting more firmly, breathing heavily. I know that you’re enjoying your use of me, and I feel complete fulfillment.

“I noticed… your enthusiasm… to please me.”

Lost in the sensations that have awakened within me, I strain to raise my ass higher for you, to give you deeper access, as I feel my climax building.

“My Lord! I’m so close…”

Your thrusts quicken, rocking my body with their force, and I throw my head back in abandon. Hot sparks of ecstasy erupt in my belly as you release my hands and grab my hips, breath exploding from your lungs as you exert yourself. My orgasm overtakes me, and I whimper, gasping for breath between staccato moans and writhing. My entire body is rocking beneath you as you ravage my ass.

With a harsh thrust you freeze, buried deep within me, and let out a roar as your cock pulses, filling my bowels with your seed. I remain still, squeezing you with my muscles, milking you until you collapse on top of me, rolling to one side so as not to crush me beneath you.

As I lay beside you I take the opportunity to study your face in repose, as you lie quietly beside me, eyes closed. How I adore you, the curve of your lips, the slope of your nose, your thick eyelashes and unruly eyebrows. My heart fills with such tenderness as I watch you, and I bring a hand up to stroke your jawline. Your mouth curves in a languid smile, and as you open your eyes I smile in answer.

“Mmm, that was incredible.”

My smile widens to a grin as I run my hand along your collarbone.

“It was, wasn’t it? We’ll have to play Lord of the Manor more often.”

Your arms encircle me as you pull me closer, my head beneath your chin.

“I love you, baby.”

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