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Swim Team Ch. 04

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Dana was a little embarrassed and nervous about returning to her apartment on Sunday. After all, Mike knew that she had gone out with Gina on Friday and knew that she hadn’t returned home until Sunday.

Dana had called Saturday morning and let him know that she was going to be crashing at Gina’s place so he wouldn’t worry and made up some excuse about why she stayed there. On her way home she worried that Mike would see through her cover story and know what Dana and Gina had been doing.

Dana wondered if Mike would even consider her capable of such a thing and worried that if he did suspect what was happening that it might change their relationship.

Dana was relieved to find that Mike was out when she got back to the apartment. She had time to shower, change clothes, and relax before he returned. He didn’t give any indication that he suspected anything and, in fact, he didn’t bring up her extended date with Gina at all.

Over the next couple of days Dana found that even after such a wild, intense weekend with Gina there was something that she still missed. There was no doubt that Dana enjoyed being with Gina and that their experiences were wildly erotic and mind-blowing, but Dana also longed for a hard cock and the sexual company of a man. She missed the attention of Jack and Rick and couldn’t wait until they returned so she would have her boy toys to satisfy her needs.

She continued her wild, incestuous relationship with Mike in her mind, but she didn’t fuck a guy the entire summer. She did fuck Gina on a couple of other occasions, but still found herself anxiously looking forward to the end of the summer so she could resume fucking Jack and Rick.

It was about halfway through the summer when Dana first brought up the idea of removing the “temporary” from her roommate status. She knew that Mike was supposedly still looking for a roommate for the fall, but she also knew that he hadn’t been looking much at all. As was sometimes Mike’s nature, he seemed to be waiting for something to just drop in his lap rather than going out and proactively setting something up.

The fact that he agreed without much persuasion surprised Dana. She expected him to laugh and doubted he would ever agree. After all, what man on the verge of his 21st birthday entering his junior year in college really wanted his mom to move in with him? She knew Mike was a nice kid and that they had a really close relationship, but she really didn’t expect him to be interested in her living with him.

After talking it over with Mike, Dana felt giddy and still could not believe what had happened. She wondered about her true motivations and worried that she was the most twisted, perverted mother ever. She told herself that her motives were pure and that she was just looking out for him. He still didn’t have a roommate and there was no way he could afford the apartment without one.

Also, she still hadn’t found a place she was interested in buying and was growing increasingly frustrated with the whole process. Staying here would give her a temporary reason to stop looking. She also figured this way she would see him more often and they could easily continue their work for the swim team.

However, when she was alone or feeling horny she wondered if she wasn’t in fact letting her fantasy life begin to direct her decisions in real life. She told herself that her motives were pure, but deep down she couldn’t shake the idea that she knew why she really wanted to become Mike’s roommate.

For the last part of the summer and the start of the school year they settled into a routine of working out every day in preparation for the upcoming swim season. Dana was impressed with Mike’s focus for the upcoming season. He worked out vigorously and it had made a noticeable difference in his performance. It also had the effect of making Dana even more drawn to him. She felt this strong, primal attraction toward him and let her fantasy life run wild with a variety of incestuous scenes.

When the school year started Mike got right back into his studies and devoted nearly all of his time either to his classes or to working out. Dana met with the other swim coaches to make plans for the season and met with all the returning swimmers to outline the season’s goals and objectives.

It was hard for Dana to remain appropriate when she and the other coaches met with Jack. He looked amazingly hot and the few times they made direct eye contact sent chills down Dana’s spine straight to her pussy. She wanted to fuck him so badly it was hard for her to contain herself and she hoped that her nipples wouldn’t grow hard during the meeting.

Fortunately, Jack was the last meeting of the day and when Dana left the office after some wrap up discussions with the other coaches she found Jack waiting for her. He had some lame cover story about wanting to talk with her about some part of his workout schedule, but Dana knew the real reason he waited for her. Her pussy ached as she gave him her new address and told him to come right over.

“Hey, um, isn’t this Mike’s place?” Jack asked when he looked at the address.

“I’ll explain it all later,” Dana said with a quick, teasing wink. She hurried to her apartment thankful that this was one of Mike’s long days of classes.

Jack arrived only a few minutes later and as soon as the door shut behind him they melted into each other’s arms with their tongues wrestling wildly. They hurried to the bedroom and fucked hard and fast. There was nothing slow or tender about their fuck as they both unleashed their pent up lust in a wild, fast encounter.

Dana wished there was more time so she could fuck Jack properly and really savor the feeling of his hard cock filling her, but she also knew that Mike was due home before too long. Instead they said goodbye and talked about when they would be able to meet during the semester.

Dana happily settled into a steady pattern once the school year got in full swing. She worked with the swim team, worked out with Mike privately, got together as often with Jack and Rick – sometimes individually and sometimes together – as she could, went out with and occasionally fucked Gina, and loved just hanging out with Mike.

Things with Mike were much like they had been the previous school year, except now they got to see each other every day around the apartment. Dana loved this extra time she got to spend with Mike, but she also noticed something a little surprising about herself.

This was something that happened without her even noticing it at first. It wasn’t until a few months had passed that she realized she had changed her behavior slightly around the apartment when it was just her and Mike. For starters, she had started dressing a little more “comfortably” around the apartment. Sometimes this meant she didn’t wear a bra and sometimes it meant she wore an old top with a stretched out collar as pajamas that would let a hint of her cleavage show.

She wasn’t sure what made her realize the change, but it suddenly occurred to her one day after she walked from the bathroom in the apartment to her bedroom wrapped in only a towel. Often when she showered it was just her alone in the apartment but today Mike was also home. The fact that he did a quick double take when he saw her did not escape Dana’s notice.

It made her feel sexy, horny, and a little nasty to know that she had caught her son’s attention, even if it was just for a moment. As she brushed her hair she wondered if she could read anything into the look. She reasoned that if he had been bothered or upset by her walking around like that he would have quickly looked away. Surely, a “normal” son wouldn’t be interested enough to have a second look. So what did his quick second look mean? Was he, on some level, interested in her?

Dana smiled at her reflection as she thought that there was no way he could be as interested in her as she was in him. If he only knew the things she had dreamed and fantasized about he would surely be shocked. Dana’s pussy tingled as she briefly considered the nasty thought that maybe he wouldn’t be shocked at all.

She got dressed and started thinking about the things she had been wearing around the house lately. She looked at her old robe and realized she used to wear it quite often but that it hadn’t left her closet in a while. Suddenly, she realized that she was perhaps dressing a little more provocatively and revealingly around the apartment. Had she been doing it intentionally or had it just been that she had been getting “more comfortable” in her new home?

She wanted to tell herself that it was the later, but she wondered if the former wasn’t more accurate. Now that she knew, or at least hoped, that Mike might be at least casually interested in her appearance she told herself there was nothing wrong with it either way. It wasn’t hurting anyone and it gave her a secret thrill, so she decided she wouldn’t change now.

Armed with the knowledge of Mike’s quick double take Dana let herself indulge in a little additional flirting at times around the apartment. It was never anything too obvious and certainly never when they were out in public or when anyone else was around, but she was doing it all the same.

She sometimes feared she was reading way too much into Mike’s quick look, but if he was bothered by her occasional teasing and her appropriate, but unnecessary, soft touches he didn’t give any indication. Usually it was just simple things like a touch on his back or arm. Sometimes she would lean against him a little more than necessary to simply create a little friction between them. She knew she was acting like a silly, horny school girl, but she couldn’t deny that these brief moments of contact excited her and fueled her fantasies. It wasn’t uncommon now for her mind to wander to visions of Mike as she fucked Jack or Rick.

If it hadn’t been for the frequent attention of Jack, Rick, and Gina, Dana was afraid she might not be able to restrain her flirting and might do something very inappropriate. As it was she still found herself gradually getting more and more bold as the swim season progressed. She now wasn’t above letting her tits brush against Mike when they cooked and she sometimes let her fingers touch his thigh as they chatted. She always tried to make it look casual but she knew it was anything but casual. She hoped he didn’t notice it as anything out of the ordinary and so far nothing she detected led her to believe he was uncomfortable or thought anything was odd.

The swim season itself went amazingly well. Jack, Rick, Mike, and the whole team cruised through their season with unprecedented success. It soon began to feel like they were in the midst of a magical season. The team regularly set and beat personal bests and won the vast majority of their meets.

Things just got better and better for Dana as the season progressed. She was busy and happy working with the swim team, the swim team in general and Mike in particular was having great success, and her wild affairs with her three young lovers continued. In general, her affairs satisfied her burning lust although there was an incident about three quarters of the way through the season that almost threw this magical time into chaos.

It happened one night about an hour after Dana said goodnight to Mike and went to bed. Dana sat in bed reading for a while but couldn’t get comfortable. It was fairly late but she wasn’t feeling all that tired yet. She eventually decided that a glass of wine might be a great way to end her night and just the thing to help her relax and fall asleep.

She slipped on a long, cotton sleep shirt that came down to her knees and didn’t bother putting a bra or panties on under the shirt. She figured that Mike was already in bed as she hadn’t heard a sound from the living room in quite a while. There was also another part of her that secretly hoped he would still be awake and would see her like this.

It wasn’t uncommon for her to walk around the apartment dressed like this. The first few times she hung around the apartment without wearing a bra under her shirt left her so horny that her panties became soaked with her own juices. She felt so exposed that she might as well be naked, but she kept reminding herself that there wasn’t anything necessarily wrong with a woman not wearing a bra while she is relaxing in her house. However, she knew that she wasn’t simply doing it to relax. She had much deeper and more forbidden reasons for hanging around like this.

The first few times she didn’t wear a bra she carefully watched Mike to see if he noticed. Her stomach knotted with excited nerves when she thought she saw Mike stealing secret glances at her when she wasn’t looking. It didn’t take long for Dana’s nipples to grow hard and push out against her thin cotton top. A devilish part of her wanted to stay and see how Mike reacted, but she felt that would be going too far so she quickly excused herself. She immediately went to her bedroom and masturbated to relieve the incredible pent up sexual energy she felt.

Gradually, she became more and more comfortable walking around the house without a bra. She figured Mike would assume that she was just more comfortable that way, but she knew it was nothing more than another way she could tease and flirt with her son. It wasn’t something she did all the time, and the times she did it were very exciting and fueled some wild fantasies.

On this particular night Dana quietly walked down the hall toward the kitchen. She was a little surprised to see the glow of the TV from the living room. She rolled her eyes thinking that Mike had either gone to bed without shutting off TV or had fallen asleep in front of the TV. She peeked around the corner and found her breath caught in her throat as her mouth fell open in shock.

The room was set up so she was standing directly behind the couch and looking at the TV on the other side of the room. Mike hadn’t fallen asleep and was still sitting on the couch watching TV closely. The volume on the TV was turned very low as the scene on the screen showed two women fucking.

Dana’s eyes widened with the realization that Mike was watching a porn movie. On the screen a sexy brunette leaned down and wildly licked and sucked the pussy of a slutty looking blonde with huge, fake tits. Dana had no idea what to do and she remained frozen, peeking around the corner at the scene before her. She couldn’t see any of Mike other than the back of his head and his shoulders, but it didn’t take long to observe the steady movement of his right shoulder and arm.

Dana stared at Mike as her mind reeled with the idea that he was stroking his cock. Time seemed to stop as she stared in wild disbelief at the back of her son’s head and shoulders. She didn’t know how long she stood there, but it must have been at least a few minutes because her next glance at the TV showed the lesbian fuck scene was done. The screen now showed a couple of characters sitting in an office talking.

Mike pointed the remote at the DVD player and hit the fast forward button. He stopped when another fuck scene started. This one had the sexy brunette giving a guy with a huge cock a long, wet blowjob for several long minutes.

As the blowjob on the screen continued Dana saw the movement of Mike’s arm quicken. “Oh God, he’s going to cum!” her mind screamed. She knew she should be doing anything but standing here watching, but she remained frozen in place even as Mike leaned his head back and groaned quietly. Dana knew he was cumming and she wondered briefly if he was spraying his cum all over his legs or if he was catching it in a tissue or a towel.

She quickly ducked back into her bedroom completely forgetting about the wine she had originally left to get. By the time she got back into bed she could feel her own juices coating the inside of her thighs. She was so wildly horny she immediately pulled her shirt off and tossed it beside the bed. Her fingers quickly danced all over her pussy and she exploded into orgasm only a few moments later.

Her mind raced with the realization of what she had just seen. She continued to tease her pussy and play with her nipples as she imagined that she hadn’t just hidden in the hallway. She imagined that she had boldly walked into the living room, dropped to her knees in front of her son, and given him the longest, nastiest blowjob imaginable until he cried out and emptied a huge load of cum into her mouth. Over and over she replayed that scene in her mind until she came wildly once again. Her orgasm was so intense that she had to bite her bottom lip to keep from crying out.

Even after cumming twice her mind still raced. She had never really thought about Mike masturbating, but she now realized that he must do it fairly often. He dated occasionally but spent most of his time either working out, swimming, or studying. Especially now with them living together she knew exactly when he went out. She also knew that if he was as horny as Jack and Rick and some of the other guys from the swim team that he must jerk off all the time.

The realization that he had been playing with his rock hard cock in the same apartment as her made her very horny. A wicked thought crossed her mind and she wondered if he had ever played with himself while thinking about her. The very idea of that made Dana moan softly and roll onto her back. Her hands slipped slowly down her stomach toward her pussy. She played with herself again and finally brought herself to another orgasm as she dreamed of fucking her son. Only after she finished cumming for the third time was she finally able to fall asleep.

Things around the apartment were almost unbearable for Dana after that night. Things were still great between her and Mike, but it was now almost like they were too good. She found herself getting so excited around Mike that she could barely contain herself. Her simple teasing and flirting felt so much more real and exciting after having discovered Mike jerking off that it was almost more than she could do to keep herself from getting wildly inappropriate.

Her wild fantasies continued and seemed so much more real and intense. Knowing that Mike liked watching two women fucking made her invent a whole new series of fantasies. In these fantasies she and Gina were in the midst of fucking when Mike accidentally entered the room. He would be surprised but so wildly excited that he was drawn to them. Very soon, she and Gina had stripped Mike naked and the three of them spent the night fucking wildly. In some of her other fantasies she imagined fucking Gina while Mike sat, tied to a chair, watching. He would be so wildly horny after watching them satisfy each other that he would cum almost the second Dana lowered her aching pussy around his cock.

She toyed with the idea of trying to make these fantasies come true and even started inviting Gina over more frequently to hang out at their apartment. In her mind she imagined herself and Gina discreetly sneaking off to her room for a long, slow fuck. She imagined this fuck would be more rich and satisfying than any other simply from the knowledge that Mike was just on the other side of the door.

Despite the fact that she had now invited Gina over to hang out several times she hadn’t yet gathered the courage to try and seduce her while Mike was there. In spite of this these visits were still really nice and Mike and Gina seemed to hit it off. Mike had seen Gina around the practices and meets but they had never really talked much before. With the opportunity to talk and get to know each other they seemed to form a nice friendship.

At first Dana felt a little weird about the fact that her female lover and her son seemed to be forming a bond. She got over that quickly however and soon grew oddly excited by this new twist. She wasn’t exactly sure why, but this seemed to add a kinky new wrinkle to being with Gina. It also made it even easier to envision Mike wanting to watch or participate as they fucked and helped to fuel her fantasies.

A few weeks later Gina came to Dana and said she needed to talk. When they sat down to chat it really looked like Gina had something serious on her mind. Gina told Dana that Mike had asked her out and she wasn’t sure what to do.

“Well,” Dana asked, “do you want to go out with him?”

“Yes,” Gina replied, “he’s super nice and…” her voice trailed off as if she had started saying something she hadn’t planned to and didn’t want to finish.

“And what?” Dana asked. “Surely you know you can tell me anything.”

Gina blushed and then softly added, “And he’s really hot.” Dana felt herself getting excited. In her mind she readily agreed with Gina, but she stopped herself from saying anything for fear it would sound too strange.

“So what’s the problem?” Dana asked.

Gina looked puzzled. She stammered, “Well…I guess I wasn’t sure…what with us and all…” It then hit Dana like a ton of bricks. Of course Gina didn’t know what to do. After all, it isn’t exactly a common situation to have the son of your lesbian lover ask you out. It seemed so obvious now to Dana, but up until this point it simply hadn’t occurred to her.

Dana encouraged Gina and told her that she should do whatever she wanted. Dana told Gina that she loved being with her, but that they both had to know that their relationship wasn’t meant to last. Dana said she had no desire to end things with Gina but that either of them should be free to explore other relationships.

Gina was obviously very happy with Dana’s answer and soon afterward left. Dana was happy that Mike and Gina might start dating, but selfishly she felt a little sad that this likely meant the end of her fucking Gina. Dana knew that as long as Gina was dating her son it would be too strange to sleep with her. Besides, she would never want to do anything that might break up one of Mike’s relationships.

As Dana expected, she and Gina didn’t see much of each other except in passing for the next several weeks as Gina and Mike started dating. They certainly never came close to fucking during this time, but fortunately Dana had Jack and Rick to keep her desires satisfied.

As the swim season drew to a close three important things happened. The first was that Mike turned 21. Unlike when most college guys turn 21 there wasn’t a big party or wild night out with his friends. The conference championship swim meet was only a few days away and the whole team was so focused on doing well that they didn’t even consider going off their diet and workout routine so close to the big meet.

With their successful season, the team had really focused on their preparations for the conference championships. One unhappy result for Dana was that she hadn’t been able to get together with either Jack or Rick in a couple of weeks. They were doing so well this season and working so hard to cap things off with a great conference meet that Dana didn’t want to risk messing anything up until after the meet was done. Instead, she forced herself to rely solely on her sex toys to keep her from going out of her mind. She couldn’t wait for the season to end.

The season did end on the most amazing of high notes for the team. The team won the overall conference title and several swimmers, including Mike won their individual events. Dana was supremely proud of Mike. The fact that he had gone from an unmotivated kid to a champion swimmer in just a few short years was nothing less than amazing. Seeing him on the awards podium filled her with pride, but even in this moment there was a part of her that admired how grown and sexy he looked and lusted after him.

The trip back to campus from the meet was short and very rowdy. Most of Mike’s friends, including Gina, were now 21 and everyone immediately headed to a bar to party and celebrate. The coaches joined in the fun and the drinks flowed freely. The bar was already crowded when they arrived and by the time the swim team entered the place was absolutely packed.

Dana soon lost track of Mike in all the commotion and concentrated on enjoying herself. She stayed for a couple of rounds of drinks before leaving. She left with the other coaches while the rest of the team stayed behind to undoubtedly party late into the night.

Dana had hoped to end the night with Jack or Rick, but they were still partying hard at the bar with a couple of sorority types sticking close to them. Dana considered going over and seeing if they wanted to meet later, but the moment never seemed right so she just left and hoped to have a chance to be with them soon.

She planned on simply walking home, but as she turned toward her apartment she heard someone ask if she wanted a ride. She turned around to see Stan, one of the coaches, smiling at her. It wasn’t a secret that Stan was interested in her. His attempts at flirting were very obvious and he seemed a nice enough guy, but she always politely declined his offers before. Tonight, maybe because she was already so horny and had finished a couple of drinks, she looked at Stan and thought, “What the hell?”

She took him up on his offer of a ride and climbed into his car as he held the door open for her. They chatted some before he started the car and started the short drive to her place. It was about halfway there when he asked if she wanted to go out for a nightcap. “After all,” he said, “it’s been a hell of a day and it is still relatively early. What do you say?”

Dana toyed with saying yes and had the word on the tip of her tongue before she decided to again politely decline his offer. It wasn’t that Stan was unattractive, but he wasn’t the sort of guy that really turned her on. He was several years older than her and although not fat he certainly wasn’t in great shape. He was obviously disappointed but took her response well. He did scribble a number on a piece of paper and give it to her. He said it was his cell number in case she changed her mind or just wanted to chat with him anytime.

Dana went upstairs to her apartment and wasn’t surprised to find the lights off. She figured Mike would be out partying late into the night. However, she then heard a noise that both shocked and intrigued her.

She was so sure she was alone that the presence of a noise nearly caused her to scream as she jumped in surprise. If it had been any other noise she probably would have screamed, but there was something about this noise that was familiar somehow.

She quickly scanned the apartment for clues without turning on a light and that was when she noticed Mike’s bag and jacket tossed on the couch. She peeked down the hall toward his room and saw that his door was mostly closed and that it was completely dark in his room.

That was when she heard the noise again. This time it immediately struck her what it was. It was the unmistakable sound of sex. The moan was so deep, so passionate that it was certainly made by someone in the throes of fucking. However, beyond this she also knew that the person moaning was Gina.

She had heard Gina moan like that many times before when they fucked. She gazed at the darkness on the other side of Mike’s door. Her mind raced with the knowledge that Gina was fucking her son just down the hall.

Dana knew she should leave but she felt frozen in place. She listened intently and heard the rustling of sheets. She also heard the sounds of movement, the creak of the mattress, and then she heard Mike’s deep, lusty moan. Hearing his moan sent chills down her spine and made her pussy ache.

She listened intently for a few more minutes and was filled with a wild mix of powerful emotions. A part of her felt guilty for listening to such a deeply intimate act, but her strongest emotion was lust. Many of her fantasies of fucking Mike raced through her mind and she grew wildly horny knowing that just a few feet from where she stood her son was fucking. The fact that he was fucking Gina, someone whom she had fucked and whose body she knew so well, only made her lust more intense.

Another strong emotion she felt was jealousy. As crazy as it sounded, she desperately wished it was her instead of Gina with Mike now. Dana felt waves of jealousy wash over her as she realized that Gina was getting to experience something that she wanted so badly and yet would almost certainly never get.

For a brief millisecond Dana’s mind flashed with the idea of going down the hall toward Mike’s door. Rationally she knew it was too dark to see anything but her lust still wanted her to get closer. That same part of her mind told her it would be OK to go into Mike’s room and join them.

Fighting these thoughts she forced herself to turn and move quietly toward the door. She was afraid if she stayed there any longer these wicked thoughts might start to make sense. She knew that what this part of her mind was telling her was a very bad idea, but she also feared that if she listened to the sounds of them fucking any longer her lust might overtake her reason and she might not be able to stop herself.

Instead she practically ran down the stairs and out into the parking lot. She pulled the paper with Stan’s number from her pocket and quickly dialed the number on her cell phone.

She told him that she changed her mind and was definitely up for that nightcap if he was still game. Stan was overjoyed and said he would be right back. The few minutes that Dana had to wait for Stan to return were some of the longest of her life. Her mind constantly replayed what she had just heard and tried to develop images of what must be happening in Mike’s room right now.

As soon as she climbed in his car Dana surprised Stan by leaning over and giving him a slow, wet kiss. She was so incredibly horny now that she absolutely needed to be fucked by a man, any man, and Stan was more than happy to oblige.

They drove directly to Stan’s house and wasted little time in moving straight to Stan’s bedroom. Dana tore off her clothes and helped pull Stan out of his before she attacked him like a wild animal in heat. Their fuck was hard and fast and left them both panting for air after each had cum very hard.

Dana wasn’t nearly satisfied, however, and she eagerly leaned down to suck life back into Stan’s cock. Dana closed her eyes and, in her mind, it was Mike’s cock she sucked. Once Stan was hard they teased each other for a long, long time before fucking once again. The entire time Dana kept her eyes closed and imagined it was Mike licking her tits, sucking and twisting her nipples until they were rock hard, and finally sucking her pussy until she orgasmed with a loud scream.

Stan moved between her thighs and drove his cock inside her wet pussy. In Dana’s mind Stan was no longer there and everything she felt was from Mike. She knew everything she felt and desired was wrong and forbidden, but she also knew that she had possibly never wanted anything so completely in her life.

With only a few brief rests, Dana fucked Stan wildly until the sun started to rise and he was utterly exhausted. Stan didn’t even bother to get dressed as Dana threw her clothes back on and called a cab to take her home. He followed her to the door with his soft cock still heavily coated with her saliva and juices and it seemed as if he didn’t know what to say when the cab arrived. They said a brief goodbye before Dana left and got into the cab.

Just stepping back inside her apartment caused her pussy to tingle with the memories of what she heard the previous night. She wondered if Gina was still there and briefly thought about going down the hall to peek into Mike’s room. She pictured the two of them lying naked and tangled in each other’s arms. She forced herself to turn toward her room and closed the door behind her. Even after a long night of fucking she couldn’t believe how horny she still felt.

For the next few days Dana’s lust was practically uncontrollable. Whenever she looked at Mike her pussy ached and she felt a deep yearning to be with him. Whenever she looked at Gina she felt jealous.

If it hadn’t been for Jack and Rick Dana didn’t know how she would have made it. A couple of days after hearing Mike fucking she called Jack and they arranged to meet at his place. Dana mentioned that she wouldn’t mind seeing Rick and catching up with him and hoped like hell Jack understood what she meant.

Happily when she arrived she found both boys horny and waiting for her. She fucked them both over and over until neither boy could get hard again. Even with a cock fucking her pussy and one in her mouth the thing that most drove her wild was the way her mind kept replacing one of the boys with Mike. Jack and Rick eagerly satisfied her every desire and fucked her until her pussy was sore. They also took turns fucking her asshole and sucking her pussy again and again until she lost count of how many times she came.

Still, she felt something was missing that she needed to truly fulfill her. Even as she lay in bed with Jack and Rick in the aftermath of their long and wild fuck she felt a deep desire for Mike. She wondered if she would ever be able to get past this crazy fascination with her son.

A couple of nights later Jack, Rick, and a bunch of the other guys on the swim team decided it was finally time to celebrate Mike’s 21st birthday properly. Dana asked Mike if Gina would be joining them, but Mike said the other guys decided this would be a guy’s only night.

Almost as soon as she could Dana called Gina. Gina seemed a little surprised to hear from Dana and hesitated a bit when Dana brought up the idea of a girl’s night out. Dana finally convinced her by saying that just because Mike was going out with the guys that she didn’t have to sit at home with nothing to do. “Besides,” Dana added, “we haven’t been able to talk in a long time.”

Gina agreed and they decided to meet at a bar near Dana’s apartment. It was fun hanging out with Gina again and they talked and laughed through a few rounds of drinks. Actually, Dana was drinking much quicker than Gina, but by the time they decided to leave both of them were drunk.

Dana had been drinking quickly partly to calm herself. As soon as she saw Gina all she could do was imagine her fucking Mike. She wondered what they had done and if they had fucked again since then. The whole time they were at the bar the back of Dana’s mind was keenly aware that Gina had fucked the one man she most wanted in the world.

Partly from her lust caused by thinking of Mike and Gina and partly from how horny drinking always made her, Dana started flirting with Gina as they talked. It was really a matter of simple things, sometimes a soft touch on the arm and sometimes just a look, but Dana knew she wanted to seduce Gina.

The alcohol mixed with her lust clouded her judgment enough to make her forget all the reasons she had thought that she and Gina shouldn’t fuck while Gina was dating Mike. At first there didn’t seem to be any response from Gina and Dana was about ready to give up, but then Gina responded to some of Dana’s flirtations. Once she thought that Gina might be willing all of Dana’s reason left and all she knew was that she wanted to fuck this sexy young woman.

Dana invited Gina back to her apartment. Gina hesitated for only a moment before agreeing. Dana knew that doing what she wanted to do at her apartment was risky since, in theory, Mike could come back and catch them. However, Mike and his friends had made it clear they planned to be out very late and there was even some talk of staying out all night and crashing at his friend’s place. Besides, in her drunk and horny state, the idea of Mike coming home and accidentally catching his mom fucking his girlfriend made her wildly excited.

Once back at her apartment Dana didn’t waste any time. She toyed with Gina’s hair just the way she knew Gina liked and massaged Gina’s shoulders and neck. Gina was very open to Dana’s seduction and moaned softly when Dana leaned down and gave Gina’s neck a series of soft kisses.

Gina turned to look into Dana’s face and Dana could easily see the lust burning in her eyes. They moved together and met in a deep, passionate kiss. For a very long time they stayed like this on the couch, softly kissing and caressing each other. Dana loved holding and kissing Gina like this but she needed more. They stood up from the couch and then Dana led Gina to her bedroom.

They slowly and teasingly stripped each other and then resumed their passionate embrace and kiss. Dana slowly kissed her way down Gina’s neck and savored the way she could make the younger woman moan in pleasure. Dana continued down Gina’s chest until she felt the soft swell of Gina’s tit under her lips. Dana teased and sucked Gina’s tits for many more long minutes before they traded places.

As Gina sucked and licked at Dana’s tits all Dana could think about was how Gina had fucked Mike. Dana imagined that Mike was in the room with them now watching his mom fuck his girlfriend. Dana’s pussy tingled at that idea.

Gina kissed her way down Dana’s stomach and soon brought her mouth to Dana’s wet pussy. Gina lapped at Dana’s dripping pussy causing Dana to groan lustily.

Dana guided Gina as she changed their position and soon they were locked in a wild 69 position with Gina on top. Dana hungrily sucked Gina’s pussy and her mind ran wild with the idea that Mike’s cock had been inside her. Dana shoved her tongue deeply inside Gina and swirled it around as if she was searching for some remnants of Mike’s essence inside her pussy.

Dana imagined how Mike’s cock would look sliding back and forth inside Gina’s pussy. She imagined how it would taste to drink Mike’s hot, fresh cum straight out of Gina’s pussy. The thought of that triggered Dana’s orgasm and she came wildly as Gina frantically teased her clit with the tip of her tongue. Dana triggered Gina’s orgasm only a few moments later. Once Gina finished cumming she turned around and they held each other softly while trading long, deep kisses.

Dana couldn’t stop thinking about Mike and Gina together and it wasn’t long before her lust grew again. Her caresses of Gina became more intense and soon Dana focused on Gina’s tits and nipples. Dana teased her nipples slowly and deliberately until they grew into stiff little points. She then dropped her mouth to them and teased them with her lips and tongue.

As Dana lingered over Gina’s tits she slipped her hand down to Gina’s pussy. She played with Gina’s clit and slowly teased Gina until she was writhing and moaning loudly.

Dana still couldn’t get the images of Mike fucking Gina out of her mind and almost before she realized what she was doing Dana started talking. The words that came out of her mouth shocked her, but in her alcohol clouded judgment she couldn’t stop herself.

“Does Mike touch you like this?” Dana asked.

Gina’s eyes shot wide open and her mouth hung open as she gazed at Dana in apparent disbelief. Dana’s lust and drunkenness were now in control of her actions. The small part of her mind that was still able to think rationally knew she was taking a huge risk, but it was powerless to stop her. Besides, despite Gina’s shocked expression there was something about the look in her eyes that wildly excited Dana.

“Come on,” Dana teased, “I’m sure you two have fucked. Haven’t you?”

This was it. If Gina was too freaked out by this topic she would surely stop their fuck now. For several long seconds Gina stared in silence. Dana feared that she had ruined everything – her relationship with Gina and Gina’s relationship with Mike. Instead, Gina softly groaned, “Yes.”

“Does he lick your nipples like this?” Dana asked as she luridly swirled her tongue around Gina’s hard nipples.

Dana slipped two of her fingers inside Gina’s wet pussy. She knew she might be taking this whole dirty talk thing too far, but she couldn’t stop now. The mere idea that she was talking about her own son like this was so intensely exciting that she was barely able to stop herself from sitting on Gina’s face and not moving until Gina brought her to a wild orgasm.

“Does his cock feel good inside you?” Dana asked as she finger fucked Gina. She resumed sucking and teasing on Gina’s nipples not really thinking that Gina was going to answer.

“God, yes,” Gina moaned. Dana looked up at Gina and felt her lust grow to an unbelievable peak. As much as Dana wanted to continue this teasing talk she was so horny she needed to feel Gina cum. Dana finger fucked Gina and brought her mouth to Gina’s clit. With Gina’s clit under her tongue she slipped a third finger inside Gina’s wet pussy. Gina cried out and was only able to withstand this intense teasing for a few minutes before she exploded into a long, intense orgasm.

When Gina finished cumming Dana lingered over her for a while. Dana kissed and caressed her until Gina sat up and guided Dana onto her back. Gina slowly and tenderly kissed and licked Dana’s sensitive tits and nipples. Soon Dana was moaning in ecstasy from Gina’s tender teasing. In her mind she imagined that it wasn’t Gina’s mouth on her but instead was Mike’s.

Gina continued her slow teasing all the way down Dana’s stomach. Soon Dana’s head spun with wild lust and excitement as Gina softly and teasingly sucked and licked at her pussy. Dana groaned as two of Gina’s fingers slipped inside her wet pussy. Gina slowly finger fucked Dana as she slowly licked and kissed Dana’s thighs and stomach.

Dana reveled in the pleasure of Gina’s slow, wonderful finger fuck for a few minutes. She then felt the pressure in her pussy increase as Gina slipped a third finger inside. Gina resumed her slow, teasing fuck as Dana savored the feeling of fucking Gina after such a long time apart.

Gina had been silent this entire time and when she spoke Dana’s head jumped off the bed. She stared at Gina with wild, excited eyes. “This is how Mike’s cock feels,” Gina said.

It was such a wildly unexpected thing for her to say that it almost took Dana’s mind a few seconds to process it. However, as soon as she could comprehend what Gina had said Dana was so wildly excited she practically orgasmed on the spot.

Gina clearly picked up on Dana’s reaction and excitement. She stared down wildly at Dana as she continued finger fucking her. “You want him, don’t you?” Gina finally asked, almost in disbelief.

Dana knew she should say no. She knew she should say anything except the thing that was screaming inside her head. Despite what she knew she should do, her lust overwhelmed her and she moaned, “Yes.”

Now it was Gina’s turn to gasp and moan excitedly. Dana glanced up at her young lover. It was clear from the burning lust in her eyes and her shocked, excited expression that Gina never expected Dana to admit she wanted her son. However, it was also clear from Gina’s face that she wasn’t at all repulsed or offended by Dana’s desire. Instead, it almost seemed like Gina was turned on by the idea.

“Do you want to fuck him?” Gina asked again almost like she wanted to confirm what she had just heard so she could truly believe it.

Dana didn’t hesitate this time and groaned, “Yes.”

Gina quickly brought her mouth to Dana’s clit and licked and teased it as she continued her finger fuck. Dana was already so close to orgasm from her incestuous admission that this extra teasing was more than enough to trigger her wild orgasm.

Dana closed her eyes and let her taboo fantasy fully play out in her mind. She dreamed that it was Mike sucking and licking her. Her fantasy was so deep and strong that, when the first waves of her powerful orgasm swept over her, she started to gasp, “Mi…” before she caught herself and bit on her lip to keep from uttering any further inappropriate words.

Despite the fact that both women had now orgasmed it seemed that their lust was still at nearly uncontrollable levels. Gina kissed her way up Dana’s stomach as soon as Dana finished cumming and stopped only when she got to Dana’s tits. Gina hungrily and wildly licked and sucked at Dana’s tits with a wanton intensity that Dana could practically feel radiating off her body. It seemed that Dana’s incestuous admission had driven Gina to an incredible high of lust and desire.

Dana had feared that it might have the opposite effect, and discovering that Gina was turned on by it only stoked her own desire. She couldn’t believe she had admitted wanting to fuck Mike, but now that she did and Gina was excited by it she wanted to know more about Mike when he fucked.

Dana let Gina kiss and suck at her tits and nipples for several more delicious minutes before she rolled them over until Gina was on her back with Dana on her side looking down at her lover. They gazed deeply into each other’s eyes as they brought their lips together for a long, deep kiss. Their lips and tongues danced slowly as Dana caressed Gina’s tits and stomach.

After many long minutes of kissing Dana moved down Gina’s neck. She slowly kissed and nibbled as she went until she swirled her tongue in lazy circles over Gina’s tits. The whole time she teased and licked Gina’s tits all she could think was that Mike had possibly done the same thing. She imagined what it would be like to fuck Gina together with Mike. She imagined him sucking and teasing her other tit as Dana concentrated on teasing Gina’s nipple until it was a rock hard point between her lips.

“Did he suck you like this?” Dana asked softly as she briefly lifted her head from Gina’s nipple. Dana couldn’t believe what she was asking, but she had to know.

“Yes,” Gina hissed softly.

Dana resumed teasing Gina’s tits for a while longer. Occasionally she slipped her hand down Gina’s stomach and softly teased Gina’s pussy. The heat and wetness between Gina’s legs clearly revealed the younger woman’s excitement at Dana’s confession.

“Did you suck his cock?” Dana asked.

Gina groaned excitedly and replied, “Yes.” Dana wanted to continue questioning Gina and teasing her tits for far longer, but Gina clearly needed release now. She grasped Dana’s head and guided it toward her pussy as she moaned, “Oh God, fuck me!”

Gina’s voice oozed desire and lust and Dana eagerly lapped at Gina’s pussy. After confessing her desire for Mike, Dana found that Gina’s pussy tasted even sweeter and more exciting. The knowledge that Mike had fucked and almost certainly filled her with his cum drove Dana wild. Dana thought about licking Gina like this just after Mike fucked her. Dana imagined Mike watching excitedly as she drank his cum out of Gina’s pussy.

Dana didn’t have to tease Gina’s pussy long before Gina burst into a wild, intense orgasm. Gina moaned and wriggled as Dana teased her pussy wildly until she was completely finished cumming.

Dana intended to remain at Gina’s pussy for a while longer savoring her taste and feel in the aftermath of her orgasm but Gina clearly had other ideas. Gina sat up and reached over to Dana’s bedside table. She opened the drawer where Dana kept her sex toys, causing Dana to moan excitedly. She and Gina had played with these toys a few times before and Dana was anxious to use them again.

Gina selected the largest of Dana’s dildos and guided Dana onto her back. The dildo was shaped like an actual cock with a coating that was advertised as “life-like”. Dana had bought it because it seemed to be the size of a nice, slightly larger than average hard cock. Dana enjoyed this one because it looked and felt the most like a real cock of all her toys. It definitely helped her live out many fantasies while playing with herself and lately had been the dildo she most often used to represent Mike’s cock in her fantasies.

Gina had no way of knowing that and the coincidence that she selected that particular dildo was wildly exciting for Dana. Gina brought the cock slowly to Dana’s side and began to lightly glide it across Dana’s stomach. She grazed it over Dana’s tits and brought it closer to Dana’s mouth.

Dana knew what Gina wanted and she opened her mouth wide as Gina slipped the end of the dildo between her lips. “Show me how you’d suck him,” Gina said. Dana’s eyes jumped open wide as she stared at Gina in wild disbelief. Gina pulled the dildo out of her mouth slowly and then repeated, “Show me how you want to suck Mike’s cock.”

This time when Gina brought the dildo back to Dana’s lips Dana reached out with her tongue and lavishly licked the tip of the fake cock. Dana’s head spun in disbelief at what was happening, but her lust was in control now. If Gina wanted to see how she wanted to tease Mike’s cock Dana was determined to show her.

Dana closed her eyes and concentrated on giving the dildo a deep, intense blowjob. In any other situation she would probably feel odd giving a dildo such an intimate sucking, but in her mind it wasn’t a dildo – it was Mike. Dana immersed herself in the fantasy that she was sucking Mike’s cock while Gina watched.

Dana was so lost in her fantasy that she didn’t know if she’d been sucking the dildo for minutes or hours. Gina slowly pulled the dildo out of her mouth and asked, “Do you want him to fuck you?”

“Yes,” Dana groaned.

“Ask him to do it,” Gina moaned excitedly. “Beg him to fuck you.”

“Oh God!” Dana gasped wildly. “Please Mike, fuck me. I want to feel your hard cock in my pussy. I need to feel you inside me.”

Gina brought the dildo to Dana’s waiting pussy but she didn’t immediately slip it inside. Instead she dragged the tip back and forth through Dana’s heavy wetness further teasing Dana and driving her wild.

“Fuck me, Mike,” Dana cried out as she was fully absorbed in the fantasy. “I’ve wanted you for so fucking long. Fuck me. Make mommy cum!”

Dana cried out in ecstasy as the dildo slipped inside in one smooth stroke until it was all the way inside her. Never had this dildo felt this good or this big. However, to Dana this was no longer the dildo but it was her son’s rock hard cock.

Gina fucked Dana slowly but Dana soon groaned, “Faster, harder. Fuck me hard. Make me cum.” In her mind Mike was so frantically excited that he couldn’t stop himself from wildly fucking her until he filled her with his cum. Dana wanted to experience that sensation and urged Gina on.

“Beg Mike for it,” Gina teased.

Gina plunged the dildo wildly back and forth in Dana’s pussy and Dana teetered on the edge of cumming. “Please Mike,” Dana replied. “Yes, Mike. Harder, harder. Fuck mommy harder!” With that Dana burst into an orgasm so all consuming and intense she almost blacked out. She didn’t know if she screamed, cried, moaned, or remained silent as wave after wave of intense pleasure washed over her.

By the time she again was fully aware of her surroundings she was lying on her back gasping for breath. Gina slowly slipped “Mike’s” cock out of Dana’s exhausted pussy. Dana’s dripping wet pussy made a slurping noise as the dildo slid out of her.

Dana wasn’t able to rest for long, however, as Gina dropped the dildo on the bed and crawled beside her. She straddled Dana’s face and soon Gina’s wet, excited pussy smothered Dana’s mouth and face. Gina leaned down over Dana and the two women were soon locked in a slow 69 position with Gina on top.

Dana teased Gina’s pussy and clit slowly and passionately. She wanted to give Gina back some of the intense pleasure that Gina had just given to her. They stayed in this position for a long while as both enjoyed slowly teasing each other’s pussy. Gina eventually came with a long groan. It seemed that Gina would have stayed in that position for as long as it was going to take to make Dana cum again, but Dana pulled Gina away from her pussy and guided Gina until they were lying side by side.

Dana was left a little excited by Gina’s licking and teasing, but she wanted her wild fuck with “Mike” to be the way she finished this fuck. Instead, she concentrated on softly kissing and caressing Gina as they lay side by side.

They lay together for a while longer just holding each other. Dana was on the verge of falling asleep when Gina softly whispered, “Is that true, what you said?”

Dana knew right away she was asking about her confession of wanting to fuck Mike. Dana knew this might be her “way out” of her incestuous confession. She could tell Gina that it wasn’t true but was just something she had invented in the moment to drive them wild.

However, she knew she couldn’t lie to herself like that. Besides, she guessed that Gina might know her well enough that she would already know the real answer even if Dana lied. “Yes,” Dana answered softly.

They remained quiet for a few more long moments before Dana had to ask the question on her mind. “Does that bother you?” she asked.

There was only silence in reply at first. Dana feared that Gina was now disgusted by her incestuous desires once her immediate lust was satisfied. Finally, Gina softly answered, “No, I guess not. It just really surprised me.” There was a long pause before Gina added, “Actually, I think it’s kind of kinky.”

They exchanged one more long, passionate kiss and then settled down beside each other. Not another word was uttered before the two women fell asleep in each other’s naked arms.

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