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Swim Team Ch. 03

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As the school year progressed Dana felt happier than she had in a long time. She knew that a large part of this was her very satisfying affair with Jack. She also loved the way her body looked and felt as a result of her regular workouts in the pool and weight room. To keep herself busy she also kept in regular contact with the swim coaches and helped some of the other boys on the team make summer training plans.

She sometimes thought it was funny that she was now happier as a divorcee than she had been in years with Todd. Rationally it seemed like this should be a confusing and difficult time, but she couldn’t imagine being happier. Between helping the team, her own workouts, and her intense affair with Jack, she was busier than she had been in years. Therefore, the number of times she found herself around the house with nothing specific to do was very small.

Once summer started Mike and Dana sat down together and set up their workout schedules. Both liked having a training partner so it worked out well that they went to the pool and the gym together to keep each other motivated and keep it fun. There were times when Mike went off and worked out with some of his teammates, but more often than not he and Dana went through their workout routines together on a near daily basis.

They also stuck to a fairly strict and very healthy diet that complimented their workouts and kept them in shape. All of this meant they were together often and shared many experiences. Dana and Mike grew even closer as they “bonded” through their strict workout regimes. They had always been close, but now it was like they were becoming close as friends and not just as a mother and son. When they talked and hung out at home now, it felt more like a couple of friends hanging out together rather than a college aged son being “stuck” at home with his mom.

In many ways Mike reminded Dana a lot of how Todd used to be when they first met. Todd used to have this energy, this vitality, and he used to be so very fit. It sometimes still amazed her how much he had changed during their marriage and how completely different a person Todd ended up being.

One particular morning while she and Mike were swimming laps Dana began thinking about Todd. This particular date was the anniversary of when he proposed to her and although she knew she didn’t love him any more and that she was much happier since the divorce the day still made her feel a little sad somehow.

Dana hung on the edge of the pool during a break from her workout and her mind wandered to how much Todd had changed during their time together. She thought about how hot and excited he made her feel when they were first married. She was still lost in her thoughts when Mike climbed out of the pool and Dana absent-mindedly watched him walk over to the drinking fountain.

Without even realizing she was doing it her eyes scanned Mike’s wet, nearly naked body. Then, unexpectedly, she felt a twinge in her stomach and realized exactly how much Mike resembled Todd back when Todd was in college and swimming. Dana admired Mike’s lean back and strong shoulders and before she could stop herself her eyes moved to his ass as he bent over to take a drink. Her eyes didn’t move even after he turned around and walked back to the pool and she found herself gazing at the bulge of his cock under his tight swimsuit. Just before he dove back into the pool she looked over his flat stomach and chest and admired his face. He so reminded her of a young Todd.

After he dove back into the pool his head popped up from the water and Mike asked, “You OK?”

His question pulled her out of the dreamy state her mind had slipped into and she replied, “Oh, yes. I guess I was just thinking.”

“OK then,” he replied, “back to your workout. No slacking off for you.” With that Mike dove under the water again and reappeared in mid stroke, as he returned to his set of laps.

It was then that Dana suddenly realized what she had just done. She looked around at the handful of other people sharing the pool and felt embarrassed and ashamed. How could she have just watched her own son’s body so admiringly?

There was no doubt that she felt and thought things mothers aren’t supposed to think or feel as she gazed at Mike. What had she done?

She went back to swimming her own laps and reasoned that it was only because Mike was so similar to Todd and that she was in such a weird place today with it being the anniversary of her and Todd’s engagement. She told herself that she wasn’t really staring at Mike but instead was looking at a reflection of what Todd used to look like. Still she knew that, on purpose or not, she had just “checked out” her son and she liked what she had seen.

She also figured some of her problem was that she was currently so damn horny. It was several weeks now since the summer break had started and she desperately missed fucking Jack. Being with him, even if it was just once a week had re-ignited her lust and left her in a near constant state of heightened lust. She remembered feeling like this often back in college and remembered how in those days she would turn to Todd and any number of his teammates and fuck them silly until her desires were satisfied. She knew she would have to wait until Jack returned from his summer break, but she didn’t know how she would make it that long.

As they drove home from their workout that day Dana found herself feeling nervous. Surely Mike had no idea what she had been thinking or how looking at his wet body had made her feel, but still she worried he would somehow know.

This began a trend that continued through the next couple of weeks. To her great surprise as her pent up lust grew with more time away from Jack, Dana found herself more and more frequently “noticing” Mike. She caught glimpses of him around the house and would secretly glance at him as he moved around the pool deck or worked out.

She continued telling herself it was only because he was so much like Todd, and that was definitely the truth, but deep down Dana wondered if she didn’t start noticing Mike more because he reminded her of Jack rather than Todd. If she thought about it for too long she felt guilty and ashamed for even considering looking at Mike like that, but it was almost like she couldn’t stop herself. Instead she tried not to think about what it meant for her to look at him and told herself that she wasn’t harming anyone.

By now Dana was so horny that she masturbated frequently. In her mind she had replayed every fuck with Jack hundreds of times and had created many, many more scenarios where she imagined them fucking. One of her current favorite fantasies was one where she fucked Jack while several other members of the swim team watched. As soon as Jack came another boy took his place and they continued taking turns until every one had fucked Dana and filled her with their cum.

Then one afternoon as she masturbated something very unexpected happened. She again imagined a room filled with horny boys from the swim team while she and Jack fucked like wild animals in the middle of everyone. In her fantasy another boy quickly replaced Jack as soon as he finished cumming. Dana groaned and started cumming almost immediately when she realized that the boy her mind had created to fuck her next was Mike.

When she finished cumming she lay there with many questions rolling through her mind. How could she even think of Mike like that? How could she let it have such a strong impact on her?

She could tell herself what she wanted about her glances at Mike while they worked out, but there was no denying that the person she had just thought about fucking was most definitely Mike and not some representation of Todd. There was also no denying how her forbidden fantasy made her feel. Her orgasm started almost immediately upon envisioning Mike between her legs with his cock inside her.

Dana wondered what was wrong with her. This couldn’t be a normal thing to feel. Mothers weren’t supposed to think about things like that with their sons. She got dressed and went downstairs still trying to answer all the questions in her mind.

She was pulled out of her contemplation when Mike came home earlier than expected from his job. He worked a part time job over the summer to make a few extra bucks and they had let him leave early today because it was a really slow day at the store. His arrival was so unexpected and sudden that Dana didn’t really have the chance to feel awkward about her earlier fantasy. Before she knew it they had hopped in the car and were off running errands that they had planned to do later that evening.

It wasn’t until she had a chance to reflect on her day as she got ready for bed that she realized just how “normal” her afternoon with Mike had been. They had laughed and talked just like always and she hadn’t felt weird or really even thought about her fantasy. Over the next few days she continued to allow herself to indulge in her incestuous fantasy as a way of experimenting with how it would make her feel.

She still felt strange and embarrassed when she rationally thought about what she was doing. How could she really be fantasizing about her own son? However, she was so horny and excited now and so looking forward to Jack’s return that there wasn’t much about her that was rational when it came to her desires.

Eventually she decided that fantasies and thoughts couldn’t hurt anything and she allowed herself to fully explore these unknown and forbidden desires in her mind. Previously she had only allowed herself to think of Mike in group settings with Jack and other boys from the team. Now, however, she started inserting Mike into some of her favorite scenes she had originally created for Jack. She pictured herself sucking his cock and imagined him sucking and licking her pussy for hours on end as she came over and over. She created fantasies about sneaking down to Mike’s bedroom and fucking her own son wildly.

Dana was surprised at how excited these fantasies made her feel and she used them over and over to quench her intense lust as the last couple of weeks of summer passed. She knew it was very wrong to have these thoughts but she also knew that these fantasies made her wildly excited and made her cum very hard. Lately she was feeling so horny that even if she tried to resist thinking of Mike she still found herself creating fantasies about him as soon as she became excited.

There was another result of these forbidden fantasies that she didn’t think about too often. She still continued to steal glances at Mike in the pool or at other times, and even though she tried not to think about the real reason why, she knew that she was no longer looking because he reminded her of Todd or even Jack. Instead she was now looking because it fueled her fantasies and gave her a secret, taboo thrill.

Her secret fantasies of Mike made her feel very dirty and nasty and yet very excited in a perverse way. She knew she was thinking about things no mother should, and sometimes when they were running errands or working out or doing any other sort of “normal” activity she sometimes felt a rush of forbidden excitement. What would he think if he knew of her fantasies? What would any of her friends think? Surely she was a twisted, horny, nasty woman, but that thought only made her more excited. She liked having her secret fantasies.

Whenever she glanced at Mike she knew that others would only see the admiring and proud look of a mother toward her son. Perhaps people who didn’t know they were mother and son would see the sort of look that might be given between a coach and athlete or teacher and student who had become friends. None of them, however, would ever guess what sorts of things Dana noticed about her son or what sort of images or thoughts flashed through her mind when she stole the secret glances.

The very end of the summer was a busy and exciting time. Mike had decided to move into an apartment closer to campus with a friend of his. He was excited about having a little more of a college experience by being away from home. Dana helped him pack up his things and they worked together to move all his things to the apartment. She was sad to see him moving out and knew she wouldn’t see him as often as before, but she also was excited and happy for him as he moved out on his own. She was also a little excited that this would surely open up more time to be with Jack. Dana knew that she and Jack would now be able to fuck fairly freely at her house without fear of being caught or interrupted.

To Dana’s delight, Jack called the moment he returned to town. It was a couple of days before Mike moved out and so they weren’t able to meet at Dana’s house. They quickly set a date for the next day at a local hotel. Dana knew if they waited a couple of days they would be able to meet at her house, but she couldn’t wait any longer to feel him inside her pussy. When the next day finally came she used cash to pay for the hotel room and then spent the next several hours fucking Jack like a wanton slut. She couldn’t believe how good it felt or how much she wanted to keep him there and fuck him all day and night.

Her pussy was so wet with anticipation that there was almost no foreplay before their first fuck. Instead they tore off each other’s clothes and fucked wildly until each had cum hard. After that they took turns playing with and exploring each other on their way through several more fucks.

Dana was still eager and ready for more when Jack looked at his watch and said he had to go. She tried to convince him to stay but he said he had to leave. They quickly discussed his upcoming class schedule and she told him about Mike moving out and how it meant they would have lots more chances to be together.

He left after one final kiss and Dana found herself alone in the hotel room still lounging naked on the bed. She took a shower and looked forward with great anticipation to the coming school year.

She and Jack quickly fell into a schedule of getting together at least a couple of times a week to fuck. With Jack’s return Dana again felt happy, content, and alive like she hadn’t felt in years before they started their affair.

Dana knew she looked great, far better than she should for her age, and she kept up her vigorous workout schedule and diet. Knowing that this young stud was always so eager and willing to service her and fulfill her desires made her feel sexy beyond words and gave her a confidence that she loved. All of this also left her feeling perpetually horny and ready for sex.

She loved surprising Jack during their fucks with new positions or techniques and seeing how the surprise in his eyes quickly turned to wanton lust. She introduced Jack to the joys of playing with food, to being tied up and fucked, and to tying up your lover and fucking them deliberately and teasingly.

One day, however, Jack had a surprise waiting for her. After he knocked on the door she opened it wearing only a short, silk robe and high heels as she anxiously looked forward to their fuck

He hesitated before entering the house. She could tell he had something on his mind so she asked if he was OK. “I was wondering if we could try something new…” Jack asked as he let his voice trail off.

“Anything, you know that,” Dana replied with a sexy smile and wink. “Come in and tell me about it.”

“Well,” Jack said, “I think this is something that we might need to decide now.”

Dana had no idea what he meant but her pussy ached as she wondered what he had on his mind. Did he want to fuck her outside in public? Her own excitement quickly grew and she looked him in the eyes and said, “Jack, I will do whatever you want.”

She thought she would be ready for anything he might want, but she still gasped as Jack waved toward the driveway and Rick, another guy from the swim team, stepped out from behind a bush. Rick walked to them with a silly grin that was equal parts lust and shyness. When Rick stopped next to Jack he again asked, “Is this OK?”

“Yes,” Dana said as she opened the door wide for the two boys. She couldn’t believe that this thing that Jack asked for was also one of her own fantasies. The very idea of fucking these two boys at the same time made her stomach flutter and her knees weak. She couldn’t wait to show them just how OK she thought this idea was.

Without even taking the time to move upstairs Dana began kissing and stripping both boys until they were naked. As she did this she untied her robe and let it fall to the ground leaving all three of them naked in the living room. Both guys appeared to be shocked at how easily she had agreed to be with them and both let out moans of excitement as she began stroking their cocks simultaneously. “Shall we go upstairs boys?” she asked teasingly before turning and leading them upstairs without waiting for an answer.

As she walked Dana felt a flurry of butterflies in her stomach. She wondered how she could so easily and readily agree to actually do this. This was exactly the type of thing that earned her the reputation of “team slut” in college. Despite the fact that she didn’t necessarily enjoy the reputation or title of “team slut”, she couldn’t deny that she had loved every second of her wild antics. She hadn’t been with two guys since college and it was obvious from the wetness of her pussy that this was something she really wanted. Still, she couldn’t believe she was about to do this with two boys young enough to be her sons, but then again something about that fact made this seem all the more wild and exciting.

Once in her bedroom Dana gave both guys wicked, intense blow jobs. They moaned wildly and still seemed unbelieving that this was actually happening. Dana felt amazingly sexy and wild and she quickly grew horny beyond belief. It was obvious through their hard cocks and their wild moans that Jack and Rick were also incredibly turned on.

Dana didn’t have a plan as she moved her mouth back and forth sucking, licking, and teasing both cocks. She was lost in the moment, savoring their different tastes and the way the cocks felt so different between her lips. Soon, however, the aching in her pussy made her decide what to do next.

She lay back on the bed and parted her legs widely, inviting Jack to move between them and fuck her. He did exactly that and quickly drove the full length of his cock inside her dripping wet pussy. At the same time Dana pulled Rick toward her until he was kneeling beside her head with his hard cock pointing at her mouth.

She eagerly engulfed his cock and Dana felt a warm, excited feeling wash over her. It had been so long since she’d had two cocks inside her at once that she had forgotten how incredibly sexy and intense it felt. Dana didn’t try to guide the action once the boys were in place and instead just let them act out their carnal lust on her. Jack fucked her wildly filling the room with the wet sound of her pussy and of their bodies slapping together. Rick thrust his hips back and forth and fucked her mouth as Dana licked and sucked at him excitedly.

Jack was the first to cum, but he only began a few seconds before Rick. Jack grunted loudly as his cum exploded into her pussy. Seeing his friend cum triggered Rick and it only took him a few more moments before he grunted and started to cum.

As Rick came he bucked his hips spastically and his cock jerked out of Dana’s mouth. Dana quickly grasped his shaft and stroked him as his cum continued to shoot out and land all over her face. After his orgasm had peaked Dana slipped his cock back into her mouth. She collected the last few jets of his cum in her mouth and eagerly drank it down feeling a little disappointed that she wasn’t able to feel his entire load of cum sliding down her throat. However, the warmth and pure nastiness of having his cum coating her face made her pussy throb.

Jack continuing fucking her wildly during his orgasm and even after he had finished cumming. The fact that Jack’s cock didn’t immediately go soft after he came was something that Dana loved about fucking him. Dana couldn’t wait for her own release any longer and reached down and teased her clit. With her already heightened lust it only took a few seconds of this before she burst into a wild orgasm with a long, loud cry. As she came Rick turned his attention to her tits and hard nipples for the duration of her orgasm.

When her orgasm finally finished she sat up and asked Rick to go get her a washcloth from the bathroom. After he returned the boys watched her excitedly as she cleaned Rick’s cum off her face. When she was done she tossed the washcloth aside and lay between the boys and traded long, excited kisses with them.

She teased and fondled their wet cocks and was blissfully content feeling the excitement and lust in their touch and in their kisses. Before the afternoon ended Dana fucked both of them slowly and teasingly until each sent a huge load of cum into her waiting pussy. The whole time they fucked she couldn’t believe what was happening. When the realization struck her that she was on the verge of becoming the “team slut” once again she felt her pussy quiver and she started a long, deep orgasm.

When it finally came time for Jack and Rick to leave Dana lazily followed them downstairs still completely naked. She stood and watched while they collected their clothes and got dressed. She gave each of them a long, deep kiss and then stepped back so that when they left her neighbors wouldn’t see her standing naked just inside the door.

Dana went back upstairs and stayed in the bed naked for a long time. She couldn’t believe how horny and alive she felt. She could easily have fucked the boys again and she knew that it wouldn’t take much for them to grow hard and ready once again, but she knew there would be plenty of time for that later.

For the rest of the school year Dana let Jack and Rick use her as their personal sex toy. She willingly let them indulge their fantasies and desires and loved how she could feel them becoming better lovers almost week by week. She satisfied them individually on many occasions and together several more times.

The start of the official swim season arrived quickly and Dana eagerly jumped back into her role as assistant coach and helper for the team. She looked forward to every practice and workout. She was also nervous that things would be different and awkward now that she had given herself over as lover to two of the boys on the team and indulged her fantasies for her own son. Indeed, she did find that things were a little different at practices.

In some ways, the things she felt were oddly familiar. She could feel herself being drawn back into those same feelings and emotions that she had when she watched Todd and his teammates all those years ago. She found herself more and more watching the young men as they moved around in their small swimsuits. She stared at their chests, their asses, and, increasingly, at the bumps their cocks made in the fronts of the suits.

She also noticed many more times when the boys on the team either stole glances at her or outright stared at her. She had always known that some of the boys had enjoyed sneaking the occasional glance at her tits or ass. She wondered if the number of these stares and looks had really increased or if perhaps she was just noticing them more now.

She felt herself reacting differently to these stares and glances. Before, they had excited her but she didn’t let it affect how she acted. It had always given her a little thrill knowing that some young boy found her sexy enough to catch his eye. Now, she found herself letting her tits rub against their arms or letting her hands linger for a few moments on their bodies. The more they reacted the more it caused her to continue until her nipples were hard and her pussy was wet. She knew her actions were bordering on obvious groping with some of the boys, but that only made it seem more exciting for her.

During the season Dana fucked Jack and Rick less often. She didn’t want their affair to affect their swimming performance, so instead of pure quantity of fucks they instead focused on getting together less often while making each fuck intense and amazing.

Between the start of school and the start of the swim season Dana hadn’t seen a whole lot of Mike. He had been busy partying at his new apartment and getting used to living on his own while settling into his new class schedule. It turned out that another great part of the start of swim season was being able to see Mike regularly again. She missed seeing her “new friend” every day like she had over the summer.

There was also something else she missed that she didn’t even realize until the practices started. As Dana looked at and sometimes flirted with the other boys on the team she didn’t stop herself from looking at Mike. She never flirted or did anything inappropriate with him, but that didn’t stop her from noticing his body or his handsome face.

She had expected that once Jack returned and she started fucking him again that her “silly” fantasies about Mike would disappear. Instead, she found that wasn’t the case and that she still very much enjoyed thinking about fucking her own son even as she continued fucking both Jack and Rick.

The results of Mike’s vigorous workout schedule over the summer were immediately apparent. He started the season as one of the fittest guys on the team and Dana felt proud she had helped him get that way. She also admired the effect their summer had on his body as he appeared incredibly fit and strong.

The coaches talked about how Mike was showing some real potential and the head coach asked Dana if she could continue her extra workouts with Mike. “Clearly, you know how to get him to work,” the head coach said.

A few days later the coaches called Mike for a meeting and it was quickly settled. Mike would continue working with his mom on some private workouts to tone his form. They quickly set a schedule for these extra training sessions and got to work. Very soon Dana found herself looking forward to her private sessions with Mike almost as much as she looked forward to the full team practices.

She liked having the chance to again be with him individually on a near daily basis. It gave them the chance to pick up where they had left off over the summer. It also gave her the spark to allow her own fantasies to pick up where they left off over the summer. It made her feel a little guilty, but sometimes when he wasn’t looking she would openly admire his body. Sometimes she even went so far as to let herself feel the bare skin of his arm or back when she was demonstrating a certain finer point of his stroke or of his work out. In her fantasies she now had three eager lovers ready to satisfy her every desire, Jack, Rick, and Mike.

The swim season went very well for the team, far better than anyone had expected. The guys really worked hard and finally started to get some good results. Mike, in particular, had some great results near the end of the year and the season ended on a real high note with everyone looking forward to bigger and better things the next season.

Dana once again attended the season wrap up party, but this time she did leave with the other coaches. Instead of sneaking upstairs and fucking she invited Jack and Rick to come to her house after the party ended for their own celebration. After she returned home she eagerly waited for her lovers to arrive.

They didn’t show up until after midnight, but even then Dana knew they must have left the party well before it ended. She opened the door and found both Jack and Rick smiling at her excitedly. The excited look in Jack’s eyes reminded her of the first time he had brought Rick with him and she excitedly wondered if he didn’t have another surprise for her. She led them inside and they paused in the living room. It was obvious they had something on their minds.

Neither said anything and she was so horny she wasn’t in the mood to wait. She took their hands and led them to the couch where she sat between them and took turns kissing them deeply and wildly. The boys were as eager as she was and soon all three were naked and groping each other wildly on the couch.

Dana needed a cock inside her and Rick happily obliged. Dana lay on her back and threw one of her legs over the back of the couch while she let the other fall to the floor. Rick moved between her spread thighs and plunged his cock inside her wet pussy.

Dana knew that Jack had moved away from the couch but she was so engrossed in her fuck with Rick that she didn’t think much more about it until she heard the sound of her front door closing. She heard some muffled voices and stared up at Rick as he continued fucking her. He smiled down at her devilishly and said, “We’ve got a little surprise for you.”

Dana turned her head and saw Jack return to her side with his cock still standing nearly at full size. Her mouth dropped open in shock when James stepped beside Jack. James was another boy on the swim team and one that Dana had noticed had been watching her closely the last few weeks. He was already naked and she gazed at his soft cock.

Dana’s shock and lust intensified when Tony, or T-bone as the rest of the guys on the team called him, next stepped into view. Tony was also naked and clearly ready to fuck by the mask of wanton lust on his face.

“Oh God!” groaned Dana as she stared at the excited faces and young bodies around her. She realized that her fantasy of getting gang banged by these young studs was going to come true and suddenly she was overwhelmed with her own lust. She started cumming with a loud cry as Rick continued fucking her wildly. He tried, but Rick couldn’t resist the way her pussy danced around his cock and he shot a heavy load of his cum inside her just as her orgasm finished.

All three of the other boys stroked their cocks as they watched Rick finish fucking her. When Rick finished cumming Dana stared at the other three long, hard cocks waiting for her pussy. Jack took the next turn between her legs and easily sunk his full length inside her. “We’ve got one more surprise,” he groaned excitedly. “I think this one might really surprise you.”

Dana’s eyes flew wide open and her mind screamed only one name, “Mike!” She was thankful that she stopped herself from saying his name out loud. For a few seconds she had no idea what he meant but the very idea that Mike could be standing by the front door watching and waiting his turn to fuck her was wilder and more exciting than she could imagine. She wanted so desperately in that moment for it to be Mike, but instead she turned her head and saw two more naked, excited bodies step into her view.

Although it wasn’t the surprise that Dana had wanted, Jack was right in that it was something she never would have expected. One of the new “guests” was another boy from the swim team, Donnie. However, the other person wasn’t another boy from the swim team. Instead it was Gina, a girl who had helped all season with the team by keeping stats. In some ways Gina reminded Dana of herself as a student and a couple of times Dana had overheard guys on the team talk about fucking Gina. In addition to being the team’s helper she also had the reputation of being a bit of a swim team groupie if not an outright “team slut”.

Donnie was naked and his cock was rock hard. Gina was also naked and judging from how hard her nipples were and the excited look on her face she and Donnie must have been fooling around while Rick had fucked Dana.

Jack started fucking Dana harder and faster and all she could do was groan excitedly as she gazed around at the raw lust and sexuality coming off the young bodies in her living room. Tony and James stayed beside the couch stroking their cocks and watching Jack fuck Dana. Tony finally reached out to Dana’s tits and played with them as her wild fuck with Jack continued.

Donnie and Gina excitedly groped and fondled each other and Rick moved beside Donnie to assist with sucking and caressing Gina’s big tits. Dana’s gaze moved around the room and drank in everything that was happening around her. Jack’s fuck remained hard and fast and it wasn’t long before he pushed forcefully into her and groaned as he started cumming. Dana moaned at the feeling of his cum exploding inside her.

When Jack was done he got off the couch and James immediately moved between her legs. Dana’s head spun as this scene was just like her fantasy and yet was so very real. Dana moaned deeply as James’ cock pushed inside her wet pussy and started fucking her. She knew that after all the time stroking himself and from the wild way he fucked her that this fuck wouldn’t last long.

As James pounded his cock into her Dana turned and saw Donnie leading Gina toward the couch. He guided her down to her knees on the floor so she was kneeling while facing the couch. Donnie immediately moved behind her and drove his cock inside Gina. Both couples kept up their wild fucks for a few more minutes until Donnie groaned, “Kiss her.”

Dana looked up not sure who he was talking to, but immediately she saw Gina leaning toward her with the obvious intention of kissing. Their lips met softly and cautiously as both Donnie and James stopped fucking to watch what would happen. Dana could taste the beer on Gina’s breath to confirm her suspicions that Gina was probably drunk.

Dana was surprised when Gina opened her mouth and eagerly drove her tongue inside Dana’s mouth. It had been a long, long time since Dana had been with a woman and even then it hadn’t been something she had done often. She was unsure of what to make of Gina’s kiss at first but clearly Gina had no hesitations.

Without thinking about it Dana responded to Gina’s hungry kiss and soon the two women were locked in a wild tongue kiss while all five guys cheered and gasped. James soon resumed fucking Dana and Donnie did the same with Gina.

There was a new intensity in James’ fuck now and Dana knew he was going to cum. Indeed, it only took a few minutes for him to fill her pussy with his load of cum. It seemed like even before he had fully finished cumming Tony pulled James off her and plunged his cock into Dana’s pussy. Dana moaned as Tony, the only guy not yet to fuck, fucked her with a wild intensity.

Between Tony’s fuck and the wild way Donnie fucked Gina there was no way the women could continue their kiss. Instead, Gina rested her face on Dana’s chest just over her tits as the two couples fucked. The scene was far too much for Dana to resist and she screamed out as she started cumming. She hugged Gina tightly and felt Gina’s cheek pressing against the soft, excited flesh of her tits. Tony groaned as her pussy quivered in orgasm and he started cumming. At nearly the same moment Donnie groaned and started cumming in Gina’s pussy as Jack, Rick, and James watched excitedly.

When they all finished cumming the room turned quiet except for the sound of heavy breathing as everyone tried to regain their composure. Dana finally sat up and looked around at all the horny and excited faces in her house. Jack and Rick already had regained full erections and she knew it would only be a short while before all five were ready to fuck again.

She couldn’t wait to be with them but she knew there was something she wanted first. However, the first thing she needed to do was move someplace more comfortable. She stood up as Jack and James each took one of her arms and helped her to her feet. She led a parade of naked and excited bodies directly up to her bedroom where the king sized bed would offer more room for the party to continue.

As she walked Dana felt an incredible wetness dripping out of her pussy and coating her inner thighs. It made her feel nasty and sexy. A shiver ran down her back as she thought about how wet she would be after she fucked them all again because that is exactly what she planned to do.

Once in the bedroom Dana decided to give the boys a little surprise of her own. She wasn’t sure what they had been expecting by bringing Gina along, but she thought it would be fun to give them a little show that would certainly go beyond anything they might have imagined.

Dana moved directly to Gina and the two women met in a deep kiss as they wrapped their arms around each other. Dana shivered at the unexpected thrill of feeling Gina’s naked tits pressing against her own as her hands roamed over Gina’s back. They moved onto the bed and their kissing and groping intensified causing the boys to shout their encouragement and approval.

Dana parted their kiss and rolled Gina onto her back before dropping her mouth straight to Gina’s stiff nipples as Gina moaned erotically. Dana sucked on one of Gina’s rock hard nipples and was surprised by how much she enjoyed Gina’s body. Dana caressed her tits and moved her mouth back and forth between them teasing and sucking Gina’s nipples until both of her rock hard points were glistening with Dana’s saliva.

After a while longer Gina sat up and the women traded places. Dana moaned as Gina sucked and teased her tits with a surprising confidence. Gina’s body felt amazingly soft and sensual and the way Gina’s tits dragged over her stomach as Gina leaned over her gave Dana an unexpected charge of lust. Dana hadn’t remembered women having this sort of deep effect on her before and wondered if she just didn’t remember how good it felt.

As Dana was temporarily lost in her thoughts Gina slowly kissed her way down Dana’s stomach. The next thing Dana knew she felt Gina’s mouth and tongue at her pussy. Dana spread her legs wide so Gina could suck and lick at her completely. Dana groaned again in surprise at how good and wonderfully nasty this felt. After a few long minutes she was suddenly overtaken with the desire to taste Gina’s pussy.

Dana pulled Gina over her until the two women settled into a 69 position with Gina on top. Dana didn’t hesitate for a single moment and eagerly drove her tongue inside Gina’s wet pussy. After tongue fucking her for a few moments Dana easily found Gina’s swollen clit and after only a few more moments of teasing her clit Gina burst into a loud, long orgasm.

The guys cheered and Dana felt wildly excited knowing that she just made another woman cum. After Gina’s orgasm passed Gina dropped her mouth to Dana’s pussy and resumed wildly licking and sucking at Dana. Dana intended to resume teasing Gina’s pussy, but the guys had been an audience long enough and now wanted more.

Gina climbed off her and Dana looked up to see that Rick and Donnie were pulling Gina up. Dana felt a wave of disappointment because she wanted Gina to make her cum, but fortunately the guys also wanted Gina to continue sucking Dana’s pussy. They positioned Gina on her hands and knees with her face at Dana’s pussy. Gina eagerly resumed her teasing while Rick moved behind Gina and started fucking her. Dana watched them for a few seconds until James moved beside her and shoved his cock inside her mouth.

She eagerly sucked and licked his cock and suddenly felt hands seemingly all over her body. They caressed her tits, pinched and pulled her nipples, and toyed with her clit while Gina kept lapping at her pussy and tongue fucking her. Eventually, Gina moved her mouth to Dana’s clit and sucked on it hard. At the same time someone pinched Dana’s nipples just how she liked causing Dana to cum hard. She let James’ cock slide out of her mouth as she cried out and gasped for breath.

When she finished cumming the guys again repositioned the women, this time with them lying side by side on their backs. Rick again moved between Gina’s legs and resumed fucking her while Tony quickly drove his cock inside Dana’s wet and ready pussy. From that point on Dana didn’t do much except let the boys fuck her wildly until each and every one was satisfied.

Rick was the first one to cum as Gina’s pussy proved too much for him to resist. Once Rick was done and had crawled off the bed James took a turn inside Gina’s pussy.

As James fucked Gina and Tony fucked Dana the two women’s hands found each other on the bed. They interlocked their fingers and held hands. Never had holding someone’s hand seemed so profoundly intimate and erotic, but something about lying beside Gina and holding her hand as a room full of horny guys fucked them silly was very powerful.

At one point the women turned toward each other and made eye contact. They exchanged soft smiles but were interrupted when Gina started another orgasm. She moaned wildly and closed her eyes as Dana watched the waves of passion and desire wash over her face and change her expression. Watching Gina cum seemed to be the trigger both guys needed and they both started to cum just a few moments after Gina finished her orgasm. Tony was actually the first to cum inside Dana, but he was still in the middle of his orgasm when James groaned and started cumming inside Gina.

They crawled off the women at the same time and now it was Jack and Donnie’s turn. Donnie moved between Dana’s thighs and Jack started fucking Gina. Dana just closed her eyes and let the sensations of the moment wash over her. After they had fucked for a while Jack and Donnie switched places.

Dana moaned as Jack’s cock filled her and she opened her eyes so she could watch Donnie fuck Gina. The guys switched one more time and continued fucking harder and faster until both seemed close to cumming.

“Ready?” Jack grunted at Donnie.

Donnie nodded his head and said, “Now!”

Dana didn’t know what they had planned and watched as both guys quickly pulled their cocks out of the women and crawled up beside them. Donnie stroked his cock frantically and a few moments later shot his load of cum on Gina’s face and neck as the other guys in the room cheered wildly.

Dana reached up and caressed Jack’s balls as Jack stroked his cock wildly. Jack groaned as he started to cum and Dana opened her mouth and let some of his cum land on her tongue and lips in addition to her face. When he finished cumming she eagerly swallowed his cum and then looked over at Gina.

Dana rolled onto her side and leaned slowly toward Gina. They met in a soft, lingering kiss before Dana moved her mouth to Gina’s cheek. Using her lips and tongue Dana collected Donnie’s cum from Gina’s face. She gathered it in her mouth and then met Gina in a second kiss. This time Dana parted her lips slightly and pushed her tongue slowly into Gina’s mouth taking with it most of Donnie’s cum. As the kiss continued they traded Donnie’s cum back and forth between their mouths as the guys groaned in excitement and cheered them on.

When that kiss finished Gina gathered up Jack’s cum from Dana’s face and they once again swapped the cum back and forth over the course of another long, deep kiss. Dana and Gina lingered on the bed kissing and caressing each other softly as the guys slapped each other on the back and reveled in what they had just done.

The guys headed downstairs to gather up their clothes as Gina whispered to Dana asking if she could take a shower. Dana showed her to the master bathroom and then followed the guys downstairs. She stood naked in the middle of the five guys as they finished getting dressed and gave each of them a slow, sexy good night kiss before they left.

The sun was already peeking over the horizon and after shutting the door behind them Dana suddenly realized how tired she was. It had been a long day even before the party and now she had literally fucked all night long.

She climbed the stairs to her room and suddenly remembered that not all of her guests had left. The sound of water running reminded her that Gina was still in the shower. Dana smiled and decided that maybe she still had the energy for one more adventure.

She quietly slipped into the warm, steamy bathroom. “Mind if I join you?” she asked sweetly before reaching for the shower curtain and pulling it aside.

Gina didn’t say anything but her smile gave Dana all the answer that she needed. They women didn’t immediately kiss and for a few moments they simply stood together under the hot water. Gina built a big lather in her hands and began washing Dana’s shoulders and back. They shared the soap and slowly washed and rinsed each other.

Gina seemed very curious and interested in Dana’s shaved pussy. After a while Gina focused her attention on washing Dana’s pussy. She rubbed her soapy fingers softly over Dana’s hairless pussy and gently massaged all over and around where Dana had shaved her hair.

When Dana had been a part of Todd’s swim team back in college she had always kept her pussy shaved. One of the things that most excited Dana about the bodies of the swimmers was how they were so smooth and muscular. She knew they regularly shaved their body hair and shaving her pussy made her feel sexy and somehow connected to them.

Long ago she had let her pussy hair grow out, but after she started fucking Jack last year she shaved it once again. She had forgotten how sexy and exciting it felt to have a bare pussy. She had also forgotten how having a hairless pussy made the sensations of sex even more vivid and exciting.

She also enjoyed the reaction her shaved pussy drew from Jack the first time he saw it. Jack’s eyes grew round and his mouth dropped open in surprise when she first revealed her shaved pussy to him. He immediately dropped his mouth to her pussy and spent a long while excitedly licking and exploring her pussy.

Now Dana once again felt the thrill of having someone so excited by her shaved pussy. Gina’s soft, curious touch and made her pussy tingle in excitement. As Gina fondled her pussy, Dana explored Gina’s body leisurely. She was again fascinated by how exciting and erotic another woman’s body felt.

As Gina’s touch lingered on her shaved pussy Dana whispered, “You like that?”

“Yes,” Gina whispered.

“I can shave you,” Dana offered. Gina moaned excitedly and said she wanted that. “Good,” Dana said with a sly smile, “but there will be time for that later. I think I’m too tired to do it now.” With that Dana reached around Gina and shut off the water.

They each toweled off and Dana led Gina back to the bedroom. They hurriedly pulled off the stained and crumpled sheets and put on a new set. By the time they crawled under the covers together the sun was high in the morning sky. Dana and Gina cuddled closely together and both almost immediately fell asleep.

They slept very late into the afternoon and it was approaching dinnertime by the time they finally crawled out of bed. Dana gave Gina some of her clothes and they called for some food to be delivered. As they waited for the food they talked and Dana really enjoyed getting to know Gina. In line with her first impression of Gina, the more she got to know her the more Gina reminded her of herself when she had been in college.

After dinner they relaxed and watched some TV. At one point Gina got up to go get something to drink from the kitchen. When she returned she sat down beside Dana on the couch. They sat together like this for a while longer and Dana draped her arm around Gina’s shoulder. It felt exciting and unknown but somehow very comfortable to sit so intimately like this with Gina.

Gina was the first to eventually speak. “Um, remember what you said this morning in the shower?” Gina asked. Dana felt a flash of excitement as she realized Gina was talking about shaving her pussy. Dana nodded and Gina added, “I think I’d like that.”

They stood up and Dana led Gina to the master bathroom. They slowly stripped each other until they were both naked. Dana suggested they start with a shower and they stepped in together. They gently and leisurely washed each other as they had done earlier that day.

When the shower ended Dana told Gina sit on the edge of the tub with her legs spread. Dana knelt in the tub between Gina’s spread legs and rubbed shaving cream all over Gina’s pussy. Slowly, and with well-practiced strokes, Dana shaved Gina’s pussy until the younger woman was as smooth and hairless as Dana. As Dana shaved her Gina moaned softly and excitedly. When Dana finished with Gina she applied the shaving lotion to herself and shaved her own pussy while Gina watched excitedly.

Finally, when both women were shaved they dried off and Dana led Gina to the bed. They sat together and Dana looked at Gina and said, “Touch yourself.”

Gina slowly reached for her own pussy and sighed excitedly as her fingers passed over the spot where her pussy hair used to be. She dragged her fingertips back and forth over her freshly shaved pussy as if she couldn’t believe what she was feeling.

“It feels good, doesn’t it?” Dana asked playfully.

Gina nodded excitedly as her fingers continued exploring her pussy. “You touch yours,” Gina said to Dana. Dana happily complied and soon the two women were sitting, facing each other as they each played with their own pussy.

Dana loved watching Gina explore the new feel of her pussy and she had to admit that the mere sight of Gina’s freshly shaved pussy was more than a little exciting. Both of them continued playing with their pussies as they stared excitedly at the other.

After a long time of this mutual masturbation Dana wanted more. She leaned toward Gina and guided the younger woman down until Gina was lying on her back. Dana first moved to Gina’s tits and she spent many long minutes leisurely kissing and licking them. Gina moaned eagerly and her moans intensified when Dana kissed her way down Gina’s stomach to her freshly shaved pussy.

Dana slowly kissed, licked, and teased Gina all over her pussy. Gina groaned and wriggled excitedly. Dana could feel her young lover’s lust growing rapidly and knew it wouldn’t be long before Gina came. Dana drew out her teasing as long as she could, but it seemed Gina was experiencing a similar heightened sensory experience to what Dana felt with her pussy shaved and she couldn’t hold back her orgasm.

Gina finally came with a loud, satisfied cry. Dana lingered at her pussy for many long minutes after Gina finished cumming. Finally she crawled up beside Gina and the two of them kissed for many long, wonderful minutes.

It was then Gina’s turn and she slowly kissed her way across Dana’s body before finally arriving at her pussy. Dana savored the way Gina’s body felt and the way Gina teased and sucked at her pussy. Dana’s orgasm slowly built and when she came it was with a long, soft moan.

When Dana had finished cumming Gina crawled beside her and they spent several long minutes kissing and holding each other before finally falling asleep, completely exhausted from the events of the last couple of nights.

After enjoying breakfast together the next morning Dana drove Gina back to her apartment and then returned home to clean up the mess created by the group fuck. As she cleaned the various stains from the couch and washed the soiled sheets the fresh memories of how the mess got there excited her and made her feel very content.

For the rest of the school year Dana enjoyed fucking Jack and Rick regularly. They never repeated anything as wild as the night after the season ending party, but Dana still loved fucking them individually whenever she had the chance. Dana also enjoyed a new wrinkle in her sex life as she and Gina occasionally got together. As exciting as fucking Jack and Rick still was Dana now found her chances to fuck Gina just as if not more exciting.

Even with all this Dana still found times when her mind wandered to images of being with Mike. She never forgot the night of the party when Jack and Rick had unveiled their gang bang surprise for her. Indeed, what they planned was a great surprise and something she enjoyed, but she vividly remembered how much she had wanted the final surprise to be Mike. Even in that moment with a hard cock inside her and the prospect of getting fucked by at least four guys the thing she desperately wanted was to fuck her own son.

The depth of her desire surprised her. Previously she assumed that her fantasies of Mike were something that she controlled, something that she could pull out when it was convenient and then put away for later. Now she realized that her fantasies had perhaps evolved to something more. Could she really want to fuck him? Would she really do it if she had the chance? She still wasn’t sure, but she did know that in that moment she wanted nothing more than that.

There was something else that had been bothering Dana for a while. Now that Todd and Mike had both moved out of the house she realized that the house was way too big for just her. In addition to the fact that the house had more space than she would ever need for herself, it seemed the house was still full of unpleasant memories of Todd and how their relationship had ended.

Although her divorce from Todd had left her in a good place financially, her advisor had been recommending for months that she sell the house and move into someplace more appropriate for just one person. To match its huge size, her current house had a huge mortgage payment that seemed a little crazy to be paying for just one person. Her advisor was convinced that she would be able to turn a big profit by selling the house and that by wisely investing the profit she would create an even more secure future for herself.

She resisted the idea for a long time, but eventually she knew that it was the smart thing to do. She still wasn’t excited to be leaving her house but she did realize that the house was far too big for her now.

She discussed her plans with Mike and he was very supportive. She figured she would list the house right at the start of summer and spend her summer searching for a new place to live. Mike helped her search and they decided it would be fun to find a new place so she could turn a page and start over without any memories of Todd.

The plan seemed perfect until she received a surprise call from her Realtor. She had met with her Realtor a few days earlier and discussed all the details of putting her house on the market. The house hadn’t even been officially listed yet and so it was a complete shock when her Realtor called and said she had a buyer all lined up.

Dana couldn’t believe what she was hearing as the Realtor reviewed the series of events again. A wealthy couple was being relocated and had described their perfect house. The house they described was exactly Dana’s house and so the Realtor sent them some preliminary information and photos. The couple got very excited and ended up making an offer that was far higher than the price they had planned on listing the house for.

Her Realtor strongly suggested she take this offer and said she doubted that Dana would ever see another offer this lucrative. Dana knew it was true, but the couple wanted to move in right away and insisted on a very quick closing date. The idea that if she agreed to this she would essentially be homeless was scary and overwhelming. She hadn’t even started looking for a new place for herself.

After a few more long discussions with her financial advisor and Realtor she agreed to the sale. However, when she got off the phone after agreeing to their offer she didn’t know what to do now. She had just agreed to sell her house far sooner than she ever dreamed and she had no idea where she would be living in just a few weeks.

Not knowing what else to do she called Mike and told him everything. She said that she could check into a hotel for a while and try to figure things out, but Mike insisted that she stay with him at his place. Dana protested but Mike said he wouldn’t take no for an answer. He said he would stay on the couch and she could have his room for as long as she needed it.

The following few weeks were a blur of negotiations, planning, and uncertainty. Dana was so busy sorting through her stuff and figuring out what she was going to do with all her things that she barely had any time to look for a new house. About the only thing she still made sure to reserve time for was getting together with Jack, Rick, and Gina.

Before she knew it Dana was signing the papers to officially sell the house that had been her home for many years. Once the papers were signed Dana suddenly felt strange and very uncertain. She got in her car and looked at the few suitcases of clothes that she had packed in preparation for her time at Mike’s apartment. She drove to Mike’s with her mind spinning as she tried to figure out if she had just done the right thing.

She thought she had thoroughly contemplated this decision and that she had reached peace with it. However, now that the deal was final she suddenly was filled with doubts and questions. Once she arrived at Mike’s apartment she surprised herself by breaking down into tears. Rationally she knew she had made the right decision but it was still hard. That house held many memories for her, both good and bad, and the reality that she was going to be finding a new place to live and make a new life for herself was more than a little overwhelming.

Mike was a complete gentleman and he held her as she cried and comforted her as best he could. Even in this moment there was still a part of Dana’s mind that was aware of how nice it felt to be held closely like this by Mike. She knew he was so strong and yet he was also clearly very caring, compassionate, and tender. As she looked up at him through her teary eyes she also noticed that he was so very handsome.

Mike had spruced up his room and had everything clean and ready for her when they decided to go to bed. For that night and the final couple of weeks of the school year this was their sleeping arrangement with Dana in the bedroom and Mike on the couch.

On the last day of classes Mike’s roommate moved out. He was transferring to a different school and Mike had known for a while that he would be moving out. Mike also knew he would have to find a new roommate, but he wasn’t looking forward to it and had put the whole process off. He kept hoping that one of his friends would mention needing somewhere to live for the next school year and things would just work out. However that never happened and now Mike knew he was going to have to spend the summer trying to find a new roommate.

A few days after his roommate moved out they moved Dana’s things into the other bedroom. They went to the storage unit where Dana had moved the majority of her belongings and picked up more of Dana’s things and brought them back to Mike’s apartment.

Dana’s search for a new house started off with a fury but it quickly grew more and more frustrating. She didn’t find anything that she liked and she started to wonder if her standards were set a bit too high.

In the meantime, Dana was surprisingly happy “crashing” at Mike’s place. Over the next couple of weeks Dana made a few more trips to the storage unit to get more of her things. Little by little Mike’s apartment was beginning to feel more like home to Dana.

While Dana continued her search for a new house Mike looked for a new roommate for the next school year. Although Mike was technically searching it seemed to be a half-hearted search at best.

Dana was having such a great time hanging out with Mike there were times when she secretly hoped he wouldn’t succeed in his search. Since she had moved in it very much felt like two old friends getting to know each other once again rather than a mother and son unhappy about having to live together. Dana was worried that Mike would be upset or frustrated with again finding himself living with his mom, but Mike didn’t seem bothered at all.

At first after moving in Dana tried hard to quell her incestuous fantasies. She succeeded for a short time, but soon the thoughts crept back. The real catalyst for the return of her illicit fantasies was when Mike’s roommate moved out at the end of the school year.

A few days before Mike’s roommate moved out Dana was lying in bed when her mind wandered to what it would be like to be alone in the apartment with Mike. She imagined herself telling Mike he could move back into his room. At first he would be confused and then he would assume that she was moving out into the now empty room. Then, she would make it clear that she wasn’t going anywhere and in that moment they would fall into a long, deep kiss. Before her fantasy ended she dreamed of fucking her son wildly in the very bed where she was lying now.

For a couple days after that she began to indulge her fantasies again. She lay in bed at one point thinking about how Mike had surely masturbated while lying in this very bed. She wondered how many girls he had fucked on that bed. Then she wondered if he had ever stroked his hard cock while he thought of her. The very idea sent a chill down her back and made her pussy ache desperately.

When the roommate finally moved out Dana felt herself getting very excited by the idea, as silly as she knew it was, that maybe she could now have the chance to act our her fantasies with Mike. The idea of actually trying to seduce her son still seemed beyond reality and left her feeling a little ashamed and like an oversexed school girl when her lust subsided.

When Mike first mentioned being excited to move back into his bedroom Dana’s head spun. Was he really saying what she hoped he was? It was soon clear that he wanted to move back into his own room and have her move into his roommate’s now vacant room.

Again, Dana felt silly and embarrassed. Still, she couldn’t deny the power of her fantasies. After they moved her into the other bedroom Dana resumed her fantasy affair with Mike. The fantasies seemed even more intense and more real now that they were living together and spending far more time alone together than they had in a long while.

Dana often reflected back to her reaction after the party when she wanted so badly for Mike to be the surprise that Jack and Rick teased her about. Had her desires that night simply been the result of her wild lust and the prospect of getting gang fucked by so many young boys? There were times when she tried to convince herself that her thoughts and desires that night had been meaningless, but deep down she wondered if they didn’t actually signify some deep, illicit longing.

Mike was the first one to bring up their swim workouts and asked her casually about continuing over the summer. They both had taken a couple of weeks off from training at the end of the school year and so had fallen out of their routine. Dana had been so involved with the search for a new house that she hadn’t even really thought about her workouts with Mike.

Once he brought it up she quickly agreed thinking this would be just what she needed to get things back to normal. She hoped that with a return to her normal routine she might be able to get herself refocused on her search for a new house and be able to better control her forbidden fantasies.

They resumed their workouts together but, instead of making things normal, they only amplified Dana’s forbidden desires and thoughts. Previously these private workouts had provided Dana some forbidden eye candy as she secretly admired Mike’s body. Now, however, the resumption of their workouts coincided with the heightening of her wild fantasies.

It had now been almost two weeks since Mike’s roommate moved out. Dana found herself having to work harder to not openly stare at Mike’s lean, muscular body as he walked around the pool deck in only his skimpy swimsuit. More and more, those images danced in her head at various points throughout the day and fueled her masturbation sessions. The orgasms these fantasies provided were so powerful and deep that she had to concentrate to keep herself from moaning or crying loudly and revealing to her son what she was doing behind her closed bedroom door.

Dana’s desires were further intensified by the fact that both Jack and Rick had left town for the summer. Both had talked for a while of sticking around campus and Dana got her hopes up looking forward to a summer with her two lovers. In the end, however, both decided to go home for the summer and Dana quickly grew very horny without her eager and willing lovers.

Gina did stay in town to catch up on some classes during the summer session, and it was about a week after Dana resumed her workouts with Mike that Dana picked up the phone and gave Gina a call. Gina seemed happy to hear from her and they quickly made plans to go out together.

Mike seemed genuinely happy that Dana had plans as she got ready to go out a few nights later. He did seem a little surprised when she said she was going out with Gina, but Dana didn’t worry about that much. She told him that she had the chance to get to know Gina through the swim team and that Gina seemed really sweet.

Dana and Gina got together for pizza and a movie. Dana really enjoyed talking with Gina over dinner. Despite them getting together a few times after their initial fuck at the party these were usually quick meetings for the purpose of fucking. It was weird, but despite having fucked Gina several times Dana felt like she really didn’t know Gina all that well.

They chatted easily and Dana laughed often throughout the night. About halfway through the movie Dana shifted in her seat and, by complete accident, she brushed her hand against Gina’s. It wasn’t planned and Dana didn’t even really think about it, but suddenly their fingers interlocked and they sat holding hands through the rest of the movie.

It was a simple gesture, but it still excited Dana to hold Gina’s hand like this. When the movie ended they slipped their hands apart and walked out to Dana’s car. There was definitely a part of Dana that wanted to take Gina somewhere and fuck her wildly, but there was a part of her that had so enjoyed the night out with a friend that she wanted to leave things as they were.

Ultimately, she decided to let the “fates” make the decision for her. She knew Mike was back at their apartment and so taking Gina there wasn’t an option. Gina lived with two other girls and Dana decided that if the opportunity was there to do something at Gina’s place she would go for it, but otherwise she would be happy to end the night as it was.

The answer came as soon as they pulled up to Gina’s apartment building. There were a bunch of cars overflowing the parking lot and in the street. Gina mentioned her roommates were having a few of their friends over. They said goodbye with more than a hint of disappointment in their eyes. Dana wished she could lean over and kiss Gina deeply, but she knew that wouldn’t be an appropriate thing to do in this setting. Instead she asked Gina about going out again and they made tentative plans. She watched Gina go into her building and Dana became aware of the deep longing in her pussy.

Dana chatted briefly with Mike upon her return home but soon said goodnight saying she was tired. She could easily have stayed up later but she was so wildly horny that she had to get some relief. She was disappointed to end the night alone with nothing but her fingers and toys to offer release, but still that was better than nothing.

She fell on her bed and soon her fingers worked her clit and pussy to the brink of orgasm. Her mind danced with visions of fucking Gina and tasting the younger girl’s pussy. Even after she came she lingered in bed and softly played with her tits and pussy.

Eventually she picked up a magazine and flipped through the pages. However, it didn’t take long for her lust to return and her mind to start building another fantasy. This one had her bringing Gina back to the apartment even though Mike was there.

She imagined her and Gina kissing and making out with each other as if Mike wasn’t even there. Soon, both women were naked and, as Gina lightly sucked and teased her tits, Dana felt something on her bare shoulder. Turning around she saw Mike’s eyes burning with lust as he moved toward her. He immediately moved to her and they met in a deep, hungry kiss with their tongues dancing wildly as Gina continued sucking and licking her tits.

Dana’s mind was prepared to continue this fantasy and create a wild, three way fuck, but the mere thought of that hungry kiss she so yearned to share with Mike was enough to trigger her second orgasm. After this second orgasm she again picked up her magazine and flipped through a few more articles before she set it aside, turned off the bedside lamp, and fell asleep.

Dana masturbated often to satisfy her building lust over the next several weeks. By now her near daily workouts with Mike were practically torture. The mere sight of his body was so exciting and forbidden that it made her pussy tingle. Upon returning to the apartment after their workouts Dana almost always retreated to her room or the bathroom to masturbate and release some of her built up lust.

Making things simultaneously more frustrating and happy was the fact that Mike was nothing but a complete gentleman. He was a great roommate who kept the apartment clean and was always good natured. On the one hand this made Dana very happy because she was proud of the man her son had become. She was very glad to see he had turned out to be the caring, nice guy she always hoped he would become.

On the other hand, Mike being so polite and nice only added to her mounting sexual yearning. She felt like she had found the guy who could be her perfect lover. He had a body that made her knees weak and her pussy tingle and he was a perfect gentleman. This was just the kind of guy she could really fall for, but the obvious problem was that this perfect guy was her own son.

It was almost shocking how much Mike reminded her of Todd when he was in college. However, there was something about Mike, perhaps just a caring or a tenderness, that Todd never had that suggested Mike would never become the out of shape, uncaring slob that Todd became.

A few more weeks passed before Dana finally had the chance to fuck Gina. During this time they went out on a few other “dates” and Dana found that she really liked Gina. Gina was sweet, smart, and pretty, and in more than a few ways she reminded Dana of herself in college. During this time things always seemed to conspire against them being able to fuck until one night when both of Gina’s roommates went out of town together for the weekend.

That night Gina and Dana ended their evening at Gina’s place. Things started with them sitting on the couch and softly kissing. It seemed Gina was as excited and horny as Dana because they both eagerly advanced things. Before long they excitedly pulled off each other’s clothes and sucked each others pussies to loud, intense orgasms right on the couch.

After this frantic initial release they moved to Gina’s bedroom and spent the rest of the night passionately fucking. Gina’s body was amazingly soft and sexy and her pussy tasted and smelled unbelievably good. The whole experience was so absolutely erotic that Dana loved every second of their time together. They stayed together for the rest of the weekend without ever leaving Gina’s apartment. They passionately fucked and pleasured each other all weekend long. By the time Gina’s roommates returned Dana was back at her apartment feeling very satisfied and happy.

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