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Sweetest Dream

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I was having the sweetest dream. My wife was giving me the best blow job I’ve ever had! Then I started to wake up and realized that it wasn’t a dream! Her soft lips were working my cock like never before, and this time she was having no trouble taking all seven inches.

It was dark when I opened my eyes, but I could still make out her shape. She was in one of my favorite blow job positions: crouched to my right, with her ass up in the air. I closed my eyes again and relaxed. I reached over and began to stroke her ass cheek. It was smooth and firm. I squeezed it, patted it, and rubbed it some more.

Then I let my fingers graze her crack. My wife is usually up for anything, but anal isn’t her favorite. And it had been awhile since I’d had my cock up her tight ass. Maybe tonight?

I let one finger gently probe her asshole. She moaned hoarsely around my cock. Her asshole was not quite as puckered as usual, and the tip of my finger went in easily. Damn! She’s really horny, I thought. Her ass is opening up at the slightest touch!

I let my finger go in a little further as she really went to town on my cock. With nearly every stroke she was getting the whole thing. The vibrations from her moans felt amazing and I was trying hard not to come.

My God! I thought, I bet she’s dripping wet! I stopped fingering her ass and she whimpered just a little. I tickled her taint, and slid my hand towards her pussy. And then… What the fuck?! I felt wrinkled skin instead of her juicy slit! A nut sack?!

My eyes snapped open as I pushed the mystery cocksucker off me. “What the fuck?!” I shouted. I heard more whimpering but it was too dark to see much. I reached over and flicked on the lamp on the nightstand. And there cowering on the bed, saliva and my precum glistening on his lips, was my 19 year old son, Ben!

“Ben! What the fuck?!” I shouted as my cock started to go limp – almost as if I’d just come. And then I remembered: my wife was in Atlanta on business!

“I’m sorry Daddy!” Ben said. “I’m so sorry! I came home from the study group, and came in to tell you goodnight. Your beautiful cock was sticking out of your underwear. I couldn’t help myself! I’m so horny!”

I was stunned! “Ben,” I said quietly. “You…you’re gay?” He sniffled and nodded. “I didn’t know,” I said. “What about Carly, your girlfriend?”

“She’s really just a friend, Dad. She knows how I am. What I… like.”

I didn’t really know what to say. I love my son, sure, even if he’s gay. But this? I said, “I don’t care about that. But I’m your father!”

Ben sat back a little and more tears came. “I know. I’m really sorry, Dad. It’s just… I’ve been working so much and studying so much. There are so few hot, cool guys around here. It’s been so long since I sucked a good dick. I couldn’t resist. Please don’t hate me.”

“I don’t hate you, son,” I told him. “I could never hate you. But, my God, this isn’t right!”

Ben said, “I know, I know. But…”

“But what,” I asked.

Ben looked at me a bit sheepishly and said, “You seemed like you were getting into it.”

“What?!” I shouted. “I was not INTO IT! I was dreaming your mom was blowing me! Then I woke up and I thought it was a dream come true! Damn.”

“OK” Ben said. “But you were fingering my ass, too. And you still thought I was Mom?”

“Look,” I said. “I was still half asleep. I was about to come. I was disoriented…”

“You were about to come?” Ben asked. “So you did like it? It felt good?”

“Yes – I mean no!” I stuttered. “I mean, it was a wonderful blow job, but you’re a guy, I’m straight – and I’M YOUR FATHER.” I shouted the last three words at the top of my voice. Ben’s face collapsed, he lowered his head and began crying for real.

Exasperated, I said, “Dude, look, you were sucking me pretty much just like your Mom. Your ass felt pretty much like Mom’s. It’s weird as Hell, but yeah, it felt good. Except for the part about it being wrong.”

He sniffled and looked at me again. “You don’t have to lie to make me feel better. It’s OK. I shouldn’t have bothered you. I know you’re not gay. I know you and Mom are crazy about each other, and I hear y’all having sex sometimes. But I can’t help these feelings I have – these urges. I listen to you pounding Mom and I wish it was me! I lie in my bed and jerk off to the sounds of her coming and coming and wish it was me!”

As he was saying those things, so help me, my cock started to get hard again. I tried to discreetly move the sheet over to hide my growing erection, but Ben noticed anyway.

“Dad!” he exclaimed, cheering up. “Are you getting a hard-on?!”

Embarrassed, I tried to explain it away. “All this talk about your Mom and me, and her coming… it’s effecting me. It’s natural.”

“Sure,” Ben said. “I get it. Mom is sexy – for a woman. And I’m sure she gives you anything and everything you want.”

“Yes, that’s right.” I murmured, my cock growing steadily by the second.

“Yeah,” Ben said, “Mom worships and deep throats your beautiful cock, and gives up her sweet pussy and ass anytime, anywhere.” He was leaning toward me now, and my cock was huge, completely engorged. “I can do that too, you know, Daddy. Except for the pussy part. I can worship that cock of yours, give up my ass whenever you want it. Be your little bitch. You know, Mom’s away on business a lot. No one would have to know but us…”

Oh. My. God. This was crazy. My 19 year old son was making me horny! What was I thinking? Is this what I wanted? Clearly, it was what Ben wanted. Can I do this? Should I?

Ben leaned in, even closer now. His eyes were moist, pleading. He lips were partly open and pouting just a little. “Please, Daddy,” he begged. “I can be SO good to you. Let me finish you just this once. If you don’t like it, then we’ll never do it again. And we won’t ever have to talk about. Please?”

I could resist no longer. Animal urges took over. I didn’t say anything. I grabbed the back of my son’s head and lay back down. As I did, I pulled his mouth to my cock. He took it into his mouth, his lips trembling. Tears were forced out of his eyes as he closed them. Tears of joy, gratitude, lust.

I wasn’t thinking about right or wrong anymore – just what felt good. And Ben’s attention to my cock truly did feel like worship. He lavishly sucked and swallowed my cock. He ran his tongue up my shaft and then tickled the slit with it. He alternated between deep throating me and sucking the head while working the shaft with his hand. He made little noises in the back of his throat that vibrated all the way down to the root of my cock. He seemed to have an instinct – he would take me right to the edge, then squeeze my cock really hard, almost to the point of pain. My orgasm would retreat, and then he’d start over again. I had never felt anything like it. My son was definitely an expert cocksucker. And much better than his Mom!

During one of these “edging” episodes, when he had just about sucked me off, he popped my cock out of his mouth and said, “Daddy?”

I was beyond words, so I just moaned a little. “Finger me some more?” Ben said between suckling the head of my cock and squeezing it. I didn’t answer. Instead, I started rubbing his ass again, then squeezing and lightly slapping his check. He made little mewling noises when I smacked his ass. I worked my way down his crack and to his asshole again. I realized now that his ass was much looser than his Mom’s. I tried not to imagine what that meant.

Ben was wiggling his ass up and down and from side to side as I playfully fingered his asshole. I was afraid to go too deep, or too fast – I didn’t want to hurt him. I must have been doing something right, because Ben seemed to really enjoy it. Then he popped my cock out of his mouth again and said, “Lube?”

That was too much for this old man! I pushed his head down with my other hand and started thrusting my hips upwards as fast as I could. I pounded my boy’s hot, wet, hungry mouth as I fingered his clenching asshole. My frantic face-fucking didn’t phase the boy at all. He greedily accepted every millimeter of my throbbing cock. And when I came, it was the biggest, best, and longest lasting orgasm I’ve ever had.

Ben continued to work my cock as I lay back, exhausted. He went after every drop as if my semen was the fountain of youth. As he lay there, with his face on my thigh, and my cock in his hand, I thought, “What a beautiful boy.”

“Thank you, Daddy,” he said. And for a moment I thought I had spoken out loud. But then he said, “Thank you for letting me suck off your wonderful, beautiful, perfect Daddy dick. I’ll understand if this is a one time thing. I’ll be sad, but I’ll understand.”

I reached down and gently rubbed his head. “Son, that was amazing. It doesn’t have to be one time thing. In fact, I think it should be a regular thing!”

With that, Ben sat up and kissed me right on the mouth. I surprised myself by kissing him back. He tasted so good! A little salty, which I suspected was my come, but didn’t mind.

Eventually, Ben broke our kiss and said, “Daddy if you thought that was amazing, wait until you fuck my boy pussy!”

I can’t wait!

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