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Unlikely Love

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Author’s Note: Thank you for reading my first attempt at writing erotic fiction, “Unlikely Love”. This is the first part of the story, so check back for updates. Also, please feel free to leave comments or suggestions; I would really appreciate them. Thank you.

Tonight was like any other Friday night;

paying off the bouncer to accept my fake idea and grant me access to the popular gay bar/strip club. Not that it was unusual.

Several guys that I knew that were no older than sophomores in college regularly attended the club to get hammered, hookup, or both. I usually went to watch the performers, being far too shy and insecure to accept a drunken offer to shag in the backseat of a random guy’s car.

There was a boy there that I always enjoyed watching, and I would often slip a $20 into his flamboyant underwear when he danced, as a way of showing my approval of his mastery of the stripper pole. His name was Rune, or at least that’s what he went by on stage.

At 5’5″ and scarcely 100lbs, Rune was the quintessential twink. His body flawless, his hair perfectly trimmed and styled at all times, and he always wore a light dusting of makeup to accent his girlish features. He looks to be no more than 18, and at this shady bar it wouldn’t surprise me if he was. I’d heard he does “house calls” after hours if you’ve got a fat enough pocketbook…or penis. I, being a high school senior out on my own, had neither.

So every Friday night I’d pay to get into the club, order the same cheap drink, watch the other patrons in various intoxicated states, and would wait until Rune came out to dance. I’d try my best not to drool over the gorgeous boy; when he was finished, I’d place my meager offering into his underwear while blushing madly. Then I’d leave. Same routine, every Friday night for months. However tonight I had a surprise waiting for me.

As I walk out to my car, I see someone through my peripherals exit the bar through the side entrance I had just passed. I continue walking, not worried about the shadow looming across the pavement behind me. I hang a left to walk down the alley short-cut I always take to my parking lot, and can hear the footsteps of the other person still following. Slightly worried, as I know I am always the first patron to leave each week, and with the parking lot in sight I quicken my pace. I’m nearly there when a searing pain smashes through my back and I tumble to the black top. As my world begins to fade to the soft black of unconsciousness, I am vaguely aware that someone is reaching under me for my wallet, unclasps my watch, then drops the aluminum baseball bat with which I had just been struck into the nearest dumpster. Finally the pain is simply too much, and I allow the darkness to take me.

Sometime in the future — whether it had been hours or days, minutes or months I could not say– I can finally make out a voice piercing through the darkness. The voice is definitely male, yet it’s light, soft, not heavy and gruff as is common among men. It sounds so sad, saying that it wants someone to wake up. Wake up? Am I asleep? Is it me?

With a tremendous amount of effort I crack my eyes, pushing off the embrace of sleep to find myself in a hospital. I try to sit up, but the small exertion is overwhelmingly painful and I cry out. A slight gasp from the window at the end of my room captures my attention and reminds me of the voice I heard pleading with someone to emerge from their comatose state. After several painful seconds I’m able to turn enough to see Rune at my side, looking very tired but sincerely happy.

“Rune…? What are you doing here? What…am I doing here?” I ask as I squint my eyes to adjust to the blinding light of the hospital room.

“You really don’t remember? You were attacked outside of the club. This weekend was my turn to leave early, so I saw the whole thing. I called an ambulance and the police as he was following you, but I didn’t step in because I didn’t think I’d have been able to do much else. I’m sorry… If it’s any consolation, the police caught the guy and you’re expected to make a full recovery.”

Rune’s eyes are dark and heavy-looking from an apparent lack of sleep. He looks so different from the boy I see each week on stage. No makeup, hair sticking up slightly in the back, and wearing a pair of jeans and a hoodie.

“You look really tired, is there something wrong?” I ask. Rune smiles softly.

“I’ve been waiting for you to wake up. The owners closed the club until the police are done snooping around (don’t need them finding out that most of the patrons and all of the performers aren’t even out of high school yet.)” He chuckles to himself.

“You’ve been out cold for nearly two full days. Since I was the one who saw you get attacked I at least thought I owed it to you to wait until you wake up. Would you like to use my phone to call your paren…”


I shout, entirely too forcefully considering we aren’t 3 feet from each other.

“I’ve got to get out of here. I can’t afford to have been on an IV for two days, I can barely pay my rent as it is. I…”

Rune softly shushes me, and urges me to lie back down.

“I’ve already paid the bill. Considering you’ve been giving me twenty dollars a week for months now, and you’ve never asked me to go home with you I felt like I needed to do this. I should probably be going. If you’d ever like to talk, feel free to call me…that is, unless you just like stuffing money down my crotch.” He winks coyly before handing me an index card with a telephone number. Then he calmly leaves the room. The effort to sit up and talk for several minutes have taken their toll, and I drift back into sleep.

Dressed in my tuxedo with the hot pink vest, I ride towards my date’s house. Once the limo has pulled into the gated drive and stopped at the door, the chauffeur opens the door opposite me to allow my date inside.

“Wow”, Rune says cheerily, “I’ve always loved limos. They’re big enough to have sex in without feeling cramped. After all, it is prom night.” He gives me a playful smirk, and I swallow nervously, as I watch my boyfriend sit down, wearing a matching tux with a pink vest (the color scheme being his idea). Never in my life did I imagine I’d end up going to prom with the only child of the wealthiest man in town. Yet here I am, riding to the senior prom with my boyfriend of several months. Before I know it, Rune’s crossed over to sit next to me, his hand plopping right onto my crotch.

“Just thought we’d get warmed up on the way for what’s coming afterwards.” He flashes me his mischievous smirk, knowing as well as I do he’s going to get laid after the dance, before sealing my lips with his own in a fiery, passionate kiss.

We make out in the back seat of the limo until we arrive at our destination. I tip the driver and let him know we’ll be leaving to return to his house at 10:30. Inside, are by far the most gorgeous prom decorations I’ve ever seen. Rune, having decided at the last minute to take charge of the prom planning committee (after deciding we’d be going together, or not at all) certainly had gone all out.

His theme is a Valentine’s Day on steroids. Red and pink roses are entwined through the archway in which the couples enter and have their pictures taken, as well as adorning most every other surface in the ballroom. The chandeliers in the ballroom have all been turned down to a faint, romantic dimness, and each of the tables are decorated with a large heart, supported on each side by a cupid (naked of course)

“Wow…” I look around shocked, at how…pink the grand ballroom at the Marriott had become. “You certainly went all out baby-doll.”

“Well why else would I have had us wear these flashy vests? They match the room. We’re so over the top we blend in!” He leans up to kiss me on the cheek for the camera.

As soon as the camera snaps our picture Rune’s dragging me out to the dance floor, where he and I remain for the rest of the evening. As soon as my boner dies down from his last session of grinding on me, he starts over, constantly teasing me, wanting me ready for our private after-party.

Finally, as much fun as we had dancing with each other (as well as being called down by the teachers present) 10:30 strikes and we make a mad rush to the limo, which is dutifully waiting for us. He’s on top of me, in my lap kissing and grinding the entire way back to his place. I throw a wad of money at the driver as he and I remain tangled together and exit the limo. The door slams behind us…

The sound of the nurse shutting the door to my room is what rouses me from my soon-to-be wet dream, and I curse under my breath.

The days go by, and my back finally heals enough for me to walk normally. I had indeed made a full recovery. I had also, unfortunately, used up the last days of my summer vacation. Rune had come to visit me every day for at least an hour, and we had become pretty good friends. He acts nothing like a spoiled rich kid, or a needy hooker. He’s…probably the nicest and most caring person I’ve ever met.

“Hey, sleepyhead. Wake up.”

Rune shakes me lightly to rouse me from my day dream.

“Did you hear what I just said?”

“Huh? What’d you say?” I ask, startled out of my thoughts.

“Mmmmhmmm, that’s what I thought. Already ignoring me.” Rune fakes a pouty face, and turns away from me.

“Aww Runey, I didn’t mean to. I was just thinking…about you actually.”

Rune doesn’t turn around, but I can feel him smiling.

“You know since the accident you’ve easily become my best friend.” I turn around so I’m sitting next to him, while once again facing the same direction as him. Our hands just inches from each other.

“And you’ve been great to me too. You never once asked me for my body at the club, and you didn’t start acting differently towards me when you found out who my father is. And I want to thank you for that…”

Before I realize he’s even done it, he’d kissed my cheek. Soft, sweet, quick, yet full of expression. My cheek burns hot on the place his lips had been only a second ago. I glance over to him, only to see him gazing at the ground. Nervously, I slide my hand over to his, and rests it on top.

For a moment I’m afraid he isn’t going to react, but then he twines his fingers in with mine. And he’s smiling. That smile which melts away all the problems in my world. I love that smile. And I think I love the person it belongs to. We sit there, on the school bleachers we’ve been talking on, holding hands and watching the golden sun sink down below the horizon.

So does this mean…I mean…will you….be my boyfriend…? The words are swimming in my mind, as I try to think of a way to ask Rune how he feels towards me without sounding super corny. I’m startled by the weight on my shoulder. I look down to see Rune, his head resting on the crook between my neck and shoulder, his soft hair falling in every direction. I reach my hand down to join hands with his, memorizing how smooth his skin is. It feels like polished porcelain, delicate yet beautiful. Fragile…

“Have you had your first kiss yet?” Rune’s beautiful eyes have turned up to meet mine, and the question nearly catches me off guard.

“No…” I croak out, no more than a whisper. My cheeks flush red at the realization that here I am, 18, and a virgin. Never had a boyfriend. And never been kissed either. The thought is disheartening.

“Aww, let’s have a smile, shall we?” Rune takes both of his index fingers and turns up the corners of my lips to force me to smile. The action is so cute I giggle in spite of myself.

“Now back to the matter at hand…”

Rune shoots me a playful smile.

“We can’t let you get all the way through high school without having your first kiss at least. Now out of the extreme charitableness of my heart, I volunteer to take your kissing virginity.”

And with that he gets up, plops himself in my lap, with his legs around my middle, and plants his lips on mine.

The feeling is better than I’d imagined…it’s so tender and intimate, like we’re together…

All too soon he breaks the kiss, and leans back on his heels.

“Sooo, what’d you think?” He grins widely as my face flushes deeply.

“Pretty fantastic. Rune would you…I understand if you don’t, but umm…would you like to come over to my apartment for a while? That is, if your parents don’t want you home right now.”

Rune rolls his eyes. “Oh please, ‘daddy-dearest’ couldn’t care less where I was. Plus he isn’t even in town. It’s rare for him to be home for an entire month at a time. But yeah, I’d love to see your place.” He kisses my cheek and I smile brightly, hugging him around the waist. We’re so close that my erection from kissing rubs up against him. Rune gives me a knowing smile.

“That excited from just kissing, huh? Imagine how hard it’d be with my lips wrapped around it.”

His fingers brush across the bulge for just a moment before he laces his fingers into mine. He stands on his tip-toes, and kisses me again. Only this kiss is different somehow…while the other one was soft, sweet, and innocent, this one pure, unbridled lust and sexual energy. The strain in my jeans only gets tighter as my dick is drawn like a magnet towards Rune and his crotch. But once again, Rune breaks the kiss sooner than I’d have liked.

“Come on hot stuff, let’s get back to your place.” He slips a hand into the back pocket of my jeans, lightly squeezing my butt cheek as we walk back to my car and drive off.

I fumble with my keys, trying to unlock my door. Rune is behind me, arms wrapped around me, with his head resting on my back. He’s just too cute sometimes. And then there are other times when he seems so sexy and lust driven. Right now I can’t decide which I prefer. Finally I’m able to open the door, and in my haste we tumble over each other. After righting ourselves, I let Rune look around…although there’s not much to see.

I live in a 450 square foot studio apartment. The living room, kitchen, and bedroom are all the same room. One set of sliding doors hides a closet, while another hides a small bathroom. The apartment is no larger in total than a standard living room, but it’s all I can afford, living on my own, working, and trying to finish high school.

After Rune takes a look around, he flops down onto the mattress of my couch bed, which I hadn’t bothered to hide away this morning.

“I like it.”, he says from across the room. His bright smile and warm tone lets me know he’s either sincere, or a fabulous actor.

His hand runs over a lump in the blankets, and all the blood drains from my face.

“Rune, no don’t touch tha…!”

Too late. He’s already pulled out my dildo that I’d been playing with last night before going to bed.

“Hmmm, so my sweet, innocent virgin isn’t so sweet and innocent after all, is he?” The look on his face is teasing, but laced with sensuality. Now I understand why I’d always heard guys think with their dicks, because right now it seems like my brain went into sleep mode, and my little head is making all the decisions.

“It’s okay”, he says reassuringly. “I’ve got probably a dozen different ones back home…of course, the smallest is a good 2” bigger than this. He winks at me, sticking out his tongue for good measure.

I just stand there, at a loss for words, and afraid to let my hormones run freely.

“So are you going to join me, or am I just going to have to make do with cuddling your dildo?” Rune asks, jogging my brain enough to go lie down next to him, taking the toy away from him and putting it in the nightstand.

“Mmm, this is much better.” Rune snuggles into my chest and wraps my arms around him. I hold him close, resting my head on his neck. Soon, we both drift off to sleep for an afternoon nap.

I don’t know how long I was asleep, but I’m definitely awake now. A warm wetness is surrounding my penis; the feeling is amazing. I open my eyes to see I’m naked from the waist down, and my boyfriend is on his knees at the foot of the bed, with my cock in his mouth. I let out a soft moan, as the scene before me is something straight out of one of my wet dreams…although there’s really nothing straight about it.


I call his name softly, relishing in the way his velvety lips wrap exquisitely around me.

He looks up, his eyes are bright and lively, and he smiles around my length before pulling off.

“Isn’t a blow job just the best wake-up call you could ever ask for?”

He asks while smiling sweetly as he leans up for a kiss.

My lips meet his, and I can faintly recognize the smell of my own musk on his lips.

“That was incredible babe…I just wish I’d been awake for more of it.”

“The sounds you were making in your sleep were adorable when I started sucking you off. I’ve always wanted to see how a virgin reacted to his first blow job. You’re a lot of fun to give head to. Plus you’re packing more than just the standard equipment.”

He grins up at me as he leans back against my chest, and reaches down to stroke my 7 inches. I’d always thought that I had an above-average dick, but I never really gave it much consideration before. Plus I assumed that if I did ever have sex, the other guy would automatically assume that I was a bottom, as I don’t like to be in control.

I bite my lower lip, and my attention snaps back to Rune as he traces the contours of my cock head lightly with a fingertip.

“Teasing you is just too much fun baby.”

He laughs as he wraps his full hand around the head and twists, enjoying the way I buck my hips and moan. “You just react sooo much.”

“It’s all…just so new…Runey…”

I look Rune deeply in the eyes, a hunger that I’ve never felt before demanding to be satisfied. I press my lips to Rune’s, bucking my hips into his fist in an attempt to appease my burning lust. Rune parts his lips, and I push my tongue through, determined to feel the warmth of his mouth in one way or another. His tongue swirls lusciously around mine as I begin to learn the ropes of kissing. But I need more. So much more. I need….

Rune breaks the kiss and starts attacking my neck with rough kisses and bites, leaving a trail of hickeys and bruises in his wake. I’m almost hypnotized by the way his hips swing and his ass shakes as he makes my body feel so good, so alive. That’s when it clicks.

“Rune I want to fuck you.”

I state very matter-of-factually.

“Mmmm that sounds like fun…”

He licks his lips, undoubtedly imaging my 7″ rod pounding him into the mattress.

“Don’t worry, I’m clean.” He informs me, as he works to rid himself of clothes. “You’re the only guy I’d let come near my hole without a condom, but I definitely wanna feel that thick cock of yours bareback.”

His words are like an aphrodisiac, and are no less potent, as a rush of blood seems to make my cock even harder…if that’s possible. Who cares? My boyfriend is butt naked in front of me, and that’s all I can think about.

Rune’s on his back, knees almost to the mattress behind his ears and the sight of him in such an open, vulnerable position sends a spark through me that I can only describe as primal. Lubed only with his spit, I tease Rune’s willing ass cheeks apart with my virgin dick.

Rune makes a muffled whimper, whether sensing my growing need to be dominant or if that’s the sound he makes when he’s horny and begging I don’t know.

I find my target, the delicate hole separating me from worlds of pleasure. Mindlessly I push forward, willing myself to sink past his sphincter muscles and into his warmth. The feeling is better than I’d ever imagined, and I continue pushing farther and farther into him.

Rune squirms beneath me, a blissful look showing me he’s enjoying it just as much as I am.


He begs softly, and I’m all too happy to let go of my last few mental reservations and plow the remaining five inches straight into him.

Rune lets out a high-pitched, girlish scream, letting me know I’m doing something right. His cock is drooling more precum than I’ve ever heard was possible. But it’s hard to think with my cock buried in his ass. I pull out, his hole constricting around me in an effort to draw me back in. The feeling is amazing, and I ram my whole cock in again, so I can experience his asshole massaging my cock again and again. Rune’s worked himself up into a frenzy, his body (and my sheets) covered in his sexual fluids. I can feel the end approaching…it just feels way too good to stop now. I push all the way in, and start banging him with short, rapid thrusts.

Rune’s eyes go wide and his moaning gets ten-times louder when I change positions to get a better angle.

“Fuck…babe, there! Oh fuck, harder…right there!”

His hand flies to his cock, jacking himself off so fast you’d think he’d been in chastity for a week. Within seconds his cock shoots stream after stream of cum onto him: the first hits his cheek/chin, the second his chest, and the rest coat his belly. The sight, as well as the feeling of his muscles clamping down around me send me into my orgasm, and I shoot a pretty impressive load inside of him.

Exhausted, I collapse next to him, and cuddle him close to my chest.

“That…was…amazing…” I tell him, breathlessly.

“Welcome to the world of sex, baby. You did great; I’d forgotten how great it felt to have my prostate touched…” He spoons the cum on his body onto a finger, looks at me with big, innocent eyes, and slowly and deliberately licks it clean. The sight is beyond sexy, and although I just emptied my balls, watching him do that starts a stirring in my loins. But I’m too tired to act on it.

“Would you like to spend the night here, sweet-cheeks? It’s getting late. That way we can ride to school together tomorrow.”

“Silly…” He boops my nose with the finger he’d just licked clean. Tomorrow is Saturday. No school.

“Then today’s Friday…you…you didn’t go to the club…?”

“I wanted to spend time with you. I’ve been thinking about quitting for a while now. I don’t need the money, I do it for attention since sitting for weeks alone in my house is boring. But I’ve got a boyfriend to entertain me now.” He starts tickling me, and I giggle and squirm, trying to get away. He straddles my waist, and continues his ticking barrage for several minutes until we’re both laughing so hard neither of us can breathe.

“I…I love you Rune…”

He stares deeply into my eyes, then his eyes fill with tears. He throws himself against my chest, and hugs me tight.

” I…I love you too. So much. ”

Both of our lives have been pretty much perfect. We go back and forth between each others’ houses to stay after school, sometimes going out to dinner or to see a movie on a Friday night. The club owner was pissed when Rune walked in 20 minutes late to his shift (after having missed the last one entirely), tossed the key at him and said “bye bitch”. I’d heard some pretty awful things about him anyway, not just from Rune.

So now I have a boyfriend. Me, this socially awkward wall flower is dating the cutest boy in school. Of course we behave while we’re in public…okay, that one time we fucked in the janitor’s closet at school doesn’t count, and lots of people screw around in the back of movie theaters. And then that one time he jacked me off under the table at the restaurant wasn’t really sex…so yeah, we behave in public.

So anyway I’m brushing my hair, having let it grow out a little longer for Rune who constantly teases that it looks like my hair is in the military, although I didn’t make the cut (him and his corny puns…).

I’d told him I’d be over at his place around 5:30, as I needed to grab enough stuff to last me the weekend staying over there, plus I had to pay my rent.

When I pull into the forever-long driveway of Rune’s opulent house, I see a car I’d never noticed in front of the house (which it’s an easy thing to miss a car in his driveway, as his father collects sports cars, and keeps seven or eight outside for display (his cheaper ones of course, the Corvette, the Porsche, the Maserati, etc… You know, the cheap stuff. *eye roll*)

When I unlock the front door with the key I’ve had for weeks now, I’m faced with the most heart-wrenching, and equally rage-inducing sight I could imagine. My precious Runey, tears streaming down his black and blue face, one eye almost swollen shut, with several open cuts on his arms, is lying on the floor in the fetal position, trying to protect himself from the large, burly man standing above him, beating him with a thick, leather belt, not caring if it’s the leather or the steel buckle that hits him, or where the blows land.

Whether it was a few seconds, or several hours I stood there frozen, watching this display I have no idea. Finally I’m able to yell.

“Stop!!! Leave him alone!”

I rush up to Rune’s father and push him away from him.

He turns to face me, his face red and contorted in anger.

“And who’re you? Another one of my faggot son’s fuck buddies? Is that it? Came over to get laid while I was gone, huh? You’re so disgusting boy…”

He brings his arm down again to strike Rune, and before I even realize I’ve stepped in front of him, the belt buckle smacks into the top of my head, and I see stars…

I sink to my knees in pain, as I dimly register Rune stirring to his feet and arguing with his dad. I’m so dazed the words they’re saying don’t make sense, but I feel Rune’s warm, soft hands helping me up and leading me out the door and to my car, his father bellowing from the front door. Rune helps me sit down in the passenger’s seat, straps himself in behind the wheel, and drives to my apartment.

“Rune…” I manage weakly.

He turns to look at me; he’s badly bruised, and looks emotionally dead.

“Rune, baby…what happened that made him do that to you…”

He looks so sad, and at first I think he’s not going to tell me.

“Evidently my alias wasn’t as good as I’d thought it was. While I might not attract celebrity caliber paparazzi, evidently the son of the wealthiest man on this side of the country still draws some attention. Apparently one of the guys who’d paid me to fuck with him while I worked at the club was a journalist for a tabloid magazine. His place was rigged and he caught the entire fuck session on camera. He wants $100,000 from my father or he’ll let the video go viral. I told him I didn’t care if it went on the Internet or not, and that’s when he started beating me: not because I’d been selling myself for attention, or that I didn’t care if there was a porno of me out…it was that I was ruining HIS name…”

He starts crying again, and it’s hard not for me to pull him into my arms and hold him, but the busy streets and the cramped car we’re in prevent me. So I wrap an arm around his shoulders until we get back to my place.

When we’re there I quickly let us both in, and guide Rune to lie down on the bed. I tuck him in gently, and go into the kitchen to heat up a pot of chicken broth to start dinner. Once the soup I’m making is left to simmer I grab a cool wash cloth and gently dab Rune’s battered face.

Rune smiles up at me, and I can see the love for me in his eyes, undiluted from the fear and pain he must be feeling.

“You’re so good to me. Everything I could ever want you’ve given me: affection, companionship, respect. I love you so much”

“I love you too Rune. You mean the world to me.”

I take his hand in both of mine, holding it gently. This beautiful angel deserves the very best life imaginable, not the terrible one fate dealt him. In that moment, my love for him grew to an even deeper level.

For some reason Rune starts giggling, and it rouses me from my thoughts.

“What’s so funny, babe?” I ask, slightly confused.

“Wellll…I think I smell your soup burning love”. He sticks his tongue out at me, while I go try and salvage what’s edible.

“You don’t need to make anything fancy sweetie, just a couple of sandwiches would be fine. I’m not picky.”

Knowing the soup is ruined, I slice some bacon, fry it with a couple of eggs, and mix up some pancake batter. Now we both need a bit of comfort food, and mine happens to be breakfast.

“How do you want your eggs cooked, Rune?”

“However you make yours. Just as long as they don’t end up like the soup”. His sass is one of my favorite qualities about him. He’s not afraid to say exactly what he thinks. I pile the food onto two plates, and carry them into the living room.

“Mmm it all looks great.”

Rune hugs me and kisses me sweetly, and it’s the most adorable thing in the world, getting to see a smile on his face.

“No problem. Anything for you babe”.

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