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Sweet Discipline

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She was to meet him at the city park on the east side of town, at 4:30. When he told her to be ready for anything, she just laughed. He was always saying crazy things to make her laugh; she never expected that this time he was deadly serious. She was to be dressed in his favourite outfit, the loose skirt and shirt he liked her to wear for his convenience.

Underneath she was allowed only the corset with stockings and garters, and was expected to have the Ben-Wa balls buried deep in her cunt… he informed her in no uncertain terms that he would be checking to verify her compliance.

At 4:25, she sat waiting on the park bench, wearing her loose cotton skirt and button down blouse… underneath she was laced into a black jacquard corset, her breasts lifted and enhanced by the snug fit… the black stockings reached her upper things and the garters ensured they stayed there. The outer vision was that of a demure young woman, sitting calmly on a park bench enjoying the afternoon… but the inner slut writhed with anticipation, feeling the balls in her cunt and growing damp with need.

When his teal SUV pulled up beside her, she heard her name being called through the lowered passenger window. “Get in,” he told her, sparing few words and even less time on pleasantries, “and make sure you sit right, girl.” He reached into the glove box and handed her a blindfold. He watched as she lifted her skirt around her waist, sitting so that her bare ass was resting on the cloth seats. Waiting until she had fastened on the blindfold, and checking to be sure she could not see, he pulled away from the curb and headed toward his destination.

He drove a few blocks, and then pulled into an empty parking lot. She felt him rummage around in the back for a minute or two, and then heard the door open. After only a moment, the door beside her opened and she felt him leaning over her. “What are we…” was as much as she got out before she felt the bit gag enter her mouth and the strap tighten around the back of her head. It was drawn back very snugly, so much so that she could not quite close her lips fully, and the moisture in her mouth was rapidly starting to accumulate. She knew it would not be long before she was drooling, and whimpered at the knowledge that she would be in full view of anyone who passed them on the road. He laughed, hearing her whimper through the gag… he knew full well how much she hated being seen drooling, that was one of the reasons he took so much pleasure from the sight.

Working quickly, he buckled cuffs around her wrists and ankles, pulling her arms along the sides of the seat and fastening the cuffs together behind… this forced her breasts even further forward, and he chuckled, thinking of the fun he planned to have with her on this trip. She strained briefly against the restraints, but it was immediately apparent there was no hope for escape. She wriggled when she felt him spreading her legs further apart, but soon knew she would not be allowed even this small dignity. The small spreader bar fastened to her ankle cuffs kept her feet apart, and the modified spring loaded spreader between her knees forced her legs open wide and exposed her cunt quite nicely. With a quick slap to her exposed lips, he shut the door and got back behind the wheel, driving off without the slightest regard for her muffled pleas.

The next time they stopped, he reached over and slipped two fingers deep inside her, not at all surprised by the excess of moisture pooling under her ass. She could feel him push and tug on the balls, but was heartily disappointed when he removed his hand without further exploration. She moaned as she listened to him suck noisily on his fingers, and heard him murmur about how sweet she tasted and how much he was looking forward to a more filling sample.

Each stop along the way was another grope, a twisted nipple, a flick on the clit, just enough to drive her desperate with need, but never quite enough to push her over the top. When the car finally pulled to a stop and he announced their arrival, she was panting and moaning, flushed with desire, her opened blouse damp with the drool running down her cheeks and onto her breasts, her cunt was dripping, and he was not sure the wet patch on the seat would dry out before morning. He was looking forward to the night…

She felt the vehicle come to a stop, and the engine stop. He exited the car, and she listened as he unloaded whatever he had brought in two trips. The door next to her opened again, and she sat limply as he removed the bars between her ankles and knees, and unfastened the cuffs behind her seat. Her legs were trembling so hard she could barely support herself, and his arm around her waist was a welcome aide as he helped her into the building still blindfolded. He pushed her back onto a sofa, telling her to rest while she could.

It seemed like only moments before he was back, though, dragging her up and across the room to stand in what felt like a corner. He fastened her wrist cuffs together again, then lifted her arms over her head and left her dangling from a large hook in the ceiling. She spread her feet, trying to catch her balance and moaned with pain as her shoulders took the brunt. He grabbed her ankles, fastening first one, than the other to hooks in the floor. With some small regret in his voice, he apologised for what he was about to do, then without further warning she felt her clothing being sliced free. In no time, at all she was left only in her corset, balancing crazily between hooks and fully exposed.

He stepped up behind her, running his hands up her thighs, over her hips and around to cup her breasts. Nipples twisting between his fingers, they grew hard and flushed, and more than ready for the clamps he fastened on them. She groaned with the bite of the first clamp, and nearly shrieked with the bite of the second, but his fingers playing over her clit soon had her melting against his hand and moaning with need. Even the weights he added barely diminished her pleas for fulfillment, so he admitted perhaps it was time he allowed her some small pleasure.

She heard the zipper, then the jeans dropping to the floor and being kicked aside. Once again, he stepped up behind her, rubbing his rigid cock along the curve of her ass and between her legs, he laughed as she tried to thrust back against him, teasing her with his cock and fueling the need they were both feeling by now.

He leaned in close, and murmured in her ear “What’s the matter little girl… won’t anybody play with you?” She whimpered, her need evident by the flood of moisture running down her legs. He nibbled at her neck, toying with her earlobes until she was close to tears, then he stepped around in front of her and said “Looks like there’s a leak here somewhere… I’d better check it out.” Tasting her neck at the pulse point, he ran his tongue down her body, pausing to torment her nipples around the clamps.

He continued down, his tongue fucking her belly button, mimicking the rhythm she so desperately ached to feel… then his mouth was on her, tracing around her lips, sucking each in and chewing on them gently… the tip of his tongue flicked repeatedly against her clit, each spasm bringing a small scream of delight. He slurped hungrily at her, driving his tongue deep inside her soaking cunt, then sucking her clit while he slid three fingers in easily and began finger fucking her. Her hips thrashed wildly, trying frantically to impale her pussy on his hand.

He stopped, listening to the broken sounds of distress coming from her as she bucked and squirmed, trying to get more of him. “Do you want more, little girl?” he asked, beginning a very slow, shallow stroking once more. Her head nodded frantically, and her hips rocked against him… he slipped a fourth finger in, filling and stretching her further… still stroking, slowly, but with increasing depth, he watched her for a moment before asking “Is that enough now, or do you need more still, baby girl?”

Her guttural cries and continued efforts to hump his hand attested to her desires, and so he worked his thumb inside, teasing her clit with his tongue and slowly increasing the depth and pressure of his stroking. He had never really expected to fist her, given the size of his hands and the tightness of her cunt, so it was a surprise to them both as his hand suddenly slipped deep into her cunt, her lips slipping along his wrist. Her orgasm hit just as suddenly, and he was held captive as the muscles spasmed around his wrist, the force of it amazed him as he felt wave after wave of pleasure wash over and through her, soaking his arm up to the shoulder. As she slowly stopped shuddering, he gently slid his hand free and released her from her bonds. He carried her to the bed, whispering soft words of encouragement as she came down. It was quite early yet, and he had plans for her still…

He removed the gag, and the blindfold, as she lay on the bed recovering from the massive orgasm that racked her body minutes ago. Her eyes fluttered open, and she looked at him with glazed eyes that still did not quite focus. He laughed at her incoherence, beginning a slow, methodical stroking along her skin. She sighed, and leaned in to his touch, purring like a well-pleased cat. He continued stroking her for a few minutes, watching her come back to her senses… the moment she began to fidget for more; he knew the time was ripe to continue with the evening he had planned.

Sitting up on the edge of the bed, he harshly ordered her to stand before him. She jumped up, coming to stand in front of him with her hands clasped behind her back and her legs spread shoulder width apart. He began to reprimand her, calling her attention to the unauthorised orgasm she had experienced only minutes before.

Mercilessly he reminded her that she was expected to ask permission before orgasm at any time, and that for cumming without permission she would be punished. Given the intensity of her orgasm, she was going to receive a stricter punishment than usual. Her eyes grew large and apprehensive at the thought, but she quietly murmured “Yes Sir” when he asked if she understood. He told her to go into the other room and fetch the black bag, then return to him and present herself properly to beg for correction.

She brought the bag and, after placing it beside him on the bed, knelt at his feet and said, “Please, Sir, your girl humbly begs correction so that she learns to obey and serve You properly.” After some moments of silence, he rose and slapped her face with his semi-erect cock. Seating himself again, he instructed her to assume the position over the bench in the opposite corner. As she climbed on to the spanking bench, he began to fasten the buckles around her wrists, forearms, ankles and calves then tightened the strap around her waist. The heavy leather collar fit snugly against her neck, and was quickly clasped onto the ring. Struggle as she might, there was no chance of her avoiding what was yet to come.

He turned the bench so that she could watch as he slowly laid out the contents of the bag. Her eyes were huge as she looked over the selection… the flogger, the leather paddle, the crop… the cane, the vicious little stinger with the tip like a scorpion. Her heart sank as she watched him walk over to his discarded jeans and begin removing the wide leather belt he always wore. He knew she had little tolerance for pain, so fortunately it took little actual punishment to make an effective impact on her behaviour. Being somewhat less than the hard-hearted monster he tried to make her believe he was at the moment, he decided he would warm her up gently so that the actual punishment did not cause too much emotional damage this evening… after all, he still planned to make use of her, and did not plan to include rape on his menu.

He began with the flogger, slow solid strokes ranging up and down from her shoulders to her ass and back again. He continued until she had a soft pink glow everywhere, and then applied more force to her ass. When he paused and ran his hand over her ass, there was a definite heat to the fiery pink cheeks. He walked back to the bed, replacing the flogger with the crop… he noticed her eyes were glinting slightly, but she was still far from tears. The crop flicked gently at her cunt, pressed tightly up against the bench. She tried to jump away from the bite, but of course, there was nowhere to go.

The next strike came against her exposed asshole, stinging the tender flesh and drawing a loud yelp from her. Blow after blow smacked across her ass, the stinging increasing with the force of the strikes. When he traded the crop for the paddle, he saw the sheen in her eyes was much more noticeable. Pausing before the first blow, he instructed her in the proper reception of a punishment spanking “You will ask for each strike, little girl, and thank me afterwards… when we reach 20, I will consider whether you are properly repentant.”

He positioned himself behind her, and told her to begin… “Please Sir may your girl have the first?” and he smiled as he swung and connected with her ass forcibly. She cried out in dismay, and then managed to continue properly “Thank you Sir” with only a slight waver in her voice. “Please Sir may your girl have the second?” and her other cheek was treated to the same forceful blow… this time her voice wavered more, but she thanked him properly.

She continued, asking for, receiving, and thanking him for each solid blow. Her tears flowed freely, and when she finally received the last blow, she cried and apologised for neglecting to ask his permission to cum. She was such a pitiful sight, eyes and nose as red as her ass as she begged his forgiveness, he couldn’t resist the opportunity to paddle her ass with his hand a few strokes, relishing the bright welcoming glow on her cheeks. Caressing her overheated ass, he slipped his hand down her crack to her pussy… and chuckled to find it more than a little wet. He was ready for her now, and she appeared to be ready for him as well.

He walked to the front of the bench, stopping just short of touching her face. He gazed down at her sternly, then his _expression softened and he told her “You did well, baby girl… I accept your apology and trust that in the future you will be more obedient and mindful of your rules.”

“Oh yes Sir” she assured him, her big, tear-drenched eyes staring up at him trustfully.

“Then here is your reward, little girl… a nice, sweet lollipop for you to enjoy” and he stepped forward, feeding his hard cock into her eager mouth. She suckled him hungrily, her lips tight around his shaft as she stroked him in and out of her mouth as best she could. Her tongue flickered over and around the head, teasing that sensitive spot on the underside until he felt his balls tighten. Curling his fist in her hair, he lifted her head just enough until her throat was straight and open… then he sank his cock deep in her mouth until his balls were bouncing against her chin.

Her eyes bulged and watered, but she managed not to gag too much around his cock. Pondering it, he decided he rather liked the sensation of her gagging around him, and proceeded to stroke more and more rapidly until he was fucking her face quite soundly. Every third or fourth stroke he would pull out to give her the chance to gasp for air, and then dive back in to the warm, wet depths. He continued until he could feel the need to explode, then just as suddenly as he would began, he stopped. He walked back to the bed as she hung limply over the bench, gasping, choking and drooling.

Picking up the stinger, he came back and pulled her breasts into position, one on each side of the bench. Flicking his wrist quickly, he snapped the nipples repeatedly, enjoying the hoarse screams with each hit. The harder they grew, the quicker he struck them, until her tears started again. He traded the stinger for the cane, and focused on her breasts again, leaving lovely red and purple stripes across them. As she whimpered and cried, he tossed the cane aside and stood behind her, cock rock hard and twitching with anticipation. He tested her cunt again; the silly slut was still dripping.

Smiling, he slid into her, feeling her tight walls close around him as he buried himself to the hilt. She groaned in delight as he speared her, and whimpered with need as he pulled out until only the head remained… then groaned again as he thrust himself hard within her. She could barely contain herself as each thrust forced her clit hard against the bench, the need built quickly and she was soon crying out with pleasure… but she knew better than to cum without asking.

“Sir, please may your girl cum for you?”

She begged him, but he refused, telling her “Not yet, cunt… hold it off” Her distress was massive, but she struggled to obey, trying frantically to force her thoughts in any direction but the feel of her engorged clit sliding against the bench with each throbbing stroke of the hard cock in her cunt. She felt him tense, and thought he would gift her with his hot sweet cum in her pussy… he pushed away from her though and told her the only way she’d get his cum was buried deep in her ass.

He bent over her, slipping his tongue over and against her still flaming hot ass, soaking the way with his saliva… his cock still dripping with her juices, he pressed his way into her tight ass, filling her and riding her hard, fast and deep.

She begged again, “Please Sir, may your girl cum for you” and as his strokes grew more frantic, he ordered her to climax.

“Cum now whore… cum for your Daddy!” Screaming, her orgasm flooded the bench just as his hot spunk blew deep into her ass… exhausted, he collapsed on top of her and together they lay panting over the bench, working up the strength to move.

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