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Sweet Day Dream

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The taste of Kourtney’s tongue tasted so good to Lauren. She stepped back slightly to look at the beauty standing in front of her. She smiled and then trailed kisses down Kourtney’s neck. The smell of her skin was intoxicating. Lauren licked all the way to her nipples.

Kourtney moaned in response and Lauren locked hold of her. Kourtney wiggled making Lauren more wet. She placed a finger on Kourtney’s clit. She wanted to taste her and this was her chance…

Lauren was jolted from her daydream by the bell ending the school day. She slowly walked out into the cold autumn air. She didn’t know why she was daydreaming about Kourtney. Yes, the girl was beautiful. Kourtney was 5’6″, chestnut hair, and sea green eyes. Both Kourtney and Lauren were 18 years old. So they had a few things in common. But, they hardly ever talked to each other. Kourtney was apart of the “in” crowd. So they were in two different worlds. Lauren pulled her hood over her ears. The walk to her house wasn’t too far from the school. Still it seemed like it took forever. Up the road Lauren saw her boyfriend’s car. She felt relived to see him. When she came up to the passenger’s side Cord unlocked the door. “Hello beautiful how are you doing?” He asked. Lauren looked at her boyfriend.

“I’m cold, what do you think?” Cord smiled and put the car into drive. He then grabbed Lauren’s hand like he always did in the car.

After momentary silence Cord said, “Lauren, I think we need to talk. I am going to be going out of town for a while. My grandma is in bad health and I need to get to Austin for a while. So I won’t be able to make it to prom. I am so sorry to do this to you.”

“I understand that you have to leave. I would do the same thing if I were in your situation. As for prom we can always go next year.”

He smiled at her and said, “I knew you would understand.” Cord pulled up in Lauren’s driveway.

“Thank you for the ride home. I have a lot of homework to do. But, I will give you a call later.” Lauren said. She leaned across and gave Cord a kiss and then got out of the car. She watched him leave and then walked inside. She knew her parents weren’t home yet so she went into her room and locked the door. She changed into shorts and a baby tee then sat on her bed. She picked up her book bag and found her assignments. But, she couldn’t concentrate. She found herself thinking about Kourtney. She shook her head hard.

Around six she heard her parent’s car pull up. So she put away her books and went into the living room. Mr. and Mrs. Allan walked in and smiled at their daughter. “How was your day LorLor? Mr. Allan asked. He knew full well Lauren hated that nickname since she started high school.

“Dad don’t call me that and it was fine. How was work?” She asked both of her parents.

“Long and tiring day. But, we managed to drop by the church to get a head start on Sunday’s service.” Mrs. Allan replied. Both of Lauren’s parents were in the ministry. They also owned their own store in the mall. It was a spiritual bookstore. So Lauren never told her parents about her feelings for Kourtney. She knew they wouldn’t understand.

After dinner that Lauren went back into her room to study for a test the next day. She was grateful that her parents didn’t pry too much about her day. She really didn’t feel like talking about it. Lauren opened up her history book. She started reading the chapters the test was over. But, concentrating wasn’t easy for her. Kourtney was on her mind. After an hour of fighting to study she gave up. She walked to her closet and got her jacket. Her parents were in the living room cuddled up on the couch. She told them she was going for a walk and wouldn’t be gone too long. Lauren knew exactly were to go.

She went to the park and down into the wooded area behind it. There were over a hundred trees covering the place. So it was very private. She loved coming here when she needed to think. It was peaceful and hardly anyone came there. So she knew she would be alone here. She walked by the creek that she used to play in when she was younger. She sat down and started throwing rocks in the water. Then something else caught her attention. Splashing sounds were coming from a distance.

“That’s strange I know not many people come here. It must be an animal playing.” Lauren thought. Curious she walked further into the wooded area. She couldn’t believe her eyes. It wasn’t an animal at all. She felt like someone was playing a joke on her. There in the water was Kourtney. She was skinny dipping. Lauren stepped back behind some bushes so Kourtney wouldn’t see her. She stared in awe of the gorgeous body in front of her.

Lauren watched Kourtney splash around in the cold water. Her nipples were very erect. Her breasts were nice and firm. Lauren thought they were at least a size C. She looked down at her own breasts and felt ashamed for only being a size B. She sat down and continued to watch the other woman enjoy the water against her body. Lauren felt herself get wet. Without thinking she slipped a hand into her sweat pants. She massaged the throbbing body part. Lauren slipped a finger and then two into her wet hole. She moaned under her breath not wanting Kourtney to hear her. She moved her fingers in and out slowly and then faster. She felt herself coming close to climax when she lost her footing. She heard a twig snap and watched Kourtney look around.

“Who is there?” Kourtney called out. Lauren didn’t want to answer. She felt so embarrassed and knew it would be all over the school the next day. “Who is there?” Kourtney called out again. This time Lauren walked out into the opening.

“It’s me Lauren from History class. I’m sorry I didn’t mean to disturb you.” Kourtney laughed and looked at her.

“Disturbing me? Why you did no such thing. I just wanted to enjoy the water that’s all.” Kourtney stood up more in the water. Lauren watched the water drip off her nipples. Then she turned her head away. She felt her cheeks begin to get hot. “Oh, don’t tell me that you’re embarrassed to see me nude. I don’t mind one bit.”

Lauren returned her gaze back to Kourtney. “Why don’t you join me the water is inviting?” Kourtney said. Lauren couldn’t believe her ears. “Isn’t the water too cold?” Lauren asked.

“This is Texas sweetie. It hardly gets too cold in autumn.” Kourtney replied. Lauren thought about it for a minute and then started undressing. She noticed that Kourtney was watching her. Lauren took off her panties and then got into the water. The water was slightly chilly to her at first. But, a few minutes it warmed up. They made small talk about school. About who was dating who. About Mr. Gates’ student sex scandel. Cord was even mentioned. “Lauren have you ever been with a woman?” Kourtney asked.

Lauren looked around and stayed silent for a minute. “No, I haven’t. Why do you ask?” Kourtney didn’t answer. Instead she moved closer to Lauren. She placed her hand on Lauren’s breasts.

“It’s just a question. I have to admit I’ve had a little crush on you all year. But, I didn’t know how to tell you. Also I think I’ve seen you check me out a couple of times. I also saw you stare at me in gym class today.”

Lauren looked down and stayed real silent. Kourtney smiled and then kissed Lauren. She felt herself kiss back as Kourtney’s tongue moved over her own. She moaned slightly and though that Kourtney tasted exactly like she did in her day dream. Kourtney trailed kisses down Lauren and then stopped at her nipples. Lauren moaned loudly feeling Kourtney’s warm mouth cover her nipples. She couldn’t believe this was happening. But, there was no way she was going to stop it. Kourtney grabbed Lauren’s hand and placed it on her pussy.

Instinct seemed to take over Lauren. She slipped a finger inside the other woman. Kourtney moaned and kissed Lauren again. She moved her fingers in and out of Kourtney. She made circle motions on Kourtney’s clit. She repeated this and used her other hand to finger fuck the hell out of Kourtney. She felt Kourtney’s muscles get tighter and knew she was about to climax. Lauren picked up the pace and soon she felt Kourtney quiver in sweet release.

“Are you sure you’ve never done this before?” Kourtney asked. Lauren smiled and nodded her head. “Now it’s my turn to please you.” Kourtney said. She placed a towel on the bank of the river and instructed Lauren to sit on it. Lauren did as she was told. Kourtney spread her legs apart and started licking Lauren’s slit. Lauren never felt anything like it. Hell she was still a virgin. Kourtney slowly licked the sweet nub with her tongue. The taste was sweet and Kourtney couldn’t get enough. Kourtney sucked on Lauren’s clit making the girl buck wildly. Lauren started fondling her own nipples. She placed a finger inside the tight hole and moved in and out fast while licking. She felt Lauren tense up and smiled. Two seconds later Lauren’s body quaked in a sweet orgasm. Kourtney kissed Lauren to quite her down.

They stared at each other for a while and then decided it was time to go. Lauren dressed and watched Kourtney do the same. Both girls walked back out into the open. Kourtney looked at Lauren and asked, “Would you like a ride home?” Asked Kourtney.

Lauren smiled and said. “That would be great. How about you stay the night? My parent’s won’t mind.”

“That sounds good to me. My parents think I am spending the night at a friend’s house anyway.” Kourtney replied. They walked to Kourtney’s car hand in hand. On the way to her house Lauren explained the situation about her parents. Kourtney said she understood. Both walked quietly into the house. Lauren’s parents were already in bed. They walked into her room and Lauren locked the door behind them. Lauren locked the door.

They undressed and got in Lauren’s bed. The girls giggled like new couples did. Lauren knew she had to tell Cord about this. It would hurt him but she knew that this was her way of life. She just hoped she didn’t loose him. “I didn’t know you were lesbian.” Lauren broke the silence. “I’m not I’m attracted men and women. But, you are the first woman I’ve been with. I hoped I did well.” Kourtney replied. Lauren told Kourtney that she herself was a virgin. Then she admitted her feelings for Kourtney. They made small talk and then before falling asleep in each other’s arms Lauren said, “Sweet dreams Kourt.” “Sweet day dreams Lauren.” Kourtney replied. The both started laughing and thinking about the fun they could have tomorrow then feel asleep.

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