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Unto Eternity

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There was a time when I could hold my head high. When I could face the world.. Everything changed in one second, and to this day I still have yet to comprehend everything that’s happened since that day. My mind a jumble of thoughts, my heart an enigma of emotions, I try like hell to figure out the situation and I can’t. I only know what it’s left behind of me in its wake. And that is with what I shall relate my story.

It was a Friday night, and I had decided to go out and get some drinks with a few friends of mine. One of them, Sheila, wanted to bring along her boyfriend’s buddy, Derek. I wondered why she wanted to bring a guy along on our Ladies’ Night Out, but I just shrugged and said sure, I didn’t mind. When we got to the club it was packed. I mean packed. It looked as though everyone in town had piled into the small building and were grinding on anyone they could find within a three inch perimeter. I gazed on in amazement as Sheila, Tiffany, and Theresa went to the bar as if this was normal. In the excitement of things I hadn’t noticed that Derek didn’t go with them until I heard him just behind me.

“It’s quite busy tonight, wouldn’t you say?”

His voice was pure silk.. I thought to myself. I hadn’t really taken the time to look at him closely since he’d met us at the club. As I turned around, though, I gazed in more amazement than I did at the enormous amount of people attending the place.

He was tall, at least a foot taller than I was standing at 5’3″. Dark, long, wavy hair pulled back into a ponytail at the nape of his neck. The lighting in the place was a bit dim, but I could make out the angles and planes of his features. Soft angles… almost feminine. Full lips, slightly curled at the corners, smirked at me. I realized I’d been staring and blushed slightly. His piercing blue – grey eyes seemed to peer into my secret thoughts as I tried to play off my embarrassment.

“Yes, it is indeed. Have you been here before?”

I noticed my voice seemed a bit husky… I couldn’t believe the thoughts running through my head.

“I’ve been here a few times,” he shrugged nonchalantly, “it’s never been this busy before, though. Have you?” Those eyes were bewitching me, I just knew it.

“No, I haven’t.” Just as I’d gotten the sentence out I noticed Tiffany motioning for us to join them at the bar. Sheila was smirking, laughing just barely, obviously thinking Derek and I had hit it off.

Sheila was married and had two children. Both were old enough to watch themselves by now, and her boyfriend had ditched her before they were born so when she got the chance to go out and have a little fun, she took it. I wouldn’t be surprised if she’d brought Derek along to set me up with. I’m the only single one in the bunch of us. Tiffany was married, and Theresa was engaged to her boyfriend of 3 years.

Sometimes it was a bit lonely for me, with them comparing notes about their men. Usually they toned it down about sexual matters, however… I was a virgin. At 24 years old I guess that’s surprising, but we got along just fine, my cherry and I.

The feel of Derek’s hand resting lightly on my back brought me from my reverie as I felt the warmth flowing from that slight touch to my skin. He guided me to the bar, and as we approached, I heard plenty of cat calls coming from Tiff and Terry (we called her Terry for short… she hated her full name.) Sheila had that all-knowing grin on her face and I blushed even more, knowing now that Derek was not the only one who’d noticed my staring. I’d never live this one down…

“Oh hush..” I said sarcastically, turning to order a drink before Derek stopped me.

“What do you want?” he asked.

Oh god… now he’s ordering my drinks… Tiff snickered. I heard a soft whisper, “someone’s losin’ her cherry tonight…” Apparently Derek hadn’t heard it, standing on the other side of me, and I wasn’t about to reiterate it. I gave Terry a hard stare, but she only laughed. I turned back to Derek.

“Um… iced tea would be nice…”

Everyone there but him knew I didn’t drink, but he took it in stride and didn’t ask why I ordered something non-alcoholic. I was thankful for his acceptance, usually people ask me why I don’t drink or try to bother me into it. I sipped my tea when it came as we talked amongst ourselves for a bit. Eventually Tiff and Terry went off to dance together, which left Sheila, Derek, and myself at the table we were sitting at. Sheila piped up to say she was off to dance as well when some twenty year old asked her to. Derek and I were alone yet again. I glanced awkwardly at him, not really knowing what to say. He practically carried the conversation for a while before I finally started getting more comfortable with him.

“So how’d you come about friendship with those three? You seem quite different.” He said.

I shrugged slightly. “We met in high school… I’d just moved here and they sort of ‘adopted’ me if you will. Since then we’ve been the best of friends despite the differences. Occasionally we’ll have a fight, but never a serious one. Usually something trivial one of us is just bitchy about in general. How long have you known Sheila? She’s been single for a while, but she told me you were one of her ex’s friends.”

He nodded, talking slightly louder to override the loud techno song that had started playing. “John introduced us back when they were together. I hadn’t seen Sheila since they broke up and decided to drop by about a month ago. Turned out we worked at the same company now, but in different areas. She and I have been updating each other on what’s happened since we last met since then. She told me about her friends, but she didn’t mention you until about a week ago. I think she’s trying to set us up.”

He laughed at this last, and I couldn’t help but laugh with him. After that we got along pretty well. We talked almost all night until he asked me if I wanted to dance. “I don’t really dance all that often…” My voice trailed off as I blushed slightly. He held out his hand and actually bowed in front of me! I couldn’t believe it, and I hoped no one saw… I laughed and took his hand just so he’d straighten up before anyone saw us like that. We went out to the dance floor and wow… he was graceful.

A slow song was playing at the time, and he pulled me close into the dance. Though we weren’t touching, I could feel the heat from his body, and smell the light musk of his cologne. It was a nice one, I’ll give him that much. I let the music lull me into his arms, feeling relaxed for once that night. As the song ended, we broke apart. His hands lingered a bit too long at my waist, and I wondered in the back of my head what he’d be like in bed… he seemed so gentle. I found out Tiff and Terry had left already, they had to go in to work the next day. So that left Sheila, Derek, and myself alone… yet again. He offered to take us home, and we readily accepted.

Hey, it was better than having to pay for a taxi cab. We all piled up in his car, a sleek looking convertible.. I wondered how much he made at the company as I got in the front seat. Sheila lay stretched out in the back… she was pretty tipsy. She almost fell asleep on the way to her house, but she made it home in one piece and probably went to bed as soon as she walked in the door.

“Would you like to see my place before you go home? It’s still pretty early considering neither of us have to work in the morning, and my house is on the way to yours.”

Derek looked at me, waiting for an answer before starting the car up again. I considered it for a moment before nodding slightly. “I don’t want to stay out too late, though,” I added.

He smiled gently. “Ok Cinderella. I’ll have you home before you melt, don’t worry.” He winked at me.

I laughed, feeling good. “She didn’t melt!” I said enthusiastically, sharing the joke.

“Oh… maybe that was the wicked witch then. You’re not going to crawl under my house and make me steal your shoes are you?” He looked so worried I almost choked on the mint I was eating laughing.

“No, I think you’re pretty safe. I’m the good witch,” I nodded sagely, adding to the shared joke. He laughed as he started up the car, you could barely hear the motor it was so smooth. As soon as he parked, it started to rain lightly. I looked up at the sky, laughing as it started pouring down bare seconds later. We made our way quickly to the door and he unlocked it, shaking his jacket off outside before hanging it up in the hallway. It was a nicely decorated place, I thought. Very masculine, but tasteful.

“Who did your decorating?” I asked.

He was on his way to the kitchen to get a drink as he called out, “I did, like it?”

I hung up my own jacket after shaking it off so it wouldn’t drip to the carpet as much and said as he returned with two cups of warm herbal tea. I was shocked he even had the stuff. I tested it with a small sip before drinking a bit of it. Nodding in appreciation of the decor’.

“This is pretty good, and yes, I love the antique look you’ve got going on. Are they replicas or the real thing?” Everything looked Elizabethan or Victorian, the two styles blending with some modern pieces to create a warm, home-like atmosphere.

“Some are replicas, others are real.” He shrugged it off as no big deal, but I was pretty impressed. The man had some taste.

“With this kind of style it makes me wonder why you go to a new age type club,” I said curiously. He laughed as he motioned for me to join him on the couch.

“Well, let’s just say I’m diverse in my tastes. A little of this, a little of that. Never hurts to explore the other side of things. And, of course, it’s good for meeting people.” I nodded as I sat next to him, about a foot of space between us. I noticed the view from the large, floor-length window in the living room.

“Wow.. you have an incredible view… looks like you can almost see the whole city from here!” I exclaimed enthusiastically, standing to walk to the window, glancing around. He got up with me, coming to stand half beside and half behind me. I noticed he’d sat down his tea. I’d completely forgotten mine, it seemed, in the excitement of the wonderful view. I live in a small city. Somewhat of a metro area, but not too crowded. With the exception of that club, it seemed as though not many people lived here, but looking out of his window and seeing what seemed to be hundreds of glowing lights against the darkness of the night sky, the ambiance of the sight fairly took my breath away.

The scene was set against the grey of the mountains, a fine sheen of overlaying fog set into the landscape. The country/city blend was utterly beautiful. I hadn’t noticed it before now. I felt more than saw him move to stand behind me as I stood rooted to the spot by the view before me. I hadn’t known he lived this high up as we’d driven here. The roads were very nicely sloped on the mountain, apparently. Then again, I’d been chatting it up with him and occasionally peering at the way his hands looked so graceful as he steered the car, feeling strange for even noticing, and thankful that he hadn’t noticed my noticing…

Suddenly I felt a warmth at my waist. I tried to turn to see what he was doing, though it was fairly obvious as I felt his hands slip just under the hem of my shirt. Desire spread through me as well as fear, having never experienced much of this petting stuff before. Hell, I hadn’t even been kissed save for two or three times through high school.

He held me firmly, pressing me back into his chest and stroking my arms gently, not allowing me to turn. I relaxed against him, liking the warmth against me though I felt awkward.

“You know you’re very pretty, Valerie.” I heard him say against my ear. I blushed and pulled softly from his grasp in my embarrassment. I really don’t know how to take compliments sometimes.. I grabbed up the empty cup from my tea and carried it into the kitchen, not realizing that he didn’t follow me, and went to grab my coat.

“Would you mind taking me home? It is getting a little late…” My voice trailed off as I realized he wasn’t even in the room. What the hell..?! I wondered… I hoped I hadn’t offended him too much pulling away from him like that, though knowing I must have seemed like a frigid bitch for doing it without even a decent explanation for my actions as I peered around the corner of the hallway, seeing a door slightly ajar at the end of it.

I walked down the hall and pushed open the door, knocking first. Hearing no answer I walked into the room slightly past the doorway, and seeing nothing but the closet door and what appeared to be a bathroom door, I figured he must be in the bathroom and started to walk out.

Suddenly I felt his hands on my waist again, before I was flung to the bed nearby. I let out a yelp and tried to get up, wondering what the hell was going on before I heard the decidedly final shutting of the door, and the lock slipping into place. I looked at him, wide eyed in the dimly lit room. He walked towards me.

“What the hell are you doing, Derek?”

He smiled in response, reaching me and bending down to jerk me up sharply by the cuff of my jacket at my neck. I batted his hands away with my own before receiving a soft slap to my face. Not hard enough to leave a mark, but the sound brought him my undivided attention.

“You’re such a pretty thing, Valerie… pretending to be so cold, but I’ll bet inside you’re just dying for a man to shove his prick in that sweet little pussy of yours, aren’t you?”

I looked at him in utter shock, feeling as though I were seeing this monster for the first time in my life. Gone was the supposedly camaraderie I’d felt earlier as I was jerked up to my feet once more. He kept a tight hold on the back of my neck as he peeled away my jacket. I was too shocked to move.

“Wh… no.. please don’t do this Derek what is WRONG with you?!!?” I screamed at him, finally coming to my senses as I received another slap to the face.

“Be a nice little girl and hush, Valerie. You’ll only make it worse,” he chastised me. Oh, god… I thought.. he’s not going to… As I felt his hands run up my waist, I shivered, realizing he WAS going to. I tried to jerk away from him when I felt the material of my shirt tearing, until I felt a cold presence on the silken skin of my chest, and looked down to see a very sharp, very deadly looking dagger. This guy took his “Old Age” theme way too seriously I thought, freezing in place to avoid being cut, though trying to cover myself as best I could. He would have none of it, speaking in a low pitched murmur, kissing the outer shell of my ear.

“Be still, sweeting, or you may just end up decorating my carpet nicely.” I shivered, both from the warmth of his breath against my neck, and the image his words produced. I looked at him, small tears forming to well up in my eyes as I realized I was going to be raped. I felt like a small child, unknowing what to do but stand there, as he cut away my shirt and the button to my pants with that dagger of his. He tossed the dagger away, and I saw my chance as I kicked out towards his groin.

“Tsk, tsk..” he said lightly as he grabbed my foot before it could make contact, sliding his hand quickly up to my thigh and grabbing my other leg in his other hand before upturning me to land on my back on the bed. I let out a sharp gasp as I hit the softness of the mattress, the impact did not phase me; the suddenness of the movement did. He pushed me up on the bed slightly, one knee coming to rest between my thighs as he bent over me.

I froze in fear, exposed. I hadn’t worn a bra that night, and the pale perfection of my small breasts peaked at the nipple from the rush of air that hit them. I looked away sharply as a tear streamed down my face, but he grasped my jaw and chin with the same elegant hand I’d been admiring as he drove, and softly pulled my face to his gaze.

“Such lovely tears you have for me, darling…” He said it with such reverence I felt as though I were a painting, placed before him for his amazement and viewing pleasure. In a way I was almost flattered. For the most part I was frightened out of my wits as his hand gently caressed my jawline, his thumb brushing my lower lip. His other hand ran down the length of my neck, stopping to twirl a heavy ebony curl around his finger as that hand traversed my flesh, his fingertips barely brushing against my collarbone. He was so gentle, still. I wondered if I even felt like resisting anymore as he lowered his head to lightly brush his lips over mine. My own trembled under the barest of kisses that was placed upon them, and before I could respond I felt his hands lift from my skin, only to feel the sharp sting of pain on my cheek as he slapped me once again.

Another tear slipped from the emerald green of my eyes as I once again struggled against him.

“Lie STILL!” He said firmly, not yelling, but obviously in command. I jumped at the sound of his assumed authority, trembling against him, my eyes wide and focused on his lovely face, so ugly now. My fists clenched as he moved down my body to unzip my pants and pull them down, my entire body tightly strung, my nerves on end, my mind whirling around in my head as though a tornado of fear and astonishment were barrading and assaulting my senses. I felt a sharp, but shortly lived, pain on my hips, and realized he had ripped my underwear from me.

I opened my eyes wide, realizing I was quite naked as he slipped my strappy sandals from my feet. I whimpered softly.

“Please… please don’t do this… I didn’t mean to offend you pulling away like that, please…” My voice was soft, tremulous: afraid.

He grinned, showing his perfectly straight white teeth within the soft curves of his full, but firm, lips. He did not answer me as I felt his fingertips glide up the insides of my thighs, I shivered with fear, though he stopped just short of the apex between my thighs and my eyes were tightly closed as I felt the bed shift with his weight.

I kept my eyes tightly closed, preparing for the worst, yet as nothing happened, I slowly opened them to the sound of a zipper, finding that when I did look at him, he was fully undressed, and slipping out of his pants. I had seen the male anatomy before in porns and on pop ups from web sites I had visited before… but nothing like this. THIS was quite large, at least 8 1/2 inches in length and thick. Evenly coloured and rock hard, he appeared the model of Adonis himself as the revealed musculature and angles of his body were unabashedly flaunting themselves in the peaks and planes of the dimly lit room, casting wicked shadows across his face and form.

He stepped toward me, and I cringed, quickly scampering to my knees and attempting to gain freedom. I was stopped as he simply jerked me by the ankle, his strength far superior to my own. I felt a sharp slap hit my rear end, another, and another… He was spanking me! I cried out at the stinging of his heavy hand, and when it finally stopped, I felt the bed shift with his weight once more. I was laying on my stomach as I felt his lips at the base of my spine. I shivered, the feeling shocking my senses through the fear, though still struggling to free myself from his grasp as he flipped me harshly over to my back. I lay, each muscle stretched taut with apprehension as I awaited his final assault when I felt him settle between my thighs.

I knew this would hurt, and as I prepared myself, I was shocked once more by the light touch of his warm breath hitting my neck, the brush of his lips over my pulse. How could he be so gentle while raping me? I wondered. As I pondered this, he slowly ran his hand over my stomach, ribs, and between my breasts to rest his hand at my throat. He did not exert any pressure, but I knew he would if I tried to struggle again. His fingertips fluttered over my pulse points, over my collar bone, as his other hand came to caress my cheek with the lightest of touches, running his fingers through my hair to bring my mouth to his. He took my lower lip into his mouth, drawing upon it gently, nipping, and finally pressing his mouth to my own, entreating entrance I dared not refuse as his hand still rested upon my throat,

As I parted my lips, his tongue entered my mouth lightly, almost hesitantly. It swirled around my own as his mouth played havoc with the nerves within my mouth.

As I began to slowly relax with his gentleness, his hands traversed my body. He broke the kiss to brush his lips over the top of my breasts. I felt his hands caress my thighs as he drew my nipple into his mouth. The feeling was indescribable… I had never been naked in front of a man before, let alone have one suckling on me. The excitement of the tingles I felt in my nerve endings paired with the astonishment I felt at the fact I was ENJOYING my rape… and the soft touches of his mouth and hands upon my skin… thrilled me to no end. It was nothing as I had imagined before.

I knew it would feel good, sex, but I had no clue how.. .passionate it could be. I slowly began to relax more into the soft mattress, again starting at the feel of his fingers brushing the short curls at my opening. I jumped slightly, and felt his hand firmly press upon my diaphragm to still my motions as his mouth released my nipple, meeting my gaze with his piercing blue – grey eyes, keeping them trained on my face as he kissed down my torso, finally closing them slowly as he reached my hip.

I jerked slightly. That was waaaaaaaaaaaay too personal of a place to… oh… my… god… His tongue touched my labia lightly before he parted them with his fingers. I trembled. I felt the first touches of his tongue upon my clitoris, and cried out in embarrassment and a feeling I still to this day can not describe. That wicked little creature darted over my most sensitive flesh, and I felt myself growing wet for him. In shame I hid my face with my hands, quickly dropping them to the sheets once more as I felt desire run through me at a quickening, rampant pace. My fists clenched in the sheets as I felt myself peak, not reaching an orgasm before he gentled his mouth on me, letting me drop back down too slowly for comfort.

I bit my lip to keep from moaning, but a small, soft noise escaped. He slid his fingers over me, rubbing me in slow circular motions as he kissed back up my torso, finally reaching my lips and entreating entrance once more. I kissed him back this time. Tasting my own slightly musky taste on his lips, I shyly licked them, thinking to myself my god.. I’m being turned on by a rapist.

Then I stopped to wonder if this truly was rape … remembering my half hearted attempts to escape, the light slaps upon my face, his gentle touch… I kissed him back eagerly, shyly. He placed my hands upon his face, urging me to touch him. My hands trembled as they skimmed over his shoulders and down his arms before I realized my hips were moving against his fingertips. I blushed in shame, feeling my own wetness. He smirked gently against the kiss, sucking in a sharp breath as my hand tremulously brushed over his stomach.

He took my hand, placing it on his member, wrapping my fingers around him, and guided me in stroking him up, then back down. I continued the motion after he let go of my hand to softly caress my breasts and torso, bringing the index finger of his other hand up from my sex to my lips, rubbing my taste over my lower lip, silently commanding me to open my mouth. I parted my lips slowly, hesitantly. He placed his finger between my lips, and into my mouth to rest upon my tongue.

“Taste yourself … suck on it, as you’ll suck on me.” I gasped in surprise at his statement as he moved to sit upon my chest lightly. I could feel the tip of him against my chin as I very lightly sucked on his finger. He soon withdrew his finger, and I closed my eyes tightly again at the thought of putting my mouth on him….. just before I felt his fingertip brush over my lower lip again, encouraging me to open my mouth. I did, knowing I would be slapped again, or worse, if I did not. I felt him slide slowly into my mouth, not pressing too far, and his fingertip hooked under my chin to push my mouth closed.

I knew what he wanted, he did not have to tell me. I still balked at the thought of sucking on him, but he was already in my mouth and there was not much I could do about it now. I drew upon him, hesitantly at first, and he noted my hesitation, pushing himself further into my mouth in response to it. I nearly gagged, but drew upon him harder as he thrust lightly into my mouth a few times. He did this for a few more moments, finally withdrawing himself to slide back down my body, testing my readiness with his fingertips before placing the head of his cock at the entrance to my body.

I whimpered softly, fearful. He slowly, slowly slid into me, and I watched his facial expression as he did. I cringed at the feeling of being stretched, trying to pull away from the slightly pain, but he held my hips in place firmly as he shoved forward, and in that single thrust, broke through my cherry and seated himself to the hilt within the slick folds of my sex. I cried out at the intrusion, at the rending of my flesh within, and struggled wildly, uncaring of the consequences. Tears slid freely down my face as I cried out against his mouth when he kissed me firmly, slowly sliding himself out of me. I cringed at the tearing sensation as he pulled back out.

He slid in just as slowly, pausing to allow me to get used to the feeling of being stretched like that, of having his cock inside of me. He held my arms pinned over my head as he began a slow, deep rhythm. I looked at him wide eyed as desire spread from my sex to the rest of my body with each stroke, the pleasure a shock after the pain. I saw his face contort slightly, as though he were holding back… realizing that he was, and that after such a beginning to our actions he would spare me pain now… I balked at the realization and unconsciously lifted my hips against his.

He met my gaze steadily, and quickened his pace. My inner muscles clamped tightly around him, clenching and releasing at every inch of his cock as he began to slam me, still pinning my arms. I moaned softly as he hit a spot within me, I moaned loudly as he hit it again. I cried out as he continued to hit it, not knowing what it was, only knowing the fierce pleasure ripping through me as I neared a climax.

“Please… please…” I gasped, unknowing whether I begged him to stop, or begged him to continue. He drove into me unrelentlessly, his lower stomach grinding into my clit with every stroke. I groaned at the feeling as he switched tempo, slowing just as I hit my peak, speeding up just after I had fallen back down. He took me beyond the heights of any climax I’d ever experienced before in my young, masturbatory naivety. He started ramming into me, the bed shaking with each movement, and I screamed loudly as I hit orgasm, my muscles spasming around him as I bathed him with the wetness coming from my body. I heard the “slap slap” of his hips against mine, his groans, felt the sweat dripping from him onto my chest, the explosions within my own nerves, and amazingly, climaxed again before I’d even had the chance to finish the first.

I cried out over and over again, clasping him tightly to me as he released my arms to cradle my face, the soft motion belying the driving force of his thrusts, and the loud groan accompanying his own climax, as he lightly brushed his lips over mine. tears began to stream down my face once more, this time from the overwhelming passion I felt as I returned the kiss. He buried his face in the crook of my neck as his body released it’s last wave of desire into my own, and held me tightly to him. I wondered if this had truly been rape for the thousandth time as I felt the sharp piercing of the flesh at my throat, and the gentle sucking motion accompanying it. I yelped slightly, but he gentled me with his hands, murmuring against the wound he’d created.

“You are mine, now, sweeting… unto eternity…”


The girl piqued my interest. For hundreds of years I’d sought one such as herself. One so focused on her own insecurities, yet passionate at heart. Her being a virgin was of no consequence, though it came as somewhat of a surprise to me. I knew she would eventually enjoy our encounter, and tasting her blood was as sweet as the new dawn…. Just recently I had begun to go outside, into the light. Living hundreds of years in the dark does strange things to a person, I must say.

When I finally gathered the energy I required from Shiela to sustain myself, I attempted the sunlight. It was beautiful… and it hurt like hell. Yet I survived, and that was a miracle in and of itself. I switched my work hours to the daytime, enjoying each moment of that blessed, blessed sun. Valerie, from what I had heard from Shiela, was quite a young woman, though very inexperienced as far as men were concerned. I knew she would give in easily enough, and so she did as I held her tightly, my own climax dying down slowly – ever…so slowly… I shifted within her and heard her moan softly.

“Derek..” I heard her murmur, and looked up from my comfortable place within the crook of her neck. I kissed her lips lightly once more, basking in the aftermath of our lovemaking. I tasted small droplets of her blood still on my lips, and leaned down to lick her wounds, closing them easily. She was pale. Very pale….

I felt weak inside. I knew what he’d done. I didn’t have the strength to ask why, or how, or WHAT he truly was. Honestly I did not need to know by now. I watched as he scraped his teeth over his own wrist, placing the morsel of flesh above my mouth. I felt dimly the droplets of his life’s blood hitting my lips, unconsciously licking the wetness away. It was metallic, but sweet. I knew if I did not do this I would die… I knew if I did I would live a life of constant pleasure in the haven of his arms.

I became his that day, my will no longer my own, though even if it were I would have chosen the same fate. As I drank from him, I wondered what this life would be like from now on. I felt weary, no longer weak, but very sleepy.

“Sleep, angel. Sleep…” I whispered in her ear, closing the wounds upon my wrist with the flick of my tongue against them. I stroked her hair softly from her face as she rested, knowing that as her body died she would weaken, and as her soul came to life she would love me. She would be mine. She already was.

When I awoke it was to the fading light of the afternoon, the sunset sending rays of purple, grey, and pink hues across his naked form beside me. I noticed the sun’s light very lightly pricked my skin, feeling somewhat uncomfortable. I figured it would take some time to get used to it again as I looked at his face, the features reposed in sleep.

His hair had come free from the ponytail at the name of his neck and the dark colour of it spread lightly over the pillow, strands falling into his face. I brushed them aside lightly, finding a new passion within me for this man. Gone were the feelings of uncertainty toward his motives… I knew what he wished. I saw his dreams, and knew they were of me.

Never since have I felt such a strong emotion flitter through my veins, only when I look at him so softly sleeping by my side.

That was the day of my creation, the day I died, and the day he breathed the life back into me with a tender kiss. I am his, he is my keeper, my creator, my love. He is simply my existence. I am most certainly his love… unto eternity.

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