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Sweet Cheeks?!

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Pelle, or as I called him, “Baby face”, looked so lovely now. He was eighteen, a year younger than me, but his looks made me think otherwise sometimes. So sweet but such a slut for being fucked by me. Those innocent blue eyes that made me quiver. That head full of sexy sleek dirty blonde hair I loved to run my fingers through. I couldn’t keep my eyes off of his slightly thin and 5′ 7″ body.

The day was spent lolling around and playing on the PS2. Occasionally we would find ourselves entwined in each other, our lips softly pressing against each other’s forming perfect kisses that we had both longed for.

Tonight would’ve been spent like any other Saturday night lying drained in bed together in each others’ arms and cuddling…yes…cuddling. The week had a way of squeezing every drop of energy out of the both of us, like always, leaving the both of us just wanting rest with each other around.

“Hey Jason where’s my shirt?” Pelle said as he walked into the bathroom in his tight fitting black jeans.

“I dounno.” I said looking at him from the mirror. I Rinsed off my toothbrush and stuck it back into the storage cup. I examined myself. 5′ 8″ messy face framing bits of black hair stuck up everywhere. My brown eyes tired and pouty lips still wet with toothpaste foam.

Yep, I still needed to put some clothes on. I stood there with nothing on but my maroon boxers.

“I could have sworn I had put it somewhere on the counter.” He said walking past me, his arm gently brushing against my back. He must’ve been cold, the chill from his creamy soft skin make the hairs on my arms stand on end.

“Ah ha!” He said as he picked up a gray shirt from the floor. “You dropped it on purpose!”

“I didn’t!” I smiled at him. I then took off out of the bathroom in a slow run. “Last one on the bed is a fish face!”

“Very fifth grade sweet cheeks!” He said following after.

“Sweet cheeks?!” I said plopping down on the full size bed.

“Well you can’t ignore that nice ass of yours when it’s the only thing being ever so disguised in those boxers of yours.”

He smiled and I smiled back. “Shut up Baby face!”

We both laughed for a while but it was not long until I was in his strong arms and his lips were pressed against mine forming a deep and wonderful kiss that really caused me to fall back onto the bed taking him down with me. There we were, basically forgetting everything around us. Him shirtless and me without pants or a shirt on. It was perfect!

I could feel my cock begin to harden as our tongues wrestled and his cold hands left a trail of goose bumps down my sides. I wrapped my arms around him as if I were to pull him as close to me as possible. We had indeed sparked a fire.

He lifted himself up and began to unzip his pants. As he pulled them down, his underwear had slipped down too revealing his nice 7-inch hard cock. I got off the bed and slipped down to the floor immediately taking grasp of it and teasing his head with my tongue. A soft deep moan escaped his lips a few seconds later signing that he wanted more. So I took him in little by little, each agonizing second passed until his smooth pink balls were against my chin. I then started to bob up and down enjoying his sweet cock. His hand rested on my head and I looked up to see his beautiful blue eyes looking right into mine. His romantic moans prompted me to go a little faster. God, how I was longing for his sweet cum! I sucked until I could see that his balls were tightening. I stroked him and before I knew it his sweet warm cream had spurted onto my chin and into my mouth. I swallowed it without hesitation and stood back up. He licked the remaining cum off of my chin and kissed me again.

“I really liked that.” He said gazing at me.

“Me too!” I smiled.

I took a step back and removed my boxers. My 8-inch thick cock sprang up to attention.

“I want your sweet cheeks now!” I said grinning at him.

He smiled gleefully and went to the nightstand. He opened the drawer and pulled out a small bottle of lube. I excitedly took it from his hands and squeezed some on my fingers. I went around him and took hold of him, gently applying the lube to his sweet puckered hole. I gently poked one finger inside and he let out an excited moan I took it out and inserted 2 this time. He bent forward and he rested his elbows on the bed. I then squeezed some more lube on my hand and applied it to my now throbbing cock making sure it was slick. I put it to his now ready hole and entered. I found myself passing one sphincter muscle and another until he was moaning nonstop.

“Please fuck my ass!” he said.

I did so. Slowly and gently, I thrusted my cock in and out of his ass. I took hold of his hips and pumped a little faster, his body pushing back to meet with every deep entrance. I enjoyed it myself too. His ass was so tight is had a great grip on my cock and I wanted to just blow my load into it. His soft cheeks slapped against me and his moans were louder.

“You going to come soon?!” I said feeling myself on the verge.

“Y…Yes!” was all he could get out. I noticed that he was stroking his own cock hard now with his eyes closed and mouth making the perfect “O” shape. I began to thrust as hard as I could when suddenly I felt my cock twitch a little. I could feel my hot sticky cum just explode into his ass.

“Oh! Oh fuck that feels so GOOOOOOOOOOD!” He began to moan out and I saw some more of his cum spurt up into his belly and onto the bed.

I took out my cock and he stood back up. He was trembling and I took hold of him. A big load of cum was oozing from his navel down to his trimmed pubes. He swiped some off and stuck it into his mouth. Slowly he removed his finger.

I bent back down and liked him as clean as I could. It tasted so good.

He smiled back at me as I lifted myself up and our lips met once again. I felt his arms and they were warm now.

“That really made me feel warm inside!” He quietly laughed.

He turned around and climbed into bed. I saw that some of my cum was trying to escape out of his pink hole. Quickly, I nuzzled between his ass cheeks and lapped up as much cum as I could.

“Oh god Jason!” He moaned.

I got back up and blushed. I went and turned off the lamp and climbed into bed next to him. Our warm naked bodies entwined in each other’s arms and…yes…cuddling.

Eventually, nodding off to sleep.

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