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It wasn’t auspicious for a relationship; he wasn’t quite…right.

Not that there was anything wrong with him per se, because there wasn’t. We had met online through one of those dating apps; he was sweet and funny and intelligent. Normally he would have been perfect, but I needed something…more.

I enjoyed the relationship, but it was nearing six months and I knew he was getting impatient to take things to the next level. He never said it, but I could tell, and I just wasn’t feeling it.


It was supposed to be a break-up dinner actually. The plan was to have a light meal and let him down gently, but I had a meeting to run late and had to cancel. When he suggested we meet at my place—he’d cook and we would have a quiet evening in—I didn’t have the heart to say no. He was enthusiastic about it, and the promise of not having to cook or order out was too much of a temptation. So while I finished up some paper work he stopped by for my key and, with a quick peck in the cheek, was off to get started.

I sighed. I would just have to do it tomorrow instead.

The drive to my house seemed longer than usual that evening. My house sits just outside of city limits, in a more rural part of the county. Normally I enjoyed the drive, just me and my thoughts while I decompressed, but I felt a twinge of guilt as I pulled into the drive and saw his truck sitting there. Tomorrow, I told myself. I would tell him tomorrow, but tonight I was going to enjoy a meal I didn’t cook and an evening of good company.

The house smelled heavenly when I opened the door, roasted meat and spices with a tang of citrus, causing my stomach to rumble.

“Smells delicious!” I called, kicking off my heels at the door and dropping my keys in the bowl on the stand. “I’m going to shower if I have time.”

“Be done in about twenty.” I heard his voice from the kitchen before he leaned around the doorframe, a strange expression on his face. His typically relaxed, open features seemed a little strained, his smile a little tight.

He knows, I thought with an inward grimace. He knows I was going to break things off with him today, and he’s upset. Ughh. I hated making people upset.

“Are you alright?” I had to ask, to see how he was taking this. I didn’t want to hurt him, but if things weren’t working… well, it was better this way. He didn’t answer, just arched his eyebrow at me and pointed a sauce-coated spoon down the hallway as a silent gesture to get going.

The shower was lovely, the heat soothing. It took a little longer to get my hair dry than usual, but eventually I emerged, wrapped in my fluffy bathrobe since I had left my evening clothes in my bedroom.

He startled me as I left the bathroom. For some reason I hadn’t expected him to be there, I thought he’d still be in the kitchen and his sudden appearance caused me to jump slightly. He seemed a little tense, imposing. His expression made me uneasy. He looked almost predatory.

“Oh! Just give me a minute and I will be dressed. Is dinner ready then?”

He didn’t respond, just watched me with a slight smirk. My pulse picked up as I tried to reason through his strange behavior. Perhaps it was the bathrobe—I needed to get dressed ASAP—so I edged forward toward my bedroom. The door I saw was slightly open. I frowned at it as I padded forward. I was sure I closed it when I left that morning. I always did.

A few more steps and I pushed the door completely open, stepping inside. Everything looked fine, except…The bottom drawer of the nightstand was open.

I felt a stab of panic. Oh no. That’s where I kept…things. Personal things. Personal things I didn’t want people to see… especially the boyfriend I was on the verge of dumping.

My intent was to turn around and ask if he had been in my bedroom—what kind of person snoops through someone’s home while they’re gone?—but just as I registered the thought to do so, I felt him behind me. So close I could smell the faint lingering scent of aftershave.

I stiffened, wary. Waiting. He was making me nervous, even more so since his discovery of my secret. I wasn’t sure what he was going to do—confront me? Call me a freak or threaten to expose me to my family, friends, colleagues?

But he just leaned down until his breath was in my ear and whispered, “You have three minutes for find a way out of this house. Find it and I will walk away without a word. If I catch you…you’re mine.”

I shivered involuntarily, feeling the color drain from my face. Not only had he found out, he’d set a trap. For a second I stayed frozen, a whir of emotions and thoughts as his words settled.

One exit. Three minutes. His if I failed. Tingling flush spreading through my body, turning my face pink and causing a faint dampness in my nether regions.

Oh god. I was not getting aroused by this.

I was sure he wouldn’t actually hurt me if I refused. I could deny his terms, tell him I didn’t want to play along. I wasn’t sure what the options would be from there—would he leave? Would we sit down to dinner and pretend nothing happened?

Would I want that?

These thoughts collided in the space of seconds. He continued to watch me, waiting on me to reach my decision. I could refuse or I could accept his terms…knowing what the outcome would be if I were caught.

My decision must have shown on my face, because he smiled wickedly at me.

I did the only thing I could do at that point.

He was taller than me and stronger, so I knew I couldn’t outrun him for long. I would have to be quick. I had to find the exit. I didn’t care that I was in a bathrobe or that it was still daylight outside. I didn’t have close neighbors so that didn’t matter; all I could focus on was finding a way out.

Down the short hall, a quick turn into the kitchen (ignoring the rumbling of my stomach), where the door was locked. I cursed softly, back-peddling to the living room. I could hear him behind me, causing my adrenaline to spike his footsteps came gradually closer. I panicked, my hands fumbling with the knob of the front door, fighting to get it open.

Footsteps, much closer. Slow, measured, even. He wasn’t in a hurry, confident that I wouldn’t find the door he’d left unlocked.

I turned, watching him exiting the hall. He was closing in; I would have to hurry if I wanted to get past him to the rest of the house. I should have started there, I thought. How much time did I have left? I knew I had wasted time on the door, trying to force it open.

Maybe if I could draw him further into the room…I could duck past him and make it to the back.

With this in mind I edged toward the sofa, eyes locked on his as he moved slowly toward me.

Judging the distance between him and the hall as sufficient, I made my move, darting forward suddenly. All my attention was focused on reaching the hallway. If I could make it there, I could get to the back of the house…there had to be an escape.

I was so focused on my escape I didn’t hear him behind me. An arm snaked around my waist, pulling me backward in a single swift motion. I squealed, struggling futilely while he tangled his other hand in my hair, pulling my head to the side.

“Time’s up, little girl.” His breath was in my ear, making me shiver. “You are mine now.”

My heart lodged itself in my throat. I was suddenly full of panic, struggling against his hold, afraid of this side of him that I had never witnessed before. Normally he was so mellow and easy going. This was unlike him, and it frightened me.


As hard as my logical mind tried to deny it, I couldn’t ignore the pulses of pleasure spiking through me. Was it the game that was so arousing to me, or the sudden change in his demeanor? Could it be both?

He kept his grip firm, dragging me down the hall and into my bedroom. I stopped fighting his hold, which wasn’t showing any signs of easing. There wasn’t really a point anyway; he was stronger than I was, his hold unyielding. I shivered, feeling his breath on the sensitive skin below my ear as he nuzzled my neck, feathering kisses down to my shoulder and up again.

“Mm. Such a bad girl. I’ve read all those naughty things you fantasize about, I know you are soaking wet. What’s to stop me from bending you over and taking you now?”

“Please…” I was afraid of him doing just that, despite my arousal. I decided I didn’t have a choice, I had to tell him my secret.

“Please? Please what, little slut?”

“Please don’t…I can’t…please.”

Suddenly I felt his teeth on my skin, nibbling and biting, causing my legs to become watery and my pulse to quicken.

“You can’t? Seems like you want to. You do want to, don’t you?”

I did, desperately. His shift in attitude had sparked my submissiveness, making me wet and aroused. But I was also nervous and anxious. I had to say something.

“Please…I’m…I’m a virgin.” I waited, my breath held.

His mouth stopped abruptly, his arm flexing convulsively. I could tell he wasn’t expecting that; his body tensed as he processed the new information. I could almost feel him thinking, weighing the options. He could let me go, pretend this never happened, and resume our mundane courtship. He could walk away. Or he could continue.

Without warning he released me, roughly pulling my robe off and throwing it somewhere behind him. Before I had the chance to try to cover myself he bent me over, face-first onto the bed. I tried pushing away but he grabbed my arms, twisting them behind my back and forcing my face back down. Struggling was useless, my wrists were securely clamped in one of his hands. Twisting away merely made my arms ache with strain; within a few minutes I had exhausted my avenues of escape and resigned myself to whatever he had planned.

“Comfortable?” His voice sounded amused now, his free hand running across my hip. I relaxed. If he was amused, he wasn’t likely to hurt me. At least, I didn’t think he was.

“You ran from me, little girl.” He still sounded amused, but with a definite edge again. “Bad little girls get spanked.”

His words had barely registered when I felt the first swat. I squealed, a faint stinging seeping into my flesh. I squirmed again, trying to escape, but he refused to let go. Holding me tightly he continued, alternating cheeks while I gasped and cried.

Eventually the spanking ceased. His hand roved soothingly across my hot skin while I struggled to catch my breath. It was far more intense than I had imagined it would be.

“Enjoy that, little girl?” He still sounds amused, but I know better than to feel relaxed now. I shook my head, hiccupping slightly, catching my breath. He chuckled, his free hand sliding down to cup my mound. It was swollen and hot; his fingers lightly probed between the folds, feeling the wetness there.

“Liar,” he whispered.

Releasing my arms he took a step back, rummaging in the bottom drawer of my nightstand. I remained where I was, flushed and embarrassed and incredibly aroused. I thought about standing to ease the ache in my arms but he hadn’t told me to, and I didn’t want another spanking. Or worse. And at this point, I wasn’t certain what he would do.


He was close behind me again, leaving me no option but to climb onto the bed. The coolness of the sheets felt heavenly against my flaming backside as I sat. With an imperious gesture he motioned for me to lie back; I complied, smiling softly as he fastened a leather cuff around my wrist. Gently he pulled my arm upward, attaching it to the metal headboard. I sighed, feeling my apprehension melt away. Bound this way felt natural. Like I was where I was meant to be.

Perhaps it was.

He noticed my calm, grinning at me as he ran his fingertips across my skin. Down my arms, spreading out to caress my chest, my sides; down my stomach, over my thighs. Soft currents of sensation traveled throughout my body at each caress, counterpoint to the stinging heat. Barely touching, his fingers skimmed across my body.

Finally his fingers found my core, sliding between the slick folds. I moaned and arched against him, seeking more; he continued with light, feathery strokes, but avoiding my most sensitive and attention-seeking nub of flesh. I arched, growing ever-wetter and more swollen, hips shifting, trying to maneuver his teasing touch to where I needed it most.

Ever-so-lightly his finger tip stroked across my clit, causing me to gasp. Pleasure shot through me. His teasing had left me exquisitely sensitive, each touch sending shocks of sensation through my nervous system.

He grinned wickedly before dipping his head down to place a light kiss where his fingertip was a moment before. Sharp pleasure ripped through me, causing me to thrust upward and gasp. Chuckling he began kissing my nether region slowly, tongue sliding between the folds, occasionally flicking over my engorged clit. I moaned and fidget. His fingers spread me open while he licked and suckled, pressing his tongue into my opening. I groaned loudly as he moved back up to my clit, working a finger inside me. My muscles tensed and I knew I was close to cumming but you raised up before I reached the precipice.

“Don’t you dare cum,” he growled. He wedged a second finger inside, stretching me, curling against my g spot and making me whimper in desperation. “If you cum without permission I will have to spank your needy little clit, girl.”

My soaking, throbbing pussy spasmed at his words. It was sinfully erotic, tapping into one of my deepest fantasies.

“You like that, hm? What a filthy girl you are, little slut.”

I moaned in response.

Once again he dipped his head to my clit, wrapping his lips around it, his tongue dancing across the sensitive flesh. I squealed, hips thrusting toward him as his fingers working my g spot. I begged and pleaded, frantic with need.

Thrusting his fingers rapidly he lifted his head long enough to give me the command. My body tensed, muscles convulsing while I shuddered, his mouth once again ravishing my sex, drawing out my release.

For several long minutes I was aware only of the aftershocks of my orgasm. Eventually the haze began to fade and I became cognizant of his movement, realizing he was removing his shirt and jeans. I watched as he climbed astride me, felt the heat of his skin against mine as he straddled across my hips. His cock was warm and hard, resting against the plushness of my abdomen and I glanced at it and away again, feeling bashful. He laughed at my shyness.

His hands were soft and soothing as they slid over my skin, caressing and teasing. Gripping my hips he raised me up, running his cock up and down my sopping slit.

“Look at me.” His voice was soft, but firm. My eyes opened, locking with his; there was heat in his gaze that made me tremble. “I want to memorize your face as I possess you for the first time.”

Heart pounding, my eyes widened as he gently placed the tip against my opening, pressing forward slightly. I stiffened and he paused, waiting for me to relax again. I couldn’t help but to tense as he gradually sank into me, a faint burning as he stretched me causing me to wince. He was patient, waiting until my expression eased before pressing further inward.

Finally he halted, his hip against my thighs, completely embedded. My eyes fluttered closed as I registered the feeling of the head of his cock pressing against my cervix. I felt impossibly full, exquisitely aware of each pulse and twitch as he waited for my body to adjust.

Leaning forward, his hands slid across the skin of my stomach and upward while his lips captured mine in a passionate kiss. My breath caught as he rocked gently, sliding out slightly before sinking back in, gradually moving faster as he trailed nibbles down my throat and across my chest. I was lost in the feeling of him above me, caressing and kissing and thrusting; the sensations colliding and swirling, consuming me.

His pace increased, slowly at first, accelerating until he was driving into me. Again and again and again, his hands on my thighs, his mouth fluttering kisses across my neck and shoulder. I could feel him moving inside me hard and fast, feel his lips on my skin, hear his breath in my ear.

My muscles tensed. I was close again, breathing harshly as he continued thrusting. His hands slid down my hips and under me, gripping my ass and lifting me upward; I arched upward, suddenly convulsing as my second orgasm swept over me. With another hard thrust he buried himself deeply, the head of his cock hard against my cervix.

“Mine,” he growled, his cock swelling and twitching as he erupted inside me.

For a long moment we simply laid there, heartbeats and breathing settling gradually, his hands absentmindedly tracing designs on my skin. After a few minutes he unsnapped my cuffs, pulling me in a loose embrace. I sighed softly, feeling sleepy and content, but not quite able to cover the rumblings of my stomach.

I felt his chuckle more than I heard it. “Is that a hint?”

“You are the one who cooked all that delicious-smelling food earlier.” And besides, it had been a long time since lunch. I was justifiably starving.

“Well, let’s feed you little girl.” He stood, tossing my robe to the bed before rummaging for his jeans. “You’ll need your strength for the things I have planned for you.”

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