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We were standing in line to register at the hotel when we first saw them. Six young men in Army Class A uniform lined up behind us. Being a veteran myself, I couldn’t help but look at their uniforms. What I saw impressed me. The Sergeant, 2 Corporals, and 3 Privates First Class all nodded at me as I looked them over one by one. Each had obviously seen combat duty, as they each wore various medals, awards, and decorations that can only be awarded in combat.

My wife, Lisa, is also a veteran, and she also spent several minutes checking out the 6 soldiers as we waited out turn in line. Being a little more outgoing than I am, she quickly struck up a conversation with the Corporal standing directly behind us.

They had indeed just returned from the Middle East, and were all on their way home for a well-deserved 30-day leave. While they did know each other, they weren’t what one would call friends. Pure coincidence had landed them at the same airport, where they had been told their next flight had been cancelled due to mechanical problems. After some discussion, they decided to come into town and get hotel rooms, doubling up and sharing expenses, and wait for the airline to call them.

As our turn in line came up, we wished them good luck, welcomed them home, and bid them all good bye.

We got to our room and unpacked our luggage. Lisa immediately headed for the shower while I made a small pot of coffee. Once the hotel-provided coffeemaker was gurgling away, I undressed and joined my wife in the shower.

As I climbed into the rear of the shower, she stood facing me under the showerhead, her eyes closed tightly as she rinsed the shampoo from her hair. I watched the shampoo suds flow down the length of her body, streaming over her breasts and down her tummy to be momentarily trapped in the tangled, soft, brown tuft that covered her pubic mound. I cleared my throat softly to let her know I had joined her, then reached out to gently cup her left breast.

She smiled slightly as she finished rinsing the shampoo from her hair, then opened her eyes. “Even after 17 years you still just have to see me naked and in the shower, don’t you?” She teased.

“You bet,” I replied. “And the more often the better.”

She giggled and nudged her way past me to the back of the shower, where she picked up a razor. I ducked under the showerhead as she bent away from me to apply shaving gel to her legs. I couldn’t take my eyes off her still tight ass as she slowly moved the razor upward over her calf, but I didn’t reach out to touch her: Not with a razor in her hand.

By the time I had soaped up, shampooed, and rinsed off, she had finished shaving, and was waiting for me to move so she could rinse off. I moved to the back of the shower and she again nudged her way past me. I held her long enough for a quick kiss before I stepped out of the shower to dry off.

I had finished drying off and dressing by the time she emerged from the bathroom, naked, still toweling her hair. As she approached me with a smile on her face, I couldn’t help but notice that she had trimmed her pubic hair into the shape of a heart.

“Well, what do you think?” She asked with a broad grin.

“I love it!” I chuckled.

“Well, I like to surprise you every now and then…”

“If you’re lucky, maybe you can surprise someone else this weekend,” I suggested.

Grabbing her hair drier and heading back toward the bathroom, she turned to look at me over her shoulder. “We’ll just have to see what happens, won’t we?” I couldn’t help but smile as she wiggled her ass at me as she stepped into the bathroom once again.

Lisa and I have been married for 17 years, and we’ve been in the Lifestyle for about 10 of those years. While we do like to play with other couples, her main interest is still in playing with several men at once. She has long fantasized about being the center of attention for 5-7 men. So far it has basically remained a fantasy, as finding suitable candidates for such an adventure is more difficult than one would expect. And even if you do find 5-7 suitable men, getting that many people together at the same place, at the same time is even more difficult.

Lisa emerged from the bathroom looking ravishing as usual, her make-up applied tastefully, and her hair neatly combed back from her face. I sat in a chair to the side of the room, and we discussed dinner plans as I watched her dress. She started with a black lace bra and panty set, with satin panels that covered her breasts and pubic area. She laid them out at the foot of the bed, then pulled a black lace garterbelt and sheer black stockings from her bag. I sat in silence as she first put on the garterbelt, then the stockings. She pulled the panties up over her shapely hips, the put on her bra.

She smiled at me sweetly as she noticed that I was watching her dress, then turned to the closet. Taking a blue and white floral print sundress from the closet, she pulled it over her head and pulled the hem down over her hips. The dress was slit up to the hip on both sides, giving the casual observer a great view of her legs with each step she took.

Stepping out of the elevator and walking through the lobby toward the restaurant, I saw several men look at my wife appreciatively. I couldn’t help but be filled with pride as several sets of eyes wandered over her body as we made our way into the restaurant. Once seated at our table, I told her that several men had been watching her. She just smiled and gave me a wink as she picked up her menu.

Once finished with dinner, Lisa excused herself to the ladies room as I paid our check. As I stood there waiting my turn, I noticed the Corporal and the Sergeant we had spoken with earlier making their way toward the counter to pay their bill as well.

“Man, it sure is nice to have real food again,” the Corporal was saying as they stepped up next to me.

“I imagine you guys will never be able to look another MRE in the face again,” I added.

“No kidding!” Chuckled the Sergeant. “My system is going to revolt against me until I get used to being back in the real world. Now all I need is to get settled in at my new unit and find a girlfriend.”

“Girlfriends are nice, I guess, but they can be such a pain,” Lisa said as she stepped up next to me. “Young men like you need to sample around and not settle on any one girl for a few more years.” I laughed and rolled my eyes at the Corporal as Lisa smiled at both of them. “So, what plans do you have for your first night of freedom in over a year?”

“We were thinking about just having a drink or two in the lounge, then hitting the rack,” replied the Corporal. “I know I’m still tired from all of the air travel, debriefings, and paperwork we’ve done in the last few days. I’d like to just relax and do nothing for a while.”

“Same here,” added the Sergeant.

“Well, we were thinking about having a drink or two ourselves,” Lisa said. I wondered when we had thought about that, finally getting the idea that Lisa had more than just a drink or two with these two soldiers on her mind. “Would you like to join us? We’re buying the first round.”

The two men exchanged looks, and then the Sergeant answered for them both. “Sure, that sounds like fun.”

We paid our dinner checks, then Lisa took each soldier by the arm, walking between them, and half led them toward the lounge with me following from behind. She put a little extra swing in her hips and looked back at me over her shoulder as we made our way to the lounge.

We found a booth in a quiet corner of the lounge. Lisa scooted into the booth and the soldiers both tried to scoot in beside her from the right side. Grabbing a chair from a nearby empty table, I told them, “Just put her in the middle. I’ll sit here.

They looked at me as I pulled the chair up to the end of the table and sat down. The Sergeant got up and moved around me and sat down to the left of my wife. She smiled at me with approval as we all settled in.

“First things first,” I said after the cocktail waitress had taken our orders. “My name’s Matthew, and this is Lisa.”

They introduced themselves as Tom, the Corporal, and Jeremy, the Sergeant. We all shook hands applied the usual, “Pleased to meet you,” comments.

Jeremy was the taller of the two, standing at least 6′ 2″ tall to Tom’s 5’9″. Both had close-cropped blonde hair, but Jeremy’s eyes were a vivid blue, versus Tom’s more gray eyes. Both were clean-shaven, but it appeared that Tom had just recently shaved off a rather out of regulation mustache. Both men were very obviously in shape, but you could see a sense of weariness in both of them. They had obviously been through a lot in the last couple of days.

The cocktail waitress delivered our drinks, and we settled into the booth, making small talk. As we chatted, I noticed that Lisa was paying particular attention to Jeremy, and that she had scooted just a bit closer to him than she had to Tom.

We discovered they were all on their way to an army post about 200 miles from our home town, and that the airline foul-up had been a mixed blessing. While the entire group had been tired of traveling, none of them were particularly eager to sleep in a barracks when they could have a night of relative luxury in a hotel room instead.

Jeremy told us that while he wasn’t officially in charge of any of the others, he had more or less gently taken charge of them. He figured his experience in the army would help the whole group get settled for the night, then make it back to the airport when the airline finally had a flight for them.

“Where are the other guys?” Lisa asked, almost as if she had just been reminded that they were missing.

“They went to get a pizza,” Tom answered. “They’re going to join us here pretty soon. They should be here any minute.”

“We’ll have to remember to leave room for everyone,” Lisa smiled at me.

The lounge was rather quiet for a Friday night. Five or six other couples occupied tables scattered throughout the lounge, and several men, and a couple of women sat at the bar, some of them watching a baseball game on the bar’s television, while others chatted.

“Too bad there’s not a band tonight,” Lisa said. “I’d like to do a little dancing.”

The guys looked at each other as I said, “We have a radio in the room. We can dance a bit later up there if you want.”

“I know the kind of dancing you want me to do,” she smiled. “I mean the kind of dancing I can do in public.”

Tom almost choked on his drink as he laughed outloud. Jeremy seemed to blush just perceptibly as he got her joke. An awkward silence settled over the table as we each digested Lisa’s comment. At that moment, the other four troops appeared from the lobby, and stepped into the lounge, looking for Tom & Jeremy.

Jeremy stood up and waved to them. One of the PFCs saw him and signaled for the other guys to follow him. They gathered around the booth and Jeremy made the proper introductions. The other Corporal was named Barry. He introduced the privates as Joe, Eric, and Mike. Lisa smiled at each one as she shook their hands. Tom and Jeremy scooted into the booth further to give them enough room to sit down.

The cocktail waitress arrived as Barry and Eric slid into the booth next to Jeremy, while Mike and Joe slid into the booth next to Tom. With drinks ordered, Lisa smiled at me even broader than before as her hips were forced into contact with both Jeremy and Tom. She was already enjoying the close quarters, and the newcomers hadn’t even gotten their drinks yet.

Two or three separate, quiet conversations started once everyone was seated. As we chatted, repeating a lot of the small talk we had gotten out of the way previously for the benefit of the newcomers, drinks were delivered. With everyone settled into the booth, I kept an eye on Lisa as I chatted with Joe and Mike. I noticed Lisa’s left hand left the tabletop several times as she chatted with Jeremy. She would momentarily place her hand on his knee as she made an especially emphatic point. At first he looked over at me when he felt her hand, but as I didn’t seem to mind, he soon stopped looking my way.

Eric noticed my wife’s hand and nudged Barry. He looked briefly, then looked up at me. I was still in conversation with Joe and Mike, but I could see them out of the corner of my eye. Barry shrugged his shoulders and leaned closer to Eric. I couldn’t hear what was said, but I imagine it was something along the line of I hadn’t seen what my wife was doing.

During a lull in my conversation with Joe and Mike, Lisa turned to them and repeated her statement that she wished there were a band so she could dance. I didn’t remind her about the radio this time. As she smiled brightly at Joe and Mike, I noticed her hand resting on Jeremy’s thigh, ostensibly to aid in her turning to talk to Mike and Joe. Jeremy looked uncomfortable for just a few seconds, but when I didn’t react at all, he relaxed visibly. Lisa leaned in close to Tom as she spoke to Joe and Mike, pressing her breasts into his right arm. While he didn’t react visibly, I knew he couldn’t help but feel her.

Finishing his only drink, Eric suddenly stood up an announced that he was sorry to have to end the party so soon, but he was very tired, and was going to head for his room. Lisa looked very disappointed as Joe and Mike decided to call it a night early and head upstairs themselves. As the three of them stood up, Lisa shook each hand and wished them a good night. Her left hand never left Jeremy’s thigh.

“Well, that leaves just the five of us,” she commented to no one in particular. “That’s ok, we can still have a good time without them.”

“What did you have in mind, Sweety?” I asked innocently.

“Well, I was thinking about that radio. I really would like to dance.”

The guys looked at each other, then at me for guidance. I just shrugged my shoulders. Jeremy started to say something, then stopped himself. Finally throwing caution to the wind, he spoke.

“Ok, just what’s going on here?”

Lisa removed her hand from his thigh. “Is something wrong?”

“Ever since we sat down, you’ve been hinting that you’d like to get us up to your room. What’s going on?”

Lisa motioned for Jeremy to lower his voice, and we all leaned in toward the center of the table at her direction. “What’s going on here, Sergeant, is I’m trying to get into your pants.” Lisa stated flatly.

Jeremy blushed visibly as he looked up at me. I just returned his stare and nodded.

“We swing,” Lisa explained, “and I love fucking several men at the same time. That’s what’s going on, here. I want to fuck. The question is, do you?”

Barry chuckled into his glass as he took a sip of his drink.

“You too, Corporal,” my wife added. She turned to Tom and said, “All of you. Including the three who just left.”

Jeremy held his gaze on me as if waiting for me to say something. I decided to let him off the hook. “She’s serious. She’s not a tease. She’s never been quite this direct, but she’s a big girl who knows what she wants. It’s your choice.”

He looked back to Lisa and his eyes traveled over her body. “Well?” She asked, placing her hand back on his thigh, her other hand traveling over to Tom’s thigh as Jeremy watched. She then reached over to palm his crotch at the same time her left hand slid over to Jeremy’s.

Jeremy looked back over to me and I smiled. He suddenly chuckled and said, “Your room or mine?”

The tension finally cleared, we all laughed. “Let’s go to ours. We have two king-sized beds.” She suggested.

I stood up as they slid out of the booth. Leaving the tip for the cocktail waitress on the table, we headed out of the lounge, across the lobby, and into the elevator. As I pressed the button for our floor, I asked Tom what floor the other three guys were on. He told me and I pushed that button as well. A soon as the doors closed, Lisa snuggled closer to Jeremy. She wrapped her arm around him and motioned for Tom to come to her other side. As the elevator began moving upward, Lisa leaned over and kissed Tom deeply, her had traveling down to his ass and squeezing it gently.

By the time we reached the floor the other three guys were staying on, Lisa was kissing Jeremy as both he and Tom held and massaged my wife’s breasts through her dress. Being the odd man out, Barry volunteered to go get the other three soldiers. I told him our room number and that he might want to tell them to hurry up. “From the look of things, she’ll be naked before our room door is completely closed.”

Lisa moaned into Jeremy’s mouth as the elevator door closed. I looked back over to the threesome and discovered that Tom had found the slit in Lisa’s dress and was taking full advantage of it. His hands roamed freely under her dress, gently squeezing and massaging her buttocks through her black lace panties. They suddenly stopped and straightened themselves out as the elevator stopped on our floor and the door opened.

We practically ran to our room. Lisa was breathing heavily, and not from the quick walk to our door, as I unlocked the door. We stepped into our room with Lisa leading Tom and Jeremy by the hand. She reached the foot of one of the beds and stopped. Turning to face Tom, she resumed kissing him as Jeremy found the zipper to her dress.

Tom’s hands kept busy by unclasping Lisa’s bra as Jeremy guided her dress down her legs to the floor. As my wife kicked off her shoes, stepped out of her dress, and shrugged her shoulders out of her bra, I collected the clothes and tossed them onto the bed we wouldn’t be using. As I tugged my shirt over my head, I remembered our digital camera. I dug through the chest of drawers for the camera bag and turned on the camera just in time to hear the sound of keys and change in the pockets of a pair of pants hitting the floor.

I turned around with the camera to see that Jeremy’s pants were around his feet, and Lisa was kissing him deeply as she rubbed his growing cock through his underwear. For his part, Tom’s clothes were already in a pile in the corner of the room, and he was guiding my wife’s panties down over her tight little ass, and down her stocking-clad legs. As Lisa stepped out of her panties, Tom leaned forward and kissed each cheek of her ass. He stood up behind her and ground his now erect cock into my wife’s ass. She moaned into Jeremy’s mouth.

Reaching behind her, she took the length of Tom’s cock in her hand and stroked it gently. Breaking the kiss with Jeremy, she moaned, “Hmmm I can’t wait to feel that inside me.”

Lisa leaned forward and gave Jeremy’s cock a quick kiss through his underwear, giving Tom free access to her now very wet pussy from behind. As my wife took hold of the waistband of Jeremy’s underpants, Tom looked at me for guidance. I made a “feel free to enjoy” gesture and brought the camera up to my eye. I clicked the shutter just as Lisa freed Jeremy’s cock, and groaned as the first three inches of Tom’s cock penetrated her.

I watched the three of them as Lisa took Jeremy’s thick cock between her lips and Tom plunged his cock into her from behind. Lisa has always been proud of her oral skills, and Jeremy’s prodigious tool offered her a challenge. His cock was at least 9 inches long, and easily 2 inches thick at the widest point. I know Lisa likes big cocks, so she was going to really enjoy this, I thought to myself as I lined up another shot and clicked the camera’s shutter.

Tom was no slouch either. He held my wife’s hips and drove his cock into her to the hilt over and over, shifting her body forward with each thrust, and driving even more of Jeremy’s cock into her mouth. She was moaning around the thick member in her mouth just as I heard a quiet knock on the room door.

I stood behind the door as I opened it just a crack, just in case it wasn’t the people we were expecting. I saw Eric standing just outside, so I opened it to let them in. “Barry said you wanted to see us, Sergeant…” He said as they filed into the room and froze when they saw what was happening.

Jeremy just smiled at the 4 men who stood there staring at Tom pounding his cock into a married woman while her husband took pictures. Lisa took Jeremy’s cock out of her mouth just long enough to say in mock seriousness, “Carry your young asses over here and strip, Private. You’re going to fuck me until I say you’re tired!”

Eric spun around and looked at me with a mask of confusion on his face. “Can you tell she’s a retired First Sergeant?” I chuckled.

Barry, Joe, and Mike didn’t waste any time talking. Before Eric moved an inch, Barry was naked and standing next to Jeremy, his thickening cock dangling before my wife’s face.

“Just a minute,” Lisa said, slowly standing up, and forcing Tom to withdraw from her now excited pussy. “I need to lay down and let you guys do this right.”

Lisa crawled onto the bed and lay on her back as Eric finally came out of his trance and began to undress. Mike tossed his underwear into the corner and crawled up onto the bed between my wife’s legs. He positioned himself and his tongue slid inside her. Lisa released a deep groan as his tongue penetrated her steaming sex. He swapped back and forth between licking her thick labia and letting his tongue dance over her clitoris, a combination that seemed to drive her crazy.

Jeremy and Tom stood back with me and watched, each man stroking his thick erection as Barry positioned himself above my wife’s face and guided the tip of his cock into her mouth. Lisa suddenly let out a deep moan as Joe and Eric each climbed up onto the bed and took a nipple into their mouths. Their hands roamed freely over her body as Mike continued to lap away at her slickening cunt. Barry held onto the headboard with his eyes closed as he slowly rocked his hips back and forth, making his now rigid cock glide smoothly in and out of Lisa’s mouth. I took several more pictures.

Lisa suddenly dropped Barry’s cock and said, “Ok, it’s time to fuck. I want you all to fuck me one at a time.” Closing her legs and wriggling her hips free from Mike’s grasp, she added, “No more pussy licking, Sweety. Just get it hard and fuck me until you cum inside me.”

Barry wasted no time at all. As Mike stood up and began stroking his cock to complete erection, Barry positioned himself between my wife’s now wide spread legs. He pushed her legs apart, reached down between them and worked the head of his stiff cock up and down her slit, coating it with her natural lubrication. Then, with a push of his hips, he slid the head into her steamy pussy. She groaned as the engorged head of his cock slid into her. He grabbed her ankle, pushed her leg up and over his shoulder, and drove his cock into her repeatedly as she bucked her hips upward into him. I took a couple more pictures as Barry fucked my wife harder and faster.

Joe and Mike stood at the foot of the bed, each of them stroking their now stiff cocks. Jeremy, Tom, and Eric gathered at either side of the bed, also stroking their cocks just enough to maintain full erections.

Barry held my wife’s hips and plunged his cock into her repeatedly, pounding her clit with the fuzzy base of his cock with each wild thrust. Lisa was moving her hips upward to meet each thrust as she felt him work toward his climax. He let go of her leg and she dropped both legs to the bed, rocking her hips from side to side, guiding his cock into contact with her clitoris as it plunged in and out of her. With a sudden intake of breath and a loud groan, Barry drove the entire length of his cock into my wife and exploded.

He continued to thrust, although a lot more slowly, as his hot load of cum poured out of him and into my wife’s hungry cunt. She rocked her hips back and forth, trying to get even more of his cock inside her as it sent rope after sticky rope of semen into her. When Barry finally ground to a halt, she held him tightly, enjoying the sensations of his thick cock and warm load of cum deep inside her.

“Next,” Tom said, spurring Barry into motion.

As Barry slowly withdrew his cock from Lisa’s pussy and scooted over and off of the bed, Tom got into position between her legs and slid his cock into her. They both groaned in unison as his cock penetrated her to the hilt in one smooth stroke. He withdrew until just the head remained hidden, then drove his cock into her even deeper. He withdrew, and again, the down stroke seemed to go into her even deeper than before.

Her hips began to respond. She met Tom’s thrusts with equal force as he repeatedly drove his cock into her, picking up speed with each thrust. She felt very inch of his cock as the thick shaft plunged in and out of her, send her senses reeling. Their pace quickened yet again to a fevered pitch. Her hips moved up and down and from side to side as she felt his climax rapidly approaching.

The first volley of Tom’s pent up load hit her cervix as he flooded her clutching vagina with his cum. Her inner muscles gripped and milked his shaft as her hips wriggled from side to side. Her legs wrapped around his ass, locking his body in place, holding him deep inside her as the last of his semen filled her. Her body shook beneath him as he finally collapsed on top of her. She held him tightly as he lay panting in her arms, recovering from his exertion. As he returned to his senses, he pushed himself upward and off of her, his softening cock making a syrupy slurping noise as he withdrew.

Tom and Barry sat in a couple of chairs away from the bed and caught their breath. Tom lit a cigarette and inhaled the smoke deeply as he watched Eric step up to the bed. He then looked up at me as I snapped a couple of pictures of the two combined loads of cum dribbling out of my wife’s freshly fucked pussy. He shook his head and laughed to himself.

Eric slid his cock into Lisa; his length making her gasp as he bottomed out deep inside her on the very first slippery thrust. He began to fuck her with long, deep strokes. Her ass was soon coming off of the bed as she met each thrust. His cock was long and thin, and I knew it was reaching areas inside her that hadn’t often been reached. Lisa was soon once again wriggling her hips from side to side as he plunged himself into her harder and faster. I knew he couldn’t last long at that pace, and I hurried to take a few more pictures before he came.

After about three minutes of wild fucking, he began to moan loudly. Lisa wrapped her arms around him and drove her hips upward, capturing the entire length of his cock inside her quivering pussy as his load of cum erupted inside her. She rocked her hips up and down violently as Eric froze above her, his semen flooding her already cum-filled pussy. Once again she held this lover close to her shivering body as he recovered from his climax, still buried completely inside her. As soon as Eric could move enough to climb out from between my wife’s legs, Mike took his place.

He moved over my wife’s body and I took another picture as his cock slowly entered her cum-filled cunt. Lisa pushed her hips up against him as he entered her, burying his cock deep inside her as he started moving it in and out of her, making her groan as he whispered how good she felt. The sweat was now pouring off of her skin as she held on to him tightly. He started rocking his hips into her, fucking my wife with deep thrusts. And in no time at all her hips were once again rocking from side to side. She closed her eyes and concentrated on the feeling of her 4th strange cock of the night as it repeatedly plunged into her, forcing more of the three combined loads of cum out of her tortured pussy and onto the bedspread.

They were soon working in unison to satisfy his lust. Mike fucked her hard and fast as she pushed her hips up into him and met every stroke with a thrust of her own. He lifted his body up above hers, and drove his cock into her with unbelievable power. Mike put her legs up onto his shoulders and plunged into her even deeper. Their groins slapped together hard as he pummeled my wife’s pussy from above. Lisa moaned and groaned as she took his assault with ease, milking his cock with her inner muscles, attempting to make him cum inside her, wanting his load of semen to fill her as the three previous loads already had.

I moved in closer with the camera in an attempt to capture the moment Mike exploded inside my wife. I started clicking the shutter when I heard Mike shout and bury his cock inside her to the hilt. Lisa again slammed her hips upward against his as her muscles milked his cock. Mike continued to thrust into my wife, a little more cum trickling out of her each time he withdrew. When he finally put her legs back down onto the bed and collapsed on top of her like the other three men had, I stepped back and watched, stroking my erect cock like Jeremy and Joe were.

They lay there a few moments as they calmed down, both looking very satisfied and contented. Finally Mike got up and rolled off of Lisa. I again took a few more pictures of her absolutely soaked pussy as more cum poured out of her.

Joe crawled onto Lisa and sank his eight inches all the way into her on the first plunge. She let out a moan as his cock bottomed out deep inside her pussy. He had little self-control, and was quickly fucking my wife’s poor pussy like a wild man. Lisa took his cock with ease, but I noticed that she was concentrating on his wildly plunging cock.

Lisa only cums once during a session of sex. And when she cums, it’s always a huge orgasm. She concentrates on the sensations she’s feeling, and moves her hips around to guide the shaft of the cock fucking her to exactly where she wants it. All the guy has to do is maintain his composure long enough and she’ll do the rest. As I took a couple more pictures of Lisa as Joe wildly fucked her, her hips started making the familiar gyrations that lets me know she’s getting close to an orgasm. Joe couldn’t control his excitement. He arched his back, plunging his thick cock into her, and pumped his load of cum into her pussy.

Lisa was torn between relief and frustration. She wanted to cum badly, but she also knew she had Jeremy and I to go. As Joe collapsed on top of my wife, his load of cum still seeping into her quivering pussy, I tapped Jeremy on the shoulder. “It’s down to just you and me. Let’s both fuck her together. She’s so close to cumming she won’t last long enough for us to fuck her one at a time.”

Jeremy smiled and asked, “Ok, what do you have in mind?”

“You get her to straddle you and fuck her that way. I’ll follow up from the rear.” I replied.

Jeremy smiled and nodded that he understood what I meant by the remark. He moved over to the bed as Joe rolled over from between Lisa’s legs and collapsed again onto the bed.

Jeremy climbed onto the king-sized bed and lay down next to Lisa. She was still writhing on her back, eagerly awaiting the next cock in hopes this one would finish her off. When Jeremy reached over and took hold of her breast, she opened her eyes and looked at him, silently wondering why he wasn’t already fucking her. I joined them on the bed, taking her other nipple in my mouth for a brief second. Indicating Jeremy and his huge erection, I said, “Climb on, Sweety. Cowgirl up!”

Lisa suddenly knew what I was talking about. She quickly crawled on top of Jeremy, took his cock in her hand, and guided it into her slick pussy. She groaned as his thick cock filled her cum-flooded cunt. She lowered herself onto the thick cock until she sat on his lap, the massive organ buried completely inside her. Jeremy wrapped his arms around my wife and pulled her upper body down to his chest.

She felt so full from Jeremy’s cock that Lisa started moving her hips around, rubbing herself into the base of his cock. I climbed onto the bed behind her and lined my cock up with her tightest entrance. Lisa reached behind herself and pulled her cheeks apart to give me better access to her tight ass. Streams of cum seeped from her vagina and I rubbed some of the slick substance around her opening. I took position behind her and slowly eased my cock into my pretty wife’s ass.

The three of us held still, allowing Lisa to grow accustom to the fullness of being so stuffed with cock. She sucked in her breath through clenched teeth as her inner muscles began to relax. For a full minute we did absolutely nothing, then my wife began to slowly rotate her hips, putting both of our cocks into motion inside her. “Now,” she said. “Fuck me…”

Impaled between our cocks, Lisa flopped around like a rag doll between us as we fucked her pussy and ass in unison. I plunged my cock into her from behind, which drove her down onto Jeremy’s cock even harder. She moaned and groaned as we picked up the pace, driving our cocks into her as she shuddered and shook above us.

She practically begged us to fuck her over and over, and I could tell her orgasm was approaching almost immediately. I held her breasts in my hands, offering them to Jeremy. He sucked at her nipples, causing her to groan even louder. We kept up our alternate plunges into my wife’s body; each thrust bringing the three of us that much closer to climax. I could feel Jeremy’s cock inside my wife, separated from my own by thin tissues deep inside her. The added friction was mind blowing.

Her inner muscles were so tight, and I was so excited that I couldn’t hold back. With a loud groan of my own, and a sudden deep plunge into my wife’s tight ass, I erupted, sending hot volleys of cum deep inside her. My spasms drove her down onto Jeremy’s thick cock even harder, and they both grunted as my weight collapsed on top of them.

I cursed my self-control as my cock began to shrink inside my wife. A sudden flash brought me back to reality, and I looked to see that Eric had taken our picture. I took the camera from him and took a close up of my cock slipping out of Lisa, and another of my cum leaking out of her.

As I climbed off of the bed and stepped away, Jeremy rolled himself and my wife over, placing her on her back. He looked down into my wife’s eyes and began to rock his hips, driving his thick cock into her to the hilt.

Lisa closed her eyes and rocked her own hips from side to side, concentrating on the sensations the huge penis created inside her. As Jeremy picked up the pace, plunging his cock into her harder and faster with each stroke. Lisa reached up and grabbed his forearms, grinding her crotch into his as his pace increased.

Jeremy repeatedly pounded the entire length of his rigid cock into my wife’s hungry pussy, sending sensations through her body that she had never experienced before. Her hips ground into his, her body writhing beneath him as she rapidly approached orgasm. She suddenly inhaled deeply, let go of Jeremy’s forearms, and screamed as her orgasm burst from deep inside her frantically fucking body.

Jeremy continued to pummel the wildly convulsing woman as her orgasm ripped through her. Her inner muscles clamped down hard on his cock as spasm after spasm wracked her tortured body. Sweat poured off of him and onto her as his own climax quickly approached. She grunted and groaned in rhythm with his thrusts into her still climaxing pussy. With a sudden groan, his first gush of semen splashed into her, coating her cervix and inner walls with cum.

I took several pictures of my wife’s climax as she again grabbed Jeremy’s forearms and rode his pummeling cock for all she was worth. Again and again his load of cum erupted into her. Her hips continued to grind her groin into his as wave after wave of pleasure rolled through her body. Lisa used her inner muscles to milk every drop of semen from his still rigid cock. She jerked and twitched as his still exploding cock continued to apply friction to her throbbing clitoris.

I looked over at the rest of the crowd, who all sat silently watching my wife cum. Joe and Eric stroked their cocks absentmindedly, each of them sporting another erection. Barry stood up to get a better view, and I noticed his cock had also come back to life.

I looked back over at my wife and Jeremy when the sounds of their mutual orgasm finally subsided and they finally ground to a halt. Jeremy collapsed on top of her, pinning her under his large frame. I noticed that Lisa’s hips kept moving, gathering every ounce of pleasure possible from his thick cock. After what seemed like 15 minutes, Jeremy rolled off of her and collapsed in a heap beside her.

Lisa looked up at me with a dreamy expression on her face. I knew from experience that she would be asleep within 15 seconds if I let her. I couldn’t let her do that to the guys, especially the guys who were hard again.

“Are you ok, Sweety?” I asked, knowing what her answer would be.

“Hmmmmmmm, I’m melted…” she replied quietly.

“Well, you have some more guys to take care of,” I said with a smile.

Lifting herself up onto her elbows, she looked over at the guys. Surveying the new crop of erections, she said, “You’ll have to give me a minute to catch my breath, but everyone will be taken care of.”

I watched my wife get up from the bed wearily and make her way to the bathroom. When she returned, she had a bit more spring to her step. Walking over to Eric, she reached for his cock and took over the task of stroking it. He looked deeply into her eyes as she got down onto her knees in front of him and took the tip of his cock into her mouth.

Releasing him briefly, she told him to lie down in front of her, right there on the floor. Once Eric stretched out on the floor in front of her, she resumed sucking his cock, stroking the shaft as her lips concentrated on just the tip. She then started wiggling her ass, inviting anyone who wanted to fuck her.

Joe didn’t waste any time, and positioned himself behind her. As he slowly slid his cock into my wife’s slippery pussy, we all heard him exclaim, “Now this is what I call supporting the troops…”

They settled into a slow, leisurely fuck as soon as we all stopped laughing…

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