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Sometimes They Come To You

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Sixteen inches. Sixteen fucking inches. Sixteen goddamned pussy-punishing inches.

You can’t imagine how frustrating it is to have to deal with that. Trying to find a man that measures a foot and four inches when you can scarcely find two men of those epic proportions.

And with proportions like mine, you’d think I could tame any man, no matter how big his dick was.

38FF cup tits, a slim 26-inch waist, and luscious 36-inch hips are just a start to awesome arsenal I present to the eye. My own eyes are green, my nose is nice and medium, and I round off the works with a pair of dick-sucking lips that can caress a cock into orgasm before you can say, “fuck me.”

This may sound arrogant of me, but damnit, I am good at bringing men to their knees, molding them into something like putty only weaker and more obedient.

But then I met Aaron Black, the donkey-dicked demigod with an ego to match.

An ego that overpowers and crushes my own.

But he’s not the only one who can do that.

I learned this lesson rather sharply one day when Katherine strolled into my office, her solemn manner always putting me at ease, even when haunting visions of Black’s big balls are dancing through my mind.

“There are some gentlemen here to see you.” She said. Her breasts were in rare form today, and while I’m not really into women, I can call a nice pair when I see them.

Her colossal fruits were locked up in a tight bra, but still poking out. I wondered if she had a date that night.

“Who are they?” I asked.

“Well, they wouldn’t give any full names, but they said you’d know what it was about if you’d just see them.”

I considered this, unsure what to think.

“Okay, send them in.” I nodded my assent.

*** The five entered my office in a manner that could only be described as strutting.

I ticked off their qualities in my head.

“Man, and I thought that secretary of yours had big tits. How can you walk in those things?”

Said a medium-built redhead. He was a little chubby, not really to my taste, dressed in a wife-beater and some old looking jeans.

“She’s not a secretary” I said calmly, “She’s an assistant, and these things aren’t that hard to understand for guys who are smart enough to handle them.”

“Don’t knock Ed.” Said a nice, clean-cut black haired kid jerking a thumb at the impudent prick in the wife-beater. “He’s just a sucker for a nice pair of, well, suckers.”

The kid actually blushed a little at his words. He seemed a little younger then the rest of this motley crew. He was wiry, and dressed in a nice, relaxed black suit.

“Besides, anything more then a handful is wasted.” Cut in a tall, olive-complexioned man with a goatee. He was dressed in casual clothes, slacks and a t-shirt. Nice muscles on that one.

“Only if you aren’t man enough to know what to do with the rest.” I shot back.

The muscled guy winced at my cutting remark, but with a smile on his face.

“Trust me, he is.” Said a fourth man, built low to the ground and thick, like a muscled tank. His arms bulged through a gray shirt, and they somehow complimented his shaved head.

I leaned back, twirling a pen between two fingers.

“And you are too?” I asked with one eyebrow raised. “I highly doubt it.”

The last guy was gorgeous. His face was clean-cut with good high cheekbones, and yet he had a strong cleft chin. He stood a little taller then the rest, had nice big hands, and something heavy sitting in his Dockers I couldn’t ignore.

“We have come to understand you are on a cock-hunt.” He chimed in with a crisp British accent. “We have come to deliver.”

I folded my arms.

“You can send me in the direction of a man?” I asked.

“We’re not tipsters.” He answered, clearly the leader, “We’re specimens.”

“How did you know about me?”

“Veronica Divine’s famous hunt has becoming something of a legend in our circles. We thought we’d find you first. We are the Fifty-Five-Inch Five.”

“What?” I blinked.

Pants suddenly dropped, and I was looking at a startling array of big dicks.

I cursed myself for not having a ruler.

Ed’s dangling meat was easily the size of most men hard.

The black haired kid, who I would later learn was named Paul, had what had to be eight inches soft, easy.

The olive guy, Jarred, had a thick, veiny, uncircumcised cock that hung quite low.

The bald guy, Vincent, was packing a coke-can thick rod.

But the British, whose name I never learned, oh my god. Soft he looked almost as big as Aaron Black hard, and his balls were like avocados, which dangled quite low. They looked ready to burst with juice.

“Well this is an impressive selection!” I gasped. “Let me just get my ruler and I’ll.—“


The door slammed as Vincent shut it.

“No rulers. You go by feel.” He said.

“But I…”

They were on me like a pack of wolves. Hands tore my clothes to shreds in seconds; the Brit kissed me hard and rough, his tongue probing my whole mouth.

Hands were busy all over my tits, fingers were vibrating on my clit, and someone was weighing my ass from behind.

“FF cups! Holy shit!”

“These lips are so soft…”

“What great gams she’s got too!”

Brit’s kisses went from my mouth to my jaw, then my neck, then down.

Paul and Jarred were giving my boobs the licking and sucking of a lifetime while Ed massaged my ass.

Vincent grabbed my hands and moved them down his body to his dangling bollocks. The orbs there were like fat peach pits, wrinkled and warm.

Then a tongue was piercing my pussy, and I groaned. Brit’s tongue dove into my folded cunt-lips, while he sometimes pulled back to give my clit a good hard suck.

“Ohhhh,” I moaned, tossing my head at all the moist affection.

“Don’t enjoy it too much.” Said Vincent, no longer guiding my hands as I swiftly caressed his almost hard shaft. Soft he looked like a coke-can…hard he was sporting something like a tennis-ball canister.

“He’s only getting you so wet because you’ll need all the moisture you can get. We’re gonna fuck you so hard you’ll think you’re a cheerleading team.”

All around me, cocks were hardening. I broke my grasp from Vincent’s and took then time to start caressing some of the others.

I pulled back Jared’s foreskin, and enjoyed the view of his plum hued head.

Brit’s tongue went deep inside me and my eyes shot wide.

I ran both hands along Jared’s whole cock, watching him expand before my eyes, his foreskin retracting to reveal his whole head, vastly flared glans last. The head looked like it would feel very nice scrapping hard on the way out of my pussy.

Brit pinched my clit just how I like and I gave a yelp.

Paul’s pussy pounder was in my grasp next. Flaccid it was like a giant wet noodle, curling back over my wrist towards the floor. I giggled as I shook it and watched it wiggle. I reached down my other hand and cupped his heavy nuts. This kid was gonna be a big shooter, to be sure. A part of me wondered if he was done growing yet. If not, women would run from him every time he dropped his pants. He was just getting harder and harder as I massaged his spunk-pods, and I took I took a deep breath, wondering what he planned to do with all that.

Brit slipped one, two, and then three fingers into me in turn, banging me slowly, seeming to decide I was ready.

Ed’s cock floated into my hand. I’d be lying if I said Ed wasn’t impressive, but his poor physique and bad fashion sense really made me wonder how he got in with this swank group. I tugged half-heartedly at the beast, and it stiffened up. He was definitely the smallest of a big group…still big by anyone else’s standards but mine.

Then Brit was up and in my face. He kissed me with my own juice on his lips, and then wordlessly pushing my shoulders gently.

I sunk to my knees.

I marveled at the elephant trunk that was dangling before me. Brit’s obscene meat was like a prize-winning zucchini soft.

God gave me some dick-sucking lips, and so that’s just what I did.

I wrapped my hands around his middle, and lifted the head in the palm of my hand, appreciating its smooth texture. Then I turned it to the side and began to nibble his cock like it was an ear of corn. My fat lips blanketed the shaft like hot dog buns as I licked, slurped, and smacked my way all over his cock.

Loud sounds filled the room as I moistened his shaft to a glistening luster.

They weren’t the only sounds though; the other boys were stroking as they watched, and making color-cementation.

“How many inches do you think she’ll be able to take?” “At least eight! Look at those lips, she’s had a few pricks in there.” “The way she’s going at it I’d say more like a few hundred.”

I slurped his head into my mouth, savoring the flavor as some precum shunted into my mouth. Then I began to slurp him in, moisture dripping from my lips as I consumed inch after inch.

“Do you think she spits or swallows?” “Are you kidding? I bet she gargles!”

I actually felt a little ashamed from the comments. I’d never sucked cock with a peanut gallery before. I reached out my hand that had been supporting his head, and supported his balls instead. This was no easy feat with one hand, but I managed to keep one avocado balanced on each half of my palm, stroking my fingers on them gently.

“I wonder if she can fit one of those in her mouth.” “I doubt we’ll get to find out. No one tries.”

I gave Paul the finger as I popped his head out with a lusty spray of spit and precut bursting forth, and then lifted his whole dick out of the way to go for his scrotum. His bloated baby-juice bags were big, but so is my mouth. I started by lapping at them incessantly, coating them in saliva.

With my free hands I wanked his stiffening cock, it was almost all the way hard, and as it belted out pre-spunk, I took some on my hands and smeared on his balls. Then I added more saliva, licking the sweet cream all around both orbs.

“Holy crap, we’ve never done a bitch that liked sucking balls!” “Look at her pussy, she’s loving it!”

I opened my mouth wide and applied suction.


There was a whole Avocado in my mouth. I licked around and it and savored the rich flavor. Then I hollowed my cheeks and sucked on it a little, giving his other nut a squeeze just so it wouldn’t feel left out.

I popped the nut out, and gave each of his balls a kiss before returning my attention to his shaft.

I took a long, long, lick, all the way from his base to his tip along the cum-slit. By the time I reached the top his shaft wobbled and spit frothy juice.

“For me?” I asked coyly, slurping the creamy offering right up.

His cum was thick as it rolled down my throat.

Then I darted down my neck, and took in his cock. I lodged the head firmly in my mouth, swirling my tongue like a sensuous avenging angel to attack his senses. The Brit groaned and rolled his eyes into his head as I sunk his shaft into my throat, swallowing rapidly to ripple his love muscle.

I took a glance at the long trip from his head to his balls, and slowly descended, swallowing inch after inch of smooth pole.

His juices pulsed steadily into my throat, and I took turns between swallowing them, and letting them spill from my mouth to shine his pork stick.

Suddenly I was being attacked from both sides, Jarred and Paul were savaging my cheeks with their own hard cocks, smearing thick gouts of pre-cum all over my face.

I moaned dreamily as I came off of Brit’s cock to engage these new targets. I made sure to wrap both hands around his tremendous tool though, just to keep him interested.

Paul’s cock was tasty and young, and so smooth in texture. I sucked it deep into me, and discovered that he was just out of the range I could fully deep throat. Still I strained with my tongue, trying hard to make contact with his balls, making strained sounds the whole way. What I could not quite reach with my tongue, I cradled in my hands, impressed at the full weight of his cream-filled delights. This stud threatened to drown me in spunk!

When I pulled my head from him, my lips were dripping with wetness, and I quickly applied the lubricated dick-suckers to Jared’s veined monster. I discovered how much I loved uncircumcised men from the vast stores of tasty cum just waiting to be licked out of his foreskin. I cleansed his pocket with hot swabs of my questing tongue.

When I pulled back from sucking on his head, I realized I could no longer play favorites with the two gigantic cocks rubbing at my cheeks. Reluctantly releasing Brit’s pole, I seized them both and tugged them towards my tonsils.

Brit’s cock fell like a tree, falling with a heavy ‘whap’ onto my head. The men chuckled at the sight, huge prong resting on my head, cheeks bulging to capacity with two studs in my mouth at once.

Bobbed my head on both dicks, each pouring a stream of sex-sauce into my mouth like a faucet. Here I was able to contrast the sweet, playful taste of Paul’s pre-cum against the strong, rich flavor of Jared’s.

“All right lads, she’s ready. Let’s carve her like a turkey!” Ordered Brit.

The cocks were pulled from my mouth, making my lips pout and pucker, just wanting more. I found myself being lifted onto my desk, on my back.

Things crashed to the floor I no longer cared about. I just wanted dick.

And I got it.

Vincent pulled my head gently backwards over the desk’s edge, and fed me his unbelievable thickness. Even my plush lips and big mouth were humbled by his girth, and my vision was totally filled with his fat, dangling balls as he taxed my mouth to its limit.

Jarred and Paul stood on either side of the desk and introduced me to a new kind of titty-fucking. Each lifted a heaving pontoon, and lodged his cock under it, slow-fucking the underside of my massive bosoms. Paul mercilessly tweaked my nipple into full arousal while he worked, Jarred by contrast mauled my whole breast around his piston.

Ed lifted me and maneuvered my to lie on top of him. Here I was appreciative of his pudginess, as he was quite cozy to be on. What wasn’t cozy however, was the cock that was suddenly working its way into my ass. I’ve been torn badly by Aaron Black, but the rough and uncaring thrusting that Ed took my anus with was nothing short of cruel. Ed fucked so that you knew you were nothing but a dirty cumslut, and that’s just how I felt.

But Brit, AHHH, Brit, how I wish I knew his name. He rested his balls on my desk, and then lifted his club. He proceeded to beat my clit with his cock head, playfully smacking my hot little button, the weight of his shaft amazing me. He whacked at my little clitty for some time, increasing his speed, and then changing his technique to rub at it with furious speed, gouts of precum burbling out onto my stomach and trimmed pubes.

Soon he was swiveling his hips, driving me to intense clitoral orgasm with his superior technique. As I whimpered and moaned through my climax, Ed fucked into me harder; taking advantage of the pussy-juice I dripped onto the base of his shaft, going deeper then ever.

Vincent took advantage of my throat opening to cry out, jamming his long log deeper in. His musky scent overwhelmed me as his balls rested on my nose. My throat gagged, but was too stretched and full to even reverse, so I just closed my eyes and let feeling overwhelm me.

Jarred and Paul I turned the tables on…as I came, I took their cocks in my hands, and started beating them all over my tits. I could feel wet smacks of pre-cum being streaked on my boobs, and I rubbed it around a little with their big hard dicks. They were surprised, and each threw back his head with delight.

I pumped the meaty shafts in my hand faster and faster, letting the explosion from my clit carry my arms, and then I was being rained on cum. Thick, virile jizz drenched my tits as blast after blast of gooey spunk poured out.

The seed dripped in rivulets down my side, and though all I could see was the wrinkled nut sac on my nose, I suspect I must have looked like I was wearing a bra made of sperm.

I dropped their cocks and cradled their nuts in my hand, weighing out how much I had left to deal with. Jared’s nuts felt drained and empty, but Paul was clearly still packing a healthy dose of semen. I gave them a loving, firm, squeeze, and then put both hands on his dick and tugged it into my cleavage.

The fucking continued.

My ass was sore and pleasured at the same time.

My throat had bottomed out at Vincent’s balls, and he was working it into a new shape with his super-stretching thickness.

Paul rode my tits like they were living things; straddling me and taking full advantage of the slippery mix of sperm he had to work with. His cock was flinging droplets of cum all over my neck and shoulders. With one free hand I cradled his cream creators, and the other I used to massage the massive meteors that still danced on my nose.

Then my pussy was under attack! It felt like miles of dick were being fed into my drenched cunt as Brit finally made his move. The scrape of his flaring glans made me shudder with pleasure, and his many thick veins were so full of blood, I could feel each one weaving a different path into my vaginal walls.

I moaned loud around Vincent’s cock, and the vibration must have done it to him. His nuts tightened like a fist before me, and I could feel a surge traveling up his pole, and down my throat.

As Brit’s fuckbeast overwhelmed me with his endless first thrust, gouts of cream filled my throat. I could no more swallow it then reject it, and soon pungent pearl goo was filling me like a canister. My cheeks billowed out with his endless torrent, but still it pumped out of him and into me. My throat filled, and twin rivers of cum burst from my nose, this seemed to be Vincent’s cue, and he made a hasty withdrawal.

I don’t know how it’s possible, but I did so many things at once then. I swallowed cum and coughed some of it out at the same time, my nose drained and my mouth filled with more cum. I felt like my throat was more open, pushed aside by so much massive meat. Thick ropes of cum dripped from my face to Vincent’s still-hard cock. He beat it once on my face to shake off the excess, and then pulled away from me.

I looked into his eyes and licked my lips. He actually gave a little wince, not believing my ability to enjoy myself being so violated. Inside I might have winced too.

Speaking of inside, Brit was going deeper and deeper in me, and I thought I would faint. My moans split the office while his cock split me.

Then Ed went. Cum was bursting out of my ass and down my legs.

He pulled out and gave me an arrogant grin.

I blew a fake kiss at him. “Not bad, but I’ve been plunged deeper.” That took the wind out of his sails. He went and sat next to Jarred.

I’m an orally fixated gal. As Brit started thrusting faster, (I’d swear he was shoving a whole ruler’s worth into me now) I grabbed Paul’s pork stick and pulled it up so he was riding my tits a little higher. Then I could pucker up and let his cock in between my lips on each thrust.

Then Brit kicked into gear, and all I thought for the next ten minutes was,

Unh! Ugh! Unh! Damn! Wow! Oof! Ugh! Unh! Woah! What a huge cock! Augh! Argh! OHH! OHHHHHHHH!

My orgasm hit me like a sneak attack, multiple multiples going off in me all at once.

It was like Brit’s prick had gone deep within me and left a bomb of orgasms.

I writhed and spasmed, losing myself in the feel of Brit’s pulsing fire hose going off, I tossed my head around and cried dirty words I didn’t know I knew.

I was unconscious for a few seconds I think, drifting in a world filled only with cock.

When I came to, my world was white. Paul had gone on my face and I had to deposit the liquid on my eyelids into my mouth before I could see again.

What I saw was more white… Brit had unloaded those massive avocados all over me, and there was a vast lake of cum running from between my thighs, all the way up to my tits, the bottoms of which were plastered in paste.

Suddenly I felt firm hands on my thighs, and saw Vincent spreading my legs wide, positioning his tree-trunk like hunk of meat at my pussy’s opening.

“Open wide!” He grinned viciously as he thrust into me.

Brit walked around and positioned himself by my head. He began using his tremendous tool to shovel drippy mouthfuls of cum between my lips. I smacked my lips lewdly with each delicious offering, wet gulping sounds followed as I sucked more cock-cream into my already bloated stomach.

Vincent fucked me masterfully while I enjoyed this feast, his engorged piston steadily ravaging me as he spread me impossibly wide. I bucked my hips, half pulling them away to escape his staff’s wrath. The thick trunk of hot flesh left an imprint on my memory, his veins were so engorged with blood I could feel them scraping my pussy’s walls.

“Flip her!” Shout Vincent, withdrawing his jaw popping jizz-cannon from me all the way.

Before I knew what was happening, he had my waist and Brit had my shoulders. I was spun on to my hands and knees, ass pointed in the air.

My tits—which had been marinated in semen at this point—plopped right onto the desk, smearing it with thick spunk. Then they began to jiggle as my body shuddered. Vincent was entering me slow, the new positioning offering a whole new range of nerves to feel the thick friction. Brit positioned his tasty cockhead at my mouth, and with a few protests from my jaw-nerves, I opened wide for him.

What he did then, showed how much practice these two had working together. He held his cock absolutely still, just the mouth, and didn’t move.

He didn’t need to. Vincent vigorously plunged me, pumping and pumping his hips to meet mine, his fat eggs slapping my clit on the upstrokes. His pumping drove me forward, little by little, more and more of Brit’s cock entering my mouth.

Somehow around climax eleven or twelve I hadn’t even noticed my gag reflex, and I was ingesting half of the foreign fuck-stick.

It was juicing down my throat, and so covered in precum by the time he pulled out, that sliding it between my tits and fucking them proved no challenge for him.

His cock was so big I could feel his head pass my belly button on some of the down strokes, which made it feel like it was crossing Vincent’s.

Cock was literally being intersected across my body!

Then the flanged head of it hit my clit, and I began to come harder then I knew I could.

Thick meat rending my innards into raw pleasure explosions, massive cock-head pumping across my clit and between my tits…I could feel a critical burst of sensation as my body shuddered into a wracking orgasm.

The sight of me losing control like a horny animal must have set the boys off, Vincent pulled out and Brit pulled back.

Thick splatters of jizz rained across my ass, back, and into my hair, the profusion of spunk trickling down my ribs onto the desk.

Hot jets of sweet cum smashed into my face, pasting my bangs down, dripping from eyelashes, and pooling in and around my fat dick-sucking lips.

Vincent beat his thick pleasure log onto my ass a few times to clean it, and Brit smeared spunk from my face to my mouth, until his knob was shining clean.

I collapsed into a puddle of my juices and potent sperm, panting hard and feeling absolutely ruined.

I drifted in dazed consciousness for a moment. Surely Brit’s cock could rival Aaron Black’s, and if not the team might still count for something.

Fifty-five inches!

Suddenly I remembered the tape measure in my drawer, my eyes shot open and I pulled it out, only to find I was alone in the office?

Had it all been a dream? No, the throbbing in my cunt and the huge dripping rivers of virile seed coming off the side of my desk were proof of that.

Damnit! Something told me I would never see them again, and who knows what Aaron Black would do to me for coming so close, and still missing the mark….

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