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Summertime House-sitter’s Seduction

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[This story is mostly fiction, but it’s based on a real event in my life. It was such a hot experience that I thought ya’ll would like it—and let me tell you, if I could, I’d hook up with these guys again! Be sure to comment/vote]


When I was twenty and still in college, I spent a summer house-sitting for a professor. It was a cheap way to stay in town while I took a class and worked at a summer job while generally goofing around.

I basically played golf, went to class, and drank a little beer. My friends stayed in town during the first half of the summer, finished up their short session classes, and went home, leaving me pretty well by myself in town. As a result, I began staying at home more, which wasn’t bad because the house was nice–much nicer than anything I’ve ever lived in since!

The home sat in a quiet, secluded neighborhood a few miles from campus, and was known for its population of established doctors, lawyers, professors, and other professionals. The yards were well-groomed, the homes private and quiet. I soon took to sitting on the screened in back porch in the evenings, reading a book while sipping a beer. I noticed after a few nights that the neighbors directly behind me spent their evenings out back as well, but the trees and shrubbery that divided the two properties were thick enough to keep me from actually seeing them, I could only hear muffled conversations.

Staying in the home that summer meant upkeep and maintenance, which meant mowing the grass and picking up around the yard. Luckily there was a maid for the indoor stuff, but I didn’t mind working in the yard. I usually stripped down to a pair of shorts, lathered up with sunscreen, and tugged a cap down to keep the sun off my face. And, let’s face it, when you are that age, athletic, and in-shape, you think you owe it to the world to show off your body! I tended to get appreciative looks—at six feet tall and 185 pounds, I had a pretty good shape. Tall, wide shoulders, my body tapered down to a proportional waist, and all the girls I had dated loved my bubble ass! I was pretty “boy next door” looking, neatly trimmed and short brown hair, blue eyes, clean-shaven, polite, intelligent, and friendly. I tended to hit it off with a lot of different people.

One day in late July I was finishing up mowing the lawn while sprinkling the grass clippings I’d accumulated along some shrubbery on the back of the property. I noticed the neighbor fiddling around on his side of the line. I thought he was watching me, but couldn’t be sure; he probably didn’t recognize me and was just seeing who was rustling around. I kept working and then a voice interrupted my thoughts.

“Hey there, you must be Professor Jacob’s house sitter.” His name was Dan. He was in his fifties, heavyset with a gray beard and a warm smile. We struck up a conversation and I learned he was a doctor, very friendly, and easy to talk to. I had the sense he was checking me out, but I was pretty young and naive, so I didn’t really know what to think. His eyes kept drifting down over my body though, and his eyes seemed to follow every bead of sweat that trickled from my neck, down to the waistband of my shorts. He told me if I ever wanted to stop by to feel free, he kept his fridge on the back porch stocked with beer and I could have a drink sometime, even if it looked like he wasn’t home. I told him I would but didn’t think about it too much more after that. But a week or so later I was finishing up the same chore and realized that I didn’t have a cold beer waiting for me inside, I wasn’t 21 yet, so getting beer took some planning. I remembered Dan’s offer. It was dusk and his house was dark–but I figured why not?

I tested his back screen door, found it open, and walked over to the fridge. Cold Budweiser always tastes great after working outside, but I almost coughed it up in surprise when I looked in the window. Dan was standing in the dimly-lit living room with his head thrown back, naked. His wide chest, covered with patch of gray hair, was heaving up and down as he yelled and gulped for air. Just below his middle-aged paunch I saw the reason why–another man (a bit younger and thinner with dark hair) kneeling and voraciously sucking away at his shaft!

Dan’s hands held his head in place so that he could slowly fuck the guy’s mouth as he rubbed his palms up and down his thighs and over his ass. There were some deep groans coming from both, so I guessed that they both were having a great time. I was a little surprised that my cock sprung to life that reflexively because of watching two guys. But I was a healthy man, and there it was, creating a respectable tent pushed out. My right hand absently drifted down and squeezed all eight inches tightly in a tentative fashion: I was getting hot over this scene! I was confused, never having thought about men, but I was too caught up in the moment to worry about that. I began rubbing quicker while watching the pair and then Dan opened his eyes and looked over. I didn’t know what to do so I just stood there with the beer in one hand and my cock in the other. I started to get flustered and thought about running but Dan put his finger to his lips in a shush fashion and winked at me. I took a slug and continued watching as he rubbed his lover’s head and gasped in pleasure, the guy was now fingering his ass; I could see one hand working back there, while the other manipulated his sac.

At this point I figured I had nothing to lose, so I set my beer down and unzipped my shorts, pulling my throbbing cock out into the night air. God that felt awesome! It had been so tight in there pressed down by my jockey shorts. I spit on my palm and then began sliding my hand up and down the shaft while using my other hand to rub my nuts. The air felt good, my hands felt great, and it felt even better to rub my cock while watching the guys. Dan smiled and nodded and picked up his pace and the guy obviously picked up a bit too, grabbing his dick and sliding his hand around the base in a twisting motion. It was such a hot-looking piece of meat too, about six inches long and really thick. Dan had shaved his balls and trimmed his bush, but still had some sexy gray pubes into which the guy was trying to bury his nose. I jacked harder and my breath got raspy; I felt my orgasm swelling in my nuts, and soon it came as a gush of sticky hot cum shot all over Dan’s porch window. I sighed in relief–much better. Dan smiled and then his knees locked as he pushed his cock forward once, burying it in the guy’s throat while emptying his payload and growling out a yell. He then relaxed as the guy pulled off him and licked his shaft clean. I smiled, waved, took my beer and snuck back to my house.

But that was just the beginning.

As I walked back across the yard, I started thinking about what had just happened. I was horribly confused. I hadn’t ever done anything like that before. I certainly was no virgin, having had plenty of experiences with girls and had loved every minute of them: from fumbling with bra straps in the backseat of my dad’s car to feeling a girl climax as I ate her lush pussy to sliding my thick cock into my high school love’s virginal pussy to cumming five times in one night while fucking myself silly with a sorority girl from another school on a one-night stand. As I walked into the chill of the air-conditioned house I wondered why the scene through the window had turned me on. I smelled myself–gasoline and sweat–and dumped my beer bottle into the recycling bin before heading up into the bathroom to rinse off. As the water cascaded over me I thought back and wondered if I had ever done anything that had made me think I was gay? I thought about the normal things that happen to a lot of high school guys. There were the locker room antics where a guy with a big dick is picked out for inspection. Once my best friend and I went skinny dipping in his pool; I got hard, but nothing ever happened. Once I had found a pair of panties in a dryer at my dorm last year. I stole them and back in my room I had tried them on out of curiosity, they were tiny, silky, black French-cut bikini panties that I stroked my steely rod with until I came. But I hadn’t ever felt gay, even while stroking myself through the panties. What turned me on was the feel, not wearing the panties panties. I definitely loved women, but maybe I just wanted to try something out? I was unsure, but not really upset because I had gay friends and it wasn’t like the idea of homosexuality scared. Dan seemed like a nice guy, he hadn’t propositioned me that day, but it had been normal to notice him checking my body out. Honestly, I was flattered that he noticed me and thought I was attractive.

Thinking back over this made my cock twitch and swell again. I slowly rubbed its sudsy hardness up and down until it returned to all its full-masted glory. Man, why couldn’t I think without this taking over?! With my other hand I squeezed and released my balls while running a finger between them, under my scrotum, and up to the edge of my asshole. I slowly ticked it while jerking off a bit more; hey, if it felt good, why not, right? Soon I was pounding away at my steel hard rod in my hand, tickling my assbud with more urgency, but I needed more. If I was going to play with the man sex thing in my mind, I wanted to do it right. There was a small hand brush for scrubbing the faucets and just outside the shower. I grabbed it, considered its slim, ribbed handle, and then soaped it up and set it to the side. I squatted in the shower and probed my hole gently with my fingers: first one and then two. It felt so great that I began twisting them while stroking. Then I grabbed the brush, set it below me and slowly tested it. The nicely rounded handle’s rubber ridges did something altogether different to me.

As it slid in inch by inch, I gasped and continued stroking my cock. I’d squeeze tightly at the base, watch my cockhead swell purple and then slide my palm and fingers up as though milking my cock. It made a satisfying squelching noise. Also satisfying was the slightly hot sensation filling my abdomen as the brush handle slid into my opening a few inches at a time until it was deep inside me; I jolted as it bottomed out—”sweet Christ! What was that, ahhhhhhhhhhh” Yes it felt awesome, the brush tickled me deep inside my hole. I wiggled the brush with my free hand and began twisting and pumping it, now I was getting somewhere. This was what gay men loved; I knew I’d have to work this into my regular masturbation schedule. I felt the orgasm bubble up in my balls settled onto my knees, and leaned back as I erupted with my second orgasm. Since my cock bends upward and towards me just a little bit, cum shot up and over my chest, coating my pectorals and stomach with sticky jism.

As I washed up, I decided to give it a rest. Maybe Dan just liked being watched. I didn’t know if he was interested in me and I often checked out girls that I didn’t really want to chase. If he was such a normal guy, just gay, maybe he had done the same thing to me that day. I did manage to stay away from the backyard for the next few days–I was a little nervous abut running into Dan again–would he mention the incident or play it cool?

Later in the week I was out at the university golf course playing an afternoon round (at the time I was just getting back into the game, so I was ambitious, but not particularly good–but ten years later, I’m a single digit handicapper). It was a quiet afternoon and I played by myself and didn’t see anyone behind me until about the fourteenth hole. I was out in the fairway on a long par five and had a few balls thrown down so that could work on some stuff. I noticed two guys walking up on the tee behind me and waved them through. They both hit their drives and then drove down the path towards me. As the cart neared I realized it was Dan and his lover.

Dan smiled warmly as I blushed, “A little hot out here, huh?”

“Yeah,” I agreed, “You guys can play through if you want.”

“Mind if we play with you, instead?”

“OK.” I was a little unsettled since I didn’t know what Dan’s friend–who introduced himself as Chris–knew about the other night. I watched as Chris wandered off to his ball and I shouldered my bag.

“Don’t worry big guy, he doesn’t know what happened, its ok,” Dan smiled. I told him I had never done that before and he reassured me that it was ok and added that it looked like I had enjoyed it.

When Chris returned Dan told him what a small world it was, “He’s house sitting for Prof. Jacob this summer, right behind me.”

“Nice place,” Chris smiled. “Good break so far?”

I told him it was and continued a causal conversation with the pair as we played out the round. We had a good time and I got the feeling that Dan was watching me. He passed on some compliments–as a scratch golfer–about my swing. “Well, you’ve got great base to work from, nice posture and you’re athletic, and you probably just need to invest in a few lessons.” I sensed that his interest in my stance had more to do with the fact that I was blessed with a sexy ass. Girls love it: round, high, firm. Thinking of this, knowing he was checking me out brought back that odd feeling, the low hum in my stomach, the raspy breath, the tightness in my balls. I was getting horny letting Dan watch me! And I just let him do it, even making sure he had plenty of chances to watch. I bent over to pick up tees, making sure to bend over so that he got a good view of all this.

I tried sneaking a peak at his shorts as he watched Chris (the guy must have been in heaven–two younger men to check out!) and noticed that his khaki’s were tenting a bit. I started to get hot and my cock pumped up to a semi-ridged state. Once, while putting my bag on my back I turned to face Dan but looked down pushing my hips out a little as I slid the two straps on; my turgid cock showed clearly and I imagined he loved the show.

On the last hole, a narrow but short par four, Dan asked me if I was interested in little side bet. “You beat me on this hole, then I’ll grill out tonight and get you all the steak and beer you want–I win and you mow my lawn next week..” I agreed, and ended up winning with a long, snaky putt. Afterwards, as we were piling our stuff into our respective car trunks, Dan told me that they would be hanging out at his house for dinner and that I was welcome to come over and join them for a dinner and a drink if I wanted.

I had a lot to think about on the drive home because I knew that the dinner invitation was a sexual invitation as well. That made me nervous, Dan and Chris were good guys, but I didn’t know if Chris knew about the other night and didn’t know how I would feel being around them when the possibility of sex existed. I didn’t feel pressured because I knew that if Dan made a pass at me and I declined, he’d be ok. He was a respectable guy with a man, what would he lose if I said no? Not much.

I showered up and decided to go. As nervous as I was as I walked across the yard, I had myself convinced that I was just going to collect on a bet. Dinner turned out great and a lot of fun. We drank couple of glasses of wine, had dinner, chatted about nothing in particular, all while enjoying an untypical mild Florida evening on the back porch, with the ceiling fan circling above us.

Afterwards, while chatting I felt Dan, who was on my left, place his hand on my knee and begin to slowly trace circles around my kneecap. I relaxed, slid down in my chair a little, and spread my legs so that he’d get to it easier without stretching. Those strong fingers squeezed above my knee, we caught each others eyes and smiled. Soon his hand was tracing long lines up and down my left thigh and I quickly had to shift because my cock strained against my shorts uncomfortably while my mind raced. It sure as hell got hard to keep up casual conversation with both of them as Dan stroked me under the table. But it felt so erotic.

It was dark now and the back porch was dark, only a little light shone from inside. Chris mentioned that he needed a soak after that afternoon so Dan told him that he should jump in the hot tub, which rested in the far corner of the deck. Chris agreed, stood up, and walked that way. As he walked away he began stripping off his shirt, then his shorts, and peeling off his boxers. He turned the Jacuzzi on, took off the cover, tested the water with a hand and then climbed in with his wine, sighing as he slumped into the rolling water. I was shocked by his brazenness but turned on. I hadn’t been able to make out much because of the darkness, but the light from the tub lit up Chris’s silhouette as he climbed in. Dan, meanwhile, got more aggressive as he slid his hand up under my loose shorts and grabbed my now rigid cock through my boxers.

“Feels like you are excited by that,” he told me with a smile as he playfully squeezed my rod. I sighed in response–god his hand felt wonderful, pulsing, sliding, twisting–“Would you like to join him?”

Yes I did.

I looked at him and nodded. “Sure.”

“Have you ever been with a man before?” Don asked.

“No, never,” I responded.

“Well, you’re in for a special treat then, because we’re going to treat you very well.” With that he stood up and motioned for me to follow. As we walked he stripped his body naked and then climbed into the tub before kissing Chris deeply. “Lover, I think our new friend would like to join us tonight.”

Chris smiled at me, “Come on in, I promise not to bite–hard.”

I smiled and took a breath. Then I peeled off my t-shirt, unbuckled my belt, unzipped my fly and dropped my shorts and underwear in one motion.

“Damn,” Chris laughed, “he’s ready to go, look that that monster.”

I hadn’t ever been complimented on my cock. It was strange, but I liked it. I climbed into the Jacuzzi with the guys and settled in while watching them kiss and stroke each other for awhile before Dan pulled away and said, “I think our guest might like some attention.” Chris smiled at me and I nodded. He leaned towards me and placed both of his palms inside my thighs, pushing them open as he settled onto his knees between me before kissing me deeply as he began stroking my thick cock between his nimble fingers. I kissed him back hard and let my hand run down under the water. He had a small cock. Only about four inches and thin, but it was hard as steel. I tested its feel, rubbing up and down the shaft, mimicking what he did to my dick at the same time. He approved of the move and kissed me harder, his dark stubble burning me a bit. I kissed down his neck to his shoulder and looked to Dan, who nodded in approval. I could see his hand working under the water, jerking his rod.

“Why don’t we move inside,” Dan suggested. We got out and grabbed some plush towels from the stand next to the tub and went into his living room. There I stood, naked with two men about ready to do things I’d never done before. I walked over to Dan and faced him, kissing him intensely and rubbing his gray chest. It felt so good and solid. As I did that, Chris pressed against me from behind as his hands rubbed down my body; one hand cupped my balls and the other tugged at my impossibly hard dick. God, I hoped that we would find a way to relieve that pressure soon, but I imagined the guys would help me out in that department. My hands drifted down to Dan’s cock. I grabbed it and looked down; it was about six inches long and almost three fingers wide and veiny with a monstrous purple head on the top. I milked it and watched a clear drop of pre-cum form on the tip. He growled deeply in pleasure and leaned back. I suckled at his nipples and with my other hand reached back to rub Chris’s ass as he rubbed me expertly while kissing my back and shoulders. “We’re going to treat you to some new tricks tonight neighbor” Dan laughed.

“How about sucking cock first?” I suggested. I kneeled and opened my mouth wide. Chris leaned over and held Don’s cock by the base and pressed it to my lips; I opened wide and took it in. I bobbed up and down on it while swirling my tongue, treating it like a popsicle.

“You’re natural,” Chris laughed.

Dan stopped after few minutes; he said he didn’t want to cum yet. “I want to see Chris take that man meat of yours in first,” he told me.

Chris got a wingback chair and Dan sat down to watch, then he retrieved some lube and laid on his back, promptly pulling his knees back while squirting the lube on his puckered bud. “Help me,” he asked, so I began rubbing around with my fingers, coating the outside. Dan told me to push a finger in, so I coated my fingers with some lube and pushed them in as Chris laid his head back and moaned in pleasure. Don instructed me to lube up my cock, so I did and then aligned it with his asshole. I slowly pushed the tip in while Chris gasped and I stopped, but then he asked for more, so I propped my self on my hands for leverage and began rocking back and forth, slowly working it in inch by inch. That ass was so tight, and my first. I reveled in the sensations as his anal walls squeezed around my shaft, massaging in ways no woman had ever done. I could feel every single inch of my shaft squeezed in tight lubed-up pressure. I picked up my pace and Chris began to jack off. We were scooting across the floor and it was hard to get traction, so Dan took his chair and pulled it over, letting Chris slide under it and grab the back legs. Then he sat down to get a perfect view of the action. Well, I really began working his man-ass now, pumping in and out. Our bodies got slick with sweat; there was no sound but the squish of my cock sliding in and out of his well-lubed man pussy.

I looked up into Dan’s eyes and he smiled, then he leaned back in his chair to beat off. I watched his hand pump that thick-assed cock up close and began to really pound Chris’s ass. I was a little worried about hurting him, but Dan was encouraging me to give it to him good. “The way that cock bends up stud, trust me, your tapping that man’s prostrate in a way that he hasn’t had in a long time, fuck my man good!”

The talking really turned me on, so as I continued to fuck Chris, I leaned in and sucked his balls between my lips, humming in pleasure and staring into his eyes. He loved it and began rubbing the back of my head. “Oh yes–you like it, don’t you?” I nodded and smacked my lips. He presented his cock to me and I sucked it down. As it filled my mouth, I relaxed my throat and felt him push against me and growl. Soon the sensations were too much. I stiffened and gasped with that thick cock in my mouth and shot my searing hot cum into Chris’s ass. Chris was screaming out in pleasure, so I left my cock in him while working Dan over. Chris’s legs wrapped around my lower back so that he could hold onto me. To help him, I reached down and grabbed his sac, squeezing gently and letting go, repeating this motion as I sucked his lover off. Soon, he yelled and decorated my chest with his cum and a few second later, Dan grabbed my head with his hands, sat up just off the chair as I held onto its arms. He started fucking my face and after half dozen strokes or so he dumped his cum into my waiting mouth. It washed over my tongue and gagged me a bit, but I swallowed like a good boy as Dan held onto my head as he finished and sat back down. I had been initiated into mansex that night, and knew it wouldn’t be my last try.

But in the meantime, Dan had more planned.

I leaned back onto the carpet, spent and gasping for breath as cum dribbled onto my chin and down my throat. I could tell it would be an acquired taste, but that sucking and fucking with a hot older man was something that I loved.

“Greg,” he said, “If you want to clean up there is a bathroom at the top of the stairs. There are some washcloths under the sink, mouthwash, toothbrushes and that kind of thing if you need them.”

I told him thanks, appreciating that he was so kind about things. I liked that he took the time to explain something or suggest something to me; I felt like he was doing more than just enjoying my body, he wanted me to enjoy the experience and learn from him and Chris. I wiped myself down in the bathroom with a warm cloth and rinsed Listerine through my mouth. I came out of the bathroom and heard Chris’s voice calling to me from an adjacent room.

It was a large room, an upstairs sitting area covered in plush carpeting and dimly lit by candles. Chris and Dan were there naked, kissing each other with fresh glasses of wine to go around. It was all quite comfortable and there was a thick animal skin rug on the floor that they were sitting on, so I joined them there, reclining on my left side and sipping slowly while my cock hung half-flaccid on my thigh. We talked for a long while, mostly about how Dan and Chris were live-in lovers. Dan called himself a “bear,” which meant nothing to me. They had been together for five years, were quiet about their lifestyle and seemed happy together. They enjoyed the occasional sexual adventure with another man, but usually when out of town. Dan, doctor that he was, explained things carefully. He had told Chris about the inadvertent show earlier in the week and its results. They didn’t expect me to be gay, they would never talk about me outside their home, and they understood if I was freaked out but wanted me to know that they enjoyed having me there and that I was welcome anytime. “Is there anything you’d like to know?” Dan asked.

“Yeah, I don’t understand how Chris can take a cock in his ass like that. The other night after watching you guys, I was so turned on that I went home and jacked off in the shower while replaying it in my mind; I wondered if you two fucked and then I did myself with brush handle. I liked it but don’t see how Chris could get something big into him.”

Telling my story about jacking off in the shower had its intended effects. Dan’s cock began to swell and poked up from his gray pubed-lap. Chris stroked it slowly and sucked it to keep Dan hard. “Hmmm,” Dan murmured in pleasure. “We haven’t had a night where I wanted double dips in some time, huh, Chris? Well Greg, it’s all about patience and lubrication and the right man, you want to try?”

I just smiled and lay on my back pulling on my cock and looking at him as an invitation. Chris rummaged in a drawer and pulled out a bottle of astroglide, “Why don’t you lie on your stomach, it will probably be easier that way.” Eager to please I did so as Dan got behind me, “Chris is a ‘bottom,’ I’m a ‘top,’ that means I’m the one who does the riding. If you like both, you’ll be ‘versatile’ he explained.”

Dan squirted a puddle of lube into his palm. “Spread your legs a hair for me guy,” he asked, so I did.

Soon I felt Daniel’s powerful hands pull my ass wide, “God, you’ve got a sweet ass Greg,” he rasped in my ear, “I’m going to love every second of filling your hot ass up—your ready for my sex, aren’t you?”

I nodded.

His thumb tickled my puckered hole and I gasped, pushing my ass up towards the pressure, then I felt Chris’s slick palms wipe down my crack, slathering my hole with lube before feeling the squirt of lube onto my bum. Dan jumped in then, gently opening me up so that Chris could squirt again. The feeling of the lube sliding into me was so fucking hot, and when Chris used his finger to work it inside me, I began to loosen up and enjoy the sensations pulsing into me. I moaned and bucked my hips up toward him hungrily.

“How’s that feel, stud?”

I nodded more as he kissed my neck. “Awesome,” I moaned as I turned my head to kiss him fully. Our tongues entangled for a moment, and then I felt Dan’s thick cockhead tease my opening, push against me, and swirl around.

“Try to relax just a bit man,” he said, “breathe out.” I did as instructed and felt the tip of his sexy rod push against my hole. It popped in easily because they had done such a great job preparing my ass. Dan pulled my hips up and Chris slid a couple of pillows under my stomach, positioning my rump in a good spot for the fucking I was about to receive. I exhaled and Dan slowly pushed in another inch or two and then twirled around and pumped in and out slowly. He gave me a few quick strokes and I moaned a signal that he could go ahead.

In the meantime, Chris positioned under me and we kissed with him stroking my hair and licking at my neck and ears, I was so hot and ready! Dan grunted in pleasure and slowly took some deeper strokes, bucking against me, sliding his six inch beauty all the way in. I could feel his pubes press against my ass and his balls lightly tap mine as he settled in, then he picked up the pace by fucking a little longer and harder as I thrust my ass up against him, feeling my entrance expand and contract with his thrusts. It burned something awful, but like the other night I felt this pleasant hot sensation in my lower belly and enjoyed it. Soon the pain passed and I concentrated on the sensation of having his cockhead pound against my prostrate as his veiny sex slide in and out of me. I was sweating and yelling real good at this point and Dan was grabbing tight to my thighs. I kept yelling out things I’d never imagine myself saying before.

“Fuck me man!”

“Goddamn, yes Dan, god, do it!”

“Give me your cum stud!”

“The only thing better than getting fucked is getting sucked while getting fucked,” Chris told me.

All I could do was gasp out, “YES!”

Dan chuckled and stopped, pulling out and I rolled onto my back, propping my shoulder up on the two pillows and spread. Dan grabbed my ankles forcefully and looked at me deep in my eyes as he raised them up over his shoulders and scooted forward to press against me again. He slowly pushed in, as he did I ran my fingers over his chest, feeling his hairy pecs and squeezing his nipples, which he moaned and gasped about. I felt Chris above me then I leaned back further and felt him take my cock in his mouth.

Dan’s long strokes picked up pace and his hot body pressed against the back of my thighs, every time he pushed in my cock speared Chris’s mouth. Soon the younger man opened wide and let Dan fuck his lips with my cock. Dan’s pace grew quicker and more insistent, “Can I cum in you stud?”

“Fuck yes man, you got my ass now give me what I want! Fill up my virgin ass with your cum, give it to me man, give it to me good, fuck me hard!”

With that he opened me up, spreading me wide and fucking me like there was no tomorrow. I felt him stiffen, yell loudly, and then a torrential flood of cum filled me up. He relaxed and pulled out slowly and Chris repositioned himself in front of me, his hands wrapped around my shaft, stroking up and down in time with his mouth, twisting; never again would any regular sucking off do! My balls filled and I called out that I was going to cum, but Chris only sucked harder and then I drained my seed into his willing mouth. He ate it all up and gasped, licking me clean by going up and down my shaft and delicately around the head with his tongue to make sure I was clean.

The night never left me. While I had lots of fun over the coming years and was even in a foursome, the seduction Dan and Chris gave me that night remained the hottest sexual experience of my young adulthood. As I drifted off to sleep in a king sized bed in their guestroom that night, I knew I’d be spending more nights with the couple.

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