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Summer Moon Ch. 02

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Comment by the author: I received quite a few requests for this sequel, and meant to have it written ages ago, but mid-writing I went into a bit of a slump. But now I have finally finished it! Sorry for the wait, and hope it’s to your liking!

“Beware the woods at night… beware the lunar light.” ~ from the song “Wolf Moon” by Type O Negative


The leaves on the trees were completely still in the absence of wind, their usual warm green color given a bluish shade in the July night. The moon, almost full, lit up the large clearing in the woods where the boy and girl lay on a blanket, hands moving over each other’s bodies as their tongues danced. As the boy slipped his hand under the girl’s tank top and moved it over her breast, she broke the kiss and yawned.

“Not exactly the reaction I was hoping for,” Don, the boy said, grinning down at his girlfriend Emma.

“Sorry,” she giggled. “I’m just really tired. Can’t we go home?” She glanced at the sky. “It’ll be light soon.”

“Nooo, not yet!” Don pleaded. “We came all this way just to have a little privacy…”

Emma opened her lips to reply, but silenced when she suddenly became aware of the sounds of something approaching. Don and Emma both gasped as a gigantic wolf, twice the size of a normal wolf, trotted into the edge of the clearing, stopping to sniff an old bicycle wheel. Emma stared at the beast, afraid to move a muscle. She caught a movement in the corner of her eye and glanced at Don, groaning inwardly when she saw that he had activated his cell phone camera and was holding it up in the wolf’s direction.

“Are you nuts?!” she hissed. “Do want to get us killed? Put that down!”

Don didn’t listen, instead, he pressed the button and the flash went off. The wolf raised its head and looked right at them. Emma trembled in fear, expecting the beast to come charging at them, but instead it turned away and ran down a path in the opposite direction.

Rising, Don helped Emma up.

“Let’s go baby. Help me gather our stuff… Ow!” Don rubbed his cheek where Emma had slapped him. “What the hell?!”

“You… freaking… idiot!” Emma growled, looking every bit as intimidating as the wolf.


The wolf looked at the strangers. Something told the wolf that it was bad to be seen by them, but beyond that, they didn’t interest it. Its acute sense of hearing detected a voice a short distance away, softly humming a tune. The wolf ran eagerly down the path, in direction of the voice. It was his voice.

The sky was quickly lightening. The wolf slowed down. There, by the base of a large tree, was the source of the voice: a beautiful young man, stretched on a blanket. When he became aware of the wolf he sat up. Smiling, he ran one hand through shining, light blonde hair, then patted the ground beside him.

“Come here. I’ve been waiting for you.”

Eagerly, the wolf took its place beside the young man, nuzzled his cheek and breathed in the familiar scent as his hands caressed its fur.

“God, you’re magnificent,” Jamie whispered as he pulled away to look at the wolf. The eyes were the same – those incredible silver blue eyes.

The wolf raised its head, looking at the sky. Jamie glanced up as well.

“It’s time?”

Jamie moved away for his own safety. The wolf began to twitch violently, whimpering in pain. Jamie wanted to do something, but he forced himself to stay put. The wolf’s body began to change shape, the fur began to disappear. It twitched even worse, and Jamie heard some cracking sounds and then… the wolf was gone, and in its place lay a man, naked and panting heavily.

“David!” Jamie ran to him. He helped David sit and pulled out an extra blanket from his backpack, which he wrapped around his shaking lover.

“Are you okay?”

“I’m fine,” David said weakly, taking a deep breath. “The pain subsides very quickly.”

Jamie looked sadly at David. He had seen David change from man to wolf once before, but that time it had been in a dark room, and he had just woken up from a deep sleep. Seeing David change like this was quite different.

David sighed and put his arm around Jamie.

“I told you it would be like this. That’s why I asked you to stay away tonight.”

“I know,” Jamie said, pressing closer to David’s warm body. “I’m sorry. I just felt so helpless, seeing you in so much pain and not being able to do anything about it.”

“There’s nothing anyone can do about it,” David said. “I’ve accepted that. I don’t like it, but I’ve learned to live with it.”

He smiled, caressing Jamie’s hair, sighing contentedly as Jamie began kissing his neck.

“I’m glad you came here tonight anyway, though.”

“Me too,” Jamie whispered. He toyed a little with David’s long, black hair. “You must be so tired. We should go home. You’re going to need your rest if you have another night like this ahead of you.”

David laid down on the blanket and covered his face with his arm.

“Let’s rest here for a few hours, okay? I’m too sleepy to go anywhere.”

Jamie took off his t-shirt and shorts and laid down next to David; placing his head on David’s chest, he made sure they were properly covered by the blanket. He sighed, and had barely closed his eyes before he fell asleep.


They had only slept a few hours before Jamie was awakened by the sunlight. Shielding his eyes he looked at David, asleep on his side, one arm possessively draped over Jamie’s waist. With a smile, Jamie freed himself and sat up to lovingly stare down at David. He still found it hard to believe the lucky turn his life had taken. Not long ago he had been stuck in a nightmare of a relationship, and now he was head over heels in love, and Craig was out of his life forever.

Carefully, Jamie took David’s hand and held it up, looking at it appreciatively. Jamie took the index finger and held it to his mouth, running the tip over his lips before slipping it inside. He closed his eyes briefly as he sucked on the digit; when he opened them again, David had woken up and was staring at him with burning eyes. Jamie released his finger and put his hand on David’s cock, almost purring with appreciation when he felt it begin to grow against his palm.

David groaned when Jamie bent down over his lap and took him inside his mouth, doing to his cock what he had done to his finger. He closed his eyes, enjoying the sensations that rippled through his body. His eyes flew open when Jamie suddenly stopped.

He propped himself up on his elbows. Jamie was rummaging through his backpack, almost desperately. He pulled out a tube of lube and hurriedly applied some of its contents on David’s shaft, then he reached between his own legs to put some of it on his opening, already tingling with anticipation. He straddled David; placing the head of his cock at his entrance, Jamie slowly pushed down with his hips, throwing back his head and whimpering with pleasure as David’s hardness slid inside his body.

David stared at Jamie, unable to take his eyes off him. Before, when he had woken up to Jamie sucking on his finger like that, the sun lighting up his hair, he had for a second mistaken him for an angel. It was definitely a mistake that was easy to make.

“Maybe that’s what he really is…” David thought. “An earthbound angel.”

When David was fully inside, Jamie was still for a moment, eyes closed and taking deep breaths. Then he leaned forward, placed his hands on either side of David face and whispered with pleading eyes:

“Don’t hold back.”

David pulled Jamie down for a kiss, and at that signal, they both began to move. The first two or three thrusts were slow and careful, and then David obeyed his lover’s request, driving his member into Jamie’s passage with hard, fast pushes. Jamie desperately tried to meet his thrusts, moaning and crying out:

“Nnnh! Oaah…! Ah!”

David had never had a lover as noisy as Jamie, and he could not get enough of those noises. He thought they were so incredibly hot. He moved even faster, wanting the moment to last forever but at the same time desperate for release. He reached between their bodies, wanting to stroke Jamie’s cock, but before he could even touch it Jamie’s body began to shake and his semen covered David’s hand. The sight of Jamie, moaning loudly and riding the waves of his orgasm pushed David over the edge. He came with a shout, arching his back as his seed burst forward. He kept thrusting until the waves subsided, and they both collapsed, sweaty and panting.


Alicia looked up from her breakfast and smiled as Jamie and David entered the kitchen. Their steps were heavy and they both looked exhausted, but happy. Them being together was a source of great relief for her. They had both suffered much in life. The curse that her brother lived with had, understandably, turned him into a brooding, quiet shell of the lively free spirit he’d once been.

And Jamie… Alicia thought she’d known how much Jamie had gone through, his father dying, his uncaring mother and his controlling, jealous boyfriend… But, as it turned out, that wasn’t all. She had been horrified and furious when Jamie, holding on to David’s hand for dear life, had told her about how he had been raped by Craig shortly before coming to stay with her and David, and how his mother wouldn’t believe him when he told her about it. But both David and Jamie seemed to be doing so much better now. As if they were healing each other.

Jamie, ever the caffeine-junkie, poured himself a cup of coffee and sank down onto a chair while David, mumbling about a shower, disappeared upstairs.

“Did everything go okay?” Alicia asked, smiling. She had always considered Jamie to be family, now more so than ever.

“Yeah… seeing him change was hard, though.” Jamie took a sip from his coffee.

“I know. I’ve never gotten used to that. It looks just as bad every time. But…” she said as she noticed that Jamie began looking miserable, “…he always says that the pain subsides very fast, and I’m sure you being there tonight was a great help.”

“He told me to stay away, at first. He said he didn’t want me to see. But I went out there anyway,” Jamie grinned.

“Was he pissed?”

“No… he was glad, actually.”

Jamie looked down into his coffee cup, smiling at his own reflection and suppressing a shudder of delight as he thought about what they had done earlier.

“So, have you two decided on what you’re going to do?”

Jamie looked up at Alicia’s question.

“What we’re going to do?”

“When you go off to college,” Alicia clarified. “Is David coming with you?”

“I… I don’t know,” Jamie said, the smile vanishing from his face. “We haven’t discussed it.”

“You haven’t discussed it?” Alicia asked, incredulous.

“No… I mean, he hasn’t brought it up and I, well…”

“Jamie, I realize that you’ve only been together a few weeks, but what with the way you’re both acting I got the impression that it’s, you know…” she smiled sweetly. “…serious. Hot and heavy.”

Jamie chewed his bottom lip nervously. The truth was he’d been too blissfully happy to think about it much, but it did worry him a little. He had been accepted by the college of his choice, but he would gladly go anywhere he had to in order to be with David. However… David had lived alone for so many years now. Perhaps suddenly having another person to worry about would be too much for David.

“You do want to live with David, don’t you?”

Jamie jumped a little, having almost forgotten Alicia was in the room. He cleared his throat.

“I do, very much, it’s just that…” His voice trailed off and he sighed unhappily.

“You’re afraid of being a burden on him,” Alicia said matter-of-factly.

Jamie’s eyes widened. Sometimes Alicia was so perceptive it was scary. She took his hand and squeezed it gently.

“You don’t have to worry, sweetie. I know my brother, and he doesn’t consider you a burden. You make him so happy. He was alone for a long time, but now he’s let you in and I don’t think he would do that only to let you go once the summer’s over. He loves you.”

Smiling, Jamie hugged Alicia. She was something else. Always there when he needed her, and she always knew what to say to make him feel better. He and David would have to talk about this soon, though.

“Tell you what,” Alicia said, getting up and beginning to clear the table. “I’m going grocery shopping. Why don’t you come with me and get out of the house a little? Unless you’re tired?”

The coffee had perked Jamie up and going to town sounded like a good idea. Telling Alicia that he was just going to grab a quick shower he went upstairs. Carefully opening the door to the room he now shared with David, he saw that David had collapsed onto the bed and was fast asleep, skin still damp from his shower. Jamie carefully adjusted the blanket over him, scribbled a note saying where he and Alicia had gone and then hurried to the bathroom to wash up before joining Alicia.


It felt really good being in town and getting a change of scenery. It was a really nice day. The sun was hot, but there was a comfortable breeze in the air. Jamie and Alicia walked around for a bit, chatting about nothing in particular, before stopping by a café for a cold drink. They sat by the window, Jamie with a big glass of Sprite and Alicia with a cola float that she had decided to treat herself with. She slurped it with relish while telling Jamie anecdotes on summer adventures she’d had as a teenager, most of which included his father. They had been childhood friends. Normally, the mere mention of his father would cause Jamie to feel a stab of pain somewhere deep in his gut, but not today. Today, Alicia’s stories made him laugh. She was in the middle of a tale of a disastrous camping trip when she was distracted by a noisy group of teenage boys a few tables away, all staring intently at the screen of a laptop.

“No bullshit, it was huge!” one of the boys said, while the others snickered. He pointed at the screen. “Look at the old bicycle wheel there, and you’ll get a good idea of how big it was.”

“They do that with Photoshop. Don, you’re so full of it, man!”

“Ask Emma, she was with me. I’m telling you, that’s a werewolf!”

As the boys laughed loudly at Don, Jamie and Alicia stared at each other with wide, panicky eyes. They turned their attention back to the boys, hanging on every word.

“Fuck all of you,” Don sulked. “I swear, I haven’t altered the picture! This is what I saw!”

One of the boys leaned closer to the screen.

“The picture’s so dark and blurred you can barely see what it is anyway,” he said, and the others nodded. Don sighed.

“Great. I got a picture of a werewolf, and it’s useless.”

His friends laughed again, except one of them.

“I wouldn’t say it’s useless,” he said with a smile. “Tell me what you think about this,” he says and the boys huddled together and whispered. They obviously liked his idea, as they began laughing excitedly.

Alicia turned to Jamie. Taking a deep breath, she told him to stay calm.

“I know some of their mothers. I’ll go find out.”

Jamie looked anxiously as Alicia got up and walked over to the boys. Smiling charmingly, she asked them to say hi to their mothers for her, then she gestured to the laptop, asking them about the picture. He couldn’t hear their reply, but Alicia chuckled and patted Don on the shoulder before leaving the boys with a: “Have fun!”. She sat back down in front of Jamie.

“Well?” he asked impatiently. She nodded.

“It’s David,” she whispered.

“Oh my god,” Jamie groaned.

“And,” she leaned closer over the table. “…they’re having a party in the woods tonight. With a ‘Red Riding Hood and the Wolf’ theme. They’re inviting all their friends.”

“But it’s a full moon tonight!”

“Calm down. It’s not that bad.”

“How can it not be?!” Jamie asked, his voice panicky.

“First of all,” Alicia said calmly, “no one believes the picture is authentic. Second of all, David can stay in the basement for his transformation tonight. It won’t be very comfortable, but it’s safe. He used to do it every month the first year after he was bitten, when our parents still owned the house.”

“In the cage.” Jamie sighed. It broke his heart every time he thought about what David must have gone through.

“He told you about that, huh?” A hint of sadness flickered in Alicia’s eyes. “Our parents… they didn’t treat him right. He never blamed them, not for a second, but I have never forgiven them.”

“Is the cage still down there?”

“No, don’t worry, I’ve gotten rid of it. I didn’t want that thing in my house. Anyway…” she took her bag and hung it over her shoulder, “let’s get going to the store. If David’s going to be staying in the basement tonight we should make him a good dinner.”

The left the café in silence, their earlier good mood dampened.


Jamie walked across the parking lot towards Alicia’s car, grocery bags in his arms. They had just been about to leave the store when Alicia had been spotted by an acquaintance who began spouting gossip, not caring that Alicia tried to politely tried to excuse herself. After a few unsuccessful attempts at brushing the woman off, Alicia had sighed and sent Jamie ahead to the car.

He loaded the goods into the trunk. As he reached up to close the lid, a hand appeared from behind him and firmly slammed it shut. Jamie spun around in surprise; seeing the person standing in front of him, he had an urge to scream in frustration, but he didn’t. Instead, he tried to look calm and contemptuous.

“What do you want?”

“I thought we’d already established that,” Craig sneered. “I want you.”

“What I want,” Jamie said angrily, “is for you to stop following me and get out of my life.”

Craig grabbed Jamie’s wrist and leaned in so his face was an inch away from Jamie’s.

“I told you I wouldn’t give up. You’re mine,” he hissed. “And this is your last chance to come back home with me willingly. If you won’t, I’m taking you with me whether you want to or not.”

Before Jamie could reply, someone tapped Craig on the shoulder. He turned and found himself staring at the sharp edges of a broken bottle, pointed straight at his face.

“I’m warning you,” Alicia said, her voice deadly, “if you don’t let go of him right now you will be needing a plastic surgeon!”

Jamie stared at Alicia. He had never seen her so angry. It was almost a shock.

“Are you crazy, bitch?” Craig asked, releasing Jamie’s wrist. “We’re in a public place. You can’t do anything to me.”

Alicia sneered.

“You’re on my turf, junior. I know almost everyone here, and when I tell them you attacked Jamie they’re going to take my word for it. Now back off!”

Craig hesitated for a second, then slowly backed away. He glared at Alicia, then pointed his finger at Jamie.

“This isn’t over,” he said, then stormed off.

Alicia put down the bottle and turned to Jamie who stood staring down at his shoes. She gently put her hand on his shoulder.

“Are you OK, sweetie?”

“Not really,” he sighed.

“OK, let’s go home then.”


When they got back David was sitting in the living room reading. He raised his eyebrows when they came in and sat down, surprised by their grave expressions. Alicia chewed on her bottom lip, not sure what to tell him first. After a few minutes silent deliberation she told him about Don’s picture and the party that was going to take place in the woods. David was surprised but unconcerned, as Alicia had expected.

“I don’t remember being seen in the woods last night, he said, “but I can never remember everything afterwards. But anyway, you said they didn’t believe him and that the picture was of poor quality, right? So if I just stay in the basement tonight we should be safe.”

“Right, that’s what I said,” Alicia said. She took a deep breath. “And… there was something else that happened…”

As Alicia described Craig’s unexpected appearance, she glanced at David’s hands and saw that he had clenched his fists so hard that the knuckles were white. When she stopped talking he banged his fist in the table, making both her and Jamie jump in their seats.

“I knew it!” he growled as he got up and began to pace the room. “I knew that sick bastard would come back!” He turned to Jamie. “I think you should try getting a restraining order against him.”

Jamie shook his head.

“I can’t prove he ever did anything to me. His family is loaded, they can afford the best lawyers there is, and my own mother takes his word over mine. How could I ever get a restraining order granted?”

“Well, we have to do something about this!” David was practically screaming now. “That motherfucker already raped you once, and he’s attacked and harassed you! What if he gets to you sometime when I can’t protect you?! Do you have any idea…”


David silenced at the soft sound of Alicia’s voice. And then he a tear slide down Jamie’s face.

“Oh, baby, I’m so sorry…”

He took one step towards Jamie, but then suddenly doubled over as pain spread through out his body.

“It can’t be,” he thought. “Not in broad daylight…”

Jamie and Alicia stared in disbelief at David, groaning painfully on all fours. They both recognised what was happening.

David was changing.

Alicia rushed forward and carefully placed her hand on David’s shoulder.

“Breathe, David. Fight it. You can do it. You can fight it,” she reassured him.

Jamie stepped forward.

“David…” Jamie winced when the sound of his voice just seemed to cause David more pain.

Alicia kept chanting at him to breathe, to fight it, and it worked. Together with Jamie, she helped David up and he sat down on the couch. He leaned back, trying to slow down his breathing. His eyes met Jamie’s, who were still wide and startled.

“I’m okay, baby,” he panted, trying to reassure Jamie. “Would you mind waiting for me upstairs? I’ll be up in a minute.”

Jamie stood still for a minute, staring at David, and then he slowly retreated. As soon as he was out of sight, David slumped back into the couch and sighed heavily, rubbing his eyes with his fingers.


Jamie looked up as David entered the room, then immediately looked down again, but not fast enough to hide his red eyes from David. Sighing, David sat next to him on the bed and folded his hands between his knees.

“I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to scare you.”

“It’s not that…”

Jamie sniffed, then, taking a deep breath:

“Is it because of me?”

David looked up in surprise.

“What are you talking about?”

Jamie turned a little towards him.

“You told me once that you only used to transform during the summer full moons. Well, the moon wasn’t completely full last night, and yet you knew even in the morning that it would transform you. And now… you almost transformed in the middle of the day. So I can’t help but wonder… is it my fault?”

Jamie looked up, and his eyes met David’s.

“Is it?” he asked. “Have I messed up your life? Are you suffering because of me?”

He had barely finished the sentence before he was embraced by strong arms. When David spoke next, Jamie could feel his warm breath in his hair.

“Are you kidding?” David whispered. “Messed up my life? Baby, you are my life.”

“But then why…”

“I don’t know why. There’s no manual for this kind of thing, you know. But I have a theory.”

He eased Jamie back so he could look into his eyes.

“I’m happy, Jamie. And for the longest time, I wasn’t. I was alone and miserable. But now I have you, and you make me so happy that sometimes I have to remind myself to breathe. So yeah, maybe my balance is a little off because of that, but as for suffering because of you it’s just the opposite. Believe me.”

Jamie took a deep breath. He could feel his doubts melting away. Seeing David painfully fighting to stay human before had scared him badly, but David had made him feel much better.

David put the tip of his finger under Jamie’s chin and tilted his head up.

“Try not to worry about it. I learned how to control it once, I can learn again.”

Looking up at David’s smiling face, Jamie felt an incredible surge of love and lust rush through his body and soul. David had such fantastic strength, such amazing tenderness towards himself, it completely took his breath away. He felt his face flush and his cock began to swell. He threw his arms around David’s neck, crushing their lips together in a bruising kiss.

David’s arms came around Jamie’s waist, pressing their bodies tightly together. He lifted Jamie up as if he weighed no more than a kitten and, after hurriedly having placed him on the bed, pounced on top of him. Jamie closed his eyes with a delighted groan as David placed his lips on his neck and sucked hard, but they shot open again and he gasped in surprise as David suddenly grabbed his t-shirt at the hem and ripped it cleanly apart. His shorts and underwear and David’s own clothes received the same treatment, effortlessly torn to shreds by David with a growl that was so filled with lust that Jamie almost felt as if he would come. He could see some of the wolf in David lurking just beneath the surface.

David fastened his lips around one of Jamie’s nipples, making Jamie cry out. He suckled the nub, teased it with lips, tongue and teeth, stopping only briefly to wet his fingers with saliva. When Jamie felt David’s fingers invading his passage he moaned loudly, not even conscious of the fact that Alicia was downstairs, or perhaps he simply didn’t care. He whimpered in anticipation as David removed his fingers and spit into the palm of his hand to coat his cock. Jamie watched, wide eyed and licking his lips as David rubbed the spit onto his member, rigid and red.

Pushing Jamie’s legs apart David covered his body with his own and placed himself at Jamie’s opening. He kissed his lover, letting their tongues play together while he slowly pushed the head of his cock inside. Then, without warning he snapped his hips and drove his entire length into Jamie with one hard thrust. Jamie made a noise that was part gasp, part scream:


David didn’t pause; he kept thrusting, hard and fast. Jamie had both arms and legs wrapped around David’s body, digging his fingers into his back and desperately pushing his hips up as he tried to meet David’s thrusts. Moans, cries, and sobs filled the air and sweat broke out on their skin. David kissed and nibbled on Jamie’s ear, his collarbone, his chin, any part he could reach. When Jamie felt a sharp bite on his neck he exploded, screaming as his cock spurted to cover his and David’s chest with his release. A split second later David came inside Jamie with a roar, clinging to Jamie as if life depended on it.

Afterwards they lay panting together, David on his back with and arm possessively draped over Jamie who was resting his head on David’s chest.

“Oh my God,” Jamie whispered.

David nodded.

“I know.”

Jamie picked up a scrap of fabric on the bed which had once been part of David’s t-shirt.

“You’ve never done that before,” he giggled.

David actually blushed.

“I don’t know what came over me.”

Jamie stroked his arm.

“It’s okay. I…” He blushed as well. “I liked it. And… I liked it when you bit me… It was really hot.”

David’s smile faded away. He turned suddenly, and his hand traced the mark on Jamie’s neck. His hand was shaking.

“What is it?”

The look on David’s face scared Jamie.

“I’m so stupid,” David whispered. He sounded close to tears. “Do you have any idea what I almost did?”

“What are you…?” Jamie’s voice trailed off. He covered the bite mark with his hand.

Bite mark…

“Hey, David, it’s fine. You didn’t break the skin, so it’s okay, right?”

“No, it’s not! I almost…” Sitting up, David pulled his legs up and rested his forehead on his knees. “I don’t ever want you to be like me.”

Jamie put his arms around David

“What if I lose control next time?” David sniffed.

“You won’t.” Jamie kissed his forehead. “You told me just now that you could take back control of the wolf inside you. You were telling the truth, weren’t you?”


“There you go. No harm no foul. You won’t make the same mistake again.”

David sighed, but he smiled a little. Lying back down, he took Jamie in his arms.


Jamie was wandering through the moonlit woods, looking for David. He thought he could hear him close by, but he was constantly out of reach. He felt a strong sense of unease; it was summer, but he was cold and the trees were barren, their limbs looking like skeletal arms reaching out for him. He heard a voice echoing around him, and he realized it was Craig’s voice.

“Don’t tell me ‘no’! That’s all you ever say, but you’ve been screwing around behind my back, haven’t you? Don’t fucking shake your head at me! I saw how you were looking at that guy tonight! You were just aching to spread your legs for him!”

Jamie shook his head. He’d heard these exact words before, the night when Craig had raped him. He closed his eyes and covered his ears with his hands, but somehow he couldn’t block out the voice that was booming through the woods.

“You’re not pushing me away tonight! I’ll show you who you belong to!”

Jamie opened his eyes and gasped; he could see himself on the ground, face turned away and contorted with pain as a grunting Craig held him down and thrust into his body.

Somewhere, a wolf was howling.


“Baby, wake up! It’s okay, I’m here.”

Jamie woke as David gently shook him. Sighing, he pressed his face against David’s chest, feeling comforted as he inhaled David’s scent.

“Bad dream,” he whispered. “How long have I been asleep?”

“About an hour,” David replied, stroking Jamie’s hair. “Was the dream about him?” Jamie didn’t answer. David sighed. “You know, were going to have to talk about…”

“Not now, please,” Jamie pleaded. “We can talk about it later, but not now. I don’t want to think about him right now.”

“Okay,” David nodded. “Later, then.”

Once they had washed up, they went downstairs and joined Alicia in the kitchen. She had her back to them, peeling carrots. Awkwardly scratching his head, David mumbled:

“Hey, Ali, sorry if we… disturbed you earlier.”

“I don’t really know what you’re talking about. I’ve been out in the backyard,” she said, then snorted with held-back laughter, but when she turned around and took one look at Jamie’s face her expression turned serious.

“Are you guys okay?”

“Fine,” Jamie smiled. “Just a lot to deal with right now, that’s all.”

During dinner, Jamie slowly started to feel better. The chill that his nightmare had left behind inside him was fading away, and he was almost back to his old self.

When dinner was done, the basement needed to be prepared. There were things stored down there that needed to be cleared out so David would have enough space. Jamie had decided on spending the night down there too, and to have something to pass the time with and perhaps keep David calm he grabbed some books with short stories to read aloud: Edgar Allan Poe, Poppy Z. Brite, Arthur Conan Doyle, Stephen King, all of David’s favorite authors. Then he prepared a thermos of coffee, which he would definitely need. It was going to be a long night.

When everything was in order there was nothing left to do but settle down in front of the TV and hope that the time would pass quickly. It didn’t, of course. Instead it seemed to slow down almost to a standstill. However, two movies and several sitcom re-runs later the sun was setting and it was time for David and Jamie to go downstairs.

“Hang on a sec,” Jamie said, walking towards the kitchen. “Just going to get the books.”


David grabbed some extra pillows for Jamie, then followed him.

“Baby, hurry up, we gotta go…”

He stopped dead at the entrance to the kitchen, the pillows falling from his hand. Jamie was standing by the kitchen table facing him. Behind Jamie, holding him by the waist, was Craig. He must have slipped in through the window, which was open. He held a gun in his hand, pointed at the side of Jamie’s head.

Craig looked at David, his eyes full of loathing.

“I don’t get it,” he hissed into Jamie’s ear. “What does he have that I don’t?”

“Please,” Jamie begged. “Don’t hurt him. Do whatever you want with me, just don’t hurt him.”

Alicia appeared at David’s side, staring horrified at Craig.

“Jesus,” she said weakly.

Craig ignored her. He gave David a dark smile. The hand holding Jamie around the waist drifted up underneath Jamie’s t-shirt, and Craig licked Jamie’s ear.

“You should have been there when I made him mine. He was squirming like a worm on a hook.”

David clenched his fists.

“You fucker!”

It all happened so fast. Craig’s arm moved to point the gun at David. A shot was fired and David fell to the floor.

Jamie screamed; the sound was almost inhuman. He was struggling against Craig, trying to get to David, until Craig pointed the gun at Alicia who was kneeling by David and shouted:

“Calm down, or she’s next!”

Jamie stilled, sobbing. Craig motioned to Alicia.

“You, get up.”

Slowly, she rose to her feet.

“Outside. Walk slowly in front of me.”

She obeyed, and Craig followed, pushing Jamie in front of him. When they had walked out the front door, Craig let his attention waver for just a second as he reached behind to close it. That’s when Jamie acted. He elbowed Craig in the chest, knocking the wind out of him, then bit down hard on his wrist, making him drop the gun. Turning, he kicked Craig in the crotch, and he fell to the ground.

“Run!” Jamie yelled to Alicia. They ran across the street, into the woods, as fast as they could. They could hear Craig behind them, screaming Jamie’s name. Trying to ignore the pain in his side, Jamie ran, pushing branches out of the way, praying David was alive. He had meant to take the gun from Craig but when he had kicked him in the balls the bastard had conveniently fallen on top of it, so there had been no other choice than to make a run for it and try to lose Craig in the woods.


Jamie stopped and turned when Alicia suddenly cried out. She sat on the ground clutching her ankle.

“Shit!” She banged her fist on the ground in anger. “I took a wrong step and twisted it.” She looked up at Jamie. “Go on ahead. Run.”


Jamie looked around, and saw some bushes.

“Come on, we’ll hide in there.”

The crouched in the bushes, trying to make themselves invisible. They could hear Craig catching up. Jamie could see him now through the leaves in the bushes. He was just a few feet away, leaning against a tree, panting. He swore loudly, and sat down on the ground. Jamie tried to lie as still as possible. He barely dared to breathe.

When Craig suddenly raised his head, listening for something, Jamie bit his lip, forcing himself to keep still. It soon became clear that it wasn’t him or Alicia that Craig was listening for, though. He could hear something coming towards them, from the direction they had come. As the sound came closer, he could also hear an angry, animalistic growl. He recognized the sound.

It was David, in his wolf form. When his eyes fell on Craig he bared his fangs in a savage snarl, approaching. Craig screamed in fear and fired the gun at David.


Jamie tried to get up but Alicia held him back.

“Wait! Look!”

It didn’t seem as if Craig had even heard Jamie’s shout. He was staring at the wolf with eyes bulging with fear. The wolf was still standing, the same snarl on it’s face. The place on its front where the bullet had struck was sizzling as if being burnt, and suddenly, the bullet popped out of the wound and fell to the ground, and the wound closed and vanished. The wolf barked loudly, releasing a spray of saliva into the air. Screaming, Craig ran away, into the woods.


Jamie and Alicia got up and ran to David. Jamie threw his arms around the wolf, sobbing with relief.

“He’s okay… thank god,” Alicia sighed.

“I thought…” Jamie whispered, stroking the wolf’s thick fur as its nose sniffed his neck lovingly.

Alicia sat down next to them.

“He had a gun this time, Jamie. He could have killed us all. We’ll have to report him to the police.”

Jamie looked up.

“The police… but what about David?”

“We’ll take him home, then you and I will drive down to the station. We’ll figure out how to handle it and what to say on the way.”

Jamie nodded. But he wondered what would happen when the police heard what Craig had to say. If the police heard about what Don had seen the night before and connected his story to Craig’s…

Getting up, they beckoned to David to follow them, then walked home as fast as Alicia’s twisted ankle would allow.



Jamie lay stretched out in David’s arms on the couch in Alicia’s living room. He was still amazed at the way everything had turned out that night when Craig had attacked them. When they had gotten home, Alicia took David down in the basement, then she and Jamie drove down to the police station. In the car they agreed to tell a story about how the two of them had been on a late walk together when Craig had appeared and threatened them with a gun, and then chased them into the woods where they had been able to escape him. When Jamie asked what to do if Craig told them about the wolf, Alicia had chewed her nails and muttered:

“Let’s just hope they won’t believe him.”

When they got there they found they were not entirely unexpected. In fact, the cops had been about to send a car to Alicia’s house to get them. When they heard why, Jamie had almost laughed with relief. Apparently, Craig had happened upon the partying kids with their “Red Riding Hood and the Wolf”-party, rushing right into their midst, waving his gun around and babbling incoherently. When he had seen the wolf costumes that some of the partygoers were attired in he had fainted. So luckily, when Craig came to and began telling the cops about werewolves in the woods, they were quite sceptical. Especially when later on he was tested positive for marijuana.

Jamie and Alicia told the story they had agreed on, and Craig was charged with assault. Jamie doubted his punishment would be heavy, considering the lawyers his parents could afford. However, Craig would hopefully be out of his hair for good this time. Craig’s family was not only rich, they were famous too, and they had been very embarrassed when Craig’s “outburst”, as they called it, had made the papers. They had contacted Jamie and assured him that they would get Craig help from professionals, and they would personally make sure that Craig never contacted him again. Craig’s parents may only be concerned with their own reputation, but Jamie believed they would keep their promise.

Jamie smiled as David stroked his hair. The moment when Craig had shot David had been, along with the day his father died, the worst of his life. He never thought Craig had been able to go that far. He could have killed all three of them, or one of those kids. They were all lucky they hadn’t been hurt. When Jamie asked David why the bullets hadn’t harmed him, David had smiled and said:

“If I remember correctly, you need silver bullets to kill a werewolf.”

Now he was just glad that they were alone together in peace and quiet, for the first time in days. Alicia had gone off to see a friend for lunch. Jamie placed little kisses on David’s chest, and was just about to suggest going upstairs, when the phone rang. Answering it, David said:

“Hold on.” He turned to Jamie. “It’s your mother.”

Jamie sighed. Just what he needed. She was one of the last people he wanted to talk to right now. Still, he took the phone.

“Hi. What do you want?”

“Oh, Jamie! I heard what happened with Craig. I couldn’t believe it at first, but his mother confirmed it.”


“And… I understand now that you were telling the truth before about what he did to you. I’m sorry I didn’t believe you. However, I hope you’ll understand why I didn’t. Craig was such a nice boy, from a fine, respectable family. How could I believe he would…”

“Goodbye, mother.”

Jamie hung up the phone and sighed.

“She’ll never change.”

“I’m sorry.”

“It’s okay. I’ve accepted it. Besides…” he smiled at David, “you and Ali are all the family I need. As long as I have you two, I’ll be fine.”

David pressed a kiss on Jamie’s lips, snaking his tongue into his welcoming mouth. Jamie put his arms around David’s neck, freeing his long black hair from its restraint and ran his fingers through it. He broke the kiss, and whispered:

“Take me to bed.”

Upstairs, their clothes were quickly out of the way. Lying on the bed, Jamie sighed with pleasure as David’s lips and tongue worshipped his neck. David moved down, trailing kisses around the collarbone, down to Jamie’s nipple. While gently tweaking the other with his fingers, David teased it with his lips and the tip of his tongue. Jamie ran his hands over every part of David he could reach.

David took out the lube and poured some on his fingers. Slipping his hand between Jamie’s legs, he lightly rubbed the silky skin around Jamie’s opening with his index finger before pushing it inside, gently rotating it, then adding another finger when the tightness eased. Jamie whimpered as David began teasing his prostate. Smiling, David removed his fingers, poured more lube onto his hand and wrapped it around his shaft.

Jamie watched, licking his lips as David lubed himself up, a pleasure little shiver running through his body at the sight of the glistening large member that was about to enter his body. When David positioned himself, Jamie wrapped his legs around his waist, gazing with reverence into those silver blue eyes that had bewitched him from the start.

David pushed, groaning as his member slid inside Jamie’s passage.

“Oh, god… Baby, you’re so hot… you feel so good.”

“You… too…” Jamie gasped. He pulled David down for a kiss, moaning into it when David suddenly began moving. He slid in and out with long strokes, so achingly slowly that Jamie began whimpering and moving his body impatiently.

“Please,” he begged when David showed no sign of speeding up. “David, please! I need it! Please!”

He moaned with relief when David finally stopped torturing him and began pushing harder and harder; the long, slow strokes became short, hard thrusts. He panted and gasped, crying out when David raised his body enough to be able to take Jamie’s cock in his hand.

“David, I can’t…” Jamie sobbed. “I’m coming…”

“Me, too, baby,” David panted. “Let go, it’s okay.”

Screaming, Jamie orgasmed, his body writhing in the bed as his semen spurted. Pulling Jamie into his arms, David pushed in one final time and emptied his own release inside Jamie, a sound of absolute pleasure issuing from his mouth.

After a while, when his breathing began to return to normal and his arms and legs felt less like jelly, David rolled off Jamie and took him into his arms, kissing him softly.

“I don’t know how it’s possible,” Jamie whispered, “but it gets better every damn time.”

David chuckled.

“I think you may be right about that.” He twirled a strand of Jamie’s hair around his fingers. “You know, gorgeous, with all that’s happened we haven’t really had a chance to talk.”

“About what?”

“You’re going away to college soon. You’ll be out on your own, meeting new people, starting a new life..”

Jamie sat up, the smile disappearing from his face.

“All the same,” David continued, “I was hoping you wouldn’t mind if I tagged along.”

Jamie grabbed a pillow and began hitting David with it.

“You asshole! Don’t scare me like that!”

“You weren’t seriously doubting I would, were you?” David laughed.

Jamie stopped hitting him, trying to look mad and failing.

“For a second, I guess…”

“Baby, I already told you I’m in this for life. I love you. And I know you love me.”

“I don’t!” Jamie laughed, hitting him again with the pillow. “I hate you!”

David wrenched the pillow out of his hands and pulled him down.

“Forever and ever?” he smiled.

Jamie smiled softly and kissed him.

“Forever and ever.”


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