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Submissive Saturday Ch. 02

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Every bump in the road was sheer torture, making my pussy clench around the dildo inside me. As I pulled into the parking lot, I was glad to see that the store did not appear too busy and parked out as far away from other vehicles as I could without appearing suspicious. Putting the car in park, I rested my head against the steering wheel once more and rocked my hips experimentally against the dildo.

It felt so good that I couldn’t stop and began rocking my hips even faster. I could feel my breath coming quicker and was dimly aware of the windows becoming fogged up due to my rapid breathing. At that point there was no way I could have stopped myself. I could feel sweat beading up on my forehead as I raced head long for the release I knew was coming when suddenly there was a knock on my window that caused me to jump!

“Are you OK?” asked a friend of mine from work as I rolled down the window. I was embarrassed at having been caught but as my clothes were all in place, figured I could bluff my way through this one.

“I wasn’t feeling too good when I left home but now my stomach aches and I feel too hot,” I stammered thinking it was close enough to the truth

“You really are looking kind of feverish right now,” she said as she reached her hand into the open window to check my forehead. “You do feel warm and you are sweating. Maybe you should park up closer to the building and make sure to bundle up when you are outside.” With that, she gave me a little wave as she headed back to her car.

“That was a close one”, I thought as I put the car in gear and moved to find a parking spot closer to the doors. There was no way I could sit in the car and finish what I had started with her watching out for me and my legs trembled at the thought of having to walk into the store and then to do my shopping! I was so afraid but thrilled at the same time of having an orgasm in the middle of the grocery store in front of friends, neighbors and coworkers.

As I got out of the car, I grabbed a shopping cart someone had left in the parking lot. I knew I would need something to lean on, as my legs didn’t appear to be too stable right then. I chuckled as I pictured myself taking two steps and falling to the ground, screaming as I came from the dildo rubbing against my clit and deep inside my pussy. What a sight that would be!

Once inside the store, I grabbed up the few items I would need to make a fast spaghetti dinner as well as my Master’s beer. Thankfully I was very familiar with this store so was able to locate what I need quickly. As this was apparently a slow period for the store, I was also able to check out much quicker than I had anticipated and was soon on my way home again.

I nervously glanced at the clock in the car as I pulled into my driveway. No time frame was established but I was afraid that I had taken too long and displeased my Master. Also I had decided myself what to serve him for dinner without asking his preference. Groaning, I pulled myself up the steps to my front door and laid my head against it, resting. It was not so much the weight of the items I had brought home but the feeling of the dildo still twisting inside of me with every step that caused me to lose my breath.

As I swung open the door, I was able to peer straight through the living room into the kitchen where my Master was leaning against the kitchen counters. His hair still damp and wrapped only in a towel around his waist, I don’t think I have ever seen such a beautifully masculine sight before. I just stood there and stared at him, the way his blond hair had darkened from his shower, the hair sprinkled over his chest and running down under the towel, the nipples standing away from his chest like small pink marbles begging to be played with and his long powerful legs, thrusting out from the towel.

“Have fun shopping?” he asked sardonically.

“Yes, Master,” I answered as I stepped inside and shut the door firmly behind me. Briefly, I leaned against the door and looked at him some more before beginning the slow walk towards him. As I stepped into the kitchen, I set the beer and bags on the countertop so that I could begin to put the items away.

“Master, would you like a cold beer? I made sure they were ice cold before I bought them.”

“Not just yet, slave. Do you not remember your pledge to me?” Master demanded.

My mind raced as I tried to remember my pledge to my Master. What had I done to upset him this time? I did not touch him when I got home, as I so desperately wanted. I bought the beer he had demanded.

“No, Master, I don’t remember,” I was finally forced to admit. My heart breaking at the thought of how disappointed he must be with me. I glanced down at the countertop, knowing I would never be worthy of such a Master if I could not remember a pledge that I had just made to him.

Cupping my chin in his hand, Master raised my eyes to his. “No clothing on the slave. Do you remember now?” he whispered to me

“Yes, Master. I am sorry,” I stammered. “It won’t happen again, I swear.”

“You are learning. That is good enough for now.”

Having remembered my lesson from last time, I pulled my right foot up so that I was able to unzip my boot first. Bending over, my shirt swung away from me allowing my Master to gaze down the front and see my breasts encased in the black lace. As soon as I pulled off my boot, I pulled up my left foot so I could strip it of its boot as well. Now, standing barefoot in front of my Master, I began unbuttoning my shirt as he watched.

Laying the shirt on the countertop, I reached around to unsnap my bra when Master leaned over and kissed my nipples through the flimsy fabric. I arched my back even further so my nipples were pushed up at him, as he gently loved one then the other with his mouth. As he would tongue one of my nipples his hand would come up to cup the other, his thumb running over the nipple again and again. So desperately, I wanted to clutch his head between my hands and force myself into his mouth but not daring, as I had not been granted that permission.

Instead, I completed unsnapping my bra and gently removed it. Careful to wait as Master moved from one breast to the other before stripping it away from my body. The feeling of his hot wet mouth against my bare skin had me leaning against the countertop with my hands trapped behind me lest I forget and begin touching him. My hips began slowly and softly rotating, feeling the dildo placed inside me by my Master rocking as I moved. I clamped my thighs tightly together to hold the dildo in place as I rocked against the cabinets.

Master pushed a knee between my legs and wrapping his hands around my shoulders, forced me to sink low enough so that he could push the dildo into me with his leg. Gently at first, he used his leg to push the dildo into me until he became inpatient with that. Pulling at the waistband of my jeans to tell me he wanted me to finish and my hands quickly came around to unfasten them and let them fall to a puddle around my feet as I used my hand to hold the dildo in place until Master could return his leg to me.

Balancing the end of the dildo against his leg, Master rocked it back and forth inside me as he began to nibble on my nipples. His teeth just lightly scraping against me at first until my moans of passion filled the room. His hand slide between our bodies and he used it to rub my clit as he fucked the dildo in and out of me faster, harder, deeper. My knuckles were white as my hands gripped the countertops pushing towards another orgasm when suddenly Master stopped.

“Finish putting away the groceries so you can shave my face, whore.” I gave a soft cry in protest as he pulled the dildo from my steaming pussy.

“Well, you can’t hold it in while you are naked and putting away groceries,” he said as he offered it up to my mouth. My mouth opened as wide as possible and Master pushed it in, being careful not to make me gag on it. Slowly he forced my head back further and further as he moved the dildo in and out of my mouth.

“It felt so good when you were sucking me, my little whore,” Master whispers in my ear. “You love tasting your own pussy don’t you? I’ll bet you can’t wait to lick it off my cock.”

I moaned around the dildo that was sliding in and out of my mouth, pressing closer and closer to the back of my throat as I thought about licking my cum from my Master’s hard cock and feeling him explode in my mouth. I wanted nothing more than to taste us together. Gently Master withdrew the now clean dildo from my mouth and licked my lips so he could also enjoy the taste of me before pressing his tongue inside my mouth and tickling the inside of my cheeks with his tongue.

Grabbing a cold beer from the 6-pack, Master said to me, “Finish putting the stuff away while I go lather up my face. And slave? You need to hurry.”

I danced around the kitchen putting the hamburger in a saucepan on low heat to begin cooking our dinner. I added the necessary spices as I laid out the cans of tomato sauce and paste on the counter near the can opener so they would be easy to find. Turning around, I scooped the beer, salad ingredients, garlic bread and cottage cheese from the counter and quickly stored them in the refrigerator before going to join my Master in the bathroom.

Once in the bathroom, I watched as Master finished adding the shaving lather to his face. Laid out in front of him on the counter top was his shaving kit: a razor, his shaving lather and aftershave. There was something so erotic about watching his hands gliding over his cheeks and chin, hiding his features in a thick layer of foam as the candle light from the two candles placed on either side of the sink danced over them.

Glancing up to the mirror, Master saw me watching him. “Come in, slave. I wish for you to shave me now.” With that, Master sat down on the toilet stool with his beer and watched me walking towards him.

“I have never done this before,” I tell him as I pick up his razor and turn to face him. “My hands are trembling and I am afraid that I will cut you”

Placing his hand over mine, Master guided the razor to his face and showed me how to give him a close shave. It was so different than shaving my body. With a woman, you move the razor against the direction the hair is growing but Master was guiding me to shave him with the direction of the hair. I could hear a low rasping sound as the razor skimmed over his face, leaving behind a clear clean path of skin.

“You don’t have the power to hurt me,” Master assured me as he tilted his head back and allowed me access to his neck. I was staring, mesmerized by the sight of his beating pulse in the veins he had exposed to me when he touched my inner thigh with his cold beer bottle bringing me quickly back to attention.

“Let’s get this finished before the lather dries on my face, shall we?” he asked in his slightly sarcastic tone before giving me one of his rare and beautiful grins. My right hand moved to cup the opposite side of his face as I stroked the razor on his neck. As the razor moved lower, my Master brought the beer bottle up higher until it was touching my outer pussy lips.

Carefully, I spread my legs even wider as I shaved around Master’s goatee. I slightly turned my body to dip my hand into the sink, which was full of warm water. With my damp hand, I caressed Master’s face to remove the shaving lather and to check if I had shaved him close enough. Watching my hand stroking his face as he bounced the cold beer bottle against my pussy was the closest I had felt in peace in a long time. As I continued to tenderly caress the side of his face I looked down into his eyes and could feel my own brimming over with desire, longing and passion for this man who owned me.

Turning his head slightly, Master captured my thumb in his mouth and bit down on it. “Let’s finish this so our games can begin,” he said as he eased the neck of his beer bottle into my cunt. My legs began trembling as the icy cold glass entered me and I softly moaned. Suddenly, Master jammed the beer bottle as hard as he could against my pussy and I cried out in pleasure and pain as the bottle rammed against me, only the neck being allowed in.

Withdrawing the bottle and offering me a drink, Master asked, “What are you cooking for dinner?”

With a gasp at having forgotten the meal I had turned on, I fled the bathroom to the kitchen where I grabbed up a spoon and begin vigorously stirring the meat I had started what seemed like so long ago. Heaving a sigh at not having burned it, I set down the spoon and returned to the bathroom.

Leaning against the doorframe, I peered at Master and somewhat sheepishly asked, “Do you like spaghetti? I learned at an early age how to make my own sauce and thought that was something quick and simple I could make for you. It is something that can sit on the stove on a low flame for a long time without fear of burning. Once the sauce is done, it will only take a few moments to cook the noodles whenever you are ready to eat. We didn’t discuss it before I left to go to the store but I have not yet added any of the Italian spices so I can change it to something else if you desire.”

“Spaghetti is fine as long as you don’t add any mushrooms to the sauce. I find those rather repulsive and don’t want to have to look at any. Now come and finish my shave, slave.”

I picked up the razor and swished it around in the water to clean any left over bristles. Straddling his legs, I cupped the soft left side of his face so I could tilt his head back. Slowly and gently I dragged the razor over his Adam’s apple stopping just as the razor touched the bottom edge of his goatee. Once again I turned slightly to rinse off his razor before turning his face to the left so that I could shave the right side of his neck. After I had completed the job as best I was able, I leaned over him and intent on grabbing down a washcloth to wash the remaining lather off his face.

Stretching up on my tiptoes, my breasts were pushed against Master’s head as I struggled to grab a washcloth. Truth be known, I did not have as much difficulty reaching them as I pretended. I was enjoying teasing my Master in this way. Knowing the weight of my breasts were pushing against his face, the hard nipples brushing against his cheeks, chin and forehead as I continued my mock struggle. Finally, I succeed in getting hold of a washcloth and dragging it down.

As my breasts slipped against his face as I settled back flat on my feet, Master opened his mouth and sucked the left nipple back into his mouth. My head arched back as I moaned low in my throat, my hands twisting the washcloth in an effort not to touch him. His tongue flicked the nipple back and forth as he so tenderly held it between his teeth. His hand brought the beer bottle up to my other nipple, the right one that he has so savagely brutalized earlier. I gasped at the feeling of that sensitive flesh against the chilly bottle.

“Please, Master,” I whispered. “I must go and stir your dinner again before it burns.”

Slowly, Master released me from his mouth and removed the bottle from my right breast, taking the washcloth between his fingers as well. Gazing up at me he said, “Go check on my dinner, slave and I will check the job you did of shaving me.”

Quickly I moved into the kitchen once more. I opened the cans of tomato sauce and paste then drained the meat before tossing in the tomato products and more seasoning. In another saucepan, I added broken noodles with a small amount of salt and then made sure the teakettle was full for when Master decided he was hungry. Hastily, I checked the required temperature for the garlic bread and set the oven on as well. Turning the flame down low under the sauce, I returned to the bathroom.

Master was now standing in front of the mirror, checking on the job I had done of shaving him. He touched up some spots with his razor before motioning for me to step closer.

“A very good job for the first time, slave. I am rather impressed with you.”

Blushing with pleasure at the unexpected compliment, I smiled softly at Master. I was not quite sure how I should react to that so I settled for the smile and a quietly whispered, “It’s my duty to please you, Master.”

“You are very good at pleasing me but tell me, is it truly your duty to please me or a desire of yours?”

“It is my desire, Master. It is an honor to be able to please you in any way you wish, to put a smile on your face, to hear compliments of my performance.”

“Good, slave. Now come wash this lather from my face. It is beginning to dry and itch.”

Standing in front of my Master once more, I carefully dipped the washcloth in warm water and wrung it out before applying it to his cheek. Slowly I drug the washcloth down his face, the heat of the water causing his face to redden as I cleaned him, rinsing the washcloth again and again in the sink. At last all of the lather had been rinsed from his face and he stood looking down at me.

“Does the heat of the water bother your hands, little one?”

“Not at all, Master. I use water much warmer than this when I bathe myself.”

“Let’s just see how much heat you can handle, then.”

With that Master picked up one of the candles that was burning on the countertop. Watching my face, he tipped the candle so that the melted blue wax could run out over my breasts out of the glass container. The warmth of the candle wax caused my back to arch once more, pushing my proud nipples towards my Master. After all the wax had been poured out of the candle Master returned it once again to the countertop before picking up the other candle I had left burning in the bathroom. Tipping it on its side to allow the wax to pour out over my body as well.

Gazing down at my body as Master replaced that candle on the countertop, I was surprised to see blue and purple wax hardening on my body. I could see the wax trails starting just above where my breasts swelled out away from my body and running down the length of my body. Some of the wax had dripped off my nipples before hardening and even decorated the tops of my feet.

Soundlessly, I watched as Master brought his hands up to touch some of the wax trails that had turned me into such a work of art. The wax that was completely cooled broke off from my body at his touch but the wax that was still warm molded itself to his desires much as I did. Soon I was covered in swirls of wax that bore my Master’s fingerprints as if he had branded me his.

Without a word, Master picked up his beer bottle and allowed some of the cold liquid to pour out onto my body. I couldn’t help but shiver as the golden liquid ran down my breasts, following the trails left by the wax. My shoulders curled in as I tried to protect myself from the chill. The warm wax made a faintly crackling sound as the cold beer ran over it, freezing any spots that had yet to cool off.

“I can see you much prefer the heat. That is something I will have to remember, slave,” Master told me as he sat down the now empty beer bottle.

I watched mesmerized as his hands came up to cup my breasts, the hardened wax breaking off at the slightest touch, leaving behind skin that was slightly red from the heat. The floor around us was soon littered with flecks of hardened wax and slick with the beer that had ran off my body.

“Turn around,” Master commanded me, pulling on my shoulder as he turned me so that I faced the mirror. I watched spellbound as one of his hands continued to caress my body, causing more of the wax to fall off. His hand trailed lower, moving from my breasts onto my stomach and my head fell back against his shoulder as he reached my soaking wet cunt.

“Play with your nipples,” he demanded in a low tone, pushing my hair aside so he could bit the back of my neck before he sank out of sight behind me. I heard the seat of the toilet being lowered as I watched my own hands come up to twist and pull at my nipples.

I gasped in delight as I felt the neck of the empty beer bottle sliding between the swollen and wet lips of my pussy. Gently teasing me, Master rubbed the bottle from my clit to the entrance of my pussy again and again. Moaning as I pushed back at him, I turned to look at him as I whispered, “Please, Master.”

“Please, what, “Master asked while staring into my eyes. “What does my little whore want?”

“I want you to fuck me, Master, please.” I beg, unable to tear my eyes away from his hypnotic gaze.

“With what, bitch?” Master asks as he continues to slide the bottle in my juices. My back arches every time the bottle touches my clit and I can feel the muscles in my pussy contract each time he teases the opening without ever entering me. My legs are quivering as I try to push down to impale myself on the bottle in his hand.

“Fuck me with the bottle, Master,” I hoarsely beg of him. “Please Master, I want to feel something inside me.”

Gently he pushes the bottleneck into my pussy but as I push down trying to draw in more, he removes it from me.

At my moan of protest, Master laughs. “Do you want me to fuck you or not?” he asks.

“Yes, Master, please,” I reply, “Fuck me, please.”

“Then you must be still and let me fuck you,” he tells me. Gripping my hip in his hand, he pushes me to one side so he can now look over my hip and watch me in the mirror. “You have to stand totally still or I will stop, slut.”

“Yes, Master,” I promise to him as I lock my trembling knees in place so I can’t bow my legs any longer to try to get more inside me.

As Master slides the bottle back into my pussy, I bow my head and grip the edge of the countertop in an effort not to push back at him. I can feel the ridges on the lip of the bottle rubbing against the walls of my pussy as he twists it while pushing it into me so slowly as if to test my resolve not to move. Suddenly, he rammed the bottle deep into my pussy until the body of the bottle was pressed tightly against my pussy.

“Look at yourself, whore,” Master demanded. “Watch how you change as I make you mine!”

I lifted my head until I could once again gaze into my own eyes in the mirror. My eyes looked glazed over and glassy with desire as I once again felt Master moving the beer bottle inside of me. I watched as my face grew flush and my lips parts as I began moaning. My lips turning rosy as I licked them repeatedly as they dried out from my breath panting over them.

Again and again, Master reamed the bottle into my pussy, each time pushing a little harder in an effort to get the entire bottle into me. I was groaning in pain and pleasure, as each stroke seemed to tear me a little more. I could feel my pussy opening with each thrust, following the curve on the body of the bottle, as it allowed a little more in each time. My body went rigid and I screamed in pain as Master finally succeeded in getting the widest part of the bottle inside me.

Quickly, Master wrapped his free arm around me and pressed his face against my back, leaving a trail of tender kisses as his fingers found my clit and began playing with it.

“Shhh, little one,” Master whispered to me. “Just relax, I won’t hurt you anymore. The worst part is over now.”

I was still gazing at myself in the mirror, my mouth open in a wordless, soundless scream and my eyes wide. My entire body shook as I was wracked with pain. It was all I could do not to lift my feet and lash out at my Master to force him to remove the bottle. I had risen up on tiptoes as it was pushed into me and held myself there, in terror of relaxing my muscles so that I once again stood flat footed for fear of pushing the bottle in any deeper.

Still murmuring words of encouragement, Master bent his head even lower and flicked his tongue across my asshole. A moan of delight overtook me to feel his hot tongue sliding over my ass. His fingers still rubbing my clit in the circular motion as his tongue pressed against me, intent on getting inside. My muscles had yet to relax though and no matter how hard he pushed against me, my rosebud was firmly closed to him.

Gently he removed the bottle from my bruised cunt and I slowly sank back to rest on my heels. Master kept licking my ass as he rubbed my clit until finally my muscles relaxed enough to allow him to push his long hot tongue into me. I could feel his tongue wiggling deep inside me and arched my back, pressing towards him so he could get deeper.

I wanted to cry as he pulled his tongue out of me but he bent lower to run his broad flat tongue over my pussy. So tenderly he curled his tongue around the opening of my cunt, being so gentle with the bruised and sore flesh there before sliding his tongue inside. The feeling of his tongue so softly caressing me was making me moan in pleasure as his fingers continued to rub my clit.

As soon as Master felt my hips rocking back at him, he pulled away from me. Turning me around, he rained kisses down all over my stomach before standing before me. Gazing down into my eyes, Master stroked my face and whispered, “Let’s go to bed, pet.”

Leading me from the bathroom holding my hand, Master stopped at the stove long enough to allow me to stir the sauce, place a lid on it and turn it off. The only thing left on was the oven so that it would not have to preheat again later. As I completed the last of my duties for dinner, I turned to Master once more and he again took my hand to lead me to my bedroom.

Once in my room, Master placed the lit candles on my nightstand and helped me to lie on the bed. The heat in his eyes as he stood over me, trailing his fingers down my body was soon causing me to squirm. As his fingers dipped again and again into the wetness between my thighs, my hips would arch off the bed and my hands would claw into the bedspread at my sides.

Slowly Master sat on the bed next to me and watched as his fingers slid inside my pussy. My thighs squeezed together as he pushed his two fingers as deep as possible and then began wiggling his fingers, almost as if he was trying to tickle the walls of my pussy. Moving so slowly and gently so as not to cause any more pain to my already tender flesh.

Holding his fingers at an angle so they would rub against the walls of my pussy in an effort to find my G-spot, Master began stroking his fingers in and out of me. As the first groan was tore from my throat again, my Master smiled down at me then lay so his head was resting on my thigh and he could watch his fingers entering my pussy more closely.

My hips arched up with every gentle stroke of his fingers. My head was tossing back and forth on the pillows as I moved quickly towards another orgasm. My fingers were gripping the bedspread so tightly so as not to touch Master. As his thumb stroked across my extended clit, my pussy clenched his fingers and I began begging him. “Oh, God, Master. I want to cum for you. Please, let me cum.”

Lifting his head to look into my eyes, Master again rubbed his thumb over my hard clit. My back arched so that my pussy was pressed down against his hand and my neck was exposed as my head pushed deeper into the pillows. Lower his head once more; Master flicked his tongue over my clit. I couldn’t stop myself as my hands came down to grip the back of his head, pushing him tightly against my pussy as my hips began bouncing on the bed.

Master began fucking me harder and faster with his fingers, adding another so that now I had three ramming into me. His tongue licking my clit repeatedly as I thrashed under him, begging for my release. When his lips closed around my clit and he started sucking on it, I could hold back no longer and came all over his hand as I screamed out my pleasure.

Slowly I drifted back to earth from the heavens where my Master had sent me. Pulling his head from between my thighs, he slowly withdrew his fingers despite my moaned protests and offered them to my mouth. When my tongue began licking one finger, he moved up so that he could help me clean his fingers. Soon our tongues were dancing together, stroking each other’s as we playful fought over his cum soaked fingers.

At last, his fingers were clean and he stroked my hair as he looked down at my face. His fingers felt cool as they pushed my hair back from my forehead so he could lightly kiss me there. His other hand stroked down the outside of my body, from my shoulder to my ribs, along the curve of my hip to the outside of my thigh. His hand slowly drifted back up my hip to trail along my ass as his hand dropped to the bed.

“Now, its time for the Monster,” Master announced as he showed me the dildo he had picked up off the bed.

I knew the fear I felt must have been clearly visible in my eyes but I didn’t dare cringe away from my Master as he lowered the monster between my thighs. I quickly sucked in a breath as I felt the head of that huge dildo touching my pussy lips and my body involuntarily tightened up. I could feel my body trembling but wasn’t sure if it was the aftershocks of my last orgasm or in fear of what was about to happen.

“Monster always gets what he wants,” Master whispered to me. “Are you sure you want to fight against him? It’ll just make it hurt that much more.”

Slowly I struggled to relax my body as Master pushed the dildo against the opening to my pussy. The dildo was shaped exactly like a real dick and I could feel the head entering my pussy. As the ridge around the head popped inside me, my legs began shaking. I knew that even as stretched as I felt, more was coming because the dildo became thicker as it reached the base.

Almost gently, Master continued the steady pressure that pushed Monster deeper inside me. When it was about half way inside me, my thighs closed trying to keep him from pushing anymore into me. I needed to have some time to adjust to what was currently there. It was so much thicker than anything I had ever held inside me before.

Bending down to kiss my lips, Master told me “Relax, my little whore. I will wait until you are ready for more.”

With that he began pulling the dildo out of me and slowly sliding it back in. At first my body tightened up every time he pushed Monster back into me out of fear that he would force me to take more than I was ready for but Master continued slowly fucking me at the depth I had readily accepted. Soon I was groaning in passion as my thighs parted again and my hips rocked up to meet his thrusts, eager for more of the Monster.

“Please, Master,” I panted. My hands reach down between my thighs to wrap around his wrist, trying to pull more of the dildo inside me.

“Ready for more, pet?” Master asks looking down into my eyes.

“Yes, Master,” I groaned arching my hips higher off the bed.

Twisting his hand to rotate the dildo, Master began fucking me with Monster. Every thrust, he would push more inside me. My hips were bouncing of the bed meeting the rhythm he had set until I pushed the tempo faster when my body started shaking with another orgasm.

Rather than stopping what he was doing to let me ride out my orgasm, Master kept fucking me with his huge toy. Still going deeper with every stroke until by the end of my orgasm, the entire length was buried inside me. I lay quivering in his arms as the dildo slipped in and out of my wet pussy. Moving so slowly at first but picking up speed as I began responding once more.

I lost count of how many orgasms Master granted me before finally withdrawing the Monster from my steaming cunt. Master stood once more to look down at me, smiling at what he saw. I was covered in sweat and cum drenched the bed underneath me. My hair was a tangled mess from tossing my head back and forth so much. My lips were dry from all the panting and moaning I had done but rosy from the way I constantly licked them. My body flushed with passion. My nipples still hard and my tits heaving as I tried to control my breathing again. My eyes were glassy with desire and fulfillment.

“Come now, pet.” Master said as he offered me his hand. “It’s time for you to fix my dinner.”

I placed my hand in Master’s, allowing him to help me from the bed. I stood before him on shaky legs that seemed too weak to hold me as he wrapped his arms around me, forcing me to lean on him until I was ready to stand on my own. Once I was ready and able to stand by myself, Master took my small hand in his larger one and led me back into the kitchen.

Still holding my hand, Master and I together refilled the teakettle to begin boiling water for the spaghetti noodles. He turned the burner on the lowest possible setting and led me to the bathroom where he started a shower for us. After sitting me on the toilet, he adjusted the water in the tub and helped me to climb in. As I stood under the warm spray, Master slowly undressed and joined me in the water.

Tilting my head back he began massaging my scalp, working the water down to the roots so he could wash my hair. Being physically exhausted all ready from sex, I leaned against him and closed my eyes, enjoying the warm water as it cascaded down my body and the feeling of my Master’s large powerful fingers caressing my scalp.

Pulling me towards him, Master moved my head out of the spray and began lathering up my long hair. Piling all my hair on top of my head as his hands worked the shampoo in then pulling my hair down again to rub the shampoo into the ends. Walking with me back into the water and tipping my head back once more to rinse out the suds. Being so much taller than me, he was able to watch as the lather rinsed out of my hair and down my back.

Once it was all out, Master once again pulled me towards him and began rubbing a bar of soap across my shoulders and breasts. Placing one hand on his shoulder, he gently slid the soap down my arm then under it before coming around my tit and slipping over to the other side to repeat it again. As his hand slide down my stomach, my breath caught in my throat. Chuckling at my reaction, Master knelt down and began washing my thighs. Moving his hand in a circular motion, sliding closer and closer to my pussy before starting on the other thigh.

I stared down at him as his hand slipped lower, caressing the back of my thigh. Gripping my foot at the heel, he pulled my foot up so it was resting on his leg and began washing between my toes and running his finger along the bottom of my foot. Cupping water in his hand, he carefully rinsed off my foot before returning to the tub so I wouldn’t slip before picking up my other foot. The feeling of his fingers sliding between my toes was incredible. It was so erotic to watch as his fingers slowly fucked my toes.

After rinsing off that foot, Master continued to hold in. His fingers lightly trailing over the sole, following the arch and watching as my foot flexed when he touched a sensitive spot. Looking up at me, he lifted my foot even higher and placed my toes in his mouth to suck on them. I loved the way his hot slippery tongue glided between my toes and how he gently nibbled on them while stroking the arch of my foot with his fingertips. Too soon, he removed my toes from his mouth to nibble along the arch before putting my foot down on the tub.

Standing up before me again, Master brought the bar of soap between my legs and began washing the folds of my pussy. His fingers felt like silk against my skin, covered in soap and so slick and they rub every inch of my cunt. I gasped and grabbed onto his shoulders when his fingers brushed across my clit.

Grabbing my shoulder, Master helped me turn around so my back was facing him. Pushing the long wet strands of my hair up to cover my tits so my back was exposed to him. Starting at the shoulders again, Master washed my back in large sweeping motions moving lower and lower. He nudged my legs apart with his knee and began washing my pussy again.

My hips were rocking once more as he teased my clit. My back stiffened as he slid his fingers across the opening to my pussy and over my asshole. Again and again he pushed his slick, soapy finger against my asshole until he was finally able to work in the very tip of it. I could feel my sphincter muscles clutching at him as he kept pushing more in.

I groaned in delight as he sank his finger deep into my ass, my back arching until my head was resting on his shoulder. Slowly he finger fucked that never before used passage while his other hand came around to stroke my clit. Just as I was on the verge of cumming once more, Master pulled his hand away from my clit to deny me that pleasure as he added another finger to my ass.

I could feel his fingers rubbing together inside me, twisting as they sought to open me up even wider. As he spread me further apart, it burned some but the feeling of his soap covered fingers as they slipped and slid inside me was so erotic that I soon forgot about the small amount of pain he was causing me and was rocking my hips back at him to meet his fingers. Master began rubbing my clit again, bringing me quickly back to the brink of orgasm before removing his fingers. Leaving me shaking and panting for breath.

“Bend over, slave,” Master whispered in my ear as he pushed my shoulders forward.

Slowly I bent over bracing myself on the ledges of the tub. I felt Master’s hard cock entering my pussy and groaned at the how hot and thick he was. Quickly he rammed my pussy a few times before pulling out and lining the head of his dick up to my ass. Using his fingers to hold me open, he pressed himself against me, pulling his fingers out at the last possible second to be replaced with his cock.

I moaned in pain because he was so much thicker than his fingers were. My sphincter muscles clamped down tightly around him, holding him in place as my body struggled to adjust to this new invasion. Master used one hand to stroke my ass as he used the other to soap up the shaft of his cock. Once he had lathered up the entire length of his dick, Master began slapping my ass once more. The blows stinging on my bruised butt and the sound of wet flesh smacking together echoing in the bathroom.

“Please, Master,” I begged him, looking over my shoulder through the mist of the shower. “No more. Please don’t spank me anymore it hurts.”

“Are you going to let me fuck you then?” Master demanded as he pushed three fingers into my cum soaked pussy.

“Yes, Master,” I moaned. “ I want you to fuck me, please. I need you to make me cum again.”

“Where at, my little slave,” Master asked as his fingers began sliding in and out of my cunt. “Tell me where you want me to fuck you. Tell me now, my pet.”

“I want you to fuck my ass,” I whispered back at him. “Use your hard cock in my ass, Master. I want you to make it yours. Everything I have belongs to you, use it, please.”

Slowly Master pushed his cock deeper into my ass. Stopping whenever I gasped with pain. Allowing me all the time I needed to accept his hard cock inside me. All through the slow, tender process of burying his dick in me Master kept up the steady rhythm of his fingers inside my pussy. Soon, the entire length was buried inside me as his fingers stroked me to another orgasm. I could feel my pussy squeezing his fingers and my ass grabbing at his dick, trying to pull him in deeper.

Removing his hand from my cunt, Master placed both of his hands on my hips and began slowly pulling his cock from my ass until only the head was left inside me. He stayed that way for what felt like forever before he pushed his way back inside me. I could feel his balls against the lips of my pussy and his cock throbbing in my ass but only for a moment as Master picked up the tempo.

Without even realizing it, I shifted my weight so that I could move one hand down to massage my clit as Master fucked my ass, the stroking of his cock in my ass getting faster and harder with each thrust. I rocked back to meet him, encouraging him to go faster. I helped Master to push me towards another intense orgasm by rubbing little circles around my clit with my fingers.

“Talk to me, slave,” Master commanded. “Tell me what you are feeling right now.”

“I never knew it could be this good, Master,” I panted. “I love the way you feel inside my ass. How full you make me.”

My words seemed to excite him even more and he started ramming his cock into me. My back arched and I moaned at how good it felt as my hips rocked to his tempo.

“Oh, yes, Master,” I moaned at him. “Fuck me harder. You feel so good when you fuck me hard and deep. You’re going to make me cum for you again, Master. Please let me cum for you.”

“Rub your clit faster, little one,” Master asks me. “I want to feel your ass milking me as you cum, making me cum with you.”

Within seconds of doing as he requested, my pussy went into spasms and I could feel the hot lava flowing out of my pussy as my orgasm hit. It felt almost like a water balloon of hot maple syrup ruptured inside my pussy as the thick cum ran out of me.

“I’m cumming for you, Master,” I screamed, my hand dropping back to the side of the tub to give me more leverage to push back at him. “Don’t stop fucking me, please. Harder, oh God, please fuck me harder.”

Master fucked me hard and deep all through that orgasm. I didn’t think I would ever stop cumming for him. Just as my orgasm slowed down, Master began fucking me even faster, making my body rock under his assault. I could feel his cock growing even thicker and knew he was going to cum soon.

“Master,” I panted, “ I want you to cum in my ass. Fill me with your hot cum, please. Let it go for me.”

“Jesus,” he groaned as the first spatter of his cum hit the walls of my asshole. “Here it comes, pet!”

He wrapped his arms around my waist and pulled me up so that I was standing with my back tight against his chest. I kept rotating my hips around him as he pushed deeper inside me, intent on filling me with his hot, sticky cum.

After his trembling subsides, Master reached around me to turn off the water. He pushed my hair aside and nibbled on my neck as we clung to each other. Master slid open the shower door and grabbed a towel to wrap around me before lifting me over the side of the tub and standing me on the rug. I pulled out another towel and began rubbing the moisture from his body once he had joined me on the rug.

As I reached his waist, Master turned around so that his back was to me and I stretched up to dry his hair before running the towel down his back. I lifted up one arm and dried his underarm and down his ribs, watching his face in the mirror. I moved over to the other side and again raised his arm so that I could dry under his arm and down his ribs.

There was not enough room in my bathroom to kneel behind him so I sat down on the toilet stool to dry his legs, butt and feet. After his back was completely dry, Master turned around so that he was facing me. The bathroom being so narrow that his cock hung right in my face. I gently sucked him into my mouth as I used the towel to dry his balls and legs. The shrill whistle of the teakettle made both of us jump just as he was getting hard.

Taking the towel from my hand, Master wrapped it around his waist and taking my hands pulled me up. Together we walked out to the kitchen so I could finish our dinner. I dumped the hot water over the noodles, turned the fire on under the sauce again and asked Master to take the garlic bread out of the refrigerator.

As I stood stirring the noodles, Master moved in behind me and pulled the towel from my body. He cupped my chin and pulled my head back so he could begin drying my hair for me as he pressed light kisses along my forehead. Once my hair was no longer dripping, Master dried my back, paying special attention to the small of my back and my ass. It felt so good when he drug the edge of the towel through the crack in my ass. Slowly, he rubbed the towel over the backs of my legs before grasping my calf in his hand to turn me around.

Kneeling before me, Master dried the front of my legs with the towel but his eyes were on my pussy. Quickly he massaged my legs with the towel and moved up to my pussy. I spread my legs wider, pushing my pussy out at him. Master dropped the towel and moved in closer so that he could look directly into my pussy before using his tongue on me. I moaned and my knees buckled as his tongue hit my clit. With an evil grin, he stood and said, “Better not. I don’t want you to burn my dinner.”

Lifting my arms, he once again wrapped the towel around me and tucked the end in between my tits before turning me to face the stove once more. As I finished up dinner, Master grabbed another beer and went to sit at the table. Chatting with me about his hobbies, interests and family as I cooked

As I put dinner on the table and dished up his plate, Master lit the candles on the table and turned off the lights. We enjoyed a wonderful candlelit dinner, spending the time trading stories about our everyday lives and jokes as we ate. The time seemed to fly by but I was so exhausted from the day’s activities that I could hardly keep my eyes open.

Master noticed how tired I was and asked me if I was ready for bed. Nodding my head, I started to get up from my chair only to have him come around the table to pick me up. Once in my bedroom, he sat me down long enough to pull back the covers and tucked me into bed. I was hardly aware of him leaving the room as I turned over on my side and drifted off to sleep.

When I finally woke up again, bright sunlight was streaming through my bedroom windows and the house was quiet. I slowly got out of bed and walked through the house looking for Master. All I found was a note and flower on the cleaned dining room table, thanking me for a wonderful day and demanding a repeat soon.

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