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“Ah, the workmen are through for the day,” Paige thought as she watched the men loading their pickups and preparing to leave. They were working to create a studio and large bedroom with attached bath out of what had been three small bedrooms upstairs in the big barn of a house she bought for a song because it was so far from town. They had been working for over a week, tearing down walls and running new wires and plumbing for the project.

They were even going to reinforce the roof and install a skylight before they finished. She turned back into the barn and finished putting the tack away before giving her buckskin mare a treat. It was getting dark by the time she headed for the house.

Today it was Dan’s turn to clean up and she noticed his pickup was still parked by the front door as she entered the house. That was odd. It didn’t usually take long to put away the tools and tidy up. She thought she’d have the house to herself by now so she could take a shower and indulge her passion for reading with the new best seller she’d picked up the last time she was in town. She could hear Dan moving around above her as she kicked her boots off and tossed her well-worn Stetson onto the couch. She listened and heard the sound of metal on metal followed by a curse. Maybe he was having trouble getting everything done so he could leave. She knew he didn’t have a date because she’d overheard the guys talking about their weekend plans and Dan had said he was planning to do some maintenance on his pickup. He wanted to get to the parts store before they closed tonight so he could get an early start in the morning.

When she heard another angry burst of cursing she decided to see if she could lend a hand. As she neared the top of the stairs she saw him standing by the scaffolding they were using to build the skylight. His back was to her and he didn’t appear to be doing anything but standing there with his arms in the air. As she started into the room, he quickly turned to look at her. He was visibly angry and one glance at his wrists explained it all. They were securely fastened to the top bar of the scaffolding by two sets of metal handcuffs.

“What on earth happened?” she asked looking for an explanation for this bizarre twist of fate.

“Tim,” Dan spat out. “That son of a bitch has been dealing drugs and he didn’t pay his supplier or something so they came looking for him.”

Paige glanced quickly around the room again even though she had already seen for herself that no one was there but Dan. Tim was one of the workmen, a kid she knew was one step away from being fired for reasons Jerry, the crew foreman hadn’t shared with her. Paige thought she knew why now.

Dan said he was shocked when two guys grabbed him from behind and locked his arms onto the scaffold bar but they told him they were just going to look through Tim’s stuff to see if he’d left anything that belonged to them. Worried that they might hurt Paige if she came back into the house while they were still there, he’d quickly told them which toolbox was Tim’s. The men didn’t care and had searched all the boxes without finding anything. They told Dan they were going to look for Tim but if he saw Tim first he could give him a message for them. “Tell Tim he can run but he ain’t smart enough to hide from us for very long.” To keep Dan out of their hair they’d left him chained to the scaffolding when they took off. Paige’s search of the room revealed they hadn’t left the keys to the cuffs.

“It’ll take bolt cutters to get me loose,” Dan said.

“I have some in the barn,” Paige said. “Do you think they’ll come back?”

“I don’t think so. As empty as this place is, it was pretty obvious there wasn’t anyone here but me. They’re probably in town by now looking for Tim. I’ll call Jerry and tell him what happened and Tim won’t be working for us anymore. You don’t need to worry about this happening again,” he assured her.

“I’ll be right back.” Paige ran down the stairs and yanked her boots back on. As she ran to the barn for the bolt cutters, she found her mind going back to a conversation she’d overheard earlier in the week. The guys hadn’t known she was in the kitchen when they were sitting on the stairs taking a break. They’d been talking about the recent scandal in town over the mayor’s affair with a local woman. The woman told reporters the affair had been going on for over a year because the mayor had needs his wife didn’t fulfill. Apparently those needs involved bondage and fetishes the newspaper would only hint at. The group had laughed and teased one of the guys who admitted his wife liked to be spanked while they were having sex. Dan had been quiet during the discussion until they started talking about bondage. She’d heard him say that tying someone up could be exciting but he couldn’t see just anyone going for it. Then he’d walked into the kitchen and caught her standing there listening. All she could do was stare back at him. Without revealing she was there he’d put his empty water bottle in the trash and walked back out telling the guys he might be interested with the right woman.

Paige rummaged through the toolbox in the tack room and found the bolt cutters. The sky was getting darker and she wondered if they were in for a storm as she ran back to the house. She hurried up the stairs after leaving her boots by the door. She put the bolt cutters down and stood in the doorway looking at him. Her mind kept going over that conversation and the opportunity now presented to her.

“You know I heard you guys talking about the mayor earlier this week,” she said as she walked toward him. “You didn’t seem to think his wanting to be tied up was all that strange,” she remarked. “I wonder how you feel about a little bondage during sex?” She reached out and put one hand on his forearm. She felt the muscles tense and she could see redness on his wrists where he’d struggled with the cuffs after Tim’s dealers left. “I wonder if you ever thought it might be you who’d be the one tied up?” She heard his sharp intake of breath as she brushed against him stretching herself up to reach his left hand so she could assure herself that the cuffs weren’t hurting him.

“Did you know I’ve been watching you?” she continued as she ran her hand down his arm to rest against his chest. She put her palm flat over his heart and wondered if it was just her imagination when she felt it speed up. “Would it thrill you to know I’ve fantasized about you?” she whispered. Her fingers spread out and she brought her other hand up so both of them rested against him. Having a man completely at her mercy while she played with him to her heart’s content had been one of her earliest fantasies. Tim’s henchmen had presented her with the perfect opportunity to play it out if Dan was game for it.

“Today might be a good day to play it out,” she said.

Dan couldn’t believe he was hearing what he thought she was suggesting. “Are you kidding me? You really think this is any way to get me to help you with your fantasy?” he asked as he rattled the cuffs against the bar. He couldn’t decide if she was just teasing him or if she really wanted to play a sexual game with him. Ever since he’d seen her riding the buckskin the first day he worked for her, he’d wanted to see her naked, riding him instead.

Paige was an intelligent, attractive woman in her mid thirties with an athletic body from working with her horses. She wasn’t much shorter than his 5’11” frame with clear brown eyes and full red lips with a ready smile. She kept to herself when the men were working but he’d caught her watching them a time or two. He knew she had a sense of humor because he’d heard her laughing one day when the guys were telling risqué jokes. Her breasts were full and had bounced a little the day he watched her ride. She had short brown hair that was chopped off so it looked unkempt. He knew it was the way women were wearing their hair, sort of a Meg Ryan look. He thought it made her look like someone had just finished running their fingers through it. He remembered how tight his jeans had gotten the day he watched her astride the horse.

“Oh yeah,” she answered. “This is just what I want,” she purred at him. She walked around behind the scaffolding viewing him from all angles. It was becoming harder to see in the gloom created by the dark skies outside. “Wanna hear my fantasy?” she asked.

“No, I really don’t. I want you to let me go so I can go home.” He really didn’t want anything of the kind but if this was a true bondage situation he figured she needed to think he was uncooperative.

“Really? Hmmm, that’s a pity. I was really hoping I could entice you to play with me.” She reached out and ran one hand down his thigh then jerked back, startled when he renewed his efforts to pull his hands free.

“You know, you could just give in and let this play out and you might actually enjoy it,” she continued.

“Really?” he questioned sarcastically. “I should just give in to this. Not very damned likely,” he said shortly. “Why don’t you just let me go and I won’t have you arrested for kidnapping. How ’bout that?” he asked continuing to play the tough guy.

“Uh… no. Not an option,” she stated. “I’m not the one who kidnapped you. Tim’s dealers did. I’m just delaying letting you go.” She smiled at him as he tried to look angry.

Paige turned and left the room. She flipped on the light in her bedroom next door to dig through her dresser drawers. She found the scarf she wanted but left the light on. It dispelled some of the darkness around the scaffolding when she stepped back in the room. She saw Dan toss his head and his longish blond hair flipped back away from his face. He looked like a stallion standing there, his legs slightly spread, his face proud and defiant as he stared at the spot where she was standing. He really was magnificent. His shoulders were broad, his arms well muscled, his chest strong and manly tapering down to a trim waist and tight ass. She continued her survey over the slight bulge at his crotch and down over his thighs to his calves and finally his feet encased in worn cowboy boots. She licked her lips as her gaze lifted to his face. She knew his eyes were green even though it was too dark to see them.

Dan felt her gaze on him. He stood still and waited for her to move. When she didn’t he thought about what that might mean. “What if I did go along with your plan? What would you want me to do?” he asked.

“You don’t actually have to do anything. I’ll do all the work,” she purred as she stepped up close to him and deliberately brushed her body against his again. She really wanted him to be blindfolded. It was all a part of the fantasy she’d been having since she overheard them talking about the mayor. She smiled when she felt his body jerk in reaction to hers and a thrill worked its way up her spine. She moved fast and slipped the scarf over his face but not before he saw the smile.

“What if I decide not to go along with this? What if I decide to call the police and tell them what you’ve done?” he asked forcing anger into his voice.

“It’ll be your word against mine and you’ll have to admit I’m not the one who actually handcuffed you,” she answered. “Why not give in and see what happens?”


“Fair enough.” She walked around and ducked under the scaffolding. A tiny bit of doubt was beginning to work its way into her thoughts. She couldn’t tell if he was really angry but he sure sounded like he was. With his feet free, she knew he could try to trip her but she also knew he couldn’t kick out at her effectively without pulling on his arms or losing his balance. She reached out and ran her hand down his back. She could feel the tension in him.

Dan stood absolutely still and waited to see what she would do next. He felt her come closer but kicking her wasn’t possible and it never even entered his mind to do so. He wasn’t raised to hurt women who hadn’t done anything to him. Besides, he was beginning to enjoy their game. He waited for her to move again.

Paige stepped directly behind him and pressed her body against his. Her hands went around his waist and up to his chest. She sighed when her breasts met his firm back. He felt just as good as she had expected. It had been a long time since her last boyfriend and just this morning she had awakened sweaty and unfulfilled from another fantasy involving Dan. The overheard conversation about bondage had increased her desire for him. Now that she actually had a chance to play out a bondage fantasy, her hope was that he would enjoy this as much as she planned to. He wouldn’t be so likely to talk about it if he had to admit he had enjoyed it she reasoned. Paige refused to even consider the possibility that he might not enjoy it.

Dan was surprised. The last thing he expected was for her to hug him since she was trying so hard to act like a hard-ass. He had a momentary image of her astride him and it sent blood pooling in his cock causing it to swell and harden. He shrugged his shoulders as best he could in his restraints. He didn’t want her to know he was enjoying this, did he? No, of course not. He tried to pull away and felt her sigh again as she stepped back. He hoped his resistance made the challenge more interesting for her. She ran one hand down over his butt and he jerked in response. Her hand continued down the outside of his thigh as she stepped around to the front of him. He summoned the anger he’d felt earlier when Tim’s men grabbed him in the hopes it would help cool him down.

“I’ve been fantasizing about this for a week now. I can’t get it out of my mind,” she murmured as her hands continuing moving over him. “I’ve dreamed of having you trapped, unable to touch me, to stop me,” she paused. Her hand moved up his chest and she cupped his jaw in her hand. “I’ve always wanted to have a man at my disposal without his being able to do anything but enjoy it.” One finger caressed his bottom lip as he tried to jerk his head free. “Neither of us is tied to anyone else and this doesn’t have to go beyond these walls. Neither of us need ever mention it again,” she finished.

“Really? You think I’m not going to tell anyone what you did… that you kept me a prisoner while you toyed with me. This is rape! Do you really think I’m going to have any qualms about telling the sheriff about this?” he spat out angrily.

“That’s a pity.” He could hear her making a tsk tsk sound. “That just makes it all the more interesting.” Paige was a bit surprised at herself. If it wasn’t for Dan’s remark about liking a little bondage with the right woman, she probably would never have acted upon her feelings for him. Her desire for him kicked up a notch with every angry protest and she was amazed by the amount of passion she was feeling.

He could feel her still standing in front of him even though he couldn’t see her through the scarf. “Suit yourself, but don’t expect me to do anything,” he stated. Dan knew she had heard the conversation about bondage and he had meant for her to hear his comment about being willing to do it with the right lady. He felt her hand on his shoulder. She was running her hands over his muscles and then both hands spread down into his armpits and over his ribs. He felt her rub his chest and then he felt her breath on his neck.

“I would have liked to kiss you,” she breathed against his neck, “but I don’t want to risk you biting me.” Her tongue flicked out and tasted his skin.

She wet his throat with her kisses while he held his head still. He wasn’t sure what he had been expecting but she certainly had his interest. His harsh words were for show since she seemed to be enjoying his defiance. He’d been fantasizing about her all week too. He just hoped she didn’t have anything kinky in mind like whips and chains. So long as his current restraints were the only ones she offered, he decided to play it out the way she seemed to want. Besides, she already knew he wasn’t turned on by pain. He’d made that very clear with the guys. Dan held himself still, continuing the angry act while her hands began to unbutton his shirt.

Paige was getting excited. She had dreamed of this but hadn’t really expected anything to happen. The further it went, the more exciting it became. She pressed her lips against the skin her fingers exposed. His chest was revealed to her slowly. He was just as muscular as she had expected. She tugged on his shirt so it came out of his jeans. She parted the material and put her lips against his hair-roughened muscles. Her lips were becoming greedy, pressing open-mouthed kisses against him while he held himself rigid against her. Her tongue found one hard nipple and she licked across it. His body moved in response but she couldn’t be sure if it was in reaction to her kisses or in protest.

Dan felt like a livewire had been attached to his nipple. He couldn’t stop the involuntary movement and he hoped she would do that again. He felt her blow on the wet skin and he had to bite his lips to keep from groaning aloud with pleasure. She continued to lick it in small strokes and then finally closed her teeth over the nub. She bit him gently and he felt it all the way to his cock. He knew he was getting an erection and he hoped she wouldn’t notice too soon. He heard her murmur of appreciation as the hard little point of his nipple pressed against her tongue.

“That’s an involuntary response you know,” he told her. “That could happen to anyone in a cool room,” he continued.

“Yes, it could,” she agreed with a smile. She was really enjoying this and his continued resistance was exciting her even more. She had dreamed of this for so long. Breaking him was going to be even more exciting if he continued to fight her. She could feel the heat gathering between her thighs. Her own nipples were erect and pushing against her bra. She stepped back and pulled her t-shirt off over her head. A simple flick of the wrist and her bra was open, letting her breasts swing free. She smoothed her hands down over her body and stepped up to begin her assault on his other nipple.

He felt her warmth and realized she had removed her shirt. He wished she would press herself against him again but she was focused on driving him nuts with her lips on his chest. He could feel himself growing even harder as her mouth worked to destroy his defenses. He wrapped his hands around the bar above his head in an effort to hold himself still. She was making it very difficult to appear unmoved.

Paige was sure he was enjoying it at least a little bit and she decided to see for herself. One hand cupped his buttock as her mouth continued to suck his nipple. She pulled him closer and the other hand ran over his crotch. Oh yes, he was hard. She smiled against his chest when she felt his butt cheek clench under her hand.

Dan felt her mouth open as she smiled. “That’s involuntary too,” he snapped, baiting her so she’d continue to tease him. “Guys get erections all the time. It means nothing,” he stated coldly. Trying to appear tough and unaffected was becoming increasingly difficult. Her hands and mouth were driving him crazy.

“I understand,” she agreed with a smile. She squeezed his butt and then both hands were on his belt. “This is completely beyond you. You don’t care one way or another,” she added as her hands opened the belt. “This is just your body’s response and has nothing to do with you liking anything.” She popped open the snap on his jeans. She rubbed her hand down over the hard bulge pressed so tightly against his zipper.

“You’re above this, aren’t you?” she asked softly. “You don’t care what I do, do you?” she continued in that same soft voice. One hand was feeling the shape of him behind the cloth while the other reached between his legs and cupped his balls. Dan didn’t know how he kept from moaning. He wanted her to release him from his jeans. He had to keep reminding himself that he wasn’t supposed to be enjoying this.

Slowly, ever so slowly, she drew the tab down on his zipper. He held his breath waiting but she didn’t pull his dick out. She straightened up and ran her hands around his waist to his butt. She pushed her hands down inside his jeans and over the smooth skin of his ass. Paige wanted to see him. She wanted him out of his jeans. To that end, she put her hands on each of his hips. She had loosened the zipper as much as she could so she pushed her hands out and down, forcing his jeans and boxers down at once.

Dan inhaled sharply when he realized what she was doing. He felt his prick pressing against the opening of his jeans then the cloth was gone. The sudden move caused his cock to pull down before it rebounded and slapped against his belly. Paige gave a tiny moan when she saw it. Even in the darkness of the room, she could see how lovely he was. She stepped back to admire his erection.

Dan felt her move away and wondered if this was as far as she intended to go. Maybe she just wanted to get him hard and then she was going to take pictures or something? What if she left him like that with his dick hanging out? With his eyes covered, he couldn’t see that she just wanted to see him better. He decided to give her a little more of what she seemed to want while trying to induce her to speak again and let him know what she was doing.

“So, we’ve proven that you can make me hard. Are we done yet?” he demanded. He was really hoping they weren’t but he wanted her to think he was still angry with her.

“Oh no, we aren’t nearly done,” she said in a husky whisper as she surveyed her handiwork. Dan’s shirt hung open from his shoulders, his pants open and down around his calves. His cock was hard and stood straight out from the nest of hair surrounding it. Paige reached out and caressed him from his thigh to his hip, letting the back of her hand brush against the boldness of his erection. The silky feel of it combined with the heat had need rushing through her veins.

Dan felt the softness of her fingertips brushing his skin. He felt his cock surge upwards when she touched it. Her touch was tentative at first then he felt her lifting him up as she turned her hand over and cupped him in her palm. She pulled her hand back slowly pulling the skin towards her as she slid her hand out to the head. Dan was beginning to really enjoy their little game. He just hoped he could continue to act mad while she played with him since she seemed to like that so much.

Paige stared at the cock in her hand. She had dreamed of this moment but the reality was so much more exciting. There was an element of danger still remaining in spite of Dan’s obvious arousal. He could still decide to tell people about this or even have her arrested like he’d threatened. The excitement of having him naked and under her power had tightened her breasts and turned her nipples into hard little points. Her pussy was getting wetter with each passing moment and her clit was a hard little button begging for attention. Ignoring the signals from her body, Paige reluctantly released him. She reached for the snap on her own jeans and stepped out of them, leaving herself in just a pair of cotton panties. She took a second to slip two fingers under the elastic and dip them between the folds of her sex. Pulling them back out, she could see the moisture glistening on them.

Dan inhaled deeply. He had just gotten the whiff of an aroused woman. He could smell her and it was getting stronger. Then he felt something brush across his lips. He opened his mouth and caught the taste of pussy juice on his tongue. She brushed her fingers across his lips again and Dan curled his tongue around one of them. Slowly she pushed the fingers against his tongue and he drew them in, licking them off before sucking them all the way inside his mouth.

Paige momentarily forgot her objective as she became lost in the sensations of his warm, wet tongue licking her fingers while he sucked on them. She could imagine what that mouth would feel like on her lips, on her skin, slowly caressing and licking her breasts. She forced herself back to her plan and pulled her fingers out of his mouth. Trailing them down his cheek and over his chest, she put her lips against one of his flat, male nipples. It responded to her touch and she licked at it, bringing herself closer to him in the process. She could feel the head of his cock rubbing against her stomach as she shoved her panties down and kicked them away.

She wanted to take it slow and spend time teasing him but she hadn’t counted on her own reaction. To date, every fantasy she’d had ended with her fingers rubbing herself to climax so she had expected to be excited. She just hadn’t figured on getting this turned on so quickly. She reminded herself of her objective even as her hand closed on his hard shaft. This was about getting him off, not herself. She pressed it down as she arched up against him and the head of his cock rose to part the folds of her pussy. Paige rocked forward and felt him sliding easily in the wetness of her excitement.

Dan almost choked. He knew she wanted him. He had tasted her excitement when her finger was in his mouth but he hadn’t expected her to lift herself up onto his erection. He heard her whimper as his cock slid against the liquid heat of her sex. The angle was wrong for penetration and he wanted so badly to penetrate the wet hole he could feel against the hard mushroom tip of his penis. He couldn’t believe how aroused he was. His mind was screaming about protection but his dick was already in love with the feel of skin on skin.

She held the base of his cock and rubbed him back and forth against herself. He could feel her trembling and it was making his prick throb. He ached to move, to slam every inch of it up inside her. Before he could betray himself by moaning his pleasure at her touch, she moved her lower body back. He felt her face rest against his chest and heard her harsh breathing. Then her mouth started moving down his body.

She pressed kisses around his navel, letting her tongue dip inside sending another jolt of electricity to his already supercharged cock. She could feel it sliding between her breasts as she lowered herself to her knees in front of him. She could smell her own excitement, knowing her juices coated him as he stood there. She could see the length of him shimmering in the muted light from the other room. A single drop of moisture clung to the very tip, growing steadily larger as she watched.

The anticipation was driving Dan wild. He couldn’t breathe as he waited for her to touch him again. He knew she was kneeling in front of him, he could feel her breath stirring the hair covering his balls. He felt her hands on his thighs, slowly running up them, caressing him as he imagined her mouth getting closer to his erection.

Paige watched that perfect pearl of pre-cum as it hung there, trembling from the knob of his pulsing manhood. It grew longer, stretching away from the head as gravity pulled it toward the floor.

“Oh no, you’re mine,” she breathed as she caught his essence on the tip of her tongue. She followed the drop up and her mouth closed over his swollen plum, her tongue poking into the hole wanting more. Her cheeks hollowed as she sucked his length inside the wet recesses of her mouth.

His hands were tight on the bar above his head. It had been days since he’d gotten off and his dick knew it. The pressure in his balls climbed up a notch. Her hands and mouth were driving him wild. He felt her cup his balls in one hand and they moved against each other as she played with them. The suction of her mouth and the heat enveloping his prick were curling his toes. He wanted his hands free. He wanted to lift her up onto his erection and drive himself into her over and over again until her pussy drenched his cock with her orgasm. The sudden feeling of her mouth pulling him inside had him arching his hips closer to her. Her tongue seemed to be dancing over the surface of his erection. The feeling went on and on as she sucked and licked, never releasing him so he could let the sensations subside and regain control.

She pulled her head back so only the knob stayed in her mouth. He felt her thumb rubbing against the underside while she licked all over the sensitive head. His balls tightened even more as her other hand stroked the base of his shaft. She caressed his balls and rubbed one finger back between them, coming close to his tightly puckered asshole as her mouth drank in his freely flowing pre-cum.

“Oh God,” he finally groaned. “Don’t make me cum like this.” Her answer was a moan he felt vibrating over his length as she sped up the motions of her mouth.

“Climb up here,” he begged even as he began to thrust his hips in time to the movements of her head. “Put your arms on the bar and wrap your legs around my waist,” he whispered huskily.

Thoughts of doing just that ran rampant through Paige’s brain. Her pussy throbbed with need. It burned with the desire to be filled and her clit was so swollen and stiff she knew only a couple of strokes would be needed to make her climax. She wanted it, needed it, but the desire to make him cum without his pleasing her was overwhelming. Her mouth moved faster, her tongue swirling everywhere around him at once. Her hands gripped his buttocks, squeezing his cheeks as he plunged in and out of her mouth.

“Let me make you cum. You know you want to,” he ground out tightly as he tried valiantly to control his raging body. Her actions made him feel like a green kid again back when a smile from a pretty girl was all it took to give him a hardon.

Her own thoughts were wild. His words were unexpected. She had thought he would give in and let her pleasure him the way she dreamed of doing. In fact, that was what she’d counted on. She wanted him greedy for her, intent on his own release and ignoring hers. She wanted him to lose control. She wanted to make him cum. She wanted to be the master forcing him over the edge against his will. She just hadn’t figured on being so turned on herself.

“Aahhhh Paige,” he groaned as he lost his fight with himself, thrusting hard into her mouth as his cum swelled up out of his balls and shot to the back of her throat. His ass cheeks clenched under her hands and he held himself still as his cock throbbed in release, jet after jet of cum filling her throat, nearly choking her as she desperately swallowed it all. His legs trembled when her mouth released him and he heard her choked moan when his cock gave a final pulse and a tiny spurt of cum landed on her breast.

Paige was beyond caring if he heard her. She arched her back and shoved her hand between her legs. Her fingers played across her stiff clit, frenziedly rubbing it and groaning as her body demanded release. Her hips bucked against her hand, her pussy making a squelching sound as she drove two fingers up inside herself. With a loud groan, Paige let her climax take her. It rolled over her in waves as her hips thrust against her hand. She continued to rub herself as the waves slowly began to abate. Becoming conscious of her surroundings again, she looked up at Dan standing in front of her. She couldn’t believe she had so completely lost control like that, masturbating like a wild thing in front of him.

He had managed to rub his head against his upper arm enough to raise the blindfold so a tiny crack of light appeared. He stood there, hardly daring to breathe as he watched her bring herself off. It was one of the most erotic sights he’d ever seen. In spite of his recent orgasm, he could feel his dick stiffening again. When she looked up at him he closed his eyes, not wanting her to know he had been able to see. Somehow he sensed she wouldn’t like that. This entire episode had been a fantasy for her and he seemed to know that his witnessing her vulnerability was not part of that fantasy.

He heard her move and silently watched her gather her clothing. She pulled them on and slipped into a pair of boots she found lying by the door. She plucked the bolt cutters up off the floor and snapped the chain holding one wrist to the scaffolding. When he made a move to grab her, she pressed them into his hand, stepping back out of his reach.

“Hey,” he called as she hurried from the room knowing he had to dress before he could pursue her or he’d trip over his own pants. By the time he managed to free himself and jerk his jeans up he couldn’t hear her moving through the house anymore. He called out to her as he searched but couldn’t find her anywhere. Her pickup was still parked near the back door so he knew she had to be in the barn. With the approaching storm, there was no way she’d have gone out in the open.

Dan knew she was hiding. He knew she didn’t want him to find her but he knew he had to. She had intrigued him since the day he came to work for her. Somehow he felt she was probably embarrassed over her own reaction to what she’d done to him. The experience they had just shared only whetted his appetite for more. He wasn’t going to let her hide from him or from her own desires. He left the house and hurried to the barn. She might think he would give up and go home but he had no intention of leaving until he made sure she knew this was only the beginning…

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