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The Morning After

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Slowly opening my eyes I hear the rush of the water from the bathroom. The sprays of water hitting the sides of the shower as you move. Smiling wide, closing my eyes picturing my perfect sexy Master in all his naked glory washing away the left overs of our night together. I moan as I move, the delicious ache between my thighs from your attentions during the night reminding me of every mind-blowing moment with you.

The ache has become a new friend.. there to greet me when I awake after each amazing night spent with you; like a whisper from you in my ear confirming your love for me. Your love, that has made me shine brightly, glowing in my day to day activities, vibrant for the first time in as long as I can remember. All because of you.. my lover.. my Master.. the Man I have given myself to so readily.

My eyes open as I once again attempt to move, my body aches and groans at me. But just as I do.. it wants more. I slip your t-shirt off – a favorite of yours I stole during the night when I slipped off to the washroom; knowing it would still smell of your own scent and not combined so completely with mine as our bed had become through our love making.

Leaving your shirt on the bed, I walk into the washroom. Opening the door of the shower I keep my eyes cast down, and quickly get onto my knees. My body relaxing in the warm water, I place my hands on my thighs, palm up, thighs parted.. open and Yours to command. Looking down just in front of your feet. Quiet and patient awaiting your acknowledgement.

With a soft good morning from you my body melts and all is right. I am exactly where I need to be, so complete and filled with awe of the Man that choose me. I sweetly say good morning as your hand cups my chin, and I tilt my head into your palm; the need to feel more of you so great.

Your strong fingers flex and pull my chin up further. My eyes meet yours, your other hand pushes the wet hair from my forehead; eyes closing as the water cascades over my face. I feel you pull my chin and I instinctively open my mouth.. leaning forward you slide your cock between my lips and along my soft warm tongue. Closing my lips around you, pulling back and sucking you in further.. Moaning as I feel you grow inside me. Your desire for me growing, evident in my mouth. I begin to move faster, pulling my cheeks in against your shaft as I want more.. I want to feel how hard your cock becomes with my attentions.

But you don’t want me eager.. not just yet. Your hand pulls my jaw down and you slowly thrust through my lips. Dropping my hands completely to my sides, laying bare my submission to You.. I am Yours completely, Always.

I feel you step back, your hard cock slipping from my disappointed lips. The water washing over me, but I am no longer relaxed; awake and excited – my body, YOUR body – alive and wanting to serve. Your big hands grab me at my sides, pulling me up to press against you. The smile on your face matching mine. I cant help but confess for the thousandth time “I love You Master,” as you take my lips, a grin on your lips delaying the kiss just long enough to make me sigh into your mouth. Your lips take mine in a ravishing, deep and passionate kiss. Each movement like a choreographed dance, so in tune with one another.

Your right hand comes down to my thigh and pulls my leg up your body, pushing my mound tightly against the base of your hard cock. My stomach feeling your erection, does flips inside. Moaning softly, I feel your hands move over me.. my back and thighs. Smiling at the feel of the bar of soap in your hands. My mind swirls and swoons at how spoiled I feel. How I ever came to deserve you is beyond me but I push the thought away, not wanting to leave this moment with you. From behind, your hand and the soap, press against my lips and pucker. I gasp a little too loudly and you move your hand back. Your eyes concerned and questioning. I whimper not wanting you to stop.. the ache, the dull pain is a concern for you, written in your eyes; but its everything to me, something I cherish so deeply – so deeply it has become a basic Need to me. I shake my head, whispering “Just tender Master.. Deliciously sensitive,” meeting your eyes with a confident smile. You shake your head slightly and smile, “My girl, you can tell me if you’re too sore,” your hands move down between my thighs in front of me, you crouch and softly wash up and down the insides of my thighs.

“I am perfect Master.. you make me perfect,” I say clearly, praying inside that you’re not going to start going easier on me. The soap slips through my pussy lips and hits my clit, forcing a gasp from my lips. My body trembles. My mind has been so caught up in the feelings you’ve already created in me that the slightest touch at the very center of my arousal has my eyes rolling.

You shake your head at my obvious dismissal of the state my body is in, but also trusting me in that if I was really too sore I would tell you. Your hands turn my body around to face the water, your gentle commanding fingers moving over my body and rinsing the soap from me. My thighs part as you press yourself against me and slip your hand between my thighs, parting my lips to let the water in. Swallowing hard as your fingers move between them and caress me. The soreness morphing into an erotic display of resolve.. wanting to pull away, yet wanting more.. wanting to curl back into you – my Master my safe place. I remain as you have placed me and I feel the familiar flood inside me. My walls coating themselves, lubricating even further as my mind and body both combine in pure need for you – all other thoughts pushed away.

Your right hand moving deftly between my lips, so erotically overpowering, I barely notice your free hand moving up through my hair from the back. Your fingers curl and pull up on my head, forcing my body to stretch out. The bottom of the stall wet, I’m on my toes with my legs spread. Completely under your control and at your mercy. You push two fingers inside me and I cry out. The pain mixing with radiating pleasure. Your fingers become rough and torturous. I’m so close to cumming – knowing it’s partly punishment for me denying your concern over my soreness from the night before.

“Please Master! I beg… please.. may I cum?!” My toes squeak on the floor, ready to lose my balance, and your arm pulls my body against yours, your fingers not missing a beat as your wrist moves to thrust your fingers inside me. Feeling your fingertips pumping against my cervix, feeling it soften, feeling my walls stretch.. feeling so full every time you force them so deeply inside me.

“No,” your simple yet dark denial in my ear causing an involuntary violent shudder to course through my entire body from head to toe, knotting in my stomach..swallowing hard as my eyes begin to water.

Focusing.. my eyes squeezing tight.. I place one hand on the shower stall, reaching for strength outside myself, not wanting to disappoint, wanting only to follow your commands – your every word.

Two more thrusts of your fingers – a test. I pass, but barely.. gasping and panting as you open the shower door and guide me to stand on the mat just outside. Astounded at my ability to stand on my own. My brain in a fog, my body wanting to fall at your feet.. so unconditionally Yours.

Barely feeling the towel against my skin as you casually pat me down. My eyes catch site of your glorious erection and I moan. Your denial of an orgasm making me covetous and desperate.

Moments later you lay me down across the center of our unmade bed. My legs spread out over the edge, your warm hands part my thighs further and you get down on one knee. I turn my head knowing I must glow a bright red down there, raw from being with you all night.

“A beautiful color on you my love,” you whisper before slipping your tongue inside me.

Oh my god.. my mind explodes without warning. My body lost to me. Its yours. My body begins to shake and I’ve reached my limit, unable to stop any result of your attentions.

Your hands slide under my ass and pull me to the edge, your tongue slipping from me.

One hand guiding your cock to my entrance, the other placing a gentle hand over the collar around my neck. Not a threat but a show of your power, your control. Your naked shaking submissive lover below you, ready for you, on the sharpest edge of the biggest orgasm.

Holding there just a moment, before you plunge deeply inside me.

Screaming out, groaning, my voice catches in my throat as I writhe. My body bowing and tensing, flexing and convulsing under you. Cumming, a rush of liquid coating your cock inside me and streaming down your balls and between my cheeks to the bed.

Abandoning the slow erotic undertones of our morning you begin to thrust wildly inside me, taking of me all that you need.. all that you desire. Your hand flexing on my neck with your excitement, Your intoxication of the power you wield over me – mind, body and soul.

Both hands move to grab hold of my hips, your thrusts becoming feverish and rapid. The soreness now a constant clamp inside me, have complete hold over my brain, slipping me into an overwhelmed and subconscious state.

You grunt and groan, your fingers pressing deeply into the sides of my cheeks. Short… hard.. powerful thrusts over and over.. your body tensing and I feel it. You’re cumming so deeply inside me. I cum silently around you, as I watch your face. Seeing my Master, my lover tumbling over the edge of a powerful orgasm.

Suddenly gasping in hard, not having realized I was holding my breath through your intense strokes into my body.

You collapse over me, your warm hot body against me. Your arms encircling me and pulling us up into the middle of the bed. Words barely spoken to one another… but so much was said. Nestling back against you. My body spent, I fall deeply into another long sleep right along beside you. Right where I need to be. In your arms.


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