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Submission Over July 4th Weekend

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The contract took effect at 5pm Friday night. The rules were simple; Janna, my girlfriend, was to do my bidding for an entire weekend. I introduced language to clarify the extent of the rules; specifically, that I could exert my authority via punishment. The limit on punishment was that there could be no injury imposed or lasting evidence of punishment, i.e. no mark, scar, etc.

By establishing that limitation, I implicitly gave myself a high degree of flexibility in exerting control over my property, my Janna. The contract was clear and simple, the result of my several years in the legal profession.

On my way home Friday, I stopped into an adult store for a special instrument, which turned out to be a riding crop-like thing. I put it in my briefcase. Awareness of the crop would be on a need-to-know basis, and Janna didn’t need to know about it quite yet.

What started out flirtatious and playful would eventually turn into a battle of wills. This being July 4th weekend, we planned a trip to the beach on Saturday. So when I got home Friday night, I ordered Janna to pack our bags. She pouted with surprise when I gave the order, as though the mistress-servant thing was only going to be for sexual purposes. Lesson one, my Janna: assume nothing and get everything in writing, in advance. Anyway, poor Janna had put on the sexiest dress she could find, hoping for something more exciting than “go pack my suitcase!”

Janna and I are truly equals in our relationship. We treat each other with the highest respect. Physically, we’re both about 5’7″, which lends itself to a certain equality in a couple.

We have our differences as well. I’m a lawyer; Janna has been looking for a job since finishing her master’s in art. I’m a health club regular; Janna is not, but she’s in pretty good shape. Janna has long almost black hair and a bright clear complexion; I’m a natural blonde with a slightly darker complexion. She is more flirtatious and outgoing than I am.

When Janna finished packing our bags, I ordered her to strip for me. She liked that order. Janna turned on some music and, after I gave the ok, began her little dance of seduction. I stood and watched, arms crossed. Janna has nice long legs that curve out subtly into her hips. She has small but aggressive breasts, and her arms have a little hint of tone. She has nice full lips; I couldn’t wait for those lips to meet mine.

Swaying her hips to the rhythm, Janna stepped towards me and back, daring me to pull her in. First she removed the straps from her shoulders and shook her arms free. Janna stared at me, looking for proof of her dance’s effectiveness. Moving one hand to keep the dress from slipping from her breasts, Janna untied a clip and shook her hair loose. I love the contrast between her dark hair and bright shoulder skin. Her dress beginning to slip, Janna began to move in a half-belly dance/half-hoola-hoop movement. Gradually her dress slipped lower, exposing her breasts. No bra! The dress kept falling. Such a gorgeous body! When her dress fell to her feet, she stepped out. She was in heels and panties.

I looked on dispassionately with my legs crossed as Janna taunted me with the most agonizingly slow removal of panties I could imagine. When she dared waive her last shred of fabric in front of me, I grabbed hold of it and pulled her towards me.

Janna’s lips fell into mine, and I kissed and licked her on her lips, neck and shoulders. Realizing I had lost control, I pushed back one step and strained to regain my composure. Janna’s dark eyes locked on mine, and her wry smile betrayed her victory over me. I was in charge, per the contract, but she was still in control.

Janna had no inhibitions about her body. She displayed it for me, fully expecting me to fall under its charm again. Her breasts pointed forward, aroused by my groping moments before. Her breathing was steady. One hand rested calmly by her hip, the other traced circles near her beautiful near-black bush.

I smiled, acknowledging round one had gone to her, and then straightened my blouse and regained the deadly serious look of an owner.

“Get your razor and lotion and bring them to me.”

Janna was surprised by the command. Perhaps she had expected me to want to resume right away. No way. I was in charge. Janna reached up to feel under her arm, but I interrupted…


While Janna’s heels clicked away to fetch her instruments, I reached under my skirt and removed my panties. Putting them off to the side, when Janna returned I looked clothed and disinterested again. She seemed disappointed by this. I pointed to the coffee table, and she placed the items on the table. I ordered Janna to sit on the couch.

“What are you going to do?”

She asked it half-seductively as well as with genuine confusion. One look at her pussy and she knew what was going to happen.

“On the couch!”

Sitting awkwardly on the cool leather, Janna took some time to get comfortable with the idea. When her eyes rose to mine, that wry smile had returned.

“On your back!”



Janna stretched out on the couch. She raised her arms above her playfully.

“Lift your legs!” I commanded, now standing over her.

Janna raised her legs as told. I noticed our reflection in the mirror across the room. My long blonde silhouette standing over beautiful Janna, spread wide and exposed in every way, her heels piercing the air above.

When I reached my knee over her face and climbed onto the couch, straddling her face, Janna reacted with a grunt of fear and excitement.

“Don’t move!” I commanded.

I opened and applied her cream to her aching and exposed bush. Her legs jolted with the feeling of the cream and my fingers touching her sex.

“Keep your legs up and spread open, slut!”

She did as she was told. One leg stretched to the couch’s back, the other reached out and hung over the edge. I smiled with satisfaction.

“You are mine ALL weekend…”

I pulled my skirt up with my dry hand and lowered my pussy to her face, smothering her with my juice. Janna’s tongue reached for my clit.

“That’s right, slut. Keep licking!”

======================================================== I added a few items to my bags and we left early for the beach Saturday morning. Janna complained that I had not given her the pleasure of an orgasm the night before. I laughed and told her orgasms were to be earned this weekend.

“…so pleasing the person in charge should be your goal for the weekend…” I continued.

“…which one of us is the in charge?” she purred back.

The comment consumed me for the rest of the ride. I had asserted control the night before via the contract, and I had physically taken control, but she had not submitted to me.

To assert my physical dominance in a different way, after we checked into our hotel, I ordered Janna to join me in a jog.

I love to run. Janna goes to the gym once in a while but is definitely not a runner. It didn’t take long, by my standards anyway, before Janna was running out of gas.

“Please… can… we… take… a… break?” she gasped.

I enjoyed that moment very much. With a disapproving look, I told her the deal.

“We’ll get a drink at that corner” I said, pointing to a little shop just off the running path, “… but we’re going to sprint to make up the time.”

Before she could respond, I picked up the pace. She struggled through the mini-sprint. When we arrived at the shop, she was breathing very hard. The way her chest heaved and her stomach bent forward as her hands reached for her knees, it was very sexy. I grabbed a bottle of water, pulled two bills and handed them to Janna as we approached the counter.

“Pay for the water!”

I should tell you, Janna and I don’t look like the stereotypical lesbian couple at all, to the extent the stereotypical lesbian couple exists at all. Anyway, we both attract too much attention from men and we carry ourselves in very feminine ways. I have more of the corporate working woman thing going and Janna, given her lack of employment, more of a pure femininity. At any rate, it came as quite a shock to the lady at the counter when I turned to my gasping mate, unscrewed the bottle cap and pushed the bottle up to her mouth. In fact, it surprised Janna too. She reached up to control the bottle but I slapped her hand away. After several gulps, I gave her a chance to breathe. She looked a little embarrassed. I pushed the bottle up again. Three gulps later, I pulled it away. The competing needs for air and water overwhelming her, poor Janna couldn’t suppress a little cough.

After our run, Janna and I showered and found a spot on the beach. As we walked by, the men sucked in their guts and the frat boys threw their footballs with a little more gusto. Oh so impressive, boys, I mocked them in my head.

After Janna had set up our umbrella, another order of mine, I told her to put on my lotion. I told Janna not to touch my face, so she started with my neck and shoulders from behind. As she worked her way down my back, I noticed her leaning to apply the protection. Looking as annoyed as possible, I turned and pulled her by the neck toward me.

“Do it on your knees!” I said into her ear. I didn’t even wait for Janna’s reaction. I turned back forward and waited to see if she would do as she was told.

I waited a second, two seconds, three seconds, four seconds… right about the fifth second, I felt the sand shift near my feet. Was she walking away? Had I gone too far?

Six seconds, seven seconds, eight seconds, on the ninth second, I felt Janna’s hands resume their work on the small of my back. I didn’t have to look so see if she was on her knees; the reaction from a group of college-age boys a few towels away told me she had complied. It’s a good thing they had towels.

As Janna worked her way lower towards my bikini, I felt her kiss me on the butt. Was she trying to seduce me? Was she communicating her submission? Was she calling my bluff and raising the stakes by doing something even more outrageous than I’d commanded, on a public beach no less? I could not tell.

I chose not to react. I let her continue to work her way down to my legs. When she got to my knees, I turned to face her. She did not look up at me. I watched her finish down to my feet.

“Don’t forget my stomach…”

Janna looked up at me as she reached for my toned abdominals. She began to massage the lotion into my stomach. I couldn’t help but notice an exaggerated shake of her breasts and butt as she did so. Then she spoke up.

“Do you like seeing me on my knees?”

The battle was on. Who was toying with whom? I didn’t answer. SHE was supposed to be lusting after ME, not the other way around.

“You don’t ask questions. I do.” I responded. Janna looked down at her fingers massaging their way towards my bikini bottom. It was time for some turnabout.

“What do you think of my stomach?” I asked with a wry smile.

I had never talked to Janna this way. The question made her pause, perhaps realizing my intention to turn the tables on her. After a moment, she could not deny how much she was enjoying my body.

“…your abs are so sexy…” Her mouth hung slightly open, looking like she wanted to push her lips onto my stomach. I could feel my pussy begin to swell with excitement.

I let her continue rubbing in the lotion. Realizing we could go no further on a public beach, I told Janna to stop and hand me the lotion so I could do my face. Janna dug through her bag for her own lotion, a much higher level of protection.

After sun bathing a little while, I went for a dip in the water. Returning, I found Janna reading a book of erotic stories.

“Who told you to read that?” I asked, standing over her, water dripping onto her thighs. Before she could answer, I snatched the book from her.

I don’t know why I did that. I guess the power was going to my head. And it felt good! Reaching into my bag, I produced my little notebook and pen, and handed them to Janna. She looked confused. I sat down and opened up her book.

“A book of erotic stories.” I commented without looking at her. “You’re very naughty.”

Janna became aroused at the word naughty. I could tell because, as she always does when aroused, she turned her head slightly then looked at me seductively. I caught it out of the corner of my eye, but didn’t respond.

“Open the notebook to a blank page,” I told her, “and start writing.”

I began to towel off.

“What should I…?” Janna began to ask.

“I told you no questions! As punishment, I want you to start writing ‘I am a naughty slut!'”

Janna looked around, hoping nobody had heard my command. After our suntan lotion massage escapade earlier, I found it amusing that she would just now be worried about what other people thought. Anyway, no one was close enough to hear, I thought.

I grabbed her attention with a stern “Janna!” and she began turning to an open page. “Don’t stop until I tell you to stop.”

I turned to a story in her book while Janna began her writing exercise. When I finished the story, I told Janna to hand me the notebook. Page after page. ‘I am a naughty slut!’ Row after row. ‘I am a naughty slut!’ I was satisfied. I handed her back the notebook.

“Turn to a new blank page.”

Janna was following orders better and better. She looked up for further direction.

“I want you to draw me a picture…” Janna nodded “…of a naked woman…”

Janna’s wry smile returned “…a naked, naughty slut…” her smile began to give way to shock…

“…being spanked by her mistress!…”

Janna’s jaw completed its drop. Janna’s eyes closed for a moment, probably with excitement. Before I could confirm it, I turned back to the book.

“Tell me when you’re done.”

It was a few minutes before Janna spoke up with a purring, “I’m done.” Expecting me to look at the picture, she was surprised when I told her to close the notebook. It was late afternoon.

“Pack up everything,” I told her. “It’s time to go.”

Back in the hotel room, I showered and changed into a sexy dress, a tight black number that stops just below my knees. I wear my favorite open black leather strap heels with the dress. With a little tan from the day, I’m so hot in that dress that butter will melt if it’s left near me too long.

I told Janna to shower as well and that I would pick out clothes for her. I walked into the bathroom with Janna and watched her run the water, strip naked and hand me her clothes. It was all I could do not to bypass the shower and jump her on the spot.

While Janna showered, I fetched the riding crop. Waiving it around a few times, I began to get the hang of it. I tested it on the hotel couch, calibrating how hard one needed to swing.

I heard the water stop, and rumbling sounds as Janna dried herself and her hair. After a few minutes, Janna called out for her clothes. I did not answer. Janna opened the door and tried again.

“You won’t be needing your clothes, Janna. Join me in the living room.”

It took a few seconds, but soon Janna emerged from the bathroom and walked into the living room. I stood in the middle of the room, one foot slightly forward, holding the crop in my hands before me. Janna’s shocked eyes fixed on the crop.

“Fetch the notebook.”

Janna was wearing only a white towel, and my mind permanently recorded the sight of her moist body twisting to pick the notebook out of our beach bag. Barefoot, Janna looked up at me just a little when she handed me the notebook. I took it and began to flip through, the crop stretching down below my hands.

“Step back.”

I waited for her to take the step back. “Remove the towel.”

Janna had a look of excitement, anticipation, and erotic overdrive in that moment. The towel reluctantly let go of her beautiful body. I looked up from the notebook for a moment to observe her naked pussy. Excited as she was, she began to twist her legs slightly in modesty about her naked sex. My pussy began to ache for her touch. I held my stare an extra second, and then turned back to the notebook until I found the page I wanted.

Ripping the pages out of the notebook, I handed them to Janna.

“What does it say on the page?” I asked naked Janna.

“…I am a naughty slut…” she answered timidly.

“Yes you are a naughty slut,” I responded, “you’re a naked, naughty slut, aren’t you?”

“…yes…” she returned with a whisper.

“Yes what?” I demanded.

“…yes, I am a naked, naughty slut.” Her face reddened brightly.

Closing the notebook and putting it on a table to the side, I took a step towards Janna with the crop. I pushed the crop up to her inside thigh. Janna’s eyes fixed on the crop. I pushed it between her legs.


Janna gave a little space between her legs. I rode the crop up her inside thigh to her pussy. Tapping her sex lightly, I gave the next order:

“Keep your eyes on the page, and start reading.”

Janna pulled the paper back up in front of her breasts and began reading.

“I am a naughty slut!”

I rubbed the crop along her pussy.

“I am a naughty slut!”

Her voice halted with certain taps.

“I am a naughty slut!”

I began to circle her, tapping her outer thighs, then her ass.

“I am a naughty slut!”

I stopped behind her.

“I am a naughty slut!”

I leaned into her ear.

“Kneel!” As she lowered herself on command, I commanded her to continue reading.

“I am a naughty slut!”

I lined the crop up against her ass, the black leather contrasting strongly with her white butt.

“I am a naughty slut!”

I pulled the crop back. Janna anticipated its impact.

“I am a naughty…” Whack!!! “SLUT!” The word was mangled by a little yelp.

I smiled in triumph. Janna’s grip on the page tightened.

For a thin woman, Janna’s ass has remarkable fullness. Just below the redness, I observed its roundness, and the little space that she had maintained between her legs, as though hoping that something would somehow enter her from below.

“I am a naughty…SLUT!” WHACK!!

Her feet clenched. I noticed a little shake in her butt. From above, I could see the hint of her breast nipples pushing forward into the page she was reading. Was that a tear forming in her corner of her eye?

“I am a naughty…SLUT!” WHACK!!

Janna was breathing hard. I took the crop and pushed her paper down.

“Drop it!”

Janna dropped the pages, and then spread out slightly before her. I put the crop up under her chin, lifting her eyes to look at mine.

“You seem surprised to be on your knees, naughty slut.”

Janna’s eyes turned away. I pressed the crop under her chin harder.

“Don’t look away, slut!” Her eyes turned back to mine.

“Who’s in control now, naughty slut?” I taunted.

Janna hesitated. I pressed a little harder with the crop.

“You are… mistress!” Janna answered.

I felt dizzy with pleasure and desire.

“Yes,” I purred, “tell your mistress who is in control again…”

“You are in control, mistress!”

The words would never get old. She had submitted on my terms, to my demands, on my agenda. I had conquered Janna. She would be mine the rest of the weekend, if not thereafter. I was in control!

“That’s a good slut!” I commended her, and pulled the crop away.

“Now I think I’ll put you over my knee, just like I made you draw it on the beach.” Remembering the notebook, I turned to fetch it.

My mind raced with what to do next. I had achieved complete control, but with it came a bewildering array of possibilities. I imagined pulling her over my knee for a spanking while she stared at her own artistic rendition of the very same act. I would remark how “art imitates life” and then laugh while she squirmed. Then I would pull those delicious, full lips of hers to my pussy, and watch my naughty slut lick me to orgasm.

“What a naughty slut you are,” I said, opening the notebook.

I turned to Janna with the notebook. She looked down, humbled by her own submission. I took another look at her tiny breasts, and her aching pussy. I brought my eyes back to the notebook.

Turning to the page with the drawing, I received the most unexpected shock of the weekend. She had drawn a picture of herself holding a contract. I was instantly confused.

“What the…?” I said to myself and half out loud.

I turned the page. Another shock. A drawing of a pussy being shaved naked.

“You…” I don’t know what I started to say, when I noticed there was another drawing.

A drawing of Janna kissing my ass!

Next page, Janna kneeling, rubbing lotion onto my stomach!

Next page, a drawing of a pen writing ‘I am a naughty slut!’ with me in the background reading a book!

Next page, Janna naked, her eyes looking down!

Next page, a drawing of Janna kneeling while I stood over her with a riding crop!

But how had she known? How could she have imagined this without knowing about the riding crop??? I looked up from the page at Janna. Her wry smile had returned.

I turned to the last page. A drawing of Janna with her eyes closed and her tongue stretched out towards a dripping, wet pussy.

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