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Studmuffin19 and HotCrotchMama

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“19 year old man, tall and athletic, looking for no-strings sex with horny, plump women in their forties and fifties. I love to eat pussy and fuck, and I will put my tongue or my cock any place you want me to. Safe sex only.” The profile on the internet sex site was signed “Studmuffin19”, and had been placed by a man who lived in the same medium-sized city as Audrey. She was glad he hadn’t used any silly abbreviations, since members of the site were permitted to place profiles, including descriptions of themselves and of their sexual preferences, with almost no limitations regarding length.

She read it again, and then a third time. “Safe sex is good,” she told herself. “You never know what kind of person you might meet on the internet, or where they had been before, or with whom.” She was 48 years old, and she thought of herself as being fat, but “plump” was a nicer way to put it. Audrey dearly loved having her pussy eaten, except that her husband, before his fatal heart attack, was hardly ever willing to do it. She liked to fuck, too, but her husband had never been much good at that either. She decided to respond to the profile, and try to arrange for a meeting in a public place, such as having coffee in a restaurant.

“Dear Studmuffin19, her reply began. I am a horny, plump, 48 year old widow who loves to have her pussy eaten and loves to fuck almost as much. Let’s meet somewhere and get to know each other better, and see where it leads.” She included the general area of the city where she lived, and signed her response “HotCrotchMama”, the name she used there. Because of limitations in communicating through the site, she included an email address she had opened for contacts with people like Studmuffin19. After sending it, she hoped she had done the right thing, and that the young man was sincere, and not just some thug looking for a chance to victimize a horny old lady.

A few hours later, Ben was elated when he checked his mailbox and found the message from HotCrotchMama. He was especially glad to see that a real email address was included, because he would be able to attach a photo of himself when he responded, and he would send it from his own email address. Ben was a nice looking young man, and he hoped his looks and youth and willingness to be completely open would help put to rest the very reasonable apprehensions he knew the lady would have.

“Dear HotCrotchMama,” his answer began. “I would love to cool off your hot crotch with my wet tongue, and hear and feel it and you sizzling. You sound like somebody I really want to get to know better. Meeting for coffee sounds good.” Ben went on to suggest a nice coffee shop he knew about in the area, with tables that looked out on a park, and suggested they meet there at ten o’clock on the following morning, which would be Saturday. It would be quiet and peaceful there, and they could chat privately with no fear of anybody overhearing them. “I will try to attach a picture of myself but if it does not come through, let me know, and I will try again.” Ben had little confidence that his computer would send the photo, and that the lady would be able to open it.

After sending her first message, Audrey compulsively checked her email every few minutes, and had no trouble opening the picture when the response came in. She liked the looks of Studmuffin19; he certainly appeared to be a nice boy, and reasonably good-looking, with a pleasant smile, certainly somebody she might want to meet. Audrey remembered he had also described himself as tall and athletic, which was also something she found attractive. The coffee shop he suggested was the one she would have chosen. It was only two blocks from her apartment, and she could walk there easily. Audrey responded by agreeing to the meeting at the time and place suggested, but decided against sending her picture. Instead, she would go to the restaurant early, and watch for him and, if nobody appeared who looked like the picture, she would know he had been a phony and return home.

At 9:30 the next morning, Audrey sat, sipping coffee, at a table close to the front door, where she would have a good view of everybody who came in. After showering that morning, she decided to hope for the best, and prepare for sex, especially having her pussy eaten. She trimmed her pubic hair in a way that she thought would be the most inviting to a young man’s tongue. Audrey was wearing a blue, knee-length skirt, with nothing under it but silk panties, which felt extremely erotic against her newly shaven pussy. She was wearing a white blouse that showed a fair amount of cleavage, and had considered not wearing a bra. However, she had decided that might make her look too slutty, especially with as much of her breasts as she was putting on display. They were quite large and, if unfettered, they might attract some unwanted attention, especially if the young man failed to show up.

At a few minutes to ten, she felt her heart seem to skip a beat, when she saw a tall young man walk into the restaurant. He was wearing jeans and a polo shirt that showed off his muscular physique, and his face was the one she had committed to memory, and had looked at again an hour earlier. Audrey smiled and leaned back in her chair in order to better show off her plump curves.

Right at ten o’clock, Ben walked into the restaurant and looked around. He didn’t know anything about the appearance of the woman he was to meet, except for her age and that she described herself as “plump”. Almost immediately, his eyes focused on a nice looking woman near the door, and he hoped she was the one. She had a pretty face, and shoulder-length blonde hair, and her smile seemed to be flirtatious. Besides her face and smile, she looked as if she was putting her breasts on display. Without question, they were worth displaying, and Ben thought about how he would love to get them in his mouth, or around his cock. He started walking toward her; she didn’t move, except to lean forward with her arms on the table as if in anticipation. He hoped that would be what it was but, even if it wasn’t, he enjoyed the view down the front of her blouse.

Audrey was elated when the young man started toward her table. She much preferred that he approach her than vice-versa, and that was what was happening. He stopped at the side opposite her chair.

“I think I’m supposed to meet you here,” he said.

“I think so too. Are you Studmuffin19?”

“Yes. And you must be HotCrotchMama.”

Audrey blushed slightly at hearing her wanton online name spoken out loud. “Yes, but why don’t you call me Audrey?”

“Fine, Audrey, and my name’s Ben.”

“Are you going to join me, Ben?”

“Yeah, but I need to get some coffee first. Do you want a refill?” he asked, looking at her nearly empty cup.

Audrey handed it to him, and watched the tall man walk to the counter where coffee was being dispensed. He had looked good from the front, and he looked just as good from behind. She decided to ask him to join her at a table on the verandah, where they would be able to talk with more privacy, and she stood up to meet him when he returned. When she was standing, Ben would have a better look at her too, and could decide whether or not he wanted to continue their rendezvous. Audrey fervently hoped he would. She could picture herself looking down on his dark brown hair and green eyes between her legs, and the image was an extremely appealing and erotic one.

He definitely wanted to continue the meeting too. As Ben returned to the table, he saw Audrey stand up, and she looked even better than she had while sitting. “Pleasantly plump” is sometimes used as a euphemism for fat, but it was an apt description of the woman who was waiting for him to join her. Besides her big breasts, she had a large, but not really fat, waist, and her hips flared out very nicely. From that angle, he couldn’t see her ass, but he would have been willing to bet that he would find it equally alluring when he did see her from behind.

“Why don’t we go to one of the tables outside,” she suggested. “It’s such a nice day.”

“Good idea.” Ben let her lead the way, because he wanted her to feel as much at ease and in charge as possible, and he wanted to get a look at her ass. When he did, he was gratified to see that he had been right; she was very attractive there too, especially as she swayed when she walked. In fact, if he had designed a woman to meet him for sex, she would have been virtually identical to Audrey.

She selected a small, square table as far from the door as possible, and sat on a chair with the side of the building at her back. Ben took a chair beside her, with the building at his back also. They had a good view of the park, and would be able to see anybody coming out of the restaurant, but nobody would be able to watch them without their knowing it.

Audrey smiled at the young man beside her. “This is a really nice coffee shop. You did a good job of picking a place to meet.”

The comment was rather mundane but, although they could say the most suggestive and erotic things imaginable to each other through email, saying those things to a stranger of the opposite sex was not as easy. At the same time, they were both there for the same reason, and each knew what it was, so coyness would be foolish and self-defeating.

“Yes, I sometimes walk in the park here, although I don’t usually stop in here.”

From that beginning, their conversation quickly got better, and they learned a few things about each other. She lived by herself, had been a widow for a year, and her two grown sons lived hundreds of miles away. He was a student at a local college, stayed in shape by playing soccer and working out at the gym, and lived with his rather straight-laced parents.

As they talked, the immediate sexual attraction each had felt for the other quickly grew to desire, even lust. Audrey glanced around and, seeing nobody who might be watching, placed her hand gently on Ben’s knee. He responded by hitching his chair closer and putting his hand on her leg, and she pulled her skirt out of the way so it would rest on her plump bare thigh. The young man had a sudden urgent desire to have his head between that thigh and its partner, and Audrey had thoughts and wishes that were identical.

“Did you bring your car?” she asked.

“Yes. I parked out in front.”

“I live just a couple of blocks from here, so I walked. Why don’t we go to your car and drive to my apartment? We can get to know each other better there.”

Ben thought that was the greatest idea he had ever heard. He stood up, and offered his hand in assistance to the lady. Audrey didn’t need the help, but she accepted it anyhow, and they continued holding hands as they walked down the verandah steps, around the building and out to the street where Ben’s car was parked. They preferred that to walking through the restaurant, even though neither had seen anybody they knew. What they intended to do was nobody’s business, but they didn’t want anybody, even a stranger, watching them and getting the right idea.

After driving the short distance to her apartment building, Ben parked in the visitors’ parking area, got out, and opened Audrey’s door to help her out. She didn’t need that help either, but accepted it again, and they held hands until they were at the front door, which she unlocked with a key from her purse. She walked through the door and over to the elevator, while he followed fifteen feet behind, so nobody would know for sure they were together. On the ride up to her floor, they could barely keep their hands off each other, but she had pointed out the security camera in the elevator, and they felt it wise to be circumspect.

Once they were in her apartment, with the door locked and bolted behind them, they could give in to the desires that had been building since they first saw each other. Audrey turned from the door with her arms outstretched, and Ben was waiting for her. Their first embrace was a warm, close one, and both mouths were wide open for their first kiss, and their second and third ones as well.

Audrey broke off the kissing and stepped out of his embrace. “Let me go to my bedroom and slip into something more comfortable,” she suggested, smiling lewdly as she used the very apt cliché.

A few minutes later, she made another, very welcome suggestion. “I’m nice and comfortable, Studmuffin. C’mon in and join me.”

When Ben walked into her bedroom, he immediately noted that the “something more comfortable” was her bed, wearing an alluring smile and nothing else. Audrey was too eager to get to the sex to want to waste any time fumbling with her clothing. Ben had removed his shoes and socks while waiting for her invitation, and he peeled off his shirt and tossed it aside as he approached the bed. Still wearing his pants, he climbed onto the bed beside her, cupped one large, creamy breast in his hand and started licking her nipple. Audrey murmured happily from the pleasure rippling through her body from where Ben’s tongue was caressing that very sensitive place, and nestled her head into her pillow.

Her sounds of pleasure became even louder as he switched his tongue to the other nipple, while continuing to gently knead the first of the beautiful twins. Ben had always been very attracted by beautiful, big breasts, and Audrey had some of the biggest and most beautiful he had ever seen. By far, they were the prettiest he had ever seen bare or had ever fondled. Still holding gently to the second one, he took its gorgeous neighbor in his hand again, and resumed licking it the same way. Both nipples were erect, and his tongue could feel the myriad of tiny ridges, and the pebbly texture of the areolas that surrounded them. He could hardly believe his luck at finding just the woman he wanted.

Audrey could hardly believe her luck at finding just the man she wanted. He was young, good-looking, and obviously captivated by her breasts. As soon as his tongue touched her nipple, there was a contact made between it and her clit, with currents sizzling between them. When Ben’s tongue caressed her other nipple, the connection became triangular, with pleasure rocketing between the three sensitive points. Audrey hoped he would treat her pussy with the same enthusiasm. Feeling her pleasure mounting, she murmured happily and relaxed even more under his ministrations. She could feel more stirring between her legs, as her pussy started producing juices, as if to lure the young man’s mouth, so it could enjoy its turn.

Ben continued licking her nipples for several minutes more, before drawing one luscious breast into his mouth and starting to suck. Audrey’s upper body squirmed on the bed under him, thrusting it against his mouth and, when he turned his attentions to the other breast, she did the same with that one. Once again, he switched his attentions between Audrey’s twin treasures until his nose detected the delectable aroma of juices trickling from her pussy.

He was having a marvelous time with Audrey’s breasts, but he knew he would have even more fun doing the same kind of thing to her pussy. Ben started licking his way down her body, first burying his face between her breasts and licking the cleft. As he started to move lower, he held her breasts against the sides of his face, where they felt like two lovely, warm pillows. The thought occurred that if they became regular sex partners, she might let him fuck her between them some time. However, his goal just then was about two feet lower on her soft, sexily plump body.

Immensely enjoying the journey, as did Audrey, Ben kissed and licked her way down her succulent body. “Real women have curves,” he had always opined, and the woman in bed with him had some of the most delightfully sumptuous curves he could have imagined. Ben reveled in every inch of the soft flesh, even briefly twirling his tongue in her navel, until his mouth reached her mons. He stopped there, slid off the bed and got right back on at the foot. Kneeling, he moved forward, preparing to get into what he thought was the best position for eating a pussy, ready to bury his face in the source of the aroma that had been tantalizing him.

Audrey was just as ready and she spread her legs to give him a good view of that source. He moved closer and leaned forward. She raised her legs and draped them over his shoulders, and he wrapped his arms around her womanly thighs, leaving his hands on her mons, and lowered his face. He stopped when it was just inches from the treat she was presenting to him. Before he did anything else, he breathed deeply of her fragrance. The aroma was even stronger and better from close in. She had produced so much that drops had spattered on the insides of her soft thighs and belly. Ben’s tongue sluiced everything up from those places, and the flavor of Audrey’s juices was even better than their scent.

The pussy that so enraptured him was a treat to his eyes as well. He was especially happy to see that she had apparently shaved that morning, because he knew she would be more sensitive, and because it enhanced her beauty. Audrey’s outer lips were a soft, milky white, with a narrow strip of dark blonde hair along the edges. Her inner lips, that were starting to blossom through the slit, were a dusky pink and, at their end, where they met to form a protective hood, the object of the protection, her adorable clit, was peeking out. Ben reached down and gently separated her inner lips, and a lovely pink hole came into his view. He knew it was the source of the juices that had so pleased his taste buds and nostrils and, as he looked into it, he could see more of the nectar bubbling up and trickling down her crotch. Lowering his face a few more inches, he started licking up the juices that were dribbling out.

Although Audrey’s pussy had truly been delightful to Ben’s senses of smell, taste and sight, its texture, and the way it felt to his mouth, was an even greater pleasure. The soft flesh of her thighs and belly against his tongue when he first licked up her spattered juices had truly been a treat. Her crotch, the next place to share pleasure with his tongue and lips, was soft and smooth, and delectable. He continued from there until he reached the origins of her pussy lips. Ben raised his face briefly, and decided to start with the inviting expanse of one of Audrey’s outer lips, and lick everywhere, repeatedly, until she climaxed at least once. It had been so long since he had even seen a pussy even half as beautiful as hers, let alone eaten one, that he really wanted to take his time and bring her to at least two good, strong orgasms. Besides how much fun it would be for himself, he felt a great fondness for Audrey, and wanted to bring her as much pleasure as he could.

He lowered his face and, starting just below her slit, began to lick upward. The skin was as soft and smooth as a satin pillow, but was warm and vibrant. The narrow strip of blonde hair felt downy soft to his tongue, almost as good as the bare skin. His mouth had never been anywhere so marvelous, and he licked slowly, wanting to spend as much time as possible on such a wonderful place.

“Oooooo,” Audrey murmured. “Oh, that feels so good.”

Hearing her expressions of pleasure was a treat to his fifth sense. Ben slowly and thoroughly licked Audrey’s smooth outer lip all the way to her mons, reveling in the way she felt and smelled and tasted and looked and sounded. When he finished with the first pussy lip, he brought his mouth back to below her pink love hole again. More nectar had trickled out, and his tongue sluiced that up, before it started caressing her other outer lip.

Audrey’s pussy was squirming under him as he started licking her second pussy lip and, by the time he reached her mons again, her whole body was moving strenuously. Before going back to begin on her inner lips, Ben looked at the reaction he was having. The beautiful woman’s body was writhing in pleasure in front of him, while her head rolled from side to side on her pillow. He could hear what sounded like moaning, but he knew it couldn’t have been from pain. He grinned and, after once again feasting on the plentiful nectar, started licking between an inner and outer lip. Besides the tremendous pleasure he was deriving from eating the lady’s lovely pussy, he took immense pride in knowing how much joy he was giving her.

Still taking his time, Ben’s tongue traveled slowly upward, flicking between both lips, and with its tip probing into the seam between them. By the time he reached the end of the inner lip, her adorable clit was more visible. He looked at Audrey from his unusual vantage point, and was happy to see her head and body thrashing on her bed from the exquisite pleasure he was giving her. Her blissful moans were louder, and were ending in whimpers. Ben licked across the top of her clit hood, and curled his tongue down under it to briefly fondle the succulent little morsel that was still partially sheltering underneath it. The response of Audrey’s body was to move even more strenuously, and for her pussy to start fucking up into his face.

Once again, Ben started below the pink hole that was the source of Audrey’s fragrant and delicious juices. He devoured all that had been produced, and started licking between the other pair of inner and outer lips. Once again, his tongue caressed both lips, and explored between them. By the time he reached the end of the inner lip, her whole body was pitching from side to side from the excruciating pleasure he was giving her, and Audrey was begging him to lick her clit so she could cum.

Ben was truly reveling in what he was doing, but he knew it would be even better when she was cumming, and intended to eat her pussy to a second orgasm anyhow. Her clit was so engorged it had crowded its way out from its protective hood, so Ben drew it into his mouth and started to suck. While he applied the suction, his tongue fondled the luscious morsel in his mouth.

“Yes! Yes! Oh, my God!” Audrey cried as she started cumming. Her thighs squeezed Ben’s head and began to oscillate wildly, while her arms flailed the mattress. Ben kept his arms around her legs and her clit in his mouth and stayed with her, a very willing prisoner for the wild ride. For almost five minutes her legs swung back and forth and her pussy seemed to be trying to wrap itself around his face. Abruptly all of Audrey’s muscles clenched, and her back arched, jamming her pussy against Ben for a climactic time. After her great orgasm, she completely relaxed on the bed, her legs releasing him but staying on his shoulders.

Ben smiled gleefully, and moved his face down to feast on the great wealth of nectar that was spattered on Audrey’s legs, crotch and all over her pussy. It was all delicious, and he hoped her next climax, the one he would be starting on momentarily, was even half as fast as the first one had been. After devouring all the fresh juices, he started licking her outer lip again.

The orgasm she had just experienced was the best one in Audrey’s life, vastly better than anything she had ever gotten from her husband or from a dildo or even a vibrator. And, the young man didn’t seem to be done yet. Shivers of delight rippled through her body from where his tongue was still active, on her thighs, crotch and even her pussy lips, which were still swollen and sensitive.

“That was just wonderful, Ben,” she sighed.

His smiling face appeared between her legs, smeared with her juices. “Was? I hope I don’t have to stop yet.”

Audrey could hardly believe her ears. Not only had the young man just given her the greatest orgasm of her life, he wanted to keep going, maybe to give her another one just as good or even better. She didn’t answer his question, just nestled her head in her pillow, prepared to be taken beyond ecstasy again. Ben took her actions to be permission to continue, which it was, and buried his face back where it had been a few seconds earlier. Looking between her breasts and over her belly, she saw the top of his forehead, and his dark brown hair, just as she had imagined earlier that morning. Besides that erotic sight, she felt his tongue once more caressing her freshly-shaven pussy lip. Audrey was extremely glad she had decided to trim off most of her pubic hair that morning.

It got better and better as Ben’s tongue slowly repeated its journey up her sensitive outer lip. Waves of bliss coursed through her body from its path, and she could feel her level of pleasure mounting. Her body reacted too, squirming on the bed, while she breathed harder and faster. When his pleasuring tongue reached her mons, she saw his green eyes once more peeking at her, and she urged him to keep eating her pussy.

“God, that feels good. Keep licking me.” Whether he was responding or not she didn’t know, but his eyes disappeared, and all she could see was his hair. Seconds later, she felt his tongue caressing her other outer lip.

Once more, the agile tongue on her sensitive skin sent joy swirling through Audrey’s body. Holding a nipple in either of her hands, and gently caressing them, she once again established the three-way connection with her clit, sending more currents of delight coursing along it. From being almost inundated with pleasure, her body writhed on the bed and she could feel her head slowly tossing from side to side, on her pillow. For a second she saw Ben’s happy face again, even more smeared with her juices, but it disappeared, and she felt his tongue thrusting against her dripping pink hole again.

“Oh! Oh! Oh!” Audrey exclaimed, each outburst resulting from a separate thrust of Ben’s tongue against the sides of the place that had his attention. He continued with this new stimulation, as well as exploring under her inner lips, and she could see and feel her pussy fucking reflexively up against his face. Ben did not pause or hesitate; he continued until he reached the top of her love hole. By that time, her body was thrashing about on the bed from the incredible waves of pleasure that were inundating her, flooding out from where his tongue and lips were caressing her pussy.

“Suck my Clit! Suck my clit!” she begged the young man with his face between her legs.

He heard and did what she wanted. She saw a little more of his forehead, and suddenly felt his mouth closing around where she wanted it to be. A tidal wave of pleasure, bigger and even more intense than what she had been feeling, swept through her body as he began sucking the most sensitive part of her pussy, and caressing her there with his tongue. She totally lost control of herself, and suddenly her ass was bouncing up and down on the bed, so hard that she seemed to be trying to wrap her pussy around his face. The only thing she knew for sure was that she wanted him to keep doing exactly what he was doing.

“Yes! Yes! Right there!” Audrey cried out joyfully. A moment later, “Oh! Oh!” she blurted ecstatically, as she started cumming.

Her legs wrapped around Ben’s head again, and her heels started thumping into his back. Audrey’s ass bounced up and down on the bed, ramming her pussy against him. It wasn’t good enough for her – nothing would have been – and the hands that had been flailing the bed went to the back of his head to jam her pussy against his face. Audrey’s legs swung wildly from side to side, almost carrying her and Ben off the bed. He hung on, clinging to her thighs and keeping her clit inside his mouth while he sucked and licked on it.

“Oh!” she cried out joyously as she climaxed. Her back arched, and her hands and legs squeezed Ben’s head against her pussy, before releasing him, as she sagged back onto the bed. Her arms sprawled out at her side, while her legs remained draped loosely over his shoulders. Ben continued licking and sucking, until he was sure she had finished cumming. His mouth released her clit and, starting with the plump thighs that had felt so good clamped onto the sides of his head, he devoured all her fresh juices from where they had spattered. He licked everything from the outside of her pussy, but left what was inside to perform its natural job of lubrication. After all the delightful tastes and aromas, and being in bed with a naked woman whom he considered to be one of the sexiest he even knew about, Ben’s cock was as hard as he could ever remember it being.

He slid off the bed and, after removing a condom from the pocket, he pulled off his pants and underwear. Just as naked as Audrey, and even hornier, he unwrapped the condom, rolled it onto his cock, and climbed back onto the bed. Ben walked on his knees until he was between her sexy legs again. She was lying flat on her back, with a blissful smile and her eyes closed but, when she felt him getting back onto the bed, they opened. The sight of his rampant cock spread an even bigger smile across her face.

“That was so good, Ben! That was the best two times I’ve ever cum. I hope you can do even half as well with that nice, hard dick you’ve got for me.”

Ben was quite confident he could, and he moved up closer and leaned over the big, sexy woman. One hand was splayed on the bed beside her to support his weight, and the other held his cock to guide it to the place where it was wanted and needed. Audrey reached down and held her pussy lips apart, and Ben pressed the tip of his cock against the hole she was creating for him. After rubbing it against her wetness, he placed it back against the tight opening and gave a firm push, wedging it into her pussy.

“Aaaaaah, yeah, ooooh, that’s good. Really give it to me now.”

Encouraged, Ben thrust forward again, and Audrey expressed her delight, as another inch of his cock spread her tight opening as it pushed its way into her pussy. Enough of his shaft was inside that he no longer needed to guide it, so he placed his other hand on the other side of Audrey and leaned forward more. She continued holding her pussy lips open and urging Ben to really give it to her.

That was exactly what he wanted to do, and what he was doing. With another thrust, almost half his cock had burrowed into her pussy, and Audrey started purring from the intense pleasure she was already feeling. Her sounds of bliss grew louder when she felt more and more of Ben’s hard cock surging into her and stretching her love channel. She hadn’t been crammed full the way he was doing to her for a long time, maybe not ever. The fucking had barely started, and Audrey’s body was already squirming in pleasure.

By the time Ben’s cock was all the way inside her, Audrey’s movements were more strenuous and her purring was starting to turn to blissful moans. Because of her large size, Ben supported his weight on his knees and his hands, which were placed on either side of the lady’s pretty face. Slowly, he drew back for the first full stroke into her pussy. Audrey gripped his upper arms tightly and, as he started to thrust forward, she spread her thighs even wider, allowing him to get a fraction of an inch more of his cock into her pussy. She also bent her knees, curling them around his legs, and pulled herself forward to impale her pussy on Ben’s cock. Their bodies met with a wet and satisfying “smack” accompanied by a happy murmur from each of them. When he drew back, she pushed on his arms to slide back toward the head of the bed.

The next stroke was the same, and the next, and the next. As Ben and Audrey continued fucking, her movements became more erratic, and she rocked back and forth while her pussy engulfed Ben’s cock. She moaned every time it surged into her, spreading her opening and expanding her love channel. Audrey could feel her level of pleasure mounting rapidly, and she knew she would climax soon, and it would be as glorious as her two earlier ones had been.

Ben felt great about everything he was doing that day. He really liked the woman who was writhing and moaning under him, liked knowing that he was giving her so much happiness. He took pride in it, too, that she had climaxed twice already and would obviously cum again in a few minutes. The fucking was also wonderful for him on another level. Audrey’s pussy was the best place his cock had ever been. Every time he plunged it deeply into her, the muscles that massaged his shaft sent pleasure sweeping from there to saturate his entire body. He wanted the fucking to go on for a long time, and for both of them to enjoy every second to the maximum.

That was one reason he was stroking his cock so slowly into her, and avoiding too much contact with her clit. Even with that, however, Audrey was on the verge of cumming, and he decided to bring her to an orgasm, followed by a second, slower one. He moved up slightly on her body, and began fucking more down into her pussy, and making more contact between her clit and his cock. He started fucking faster, too.

After a few strokes, Audrey realized what was about to happen. “Yeah!” she cried out. “Give it to me!”

Ben did just what she wanted and, a few minutes later, “Oh!” she warbled. “Yes! Yes! Oh, God, I’m cumming.”

Her movements, which had been merely erratic, became wild, her body rolling from side to side under Ben, trying to wrap her legs more tightly around him, and squeezing his arms with her hands. He kept driving his cock in and out of her, scraping it against her swollen clit as it plowed into her and again when he bulled it back. Audrey had barely enough control to fuck back to meet him, until she climaxed.

Her back arched as all her muscles clenched, and she squeezed his arms and legs one last time. After her orgasm, she sagged back against the mattress, and the smile that spread across her face was even broader than it had been after her previous climaxes. Ben felt good too. He really liked Audrey, and felt good about having brought her to such a great orgasm as that, and proud that he had done so. He was also immensely enjoying the fucking for its own sake. Her pussy squeezed his cock better than any of the few other girls or women in his experience had, and was a million times better than the wanking he would probably otherwise have been doing. The day with her was already the best he could remember, and he was sure it would get even better.

He was right. As Ben continued slowly thrusting his cock in and out of Audrey’s pussy, she opened her eyes and her smile grew even wider. “That was just wonderful, Ben. I’ve never cum like that.” Having said that, and realizing there was more to come, she started fucking back to meet his cock as it drove into her pussy. He wasn’t the only one having a great day.

The day got better for both of them as they continued what they were doing. Her pussy was still tight, but so wet that some of the lubricant spattered over both of them when their bodies came together with a pleasant wet sound. Ben’s cock moved easily in out of Audrey, and she moved easily under him. After a few minutes, they were fucking with long, slow strokes, moving in unison, while their sighs and moans and gasps formed a duet of bliss.

“I love it,” Audrey murmured. “I love your cock and what it’s doing for me.”

“I love your pussy. My cock loves it too. It’s the best place it’s ever been.” Audrey smiled, glad to be appreciated, and fucked back harder every time she felt that much beloved shaft surging into her.

Mostly, though, the only sounds were the soft, rhythmic squeaking of the bed springs as they moved back and forth, and the soft, wet sounds of their bodies coming together. They didn’t talk much, except for uttering incoherent, but easily understood sounds of pleasure.

“Let me do it,” Audrey whispered. Until then, Ben had been setting the pace, but he relinquished it to the big, beautiful woman under him.

Audrey pulled with her legs, which were still hooked around Ben’s, impaling herself on his cock. Her hands gripped his upper arms, and she pulled her pussy back off, and slid toward the head of the bed before pausing, and imbedding his cock again. As she slid back, engulfing his cock, Ben fucked forward, plastering their bodies wetly together and evoking even louder exclamations of bliss.

They continued like this for a long time, until both of them felt their climaxes drawing near. “Fuck me good, Ben. Fuck my clit,” she urged him.

He knew what she wanted, and took over the lead again. Once more, he moved higher on her body, and thrust his cock down into her pussy, scraping his cock and her clit together. As Audrey fucked back to meet him, she let him know how much she loved what he was doing.

“Yes! Yes! That’s it! Fuck me good and hard.” She could feel another, and even greater orgasm drawing nearer every time her pussy was crammed full of his big cock.

Ben knew he was getting closer to cumming too, especially with the way her clit and his cock were repeatedly massaging each other. He started driving his cock into her faster, making the bed squeak more loudly, and eliciting more and louder happy sounds from Audrey and himself.

“Yes! Like that! Fuck me faster! Make me cum!” Audrey knew that was on the verge of happening.

Ben was close to cumming too, but he didn’t stop or even slow down. He drove his cock harder and faster into Audrey’s pussy, and the whimpering noises she was making urged him on. She didn’t slow down either, until there was a sudden, overwhelming rush of intense pleasure that inundated her whole body.

“I’m cumming! I’m cumming!” she cried joyously.

Her body, which had been rocking from side to side for some time, started moving even more wildly, and her hands clamped onto the arms that were still supporting the man who continued driving his cock in and out of her. Audrey’s squeezed Ben’s legs with her own, and he kept fucking her as strongly as he could. Abruptly, all the muscles in her body clenched, and she gave an incoherent cry of ecstasy as she climaxed. After her orgasm, her body completely relaxed, seeming to melt into the bed and releasing his arms and legs.

Ben didn’t stop, but kept driving his cock into Audrey’s pussy, but it was just a few strokes before he felt a great eruption of intense pleasure concentrating in his belly. He gave a happy sigh as he climaxed, and pumped his semen into his condom. Ben kept thrusting his cock into Audrey’s pussy for a few more strokes, ejaculating two more gobs of his cum, before he stopped. His arms were suddenly too weak to support his upper body, and he slowly collapsed to lie on top of the woman whose pussy had given him such an intense climax.

Audrey and Ben lay in a happy pile, smiling at each other and catching their breaths. After his cock softened and slipped out of her pussy, he rolled off her body, to lie beside her. “Studmuffin,” she said. “You were sure a stud today. The next time we get together, I hope I get to eat your muffin.”

“I’d love that, Mama. Just keep your crotch as hot as it was today.”

Thank you for reading this story. I hope you had as much fun as Ben and Audrey did, and as much as they will be having in their next get-together. I like writing stories on Literotica, but I like it a lot more when I know that people are reading and enjoying them, and I appreciate it when readers take the time to express their opinions by voting. Like most authors on Literotica, I practically live for feedback from readers, either public comments or email to me. Such feedback, whether praise or criticism, helps me to write more and better stories, and I respond to it whenever I can.

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