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You Can Call Me Dad

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Jack Barker watched his girlfriend’s son go into the garage, and after making sure that his soon-to-be wife was in the bathroom, went out the back door and toward the garage. Jack had just moved into the modest old farmhouse a couple of days ago, although he had spent a lot of time there in the year he had been courting Alice Randolph.

Jack liked Alice Randolph a lot, but he also had another interest with the same last name, first name Patrick, and he had a sneaking suspicion that the skinny little lad had more than a little interest in him too.

Alice didn’t know that her son was gay, much to Jack’s surprise, since it seemed obvious to Jack that Patrick was. Maybe it was because Jack had a lifetime of experience in that regard, but right away he sensed that the shy little nerd wasn’t playing Dungeons and Dragons behind his locked bedroom door when his friend Matthew used to visit.

So cute, Jack sighed as he looked through the window of the garage at Patrick, who was oblivious to him being eyeballed. The lad looked a lot like his mother in many ways; dirty blonde hair and a skinny body that probably didn’t have more than 130 pounds on his 5’7″ frame, but then again his real father was not exactly a macho man either.

“You’re so unlike Henry,” Alice had said back when he first started having sex with the woman he was going to marry next month. “I can’t believe how different it is with you.”

The petite 47 year old woman had said that after about 5 minutes of trying to catch her breath after Jack Barker had nearly put the little lady through the headboard, becoming only the second man she had even been that intimate with, or so she had claimed, and Jack had no reason to doubt her, given her obvious inexperience and shock after seeing him naked.

Her son had seen him naked, or at least that was what Jack thought, having noticed the shadow of feet outside the bedroom and bathroom doors. That was how Jack found out that you could actually see a little bit through the crack in the old bathroom barrier.

Jack had taken advantage of that himself, having taken a peek after the shower had gone off one day. Jack had been curious, because while little Patrick was a man as far as age goes, he had a boyish quality about him, but the limited glimpse he had gotten of the lad drying off was all he needed to be able to put his guilt aside.

Cute bottom, Jack mused as Patrick bent over and fiddled with his bike chain, and cute everywhere else. Not much muscle, but no fat and no scars or tattoos, and very little hair on that lithe frame that had gotten Jack’s attention from the start, and as he closed the door behind himself and walked quietly toward the lad, young Patrick hadn’t even noticed him enter.

“Bike trouble?” Jack asked, and Patrick almost jumped out of his skin when he heard the voice behind him, prompting the older man to apologize. “Oh. Sorry. Thought you heard me enter.”

“No, it’s okay,” Patrick replied, his face flushed from bending over. “The chain slipped a couple of days ago and I’m just checking it.”

“If you want, I’d be happy to give you a ride somewhere,” Jack offered, putting his hand on Patrick’s back as the lad knelt back down.

“No, thanks anyway, Mr. Barker. I was just going to go out for a ride.”

“Now, I thought we discussed the Mr. Barker stuff,” Jack said, moving his hand up and kneading the lad’s shoulder gently, a shoulder that was no more muscular than his mother’s. “I’m going to be your step-father pretty soon, and while I don’t expect you to call me Dad, the least you can do is call me Jack.”

“Sorry – Jack,” Patrick said with a smile. “I keep forgetting.”

“That’s okay,” Jack said, looking down at the lad, the sun coming in from the window shining on him, making the dusting of golden hairs on the boy’s calves sparkle. “I know it’s tough on you with me moving in, and I appreciate you being so good about it. With you going off to college soon, at least you won’t have to put up with me all that much.”

“No, you’re a neat guy,” Patrick replied. “Mom’s crazy about you, and I like it when she’s happy.”

“That’s great. She did a nice job of raising you,” Jack said. “The way she keeps making that honey-do list though – I get tired just looking at it.”

“Yeah. Nothing has been done around here since Dad left,” Patrick said as he stood up. “I’m not much good at fixing things.”

“I’m pretty handy,” Jack said as he looked down at the lad who was about a head shorter than him, his hands still on his shoulder. “One thing your Mom wanted me to do is replace the bathroom door, or at least fix it. Did you know that you can see through that vertical crack to the right side?”

“Really?” Patrick said, and Jack saw the barely visible Adam’s Apple bob in the lad’s throat.

“Yeah, you can see pretty good through there too,” Jack said, giving the bony shoulder a little squeeze. “Smart kid like you, I figure would have noticed that. Heck, I used to try and peek in on my Mom, and she wasn’t nearly as pretty as yours is. It’s only natural. You sure you never peeked in there?”

“Uh – maybe once or twice,” Patrick said, and Jack saw his hand shaking on the handlebar.

“Thought so,” Jack said, and with his free hand took the bike away from them and leaned it against the side of the garage. “Funny thing was that I thought I noticed somebody outside the bathroom door after I got out of the showers a couple of times. You can see the shadows at the gap between the door and the floor, did you know that?”

“No,” Patrick said in a voice that sounded like it was still changing.

“You have anything to say for yourself, Patrick?” Jack asked as both of his hands went up to Patrick’s shoulders.

“Sorry?” Patrick said/asked in response, and the older man could feel the lad’s body shaking.

“No need to be,” Jack said as he let his left hand slide down from Patrick’s shoulder and move down the scrawny chest with the logo of some video game on the t-shirt. “In fact, after I noticed that crack in the door, I looked through it myself, and you know what?”

“What?” Patrick croaked as his future stepfather’s hand reached the top of his baggy shorts and slid underneath the waistband.

“I liked what I saw,” Jack hissed into Patrick’s ear as his fingers raked through the little nest of pubic hair and grabbed the slender tube that hung below it. “I liked it a lot.”

“Omigod,” Patrick moaned, falling back into his mother’s boyfriend as the older man pulled on his dick, stretching the flaccid organ as far as he could while his other hand coaxed his lad’s shorts and underwear down. “My mom…”

“She’s in the shower,” Jack whispered, giving the boy’s ear a nibble as he looked down at the cock he was pulling on, a very modest endowment that was growing rapidly and very noticeably under his urging. “Just relax.”

“Figured you for a grower,” Jack sighed as the slender pale tube went from a wrinkled spout to an arching prong, the length even more impressive as it was attached to such a little fellow. “Look at your cock – that’s nice.”

“Gonna cum if you don’t…”

“Want you to cum,” Jack said as he wrapped his entire fist around Patrick’s cock and started jerking him hard. “Just tell me – when you looked at me through the door – did you like what you saw?”

“Yes… omigod yes,” Patrick moaned, almost going limp in Jack’s arms as his orgasm charged through his loins, sending ropes of cum all over the wall of the garage, and the older man didn’t stop jacking even after Patrick had stopped cumming.

“Oh, you cum so good,” Jack sighed, continuing to pull hard on the dick even after it went limp, milking every drop oout of the deflated organ while stretching it to the limit before finally letting go, and then brought his hand up to his mouth before adding. “Tastes good too. Made quite a mess though.”

The wall of the garage had strings of cum on it, and even Patrick’s bike had some hanging on the spokes of the tire.

“Maybe we could get better acquainted sometime,” Jack suggested. “I could come visit your room…”

“No – it’s too close to Mom’s – I mean your room,” Patrick said as he pulled up his shorts. “I can hear everything sometimes.”

“Why do you still come down and stand at the door if you can hear so well?” Jack said with a smile.

“So I can hear better,” Patrick answered sheepishly with a red face, probably from a combination of embarrassment and exertion. “Sounded like you were killing her in the beginning.”

“You must have heard noises back when your Dad was here,” Jack said.

“Not like that,” Patrick snorted.

“So where can we get together?” Jack asked.

“The cellar maybe?” Patrick suggested. “Or if it’s nice out, maybe we could go out back?”

“I’m open minded,” Jack admitted.

“Maybe some night when Mom is tired or something…”

“That doesn’t make any difference,” Jack said. “She can only last one round, so after she drops off – unless you would feel creepy about me smelling like her mouth or her – you know.”

“No,” Patrick said. “Actually, that would be kinda hot. I love my Mom.”

“Better yet, maybe the three of us could get together,” Jack said with a chuckle.

“That would be awesome.”

“I was kidding.”

“I know, and Mom is too square for that anyway,” Patrick admitted. “Matthew – now his Mom is – never mind.”

“Really?” Jack retorted. “Interesting. Haven’t seen him around lately.”

“We had a fight a couple months ago,” Patrick confessed.

“Too bad. So you guys – well – I was just curious. You’ve done things,” Jack asked, and then asked, “You like anal?”


“Me too, but your Mom, she’s kinda scared – she won’t…”

“Can’t blame her,” Patrick snorted, looking down at Jack’s crotch.

“Hey, what you saw through the crack, that’s pretty much it. I don’t grow like you do.”

“That’s good,” Patrick said with a grin. “Matthew – he’s not built like you.”

“Don’t worry,” Jack said. “I’ll be gentle.”

“I didn’t say that,” Patrick said, pawing at the ground.

“I’m so glad I came out here,” Jack said. “I think we’re going to get along together great.”

“Me too,” Patrick replied, and as he reached down between his future stepfather’s legs he added, “Can I suck you off? – Oh shit!”

The sound of the screen door of the house had them both scurrying about, and Jack went out to intercept Alice while her son cleaned the cum off the wall.

“Tonight?” Patrick had asked before Jack left the garage, and Jack had nodded before closing the door behind himself.


Jack Barker waited for Alice’s breathing to reflect the fact that she had in fact fallen asleep. Her sleeping pill, along with the nightly sex, had the little lady in dreamland pretty quickly, and before Jack slipped out of the bed he looked at his future wife.

Naked, with her nightgown still where it landed on the floor after Jack had removed it, the petite blonde looked like a waif, and not for the first time did Jack look at Alice and wonder, did Alice turn him on because she looked so much like her son, or was it the other way around.

On her back, Alice’s diminutive breasts practically disappeared, and her aureoles and nipples were not much larger than her son’s. Jack had always been interested in boyish females, the androgynous look always proving to be exciting to him.

More than once, Jack had fucked Alice while imagining that it was Patrick on the receiving end, stretching her arms up to the headboards so her tits flattened out and pretending that the little blonde was Patrick.

Jack’s eyes went down, past Alice’s exposed rib cage and flat stomach, down to the little wisp of hair that guarded her sex. After they had gotten intimate, Jack had told Alice that she didn’t need to bother to shave down there but she said that she didn’t.

“Just never got hairy like the other girls,” Alice had explained, and that was a trait that she passed down to her son, because Patrick was much the same way.

The tiny tuft of hair over Patrick’s dick, the sprinkling of golden down on the insides of his calves, and the almost invisible sparse wisps of hair under his arms was all that Jack had seen. It turned him on, maybe because he was a hairy guy and opposites really do attract. Whatever the reason, Jack thought as he rolled out of bed with a minimum of movement, there was somebody he wanted to see. Someone that was hopefully waiting for him, so Jack found his boxer shorts, slipped them on and tiptoed out of the bedroom.


Jack closed the door without making a sound, and when he turned around, expecting to have to figure out whether Patrick was in his room or not, he got his answer. Patrick was down at the other end of the hall, where the stairs went downstairs, and he was naked.

What a beautiful boy – man – Jack corrected himself as he walked slowly down toward the lad, who stood bare and unashamed of his nudity. He looked so innocent that Jack almost felt guilty until he remembered how Patrick had been out in the garage, and how long that tiny dick became in his fist.

“I fixed a place downstairs for us – is that okay?” Patrick asked, and after Jack nodded the boy reached up and put his arms around him, kissing his neck while rubbing his body into Jack.

“Wanted to do this since I met you,” Patrick mumbled into Jack’s collarbone, his hands rubbing all over his future stepfather’s hairy back, and as they embraced Jack felt Patrick’s erection against his thigh.

“Maybe we should get downstairs,” Jack sighed.

“Sorry. I’m excited,” Patrick said before going down the stairs, his dimpled butt leading the way, and when they got downstairs the lad brought Jack into a little room next to the furnace, a room that had held junk before.

“Fixed it up a little bit,” Patrick said with a shrug of the shoulders, and not only was Jack pleased to see that his future stepson had taken care of one of the things on his Mom’s list by cleaning it up, but the cot on the floor and the candles around it looked almost romantic in a way.

“It’s nice,” Jack agreed as he looked at the innocent looking young fellow, the boyish body with the long slender prong sticking straight out, over 6″ of rock hard flesh swaying and waiting, but when Jack came over to him Patrick stopped him.

“Mr. – I mean Jack,” Patrick corrected as Jack’s hand came up to his arms. “Can you do me a favor?”


“You can do anything you want to me – with me. I mean that. Anything at all,” Patrick said. “But tonight, at least at first. I mean, ever since I laid eyes on you I’ve fantasized about they way it would be if I ever ended up with you. You have no idea how many times I’ve – well – you probably can guess what I do. Sounds stupid, huh?”

“No, I think it’s sweet,” Jack replied.

“Well, can I just do what I fantasized about right now?” Patrick asked timidly. “After that…”

“I’m yours,” Jack said, lowering his hands from Patrick’s reed-thin arms and taking a step back. “What would you like me to do?”

“Nothing,” Patrick said, and in the candlelight it looked like his eyes were watering up a bit. “Stay just like that. You’re amazing.”

Jack looked down at the young man, whose chest was heaving like he had run a marathon, and the look in young Patrick’s eyes was one of wonder. Timidly, his hands went up to Jack’s chest, and as he raked his fingers through the thick silver and chest mat that covered his burly chest, the lads eyes rolled back a bit in head.

“Ooh,” Patrick sighed as his fingers dug into the meaty man-boobs, his palms feeling his Mom’s boyfriend’s nipples swell, and after a tentative look up at the older man, moved his face down onto Jack’s left nipple.

Nibbling at first, Patrick’s lips soon were sucking hard on the plump bud while his fingers tweaked the other nipple hard. The sounds the young man made would have been comical if it wasn’t for the fact that it was so erotic to the older man to have a young fellow so infatuated with him.

Jack had savored many twinks like Patrick, young and eager to please, but Patrick was different. He was almost rabid as he went from side to side, suckling on Jack’s teats while grinding his erection against his future stepfather’s hairy thigh.

“Oh Patrick, that’s so good,” Jack sighed as he reached up and ran his hand through the young lad’s shaggy blonde hair while pressing him close to his chest.

“Wanna eat you up,” Patrick groaned, starting to bite the tender bud gently, and then after looking up at his mentor, moved his head over and buried his face under Jack’s upraised arm, chewing and licking the steamy jungle of hair that filled the hollow of his armpit.

Jack groaned as Patrick leaned into him, the lad’s hand sliding down the older man’s body until he reached the bulge that ran down the inside of the boxers, a bulge that was hard and trapped in the fabric, nearly coming out the leg of the garment.

After Patrick’s hand reached the end of the bulge, he let out a cry and dropped to his knees in from of Jack, gasping for air as his hand ran over the bulge a couple of times before he reached up and grabbed the elastic and pulled it slowly down.

Jack looked down at his girlfriend’s son, running his hand through the lad’s hair as Patrick slowly tugged the boxers down and although he looked wild-eyes and frantic, the way he coaxed the shorts down was like he was teasing himself.

Patrick stopped after exposing the stump of the older man’s cock, leaning forward and licking the bottom of the shaft before pulling the shorts down a bit more. Now the bottom half of Jack’s cock was exposed, with the rest still pinned inside the boxers, and Patrick let his tongue slide up and down the fat vein that meandered down the center of the bronze tube.

“Omigod,” Patrick sobbed as he coaxed the elastic down a bit further, finally exposing the ridge of the head hidden under the foreskin. “You’re so huge – and I can taste Mom’s cunt too.”

“You’re such a tease,” Jack muttered, looking down next to the cot and the other things the lad had brought down to this secret lair.

The bottle of water looked refreshing, and the dew-covered bottle of Sam Adams looked better, but what Jack was most tempted to reach down and grab was the large tube of Anal-glide. It was getting harder and harder to not do just that as Patrick kept teasing both of them.

Finally, Patrick eased the elastic over the tip of Jack’s swollen manhood, and as the monolith was freed it arched up slowly, barely missing Patrick’s face at it did.

“Oh man,” Patrick said as his hands yanked down the boxers before reaching up to grab Jack’s cock, his pale fingers not able to quite get around the thickness while only covering half of the huge organ, and then he leaned forward to run his tongue over the edge of the dusky foreskin that had slid up about halfway over the purplish knob.

“You sure about wanting that up your ass?” Jack asked. “Because once I start…”

“Been dreaming about you sticking this monster cock in me,” Patrick said in between licking Jack’s cock. “Want it so bad. Let me suck all Mom’s juices off it first.”

Patrick stretched his mouth wide and let his lips run down the glans and a ways down the shaft before going back to the tip. Again and again Patrick forced the meaty organ into his mouth, looking up at his mentor for approval, which Jack gave with a nod.

Patrick took the cock out of his mouth and took a deep breath before raising the rod upright so he could lick and suck the hairy sac below, which was just as over-sized as the penis was. That didn’t stop Patrick from taking each orb into his mouth and sucking hard though, letting each fat nut pop loud loudly upon release.

“Oh – that’s good,” Jack hissed as he looked down and so the pearl of pre-cum which had oozed out of the opening of his cock. “Gotta have you.”

Jack pulled his future stepson out from between his legs and put him on all fours. His cock was swollen, throbbing and drooling, but the sight of the lad’s pale bottom sticking up in the ass gave him another idea so he put his hands of the firm little butt cheeks and pulled them apart.

Jack’s pulse quickened at the amazing sight; Patrick’s scrotum, wrinkled, hairless and hanging quite low between his legs, and his anus, the tiny puckered ring pink and looking so pure that Jack found it difficult to imagine anything ever having gone in or out of the little orifice.

The older man buried his face in the crevice, his tongue searching for and finding the balloon knot, and after scrubbing it with his tongue, pierced it with the tip. Patrick let out a little squeal of surprise when he felt Jack’s tongue inside of him, leaning back into his future stepfather’s face to make it even easier for him.

While Jack rimmed Patrick, he brought his hand underneath to grab the boy’s balls, kneading and twisting his nuts and savoring the groans that came as a result, and he appreciated the fact that the lad was keeping the noise down, because it would not do to have Alice come down here now.

After savoring Patrick’s sweet ass for a bit, Jack reached down for the lubricant, unscrewing the cap and squeezing out a healthy hand-full of lube, spreading much of it over the stiff cock before putting his index finger to the tender opening he was about to take.

His thick finger went in slowly, and although the opening was tight the lad took it all without anything but a wiggle of his hips, so Jack forced another digit into the steamy hole.

“Yeah!” Patrick whispered. “Give me your cock. I want it so bad.”

“Soon,” Jack said as he took his cock and slapped it on the butt he was fingering, leaving a rope of pre-cum in its wake. “Think you need another.”

Patrick made a chocking sound when the third finger was forced in briefly, and after a few twisting movements of his wrist Jack pulled his fingers out to observe the hole which closed rapidly as he watched.

“On your back,” Jack said, grabbing the pillow and forcing it under the small of Patrick’s spine.

Jack enjoyed watching the facial expression of those about to take his cock for the first time. Patrick had been confused at first but caught on fast, spreading his legs wide and gripping the backs of his thighs and he awaited being impaled with a mix of excitement and apprehension.

Jack brought the head of his cock up to the opening, the sight of Patrick’s long, slender cock fully erect and curled up against his stomach sending shivers down his spine, and after making sure the head of his cock was fully lubed, pushed the tip in.

“Don’t stop if I cry,’ Patrick said before grabbing Jack’s boxers and stuffing some of the fabric into his mouth in anticipation of what was to come.

Jack nodded, although he knew from past experience that once he got inside a tight young ass like Patrick’s, he would be unable to stop no matter how many tears were shed. There was something about taking a twink for the first time, and the couple of occasions that he had taken a lad and there was no one around to hear, he had to admit that the blood curdling sounds made the hair on his back stand up straight.

Not that he wanted to hurt them, and in fact Jack made every effort to get them ready and take it easy on them, but there was no getting around the fact that it must hurt, although Jack had never been on the receiving end. As he poked at Patrick’s anus with the tip of his cock he looked at the long prong on Patrick’s stomach. What would it be like to experience what he was only used to giving out?

Jack leaned forward, his fist wrapped around the shaft of his manhood, and tried to get the ridge of the glans inside the opening, because after that it was easy. Jack didn’t look at his cock as it was being forced in, but at Patrick’s face, still angelic in the flickering candlelight even though his eyes were rolled back in his head and every muscle and vein in his neck was bulging, the stifled scream was absorbed by the fabric.

Then suddenly, the head of his cock popped in, and the shaft slid in a bit afterward, and then Patrick was yanking the boxer shorts out of his mouth, wiping the tears off the sides of his face and looking up at Jack with a maniacal look on his face.

“Hurts – hurts so good,” Patrick hissed as Jack began moving what was inside of the lad, inching a little deeper each time. “So good.”

Patrick was tight, but not really any tighter that his mother’s pussy had been at first, and in fact he was taking it a lot better than she had. Patrick kept mumbling about how good it was while reaching down at taking his cock between his thumb and index finger, pulling on it in the same rhythm Jack was using.

Jack smiled as he watched Patrick try to get hard again. From the pain, Jack assumed, the once long shaft had withered down to just a nub, but he could see Patrick start to get hard again as the pain lessened and Jack began thrusting harder.

“Yeah! Harder! I want it all,” Patrick grunted, his skinny body glistening with sweat, both his and Jack’s, and while Jack was only using half of his manhood on the lad it seemed more to Patrick.

“You like my cock in your ass, don’t you son?” Jack asked, and Patrick nodded just before the boy’s cock erupted, spurting ropes of cum all over himself and the surrounding area. “Oh that looks so good.”

Jack kept thrusting in and out of Patrick, who let go of his spent dick and looked exhausted, but Jack had plenty left in the tank and wanted Patrick a different way.

“On all fours, son,” Jack said, maneuvering the tiny frame below him like a rag doll. “Raise that butt of yours high for me.”

Jack squirted some lube into Patrick’s gaping anus and wasted no time in bringing his tool right back inside his future stepson. While the insertion was much easier this time, his lad’s cavity was still tight and as Jack squeezed the bony hips he knew he would not be able to last much longer.

The older man leaned down and over his prey, putting as little of his considerable weight on Patrick, who seemed to welcome the feel of the hairy body on top of him. Jack’s thrusts became slower and deeper, probing right to the depths of Patrick’s bowels, and then he felt his orgasm race through his loins as he filled the lad with his seed.

“Ooh,” Patrick sighed as the hot semen coated his ravaged orifice.

They stayed in that position as Jack went limp inside of the boy, only releasing the bear hug he had on Patrick when the head of his cock popped out, causing them both to sigh, and after they eased down onto the cot, Jack tried to spoon up against the lad, but Patrick rolled over to face him.

“Thank you so much,” Patrick said, and after hesitating a bit, leaned forward and kissed his future stepfather. “It was better that I even dreamed it would be. Hope I wasn’t too much of a baby.”

“You were wonderful,” Jack said. “But we are a mess.”

“Yeah,” Patrick said. “But I love a sweaty guy, especially if I was why they sweat. Fresh sweat is awesome.”

To prove it, Patrick ran his tongue over the moist salt and pepper curls on Jack’s upper chest, and after giving his mentor another one of those devilish looks, buried his face under his mentor’s arm.

“Got a thing for armpits, son?” Jack chuckled after Patrick’s head emerged.

“Kinda. Does it freak you out?” Patrick asked after admitting that he did, but when Jack said that not only didn’t he mind but enjoyed it, the lad added, “Always wished when I was growing up that my pits would get really hairy like yours and Matthew’s.”

“Well, I like you just as you are,” Jack said, and then made a face when he felt something poking him.

“Is your cock hard again?” Jack said as he reached down and felt Patrick’s hard cock.

“Turns me on so much being with you. Being in your arms.”

“I remember being 18, but even back then…”

“Plus I jerked off listening to you and Mom,” Patrick confessed. “Hope you don’t mind.”

“No, although I don’t think you should tell your mother about that,” Jack chuckled. “She’s not as open-minded as some people – like your friend Matthew’s Mom is. Or were you just kidding before when you said something about Matthew and his mother?”

“I shouldn’t have said that,” Patrick said. “Not nice to tell.”

“True, but after all, pretty soon we’ll be like family. Not father and son but…”

“Yes. Like father and son,” Patrick said in correcting. “My father – well, you never see him around here do you?”

“No. I guess you two don’t get along?”

“To put it mildly,” Patrick admitted. “I don’t know if it would freak you out, but if we ever do anything like this again…”

“If?” Jack said. “I’m hoping it’s the first of many nights like this.”

Patrick burst out in tears, smothering his future stepfather with kisses and hugs, and Jack got misty himself as he held the boy in his arms.

“Sorry. I get emotional sometimes,” Patrick said. “Anyway, what I started to say was that if – when I mean – we’re together like this, would it be okay if I called you Daddy – or Dad? Not around Mom cause it might freak her out, but when we’re together like this?”

“I’d be honored,” Jack said. “I never had the honor of being a father, although what we’ve been doing, I don’t know whether that’s something a father does to his son.”

“You don’t think so?” Patrick said, his voice suddenly cold.

“You mean…”

“Long time ago. Water over the bridge or dam or whatever it is,” Patrick said. “Forget I said it.”

“Now I really feel guilty,” Jack said, but Patrick put his hand over his future stepfather’s mouth.

“No. Please don’t ever say that,” Patrick said. “I wanted you. I sort of even seduced you I think. It was always my choice. That’s nothing like what was done to me before. You I like – I love, so please, now that you know about it, promise me to never bring it up again.”

“I promise, but what were you about to say about Matthew and his mother?”

“And his mother’s boyfriend,” Paatrick continued.

“Oh my, this is interesting,” Jack said. “Since we’re going to be father and son, I think it’s okay to tell me.”

“Okay. Well, Matthew’s mother caught him sucking her boyfriend’s dick one day when she came home from work unexpectedly in the middle of the afternoon,” Patrick explained. “Mr. Arthur was coating Matthew’s tonsils with his load when she went past the room. Scared Matt so much he almost bit his dick off.”


“Matthew’s Mom throws a fit and almost calls the cops, but Matthew was 19 so there was no crime, and when they calm his mother down Matthew tells her that it was his idea and he wasn’t being forced to do it,” Patrick said. “Matthew tells his mother that if he breaks up with Mr. Arthur over that he’ll move out himself.”

“So she stayed with him?” Jack asked.

“Stayed with him and moved him in too,” Patrick said. “They got his Mom drinking one night and she lets on that she actually thought that seeing guys together was kind of exciting, so that’s how it started.”

“The three of them together?”

“No, at least not the last I knew, but they are in the same room,” Patrick explained. “They go through this ritual where his mother gets drunk – pretends to according to Matthew – and they end up in the bedroom naked. Matthew and and Mr. Arthur suck each other’s cocks while his Mom sits in a chair or on the bed and watches.”

“Interesting,” Jack mused.

“Then Mr. Arthur fucks Matthew – he thinks that his Mom fingers herself while they do it – and then after they get done Matthew gets sent out of the room,” he concluded.

“Incredible. Mom and Matthew never…”

“Guess not. She said that would be too perverted,” Patrick said with a laugh.

“Does Matthew ever – you know?” Jack asked.

“No, he’s always the bottom,” Patrick said. I don’t think he could anyway. His dick probably wouldn’t reach. His is even smaller than mine.”

“Yours isn’t small, son,” Jack said as he reached down and grabbed the stiff rod, stroking it slowly. “Not small at all.”

“Skinny though.”

“You know something that I’ve never experienced?” Jack said, and after he told Patrick that he was a virgin in that area he asked whether Patrick would like to be the first.

“Really?” Patrick said. “I mean, I’d love to but it seems like you should be the one in charge.”

“And I will be – this is just a one-time thing,” Jack said. “Sort of a celebration of us. I’m curious and it might as well be with somebody I care about. Just don’t hurt me.”

“Probably won’t even need lube,” Patrick said as Jack got on all fours.

“Use it,” Jack said as he got in the unfamiliar position while his future stepson climbed behind him.

“I will, but first I want to do something else,” Patrick said as he spread open his mentor’s ass cheeks and buried his face in the musky as hairy crack, swabbing the opening with his tongue as he lubed up his curving manhood before easing up behind Jack.

“Damn!” Jack muttered as Patrick’s slender member sunk into his previously virgin orifice. “Feels like it’s coming out of my stomach.”

“So tight!” Patrick groaned as he struggled to keep from cumming, his hands all over the bear-like back of his Daddy, and while he didn’t last long enough to suit himself, Jack was happy when he felt Patrick’s dick jerk inside him while coating his bowels with his seed.

“Did you like it?” Patrick asked after his rapidly deflating dick slithered quickly out of his mentor.

“It wasn’t bad,” Jack said. “I think I like it better the other way.”

“Me too,” Patrick confessed.

“I’ll help you get this little bedroom put away,” Jack offered, “but what about us? I can’t go into your Mom’s room like this.”

“Maybe we could take a shower together,” Patrick suggested. “I would love that.”

“Me too, but that’s asking for trouble.”

“It’s raining out,” Patrick said. “It’s probably still warm too. We could go behind the garage.”

The two quickly stashed the cot and other items away and ducked outside. The neighbors were out of sight and likely as asleep as Alice was when the two walked out into the darkness naked, with Jack’s meaty arm around Patrick’s skinny shoulders.

The rain was warm and the intensity of the storm even increased as the two men stood and let it wash over them before running their hands over each others bodies.

“Not as good as a real shower, but it will do,” Jack said as their hands scrubbed each other without soap in the downpour.

“This is the greatest night of my life, Daddy,” Patrick said as he embraced Jack.

“I can’t remember having a better one,” Jack agreed, and then laughed when his cleaning hands went down and found something very much alive again.

“Incredible,” Jack said as he raised his heads to the skies. “You aren’t human.”

“Stay like that Dad,” Patrick said and he reached down and grabbed Jack’s flaccid cock, squeezing his mentor’s spongy cock together with his stiff member with both hands.

The sky brightened a bit when a bolt of lighting crackled in the distance, causing them both the jump and making Jack suggest they not stay out too long and get struck by lightning in this position.

“I’ll be quick, Dad. Look at our cocks. They look o cool like this,” Patrick said, and Jack nodded as he looked down and saw Patrick’s pale penis on top of his bronze cock. “Gonna cum!”

A roll of thunder in the distance arrived just as Patrick’s dick was spurting all over Jack’s pubic hair, and after they rinsed themselves off as best they could, the two men scurried into the house.

“That was fun,” Jack said as they took some towels out of the hamper next to the clothes washer and dried off as best they could before going upstairs. “Haven’t done anything like that since – ever.”

“Can’t wait until tomorrow,” Patrick said.

“Hey son, remember I’m an old man,” Jack said.

“You’re man enough – man enough for both of us,” Patrick said before they tiptoed upstairs.


“Omigod… Jack… Jack… cumming… cumming again!” the slender blonde on the bed whimpered as another orgasm caused by the huge cock had the lithe creature convulsing, while above Jack let out a bellow of his own while spurting his load into his new wife.

Suspended above Alice, he smiled as he looked at the little lady, hoping she hadn’t noticed the thump that accompanied her orgasm.

“Oh honey, that was so good,” Alice said. “I’d hug you if I could but…”

Jack smiled as he looked at Alice’s wrists tied to the bedposts above her head and suggested that he might leave her like that, saying, “you look so cute that way.”

“I have to pee though,” Alice said, causing Jack to start to untie his bride. “Imagine Patrick seeing me like this. What would happen if you had a heart attack?”

“I think there was a Stephen King book like that,” Jack Barker mused before setting Alice free to run into the bathroom.

“Okay,” Jack whispered after he heard the bathroom door close, and then the closet door, slightly ajar before, slid open and Patrick hopped out, naked with a wad of tissues in front of his limp dick.

“See you later?” Patrick whispered and Jack nodded, grinning as his stepson, the best man at his wedding a few hours earlier, ran out of the room with his dimpled butt wiggling.

A hour later, Jack snuck out of his bedroom and went into Patrick’s bedroom, where his son was waiting for him under the sheet.

“That was so awesome, Dad,” Patrick said as they hugged. “I thought she was going to let you fuck her in the ass for a minute.”

“Got a finger in, and that was a first,’ Jack said as he felt Patrick grinding his cock into his.

“You know, with Mom on her back like that, she’s totally flat-chested,” Patrick mused. “She looks a little like me then, doesn’t she?”

“I guess,” Jack agreed, stifling a grin.

“Wouldn’t it be something if you and me were fucking her together?” Patrick added. I could do her ass while she rode you. That would be cool.”

“Let’s take it slow son,” Jack said. “I like it like this, at least for now.”

“Me too. Just fantasizing,” Patrick said before sliding down the bed and taking his stepfather’s cock in hand to beging sucking it into erection.

It was a fantasy that Jack had himself many times, the two lithe blondes taking turns with him. Patrick could teach his mother a thing or two about giving head, he thought while watching the lad stuffing his cock down his throat, because his boy was getting so good that he could damn near deep-throat him.

“That’s my boy,” Jack sighed as Patrick worked feverishly below. “Make Dad nice and hard for you.”

“Mom’s pussy tastes so sweet,” Patrick said in between letting his lips slide down the muscled shaft.

“It does,” Jack agreed before reaching down and pulling the lad up and over him, his arching prong swaying around his neck as he leaned upward toward the pink balloon knot. “Just as sweet as your ass is, son.”


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