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I had been really looking forward to this evening. About a week earlier I had got an email from this guy on an adult website. He lived pretty close to me, and was also interested in meeting up with a like minded individual for some no strings attached arse fucking. Well, this was what I was into, so I replied and agreed to meet up.

Over the next few days we exchanged details, he was a South African who had come over here several years ago and he worked for the local council. He was actually gay, but was definitely a top, and enjoyed ploughing into other men’s assholes. Again, this suited me perfectly. Then he sent me a picture of his dick. As soon as I opened that email my cock stiffened, I started drooling and I felt my asshole tingle. I had to have a go on that monster. Next to it was a ruler and his gorgeous black cock was easily ten inches long fully erect.

Well after seeing that the rest of the week couldn’t go quick enough. On the day I made ensure I didn’t eat much, and shaved my butt crack. In the afternoon I warmed myself up by lubing my arse and practising with my eight-inch dildo. I enjoyed gyrating on it for a while, and made sure that I inserted it all it, keeping in my arse for quite a while. When I pulled the dildo had I squatted over a mirror and admired my gaping asshole. Preparing your asshole for anal sex was always worthwhile, especially when you knew you were going to be fucked by a huge black dick. So what if it was a little loose before I got to my black lover, it would make it easier for me, and it would still be tight for him.

So I found myself at the address he had given me, and knocked at the door. The door opened and there stood a strikingly attractive tall black man. His head was completely shaven, and his shirt couldn’t hide his well-muscled frame. He was at least six inches taller than me, making him about six foot five. His teeth were wonderfully white and his eyes gleamed like a man who knew he was about to get some action. He invited me in to his little apartment. It wasn’t particularly big, but hey, what did I care, I was there to suck some dick and get my greedy asshole stretched, not look at his furniture. So we sat in his living room and chatted for a while, I asked him about South Africa, and he questioned me about my university studies. However I could feel my asshole itching for some action, and I licked my lips every time I looked down and saw the bulge in his trousers. He caught onto this, and the evening’s entertainment finally started.

“So white boy cut the crap, you know what you want, what you’re here for. Come and get it.”

At this he unbuckled his belt and motioned for me to go over to him. So I walked over and kneeled in front of him. Pulling down his trousers his soft thick cock spilled out. I took it in my hand leant forward and kissed the tip.

“Yeah you white boys love the sight of a black dick. Well don’t worry boy, you’re going to get real close to it tonight” and then he laughed.

I gently tugged at his cock, and it began to stir. I spat on the head and put it into my mouth. I used my free hand to rub his balls, and then cupped them squeezing them softly before lowering my mouth and taking his soft dick all the way in.

“Yeah that’s it boy, you make it grow. Fuck, back home they called me the devil for loving men, in this country all I have to do is click my fingers and I get a white faggot sucking the cum out of my penis.” Far from offending me, his abuse made me all the hornier. His dick began to harden and I continued to squeeze his balls and suck up and down. I felt the inches increase and after a minute or two could no longer get his cock into my mouth. The thickness of the monster also increased and just wrapping my lips around it became an effort. Well the only way to make it easier was to lube it up a bit, so I took his cock out of my mouth, and spat as much as I could into my right hand. Placing the hand over the tip of his dick I spread my spit over the first five inches of my new toy. Grabbing on hard I pumped his cock up and down several times, and I reckoned he was now fully erect, all ten inches of his black dick right in front of my face. The he grabbed his cock, and slapped my cheek with it.

“Listen whitey, you’re going to suck every last inch of my dick, and once you’ve done that you’re going to take all of your clothes off and spread your little white ass, then you’re gonna let me pump you full of my cum, understand?”

I nodded, and once again lifted his cock into my mouth. Well my spit made it a bit easier, but he was still stretching my mouth, I didn’t think I’d get this into my ass. The first few inches were easy, and I got half way down his cock, before pulling back up. This annoyed him and he grabbed the back of my head and pulled me down sharply. I went perhaps eight inches down before gabbing, bringing up a load of spit. I could feel it running down my chin, and a thick wod of sticky white stuff was dangling off my face and lowering onto shirt. This excited me, and I made an extra big effort when he next grabbed my head forcing me down, I went down a bit further and my nose touched his skin. He was completely shaved and beads of sweat were dripping from his chest onto my face.

“Well that’s good enough whitey, if you can take that much in your arse you’re certainly be screaming with pleasure.”

Pleased that I’d managed to deep throat most of his dick, I began unbuttoning my shirt. It was pretty damp what with all the drool that had spilt onto it. Next I whipped of my trousers and underwear, and my fully erect six and a half inch cock looked like nothing compared to his black python. Well who cares, my cock had no role to play anyway. I followed him into his bedroom. There wasn’t a lot in it, just a double bed, and a chest of drawers. Then I saw on top of the chest was a camcorder. Bugger was he going to film me?

“You don’t mind if I film this do you, I like to keep a reminder of all the white asses I get to fuck.”

I said I didn’t mind, but just hoped that he didn’t put the stuff on the Internet, but my desire for black cock was greater than my worries, so I soon forgot about the issue.

“Well boy, get down on all fours, I’m going to fuck you like dog you are, stick that white ass of yours in the hair.”

So once again I found myself on all fours in a strange mans bedroom. My ass was sticking upwards, completely bare and completely exposed. I felt his big black hands against my butt cheeks, and his fingers began to rub up and down my crack. He squirted lubricant all over my arse and prodded it into my hole. His fingers began to rhythmically enter and leave my asshole, starting with one, but then building up to two, then three.

“I reckon you’re ready now,” and I responded by telling him that I desperately needed his magnificent black cock to fill me up. He didn’t disappoint. Although he slowly entered me, it didn’t take him long to start thrusting deeply into me. I couldn’t take it. My legs started shaking and my stomach churned as the realisation that I was taking ten inches of black dick into my body hit home. What the fuck was I doing, I wouldn’t be able to walk after this, and my asshole would never recover from such punishment. Yet on and on he came, harder and harder. He’d pull nice inches of his cock out, then ram it all home and leave it there. It felt like my asshole was going to collapse under the pressure, how would I explain loose flapping asshole to my girlfriend? I was pretty sure that his dick was rearranging my organs, and yet the more I struggled, the harder he thrust, and the harder my cock became. I was already leaking more precum than I’d ever had before, I daren’t touch my cock in case it and my ass decided to give up at the same moment. As he hit home again and again with all ten inches I was in heaven. So what if my ass was destroyed and became a gaping mess, I loved this, and I loved being fucked in the arse, there was nothing else like it. But then his hand brushed against my swollen dick, and that was it. I couldn’t hold my cum in any more, and it shot out, all over my chest, I scooped it up with my hand and savoured the taste. Meanwhile whilst enjoying the taste of my orgasm, my asshole reacted to it by contracting around his cock. The tightening of my entrance clearly had a massive effect on my black lover, he thrust a few more times, but he was clearly close to being spent.

He groaned deeply as he came. I could feel hot squirts of cum deep inside my asshole. He must have created a huge channel inside my arse with his dick, and as he pulled it out I could really feel his cum filling up the space. My asshole continued to clamp down on his cock as he came, but he was pulling his cock out and he soon left me feeling rather empty. I was unable to move and just lay there, my legs still spread, but my body exhausted after that brutal fucking. He prodded his fingers in and out of my puckering asshole, before grabbing his camera. He focused on my arse and commented upon the freshly gaped hole.

“Hey look at this, what a work of art, another white boys hole stretched further than ever before,” he rubbed his fingers around the opening, and I could feel it pulsating. “It’s like an entrance to a cave, all dark and concealing its hidden treasures, but wait what’s this? The white boys destroyed anal cave is revealing its treasure. Black mans cum leaves whiteys fucked hole, what a beautiful sight.” I felt him reach down. His fingers flicked at my anus. He continued “Will the white slut eat his treat?” and with this he raised his fingers to my mouth, I could clearly seen the cum dripping down several of his fingers. He put it to my mouth, and I obediently opened up, he inserted three fingers into my mouth and much like my arse a little earlier, I greedily accepted his cum. He continued videoing, and called me a “cumslut” and “a dirty white whore who gobbled up the black mans seed.” Well, so what, it tasted nice, after all, it had just been in my ass.

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