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I first found out when I was somewhat young that I loved the way panties looked. Especially on a woman. Their body was just a beautiful shape. The curves, the outline and then you add the tight, thin covering of that body with cotton, satin, nylon or silk and it is especially exciting to me.

It didn’t take long to find out that to know what different girls wore was even better. To know what only one or two guys knew what was under their tight jeans or skirts was so exciting.

To be around them and see them standing around in a dress or skirt and know there was nothing between there sexy panties and me was just a skirt. To think you could so easily reach inside and up that skirt, follow the outline of their leg and reach the soft cotton or nylon of her panties that seem to make it so silky to rub their pussy through was great.

Sneaking into a bedroom and looking in their drawer or a laundry basket and find what they wore was exciting and erotic. The times that I got to actually be with the girl and see that cute butt covered in body molding panties or the older soft cup bras that were silky and lacy, holding their beautiful shaped breast was exciting also. It was just exciting to see the lines of their body and the body hugging material on it, the colors, the prints. Sometimes the lace and they way it seemed to make their body look even more alluring was something. To keep a pair that they had wore and play with, rub against my body and somethings jack off was always an extra treat.

It was one of those times that made me think about going to the store.

I had seen a pair in a girl’s room and thought it would be even better to buy a pair like them and trade with her. I knew what kind they were and decided to try and find them. After 2 stores there they were. A pair that was just like them. I started looking since the next thing was to find the size she had wore. I started going through the different pairs. Feeling each silky pair was actually making me feel a little excited thinking about her first. Her wearing these sexy, satin pair of bikinis was exciting. Thinking of what they looked like on her, the fit, the color, her hot, cute butt being shown off with the outline of these on her. It would be like having her next to me when I had her pair of panties with me and knowing a pair I had bought and all ready played with, on her.

That’s when I heard her. As I turned, I saw two girls, that looked a year or two younger than I was. They had local college sweat shirts on so after I thought about it, they had to be at the college but it was their words that caught me completely off guard.

“I’m not sure those are you style”, one said to me as the other giggled. “Yea, Me either”, the other said.

I had no idea at first what to say. I just froze at first. They were really cute too. Had gorgeous bodies. Beautifully shaped butts. Awesomely curved just right. I have to admit, I am a butt man myself. The way that curve moves and looks in a bikini or a pair of jeans is to much. I tried to stammer something out. “Ah…what would you suggest”, I tried to get out of my mouth. I knew I was there to pick a certain pair out and I just knew they were just kidding and would probably not say nothing and was just teasing at seeing a guy going through a selection of woman’s underwear and would probably giggle and just pass me by and I had no idea of who they were so I didn’t expect the next thing.

“Well, these might be better”, the blonde said. She took a pair of cotton high cut bikinis out and held them up. “You do know most girls don’t wear nylon and silk unless they are trying to be really sexy for their guy since they are so hot and don’t breath so good. The bikinis will fit you better but you might try the French Cut briefs too. A little more material to cover you up. You sure you are a medium”, she said.

The brunette held up a pair to me that was a type of silky, stretchy type of material that had a shin but not like nylon. “These micro fiber style sure do stretch a lot easier and seem to mold to my body so much better and still be light and silky feeling. I bet the feeling of these against your body will be a lot better”, as she held them up for a few seconds then placed them in my hand. “I have a pair just about like them on now, would show you but I wouldn’t want everyone in the store to see. It always feels so good to feel a guy’s hard cock rub against this material. It’s like nothing there and it just slips across the material. Now, I bet we could sneak into the men’s dressing room since hardly any guy’s ever try on their things before buying them and model them for you and help you choose”, she said with a somewhat, wicked smile.

WOW, I had no idea what to say or whether they really meant it or was just teasing me more but I somehow got it out. “Please, you’d do that for me”, I got it out without it sounding like my voice was as shaky as my knees were at the moment.

“Sure”, the blonde said. The brunette replied right after her, “It’s always a little hard for a guy to buy something for their girl like lingerie, especially panties”, she said. “I have never had a guy buy something like this for me”, the blonde said. “Me either”, the brunette said, “But I wish one would. I think it would be sexy to know that a guy choose what he wanted to see me in, come on! Let’s take a pair or two for him to see.”

I didn’t say anything, the brunette looked at me. “I’m Jan. This is Beth”, letting me know their names. “Are you buying these for your girlfriend or wife?”, Jan asked. “I don’t see a ring so I guess it’s girlfriend, lucky girl”, Beth replied.

“Ah yea, sure, that’s what I’m doing.” A little to hesitant I think. Jan looked at me with a little puzzle in her eyes but a slight grin on her lips. “Is this the right size for her”, she asked. “Or is it the right size for you.”

Beth giggle a little too loud but looked at Jan, “He doesn’t look like a guy that would wear girls things,” she said.

“What’s a guy suppose to look like,” Jan asked her. “You ever seen a guy that wears panties and they look a certain way or something, besides, I think he would look kind of hot in the micro fiber pair. I bet they would stretch easily on him and fit him,” she said.

“Well, let’s see,” Beth said. “Come on….Ah…you never told us your name. What is it?”

“AH…Chuck, but I don’t wear…”, “It’s OK Chuck. Whether you do or not is fine. Nothing wrong with it. They are sexy, I guess that is why a woman wears them and picks these sexy pairs and why guys love seeing us in them. Well, at least some do,” Jan said.

“Yea, I know what you mean,” Beth said as Jan grab me by the hand and they walked me to the dressing room. “I had one guy that ripped my clothes off and had cummed faster than I even knew a guy could. I barely had time to know he had done it before it was over.” They both giggled a little as we walked.

Once at the dressing room they looked around and we went in. Nice rooms too. Completely enclosed, not like some that seem to be like rest room stalls but more like a big closet. Jan locked the door as she closed it.

Jan, the Brunette, unbuttoned her jeans and zipped them down. OH DAMN, I was thinking as she slowly wiggled out of the tight jeans. Keeping her panties on then when they came off and she kicked her shoes off and stepped out of them she reached around and let her fingers slip into the back of her panties and slipped them under her panties and straightened them out. Pulling them tightly across her gorgeous ass. She turned around, modeling her micro fiber, dark blue panties. “See, these are the ones I was talking about,” as she almost tipped toed around and I couldn’t take my eyes off those panties as they molded to her ass, she turned and the lines just accentuated her hips and thighs. The high cut of the side and then the way they molded to her pussy. I could just barely make out the rough, uneven look that made me think she had a cute bush underneath. Then the easily seen outline of her outer lips. The camel toe as most seem to call it.

“I, Ah….Yes….Oh Yes.” I got out but it sounded so pitiful.

“Oh look Beth, he is turning red. I bet he never thought he was fixing to get a complete show today when he came into the store,”She said to Beth. “OH, that’s not it Chuck,” and I watched as Beth slowly pulled a pair of nylon shorts off that had fit her ass great, a little loose fitting else were but a good fit against her pussy. As they came off she revealed a cute, pink, cotton string bikini. She turned around with her back to me as she bent over to pull them off and then let her fingers slip into the leg band of the back of her panties and slowly let her fingers slip in and stretch them to fit perfectly on just as beautiful ass.

I seen her look back to see my eyes and where they were looking at. “See, a cotton pair can fit just about as good, here,” she said as she grabbed my hand and placed it against her butt.

I think my cock swelled twice it’s size as my hand drifted over her ass. “Oh yes,” I said.

“Wait a minute,” Jan said. “Feel mine too,” and she grabbed my other hand, bent over in front of me and placed it over her ass and it felt heavenly. The silky material was so thin and soft. “Which pair feels better,” Jan asked.

“Do I have to answer, there is no way, I Can, Make up my mind,” I got out before my mind drifted into a dream stage.

Jan reached back and placing her hand on my cock said, “I believe he is right Beth, I don’t think he can make up his mind right now, WOW,” she said in excitement. “If you’d just feel this,” she made the comment, “You’d realize why too.”

Beth reached back and took turns rubbing my cock through my shorts. They stood facing each other and took each others tops off. Beth had a pink, not quite matching but close, soft cup bra. It looked so cute on her skin. Completely full of her tits. Jan had a dark blue with white stripped bra.

“OK, you now Chuck. You can’t see all this without us seeing something in return,” Jan said and she started pulling my shirt over my head and Beth knelt down and unbuttoning and zipping my shorts down, had them off in seconds. My cock was hard as a rock inside my maroon, bikini underwear. “Oh yes, a bikini wearer himself,” Jan said. “I like,” she replied.

Jan’s hand went straight to my cock and Beth’s grabbed my butt. “I sure like this ass Chuck,” Beth said in excitement. I had 3 or 4 soft fingers tracing across my cock and ass and I felt it bringing me closer to a climax.

Jan was the first. She grabbed the pair of light blue pair of micro fiber panties and easing her panties down she stepped into the other pair and pulled them slowly up allowing me a good visual of her beautifully trimmed bush. It looked like she had just trimmed it to keep it from showing from a swim suit but not much else. It was full and cute to me. She pulled them in place and straightened them out with her fingers and turned around, holding her other pair of panties.

Then Beth. Slipping her cotton pair off and then stepping into the pair she had decided to actually bring with her which was a pair of high cut briefs that had about an inch or so elastic waist band. She looked at me as she pulled them up, “I wouldn’t wear something like this unless I had a slinky skirt or dress on. Shows a little less panty line when they have this elastic and they are so high up.

I have seen very few true blondes and when her shear, trimmed bush was visible I felt like I was going to cum. That’s when I felt it. Jan had knelt down and reached her silky fingers inside my underwear and they were being very sexily removed from my body. Her fingers gently touched my cock so she could get them past my hard cock and then down they went. I was still starring at Beth’s panties and bra. They fit so good on her body.

I felt something enclose my cock and looked down to see Jan wrap her pair of panties around my cock and delicately start stroking it. The feel was awesome. “See,” she said. “Don’t they feel really silky,” asking like she thought some other response was going to come out.

“Oh yes,” I whispered out. “Yes”

Beth slowly pushed me back and got me to sit in the chair in the room. She had placed it in the corner and was able to walk up to me first and she started unhooking her bra, reaching up and holding the cups she let them slip from both tits and brought them to my mouth. I started sucking on each nipple. They hardened almost immediately in my mouth. So cute and small. A cute pale pink nipple that was easy to tell was very sensitive and getting very aroused as I sucked them. She grabbed the back of my head and I never realized that Jan was slipping her panties on my legs. I never thought anything about it as she reached under me and got me to lift up and she pulled them up and on my cock and butt. I felt her finger nails gently scratch over my almost explosive cock inside her cute, bikini panties.

Beth stood on the bench that was on both sides and brought her beautiful body towards me. Pulled her pussy towards my mouth and I reached inside the silky briefs and pulled them to the side enough to lick her outer lips. They were dripping with her sweet scent and juices. I reached behind her and grabbed my other hand full of her silky, panty covered ass. It felt so soft and silky to feel the material slip across and all ready soft, silky skin. I pulled her against my mouth and was easily enough able to suck her clit in my mouth and start working it with my tongue.

Then I felt Jan slip her fingers inside what I now realized was her panties on me and pulled my cock out of the side and started licking up and down it. The feeling of her panties molded to my butt and her soft, thin lips wrapped around my cock was unbelievable. Her tongue danced across the shaft at times, across the head, tracing the outline of the hood and then, whoosh, completely inside her mouth.

I wondered if Beth could hear me moan through her pussy that filled my mouth. Her bush that muffled the pleasure I could not hold back as I felt her climax getting closer. I felt Jan bobbing up and down on my cock.

I heard Beth,”You enjoying your modeling of women’s panties,” she asked. Trying to not let her climax that was building in her as I worked her clit. Jan removed my cock from her mouth long enough to say,”I think he does Beth, at least it feels like it,” as she sucked it back in her mouth. Working the head of my cock in her mouth. Her tongue darted around it and she started bobbing back again on my cock and that was about it.

I felt it swell in her mouth and it was all I could do to continue working Beth’s pussy as I exploded inside Jan’s mouth. I worked her clit faster and faster as I felt Jan sucking and milking my cock, her fingers wrapped around the shaft stroking it up and milking every last drop from it. I felt Beth explode shortly after, grabbing the ceiling and holding on as she climaxed over and over again.

Jan got up and helped Beth off me and then got me to stand. Jan sat in the chair as Beth put my cock back inside Jan’s panties. “I want to see what they look like on you and wow! These look so hot. They mold to your cock almost perfect and she rubbed it as I turned around an knelt between Jan’s legs. I unhooked her bra and started sucking her nipples which easily got her going after she had heard what Beth had gone through. I slowly worked down her chest and stomach as I traced slowly down with my tongue, pulling the bikini pair of panties to the side on her too, to find her bush first. Then I slowly slipped it down the length of her lips, slowly separating them and allowing my tongue to lick her clit. Her moans grew as I felt Beth ease up behind me and laid her naked body over my back, feeling her beautiful tits smash into my back and her hands reach around and start rubbing my cock through Jan’s panties. I was able to slip my tongue low enough to lick across Jan’s ass hole and she made a louder moan as my tongue touched her there.

I licked back up and sucked the area of her groin, right to the side of her pussy and she moaned again. I felt Beth’s fingers reach inside Jan’s panties on me and pull my cock out the side and she took her pair of panties she had taken off and wrapped them around my cock and started stroking it with the soft cotton pair. It was hard to try and not cum again. Beth’s fingers were so delicate and worked my cock unbelievably perfect. I was trying hard to suck and lick Jan’s clit to bring her to her climax which I knew wouldn’t be far as she grabbed a handful of my hair and pulled my face into her pussy. Whispering my name out. “Chuck, Oh Chuck, you are, wow, you are really, really ……WOW!!” I heard her call out. “I am…fixing to…OH CHUCK, Chuck, yes…yes…… OH YES.”

I had not realized but Beth had my cock slipping through her fingers and had reached inside the back of Jan’s panties and was slowly working her finger inside my ass hole and it was something I had not had a girl do and it was working. I exploded and squirted across the rug in the dressing room. She massaged my balls with her panties that were still around my cock.

I kept milking Jan’s pussy with my tongue across her clit until she grabbed my head and stopped me.

“I am not sure if it was my panties on you or just you, but that was awesome. I don’t think I have ever cummed so hard before,” she said. Beth grabbed my head and turning it and holding my face in her hands she kissed me deep and slipped her tongue in my mouth gave me one of the best kisses ever. “Me too Chuck. I can’t remember not only cumming, but cumming so hard before with a guy,” saying after she slowly slipped her tongue from my mouth and sucking slightly my lower lip.

I slowly stood and suddenly felt the embarrassment of standing before two girls, wearing panties. “Wow Jan, your panties not only fit him good, but they felt good on him too,” Beth said as she was pulling her shorts up.

“I told you those micro fiber ones would fit and look good on him,” as she pulled her jeans on. Wiggling the tight jeans back in place. “In fact, you’re wearing them out with Beth’s pair in your pocket so we can take these home with us,” she said. “They will never think you have panties on and even if they find Beth’s, they have been worn before and you get a good head job, get to eat out two girls that you yourself said were cute, right, she asked, and we get a new pair of panties and one of the best climaxes we have ever had.”

Jan asked me to hook her bra and then asked me to reach around and she took my hands in hers and put them on her tits inside that silky material that held her mounds and allowed me to massage them. The feeling was so awesome. The material, the way it held her tits. The combination was so awesome and exciting. As Beth watched she slowly slipped her arms inside the straps and then asked me to hook hers as she turned around and after I played with her breast inside the cups and was starting to get hard again they both pulled their tops back on and walked out.

Just as they walked out, Jan turned around and said, “Those are your style, take it from two girls.”

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