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Extra Cash

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As Jack and I sat in our make shift studio we could still not quite believe that the crazy idea we had discussed over one or two too many beers was actually about to happen.

Perhaps I should explain.

A month or so previously we had been in a bar most of the evening enjoying a few beers. Like most of the older men in the bar we had been admiring some of the young girls sitting with their boyfriends.

‘Admiring’ is actually the wrong word. Lusting would have been more accurate. We had been bemoaning the passing of time and the fact that we were now too old to experience such young and firm flesh without paying for the services of a prostitute.

That was when Jack came up with his plan. We would print out some flyers to place strategically in bars frequented by youngsters and in areas where there was a predominance of cheap rented housing.

The flyer read:

Attention young couples.

Short of cash?

Need help to pay off debts?

Adult movie producer will pay £1000 to couples willing to take part in an adult movie.

Call 07968-32921

We felt confident that we could soon recoup the £1000 by selling the video.

We felt much less confident that anyone would respond.

A week later I checked the answer machine in our ‘studio’ and, to my surprise found a message had been left giving a mobile telephone number. The studio was in fact an office in a small industrial unit owned by a friend of ours.

When I called the number a male voice answered.

“Hi,” I said, “this is Harry from the studio. You left a message to say you had seen our ad. And that you and your girlfriend were interested.”

There was silence for a moment and then he said, “Yes, hello Harry, my name is Tom. My girlfriend and I desperately need some extra cash. We saw your ad and we are interested in your offer.”

I tried to compose myself and get into the role of adult video producer.

“OK Tom, before we go any further I want to be sure that you both understand what would be involved. You and your girlfriend will be taking part in a porno video.”

“Yes,” said Tom, “I assumed that”.

“Are you confident that you can perform in front of me and my cameraman?”

“Yes, I’m sure I can,” Tom replied.

Feeling more confident in my role I continued more bluntly, “And how about your girlfriend, what’s her name? Is she willing to be fucked while we watch and film her?”

Tom was quiet for a moment and then said, “Her name is Susan and, actually, it is a fantasy we both share.”

Trying to contain my excitement I said, “OK, Tom, if you are sure that the pair of you will not be wasting my time please send me a couple of recent pictures; one showing you both fully clothed and the other in just your underwear. If we like the look of you both we will invite you to our studio.”

I gave him a mail drop address and then hung up.

The pictures arrived in the post two days later.

Susan was nothing like I had been expecting. To be honest I was expecting a bleached blond haired, tattooed, gum chewing little tart. Susan looked to be the complete opposite.

I remember looking at the two pictures they had sent to us and wondering if they really appreciated what Jack and I had planned for them.

In the first picture they were both fully clothed. It showed an innocent looking boy and girl, no older than nineteen or so. They would not have looked out of place coming out of a church service on a Sunday morning. They were both quite tall and slim. The girl had shoulder length brown hair and was wearing a simple white summer dress.

In the second picture, as requested by me, they were both wearing only their underwear. I felt a thrill as I looked at the girl in her pretty white lace bra and matching panties. I could still see the same look of innocence but in this picture they were looking at each other and I could see a sense of fun in the girl’s eyes.

After showing the pictures to Jack I called their mobile.

After a few rings a female voice answered, “Hi, this is Susan.”

For some reason I had not been ready for her to answer but I quickly regained my composure and said, “Hi Susan this is Harry from the studio.”

“Oh, hi,” she said cheerfully, “Tom isn’t here at the moment.”

“No problem, I’m calling back about the pictures you sent.”

“I hope you liked them.”

“Oh yes, Susan, we were very impressed. You; and Tom of course, are just what we are looking for and we would like you to come to the studio tomorrow evening if that is OK with you.”

“Yes, that will be fine. What time?”

“Shall we say six tomorrow evening?”

“Yes, six will be good.”

“Just a couple of questions before I go: It’s not the wrong time of the month for you is it?”

“No, another week at least,” she said with a nervous sounding giggle.

“Good. Oh, Susan, you’ll need to shave your pussy before you come.”

She giggled again as she said, “Tom likes my pussy to always be smooth and hair free so I have it waxed regularly.”

I was momentarily lost for words as I tried to imagine this innocent looking girl with her legs spread having her pussy waxed.

I then gave her the address of our ‘studio’ and said, “That’s great, Susan, I look forward to seeing you both tomorrow.”

So there we were, waiting at the ‘studio’ for Susan and Tom to arrive. Jack was busying him self with the video camera and lighting equipment we had borrowed.

The ‘studio’ consisted of a single bed placed in the centre of the room and some chairs around the outer walls.

Jack and I were busy talking about different ideas for the scenes we wanted to shoot; or, more precisely, how Susan was going to be fucked.

We heard a knocking on the outer door to the office and knew it must be them.

I sat down in one of the chairs as Jack went to open the door.

I could already feel myself becoming aroused as Jack showed them into the room.

Tom was wearing jeans and a T-shirt but we did not really care about him. Our plan was to have Susan take care of him first and then he could watch his lovely girlfriend being fucked by two old guys.

“Hi Tom, Hi Susan,” I said as I gazed at the delightful Susan.

She was wearing a short denim skirt which showed off her long tanned legs beautifully. It was summer time and I was pleased to see that she had come bare legged and was wearing some low healed shoes. She too was wearing a T-shirt which clung quite revealingly to her well formed breasts. I was guessing at a B or perhaps C cup. Her face still had that young innocent look I had first seen in the pictures. She wore very little make up which had the effect of making her look younger that her 19 or so years.

“Please take a seat. Would you like a drink? How about a beer or something?”

“A beer would be good for me,” said Tom; “and for me,” said Susan.

Jack fetched four beers from a fridge in the corner of the room and we were soon drinking and talking.

After fifteen minutes or so I sensed that Susan and Tom were more relaxed and decided to move things along.

“So, Susan; Tom; before we get started I want you both to be clear what we want from you.” As I spoke I reached into a bag under my chair and slowly counted out £1000.

“All of this cash will be yours as soon as we finish making the movie.”

I could see both of them watching intently as I counted out the cash.

Tom was the first to speak, saying, “So what exactly do you want us to do?

I looked at them both as they waited expectantly, staring at the pile of bank notes and then said, “To earn the £1000, Susan must satisfy all three of us.”

Tom looked horrified as he exclaimed, “You want us to agree to you two fucking Susan?!!”

I just kept a calm voice and replied, “Yes Tom, surely you did not expect to earn £1000 just by letting us film you two doing what you probably do every day; did you?”

“No, no, there is no way I will allow you two to touch let alone fuck Susan.”

I noticed that Susan had so far kept quiet as I said, “OK Tom, it’s not a big deal. There are plenty of others waiting for the chance to earn an easy £1000. You had better just go home.”

Tom was already getting up from his seat as Susan said, “Tom, wait, is it as bad as all that? We are desperate to pay off some of our debts and we have the chance of walking out of here with £1000.”

Tom turned and looked at her, saying, “You mean to say that you would be willing to let these two old perverts fuck you?”

The room was silent for a moment. Susan glanced at me and Jack and then turned to Tom. “I’m not saying that I would particularly enjoy it but if that is what it will take to earn a quick £1000 then yes, I am willing let these two fuck me.”

I looked at Tom and could see indecision in his eyes. I decided to take a gamble and said, “Come on Tom, you were already willing to let us see Susan being fucked other wise you would not have answered the ad and be here now. It must have crossed your mind that we might have wanted to at least touch her or finger her. It might have even been a secret fantasy of yours to watch Susan with other men.”

I saw a look of embarrassment on Tom’s face and knew I had hit the truth about him having a fantasy. I then continued, “How about we make a start Tom and see what happens?”

Susan and Tom glanced at each other and then Susan turned to me and said, “Yes, OK.”

I looked at them both and then glanced at Jack. This is it, I thought excitedly as I said, “Tom, Susan, I want you to both stand next to the bed and start to kiss and caress each other. That should get you in a more relaxed state of mind. Jack will start the video camera at the same time so that you get used to the camera and us two watching. I want you to follow my directions at all times and then hopefully we can make a good movie. OK?”


They both walked over to the bed and stood nervously.

“Try and pretend you are both alone and hug each other.”

They looked awkward at first but were soon kissing deeply and holding each other while Jack moved around them with the camera.

I watched as they used their tongues to explore each other’s mouths. I knew that I would have to be patient but I my cock was already painfully stiff as I anticipated what I had in mind for Susan.

“Susan, are you ready for the next step?”

She pulled her lips away from Tom and said, “I think so.”

“Good. Tom, I want you to take off Susan’s top and then her bra and show her breasts to us and the camera.”

I listened as he said quietly to Susan, “OK?”

Susan just nodded and lifted her arms up as Tom reached for her T-shirt and pulled it up and over her head.

I heard Jack exclaim, “Wow!” as he held the camera steady and gazed at Susan through the view finder.

She was wearing the same white lace bra that she had worn in the picture.

“Very nice Susan,” I said. Turn around slowly so that the camera can capture how lovely you look. You look great Susan! Now Tom, take off Susan’s bra and show us her breasts.”

Susan turned away from my gaze to face Tom and I watched as he reached up behind her and unfastened he bra. He pulled the straps from each shoulder and then pulled it free from her breasts and dropped it onto the bed.

I watched and waited as he held her tightly for a moment and then said, “Turn round Susan.”

She slowly turned round with her face blushing and revealed her breasts to us. They were even better than I had imagined. Each breast was full but also pointed with puffy nipples pointing slightly upward and outward.

“You tits look amazing Susan!” I said, as openly I rubbed the bulge in my trousers.

“Keep facing me and Jack Susan while Tom takes off your panties.”

He was hesitating until I said, “come on Tom, just kneel behind Susan and pull down her panties.”

I could see Susan watching me rub my self as Tom knelt behind her, reached up under her denim skirt and slowly pulled down her white panties.

“Take them right off Tom,” I said as I gazed at Susan’s delightful firm young breasts.

Susan kicked off her shoes and the panties were soon lying discarded next to them on the floor.

Tom stood up again and remained behind her.

“So, Susan, how does it feel to be almost naked in a room with three men?”

She looked around at each of us, aware that Jack and I were both gazing at her breasts.

“It feels kind of weird, she said, but at the same time quite exciting and horny.”

I was still sitting as I said, “I think we should see how excited Tom is, don’t you?”

She giggled as she said, “Yes.”

“Come over here and sit on my lap Susan while Tom gets undressed and shows us how excited he is.”

I saw the look of panic cross Tom’s face as his girlfriend walked over to me; her young pointed breasts swaying beautifully with each step.

I moved my knees apart and patted my left thigh as an invitation for her to sit on it.

She hesitated for a moment but then lowered her self down onto my knee.

I resisted the immediate temptation to grab one of her breasts and just placed my arm around her waist and said, “OK, Tom, take your clothes off and let’s see what you’ve got.”

He glanced at me and Jack, and then at Susan before pulling off his T-shirt.

His Jeans soon followed to reveal quite an impressive looking bulge in his underwear.

Much to my delight, Susan seemed to be getting more confident as she looked at Tom and said, “Come on Tom, get your lovely big cock out!”

He looked at her and smiled as he placed his thumbs in the waistband of his underpants and pulled them down over his thighs. His cock, very stiff and large, sprang up like a coiled snake.

Susan exclaimed, “Wow Tom, you must be very excited!”

He looked a little uncertain and uncomfortable standing there naked with his erection fully displayed.

“Tom,” I said, “have you ever watched anyone else touching Susan?”

“No of course not!” he replied.

“But does the idea turn you on Tom?

He was silent for a moment and gazing down at the floor.

“Well Tom, Does the idea turn you on? Is it one of your dark fantasies?”

I watched his facial expression change to one of guilt and maybe shame as he replied, “Yes, OK, the idea does turn me on.”

I looked into Tom’s eyes as I reached for Susan’s left breast. I felt her body momentarily tense as I cupped her firm young breast in my hand and gently caressed it.

“Does that turn you on Tom; to watch me caressing your girlfriend?”

He mumbled a begrudging “yes” as I continued to squeeze and caress Susan’s breast.

Jack was doing a good job with the camera, capturing everything for us to edit later.

“Tom, now go and sit on the edge of the bed.” He walked over to the bed. His large erection was bobbing with each step.

“Susan, get up and go and stand in front of Tom.”

I let go of her breast and watched this delightful young woman walk over and stand in front of her boyfriend who had now sat on the edge of the bed.

Jack moved round to get a good view for the camera as I said, “Tom reach up and caress Susan’s breasts with both hands.”

“Now open your legs a little so that Susan can stand a little closer and reach down to hold your cock.

“That’s great you two,” I said as I watched Susan bend over a little to reach for Tom’s cock.

I stood up, walked over, and stood behind Susan. I watched the expression on Tom’s face as I quickly undressed. He knew that sooner or later his girlfriend was going to be fucked by me and Jack. I suspected he was torn between fulfilling a dark fantasy and the reality of not wanting two strangers fucking his girlfriend.

As if I was reading his mind I just said, “Think of the extra cash Tom.”

My erect cock was soon swinging free as I took the camera from Jack so that he too could strip naked.

I grinned as I saw Susan glance backwards and quickly check out my and Jack’s cock.

I handed the camera back to Jack and then said, “Tom, as you can see, your girlfriend has aroused three cocks. Do you think that the situation has aroused her?”

He was still busy caressing her tits as he replied, “I’m not sure, maybe.”

“I think we should find out Tom,” I said as I moved closer to Susan.

I reached down and pushed my hand between her legs just below the hem of her short skirt. I felt her leg muscles tense for a moment as I touched the smooth youthful flesh of her young thighs.

I then slowly moved my hand upwards whilst saying, “Susan, I want you to tell Tom what I am doing, OK?”

“Oh,oh—OK,” she said as my hand slowly moved higher.

“Tom, Harry has his hand between my thighs and is moving it higher and higher.”

I watched as Tom listened and squeezed her tits harder.

By now my wrist was slowly lifting the hem of her short skirt and I could feel the soft warm flesh of her upper thigh.

“Tom, Harry’s hand is getting close to my pussy.”

Tom did not say anything but I could see that he was moving his hips as if fucking Susan’s hand.

I turned my hand so the palm was facing up. “Open your legs a little Susan and let me feel your pussy.”

She moved her feet apart and at the same time I pushed my hand right up and pressed it against the soft, hot wet folds of her pussy.

“Tell Tom, Susan.”

“Harry has his hand on my pussy Tom.”

I moved my fingers, squeezing and probing Susan’s delightfully wet pussy.

“Tom,” I said, “Susan must be as aroused as us three men. Her cunt is very wet.”

As I finished speaking I slipped a finger up inside her. She gasped and blurted out, “Tom, Harry has just pushed his finger inside me!” Her pussy felt incredibly hot as I explored her with my finger.

“Susan, I want you to lean forward and start sucking Tom’s cock.” She did as I asked and bent forward with my finger still firmly inside her.

“Susan, if Tom cums in your mouth I want you to keep it all in your mouth and then stand up. OK?”

“OK,” she said and then took her boyfriends big cock into her mouth.

I could see by the glazed expression on Tom’s face that he would not last long.

As he thrust his hips and Susan bobbed her head he still had hold of her tits and was squeezing them in time with his thrusts into her mouth.

I could see that he was looking at me standing behind her and fingering her. Despite his protestations earlier when I suggested that we would all fuck her, I could see that having another man touching her was really turning him on.

I decided to push him a little further. I looked him in the eye and then lifted Susan’s skirt up over her behind exposing her completely. I then positioned my self closer to her. I withdrew my finger from her pussy and then, with my stiff cock held in my hand, I rubbed the head of my cock between her legs. I could feel the heat and the wetness of her pussy as the head of my cock separated her lips and nestled in her entrance. Then, still looking into Tom’s eyes, I gripped her hips and pushed my cock inside her. I heard a wet slurping sound as she briefly lifted her head and Tom’s cock slipped out of her mouth. She glanced back at me for a second or so and then took Tom’s cock back into her mouth.

I watched as he held her head and started to fuck her mouth. At the same time I started to thrust my cock into this wonderfully smooth skinned young woman. I knew that I would not cum yet. I had further plans for this piece of young flesh. Although Tom was still looking at me, his eyes now looked completely glazed as he fucked his girlfriend’s mouth. I knew he would soon empty his load between her lips. Jack was already positioned with the camera, capturing every thrust of Tom’s cock into Susan’s mouth. Tom’s stroke hesitated for a brief moment, his legs tensed and then he was filling Susan’s mouth with his spunk.

“Keep it all in your mouth Susan!” I urged as Tom emptied himself into her.

I withdrew my stiff cock from Susan and then said, “Well done both of you. Now Susan, try and keep all of Tom’s spunk in your mouth. And stand up.”

She lifted her head and slid her mouth from his softening cock, closing her lips as his wet cock slipped free.

I gazed at this young horny vision as she stood up and turned to face me and Jack.

“Now Susan, I want you to let Tom’s spunk dribble from your mouth. We want to see it dribbling out and then dripping onto your breasts.”

I watched as she relaxed her mouth and let the spunk start to dribble out. It trickled down over her chin and then started to drip onto and between her lovely pointed breasts.

“Rub Tom’s spunk all over your tits Susan.”

We watched as this innocent looking young woman spread Tom’s spunk over her breasts. Far from looking shy as she had originally seemed, she now looked as though she was totally aroused and enjoying every moment.

I glanced over to Tom and noticed that he was already getting a second erection. I had forgotten how virile young men can be and thought to my self that maybe he would still get a chance to fuck his girlfriend but he would have to wait until Jack and I had had our turn.

“Tom, come and sit in one of these chairs and watch while Jack shoots some more video of Susan.”

Tom got up from the bed and walked over to one of the chairs.

“Susan, I think it is time for you to remove your skirt and let us all see your hidden charms.”

She reached behind and unfastened her skirt and then, with a sexy wiggle of her hips pulled it down over her thighs and then stepped out of it.

“That’s great Susan; now turn around slowly so that Jack can capture your delightful looking body from all angles.

She turned around slowly, knowing that we two lustful old men were taking in every inch of her.

Her pussy looked completely hairless as promised and I felt impatient to get a much closer look.

“Susan, climb up onto the bed please and then kneel.

Now turn around and face away from us so we can all see your lovely pert bum.”

Susan did as I asked but at the moment her legs were together and I could only just see the silky smooth shape of her pussy.

“Does Tom like to look at your pussy, Susan?”

“Yes,” she replied, “that is why he likes me to keep it hair free.”

“Does it excite you when Tom looks at your pussy?”

“Yes, I suppose so. It feels good to know that I am exciting him.”

“OK, Susan, now I want you to excite all three of us by letting us all see your pussy.”

As I finished speaking I moved over to the bed and stood close to her but to one side so that Tom and Jack had a clear view.

I reached out and ran my hand over the soft, smooth, blemish free flesh of her buttocks. I caressed each one in turn and then ran my hand between her thighs. I could feel that she was still wet and said to her, “Susan, push your bottom up as high as you can. Pretend you are tempting Tom to fuck you ‘doggy’ style.

As she pushed up her bum I used my free hand to press down lightly on the small of her back.

“That’s great Susan, now move your knees apart.”

I felt as though I was in a dream world as this young woman did exactly as I asked.

I moved my hand away from between her thighs and looked down at the glorious view of her exposed pussy and the tight looking dark ring of her anus.

I glanced over to Tom and saw that he was now completely erect again. The sight of his girlfriend being exposed so graphically was obviously turning him on. I also saw that Jack was zooming in the lens of the camera for a good close up view of Susan.

I ran the tips of my fingers between the wet lips of her pussy and then, with Tom and Jack watching, I reached across her with one arm and held a buttock in each hand. I could not resist squeezing these beautiful domes of young flesh before gently pulling them apart to expose her completely. As I pulled her buttocks open I had the tips of the fingers of each hand pressing against her pussy lips and pulled them open too to show the wet pink flesh inside.

Having exposed her so rudely I then slid two fingers into the soft velvety wet flesh of her pussy.

I finger fucked her slowly and deeply for a few strokes before withdrawing them. I heard Susan give a soft moan as I withdrew my fingers which just encouraged me to test her further.

My two fingers were wet with her juices and I wiped the juice over her dark puckered hole. I could see her anus involuntarily contracting each time my wet finger touched it. I then repeatedly pressed the tip of my finger into the centre of this delightful dark rose and watched as it contracted and then relaxed with each press.

“Has Tom ever played with your arsehole Susan?”

“Yes,” She mumbled quietly.

I reached under the pillow on the bed and retrieved a tube of KY that I had hidden as a last thought before Susan and Tom had arrived.

I glanced toward Tom as I squeezed out some gel onto my finger. I could see in his eyes that he knew exactly what I had in mind.

I then turned back to the beautiful young woman’s back side that was displayed so invitingly and squeezed a blob of gel directly onto her anus.

She squealed, “Its cold!” but remained in the same position.

I worked the KY gently around her anus, pressing the tip of my finger about half an inch or so inside her.

“Did you like it when Tom played with your arsehole Susan?” I asked.

As I spoke I very slowly eased my gel covered finger into her anus right up to my knuckle.

I could feel her sphincter contracting around my finger as she replied, “yes”.

I kept my finger inside her as I asked, “And has Tom ever fucked your arse Susan?”

She remained silent as I moved my finger around inside her, pulling and stretching her a little.

“Well; Has Tom ever had his cock up your arsehole Susan?”

I could sense her hesitating before she replied quietly, “He tried once but it hurt too much.”

I pulled my finger back out and then squeezed some more gel onto two fingers. I introduced the second finger together with the first and very slowly pushed inwards. She squealed briefly as her sphincter stretched some more over the two invading fingers. “Does that hurt Susan?” I asked as I felt her relax a little. “No, not really, it just feels kind of tight.”

Tom jumped up but Jack quickly said, “Tom, if you want the £1000 you had better sit down.” Tom sat back down, resigned to the fact that his girlfriend was really going to have to earn the extra cash.

“I’m going to fuck your arse now Susan,” I said, as I felt the hot tightness of her arse gripping my two gel covered fingers.

She just mumbled, “OK, but please be gentle.”

I was not sure I could be gentle. I looked down at the erotic sight of my two fingers buried deep inside Susan’s arse and just felt a powerful urge to have my cock inside her. I pulled out my fingers and for a brief moment looked at Susan’s partly dilated anus. I quickly squeezed some gel onto the head of my cock and then used my hand to guide my cock to its target. As the head of my cock nestled into her anus I was just filled with an overwhelming desire to feel the tightness of her arse around it. I gripped the flesh of her hips in each hand and then thrust forward.

Susan gasped, “Aahhh!” loudly as I sank the full length of my stiff cock into her backside. I looked down again filled with lust seeing her anus stretched around the girth of my cock. It felt as though my cock was in a hot tight fitting velvet glove as I started to fuck her.

Susan squealed and moaned with almost every thrust and I was uncertain if it was with pain or pleasure or perhaps both. More importantly I no longer cared.

My whole being was filled with one goal and that was to fill Susan’s rectum with my spunk.

I gripped her hips more tightly, using them as handles to grip her as I plunged back and forth into her arse. Jack moved around with the camera, to get a side on view of me thrusting and Susan’s tits swinging to and fro beneath her with each thrust.

I could feel my orgasm building higher and higher and could feel my self losing control trying to push deeper and deeper inside her. The room was filled with the slapping sound of my flesh hitting her buttocks with each forward thrust. I felt my whole body tense. I closed my eyes and grunted loudly as my spunk finally erupted inside her.

I slowed my thrusts to a halt, keeping my cock deep inside her.

“Stay in that position Susan,” I said breathlessly as I slowly withdrew from her arse.

I stood back so that Jack could get a good view of her dilated anus from which my spunk was already starting to trickle.

He glanced across to me and, as if via telepathy, I knew immediately what he wanted.

I took the camera and continued to film as Jack took his position behind her.

I watched as he roughly ran his fingers between her pussy lips, and then, satisfied that she was wet, he plunged his cock into her.

I could see the red marks on her hips where I had gripped her and now Jack was doing the same as he pounded into her pussy.

Filming Susan had obviously aroused Jack very much. His fucking of Susan looked almost brutal as he slammed his stiff cock deeply and urgently into her young pussy.

Her tits were swinging quite violently beneath her as Jack fucked with animal like lust.

I continued to film and listened as Susan started to moan loudly with each of Jack’s thrusts. Her moans rapidly increased in pitch and intensity until she was screaming uncontrollably, her body convulsing with pleasure as Jack finally emptied his hot spunk inside her.

Her moans subsided and Jack stopped thrusting. He was still buried in her pussy as I said, “Susan, stay like that while Jack pulls out from you.”

I watched and filmed as Jack slid his softening cock from her pussy. It looked slick with his spunk and her juices mixed together.

Jack stood back slightly and then spread Susan’s cheeks wide for me to get a good shot with the camera. Her arse and pussy were both now dribbling with spunk.

I was not prepared for what happened next. Tom got up from his chair and walked over to Susan. As he approached, Jack released her buttocks and stepped back. Tom then spread Susan’s cheeks for himself. I watched and continued filming as he roughly pushed two fingers into her pussy causing more of Jack’s spunk to ooze out. Then, with two fingers still pushed inside her pussy he inserted a third finger into her arse.

He moved his hand back and forth a few times fucking both holes simultaneously. Susan was still moaning with pleasure as he pulled out his fingers and moved up close behind her. “I’ve always wanted to fuck your arse Susan,” he said, “but when ever I tried you always stopped me. I’ve just had to sit and watch Harry fuck your arse so now it’s my turn.”

Susan did not reply. She just remained kneeling with her pussy and arsehole fully displayed.

I could not help but look at Tom’s cock. I had noticed earlier how big it was but now it looked even larger. A good two inches longer than mine but, more importantly for Susan Tom’s cock was considerably fatter than mine. I felt uncertain that she would be able to take it but carried on filming as Tom moved up behind her. He guided his big cock into the still partly dilated brown rose of Susan’s arse.

Jack quickly passed Tom the KY. He grunted a kind of ‘thanks’ and squeezed out a long blob onto his cock. He spread it around the shaft, glanced at me and then Jack before pushing forward into his girlfriend’s arse.

Susan let out a long howl as the head of Tom’s big cock stretched her tight hole and entered her. I got a good view with the camera of her anus stretching wider than I thought possible as Tom’s cock slid all the way up inside her.

Her initial howl changed to short squeals as Tom started to pound her arse. I moved around, getting more shots of Susan’s breasts swinging beneath her lithe young body and Tom’s balls slapping against her pussy.

Tom was grunting loudly with each thrust and ruthlessly fucking her arse with long deep thrusts.

I watched as the intensity of his thrusts increased and knew that he was about to spunk inside his girlfriend for the second time. His pace faltered, he lifted his head and gave a long animal like growl as his spunk flooded her rectum.

Susan collapsed forward on the bed and Tom, still impaled in her arse fell on top of her.

They remained like that for a few minutes. I stopped the camera and waited for them to recover.

Tom slowly raised him self and I heard the wet ‘plop’ sound as his softening cock exited Susan’s arse.

They then both got off of the bed and stood facing us. I could not help but notice the trickle of spunk starting to run down the inside of Susan’s leg and the traces of dried spunk smeared over her beautiful breasts.

I handed Susan some tissues and then picked up the £1000. The pair of them quickly gathered up their clothes and as soon as they were dressed I handed them the money.

“Not bad for an hour or so of work,” I said.

“If you ever need to earn more you know where to come.”

Without saying a word Tom just made for the door pulling Susan behind him; but as I caught Susan’s eye I’m sure she gave me a little smile.

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