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Stepdaughters Pleasure Daddy

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As I was showering, I was thinking about Anna coming. What would I say to her? How would I act? I felt very uncomfortable and I was getting extremely nervous. I finished washing, then shaved. As I was getting dressed, Dawn came in.

“I know your hungry, Daddy, but let’s go out for breakfast.”

“Great idea, Sweetheart, I am famished.”

When I was ready we went to this nice, Mom and Pop restaurant near Dawn’s place. After we ordered, we talked about Anna’s coming.

Dawn was telling me Anna was going to break up with Ron and was going to look for a teaching job closer to her. It wasn’t working, so why suffer.

“She can stay with me till she finds a place. I’m also going to talk to my landlord and if a two bedroom place opens up, we can take it.”

“Oh goody!” I said, “more moving.”

“I think you’ve been rewarded pretty good for all your help, Daddy, or don’t you think so?”

“Oh no, Honey, I’ve got no complaints. The fringe benefits have been more then I ever could of dreamed possible.”

“Then quit your moaning, it hasn’t happened yet.”

Anna was suppose to get in around 12:30. “What do you want to do for a few hours, “I asked Dawn.

“Let’s go check out the mall, Daddy. I could use some new clothes and lingerie, if your willing to shop with me.”

“What the hell, no one knows us here. Let’s go shopping and see what we can find.”

We went to this huge mall and started looking around. We found a Victoria Secrets and went in looking. Dawn picked out some new lace top thigh highs, new bras, panties and few new nighties. She also picked out a few pairs of v-kini pantyhose and garter pantyhose. Very sexy!

Dawn then bought some very sexy dresses, skirts and blouses. One in particular, she decided to wear home. It was a low cut floral dress that I would also classify as mini. As I would find out for myself, underneath she wore a pair of her new lace thigh highs.

“What do you think, Daddy, do you like?”

“Oh… very much, Sweetheart! You look fabulous!”

“Thankyou Daddy, but before we leave, let’s get some lingerie for Anna too. She’ll love it.”

Dawn picked out the stuff for Anna. It was more or less the same as hers. I was thinking to myself; “How lucky could a guy get to have two beautiful stepdaughters who shared the same love for lingerie as he did.” I was hard the whole time we were in this lingerie boutique. Dawn finally noticed my state of arousal and suggested we leave.

We headed back home to see if Anna was there. On the way, I asked Dawn to slide over. When she did I lowered my hand to caress her legs. Not satisfied, I moved it higher till I felt something hard. Dawn was becoming aroused. Moving her thong aside, I wrapped my fingers around her beautiful hard erection. I slowly stroked and teased my daughters cock untill we arrived home. “Oh Daddy, your going to have to pay for getting me so excited.”

“I hope so, Honey? I hope so?” When we got in, there was a message from Anna on the answering machine. “Hi Guys, I couldn’t get the day off. I’ll be heading out after work, about 4:30. I should be in around 9-9:30. Daddy, I know Dawn’s told you everything by now, so if your aganist it and don’t want me to come, call and leave a message. I will understand. I love you both! Hope to see you soon?

“So what do you think, Daddy? Anna has given you a way out. Are you going to take it?”

“No Honey, I can’t do that. I love her to much to let her down and hurt her. Besides, even though I’m nervous, you’ve got me so excited about fucking Anna that I’m truely looking forward to it.”

“Oh, Daddy, I’m so happy to hear you say that. Anna is so excited about comming here to be with us, that I would worry extremely if we let her down. Call and leave her a message about how much your looking forward to seeing her.”

As I was trying to leave Anna a message, Dawn was undoing my pants and removing my stiff prick from my thong. As I started to talk, that little slut sucked my cock into her mouth.

“Ohhhhh, Hi Honey, It’s Dad. Your sister has told me everything. I was flattered and excited to learn you feel that way towards me. I want you too, Sweetheart. Your sister is a very sexy woman and I’m enjoying her very much, and now I’m looking forward to enjoying you too. She tells me your a Tigress in bed. I’m extremely excited about finding out for myself. Drive safe, Honey. I love you very much. See you soon.

As Dawn continued to suck my cock, I said, “Fuck me, Dawn! I want to feel that cock of your’s up my ass. Will you do that for Daddy? Will you fuck his ass untill you come, Honey?”

“If you want your ass fucked, Daddy, I’d love to do it. But first would you do something for me Daddy?”

“Anything, to experience that kind of pleasure, my love.”

“Put on a pair of these purple Garter Pantyhose I got for you today, Daddy.”

Dawn handed me the pantyhose and I put them on. They felt very nice. There like a garter and stockings all in one.

“You look very sexy, Daddy, especially with that gorgeous hard on of your’s sticking straight out. Now get your ass over to the couch, kneel down and bend over it. I’m going to fuck your ass good.”

As I did as I was told, Dawn raised her dress, crept up behind me, put a little of her spit in and around my ass and plunged in. The rapid insertion was painful, but I didn’t utter a peep. I just waited until her cock was sliding freely before I took my next breath.

“Nothing can compare to the first time you fucked my ass Honey, but each time you do, I’m loving it more and more. Fuck me as hard as you want Dawn. I want to feel every squirt of your cum as it fills my ass. That’s it you little slut, fuck your Daddies ass.”

I reached underneath between my legs and stroked my own cock, as Dawn continued to ream me out.

Dawn was holding nothing back as she fucked me. You could say I was paying for the teasing I gave her, but I looked at it as being rewarded. As my daughter continued her assult on my ass, she soon gave me a warning. “I hope your ass is ready for me Daddy, because my cock is about ready to blow.”

“Give it to me Sweetheart, I want it all. Shoot your load deep into my ass. Fuck me hard baby. Fuck Daddy hard..”

“I’ts time, Daddy, I’m going to cum!”

I could feel Dawn’s cock swell just before the first stream of cum warmed my ass. “That’s it baby, cum in Daddies ass.”

Dawn’s cock was way up my ass as the first stream of her cum blew out of her piss hole.

“Ohhhhh… , Daddy, it feels so good to cum in your ass. What am I going to do when you have to leave? Ohhhhh… , yea Daddy, Ohhhhh… , take my cum.”

Dawn kept it up till the last drop of her cum slipped into my ass. Then she pulled out and fell onto her back, drained.

I turned around and knelt over her as I continued to jack off. Seeing this, Dawn said, “I’m sorry Daddy, let me help you.” “That’s o’k Honey, just lift your dress up more so I can cum all over you.”

Dawn pulled her dress up just as I started to moan and spew my cum in thick spurts onto her belly and over her soft cock. I then layed on top of my daughter and rubbed my cum around both of our bodies. It was a very good ending to a stimulating morning. I kissed her lips, her eyes, her ears and finally her breasts. “Don’t worry, Honey, I’m not going anywhere just yet, besides, you will meet someone to treat you right. If not right away, don’t forget, Anna’s going to move in and you can always come home to visit more often. Mom and Dad would like that.”

“Especially my Daddy!” Dawn offered.

“Especially your Daddy, ” I said. “We would always be able to find time to make love and to satisfy our wanton needs.”

“Oh, Daddy, I love you so much. I wish you could stay here with me. I wish we lived closer together, so we could fuck whenever the mood suited us.”

“That’s not possible Sweetheart and you know it, but maybe someday when your done with school, who knows. In the mean time, Sweetie I’ll fuck you every chance I get.”

“Would you fuck me in Mama’s bed, Daddy?”

“Even in Mama’s bed, Sweetheart. I’d fuck you anywhere.”

Dawn then gave me a very stimulating kiss. “Thankyou, Daddy, I feel very secure and loved now.

Dawn went to the bathroom to wash up. When she came out, she said, “We need to shave your legs, Daddy. You’ll look and feel so much better in those stockings then. O’kay?”

“I won’t argue with you Dawn. You’ve given me so much pleasure, how could I refuse.”

“It’s only just begun, Daddy. Your sex life as you knew it is over. Anna and I will see to that, now go shave. When your done, I’ll rub the cream in myself, so you don’t itch. If that’s alright with you?”

“Why would I argue with that offer?” Then as I was entering the bathroom I added, “I’d have to be nuts.”

When I came out, Dawn was true to her word and did a very sensual job rubbing in the lotion. In fact she gave me a full body rub. Very stimulating. She creamed every inch of me. When she finished, it was about 4:30 and we decided to take a nap. As we layed on the bed, I wrapped my arm around Dawn and pulled her close to me. Just as we were dosing off, the phone rang. I answered. It was Anna.

“Hi! Daddy. I got so wet between my legs listening to your message that I had to change my undies.”

“It’s o’k! Honey. Dawn and I bought you some very sexy lingerie today, so you’ll have plenty to wear.”

I’m so anxious to get there, Daddy. I want you so much. I can’t wait to feel your cock inside me and to taste you. Do you like to eat pussy, Daddy?”

“I’ll show you how much when you get here, Honey”

“O’kay, Daddy, I’m leaving now. See you both soon. Love you!”

“Drive safe Anna. Love you too!” I hung up and we soon drifted into dreamland.

It was 8:30 when the alarm woke us and we hit the shower together. We took turns soaping each other, paying special attention to excite as well as clean. Then we fixed a quick bite to eat and got ready for Anna’s arrival.

Dawn went into the bedroom to dress. She came out wearing her red Garter Pantyhose and bra under her new nightgown. How does this excite you, Daddy?”

“I’t does Dawn, very much. In fact, my cock is getting so hard, so fast, seeing you in it, I couldn’t blush now, even if I wanted too.”

“Oh, Daddy, you always say the right thing at the right time. You sure know how to make me feel good.”

“And you know how to get me hard, Sweetheart.”

Just then the phone rang. It was Anna. She was about 20 miles outside of town on 94 and had a flat tire. Could we help?

“Were on our way, ” Dawn told her and we were out the door.

It didn’t take us long to find her and as we were walking to the car, Anna ran to me. As we embraced, Anna kissed me with a passion I never experienced before. We stayed in each others arms, hugging and kissing for what seemed like an eternity, but in fact, was only mere minutes.

“Oh Daddy, it’s so good to see you. I’ve been dreaming of this moment for quite awhile now.”

Anna then wrapped her arms around my neck again, giving me a very stimulating French kiss. Her sexy petite body that she was pressing tightly aganist me, soon felt how happy I was to see and feel her.

As one of Anna’s hands dropped to feel the bulge she felt pressing into her, she exclaimed with a girlish excitement! “Daddy, you are happy to see me, aren’t you?”

“God yes Honey! Just seeing and feeling you has got me extremely excited.”

“Then we better get this tire fixed.”

As I worked changing tires, Anna and Dawn chatted. Then Dawn said she was heading home. Anna would stay with me in case I needed help.

Dawn gave us both hugs and kisses saying, “See you two later. Love you.”

We both answered, “love you too!”

I finished changing tires and we got in and headed for Dawn’s place. Anna quickly slid over and snuggled up to me. She was content for now, as we talked.

We talked about Dawn and how I felt when I found out she was a Shemale. I told Anna I was extremely surprised beyond words, but not disappointed. In fact I told her, it got me extremely excited. Then I told her the details of that trip home in the u-haul when I first found out. Anna was getting aroused. She started rubbing my hard on through my pants.

All to soon we were at Dawn’s place. As I lugged Anna’s bags upstairs, she mentioned that Dawn was spending the night at a friends, so we could be alone tonight.

“Do you think thats a good idea Daddy?”

“I think it’s a very good idea Anna. This way I get you all to myself tonight.”

“I agree too, Daddy.”

We entered the apartment and I set Anna’s stuff in the spare bedroom. When I turned around, I noticed Anna had found the pile of boxes containing the lingerie that Dawn and I had gotten for her. As she was ripping them open and admiring the contents, I crept up behind her and wrapped my arms around her. My hands sought out her breasts, as my lips kissed and sucked her neck. My crotch nestled into the crack of Anna’s ass and my hard cock let her know I was extremely aroused.

Anna moaned at the attention she was receiving and wiggled her ass to let me know she wanted whatever I was giving.

I moved my hands under her sweater and felt her two glorious orbs that were encased in a very sexy feeling bra. Anna had a great set of tits. I needed to see them, so I gently removed her sweater. Her tits strained to be free from there confinement, but they looked so fucking hot in the sexy black lace bra Anna had on, that they would have to wait awhile. I caressed those twin beauties and gently pinched her aroused nipples.

“Ohhhh… Daddy, your fingers feel so… good on my titties. Feel my pussy now Daddy.”

I then lowered my hands and unsnapped her pants. After I unzipped them, I slid them down over her shapely hips. Her nylon panties matched her bra. When the pants hit the floor, Anna stepped out of them. I moved my fingers so I could caress her pussy through her panties. Her panties were soaked.

“I’m so… excited Daddy. I haven’t been fucked in quite awhile. I need you bad. I need you to fuck me, Daddy.”

I picked Anna up and laid her down on the edge of the bed. I knelt down and buried my face between her legs, licking her pussy through her sex drenched panties. Not being able to hold back any longer, I removed her panties. When I seen that beautiful hairless pink pussy, I thought my cock would burst.

I then continued to lick and suck her sopping pussy. Anna wrapped her legs around my neck as my tongue found her waiting clit.

“Oh…. Daddy, you do know how to eat pussy. Oh… Yea… suck my clit, Daddy. Suck it. Oh… fuck, Daddy! That feels so good.”

As I sucked on and licked my Daughters clit, her body was writhing with pleasure. Soon she was humping my tongue as the onset of her orgasm started.

“I’m coming Daddy. Oh… fuck, I’m coming.”

Anna grabbed my head and held it tight to her pussy. My hands found her breasts and as I caressed them, she was screaming for me to fuck her pussy with my tongue.

I sucked her clit into my mouth and as my lips held on, my tongue massaged it. This drove Anna over the edge and as the strongest of her spasms hit, she nearly broke my neck. As she started to relax, the second of her orgasms hit. Once again Anna’s legs tightened there grip as she fucked my tongue.

“Daddy, Oh… Daddy, you gave me multiple orgasms. The second was milder, but still felt so… fucking good. That’s the first time I ever got off with a man. You were so good, Daddy. My clit felt so good in your mouth. Now I need to be fucked, Daddy. I need to feel that hard cock of your’s inside my cunt.”

I quickly jumped up and removed my shirt. Then I got rid of my pants and socks.

“I love your panties Daddy. Your hard cock looks so inviting pressing aganist them.”

I had forgot I put on a pair of Dawn’s used panties. I then pulled the front of the panties down, so my cock and balls hung out.

“That’s what I want Daddy. I want that beautiful hard cock of your’s buried inside my pussy, fucking me like crazy.”

I crawled onto the bed with Anna and as I did she grabbed and felt my throbbing cock for the first time. “Careful Honey, It’s loaded and could go off at anytime.” “Can I lick it a little, before you shove it into my cunt, Daddy.” ” You can do anything you want to, Honey.” I was straddling Anna’s chest as she licked the pre cum from my cock. What Anna was doing felt good, but we both needed to be fucked.

I rolled over onto my back. Anna brought that beautiful bald pussy of hers down onto my waiting hard on. What a sexy sight it was as my cock spilt her cunt lips open, we were both moaning.

I reached behind Anna and unsnapped her bra. After I removed it, I sucked both nipples into my mouth, giving each there due attention.

“Fuck Daddy, your cock feels so… good. It’s so big and hard. Oh… I can’t wait till you shoot your cum into me, Daddy.”

“Are you sure that’s safe Honey?”

“Oh yes Daddy. I’m on the pill. Even if I wasn’t, do you think you could actually pull out of my hot cunt as your starting to explode?”

“No Honey, I don’t. Your cunt is so tight. It’s like fucking Dawn’s ass.”

“I didn’t think so. Now let me fuck you Daddy.”

Anna was really fucking me now. She was sliding that hot pussy of her’s up and down on my shaft at a furious pace. Her tits were firm, but even they were bouncing. My hands moved up to steady, but also to caress them.

Anna then started questioning me about Dawn. “Did you enjoy fucking Dawn’s ass, Daddy?”

“Oh… fuck yea Anna. Her ass was tight, just like your young cunt lips. When I blew my cum into her ass, I thought I was in heaven.”

“Did she suck your cock, Daddy?”

“Yes Anna, your sister sucked my cock. She even jacked me off a few times. Dawn loves the taste of cum and is always eager to suck and swallow it.”

“Have you sucked Dawn off yet, Daddy?”

“Oh… have I! Dawn’s cock is beautiful. I get so excited and turned on when I see it. The feel of it in my mouth drives me wild. The same feeling I had when I had your clit between my lips. Oh… Honey, when Dawn first shot her load of cum into my mouth, I knew I would want more. I loved the warm creaminess of it, along with it’s taste and scent.”

“Oh, Daddy, come on top of me now. I want you to fuck me, Daddy. I want to feel your hard cock as it slides in and out of your little girl’s wet pussy.” As we changed positions, Anna continued to excite me physically as well as verbaly. I loved her dirty mouth. “Fuck me, Daddy. Fuck me hard. Oh… make me cum, Daddy. Cum with me. Fill my pussy up with your hot seed, Daddy. Harder, Daddy. Fuck me harder.”

“Oh… Anna, I can’t hold back much longer.”

“Don’t you dare hold back, Daddy. I want you. I want to feel your cum explode into me. Now fuck me, Daddy.”

“O’k Honey.” I gave up trying to prolong my orgasm and pounded my Daughters cunt, truely enjoying every thrust.

“You asked for it Honey, now your going to get it. Oh… Anna, I’m going to cum.” My cock swelled just before it erupted into Anna’s steaming cunt.

“Oh… that’s it Daddy. I’m cumming too. Fuck me, Daddy, Fuck me. I can feel you, Daddy. I can feel your sperm inside me. It’s so warm. Oh… fill me Daddy. Oh….!”

I kept fucking Anna, even as she drained the last of my cum from my now softening cock. She in turn had another double orgasm. When my cock was to soft to stay in, I rolled over and pulled Anna to me.

I told her how much I loved her and how great she made me feel. I asked her if she had any regrets. She answered, “No”. We held each other for awhile, then decided to get cleaned up. We were both starving. There would be more pleasure later.

We were so wrapped up in our pleasure, neither one of us had heard Dawn come in. When we came out of the bedroom, she was in the kitchen getting pizza ready for us. Anna had thrown on her new robe, but I still had on Dawn’s panties.

Anna said, “Hi, ” to her sister, then went in to take a shower.

Dawn had on one of her new robes and I was hoping she was wearing what she modeled for me earlier. I came up behind her, wrapped my arms around her and pulled her to me. “Hi Honey, I’m glad you came home. Been here long?”

“Long enough to hear you did a great job pleasing Anna. You sure had her singing, Daddy.”

As I was talking to Dawn, I untied her robe and moved my hands inside to play with her tits. I was estatic, she was wearing her new lingerie. “Anna needed to be fucked bad, Honey. She was in heat!”

I was telling Dawn how tight her sisters pussy was, when I lowered my hands to see if she was getting aroused. Oh boy! Was she. Her cock was just straining aganist her thong. I spun us around so my back was aganist the cabinet for support and started to caress her massive hard on. When Dawn started moaning, I slid her thong aside and started to slide my hand up and down her shaft.

With her eyes closed, my Daughter was showing me her approval at the attention I was showing her aching cock by making erotic animalistic sounds. I was getting hard just hearing these sounds.

I continued to masturbate my Daughter, as my free hand caressed her hard nipples and my lips were kissing her neck and ears.

Dawn was to into her feelings and didn’t notice or hear her sister approach. Anna knelt down in front of Dawn and as I released her cock, Anna wrapped her lips around it and continued the pleasure.

Dawn looked down. “Oh… Sis, you surprised me, but don’t stop. Keep sucking me. Oh…..”

As Anna increased the sucking and licking of Dawn’s cock head and piss hole, I again resumed jacking her off. Dawn was close to cumming and Anna’s warm mouth was ready for the reward.

Dawn’s cock was twitching now, so I let go and Anna took her deep into her mouth again, just as Dawn’s cock spit out the first wave of it’s nectar.

Dawn was filling her sisters mouth with cum and Anna was swallowing it all. No left overs for Dad.

Dawn couldn’t talk. With our lips pressed together and our tongues caressing each other, all she could do was moan. Those erotic moans she was making however, let us know we did her good.

Anna continued to suck, until Dawn’s cock was dry. When she let go, she moved up and gave Dawn and I a very wet cum tasting kiss. Very arousing.

It was then I noticed Anna was wearing some of her new lingerie. She had put on this very sexy purple laced bra, along with matching garter and stockings. No panties. The purple really made her blonde hair and blue eyes stand out. I had two very sexy daughters.

Dawn asked, “Where’s your panthose Daddy? I bet Anna would love to see and feel you in them. Wouldn’t you Anna?”

“Oh yes, that be such a turn on. Put them on for me Daddy. Please…!”

How could I resist. I went in to put them on, along with my purple thong and when I came out, the girls were on the couch waiting.

Anna in purple, like me and Dawn in red. My cock was straining at the thong holding it in. The girls were whistling and telling me how sexy I looked in my lingerie. To be honest, I did feel good wearing it.

Dawn moved over so I could sit between them. Anna brought her lips to mine and was the first to give me a very hot stimulating kiss. Dawn slid down and was sucking and nipping at my nipples, as her hand rubbed my legs. Anna’s hand was also caressing my legs.

The girls traded positions and it was Dawn’s turn to play tongue tag with me. As we were kissing passionately, both girls had moved my thong aside and were playing with my hard cock. I felt Anna’s tongue as it licked it’s way all over my swollen member. Finishing her kiss and not wanting to be left out, Dawn slid down to join her sister. Both girls were now loving my throbbing penis.

“How’s this feel Daddy, to have your two daughters sucking your prick at the same time?”

“If there were words I could use to describe the feeling, I would. The pleasure you girls are inflicting on me will only be evident in my moans and eventually, my ejaculation.

Dawn slid back up and after she kissed me she said, “Daddy I know what would really excite you into a powerful orgasm.”

“What’s that Honey?”

“If I could fuck your ass while Anna continues to suck your cock?”

“Oh… yes please Honey. I would love that.”

Dawn took off my thong, knelt on the floor and after rubbing on some saliva put her now erect dick to my ass and slid in. There was no pain, only extreme pleasure.

Let me quickly recap this for you, because it seems hard for even me to believe. Here I am on the couch in my stepdaughter Dawn’s apartment wearing a pair of purple garter pantyhose, getting fucked in the ass by her, because she is a foxy shemale. She in turn is wearing a red lace bra with matching garter pantyhose. At the same time, my other stepdaughter Anna, dressed in a purple laced bra and matching garter and stockings is stroking and sucking my cock. If it’s a dream, I hope I never awaken.

Dawn was fucking my ass hard now. Her balls were slapping my ass as she slid her cock in and out. I knew she was close to shooting her cum into my ass. I too was close to coming.

While all this was going on, my fingers were getting Anna off too. I was finger fucking her pussy good. We were all moaning. I know sex partners can have simultaneous orgasms, but three at once. We must be doing something right.

As Dawn was erupting in my ass, Anna was moaning, as she too was in the midst of a powerful orgasm. The feel of Dawn’s hot cum in my ass, soon had me spurting my seed into Anna’s waiting mouth. The noise level was so high, that even if there was knocking on the walls, we wouldn’t have heard it. As all three of us were coming down from our sexual high, I quickly moved so I could lick up Anna’s juices. Dawn finished coating the inside of my now wet ass with the last of her sperm and Anna just layed back and enjoyed my licking, while she savored the drink she just received.

When all was done, we got cleaned up and all three of us crawled into Dawn’s queen size bed for some much needed rest. After all it was only early Saturday and we still had two days of pure pleasure ahead.

My life with my daughters still goes on. We still enjoy each other sexually whenever we can. And yes, I did get to fuck both of them in their Mothers bed. That was an extreme erotic feeling that I will tell you about sometime.

Got to go now, I hear the girls coming home for Christmas break.

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