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My Journey to Submission

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Hi. My name is Tina. I am now 41 years old and have been married to my current husband since I was 28. I have 2 boys ages 21 and 17. This is my first story ever to be put on line and it is the one that may explain my journey of self discovery in sexual matters well beyond anything I ever thought I would do, much less enjoy.

Prior to this, I think I had the textbook average life, average sex life, and average beliefs of any suburban wife or mom. But now I am reborn – not a slut or even a nymphomaniac – but someone with a newfound excitement of all things sexually new.

Just to paint an accurate picture, I am 5’2″ tall and weigh 135 pounds- not fat really but not skinny. I still wear a 2 piece to swim and I look great in jeans. I am a brunette and yes, I color it a bit now. My hair is generally worn straight and it goes just past my shoulders but I will wear it up or in a pony on occasion. My eyes are brown. I am Italian but more fair skinned than you might think. I have D cup boobs (which usually get me into these kinds of situations) but they have seen some wear with 2 kids and gravity. I had liposuction done 6 years ago. I have a flat tummy and good shaped thighs and butt – although I have added about 10 pounds since. I need to work on that.

I work full time in an office and my husband is in sales with a good income and lots of travel. I go whenever I can get off work and when he goes someplace good now that the boys are older. He goes on fishing and hunting trips with his friends a few times a year. Four years ago, I decided I wanted to take a trip with my best friend for a week to Mexico – just the girls for a week of shopping, drinking, sun, and more shopping and drinking. We have made it an annual even now and go to wherever we can find a good deal on an all-inclusive resort. My trouble began on that first trip-as you might have guessed.

Let me say here that I am no prude. I enjoy many sexual activities but being a mom and a bit older, I don’t usually talk about them with people and there are a few fantasies I keep to myself. I do enjoy reading the explicit stories on line and imagining myself there but some of them go a bit too far. Also after 13 years of marriage, our bedroom activity has slowed a bit but not too much.

Anyway, we went to Cabo and got a room at a very nice hotel with all meals and drinks included. On our first day, we laid out by the pool and drank margaritas until dinner, when we ate there at some kind of festival. The next day we shopped early and were at the pool by 1:00 for lunch and drinks. By late afternoon, two younger bodybuilder type guys started coming by. Guys are really funny. They try to be sly but we figured these two out right away. They did not blend in well.

Turns out they were 25 or so and extremely well built. We saw them again at dinner and exchanged glances about a hundred times but nothing else. On the third day, we were laying out and they miraculously wound up in lounge chairs right next to us. What a coincidence. I broke the ice and introduced us. Throughout the day we discussed where we lived, the weather, boats, bodybuilding, tattoos, and pretty much everything else you can imagine. We told them we were both married and told them our ages and that we had kids. We said we were there just to relax and shop. They were pretty good about it and did not cross any boundaries.

I admit they were both hot—very hot—over 6’2″ each and huge muscles—maybe not quite like Arnold but close. They were not professionals they said but did work out everyday. They even worked out down there on vacation. At the end of the day, we said our goodbyes and went to our room to clean up for dinner.

After dinner, Alice and I were in the bar drinking more margaritas and even some shots. We were very popular as the only “single” ladies, even if we were middle aged soccer moms. I had on a spaghetti strap summer dress with no bra. I knew I was causing this myself. Anyway, the muscle guy seemed to be more attracted to be walked in and immediately spotted us. He came over and sat while we continued our discussion from earlier. His friend went into town for the night and was not expected back. I did not hear the reason- nor did I care.

I admit I was flirting now with a lot of tequila and the dark of night. I started feeling his muscles in his arms and even his back and chest. He was flirting back and told me nice things I had not heard in quite a while. Well, you can imagine we went downhill fast and my best friend just suggested that he and I just go to his room and get it over with. We giggled and joked and swore to keep a secret and finally I did just that—I went to his room. I was feeling guilty and a bit dirty but I was tipsy and he was hot—my devil side won out. This was a first for me—I had always been a good girl, until now.

We entered his room and it was just like ours- two queen beds and a tile floor. His was mess, as you would expect from 2 guys. As soon as the door closed, we faced each other and kissed. He held me in those big arms and pressed against me. I could already feel him getting hard through his pants.

He was so tall, his penis was almost as high as my chest as he held me tight. He soon reached behind me and unzipped my dress. He pulled the straps off my shoulders and I wiggled it off on to heap on the floor. There I was in my sandals, a white thong and a big smile.

He leaned down and kissed my nipples, making them hard and he began fondling and massaging my big soft breasts. His hands explored my body as we kissed as I felt his huge strong arms and back muscles through his gauze shirt. I had never been with such a beautiful man, muscles rippling on every part of his body. I wanted him. I wanted him bad. This was better than a romance novel. He stepped back to just stare at my body and ordered me to remove my thong, which I did hastily.

I kicked off my sandals and stood there while he admired my nude form. He ordered me to lay on the bad, which I did. This was fun. A hulk of a man that could break me in two, ordering me around for his pleasure. I did not understand the feeling but I loved it. Instead of joining me on the bed, he just stood there staring. He told me to spread my legs as he stood at the foot of the bed. I complied but he forcefully shouted, “wider.” I was startled but I spread as wide as I could as he stared.

“Now Spread your pussy open” he demanded. I was shocked and a bit bewildered. I felt like a stripper or a porn star as I reached down and pulled my labia open as he kneeled in closer to see my display. This felt so wrong but so right at the same time. As I pulled myself open for him, he leaned in and began to lick and nibble at my clit.

I must admit I had not had good oral sex in quite a while and within a minute I was panting. Within 2 minutes, my first orgasm was mounting and he drove his tongue deep inside me as he grasped my legs and pulled them apart and high in the air. His tongue explored my clit, deep inside my vagina and even my butt hole where he forced in deep. He was a master and I was screaming with an orgasm in a matter of minutes.

He stood up and slowly unbuttoned his shirt and dropped it revealing the most amazing, rock-hard chest and abdomen. He unsnapped and unzipped his pants and dropped them to the floor. I first noticed his rock-hard penis, pointing straight up at the ceiling. It was not semi-hard aiming at the floor like my husband. He was big, very big with very large balls—hanging down. But his thighs caught my eye. They were massive. This man must have weighed 250 pounds. Those muscles were incredible. I was his at this point. He could take whatever he wanted. I new he would and I wanted him to.

He crawled up toward me and placed the tip of that giant penis on my waiting, wet vagina. He leaned down to kiss me and just as he did, he forced the giant member into me. Not a little bit but all the way. He caught me completely off guard. He went deeper than anyone had, real or plastic. The pain was incredible but the joy was greater. He pulled out and rammed again, and again, and again. He was brutal, rough, pounding. His hands roved over my breasts, my belly, my hips, my face, my throat. He held my throat as if to say, “submit.” But he did not have to. I was submitting. I was all his. I had never felt such power, such control, such a big dick. I was lost in my pleasure and enjoying the intensity.

Suddenly a commotion and the door flew open. His friend just walked into the room and stared at me. I jumped and tried to get out from under my lover as I tried to cover my naked body. He simply grabbed my forearms at the elbows and pinned me to the bed and continued ramming his giant penis into me. I cried for him to let me up but he grinned in an evil way and pushed harder. His friend stood there and watched my ordeal, staring at my breasts and looking into my eyes as he grabbed at his own crotch. I gave in and relaxed as my lover began speeding his pace and I must admit, my orgasm was building again. I closed my eyes let it come as he grunted loudly and shuttered violently. He came very had soon after I did.

I opened my eyes to see his friend standing there, completely nude and gloriously muscular with a rock solid hard-on and smiling like a kid a Christmas. I realized then what was going to happen. I kicked and screamed but my lover maneuvered off of me while still pinning my elbows to the bed. He positioned himself at the head of the bed, holding me down as his friend grabbed my flailing legs and pulled them apart. He positioned himself between them and entered me.

He began violently ramming inside me like the first one. I could not believe it. I was being raped. Me. A middle aged mother and PTA member. Here I was. It was my own fault. I agreed to come here. I flirted, I asked for it. I even demanded it at one point. Now there were two muscular hunks, holding me like a rag doll. Taking their pleasure. I finally submitted, laid back, relaxed and felt the intense feeling of another hard penis inside me as one set of hands held me down and the other explored my breasts, my nipples, my hips and belly.

I realized then, for the first time, that I enjoyed this. I was scared to death but I was loving this. Visions of my husband and my boys entered my mind. I felt guilty. Then I opened my eyes and saw the two muscled hunks leering at my helpless nude body as one rammed deep inside me. I loved that. I don’t know why but I loved it. I was a submissive. I just figured that out and never knew it. After years of romance novels where a beautiful man would sweep me off me feet and take me for his pleasure, I realized it was more than a fantasy. It was real and it was now. But this was so real.

I had no choice now, I was theirs and they were taking whatever they wanted. It hurt and it felt good. It felt great. It was physical and mental. I don’t know how many orgasms I had. I think the mental image of helplessness and submission caused a few. As did the deep pounding of those big dicks onto my g spot. But it was the best sex I ever had – ever……

Finally, the second man came inside me and climbed off. My lover let go of me and got off the bed. I could not move. I just laid there, arms above my head and legs spread wide on the bed. I could feel semen dripping out of me along with my own juices but I did not care, I did not want to cover up. I wanted to lay there exposed. I wanted them to see me. They were talking and making drinks as I as laid there evaluating everything. Was I raped? Did I submit? Was this right? Was this wrong? I thought of my family, of my life, of my boss, and my job. I missed them all at that moment. But I knew that I was on to something new. I needed more of this. A lot more.

I wanted them again, now and tomorrow. These men were beautiful, and strong, and dominant, and demanding. I wanted to be controlled, and used for their pleasure. I wanted them to pleasure me and hurt me. I looked over at them and smiled. They got up and walked over to me—both with big soft penises swinging as they walked. What a beautiful sight.

The first one asked if I was ready for more. I simply said, “yes, please” and grinned. I would have to explain all this to my girlfriend in the morning.

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