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Alex glanced in the rearview mirror at the couple in the back seat. Ted and Ann had been going at it the whole way, like a couple of teenagers.

“Hey,” he said, only half in jest, “Can’t you two keep your hands off each other for even two minutes?”

“What’s the matter?” cooed Ann, “Haven’t you ever seen two people in love before?”

“I’ve seen lots of people IN love,” he responded, “but that doesn’t mean I need to watch them MAKING love!”

“Ahh, you’re just jealous,” Ted laughed.

Alex glanced over at his wife Pam sitting in the passenger seat, and her cheeks flushed pink as he caught her sneaking a peek in the rearview mirror as well. The four of them were on their way up to the mountains for their annual ski vacation together. They had made it a tradition, not missing a year ever since graduating college together ten years ago.

It seemed like the four of them had been good friends forever, but Pamela still felt just the slightest bit insecure around Ann, partly because she and Alex had once been an item together. That was well before Pam and Alex had fallen in love, and she wasn’t insecure about the relationship with her husband, but she still couldn’t help comparing herself with Ann from time to time. And the contrast was stark – Ann was a compact bundle of energy topped with a mop of dark red curls who always seemed to be at the center of any gathering. Pam, on the other hand, was dark-haired, tall and slender and much more reserved.

Alex peered through the wet windshield, trying to spot the turn-off to the cabin that they had rented through the gathering gloom. They usually stayed at the ski lodge, but Ted had suggested that they might have more fun by renting a private cabin this time instead. The one that he had found sounded great; fully-equipped with two bedrooms, for half of what two rooms would have cost at the ski lodge, and only five minutes drive from the slopes.

However, this idea was looking less and less attractive to Alex as he drove. The snow flurries had started almost right after they crossed the snow line as they drove up the winding blacktop road, and visibility was getting increasingly worse.

“Listen, you guys, if you can tear yourselves away from each other for a while, I’d appreciate of you could put your eyes out of the car and see if you can help me find the cabin.”

The next few minutes passed in silence, until Ted suddenly called out, “There it is!”

The car swerved as Alex had to brake suddenly to keep from passing the unpaved drive with the worn and battered sign – Jones’ Cabin. The tires raced and skidded in the slushy snow as they drove up the winding path and pulled to a halt in front of the secluded cabin. As they piled out of the car, the snow flurries intensified.

Ted found the key inside the windowsill, exactly where Mr. Jones had said he would leave it. The two couples rushed to unload the car and get in out of the wind and snow before daylight failed entirely. The cabin was cold, but the electricity worked and the cabin was surprisingly comfortable inside. Alex and Ted started working on getting a fire going, while Pam and Ann split up the bedrooms and unpacked the food in the compact kitchen area.

Ann glanced out the window and saw nothing but driving snow. “I do think we’re in for a blizzard,” she said. She cut her eyes at Ted and the two grinned knowingly at each other. Ann sidled up to Ted and rubbed his chest. “Remember our honeymoon in Vail?” she purred.

Ted’s grin just widened. “Remember? How could I forget? You couldn’t take your hands off me,” he teased, fingertips rubbing little circles on her back, just above the full swell of Ann’s hips.

“As I recall,” Ann replied, leaning back and looking up at Ted from under her lashes, “the feeling was completely mutual.” She leaned up and brushed her mouth on his, and soon the two were flicking tongues together.

Pam and Alex exchanged a look, and Pam rolled her eyes, shook her head and grinned. “Hey, you two, get a room,” Alex joked.

Ted was massaging Ann’s round backside, pulling the cheeks apart in the spandex ski pants. “Good idea,” he growled, scooping Ann up in his arms. She shrieked, giggled, and played with his hair as he took her to their bedroom and kicked the door shut.

Pam and Alex sighed a relief. “What’s that all about, anyway?” Alex asked.

Pam shrugged. “I think Ann must’ve hit her mid-thirties stride a little early or something,” she replied. “You don’t know if Ted’s doing any of those up-n-at-em drugs, do you?”

Alex laughed. “Not that I know of. I’ll ask him tomorrow.”

The noises began almost immediately – first the coos and giggles and shrieks. Then came the groans, the creaking of the bed, the slap of bare flesh. The interior walls were apparently appallingly thin.

Alex and Pam were both listening more intently than they cared to let on as they readied for bed in their room. “God, it’s like we rented a porn movie,” she murmured.

Alex turned and looked at her, smiling a bit. “You wouldn’t want to… you know?” he began, touching her lips with the tips of his fingers.

Pam was surprised at how aroused she was. She answered Alex with a long, deep kiss, wrapping her arms around his neck with a passion she’d rarely felt.

Alex couldn’t believe his good luck – he had hoped to get Pam into the mood for some loving at some point this trip, but he hadn’t planned on it so soon. Maybe this cabin idea of Ted’s was going to work out after all. He felt himself growing hard as Pam’s belly pressed into him. But his joy was cut off when Pam suddenly broke the kiss.

“I have to go pee,” she muttered breathlessly, and she left Alex standing with empty arms.

She really did have to go, after the long ride up. But the truth was that she was also more than a bit uncomfortable with the way that she had gotten turned on, with Ted and Ann just in the next room. Of course, considering the noises emanating from the other bedroom, neither of those two were liable to take notice of anyone or anything else for some time…..

Pam walked around into the second bedroom and entered the bathroom from their side. The bathroom had two doors – the two bedrooms shared the sole bathroom, with each bedroom having its own separate entrance on opposite sides.

She was about to turn on the bathroom light when she noticed that the door to the Ted and Ann’s bedroom was ajar. She just couldn’t believe how much noise they were making – it sounded like a porn movie in there. Disgusted, she went over to close the door.

As she approached the door, though, she suddenly saw Ted and Ann framed in the opening. She caught her breath at the sight that faced her.

Ann was lying back on the bed, with her top pulled up to her neck, and her ski pants were long gone, tossed off somewhere in the room. Her panties were hanging off one pretty ankle, and her hands had pushed up her bra and were grasping at her lush breasts.

Ted was still fully clothed, but he was on his hands and knees between her parted legs, nibbling at her stomach as he worked his way slowly down toward her glistening cunt. Ann’s head arched back as Ted reached his goal, and her lips let out a muffled cry as his lips and tongue buried themselves in her wet folds.

Pam had never seen such an erotic sight in her entire life. She couldn’t tear her eyes away. Kissing Alex had initiated her arousal, and seeing Ted and Ann getting so turned on had compounded the effect. Without even being aware of it, her hand crept up to her breast, brushing one hardening nipple. Her other hand pressed almost involuntarily into her pelvis, as if trying to deny the unwanted dampness that had started developing in her panties.

Pam ducked back a little as Ann’s head came back down, her eyes wide as she watched Ted sucking slowly at her most private spots. Their eyes melded as Ted slowly pushed a finger into Ann’s wet slit with an audible squelch. Ann groaned.

Ann hadn’t seemed to see her, so she moved back up in the shadow of the bathroom and continued her vigil, eyes fixed to Ann’s plump mound, the hair trimmed short up top and missing completely around her pussy and ass. Ted’s eyes closed as he removed the finger from Ann’s pussy and rubbed it suggestively around her anus. He rubbed his face on her wet cunt with abandon. Ann didn’t even realize that she was pinching her own nipples, one then the other, as her fingers traced her unshaved lips through her own spandex ski pants.

“What are you doing?” Alex said, impatience driving him to find out why Pam wasn’t making the customary noises in the bathroom. Pam jerked around, trying to hide what she was doing in the darkness, ashamed of what she’d been doing. Alex looked over Pam’s shoulder to the lewd scene in the other bedroom. The reasons they could hear everything became apparent.

Alex watched his friend and his former girlfriend for a moment, eyes a bit glazed, as Pam tried to push him back into their room. Alex firmly turned Pam back towards the scene. When she resisted, he took both of her slim wrists in his hands and turned her forcefully as she tried to whisper angry resistance. He held both her wrists behind her back and turned her head so she could see. He put his lips close to her ear, close enough that she could feel his hot breath.

“Do you like what you see, Pam?” he whispered. “Do you enjoy watching them fuck? Does it get you excited?” As he spoke, he stroked his hands across her firm tits, lingering over her nipples.

Pam was breathing more heavily now. She didn’t actually respond. She just nodded. She couldn’t believe she was enjoying this, the sexy scene, the hard feel of his hand restraining her wrists, the fact that he’d been between those legs before. That at least should bother her, but it didn’t. She turned her head and kissed Alex harder and with more passion than he’d ever felt from her, pistoning her tongue into his mouth.

There was a groan from the other room. Both of their heads swivelled to look. Ted had pushed his finger into Ann’s asshole and was twisting it languidly back and forth as his tongue flicked gently over the tip of her clit. Ann was writhing on the bed, legs held wide, as Ted watched her reactions intently.

Alex pushed the door open wider, slowly, until it was all the way open. Then he dragged Pam back to their room with a fist in her hair. She gasped, trying to stay quiet as his roughness thrilled through her. Alex pushed their door all the way open, too, leaving the room dark except for a small bedside lamp. He then turned to Pam, whose breasts were heaving so beautifully with her breath, and said, “Strip for me.”

Pam just stood there, like a deer caught in the headlights. One part of her brain was screaming at her to stop this before it went any further. But she couldn’t deny her sudden arousal. And she was even further aroused by Alex’s forceful response – this was a side of him that she had never seen. Her rational side was overwhelmed by the lust that had been ignited within.

Alex leaned back on the bed as Pam slowly started swaying before him. Her hands reached to the bottom of her sweater top, pulling it up and over her head and throwing it into a corner of the room in one sweeping movement. The cool air of the room raised sudden goosebumps on her skin. She reached back behind herself and unhooked her bra, crossing her arms across her breasts as if to shield them from Alex, as she let shrugged the bra off and let it fall to the floor.

“Let me see those tits,” commanded Alex in a hushed voice.

Pam slowly lowered her arms, revealing the soft swell of her cleavage. While she had a slender build, her breasts were quite full, and rode proudly on her chest. She stared at Alex as her hands came up to grasp her tits, accenting their voluptuousness as she squeezed them. As her hands dropped below her aureoles, cupping her breasts, her stiff nipples sprang into view.

“Now the rest,” croaked Alex, his hoarse voice betraying his own arousal. His hand was idly stroking the front of his pants. Pam could see his arousal outlined clearly – she had never seen him so big.

Pam turned sideways, giving Alex a view of her half naked profile as she bent over to pull first one and then the other of her shapely legs out of her spandex ski pants. She pulled her panties and pants off and tossed them into another corner of the room in one smooth motion, and then stood before Alex with arms thrust out and legs spread wide. “Is this what you wanted to see?” she panted.

Alex was shocked at the transformation in his normally conservative wife. He couldn’t believe the change that had come over her. Hell, she usually insisted on making love in the dark! The sight of Ted and Ann making love, and Alex’s forceful reaction to her arousal, had somehow flicked a switch and turned her into a sexual inferno.

But this was no time for second thoughts. Alex leaped off the bed and hopped frantically on one leg, trying to remove his pants. As he turned away from Pam to pull them off, she grabbed him from behind, grasping at his sweater to pull it over his head. The two of them fell naked together onto the bed, their arms and legs intertwined as they grasped at each other.

Their open lips and teeth mashed together, tongues dueling furiously. Alex reached around behind Pam to grasp at her ass cheeks, spreading them wide to each side and pulling her groin to his. Pam reached up to grab Alex’s head with both hands, gasping as if to inhale him entirely. Her wetness coated his raging erection, smearing the juncture of their thighs, and their hips jerked violently as they sought connection.

Alex rolled her over onto her back. His stiff prick slid into Pam easily, as her leg came up to wrap itself around him and pull him in further. Their friends in the other room were forgotten entirely – nothing mattered except their overwhelming need to put out the fires that threatened to envelope them both.

With a guttural growl to match Pam’s banshee scream, Alex plunged to the hilt and began fucking her savagely, holding her down, using her cunt. Pam ground against him, desperately fucking up at him, hips snapping hard, making every thrust violent, raw. He’d never felt this big. He’d never fucked her, she realized, he’d only made love to her. She realized she loved being fucked.

“God, I love the way you’re fucking me,” she growled as she grabbed his ass, pulling him harder, deeper, nails scoring tracks in his flesh.

Alex groaned in pleased disbelief, fucking Pam harder than he’d ever fucked anything in his life. The hot, thick cock stroked her need, filled her cunt. It was too much.

“Oh god, oh god, oh FUCK I’m fucking CUMMING, Alex, FUCK me, Jesus Christ YES!” she began screaming, and she didn’t stop. She continued to scream nasty thoughts, urging him on. Alex continued to pound into her hot, convulsing cunt as she came, over and over, cumming himself with a roar just as she began to subside. Their mouths met and they kissed, primally, as Alex ground the last of his seed deep into her.

As their eyes met, tenderly, joyfully, there was a noise from the door. They remembered their friends.

As they looked up, both Ann and Ted were standing there, Ann’s tits in Ted’s hands, and Ted’s cock in hers. Neither of them had seen Ted’s cock earlier, and they both registered that it was much longer and thicker even than Alex’s. “Wow, that was something else!” Ann grinned. Ted’s eyes showed disbelief. Alex could mentally hear Ted calling him a liar about Pam’s timidity in bed after the scene he’d just witnessed. Pam gave a little shriek and tried to cover herself, but couldn’t really accomplish that with Alex on top of her, his still-throbbing cock embedded in her. He began to grind slowly into her again, this time watching Ted and Ann.

Suddenly, everything went black. “Shit,” he heard Ann curse. Pam managed to wriggle out from under him and dart into the next room mumbling something about candles. Alex got up on the other side of the bed and immediately bumped into Ted and Ann. Ted began to speak into his ear very quietly.

“You wait here, Alex,” he murmured, “let me take care of this.” And before Alex could answer, Ted walked off into darkness after Pam.

Alex got up to follow him, but Ann tugged him back down onto the bed where she was sitting. “Ted can take care of everything,” she said. “I don’t want to be stuck here in the dark all alone. Stay with me here until the lights go back on, please?”

Alex was suddenly aware of her naked body pressed up against his. She was still damp from her exertions. Alex felt her soft thigh slide over his as she reached out with her hand and grabbed hold of his cock. “Hey,” she giggled, “I remember this thing, but it was usually somewhat bigger than this!”

Alex started from her touch, but fell back to the bed under her weight. He suddenly felt himself hardening slowly under her manipulation, as her fingers traced his still semi-hard cock. He started to protest, but only managed to get out a muffled “Mmmpph” as her mouth pressed over his, her hardened tongue dancing around the inside of his mouth as she pressed him back into the bed.

Her mouth broke from his. “I can’t take this! I was just about to come when the lights went out. I need you to fuck me!!”

She plunged her mouth back down onto his, sucking voraciously as her hips ground rhythmically onto Alex’s cock. Her breasts were pressed hard into his body, her stiff nipples boring two small holes into his chest. She reached down with one hand and slid his cock into her steaming wet pussy.

Alex groaned with pleasure. All thoughts of Pam were driven from his head by the erotic stimulation of her writhing mouth and body on his. Ann sat up straight, plunging him even deeper inside of her. She reached down and pulled his hands up to cup her breasts.

“Fuck me!!” she hissed. Alex thrust his hips upwards, squeezing her tits in his hand, as all other thoughts were forgotten.

While the two former lovers were rediscovering their lust for each other, Pam was groping around in the darkness. “Where are those candles we brought up? They’ve gotta be here somewhere….” She suddenly became aware of another shadow in the room. “Alex??…..” her voice trailed off.

Ted sidled up behind Pam and nuzzled her neck, fingertips immediately and familiarly cupping her tits, squeezing them, rolling her nipples slowly, sensually. Pam smiled to herself. “Mmmmm… that was hot, wasn’t it?” she whispered, thinking she was with Alex. She heard the sounds of fucking from the other room, the soft groans, the sucking and slapping of flesh, and giggled, her hands over Ted’s. “They’re still at it… wow, honey, I never had any idea that would make me so crazy…”

Ted squeezed a little harder and made a small noise of assent, mind reeling with delight that Ann had managed to fuck Alex so easily. His hands diverged, one sliding up her chest to her chin, tipping her face to the side so he could tongue and nip and suck at the silky skin of her neck. His other hand slid down her belly, rubbing through her pubic hair and into her slit, soaked with her juice and Alex’s cum. His fingers stroked her clit, back and forth, and she growled a little.

A sharp squeal came from the bedroom, followed by Ann’s loud groan of “Oh God, fuck, yes, fuck my cunt, baby, fuck it hard!”

“I wish we could see them,” Pam whispered as Ted rubbed her slit faster, in little circles over her clit. “Ooooohhhh…! I want more… I want you to fuck me…” she whispered.

Ted pushed her forward a couple of steps, his hand in front to find the edge of the sofa. When he found it, he pushed his hand into Pam’s hair and pushed her, a little roughly, until she was bending over the edge. He used his feet to kick her feet a little wider, and rubbed her from behind, fingers dancing over her clit, teasing her cunt, rubbing slowly and sensually over her asshole. Pam squealed a little and groaned in pure pleasure as Ted played with her entire slit. Ted knelt behind Pam and drove his face into her cunt much more forcefully than Alex ever had done, sucking up the sweet juices of Pam and Alex’s loveplay. Pam’s body was wracked with spasms as her sucked, licked, and bit at her hole and clit. She mewled and whimpered as he drove his tongue into her cunt, then moved it up and drove it with equal force into her asshole.

“God, Alex, what the hell’s gotten into you?” she asked playfully. She suddenly had a feeling that something wasn’t quite right. Ted stood behind Pam rubbing just the tip of himself against her. She groaned and squirmed as his hand came back to her hair, holding her bent so far over the sofa that she was on her toes. The rough easy-to-clean fabric of the sofa roughed her sensitive nipples as her pussy pulsed with need.

Suddenly, Ted slammed his full length deep into Pam’s little pink puss, and she screamed, realizing at once what was not right. It wasn’t Alex. Ted ripped into her leaving her feeling deflowered once again, pain and pleasure mingling as he split her wide.

Ted began immediately fucking the shit out of her with that monster dick, and Pam couldn’t even find breath to protest as he slammed her against the back of the couch. Pam began orgasming almost immediately, pussy convulsing on Ted’s huge member, milking him. Ted had been almost as close to cumming as Ann, and as Pam thrashed under him, her tight hot sheath rolling in and out with every stroke, he came in just a few minutes.

Pam gasped for breath, mind reeling. Oh god, she thought, the sex sounds from the other room. That was Ann and Alex.

Ted panted as he draped himself over Pam’s sweaty back, feeling her own rhythmic breathing as she came down from her high. But he had other plans for Pam. He forced himself to stand up, pulling his still-stiff prick out of her cunt with an audible plop. Pam sighed, feeling the sudden void left in her pussy.

“Come with me!” he commanded.

Ted placed his arm around her middle, pulling her up off the couch and half-dragging her naked form back towards the bedroom. “W-What are you doing??” she whispered urgently. “They’re going to catch us!!”

“Not if we catch them first,” he chuckled. He didn’t give Pam a minute to think about where she was headed. Before she knew it, he had propelled her through the bedroom door. Her knees buckled against the bed as she bumped into it in the dark, and she found herself falling headfirst into the squirming pile of flesh that was her husband and Ann.

“What the –” sputtered Alex, feeling the added weight pushing into his body from the side. Ann was riding high above him, grinding her hips ever deeper onto his now-fully-engorged cock. She reached her arms over to pull Pam into their embrace, just as Ted grabbed her from behind. “I brought a present for you!” he hissed into Ann’s ear.

Pam was so turned on that she didn’t care who or what she was fucking anymore – she just knew that she needed more. She pressed her breasts into Alex’s face, wagging her hips as if to find something to fill them. Ann obliged, sinking three of her fingers deep into Pam’s pussy, pressing upwards to massage the inside of her vagina as her thumb rolled over Pam’s clit. Pam’s eyes rolled back into her head.

Ann and Ted had talked about the possibility of getting Pam and Alex into a sexual tryst, but she hadn’t guessed that it would be so easy to get the prudish Pam into the proper mood. Maybe the sudden darkness and the howling snowstorm outside had done the work for them. In any case, she wasn’t going to let any of them miss the opportunity.

She rolled off of Alex’s cock, pulling Pam over and centering her thighs over Alex’s raging cock. Separating Pam’s slippery cunt lips with one hand and pushing her hips down, she could hear the squelching sound as his cock slipped all the way into Pam’s steaming cunt in one stroke. But she wasn’t through with Pam yet.

“Get over here, stud!” she grunted, pulling Ted’s hips over to press on to Pam’s heaving ass. “I want you to fuck her in the ass!” Ann grabbed Ted’s newly-hardened cock, rubbing the slick head down Pam’s bobbing ass to separate her asscheeks and find her puckered hole. She reached over with her other hand to insert one finger into Pam’s ass, massaging it in a circular motion to widen her asshole.

Ted felt his cock slide towards the juncture of Ann’s finger. As she pulled it out of her loosening ass, he felt the tip of his prick enter her. Without hesitating, he slid it slowly but forcefully into her, feeling her bowels massage and engulf him.

“Ohhhh, what are you doing to me…..” Pam mumbled through her haze. The initial pain was replaced by another feeling as she felt his fullness stretch her inside. Alex was oblivious to the change in her – he kept humping slowly and steadily under Pam as he sawed his rock-hard cock in and out of her.

Ted adjusted his rhythm to Alex’s, so that one was moving in as the other moved out. The combined effect of their throbbing cocks was too much for Pam. She felt herself reaching higher and higher, towards as orgasm like none she had ever imagined.

Ann ran her hands over their heaving bodies, pleased with her work as she handled the sweaty trio, first tickling Ted’s balls, then running her hand up to squeeze Pam’s cunt. She bent her head down to taste the combined fluids coating their genitals, licking hungrily from the base of Alex’s cock to Pam’s pussy, and then to Ted’s balls, ending up finally at Ted’s salty ass.

Suddenly, she needed release of her own. She scrambled around the heaving bodies towards the head of the bed, turning around to face Pam as she inserted her ass in front of Pam’s bobbing, lowering her dripping cunt onto Alex’s face.
“Suck me!” she cried, as she leaned forward to mash her tits into Pam’s face. Ted pressed his body lower onto Pam’s, pressing her deeper onto Alex’s cock. He leaned forward to catch Ann’s lips with his open mouth, enveloping her mouth with a long tongue-searching kiss.

Pam grabbed Ann’s tits and hung on for dear life as the orgasm screamed through her, short-circuiting all her control. She screamed as she squeezed those tits, hips thrashing, bucking violently from Alex to Ted, back and forth. Everyone held still to let Pam have her moment. She subsided slowly, head pillowing on Ann’s tits, gasping and panting for breath.

“Jesus Christ!” she breathed.

“Are you all right, baby?” Alex asked from under Ann’s crotch.

Pam nodded and moaned, “Mmhmm,” against Ann’s tits, making Ann groan as her head rubbed her hard nipples. Ann was pushing down on Alex’s mouth again, and Pam noticed her hungry movements as Alex’s throbbing and Ted’s renewing thrusts pulled her back to awareness of the other three people. She considered the silky firm texture of Ann’s breasts. It was not unpleasant, not at all. She turned her head slightly and sucked gently on a nipple. Ann cried out softly and put a hand on the back of Pam’s head. Ted leaned across Pam’s shoulder as he pumped slowly into her ass and fastened his lips onto Ann’s other nipple, sucking and biting hard, as Ann liked. The dual sensations, a man and a woman, rough and rowdy versus soft and sweet, was making her crazy.

Ted switched to sucking on Pam’s earlobe. “I think she needs a cock in her,” he whispered. “But first, I’d like to see you bite that nipple.”

Pam sucked a little harder, then bit the taut nub of flesh. Ann groaned, fingers tight in Pam’s hair. Pam released her, the nipple popping out of her mouth with a wet sound. “I think you’re right, Ted. I think this little slut’s getting awfully hungry for some good cock.”

Ted slowly pulled his thick cock from Pam’s ass, and Pam slid off of Alex’s cock, feeling suddenly much too empty in spite of her relative satiety. Mischievously, she took Ann’s nipples between her fingers, pinching, pulling Ann down Alex’s body. When Pam’s eyes met Alex’s she could see the fierce joy in them, the pride in her, how pleased he was, and she smiled into those beautiful eyes of the man she loved as she worked his cock into his ex-lover’s cunt.

Which is when Pam realized that the lights had come back on. That, and Ted saying, “Hey, the electricity’s back!”

Pam looked at the three of them, and they looked at her. Her face reddened, her eyes widened, and she shrieked, diving back into their room and closing the door. Alex, Ted and Ann looked at each other, then Ted, with a grin, knelt in front of Ann and began to lick her clit. Ann groaned, her pussy tightening on Alex. Alex decided that, since Pam had put his cock into Ann, he wasn’t going to stop. He began driving his hips upward, fucking Ann hard.

The three fucked until Ann had come, then Alex disengaged sheepishly grinning, saying he’d better check on Pam. Pam was in the shower and Alex joined her, sudsing her back.

“You okay, darlin?” he asked her.

She nodded, distant.

“You sure?”

She nodded again. “Fine.”

He considered for a few moments as he washed her back, then slid his hands around and, pushing his body to hers, began washing her front. Intimately, but not sexually. “Well, maybe next time…”

“No. No next time,” Ann broke in.

Alex paused again. “Honey, I mean, why not? It’s not like…”

“No, Alex,” she began, turning to look at him. “And I don’t want to discuss it any more.”

Alex sighed and continued washing his wife, letting her take her turn to wash all the juices of their play with Pam and Ted away from his body. They dressed in their room, quietly, then sat down in the kitchen with some sandwiches. Pam and Ted came out a while later, but at the look on Alex’s face and the small warning shake of his head, they said nothing about what had just happened. Instead, they talked about the skiing they were looking forward to, which slopes were best, and the warm, cozy atmosphere they expected at the lodge tomorrow afternoon.

A little while later, Ann and Alex went to bed. Alex lay there for some time, staring at the ceiling in the dark room, wondering what had happened. Ann tossed and turned, but didn’t say a word, and didn’t touch him after their usual good night kiss. Finally, she slipped from the bed. Alex noticed that she was moving carefully, as if trying not to wake him. He obligingly pretended to be asleep.

He must have dozed off then, because his eyes opened with a start, sleep disturbed by a strange sound. He felt the bed; he was still alone. That’s odd, he thought, and climbed out of the bed as he heard more sounds. He followed the sounds into the bathroom, where he could plainly hear the sounds of sex.

“Oh fuck, yes, Pam, lick me, lick my pussy, fuck yes!” he heard, and he looked through the cracked bathroom door to see into the other couple’s room, lit with candles. Ted sat in the overstuffed chair in the corner of the room, his cock completely inside Ann’s pretty little pink cunt. She leaned back, her head beside his. He nibbled at her ear and neck and pulled and twisted her hard nipples. Pam knelt on the floor in front of the two, licking and sucking first at Ann’s clit, then at Ted’s balls.

Alex watched amazed for a moment, then shook his head and grinned. He should have known. Genies rarely will go back into their bottles. He slipped off his robe and hung it on the back of the bathroom door as he prepared to rejoin his wife.

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