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Crazy Game of Poker

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It was about 2:00 in the morning, and Jake’s party was winding down. The keg was kicked and most of the party crowd was taking off. I had been having a great time and I wasn’t really ready to leave yet. By the time it was down to eight of us, Jake and Mike came out with a secret stash of beers they had hidden from the party, just for the late night crowd.

The only people left were Jake and Mike, whose house we were at, and two of their friends, Chris and Adam. There was also my roommate Becky and two other girls, Kim and Lauren, who I didn’t know. All of the guys are friends from the baseball team, so they’re all tall, handsome and very well built. Kim was a blonde like me and amazingly beautiful, Becky is a brunette and Lauren is a gorgeous redhead. I have to say, for an 8-person party, we were a great looking bunch.

“What do you guys want to do?” Kim asked, with a naughty looking smile.

The guys looked at each other, clearly checking us all out. Then Mike turned to Jake and said, “Want to play poker?”

Jake seemed to light up like that was the best idea he’d heard all night, said “I’ll be right back” and ran out of the room.

“Aw, come on guys, let’s do something fun,” I said.

“This is fun,” Mike smiled at me. “It’s strip poker, but with a twist. If you don’t want to take off a piece of clothing or you don’t have any left, you have to choose a dare instead. You can write any dare you want on a piece of paper and put it in the bag, and the person has to pick one at random as their dare. If you don’t want to do a dare, you have to pick another one and take your pick of the two, or the group gets to make one up for you. We keep all the ones we’ve ever used so we don’t even need to make any up right now.”

Just as he said this, Jake came running into the room with a pillowcase full of little pieces of paper. Becky and I looked at each other with big smiles on our faces and then looked at the other girls. They seemed just as into it as we were, so I nodded to the guys, “OK, let’s do it.”

We all took seats around the kitchen table, sitting guy-girl-guy-girl so everyone was next to someone of the opposite sex. Mike dealt the cards while Jake mixed up the dares in the bag. Adam grabbed us all fresh beers from the fridge, and we all got our hands and started to play.

After half an hour, nothing really exciting was happening. As a rule, we all had to take our shoes and socks off before we started playing. Everyone at the table had lost at least once, and the clothing was getting skimpier. None of us had any shirts left, Chris still had his pants on, the rest of the guys were in their boxers. I was still in my skirt, panties and bra, Becky was down to just her bra and panties, Kim had her shirt, bra and panties left, and Lauren was only missing her shirt.

I lost the next hand. I stood up, and cupped my tits together to get at my front-clasp bra. I undid the clasp and slowly let the bra fall, my big D-cup tits standing proudly on my chest while I smiled seductively at everyone. Everyone hooted and hollered, and I even thought I heard one of the girls moan softly. I did a little shake and sat back down saying, “OK, let’s move it along, I don’t want to be the only one topless here.”

To my joy, Mike lost the next hand. Only in his boxers, he had no choice but to take them off or choose a dare. He pretended like he couldn’t make up his mind, but all the girls started cheering him to take it all off. He finally sighed, stood up and pushed his boxers to the floor. His partially hard cock hung in front of him, long and very thick, causing big smiles from all the girls. Because it was his deal next, he grabbed the cards and stayed standing. “Alright, fuck it, this is taking too long. I’m not dealing the cards until everyone takes all their clothes off, we’ll just do dares from here on.”

Everyone was getting impatient, so we all hopped up. “Guys first,” Becky said.

Adam dropped his boxers first. He got a bunch of hoots from the girls as his large cock came into view. We had DEFINITELY picked the right group of guys for this game, they all had great bodies and it was starting to look like they were all very well endowed. “Looks like Chris is enjoying looking at my tits!” I said as he undid his jeans.

The second his zipper was down, a thick tent sprang up in his boxers from the erection he was building. He just smiled at me and nodded, hooked his thumbs in the waistband of his boxers, and dropped them. His cock sprang out and hung lazily straight forward, at least 9 inches long and not even fully hard yet, and I felt a twinge of excitement in my pussy as I looked at his thick veiny length.

But the last guy to drop his shorts was Jake, and as soon as he did, the room went quiet. His cock wasn’t even that hard, and it was already bigger than everyone else’s and at least twice as thick. “My god…” Kim trailed, “we need to get to some dares quick.”

Kim pulled her tight shirt over her head, her large D-cup tits straining the material of her bra, her blonde hair cascading over her shoulders as she threw her shirt aside. Reaching behind her back, her big tits came quickly into view, and she wiggled out of her thong, exposing her shaved pussy mound. Lauren was next, unbuttoning her pants and sliding them and her panties down in a single shot, revealing her thin strip of trimmed pussy hair, which perfectly matched her golden-red hair. A second later, her beautifully proportional C-cup tits were on display. Finally Becky turned around and bent over so everyone could see her peel the thong down her perfect ass, revealing her naked pussy. When she stood back up, her bra was already gone. By the time they had got to me, I needed to do something original, so I sat back in my chair and slid my panties down my smooth legs from under my skirt, spreading my legs wide as I unzipped the skirt, shimmying out of it while the guys stared open-mouth at my already leaky pussy. I saw all the guys’ cocks growing slowly larger, harder, thicker, and I’m sure every pussy was just as wet as mine. Everyone quickly sat back down, anxious to continue the game.

Becky lost the next hand. Jake held the bag open for her and she rooted around inside, pulling out a piece of paper. She read aloud, “The person sitting across from you has to choose someone for you to kiss. You must kiss them as erotically as possible for at least one full minute.”

Sitting across from her, Kim looked around and said, “Mike.”

Becky and Mike stood up and met each other around the table. He slid his arms around her and their mouths met. We heard little moans, light slurping noises, and they kissed and wrestled each others’ tongues. His big hands slid down and cupped her ass, and her fingernails traced light patterns on his strong chest, her other hand sliding through the hair on the back of his head. We counted down the last few seconds like it was New Years Eve, and cheered when they finished. As they backed away from each other with big smiles, we saw her hand let go of his huge now-rock-solid cock. Becky pranced back over to her seat and sat down with a big smile, watching Mike go back to his seat, his big cock wagging in front of him with every step.

Adam lost the next hand, and pulled out his dare. “You must perform oral sex on the person of the opposite sex sitting closest to you on your right for one full minute. If you can make them orgasm during that time, they have to do the same to you until you orgasm.”

No sooner had he finished reading then Lauren, who was right next to him on his right, giggled and hopped her tight little ass up on the table and spread her legs while Adam moved over and sat in her seat, dove in, and started licking. In no time at all, she was throwing her head back and moaning like a porno movie, biting her lip and tossing her radiant red hair back and forth. She reached out her hands for something to grab, got my hand in one hand and Chris’ hand in the other. With 10 seconds left to go, she looked like she was about to cum, and Adam was doing the best he could. Three, two, one, time’s up and she hadn’t cum yet. Adam backed off looking disappointed, but Lauren slapped her hand right onto her pussy and started rubbing her clit like mad. After no time at all she had a screaming orgasm right there on the table while we all stood around her and watched. As she came out of it and opened her eyes, she slid back into her chair with a sheepish grin.

I lost the next hand. I shoved my hand into the bag and rummaged around, hoping for a really good one, my pussy must have been leaving a puddle on the chair I was so wet. I pulled out the paper and started to read. “You must choose one of the male players. You must get on your knees in front of him while he stands. You must hold the head of his cock entirely inside your mouth and moan while every female player kneels and licks the shaft from bottom to top three times each, left side, right side and bottom.”

I almost screamed with excitement, jumped up from the table and knelt next to Jake, “Stand up, stud!”

Jake stood up, his ridiculously large cock still not fully hard despite what we all just watched, and I used my tongue to scoop his wide head into my mouth as I felt all the girls crowding around me. Lauren went first, sliding her tongue up the left side of Jake’s huge cock, then the right. When she did the bottom, she started at the very bottom of his big balls, and went slowly all the way from his sack up the huge vein on the bottom of his cock, ending by licking my lips and kissing me on the cheek. I smiled as well as I could with such a big knob in my mouth, especially one that was rapidly growing inside my lips. Kim was next, taking her time with each side, sliding her tongue in zig-zag motions on Jake’s solid shaft. Before the third lick she tongued his heavy balls one by one, and as she slid up to where my mouth was, she slid her tongue into my mouth to scrape the underside of that fat head, causing me to feel a hot drop of precum drip onto my tongue, a tiny stream of liquid starting to run down my inner thigh from my horny pussy. Becky took the dare the farthest. She clamped her lips around the top of his cock so she had one lip on either side and started sliding her mouth up and down the immense length of Jake’s fuckstick, causing it to throb even bigger and harder inside my mouth, the flow of precum increasing so I could feel it running down my throat. Becky flipped her head over and sucked Jake’s heavy balls one by one into her mouth, slurping her way up the underside of his shaft. When she got to the tip, we each took a side and started making out, our tongues wrestling each other with Jake’s huge knob in between our mouths. With a loud pop, we broke the kiss and stood back up, Jake’s battering ram jutting straight out from his hips.

“Fuck the cards, it’s my turn!” Chris barked, and shoved his hand into the bag.

He pulled out the paper and read, “Choose one member of the same sex and one of the opposite sex. You and the other member of the same sex must use your hands on the body of the member of the opposite sex for 2 minutes in any way you wish.”

“Mike and… Kim, let’s go,” Chris ordered.

Kim slid onto her back on the table and spread her legs wide. She looked so gorgeous laid out like that, her light blonde hair cascaded about her head, her big D-cup tits standing large on her chest, her belly ring shining in her tanned, perfectly sculpted stomach. Mike and Chris started touching her, cupping her large tits, sliding their hands across her smooth skin. They slid their hands down and spread her legs wider so they could have access to her soaked pussy, and they each slid a finger inside of her. She moaned loudly, reaching down for the first things which happened to be Mike’s and Chris’ rock solid cocks. She smiled widely and started rubbing their big tools while they rubbed and fingered her. After just 30 seconds, she was bucking her hips like a pro, muttering that she was going to cum. A few seconds later, she grabbed their cocks hard and her body tensed up and a thin stream of clear fluid sprayed out of her spread pussy lips and splashed onto Becky’s chest, causing laughing and clapping. They finished their 2 minutes and Kim pouted, wanting more, but reluctantly slid back to her chair.

This time I reached into the bag and pulled out a piece of paper. There was writing on both sides, the one I was looking at said “If you are male…” so I flipped it over. My eyes went wide at the writing, and at first I didn’t want to read it. Everyone started coaxing me and yelling at me so I took a deep breath and read it out loud. “If you are female, you must get on your knees. Every male player must stand around you and you must use your mouth and your hands on all of them. When one of them cums, they must cum on your tits, and then they must pick the next dare.”

I was nervous and covered my face, but when I looked up, I was surrounded. I slipped out of the chair and onto my knees, and one of the guys pushed the chair away. There were 4 huge raging-hard cocks in my face and I figured I might as well play along. I grabbed two of them and started stroking them with my hands, while bobbing my mouth on the other two. The other girls at first were making comments and laughing and giggling, but soon they quieted down and watched. The guys were all moaning as I did my best switching my hands and mouth around, trying to make sure all of these amazing cocks were being serviced as much as possible. There was always one guy who I couldn’t service, and he would use my saliva as lube and would stroke his cock until I could come back to him, smearing their thick cocks against my face while I worked. Incredibly, it was like all the beautiful manly rods in my face would get bigger and thicker with each stroke and suck, the color getting darker, veins throbbing harder, big balls tightening up all around me.

Suddenly Adam stood right in front of me and goes, “Ohhhh, god, I can’t take it, I have to cum,” and all the other guys backed away while Adam jacked his massive dripping cock, aiming it right at my tits.

I held my tits together, cooing and moaning, begging for Adam to cover me with his hot cum, telling him how badly I wanted it. Soon he threw his head back and his cock exploded with whiteness, big thick ropes flying everywhere, covering my tits with burning hot seed, even getting some on my face and chin, while I moaned and shivered with excitement. Finally he finished and I sucked his still-solid cock into my mouth to get every last drop.

“Can someone get me a towel?” I giggled.

“Fuck the towel,” Becky said as she scurried over to me.

She pulled me close and mashed her lips against mine, sliding her tongue around, swirling the delicious creamy cum everywhere. Soon cum from my chest had smeared all over hers and she started to lick it up from my big slimy tits. Kim and Lauren soon took the hint came over and started cleaning mine and Becky’s tits of the fantastic manly cum.

Adam cleared his throat and we turned to see him standing there with a piece of paper getting ready to read. “The first girl that showed their pussy must get on all fours on a table. The first girl to show her tits must get on the floor facing away from the table so her face is right under the other girl’s pussy. The first guy to show his cock must stand in front of the two girls and fuck the girl on the table’s pussy, going no more than 10 seconds without the girl on the floor sucking his cock and vice versa. He must pull out completely and shoot his load against her pussy lips when applicable.”

In a flash of motion Kim was on the table on all fours, a stream of copious pussy juices running down the inside of her leg, and I was underneath her, my chin turned out as I started to lick her pussy, drinking her juices as I felt someone step in front of me. I looked down and Mike’s huge cock was in front of my face and I greedily sucked it down, taking more than half his length into my throat before I couldn’t fit anymore. I sucked him for a few seconds, getting him nice and wet with my saliva, then used his pole like a dildo, grabbing it by the base and placing the head against Kim’s delicious cunt. I reached behind Mike and grabbed his ass and pulled him forward, burying most of his cock inside Kim’s hot tight hole. She moaned loudly and could tell she had cum immediately, and continued to leak lots of fluid as Mike started to pound her.

“Feed it to Nicole now!” Lauren yelled out.

Mike popped his large dripping cock out of Kim’s pussy and shoved it into my mouth, I sucked and swallowed everything I could for a few seconds, and then he pulled out and shoved it back inside Kim’s snatch. While he pounded her I focused my tongue on her extended clit, causing her to shake and tremble, moaning and squealing in words I couldn’t understand.

Mike alternated between her soaked pussy and my expert mouth pretty regularly, and soon couldn’t take it. He pulled out and started stroking his cock, which I leaned over and started licking the underside of his wide tip. He trembled and began to shoot, I could feel the blasts traveling up the inside of his shaft. His first blast caught Kim directly in her tight ass, causing her to jump slightly. He continued to unload, shooting all over her pussy lips, thick dollops of cum dripping down onto my face. Soon Mike was finished cumming and Kim slipped off the table and started to clean my face with her mouth, licking and sucking up every drop of manly cum.

The rest of the night is kind of a blur. Shortly after that, everyone ended up pairing up. We were all gathered in the middle of the kitchen floor. I was on my back while Adam spread my legs wide and started fucking me deep with his big hard cock. Jake, the biggest of them all who had yet to cum, straddled me so his big balls hung down to my face, while I eagerly licked and sucked between moans as Adam pounded my cunt. Kim got on all fours with my head between her legs and I reached up and grabbed Jake’s cock and eased it into her dripping pussy. His giant shaft stretched Kim’s pussy to it’s limit, it looked so sexy as they started fucking hard right above my face, her juices and his precum dribbling all over me. Right next to us, Becky and Lauren were in a 69 eating each other out when Mike and Chris got on either side of the pair. At the same time their raging cocks entered the girls’ tight pussies while they moaned and begged for more. The room reeked of cum, pussy juice and sweat, and there was nothing but moans, screams and dirty talk filling the house. Before we knew it, all of the girls had cum so many times that we were in a pile, touching licking and sucking each others’ sweaty bodies while all the guys jacked their big, rock-hard dripping cocks above us. As we all lay there enjoying each other, we all were rewarded by huge, thick blasts of cum flying from all direction, landing all over us from head to toe while we cleaned each other off with our hands and mouths.

The next thing I knew I was shaking myself awake on the couch in the living room. The first thing I saw when I opened my eyes was a cock so big I couldn’t see anything else, so I knew it was Jake. As I opened my eyes and smiled at the sight of that manly dick in front of me, he muttered, “Get ready for your morning cum shower, baby.”

I giggled and opened my mouth and he started shooting. I’ve never seen a guy have so much sex and still cum so much in the morning. He covered my tits and mouth, despite the fact that I still had enough to swallow three or four times. I couldn’t tell which of the cum streaks in my hair was new and which was left over from the night before, and his big load dribbling down my big tits was mixing with the dried residue of man and woman cum all over my body.

Jake smiled down at me and said, “You need to get cleaned up,” and took my hand and started leading me outside.

Much to my pleasure, everyone else was still there, in the pool completely naked. I got the feeling our games weren’t quite over as I dove in…

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