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Smoke in the Air

Category: Fetish
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I began looking to meet women online in my early twenties when I discovered I had a fetish for women who smoked. I don’t understand why I have the fetish, as I do not smoke or care to be around people who do, but I find myself completely aroused when I see a hot woman smoking in a very sexy way. The way a woman lights, holds, draws and blows the smoke all plays a factor on how excited and how hard my cock gets.

I met a woman named Dawn. Dawn lived on the other side of the country from me so we began emailing back and forth to one another and also would occasionally speak on the phone. Throughout our conversations we learned a lot about one another and it led to us getting into phone sex. Dawn knew about my smoking fetish and would describe her smoking to me as we had our phone sex. At times, I could hear her inhaling deep and the snap her mouth would make when she removed the cigarette from her mouth. I could hear Dawn exhale the smoke from her lungs. Even though we had never met, Dawn knew exactly how to get me off. Soon, Dawn made a trip to my home and this is where our adventure began.

Dawn’s flight arrived in the middle of the night. I picked her up at the airport and headed out to get a bite to eat and get to know one another face to face. After a few hours of talking, Dawn and I were getting tired and I had to work the next morning. I only had one day of my workweek to go before her and I had the weekend together.

I left for work early the next morning and got off around 3:00 P.M. I opened the door to my home and saw Dawn sitting in a chair wearing a red metallic dress. Dawn had red nails, matching red lipstick and her hair was pulled back in a tight ponytail. As I entered the house, Dawn lit up a cigarette. Dawn liked to smoke VS 120’s. My cock began to grow and twitch at the sight of Dawn taking deep inhales and blowing the smoke into the air. It was better than I had ever imagined her doing when we had our sex talks on the phone.

Dawn motioned me to come over to her. I walked up to Dawn and she placed her cigarette in her mouth and began to unbuckle my belt and undo my pants. Dawn pulled my pants down and took a long drag on her cigarette while looking up at me. Dawn removed her cigarette and began rubbing my cock through my boxer briefs with her hand that was holding her cigarette, blowing the smoke directly at my hard cock. I moaned in anticipation for Dawn to release my cock from the confines of my boxer briefs. Dawn set my cock free, only to take it deep into her hot and waiting mouth. Dawn sucked on my cock with such force, I wasn’t sure how long I could last without cumming in her mouth. Dawn let go of my cock and took another deep drag of her cigarette and placed my cock back in her mouth. I could feel her smoke swirling around my cock and that was enough for me. I began unloading my cum into her mouth and down her throat. Dawn took all my cum in and swallowed it without letting any drip out. Dawn looked at me and said, “We’re not done yet. Get down her and eat my fucking cunt now.”

Dawn grabbed me by my shirt and yanked me down to my knees. Dawn opened her legs and I could see her clean-shaven pussy, dripping with her juices. Dawn lit another cigarette and pulled my head in towards her pussy. I began tongue-fucking Dawn, licking up all her juices that I could. Occasionally I would dip down with my tongue and give Dawn’s tight little butthole a flick getting it wet. I proceeded to lick Dawns pussy and I slowly began inserting a finger into her ass. Dawn moaned and began grinding her pussy into my face. Dawn was taking long drags off of her cigarette and was blowing the smoke down into my face as I tongue fucked her. Dawn began telling me to “Fuck my ass with your tongue.” I obliged and began pushing my tongue as deep as I could into Dawns ass. Dawn began screaming out and soon she began squirting all over my face. I continued to tongue fuck her ass until she quit squirting her juices.

I stood up and grabbed Dawn by her hair, pulling her to her feet. I stuck my tongue into her mouth and let her taste her juices she had sprayed all over my face and in my mouth. I told Dawn to get down on her hands and knees, pushing her down. I told her to light up another cigarette as I began sticking my cock deep into her pussy. Dawn looked back at me as she lit her cigarette and exhaled the smoke out. I began fucking Dawns pussy harder. I smacked Dawns ass and grabbed her ponytail, pulling her up and back towards me. I grabbed Dawn by the throat and whispered in her ear, “I’m going to fuck your ass, my smoking hot whore.” I removed my cock from Dawns pussy and licked her asshole to get it ready for my cock. Dawn’s ass was slippery with my spit so I roughly slammed my cock into her ass. Dawn screamed out in pain and I grabbed her by her throat again and began choking her, telling her to “Take my cock in your ass.”

Dawn begged me to fuck her harder. I could sense Dawn was near cumming and she told me to choke her harder while she came. I grabbed Dawn by her throat and choked her as I held onto her hip with my other hand. I fucked Dawns ass as she began squirting all over her legs and floor. Dawn collapsed onto the floor exhausted from the fucking I just gave her.

Dawn rolled over onto her back and I wasted no time and slid my cock into her pussy. Dawn reached over and grabbed another cigarette and lit it. Dawn continued to smoke her cigarette and would take longer drags the deeper I drove my cock into her pussy. Dawn was near the end of her cigarette and told me she wanted me to unload my cock into her pussy. I began fucking Dawn faster. Dawn lit another cigarette and the sight of the lighter at the tip of her cigarette was my breaking point. I felt my cock begin spurting my hot cum into Dawns pussy. I finished cumming and began to get up. Dawn said “No. Lick your cum from my pussy.” Dawn grabbed my hair and pulled my head into her pussy forcing me to eat my own cum. I tried to pull head away, but I found it to be quite exciting and I could feel my cock begin to come back to life. Once I was done cleaning Dawns pussy out, she pulled me to her and licked my cum off of my face that I had on there from eating her pussy. Dawn pushed me away and told me to go clean up as we were going out and our time together was only starting.

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