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Silky Bedroom

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She walked softly into the moonlit bedroom. The space seemed to glow with a layer of sheer silk flowing from the ceiling around her bed. She heard the rain outside rhythmically calming her as the scent of jasmine welcomed her into relaxation. There was nothing like coming home. Home was where she felt comfortable to be herself as a natural body, naked within a soul.

The night welcomed her, but not as softly as her favorite sound. Her lover was hiding in the shadows, she could feel his stare on her skin. Without talking, he reached for her, anxious to touch her. Prickly goosebumps ran down her soft arms while he wrapped himself around her. He kissed her neck like a greedy boy, unable to quench his thirst for her essence.

Caught in an extended moment of bliss, their lips were pressed together, the nape of her neck was licked, his ears were whispered into while passion grew.

Unable to control himself any longer, he handed her a soft box, tied with a blue ribbon. She pulled the ribbon and was rewarded with a magical rush of lust and a healthy amount of dirty thoughts. A fresh batch of supplies and toys were carefully arranged with coordinating colors, a lustful amount of lube and an overly ample supply of chocolate.

He took a truffle from the box and placed it on her tongue as he ran his own tongue down her neck, her eyes closed and her dirty mind wandered.

He stepped away and walked behind her, unzipping her dress. As he pulled her dress off her shoulders, he was greeted by lush amounts of feminine curves and lacy black slip. She stood there, eyes closed enjoying the moment of being exposed by someone else’s hands. The slip fell to the wayside and exposed her soft skin.

Her breasts were exposed to the moonlight as he guided her to the waiting cloud of a bed. He held her nipples delicately in his lips and fingers. She fell back, red hair flowing over her satin pillow. She could barely breathe as she felt his breath on her thighs.

She was tired and let herself melt into the room, relaxing and letting the chaos in her mind slip away. There would be no struggle from her, she would merely accept and greatly enjoy.

As she reached for the back of his head to pull him in closer, she felt the silk scarf wrapped around her wrist. She knew there would be hard cold handcuffs wrapped around the silk, they were holding her in place but she was still surprised by their strength. It was only matched by the passion in the room.

She felt her other wrist wrapped in luxury as they were carefully placed above her head, resting on a pile of pillows. He placed a sleeping mask over her eyes and another truffle on her tongue. The chocolate melted sweetly in her pretty mouth as the night grew darker for her, leaving her to feel deep desires as she could only listen to the rain.

She lay there, naked in the dark while waiting to hear a whisper of a clue as to what would happen next. She had a seen the contents of the box and made notes of what to expect but could not tell in what order and if everything would actually be used. She knew anything inside the box was, of course, subject to her approval. She was seduced by all she had seen.

Her breasts tingled as they were rubbed softly with warm jasmine oil. Her thighs soon followed as his hands headed north to the throbbing blossom of her favorite kind of attention. The oils warmed to the touch and frustrated her with a need for stronger massaging rubs.

She was rewarded with a humm and a light buzz on her clit. It was wonderful but she needed so much more. She pressed down to grind against the vibrations but was unsuccessful as it merely stayed the same.

A gentle whisper warned her to be good and lay back and enjoy, she was not to push harder or grind unless told to do so. Her nipples were pinched lovingly hard.

The vibrations were pushed stronger against her for a wonderful and brief moment and then pulled back to a mere tickle again. She tried to breathe and enjoy.

His strong hands grabbed her ankles and were not as delicately handled as her wrists. She felt the leather restraints tighten. The vibration pushing harder against her aching clit. Her legs were spread wide and left her vulnerable and exposed. Two soft and steady fingers probed her pussy walls while her clit felt like it would explode. She tried again to push against the fingers and was warned, again, to be careful. This time her clit was pinched and rubbed between his fingers causing her extreme joy and a bulge of heated and needed pain.

The vibrations were taken away as she tried desperately to contain herself, relax and wait. As the minutes passed, she felt that loving strong hand back at her ankle, she felt a snap of a restraint and the pulling of her legs as they were now held in place using her king brass canopy bed. Her legs were stroked and massaged but left short at the height of her inner thigh.

Again, the vibration started her as she could merely breathe from the relief of near ecstasy. Bound and helpless she knew what was ahead and was scared slightly, but so much more aroused.

Her nipples were pinched and twisted. She felt the clamps come down on them. She knew it was not going to be soft but hoped it would not be harsh. She could feel the clamps were linked as she felt the chain being pulled to tug at them.

His voice was raspy and heavy.

“This will keep you better behaved. Mind your manners or things may get harder to handle.”

The removal of the vibration on her clit was soothed by warm massaging oil again. The rubbing and pinching lead to penetration of her pussy, but this time not by a finger. She felt the weight of her favorite dildo pushing deep within her. She had picked out the dildo herself, noting the strength, heavy weight and length of her new favorite toy, she could not mistake it for any other. Vibrations were sent through its enormity with the wave of a wand.

He pushed her knees pushed back, leaving all of her exposed with little more give left in the restraints. Pillows were slid beneath her one by one while the vibrating fake cock engulfed her. She felt the massaging oil on her rim. A finger slipped inside her ass as she tried to breathe but could not help but moan.

His finger pushed and probed her ass and was joined by another. His hands were massive and prying, begging for her to relax and accept. He took his time as the large soft anal plug pushed in her ass slowly, then it popped into place. She gasped for air. She tried to calm down and wait. It was not easy. She desperately did not want to be teased anymore and longed for the orgasm that was being built from the greatest depths of her filthy mind.

She was left alone for what felt like an eternity. No vibrations, just her sexual muscles constricting around all playful toys, throbbing against them but not able to extract quite enough pleasure. The chain on her nipples was pulled as she felt another truffle brushing against her lips. She opened her mouth as another chocolate rested on her tongue.

Her heavy pussy invader was stroking the inner workings of all the pleasure she thought she could feel. Her dildo pushed further inside of her and against the tenderness that met with her plug. The chain was pulled as she moaned with her soul. Her hips pushed against the rhythm, desperately trying to gain more pleasure, unable to help herself.

The room fell quiet as the large heavy dildo was removed from her sad and throbbing pussy. She knew she had disappointed him.

“Why do you challenge me?” Smack went his hand on her exposed clit. She knew better than to answer. Smack, smack, smack, smack. Her poor clit tried to jump away while her legs were secured. She could not move.

“Again, why do you challenge me?” There was another smack, then a rubbing as his fingers probed her deep pussy, prying as many inside of her as possible. He smacked her again on the clit and added another finger deeply in her throbbing pussy. It wriggled deeply in her while rubbing her g-spot. She was flooded with wetness.

He demanded, “Answer me now.”

She gasped, knowing there was no right answer but gave up and tried. “I merely wanted more.”

His voice was strong. “You know better. I will pleasure you as I want and as you desperately need. If you continue to take this from me, you shall have to finish on your own. Now, be a good one and enjoy.” Smack. Smack. Smack. Her clit throbbed. Smack. Smack.

He left her alone again. Her pussy was aching, empty and frustrated. She merely had her anal plug to keep her company. The chain on her nipples was pulled. He had her attention.

“Turn to my voice.”

She did as she was told. She turned and felt a brushing on her lips again. This time, it was the soft skin of his hard and throbbing cock.

“Open your pretty mouth and lick me as much as you can.”

Feeling the emptiness of her throbbing pussy, she took her frustration out on him with long slow licks and sucks. He held the back of her head, his fingers wrapped within her long red hair while setting the pace. In her position, she could not take as much of his cock inside of her mouth, but desperately tried as much as possible. He moaned for her as he pulled her chain.

His grip on her hair tightened as he let her mouth repay him for her frustrations. He stopped her, as hard as that was, because he knew how sweet the rest of her would be. Her knees were still open, her pussy exposed before him. He pulled her chain again against her nipples until she gasped.

“You did very well. I love how you suck me. Now, be good and you will feel better soon.” Smack, smack again against her throbbing clit. He pulled another item from the box and spread her pussy lips tight. He snapped a clip on her clit, it lingered down and weighed against her folds throbbing between her clit and damp pussy opening. He rubbed the sides of the clip, making sure it was not pinching.

He pushed her plug further, she could feel another ball against her as she took a breath and relaxed while it slipped in. This next ball was quite large and stimulating. He pulled on her nipples. Her pussy waited, vacant and desperately wet.

The throbbing of her pussy was greeted again by her heavy dildo. Her chain was pulled until it could pull no further against her nipples. The dildo pushed deeper in her, meeting with her clit clip.

He pushed the anal plug in further as she let it expand her. He then pulled it out, leaving her wanting and on edge. He pushed his thumb in her ass to keep it warm. Her legs were raised with the restraints as she could feel his thick cock touching her sweet asshole. He swirled it with his fingers and positioned himself straight and pushed the head within her. She cried out and did not move away from him. He pulled her chain harder and got it to go further somehow.

He shoved his hard cock further into her ass, slowly withdrawing, then pushing in more. The dildo was pushed by his motions, so heavy on her g spot, that melted with her clit clip. He pushed harder into her tight ass and pumped into her deeply.

He told her to hold on but she was not sure if she could. With another pull on her nipples, ecstasy on her clit and G Spot, he was as deep as he had ever been in her ass.

“Now, you can grind back.”

She did as she was told, as much as she could while being restrained. Her orgasm was blooming as he pulled back and smacked her clit. She was clenching her teeth, breathing, waiting and longing for her orgasm to open.

“You have my permission to come.” He pulled her nipples hard, pushed his hard cock in her sweet ass more.

She felt the black hole of the orgasm envelope her. She felt him let go and came deep within her ass. He waited with his cock inside of her ass, simply pulsing with his spent thoughts.

He removed his cock, rubbed her clit softly as he unclipped her. Her pussy was still clenching her large heavy dildo. He nipples were freed carefully as she was left restrained and exposed. He pushed slowly on her dildo, her pussy clenched harder as the orgasm continued.

Slowly, her orgasm subsided. She was left on the bed alone with the huge dildo still invading her as he snuck off into the shadows.

She floated off to sleep and awoke with him wrapped around her. She was freed from her restraints. She felt naughty as she realized the anal plugged had invaded her again.

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