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Shy Accountant and His Interns

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Arnold Rasmussin, 42 year old, married white male, was very angry. Very angry. He was the senior accountant for United Foundations, Inc. and he had been passed over again when it came to the assignment of interns to members of the accounting staff.

Arnold did not do anything about this. He didn’t five years ago when the internship program was begun and he did not each year interns had been assigned since then.

Arnold was not a complainer. He was not assertive. His wife of 22 years told him he needed to take assertiveness training. She told him many times, as she berated him for whatever it was she was berating him about.

He sighed as he opened his office door, not looking forward to another day at a job that had become increasingly boring to him. He was trapped and he knew it.

Arnold was a very intelligent man. He was the brains behind the computer software that United Foundations used in its accounting. It was Arnold who convinced senior management that they were better off having him design and write the software than buying a program off the shelf.

He told them, not forcefully because Arnold could not do that and not in person because he was too shy for that, in several well-written memos why a proprietary program was superior to one designed by others. It took several memos, and the failure of the off-the-shelf program to catch several double payment errors to convince upper management, but he prevailed.

Arnold worked quickly and had the program up and running in less than a year. He did the work himself, not trusting any of his fellow accountants, whom he found frivolous and incompetent to a fault. He did not mind working alone, in fact preferred it.

What he did mind was that every other accountant had an intern, and what really hacked him off was that they were often nice looking young women. Some, in the early years, had been high school seniors but upper management decided, after one unfortunate incident, that it was not wise to have underage girls working in close quarters with their young accountants.

The woman who assigned interns had no idea that Arnold wanted one. She knew he liked to work alone and assumed that he preferred it.

Arnold’s shyness prevented him from even approaching her. He had been promoted to chief accountant based to a great extent on his work on the accounting software and senior management saw him as basically a computer geek who knew accounting.

Melba Jackson, the woman who assigned interns, was going through her list of accountants who were available for interns Monday morning and found a problem.

Jennifer Saunders, a freshman accounting major from State University, had been assigned to work with Alice Sethwitch but Alice was in the last month of her pregnancy and had asked for early maternity leave. Her doctor was confining her to her home because of problems with her pregnancy.

Melba sighed. She hated problems. She hated to have her routine upset by things like this. Jennifer and Alice had gotten along well together and Melba now had to find someone else among the accounting staff to mentor Jennifer. A deep sigh escaped Melba’s mouth, which was twisted into a mournful grimace.

To her dismay, every accountant had an intern assigned and the University forbade having more than one intern per accountant, insisting that a one-on-one relationship was the only approach that made sense.

Melba ran her finger up and down the list. Then her finger stopped at Arnold Rasmussin’s name. Melba tapped her pencil on the desk, rattled her list of accountant and then, reluctantly, placed the call.

“Good morning Mr. Rasmussin,” she said in her brisk voice. Her head nodded as she listened to Arnold’s response. “I’m sorry to intrude on you this way,” she continued, “but we have a problem.”

Arnold grimaced at the words. When “we” had a problem it meant as a rule that “he” was going to have a problem. With a sigh of resignation, he inquired, with a certain amount of asperity in his voice, “And what is this problem?”

Melba, for all her brassiness, was afraid of Arnold. His braininess and reclusiveness intimidated her. Putting all the force she could in her voice, she told him, her voice rising as she rushed to get it all out, “Alice is taking early leave and we have to assign her intern to another accountant. You are the only one who does not have an intern. I’m sorry to do this to you. I know you like to work alone, but please accept this young woman. She is very nice, works hard, and Alice said she was very capable.”

Arnold’s eyes popped open and he took in an involuntary breath. He licked his lips, not able to believe his ears. At last, after all these years, he was going to have an intern. He had to lick his lips again before he could speak and his voice was suddenly hoarse with excitement. “Ahhhh…Ahh, that will be all right, Melba.”

Melba put down the phone, relieved that Mr. Rasmussin had not put up a fuss. She called Jennifer and told her of the change in assignment and for her to go to Mr. Rasmussin’s office the next morning.

Arnold was happy beyond belief. He hummed to himself the rest of the day, so happy he could have hugged Melba and anyone else who came within arm’s reach. As it was, he ate the sandwich his wife prepared for him and drank the now stale coffee. His wife was very frugal and insisted that they save their money, for what Arnold was not sure, but save they did.

He was whistling when he opened the door. His wife looked at him suspiciously. Arnold was not the whistling type. “And what are you so cheerful about?” she barked at him. Arnold gave her a sunny smile, “Nothing, my love. It’s just such a nice day and it is good to be home with you. What’s for dinner?”

Alma turned away, certain Arnold had some secret he was keeping from her, “Irish stew,” she told him. “I found a bargain at Cosco. The meat is only two days old and not at all green.”

Arnold shuddered, hoping he would not get food poisoning. Sometimes Alma went too far in her frugality, he thought to himself. But even a bad dinner could not dampen his spirits.

He changed out of his business suit and picked up the paper and a beer, his one indulgence. He allotted himself a beer a night to drink as he read the paper. He looked at the bottle, wondering if he might try one of those more expensive foreign beers. He sighed, Alma would never put up with it.

Jennifer frowned when Melba called her with the news. She had heard from other interns about Rasmussin, loner, fussy, incommunicative, and more and more. She shuddered, wondering how she was going to deal with this.

She dressed carefully the next morning, wanting to create the best impression she could. She put aside all the negative things she had heard about Rasmussin, telling herself that she had been fooled more than once by negative gossip about somebody whom she later came to like.

Jennifer turned slowly as she looked at herself in the full-length mirror in her bedroom. She put her shoulders back, as she patted down the suit jacket. Her eyes narrowed as she examined her skirt.

I hope it is not too short for Rasmussin, she thought, as she looked at her knees and two inches of thigh that were exposed above her knees. She had good legs and was proud of them and did not intend to cover up one of her best assets no matter what kind of fussbudget Rasmussin was.

She opened the jacket and looked critically at her blouse, buttoned to her neck. She liked the frilly center that ran from the thin collar to where the blouse tucked into her skirt.

Her teeth bit her lips and she cocked her head, looking at herself in the mirror. The blouse was white nylon, a favorite of hers. One could see the outline of her 34C bra behind the cloth, but she did not think it was too immodest.

Closing the door behind her, Jennifer said goodbye to the one suitemate still home and walked, briefcase in one hand, purse over her shoulder, to the bus stop. She had a car, but hated to waste gas and money on a fifteen minute ride to United Foundation.

Jennifer went to Melba’s office to get directions and walked, somewhat hesitantly, to Arnold’s office. She knocked softly, then, taking her courage in hand, rapped loudly on the door.

Arnold Rasmussin was, if anything, more nervous than Jennifer. He hid it well from his wife, putting on his usual blue suit, bland striped tie, and long-sleeved white shirt. He kissed her dutifully goodbye and remembered to take his sandwich, chips, and thermos of coffee.

The knock on his door startled him, even though he had been expecting it. He had to swallow twice and clear his throat before he could say, “Come in, Jennifer.” He was glad he remembered the girl’s name.

Jennifer heard the nervousness in Arnold’s voice and it caused her pulse to race for a moment. No shy maiden. She was double majoring in psychology and accounting. Her real love was psychology. Accounting was a safety net, a job in case her psychology education did not lead to something interesting.

She took as many psychology as accounting courses in her first semester and was doing the same thing this semester. She had tested out of the basic courses as an honor student in high school and had, her last semester in high school, taken most of the required courses the university demanded of its students. Jennifer was a whiz in math and computers and accounting came easy.

Psychology, the working of the mind, was what fascinated her. She analyzed every person she met and had driven her parents to distraction, as well as her aunts, uncles, cousins, and anyone else who came remotely near her.

She had worked hard when she came to the university to curb this, a least in terms of expressing herself aloud, but her analytical mind was always working and it was working as she opened the door.

Arnold stood up from his desk, having forced himself to stay seated until Jennifer entered. He did not want to appear eager. He walked toward Jennifer, extending his hand, “Good morning. I’m very pleased to meet you and to have you working with me as an intern.”

Jennifer took his hand, liking the firm way Arnold shook her hand. It pissed her off when men pulled their macho shit, crushing her hand in theirs to show her how manly they were. His hand is soft, she thought, yet strong. “Good morning,” she responded. “I’m sorry to have been dropped on you this way, but I did not want to give up my internship when Alice took early leave.”

Arnold shook his head, a smile on his face. He liked this young woman instantly. There was an openness about her, a freshness, that was very appealing. And she was both pretty and shapely.

“Nonsense. There is no need to apologize. I’m sorry about Alice. I know she wanted to work until the baby dropped, but it could not be helped. And I am very pleased to have you in my office.”

Jennifer smiled as she looked at Arnold closely. He’s sincere, she thought. What a relief. And he is not the ogre he’s been painted to be. He’s kind of nice looking, though that suit and tie have to be the most boring thing he could have bought off the rack.

She held his eyes with hers as she replied “Thank you for being so understanding,” she told him. “Where do you want me to work?”

Arnold led her to a small desk not far from his. There was the usual computer equipment, telephone, and other items that seemed to be standard equipment at United Foundation for every desk in the company. “It’s a small office. We will have to be careful when we turn around so we do not bump into each other.”

Jennifer smiled at him. My goodness, she thought. He is trying to be amusing. I’m going to like this man. “I’ll be very careful, Mr. Rasmussin. I don’t want to get knocked down.”

Arnold smiled at her, liking her even more, then the words came out of his mouth before he knew they were in his mind, “Well, certainly, at least, not accidentally,” he told her, then his face turned beet red.

He tried to cover up his confusion over the not so subtle sexuality of his reply by telling her that his name in the office was Arnold and he expected her to call him that.

Jennifer looked at him more closely. Ummm. I wonder. Freud would say he is expressing an unconscious wish. This internship may be more interesting than I thought it would be.

Walking to his desk, Arnold picked up a folder containing a new program for a subsidiary United Foundation had acquired. He had just begun the assignment that week; having gone only so far as to create a flow chart and an outline of the steps that would be required. “Are you familiar with this approach, Jennifer?”

Jennifer ran her eyes over the material he had placed on his desk, noting the areas that would require special attention. She was impressed with the neatness of his work, the precision and conservation of code that he had outlined. This was a very complex program and he had broken it down into sub-programs very neatly.

She nodded her head. “I have a descent background in computers, including programming and system analysis. This is very complicated compared to what I have done, but you have laid it out masterfully.” She had not intended to be so effusive in her praise, not wanting to be a kiss ass, but the words came out; honest and forthright.

Arnold beamed. He liked the praise and especially the incisive way Jennifer had analyzed the program. She is bright, he thought; no, very bright. He was delighted and looked forward to working with this keen mind. “Thank you, Jennifer. There are accountants in this firm who would not have understood a line I had written. I’m going to enjoy working with you.”

It was Jennifer’s turn to blush. She was tired of men who saw her tits and ass and thought that was all she was. It was exhilarating to know a man who could appreciate what she had between her ears, though, she thought, as she looked sideways at Arnold, I’m going to find out if you have an interest in what is between my legs also.

She was horny. None of the male students appealed to her; too immature, too grabby, too boring, too dull. The list went on and on as to why she had avoided any intimacy with the men at the university. Jennifer had matured very early; from being cute and shapely at thirteen to stunning and sexy at sixteen.

She had the pick of the boys who clustered around her like bees drawn to honey but had chosen an associate of her father as the one to introduce her to sex, when she was seventeen.

It had been a comfortable relationship. The man was considerate, gentle, and taught her a great deal about how to gratify and how to be gratified, sexually. She had been satisfied after this introduction to pleasure herself; finding it more enjoyable than the boys and men who wanted to seduce her.

Jennifer was not sure why she found Arnold interesting, sexually. He was not handsome in a rugged manly way, though he would pass muster. Nor was he a muscle beach type, but his body appeared firm, probably works out some, she thought. He is certainly cerebral, she mused. Is he able to overcome his shyness and make a pass at me?

Arnold had her make a copy of what he had done and, when she had it in her hand, showed her one section. “I’d like you to see what you can do with this. I’ll have a better idea of where you are in both accounting and computer literacy when you have done this.”

Jennifer thanked Arnold for having enough faith in her to turn her loose without telling her how to dot every i and cross every t. It gave her the freedom to try her wings and she appreciated it.

Alice had been a nice mentor, but she smothered Jennifer, telling her what to do at every turn. Jennifer had felt she was learning nothing from Alice except how to follow directions.

Arnold and Jennifer worked quietly together, each buried in thought, their minds working on the problems they had to resolve and their fingers flying over the keyboard of their computers.

Arnold stole a glance at Jennifer from time to time. It had been a long time since he had been this close to an attractive young woman and the sight of Jennifer stirred his loins as his wife no longer did.

Jennifer had taken off her jacket and was bent over her desk. There was a desk lamp beside her and the light from the lamp outlined her shapely breasts under the translucent cloth of her blouse.

Arnold swallowed as he stared at her breasts. A sigh escaped his lips softly as he turned his face away to concentrate on his work. Don’t be silly, he told himself. She’s here to learn and I have plenty to do besides moon over a nice looking body.

Jennifer looked up at Arnold when she heard his soft sigh. She caught him looking at her and saw where his eyes had been before he turned away. What was he seeing? she asked herself. Why the sigh?

She looked around and saw the lamp and divined that her breasts had been outlined by the lamplight. She studied Arnold covertly as she worked. The pulse that had fluttered when she walked into the office returned.

Ummmm, thought Jennifer. If this small view brings on such a sigh, what would more do to him? And…She licked her lips and chewed on them as she contemplated seducing Arnold.

Arnold kept stealing glimpses of Jennifer as they worked. His heart skipped a beat when she crossed her legs, letting him get a glimmer of her upper thighs for a moment. All too soon it was time for lunch. He showed Jennifer his lunch and asked her what she planned to do. “I’ll get something in the cafeteria,” she told him. “Would you like to come and keep me company?”

Arnold flushed at the thought, wondering what his colleagues would say and knowing what his wife would say. He hesitated a moment, then told her he would be delighted to have lunch with her. They took the elevator to the cafeteria on the top floor.

The company insisted on several things when they talked with the architect about plans for the building. It had to have a daycare center for employees, a gym where they could work out, and a cafeteria with a view. The senior executives gave up the top floor, ordinarily reserved for executive suites, in order that the employees could have that view.

Arnold and Jennifer chatted about the work they were doing as they waited in line. They found a table near a window and sat opposite each other. “Now, enough business,” Arnold told Jennifer. Let’s get away from office stuff while we eat.”

Jennifer nodded, “OK by me. I like eating here and it is nice to have someone with whom I can talk. Alice seldom left the office and I usually ate alone.”

Arnold beamed at her, suddenly feeling very much like a man, a human being, something other than a computer geek and numbers cruncher. He asked her about her family and ambitions and she pulled from him the fact he had been married at 20 and he and his wife were childless.

Jennifer picked up the sadness he could not conceal from his voice. He was not whining and complaining to her, but the facts, as stated, told her of a life bordering on the banal.

They returned to work after eating and Arnold went over what Jennifer had produced. He was impressed and told her so. She was neat, concise, and careful. He found nothing to criticize, only things to praise.

Jennifer was beaming when she left at the end of the day. Arnold was not at all what he had been described as being and he had a sense of humor to boot. His restrained but clear, to her finely-tuned antennae, interest in her was a plus she planned to nurture.

Jennifer’s clothing went through a gradual metamorphosis as the days passed. Her blouses became more feminine and, week by week, more revealing.

The changes were so subtle and took place over such a long period of time as to be almost unnoticeable, but Arnold noticed, and liked what he was seeing; a bit more of the curve of Jennifer’s breasts, a bit more thigh exposed when she crossed her legs, thanks to shorter and shorter and tighter and tighter skirts.

She began to wear higher and higher heels, putting them on just before she entered the office. The three inch heels she settled on lifted her buttocks, thrust her pelvic area forward, and emphasized the shapeliness of her already shapely calves.

Arnold’s eyes were spending more and more time fastening on Jennifer and his pulse had begun to race the moment she entered the office. He had an incipient hardon most of the day.

One day several weeks before the semester was to end, Jennifer suggested they have a picnic for lunch the next day at a nearby park. Arnold quickly agreed and asked what he could get. Jennifer assured him she would take care of everything. She showed up the next day with a picnic basket.

They walked to the park and found a secluded spot under a shade tree. Jennifer pulled a blanket from the basket and spread it on the grass. They sat near each other, Jennifer with her legs folded under her.

Arnold swallowed as he looked at her thighs, exposed nearly to her crotch. His cock jerked when Jennifer took off her jacket. He forced himself to look up at Jennifer’s face and tried to keep his eyes on hers as they ate, but Jennifer had worn a see through blouse and no bra that day. His cock began to leak into his shorts as they ate.

His eyes kept jumping from her eyes to her breasts and to her legs. Jennifer pretended not to notice, though her pussy was pulsing from the sexual excitement that was present.

When they had eaten, Jennifer raised her arms over her head, twisting her body as she stretched like a sensual cat. Knowing Arnold was staring at her increased her sexual tension and she felt her nipples stiffen into little points pressed against the thin cloth of her blouse.

She smiled at Arnold. “Oh. I’m sleepy after that food. I could take a nap right now.”

Arnold felt his mouth full with saliva as he stared at Jennifer’s breasts. He tore his eyes away and looked into her eyes, shaking his head, “Wha, what did you say?”

Jennifer put a hand on his thigh. “If you would let me put my head in your lap, I could get forty winks and be able and ready to work the rest of the afternoon.”

Arnold’s cock throbbed at the feel of Jennifer’s hand on his thigh. He licked his lips and told her that would be all right. They still had a half hour of their lunch break left.

“Thank you,” said Jennifer. “You are so sweet to let me get a few minutes of sleep.” She leaned toward him, put a hand on one cheek and turned his face to her. Gently she pressed her lips to his cheek, holding it a few moments, then sat down next to Arnold.

She put her head on his thigh and stretched out her legs. Arnold’s heart was in high gear as he looked down on Jennifer. He almost hyperventilated as he stared at her firm breasts clearly visible under her blouse and at her thighs, now parted slightly. He could see the tops of her hose and the garter belt that held them up. God, he thought. She is the sexiest woman I have ever been near.

Just then Jennifer rolled over, turning her body toward him. One leg was stretched out, the other bent and Arnold had a clear view of her upper thighs and panties, tiny wisps of black lace that barely covered her labia.

He strained his eyes and was sure he could see the outline of her pussy lips pressed to her panties. He swallowed and his cock jerked and throbbed in his pants as he stared at her panties. His chest heaved as he stared. My God, he thought. I think her panties are wet.

Jennifer had put her hand on his thigh when she rolled over, on which to rest her head. The tips of her fingers just touched his cock, which was tenting his pants, leaking precum juice into his shorts. If this keeps up, he thought, I’m going to stain the front of my pants.

Overcome by the sexual tension that was building wthin him, and had been for some weeks now, Arnold put his hand on Jennifer’s head, stroking her hair, then her cheek. Jennifer stirred, then put her other hand on his, pressing it to her cheek. “That’s nice,” she murmured. “I like the touch of your hand on me.”

Emboldened by Jennifer’s voice, Arnold slid his hand down her neck, caressing her soft skin as he did, letting his fingers trace little lines on her flesh. Almost unbidden by his brain, his hand slid down her neck to her waist. Then, slowly, ever so slowly, he began to let his fingers trace their way upward toward her breasts.

He played his fingers along her waist, over her tummy, along her side, coming close, but avoiding her breasts. He was breathing hard and wanted to grab a tit and mash it with his fingers, but was afraid.

Jennifer blinked her eyes, pretending to awaken. She stretched her arms over her head, then raised herself up by pressing one hand on his thigh, right next to his raging hardon. She smiled at Arnold as she raised her hand from his thigh to his cheek. Her hand went around his neck and she pulled his face toward her.

Arnold licked his lips, then put his arms around Jennifer. He pulled her toward him and kissed her. Jennifer opened her mouth and pulled his tongue past her lips, licking his tongue with hers.

Arnold lost it then, letting his hands roam over Jennifer’s body as they held their kiss. Jennifer was thrilled to feel his hands touching her. After what seemed forever, they pulled their lips apart. Jennifer put her head on his chest, her hands holding his.

Arnold was overcome by guilt, but full of sexual energy. “Jenn, Jennn, Jennifer, he stammered. I don’t know what came over me.” Jennifer put a finger to his lips as she lifted her head to look at him.

“I don’t care what came over you, Arnold,” she told him. “I liked kissing you and having you touch me and I want to kiss and cuddle more.”

Arnold swallowed and looked at his watch nervously. “Ahhh, ahh…we better get back,’ he told her. “We have to talk about this.”

They gathered up their picnic things and Jennifer wiped the lipstick off Arnold’s face. “We don’t want to create a stir,” she told him, her voice bubbling with laughter.

Arnold took her hand as they walked back to the office. “Jennifer,” he told her. “I want to make love with you. It isn’t right and you should tell me no, but I want you more than I have ever wanted anything in my life.”

Jennifer looked at him flirtatiously, “More than anything?,” she asked him. “Ummm. That covers a lot of territory.

“Don’t tease me Jennifer,” Arnold told her, his voice cracking with emotion. “I have to have you.”

Jennifer, though she had worked for this moment for several weeks, was startled by the vehemence in Arnold’s voice. He had gone over the top, she thought. If his sexual energy is equal to his desire this is going to be some experience.

“I’m sorry, Arnold. I didn’t mean to be a tease. I want you also. I just don’t know how we can arrange it.”

Arnold took her hand. “Where there is a will, there is a way,” he told her. He bought a newspaper on the way back to the office. When they were inside, he pulled her to him and kissed her passionately, his hands roaming over her body. Jennifer thought for a moment he intended to have her right there, which she would have been fine with her.

Arnold was breathing hard when they broke. He pulled a chair next to his desk for her to use and opened the paper to the rentals section. Jennifer was delighted. Once Arnold made up his mind, he is going to be thorough, she thought, suppressing a giggle as she watched him looking at the apartments for rent section of the paper.

He found three within a block of the office. “Let’s go look at them,” he told her.

“Now? Right now?” Jennifer asked him. “Won’t we be missed.”

Arnold shook his head. “Nobody pays any attention to me unless they have a problem. Let’s go.”

Jennifer grabbed her purse and they left the building by different routes. The first apartment was not very clean looking and the second had a pull down bed that Jennifer found cheapening. The third was run down, but clean; a second floor two bedroom. Jennifer looked around. “Hmmmm. This is nice. I like it.”

Arnold went downstairs to pay the rent, cash. Jennifer liked the fact that the apartment was fully furnished, even linens, which appeared to be freshly laundered.

When Arnold came upstairs, Jennifer was in one of the bedrooms, testing the bed for firmness. Arnold took one look at her lying on her back on the bed and almost fell upon her. He lavished kisses on her face and neck, his hands touching every inch of her body.

Jennifer pulled his face to hers and kissed him passionately. They held the kiss for a long time. All the while Arnold’s hands were busy caressing her body. He unbuttoned her blouse and fondled her breasts, reached between her legs and rubbed her pussy, thrilled to feel the dampness between her legs.

“Hey,” Jennifer told him, pulling herself upright. “Let me get these clothes off before you ravish me.”

Arnold flushed. “I’m sorry, Jennifer. I just want you. I can’t keep my hands off of you.”

Jennifer patted his cheek. “It’s OK, Arnold. I want your hands on me just as much as you want them there. I just want my clothes off first.” She removed her clothing slowly, placing each item carefully on a chair. He’s going to cum in his pants if he gets any more excited, she thought as she saw his hardon grow in his trousers.

Now naked, she lay on the bed and looked up at Arnold. Feigning shyness, she said, “Aren’t you going to get your clothes off?”

Arnold kept his eyes on Jennifer’s naked body as he pulled off his clothes, tossing them carelessly on the chair by the bed. Jennifer liked what she saw, a nice sized cock, but not too much for her and a hard body. He looks ready to shove it into me right now.

Then, to Jennifer’s surprise and delight, he slowed himself down. Lying next to her, he kissed her slowly and passionately, letting his tongue tell her of his passion for her.

His fingers ran over her body lightly, touching her with feathery little strokes that raised her sexual temperature with each touch. Slowly, carefully, he kissed his way down her neck to her breasts.

He’s thought about this, Jennifer said to herself. He knows exactly what he intends to do. Oh. This is wonderful. She closed her eyes, concentrating on what Arnold’s lips and fingers were doing. Her hands caressed his scalp and cheeks, encouraging him with her touch.

Arnold captured one nipple, kissed and licked it, then pulled her breast in his mouth, his tongue licking at it as his hand played with her other breast. Jennifer pulled his head to her breasts, murmuring to him, “That feels so good. Soooo very good.”

Arnold was excited anew by Jennifer’s voice and hands. His mouth and hands changed positions and he lavished attention on her other breast. He felt as if he could not get enough of her body into his mouth. He wanted to gobble her up.

Jennifer squirmed on the bed. Her sexual temperature was growing with each kiss, each lick of Arnold’s mouth. Oh. I hope he keeps going, she told herself. I hope this is just the beginning.

Arnold did not disappoint her. Kissing and licking his way down her body, he plunged his tongue inside her navel, delighted by her intake of breath and the way she whimpered with excitement. “God, Arnold. I feel that in my vagina.”

Arnold, his hands caressing her breasts, her thighs, and legs, moved down her body, his mouth ever active. He licked and kissed the soft pubic hair that covered her mound. He sighed and laid a cheek on her mound, luxuriating in the feel of her silky blond curls against his skin.

Jennifer almost purred with pleasure. She licked her lips as Arnold’s cheek warmed her skin. Her fingers stroked his other cheek, holding him to her. “I love the way you make love, Arnold.”

Arnold’s cock jerked at her touch and the sound of her voice. He moved his mouth to her soft, yet firm thighs, kissing every inch of the lovely succulent skin. She was a gourmet dish and he intended to feast upon her after having wanted this since the day she entered his office.

His head between her thighs, he kissed and licked his way toward her pussy. Swallowing the saliva that filled his mouth, he stared at her pussy, enthralled at the beauty of her crimson labia, engorged with her hot blood, little dewdrops of her juices dappling their surface. She looked so beautiful.

Jennifer watched excitedly as he stared at her pussy. She was getting pretty high herself. She wanted to grab Arnold’s head and force his tongue inside her, but she bit her lip, forcing herself to enjoy each new sensation Arnold brought to her. He’s starved, and needs to feast, she told herself. And, she giggled softly, I’m the meal and damn glad I am.

Closing his eyes in concentration, Arnold pressed his mouth gently against her labia, reveling in their feel against his lips. H then opened his mouth and sucked her labia inside, running his tongue over their rubbery, soft, sexual surfaces.

Jennifer gasped and a shiver of pleasure ran over her body. She sought to let him know she liked what he was doing, gently caressing his cheeks and scalp, telling him, her voice soft, husky, full of sexual promise, “You are getting me very excited. If you keep that up I’ll cum in your face.”

Arnold’s cock jerked as he thought of having Jennifer’s lovejuice filling his mouth. His whole body trembled as he contemplated feeling a pleasure that had been denied him all his life; a pleasure he had yearned for since boyhood.

He ran his tongue over her lips softly, then, stiffening his tongue, he slid it past her pussy lips and into her hot, grasping channel. His cock jerked as he felt her soft, warm, wet pussy spasming against his tongue, then massaging it, pulling on it.

Jennifer felt as if a tingling electric shock has run through her body. It felt so good to have his tongue inside her. She tightened and relaxed her vaginal muscles and excitedly arched her back.

This lifted her hips and pressed her pussy against his mouth. She closed her eyes, telling herself , God. If feels so good to fuck his face. I love it! She humped his face gently, slowly, loving each stroke of his tongue in and out of her excited pussy. “Oh. Yessss, Arnold. I love it.”

She wanted to scream at him to get to her clit, but refrained, letting the heat wash over her from her steaming vagina. Finally, his mouth moved upward, his tongue sluicing between her lips, probing for her clit.

Jennifer gasped aloud as his tongue lapped at her most sensitive organ. A low moan floated from her lips, “Arnold. That is heavenly,” she told him as his tongue licked up and down her, and around, and around her sensitive organ.

Arnold was in sexual heaven as he put his mouth around her clit. Vacuuming his mouth, he pulled her clit past his sensitized lips into his mouth. Back and forth, in and out.

His cock throbbed as he pulled her clit past his sensitized lips. It felt sooo good to have her clit moving past his lips. His tongue licked softly along the very tip of her clit as he moved this sensitive lovebud back and forth past his lips. Saliva filled his mouth and formed a warm pool around her clit.

His hands caressed her breasts, pinched her sensitive nipples, bringing moans of pleasure from her. Each touch, each sound energized him anew. He almost came just from the touch and feel of her. He shivered as he saw a light sheen of perspiration begin to cover her tummy and little Goosebumps wash over her skin.

Jennifer’s fingers dug into his scalp as the sensations he was creating began to move in waves from her clit to every nerve ending of her body. “Ahhhh…Yessss, Arnold. Now. I’m cumming. Don’t stop. Yesss. Keep…Ohhh. Dear God!” She pushed upward with her hips, straining with every muscle tense, her heels and shoulders on the bed.

She grabbed his head and held his face to her as she whimpered, “Yesss…Yessss. Oh Arnold. Don’t stop.”

Arnold slowed his licking and sucking, holding Jennifer’s orgasm for what seemed to her to be an eternity. It felt so good it almost hurt. Finally, she relaxed her body, her thighs opened, her hips stopped twitching. She rubbed Arnold’s scalp with her fingers, telling him, “Arnold. You are wonderful. I didn’t know I could cum so long or with such pleasure.”

Arnold stared at her, his mouth dripping from her pussy juices. He swallowed, licking his lips. Blinking his eyes, he looked up at her, loving her with his eyes. “I never felt anything like it, Jennifer. I loved it when you orgasmed and filled my mouth with your cum.”

Then, to Jennifer’s delight, he lowered his mouth to her sodden pussy. Holding her pussy lips in his mouth, he sucked in and swallowed her flowing juices. He licked gently at her thighs, cleaning her. Pushing his head forward, he licked downward from her pussy toward her soft asscheeks, searching out each little drop of her cum.

Jennifer watched him excitedly, then felt a new thrill as his tongue licked up and down across the hard cartilage separating her pussy from her anus. She licked her lips excitedly as his tongue moved from her asscheeks across this thin band of flesh. How far will he go? How far can I encourage him to go? She asked herself.

A rush of sexual excitement washed over her Feelings and ideas that had never been present until now rushed over her and she wanted to experience every sexual delight Arnold was willing to bring her.

She pressed her feet into the bed and raised her hips, exposing the gentle rounds of her ass to him. Slowly, wantonly, teasingly, she rotated her hips, rubbing her asscheeks across his face.

She licked her lips, feeling wicked and wanton she caressed his scalp, gently pulling his head forward, whispering to him, her voice filled with sexual promise, “Oh. That is soooo exciting. I love the feel of your tongue licking me there, your mouth kissing me.”

Any hesitation Arnold felt was washed away by the sound of Jennifer’s voice and her hands pulling on his head. He kissed and mouthed her asscheeks and ran his tongue back and forth, up and down over her soft, warm, firm asscheeks, cleaning them of her cum.

Then, he was no longer cleaning them. His mouth was loving them, his tongue sending little ripples of sexual heat over his body. He closed his eyes. Sexual excitement filled him as he kissed and licked her ass. More sexual pleasure and excitement than he knew existed filled his body and mind.

Jennifer strained to keep her ass raised above the bed. Each kiss, each lick of Arnold’s tongue sent carnal thoughts raging through her mind.

Without thinking of what he was doing, Arnold ran his tongue up and down the crack separating her asscheeks. Hesitantly at first, then, the forbidden sexuality of what he was doing flooding his brain, he pressed his tongue between her asscheeks, probing for her anus.

Jennifer’s head rolled back and forth and her pussy spasmed as she felt his tongue lick around and then finally lap at her anus. She licked her lips. Oh God. I hope I can keep my ass off the bed so he can get his tongue inside me there.

Arnold’s tongue was on autopilot, driven by sexual desires his mind had never even dreamed existed. His body trembling with the emotions that poured over him, he licked at her anus, feeling the heat, the pulsing of her sphincture muscles as they responded to his probing tongue.

Jennifer, her leg muscles trembling from the strain of holding her ass off the bed, her head rolling back and forth with the passion that filled her body, felt more sexual than she had ever felt in her life. His tongue licking and the tip of his tongue pressing at her anus sent shivers of sexual desire through her mind.

She wanted his tongue inside this nether region, but her leg muscles could no longer hold her ass off the bed. To Arnold’s and Jennifer’s disappointment, her legs trembling, she lowered her ass to the bed.

Her eyes closed, Jennifer squeezed her thighs against his cheeks tightly and stroked Arnold’s cheeks gently with her fingertips, letting him know she had liked what he had been doing with his tongue. “That was so exciting, Arnold,” she whispered to him.

Arnold’s breathed raggedly, the excitement of what he had been doing kept his dripping cock rock hard. He closed his eyes and put his hands against the outside of Jennifer’s thighs, pressing them against his cheeks tightly. He drew in a deep breath through his nostrils, savoring the scent of her pussy.

He opened his eyes and looked up at her, his hands stroking her thighs. He was bewitched by the view. He felt he could stay where he was all afternoon.

His eyes soaked up the beauty of her; silky pubic hair, softly rounded stomach, firm breasts and nipples standing out like strawberries ready to be eaten. His brain had stopped functioning. Kissing and licking at her asscheeks and anus had created a sexual hunger he had never felt before.

Jennifer opened her eyes and looked down, stared at him intently. He looks as if he is sleepwalking. No. He looks stoned. Good grief. He is stoned, stoned on pussy. A gush of sexual desire filled her. Wantonly, she rubbed a thigh against his cheek, then hooking her calf around his head, she pulled his face to her hungry pussy.

Arnold responded as if he were a mechanical toy. His tongue began to lick at her excited clit and he proceeded to suck and tongue her until she came, and came, and came until she was floating on a cloud of orgasms.

Finally, her muscles aching from tensing and releasing them with each orgasm, she pulled Arnold’s head from her pussy. “Arnold. I want your cock inside me now.”

She pulled him up her body and kissed him, excited by the taste of her own cum. She licked at his mouth, fucked his mouth with her tongue. She pulled away and buried her face in his neck, whispering to him, “I didn’t know sex could be so good.”

“I didn’t either, Jennifer. This has been the most beautiful day of my life.”

Jennifer hugged him to her as she thrust her hips upward. Arnold’s stiff member slid between her pussy lips. He had to fight to control himself from cuming the moment he felt her hot, moist, hungry pussy begin to massage his anxious member.

He thrust his rigid pole deep within her, left it throb in her hot depth for a moment and then withdrew as slowly as he could. A low moan of pure delight escaped him when Jennifer tightened her vaginal muscles around his throbbing cock. He withdrew until only the bulbous knob of his cock was within her. He thrust forward, slowly, very slowly, savoring the feel of her elastic, grasping pussy massaging his cock.

He kissed and licked her neck then her lips; fucking her mouth as he fucked her pussy. Jennifer pulled her mouth from his, “Fuck me harder, Arnold, deeper, harder. I’m going to cum. Now! Arnold. Yesssss.” She wrapped her arms and legs around him, holding his cock deep within her as she orgasmed.

Arnold’s cock erupted and he spewed his hot cum into her grasping pussy. His cock jerked with each spurt of cum. It felt so good. So damn good.

Jennifer unwrapped her legs from around him, pulled his face to hers and kissed him all over his face; his eyes, his cheeks, his forehead. “Oh, Arnold. That was soooo exciting. I never knew sex could be so good.”

Arnold grinned at her. “Jennifer. That goes double for me.” He began to lift himself off her, his cock now shriveling back to its normal state.

Jennifer told him, “Not so fast, big boy. You’re not through ravishing me yet.” As she spoke, she began to manipulate her vagina, full of his and her cum.

Little ripples of delight encircled his cock, sending shock waves of desire to his brain. Slowly, then more rapidly, to his astonishment, his cock was in full flower once again. He had not had this happen since his honeymoon.

He licked his lips and once again joined Jennifer in another trip to nirvana. When the last of his cum had spurted from his throbbing cock Jennifer surprised him by wrapping her arms and legs around him. Before he understood fully what was happening she had rolled them over. She sat on top of him, his cock still impaled within her hot box.

A giggle escaped her as she looked into his startled face. “I want to fuck you this time, Arnold. Touch my breasts, kiss and lick them.” Then she squeezed his cock, caressing it softly, then more firmly with her quivering pussy until he was once more as stiff as he was when they began to make love.

Arnold began to push upward but Jennifer shook her head. “No, Arnold. You lie still. I’m going to fuck you.”

And she did, slowly she moved herself up and down on his rigid pole until they both burst into one last cum. She collapsed upon him, her face buried in his neck.

Her pussy kept up its little caresses of his now flaccid cock, reminding him of how wonderful it was to have sex with this beautiful woman. He wanted to fuck her more, but his cock, though willing, was no longer able. She kissed his neck, then his face until they were joined together in a long passionate kiss.

Arnold, though his cock was no longer of service, felt sexually charged. He licked his lips, memories of how wonderful it felt to have Jennifer cum in his face filling his mind. He reached down and put his hands on her buttocks.

Jennifer raised her head from his neck and looked at him, feeling a new tremor of excitement wash over her body as she felt his hands. God. He wants to eat me again. She shivered as she thought of pouring her and his cum into his mouth.

The thought of fucking his face as he lay on his back thrilled her, sending little tremors of sexual excitement over her body. She straightened up slowly and helped Arnold, sliding herself forward until her pussy was positioned over his mouth. She looked down at him. “You want me to cum again? I’m full of our cum.”

To her delight, he nodded his head. She squeezed his head between her knees. “Oh. Arnold I love it that you want me to cum again. I’m going to fuck your face until I cum. And I may keep you there until I cum several times.”

She patted his cheeks as she pushed her pussy against his mouth. Then she leaned over, resting her elbows on the bed. Arnold held her pussy to his face, his hands on her asscheeks. Slowly his mouth and tongue massaged her vagina and clit. Jennifer fucked his face gently, loving each stroke of his tongue, loving him with each thrust of her pussy in his face.

“Yessss. I’m cuming. Now. Arnold. Lick my clit slowly. Easy. That’s it. Oh Arnold.” She whimpered as she mashed her pussy against his face, milking the last bit of her cum from her body.

Arnold licked her down from her high and sucked the juices from her body. Jennifer, asserting herself, pushed her clit into his mouth. “My clit, Arnold. Lick and suck me until I cum.” And he did until she had several more wonderful orgasms.

Jennifer, more exhausted than she had ever been in her life, her muscles aching, finally rolled off of Arnold and slid down next to him, nestling her head against his shoulder as he put his arm around her. “Oh. Arnold. Thank you for the most wonderful experience of my life.”

Arnold stroked her with his hands, unable to keep himself from touching her. “It has been more than I ever thought sex would be, Jennifer. I can’t get enough of you.” He ran his fingers down her body and began to caress her pussy. He couldn’t help it. He was worn out, but each touch of her pussy send new waves of sexual desire washing over his body.

Jennifer looked at him and shook her head. She took his hand in hers, “Arnold. What are you doing?”

Without answering, Arnold moved his head to her breasts and began to lick and suck at them.

“Arnold. You are very loving, but I am worn to a frazzle. As much as I would like to have you between my thighs with your mouth on my pussy, but it is time to stop.

Arnold looked at her, a hungry look. “Just one more, Jennifer,” He told her. “Let me lick you until you cum one more time.”

Jennifer shook her head. “No. I am beginning to know you and you are like an alcoholic. You are drunk on my pussy and it is time to cut you off, for both our sakes.”

Arnold flushed, then, a sheepish grin on his face, told Jennifer, “I think you are right. I have wanted to ah, ah, eat pussy as long as I can remember and now that I have had a taste of your pussy that’s all I want to do.”

Jennifer patted him on the cheek, a grin filling her face as she told him, “There is always tomorrow.”

Arnold brightened considerable. He reached over and pinched Jennifer’s ass, “You’re on. Lunch tomorrow? ‘Same time, same place?””

Jennifer threw her head back and laughed. She ran her hand through his hair, rubbing his scalp. “I like it that you plan ahead. Yes. I’d love to have lunch with you tomorrow. I’ll be sore, but that won’t stop me. Now. We better shower. You don’t want my smell on you when you get home.”

They showered together, dressed and went back to the office, sneaking in by a side door.

Jennifer and Arnold spent every weekday lunch break at the apartment, eating their lunch at their desks. At the end of the school semester, Jennifer convinced the Dean that she should continue her internship as an afternoon program. She told him she was learning more with Arnold than she could ever learn in a classroom.

At the end of the year the Dean granted her wish to continue her internship as an afternoon program until she graduated.

The semester she graduated, Jennifer went searching for a suitable substitute to serve Arnold as an intern. She found one in Sylvia, a svelte redhead. “Are you a natural redhead?, she asked. Sylvia nodded, “Do you want to check?” she asked as she reached for the hem of her skirt.

Jennifer laughed, telling her no, but that Arnold did not like hair that came out of a bottle. “You understand how the internship works, Sylvia?”

Sylvia, her eyes gleaming, told her she felt briefed fully and that she was looking forward to spending a semester with Arnold. Jennifer told her that if it worked out as she thought it would Sylvia would have an internship until she graduated.

Jennifer introduced Sylvia to Arnold on her last day at the office, telling Arnold, “Sylvia is an extremely competent student. She loves accounting and computers and you will love having her s an intern.”

Arnold gave her a soulful kiss, assuring her that his love for her would continue undiminished and that she was free to come to visit him anytime.

Jennifer, with Arnold’s recommendation and the training he had provided her, interviewed with the largest accounting firms in the world. She chose a New York-based firm and became the highest paid beginning accountant in the firm’s history.

Meanwhile, life went on at United Foundation and the new semester came into being. Sylvia was nervous as she dressed for her first meeting. Jennifer had told her to be sexy but not slutty. She decided to be daring and chose a short, tight-fitting leather skirt that was slit up the side and a scooped out blouse that showed the top curves of her breasts.

She wore flats but put three inch heels in her purse. It was a cool day so she put on a warm raincoat, mostly to conceal her from prying eyes as she entered the United Foundation building.

Sylvia slipped her heels on just before she knocked. Arnold ushered her in and offered to help her off with her coat. He took in a sharp breath as he looked down at the soft curves of her breasts and her shapely body encased in her tight leather skirt.

He showed her Jennifer’s, now Sylvia’s desk, gave her some work to test her skills and sat at his desk. He had difficulty concentrating on his work because his eyes kept straying; feasting on Sylvia’s svelte body. His cock was leaking precum into his shorts all morning.

At noon, Sylvia put her flats and raincoat on. Reaching into her purse she pulled out the apartment key Jennifer had given her. She held out her hand, showing Arnold the key. She licked her lips as she looked at him, “Will you join me for lunch, Arnold?”

Arnold’s cock jerked in his pants. “I do believe I will, Sylvia. We have worked hard this morning and I need a long lunch break. I hope you won’t mind if we take more than an hour.”

Sylvia’s eyes sparkled as she nodded, telling Arnold, “I’m famished and really looking forward to lunch with you.” Her eyes twinkling, she added, “Lunch is on me.”

Arnold threw his head back and laughed. “We’ll see about that Sylvia. This may be a two way bargain.” Arnold and Sylvia had a most delightful lunch that day and every day that Sylvia served as his intern.

Sylvia also convinced the Dean to allow her to continue her internship for her entire stay at the university, as did Leah, Marsha, Debra, Zoe, Wanda, Marilyn, and Faith, Arnold’s last intern.

Each intern became the most sought after accounting graduate of her class. Other students complained, as the years went by, especially the bright and capable male students, that they wanted to intern with Arnold. The Dean told them that the decision was Arnold’s. He had no intention of changing what was not broke.

Alma told Arnold the day after their 30th wedding anniversary that she had found someone and was going to divorce him. “Why I married you, I do not know. Arnold, you are as boring at home as you must be at the office. I’ve found someone who puts some spark in my life, some romance. That is something you know nothing about.”

Arnold acquiesced to the divorce, but told his lawyer that he was the aggrieved party and would not pay alimony nor give Alma anything more than half the assessed value of their home. He agreed to buy out her half.

Alma, glad to leave Arnold for someone with zip, agreed without a struggle. She married her boyfriend and was divorced within six months. He could not stand her dominating, nagging ways.

At age 70 Arnold retired from United Foundation, but continued on as a consultant and also as a mentor to accounting students from the university. He was a day over 75 when he was killed, struck down by a drunk driver whose car jumped the curb and plowed into a dozen pedestrians, including Arnold, who was on his way to lunch.

The United Foundation management was not all that surprised when nine attractive women ranging in age from 18, Arnold’s current intern, to 51, Jennifer, attended the simple memorial service they arranged, as Arnold had requested.

The 24 boys and men of all ages and races who attended were a surprise to everyone. The interns had often wondered what Arnold did on his weekends. They found out at the service, as they mingled afterward, that he had been a father and then grandfather figure to fatherless boys.

Arnold took them to sporting events, counseled them in the ways of manhood, including sex, helped them with their homework, and encouraged them to stay on a path that kept them out of trouble. He sponsored them when they went to college and, when there was not enough money, saw to it that their bills were paid.

The eight former and one current intern took cabs to the apartment. Faith, who was the keeper of the key, opened the door. They wandered the rooms, reminiscing, sharing stories, laughing, and crying. They ended up in the kitchen and opened the frig to find a case of the best champagne.

There was a short note from Arnold, telling them he did not know when he was going to die but he hoped they would join together in toasting him and the internship program that had brought them all together.

Faith told the others that Arnold had put the wine in the refrigerator just the week before. They filled their glasses and drank a toast to their host, and refilled and refilled them, until the wine was gone.

They dispersed to school, in the case of Faith, and to their jobs; Tokyo, Moscow and other major cities where they were the senior accountants in their firms. None would ever forget Arnold.

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